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1. Get Lit

Gary Blanchard



  • December 28, 2017
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot. Org. It's nine fifteen I think to get started right Bob sure get started. Good to see if we welcome everybody on Pastor Jerry Blanchard and I'm honored that you're here today I want you turn to the person next to you and just get off your chest just say get lit. And now turn to him say get lit in the right way do that. They asked me to come over some creative titles this is the best I could do so. Hopefully you didn't just come to hear me talk about drugs because it's not going to be about that had all but really glad you guys are here what an honor to be able to speak to the G Y C The leaders in the seventy Evans movement right here I'm in most of our heads toward a prayer together and then I'll do a little introduction and then we'll get right into it what are we talking about here today all right let's fire heads father it is an honor to be at you I see a movement that you started with when just a few young people got together from different different ethnic backgrounds and they sought your will they want to do something for you God and you pressed upon their heart what now is G Y C and I want to pray Lord that you would start other great things from the young people that are here start movements and church plants and you'll do mighty things as we get lit with your Spirit Jesus so I want to pray Lord that you would show me how to rightly talk about your spirit I want to be careful or make sure that I'm in line with the word in the spirit prophecy but I can't help but get excited about this topic because we all want to be lit by your spirit. Well we invite you here and we thank you in Jesus' name amen amen Alright alright I wanted to share with you before I get started here a really powerful book on the Holy Spirit It's called ten days how many of you have read this before anybody seen this is called ten days you get any A.B.C. It's by Dennis Smith. What I really like about the book is at the very beginning there's like a training chapter on how to start a small group built around this book and then how also to use amazing facts and other things to for continual study so it's like not only a book on the Holy Spirit but it's also a little training in that first chapter how to get a small group together also at the end of each chapter there's questions that you can use in a small group setting so if you want to get start a small group back in your church in your dorm room whatever else on the Holy Spirit and see God do some incredible things for you. Great book right here I've got a lot of information from that probably the best book to read though is the Book of Acts a man powerful filled with a lot of information on the Holy Spirit I also got a lot of my information on the Holy Spirit from you all know this book right here right steps to Christ is filled with amazing information on the power of the Holy Spirit how life can be changed with the power of the Holy Spirit so I wanted to just kind of give you a quick little introduction here's a picture of my family. Ever go picture my family right there at the handsome beautiful yes I'm very blessed That's my wife there obviously and my daughter and Bobby you guys might remember them when they were real tiny little things yeah back in the day so really grow up my son Gary's my far left he's going to Southern College. All right my daughter's hoping to someday go to Andrew's. And my son over here goes to Southwestern. And my daughter's taking at present I like that and my wife is studying nursing right now in Maryland so there's there's my family for you we live in Maryland now just recently I got called from the Texas conference to come serve the general conferences the world youth the rector so I'm humbled to be overseeing these ministries right here you see adventures and it's kind of like a. Whole discipleship program that we have in the General Conference that oversees the world work begins with adventurers Pathfinders ambassadors and it goes to youth which includes master guys and a lot of other things so a lot of really cool is happening around the world. If you guys take out your cell phones is about the only time you need presenter tells you to do this right take out your cell phone or go to G C use ministries in Facebook Facebook Facebook G C use ministries and just like us there because we post all kinds of stuff that's happening around the world at our Facebook page we also just got this new address for our Web site to everybody say youth dot Adventist. Dot org If you go here you'll have all kinds of access to all kinds of material how many of you guys are playing to get involved with global use Day raise your hand beginning on March seventeenth we had over one hundred fifty million impressions last year we had over three or four million young people participating global youth around the world but if you want to know about global Youth Day What is it where do I learn more about it how do I start with my church or my conference where would you go. If you've ever heard of something called one year and mission anybody heard of on your mission this is happening all around the world where young people are getting together in teams and they're going into cities to do evangelism for God If you want to learn about how to get involved with one your mission where would you