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3. Life Transformation

David Kim Cynthia Heidi



  • December 28, 2017
    2:45 PM
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This message was presented at the G twenty seventeen conference. In Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot. Org. Everyone ready to get started. Can you hear OK like volume is OK yeah OK get this up a little bit thanks for coming back how many of you actually were here earlier for any of the earlier sessions OK great so a lot of you have been hearing a lot about what we've been talking about for those of you who weren't here we talked about the case for change about why it's so important to reach the wealth of the world or the well educated then we talked about heart conversion and that's the first step in order to be prepared to share the gospel effectively and now we're going to talk about life transformation so before we do that why don't we just have a quick order prayer and then get started. Julie Father thank you so much for this afternoon and for this opportunity for us to get together and study a little bit more about why this is such a burden and why this is such an important ministry that we should have in our hearts for the W three I ask that you send the Holy Spirit to each one of us here today be with David and I as we share our experiences and I ask that you touch the hearts of every person here so that they can find and discover the opportunity to put in their lives to share the gospel more effectively so be with us this afternoon and help us to have a blessed and rest of the week and. So for get started I've been doing this as I like to hear a little bit more about the audience so before we jump into the material if you will indulge me and go to mentee dot com with your phones and use the code fifty eight sixty nine thirty which I will have on this as well. And this time the question is think about a friend a family member or a colleague who is a W. three Does he or she admire you and want to be like you and it's going to be a scale of zero to ten zero being you strongly disagree with that statement or you strongly agree if you're a ten you strongly agree so think about that person does he or she you respect and admire you if you can see the code it's fifty eight sixty nine thirty. So this will give it a few minutes for people to. Drop this in. So as the votes come in this is going to be a really important piece of sharing the gospel with the W. theories because. It's really hard to share something with somebody if they don't find you credible. So if somebody is going to take your advice on something let's pretend you are you know I love food so I like to tell people if I come across any really interesting restaurants if I have really bad taste like people go to my house and they try my food and it's awful and I tell people hey they're just fantastic restaurant that I went to You should try it chances are they're probably not going to love my recommendation so similarly the reason why we're asking this question which is we're going to talk about life transformation in the session which is in addition to the heart conversion piece you need to have life transformation happening for you to a living a good living abundant life which is what God wants for us but to actually have something credible to base your sharing of information with somebody else so it sounds like we actually had a bigger mix of people voting in if I can see I don't know if you can see from the screen but there's a little bit of a mix in the in the curve so it sounds like there's a good number of a decent number of people who actually put below a six but on average it sounds like we're doing OK. As we go through this module I'm hopeful that you will come up with some ideas of how you might improve the likelihood that somebody is going to be interested in hearing more about your lifestyle your interests and why they might want to learn what makes you tick so I showed this earlier the thing that what we're trying to really show here is sharing Christ especially with the W three is really part of this virtuous cycle which I have described as a self reinforcing feedback loop which starts with the heart conversion which we talked about last time we're going to talk about life transformation and it's going to continue but this is all part of a loop that will actually reinforce your own heart conversion. So long story short is life his mission is a critically important why first of all since separates you from God We talked a little bit about how hard conversion has to happen first but if if your life doesn't look different after heart conversion there might be something wrong because if you do everything you used to do before there you're probably missing something right because what God wants for you is so much better than what you had before and you can't really again you can't give you can't share something that you don't actually have. And the second piece of this is what I was alluding to right so when you have God in your life and you have a transformation that happens from the inside out that frankly can only happen supernaturally it actually shows others how awesome knowing God is and how knowing God can change your life so much for the better so just just to put a point on that I mentioned in a prior session I am leading the C.E.O. of the Japan business of my company and so I have these employees who are watching every single thing I do like it's hard you know you kind of forget that but. I had one of one of my one of my head of sales said to me one day. From the moment you walk in the door people are looking at you and wondering whether you were having a good day. And he said to me he was saying it to me in a complementary way you say you're use You're very stable steady you know you're a B. and positive but our last boss. He was like happy and he was. Just bipolar I don't know if he was literally bipolar but like that was the behavior he was describing and so this this idea that our lives testify to the awesomeness of God is really really critical. People are watching you. They're noticing things about you whether you know it or not and everything you do is either making God look awesome or making God look not awesome everything you do and so once you claim the name of Christ you are not merely representing yourself if good gets out of the realm of that's just the way David is away but David claims to be a worshipper of this God who allegedly is omnipotent and has life transformational power but he's a total jerk. If that's the impression that I'm leaving to somebody. You can see how that's very damaging to God and his name and so we talk about you know you shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain you know there's a literal sense in which you shouldn't use God's name as a swear word but I think there's an even more pervasive sense in which it's you claim the name of Christ but you make God look terrible and that is taking the name of the Lord by God in vain and so. If you take nothing else from this presentation remember that your life actually is a testimony of who God is and that's an awesome responsibility. And think about it this way as well is the W three is in your life don't get me wrong they're going to have challenges like everybody else but remember a lot of their earthly needs are met they have really good jobs they're very successful they've been very successful in life they're very intelligent it's that it's and it's interesting so if you come to them offering something new or something different and your personal life is not exactly. Attractive Slash has something interesting that they don't already have themselves it's going to be hard for you to sell God to them like if I'm if I'm really lazy person at work I don't I'm not really the best worker my work is pretty shoddy at times and then I'm talking hey guys you should you know come to meet God that I believe in that's not going to come out very appealing so that's why credibility is incredibly important besides the fact that God really wants you to have a fantastic life right God wants you to live abundantly God wants you to thrive this is just a side effect of when you when you have that abundant life it's actually really attractive to people even people that have a lot of there are things that. Are So Ellen White actually said something really interesting in this respect which she said in order to reach these classes meaning the wealth of the world in the well educated we have to be living a pistol's right so believers themselves must be living a pistol's known and read of all men so David you want to talk about. How do you help God transform your life so how does this transformation happen and God will do it so don't misunderstand none of this is about you're going to you know by your own effort by your own will power change everything about your life and become a transformed person to the contrary I shared the example earlier about my own in that example was diet and frankly was about a healthy diet health fitness all these kinds of things and God did transform my life but it was because I let him and my prayer became Lord Lord if you want me to change X. Y. or Z. If you want to change me to change my diet I need you to change it because I've tried and failed and many times. But how does this happened well it's by developing a daily devotional walk with God. And this sounds obvious and perhaps it is obvious but. We want to ask you to take an online poll right now here in this moment but I suspect that if we asked you how many of us actually have a daily devotional walk with the Lord every morning prayer scripture or. Something along those lines even five minutes I suspect that the percentage would be shockingly low and I suspect that the percentage will be shockingly low and so this is what has to happen and was what is what is the devotional life look like one is prayer. And I have a acronym up there a C.T.'s some of you may have heard of this before but it represents four components of prayer. And it's a helpful device to help you remember that prayer is not just about asking God for stuff. A stands for adoration C stands for confession T stands for Thanksgiving and stands for supplication and at that that's the part that we're good at that's the part where we ask God to do things for us. But all of these components are present in a healthy prayer life and so I would recommend this framework to you and you know prayer is something which prayer is and devotionals are like a muscle. Before my heart conversion I almost well I did not have a prayer devotional life I did not have a prayer life before my conversion and even after my heart conversion It took time I started with like you know five minute devotionals and it's better than nothing but over time the Lord has built it out and sometimes actually we're just talking at lunch that the sweet spots kind of like forty five minutes forty five minutes for both prayer and for you know some Bible study or or devotional reading. And so but that doesn't happen over night or at least generally it doesn't happen overnight you do hear these stories of people who have heart conversion experiences and you know there's some period of time in which they're like literally studying the Bible for like hours and hours and hours and hours per day and that does happen and you go through those seasons but that is not actually sustainable. For a variety of reasons so it builds over time so you know the encouragement here is you just start small start with two minutes. Whatever it takes and part of your prayer needs to be Lord build out my prayer time build out my devotional time and God will answer that prayer so a prayer life is is critical reading and memorizing scripture. Really important of course reading scripture is important but memorization is also really important I have hit in the word in my heart that I might not. Sin against you so what we can take from that Psalm is that Scripture memorisation is actually the antidote to sin. It's the antidote to sin so who wants the antidote to sin. I don't know about you guys I want the antidote to sin. And memorizing scripture is actually literally Scripturally the antidote to sin so you should memorize it you know I make this slightly tongue in cheek joke when I teach Sabbath school. When you do the Sabbath school quarterly What's the after the title What's the first thing. THE MEMORY VERSE notice is not called the reference verse. But often times we treat it as the reference verse because we refer to it at the beginning of the study but actually it's called the memory verse because you're supposed to memorize it so memorizing scripture reading Scripture really important. And then mix it up to keep it fresh. Do you know read books of the Bible they're devotional books. I like reading something from scripture all the time because that actually of course is the origin all source original source for all these things add in script Spirit of Prophecy. You do need variety it's it's like again this is like a lot of you know a lot of our examples are about working out because it's actually a very good analogy to a lot of these things it's a really good analogy so you start should start small and you build it out so it's like when you say first start lifting weights you start with small weights but then over time they can get heavier and heavier and heavier. So so that that's one aspect of that but the other thing is when you are exercising and working out your body will a job. To whatever you're doing and so you do need to mix things up different exercises different weights different routines you always have to be challenging your body and mixing it up and it's the same thing in your devotional walk with the Lord you always want to be keeping things fresh and you don't want to fall into a rut and that's a really. It's it's a risk it's definitely a risk and so you've got to keep things fresh and also challenge everyone here that something that changed my personal emotional life a lot when I was heart converted is before I would do very much like very traditional things like maybe a chapter in the Bible maybe study the you know the days quarterly lesson etc but it got it gets very stale if that's all you do if that's what happened to me it gets very stale and what helped me sort of take a fresh approach to Bible study into something that was actually interesting is I started making a list of all of the topics that I either had questions about or my friends would ask me and so I encourage people to just tell me if they have a question or whatever and I probably won't know the answer but I'd like to study it so I have a list that I keep alive listen I'm always adding topics to and I pick something off of that list and I spend you know probably a week or two just studying the answer to that topic what does God have to say about this topic in the Bible so I would encourage you to not just do the traditional you know read it random chapter I mean that's great and I five I still do that too but I would encourage you to actually think about real topics that you either struggle with or that you have questions about a lot of times I've I've had people tell me oh I don't want to do that because I worry that I was not going to have a good answer or I worry that I'm not going to I'm not going to like what I find and I would I would challenge you that God actually always has the best plan for us and he always has the best answer for us and so I would encourage you to not just put that high that under your pillow but actually take the challenge and I take that that topic and really study it. And then another point here is show up even when you don't feel like it. So we're all tired or we all were are actually we're talking over lunch I use a sleep. Too you know it does different things you probably all you sleep apps to but you know measure the quality of your sleep and things like that and one of the things it does is it tells you time in bed. Time which is literally just when you turn the thing on and then when it wakes you up or when you when you stop it and what I've learned and this is across like a year and a half of data nightly data my long run average hours in bed so not necessarily sleeping but it's close hours in bed is six hours and ten minutes. Per night which is not a good thing I'm not recommending this. But the point is I'm tired. But you've got to show up even when you don't feel like it and again I'll bring it back to working out. Over the last. And it's a whole other testimony but for ten years I walked on crutches and canes because I have two hip replacements for hip surgeries. It's a whole other story but over the last May be. Five years for five years. I've been able to go back to working out. Our workout six days a week. And. There are days when I don't feel like doing it but you just get up and you do it and you can call it going through the motions and sometimes you are going through the motions but it's better to go through the motions and show up than it is to just hit the alarm turn it off and go back to bed you will be blessed even though you feel even if you feel at ease there have been days when I'm I'm falling asleep during my prayer time. But that is better than just being a sleep on my back you know falling asleep on your knees is better than staying on your back just show up even if you don't feel like you just got to keep keep going and then becomes a habit which is good. And then serving serving in your church serving community. And I would add to that having bible studies with others I've learned so much by teaching they say you don't actually know something in till you've taught it so whether it's teaching at your church teaching Sabbath school teaching a youth group whatever it is you want to be in a position where you're serving and that is critical to the health of your spiritual walk if you're not serving. All Again all of my analogies come back to matters of fitness but you know if you think about coming to church sitting in the pews and receiving receiving. Messages sermons teaching Bible studies it's like taking in calories you're taking in spiritual calories. What happens if you all you do is take in calories and you never expend calories by giving them out you get spiritually fat. And that's what it's like if you're not serving if you're not teaching if you're not sharing it's like you're only taking in and you're never putting out and you will become spiritually flabby. And nobody wants to be spiritual Right so you must serve that is a key part of life transformation. Here are some tools that I found really useful as part of keeping me engaged one is the Ellen why the states app if you don't have it on your your smart device you really should it's a great resource and you once upon a time you had to spend like thousands of dollars to get the entire library of Ellen White and you can even get the whole thing. Now it's a free download on your app on your phone and it's and it's just so great so Ellen why app. Logos is a bible application that I really value primarily because it's a really great way to access the something Adventists Bible commentary as well as all the other library all the other items in that library different translations of the Bible and so forth logos does cost money I forget what it cost a kind of depends on what package you get and so forth and I know there are free Bible apps out there too so that that's fine if that's the way you want to go but I do believe that my my personal experience I find the logos Bible app. Useful and worth the money. And I don't get a commission for downloads on logos I'm totally unaffected and then Scripture typer is another one which some of you may be familiar with but. It's a Bible memorization app you can literally download all the verses that you're interested in memorizing and then put you on a cycle where every day it's spacing out which verses you work on and it's a really excellent way to memorize many different verses over time. And I'm sure you have your own favorite resources as well but these are these are a few that I think are just very valuable that you might want to consider. We talked about consistency this is a slogan from one of my favorite trainers and he says a thirty minute workout is only two percent of your day that sounds pretty manageable doesn't it if you can't give two percent of your day whether it's to a workout weren't in our context if you can't give two percent of your day to starting the day out with a devotional. I'm sorry to hear that I mean you might want to re-evaluate your time allocation two percent of your day the other thing is sometimes people come up to me and say well you know I'm not a morning person I really like to do my devotionals and I What do you think about that and I'd say it's better than nothing but the analogy that I would use is. You know how many of us brush our teeth can you raise your hand if you brush your teeth are i hope i only about a third of you are raising your hand so. I'm sorry to hear that. But we all brush our teeth right and who brushes their teeth in the morning. Are more people brush their teeth in the morning than actually raise their hand the first time so that's that's good why do you brush your teeth in the morning. Because you don't want your breath distinct because if you don't rush your teeth in the morning you might offend. And it's the same thing you do your devotional in the morning because if you don't you might offend. So yeah do you do your it's good to do a devotional at night in fact I brush my teeth at night too. I can fly yes. But doing it in the morning is really important because if you don't do it in the morning you might offend and going back to why this is important it's because people are watching you and you want to make God look awesome and this is this is how you do that so consistency is really critical in so. I'd just like you to reflect on a few things one is what obstacle stand between you in life transformation and what is standing between you and having a regular devotional life and for a lot of people it's I'm not a morning person I don't want to get up and you I would say Well come on fifteen minutes five minutes just try five minutes it's not a lot what steps can you take to improve your devotional life and what changes will you commit to making and again just once you leave. Just start with having a devotional every morning start with five minutes start with simple prayer asking God for His blessing confessing your sins. When I say confessing your sins. I used to take the master services agreement approach to confession. I hear some people chuckling which means you know what a master services agreement is the master services agreement is in a corporate setting if you have a vendor or a partner that you do a lot of repeated interactions or transactions with rather than having a contract for every single transaction you'll have a master services agreement that governs all interactions between you and this company for the you know ninety percent and then maybe a ten percent you have a special contract so the Master services agreement approach to confession sounds a little bit like. Your Heavenly Father please forgive me for my sentence. Period. You know what they are I know what they are forgive me that's actually not confession. Confession is and we could have a whole bible study and spirit of prophecy study on the real confession is on your knees reflecting on the last twenty four hours I shouldn't have said that. Lord please forgive me I shouldn't have done that Lord please forgive me. I failed at this again. Lord please forgive me one by one by one reflecting on the last twenty four hours and asking God to forgive you and that has a number of benefits one is it actually shows you where you're making progress in life and where you're not making progress and there are certain things which I used to have to confess all the times which by God's grace I don't have to confess anymore and that's called victory over sin. And there are other things which I used to have to confess all the time which I still have to confess all the time. And that's you confronting the fact that there's stubborn areas within your life that only God can free you from and that is reminding you reminding me of why we need Jesus and why we need the Holy Spirit this is what takes us to the cross and so we can't we ought not to take the master services approach to confession we need to be confessing specific sin on a daily basis. And that's how God you in the last session we read a quote about what a converted like life looks like that's how God takes us through this process and so we just really challenge you if you take nothing else from the session the key message is this have a daily devotional walk with the Lord period doesn't have to be big doesn't have to fancy God will build that and work with you over time. And so with that we will take a few questions here and then we will move on to the next section. But any questions about what we've shared with you about life transformation its importance and how you do it. And you question yes. You know. Or. I mean. Yes All right. Where you where you're promising So the question was is. In the business setting sometimes you can over promise and under deliver and that that has a negative effect on people's perception of you and so your question is is how does that how does that play into devotionals. Right. Oh yeah OK So so that's yeah so how would it is that an area that should be of a matter of prayer frankly and I think yes anything and everything that the Lord has laid on your heart should be a matter of prayer and you're absolutely right if if you are in the work setting or school or whatever it is if you are always over promising and under delivering that will absolutely make people think about you in a certain way and. As we discussed earlier. You you and the way you live your life is not just about you it's about what once you are a valid Christian you're a public Christian you come out of the Christian closet. If people think you're an over promise or an under deliver and you claim the name of Christ you're clearly that is a negative for your witness and so I would say absolutely yes lay that before the Lord give me wisdom in how I work with my clients or how I work with my colleagues give me wisdom to be a man of my my word not to over promise and absolutely anything like that is a great subject matter for laying before the Lord thank you. Other questions. Yes. Right so the question is is. Were all the work in progress. And so how do we balance being authentic about who we are and representing the name of Christ yet recognizing that we are still works in progress and how do we go about that. So I think one that's why life transformation is so important that's why confession a specific problem areas areas of sin or you know patience is a big one could be patience it could be pride it could be temper it could be some of these kinds of things. We need to be praying through that on our knees every single day. And then I think once you've read it so let's say you're doing that and you have a very conspicuous failing you've lost your temper at work once the Holy Spirit convict you of that you need to go to the person who you've wronged and just said look that's not who I am I had you know I shouldn't have said that you are should have addressed the situation in this way. And I think you know hopefully most people of goodwill will respect that but that's you know we just have to be upfront about it and just and I think people were risk will respect that but you're right we are works in progress. Neither of us up here are claiming to be perfect we're absolutely not. But that's why having this devotional walk with the Lord every morning so you don't offend is so critical Thank you. Any other questions. Yes. You know. Summarize what I just said about confession. During the presentation. It will it is recorded so you can actually go back and hear exact time to say what aspect of confession but. Oh why it's important yes yes so it shows you where you're having victory by confessing individual since shows you where you're having victory shows you where you're having persistent areas of sin that are very stubbornly embedded and that drives you to the cross and reveals every single morning why you need Jesus. Thank you. For any other questions before we move to the next section or should we move on or let's move on. Here it's me all right so we have another poll now this this this section is called attracting spiritual interest this is probably getting into the real tactical meat and well meat veggie me. Of that of the topic at hand how to live your life in a way that attracts W three S to want to know about Jesus so let's get into it we have another poll our survey take out your. Smart device go to mentee and the N.T.I. dot com and use the code ninety eight eighty five and six. Just update this when. You switch from nine hundred eighty five and six. Yeah it's a different Yeah it's a different code every time. Yeah. I know that. And there are three questions we're asking. On a scale want to ten do you do something this frequently or rarely one is I try to set a good example with my actions two is I answer questions if I'm asked about my faith and three is I proactively engage in spiritual conversations with others in the key word there is proactively. So we're getting some votes here well this is a very pious group. And I commend you I commend you for your piety. Were kind of so I try to set a good example with my actions were at an eight point three I do this frequently. For I answer questions if I'm asked about my faith which is a reactive type of thing. A point one means you do it frequently. But I proactively engage in spiritual conversations with others that's a five point five It's like a coin toss. Basically. What your preferred style of sharing the gospel Well we're going to show you how to do more and better with all three of these things. So that's what this afternoon is about and tomorrow morning it's all right. So as we get into attracting spiritual interests we want to set the tone with this it's a this is fake news OK just to be clear. This is from an ad a website called barely Adventist which is a satire website about Adventism I don't know who's behind it I'm not necessarily recommending it but this was hilarious I thought and so I will read it because you may not be able to see from the back but the top of the headline is after a decade of letting light shine Adventist woman considers mentioning Jesus. So. Shiela demure of course upon Shiela demure a committed something Adventist has been practicing the living the sermon method of evangelism for well over a decade and thinks that she may have to talk the walk as well now after years of hearing about how Christians should behave demure decided to let her actions and deeds do the evangelizing for her she prepared answers for the many question she expected people to ask her when they noticed how peaceful loving and non addicted to drugs her lifestyle was. However the flood of questions never came. Quote I always made sure to bring a vegetarian lunch with plenty of fruit to work says demure but so many people are health conscious nowadays that they hardly noticed. Actually someone did say something about mice triples the other day but that was only to tell me that I should probably lay off on the overly process salty veggie meets a man. Demure also takes time each week to volunteer with organizations outside of her denomination she make sure that she is kind of loving and friendly the only problem is that the other volunteers are the same way. And some of them don't even go to church said a very surprised demure demure lets all of her friends family and acquaintances know that she won't go out and do social activities from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. But if she is flabbergasted that most people are respectful and quietly accepting of her decision they usually say Sure no problem another time then said demure sadly shaking her head. Having spent most of her time steeling herself for insults arguments and confrontations that might arise when people ask about her beliefs demeanor was wholly unprepared for the utter lack of curiosity. It's come to the point where people think it's impolite to ask others about their religion complained to me or I might actually have to make an effort like I think I might actually have to talk about Jesus with people instead of waiting for them to come up to me bummer. Now it's you know it's funny it's satire it's fake news but I think it actually hits very close to home. We often talk about how. You know in a very platitudinous way. You know always preach Christ and if necessary use words that you've heard that. Always preach Christ and if necessary use words but what we're here to say today is at some point yes you must use words at some point if you're going around living a pious life and no one's asking you anything that's actually not effective that's necessary. We're not saying don't live a pious life right we're not saying don't live like we just got done talking about conversion and life transformation so we're not saying don't do those things. Amen do we agree on that. But that is that is necessary but not sufficient and so let's talk about what you actually need to do. So couple of. Of metaphors here this is not only a fishing pole but this is a fly fishing pole. And what is notable about fly fishing does anyone know about fly fishing here so what's different about fly fishing from conventional fishing. Yeah you always casting so in traditional fishing you might throw a line but then you just wait you wait for the fish to come to you but when you're fly fishing you're always throwing you're always casting and you're trying to find the hungry fish you're not trying to find fish that are not hungry. You're trying to find hungry fish and it's actually more than that I will add to this metaphor I actually spoke to a fly fisherman was on vacation and he actually told me you want to anticipate where the fish is going to swim to and that's where you throw your bait so it's not only constant casting which is also true but it's actually a little bit strategic in anticipating where the fish is going to go cast where the fish is going not where the fish is already been so that's what we're trying to do we're not trying to do this which is industrialized fishing. Industrialised net fishing you're dragging the dragnet you wonder where the dragnet phrase comes from you drag the net through the water and you basically catch whatever is out there hungry or not and then you throw it into the boat and you club it and kill it. And unfortunately that's what a lot of our evangelism might look like you're just trying to drag people into the boat whether they want to be there or not and then once they're in there you claw them over the head with. You know pick your favorite document whether it's spirit of prophecy or scripture or whatever you Club them over the head and you kill them or the lucky ones squiggle around and then jump out of the boat. We are doing fly fishing casting for hungry fish not dragging a net through the water and indiscriminately catching trying to catch people so it makes sense. Another analogy when you go and pick apples or pick fruit has anyone ever been fruit picking of some sort many of us OK so how do you know which fruit to pick you smell it's you look at it you look at the collar you kind of tug on it gently and if it comes off and it's ripe what happens if you yank the fruit off the tree an apple off the tree that is not ripe will it ever ripen it will never ripe and and it will die and rot. So we're trying to go through and hand pick the fruit that is ripe there are people in your life who are ripe for the picking and your job is to figure it out by observing. Seeing how right they are. We are not doing this this is industrialized harvesting where it's where the machines are going through the orchard shaking the branches to just get everything off into the bins to be sorted and then the things the fruit that are not ready are thrown out that is not what we're doing so we're fly fishing not industrial fishing net fishing we're hand picking fruit we're not industrialized harvesting fruit does does that analogy make sense all right so how do you do this in a real day to day. Situation we're going to start this and then we'll continue it after the break but we have a few minutes now so we're going to start this you know handed over to Cynthia. What I'd like you to get out of this image here is that this is a very intentional process this doesn't happen by accident it's not like oh you know this amazing opportunity just fell in my lap and somebody decided to ask if I could set it about them that doesn't happen that way you actually have to take a very intentional active process to take somebody from just mildly curious to potentially an actual Bible study to hopefully somebody who's actually interested in believing in God and and taking it to the holes of salvation I don't need to read all the details here because I'm going to go through each one of these but let's start with the first one so if you think about I think I mentioned in three sessions ago business school graduates like a lot of acronyms and in business school you get like the five pm The five Cs So this is the five e's and the first is excelling in life and work we already talked a little bit about this where we talked about life transformation and why that's important for credibility but it's really. The point is you have to have credibility up front and you want to make God look awesome so I wanted to just have a couple of bible quote bible verses that actually illustrate this so in cautions were told to do whatever you do do heartily as to the Lord and not to men writes everything you do should not be about you it should not be about you know you looking better at work or getting better grades etc Just for your own gain once you have what we have discussed which is once you have the name of Christ on your forehead in terms of figurative leave speaking with your colleagues everything you're doing is going to reflect on God and what people think about God So that's why whatever you do do it hardly a civil or not to men Similarly in Matthew it says Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven so again they're looking at you that hopefully what they see in you is actually reflection of Christ and that will point them to God. And actually in Ellen White also said the same thing she said that in order to do this effectively in order to share the gospel effectively we really need this credibility so she actually wrote in order to do this meaning share the gospel all the workers and that means you and I will have to keep themselves up to a high level of intelligence they cannot do this work and sink down to a low common level feeling that it does not much matter how they labor or what they say since they are working for the poor and ignorant classes they will have to sharpen up and be armed and equipped in order to present the truth intelligently and to reach the higher classes their minds must rise higher and show greater strength and clearness All that being said what she's really saying is you have to bring your A game right remember these people they are at the top of their game in an earthly sphere so they are very successful in life they've probably gone to really great schools are really smart people it's our it's our So they've they've they've done a really good job for themselves so if you're going to present the gospel to them in a way that's going to be appealing you can't just you know grab a random book and be like Here you go take a look at this right obviously I doubt my friends wouldn't read it but be. What she's saying is that you are if you know them if you are in a similar severe if you have also gone through the same life experience in terms of going to those schools and you know also hopefully being successful in your in your sphere of influence they're going to be more interested in hearing your perspective about why you of all people actually do believe in God I've lost count of how many colleagues or classmates came up to me after they realized I was a Christian and literally just I mean I can't believe your question I had no idea because you're you seem such a smart person like why would you believe in God and I think that that's actually golden opportunity right because the fact that they think they respect my intelligence makes then take give me at least five minutes for me to present the gospel in a way that I know they will understand and hopefully appreciate I don't know if that's going to sign them up for a Bible study but at the very least they will have at least one person they know who genuinely believes in God that they actually hopefully like and respect so just to add an example to that there's a. There's a a coworker of mine a colleague. Who you know we were good friends at work and we were having lunch and we got into a spiritual conversation and she literally said this to me she said but David you're a smart person. How can you believe in this stuff. And then I say praise the Lord because that's why she's willing to even entertain the conversation because on a day to day basis I had been doing what I'm supposed to be doing and excelling at work and and. You know people have to have that respect for you in order to be willing to engage with you on such a person all. You know it's a scary topic actually and they have to trust you and they have to trust that you're not going to tell them something crazy and so that's why this this. This this first step you cannot skip the first step so you need to reflect like. What you know what is the what do people think about me at school or what do people think about me around the neighborhood or what do people think about me at work not from a vanity personal pride perspective but from a OK so if I were to if they were to know that I was a Christian would that be a net positive or negative in their mind. Not not that Christianity's a negative or positive to you but your life being a net positive or negative to Christ so it's really important the other just brief comment I'd like to make is. They cannot do this work and sink down to a low common level feeling that it does not much matter how they labor or what they say since they are working for the poor and ignorant classes when it comes to doing church we need to raise our game and I mentioned in a prior session about when people ask me oh David I'd like to visit your church what time should I show up. And do I say do I say nine thirty. And they have it just be like the five of us them plus my family because they will show up at nine thirty if I tell them to come at nine thirty. Let's not be confused or do I tell him no you know sometime between ten and ten fifteen and basically sanction the lateness. And that does not look good. But we think you know whatever you know no one minds it's OK or you know we've always been there we've all seen it that special music which isn't that special. Or maybe a special in a way that's not that great. Or how about the person who's doing the scripture reading and they come in like you know halfway through the pastoral prayer and they're looking it up on their phone while they're walking up to the podium to do the scripture reading like we've all seen that right of course none of us has done that. Of course not but we need to we need to raise our game not only in our public life but even in our church life. So. Thank you. So we only have a few minutes left so I will keep going this is actually there is still much more to cover but in terms of the easy things that require zero talent frankly So this is not really that hard being on time things like energy your attitude being coachable being prepared these are all very easy things that you can do with zero talent basically. You know because sometimes people will say to us when we do these seminars are like Well but you know. David you're really good at talking to people you know you have social skill. Now I'm thinking like you don't need any talent to do any of these things. Being on time like I have a special talent for that. If you're not Brazilian. What would your so I want to Brazilian is listen to audio I just want to I'm resilient just everybody good. So would you tell me if you want to from want to be like you write like Hopefully you're you're living your life in a way we talked about this living your life in a way that people find something in your life that they want and examples of things that might find attractive is excellence in work or school you know health and fitness we do actually have a an amazing health message that we've had for hundreds of years and it's only recently that a lot of the research coming out through the scientific journals are actually publishing things that we've known for hundreds of years so we do have a health message that hopefully we're living in our lives and sharing with others say something about the health message. We have a health message but if you looked at the Congregation of the average church on a Sabbath morning you would never know. And. I told you I went veggie a few years ago I lost you know ten fifteen pounds just from that one change and the Lord has let me exercise on a daily basis but. The healthiest people in the world are from our world it's in the corporate C. suite like the more senior you get the more fit you are like there are so many Iron Man triathletes and things like that. If you are not living the health message please don't talk about the health message live it first and then talk about it because otherwise they're going to look at you and say. Or way like I've done five iron man triathlons and you're telling me about health. So. Would your W three friend colleague coworker or would they see something in you that is worth emulating would they say to you what you have I need that's the key question here and it's not for your glory it's to make God look awesome. On time and. We have like one minute left so OK So ultimately the key question is what we're trying to say here is for this first step which is excelling in your life and work is your life a credible reflection of the transformative power of God right do you have something in your life that other people would actually find attractive and want to know what your secret sauces. So with that we should probably take a break then come back and we'll go through the next forced the next for us of this process OK so I want to wrap this up with. With our heads jelly Father thank you so much for every single person here not only in the session but broadly. I ask that you be with each of us as we learn more about you learn about the amazing opportunities you've put in our lives to share the gospel more effectively with others I ask that each one of us take a good hard look at our lives about how credible we are in our spheres of influence and help us to use the opportunity given us to really share love with others and bring us back to their essence afternoon. And so come back in fifteen minutes and we'll go through the rest of the ease. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. She Y.C. supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot. Org.


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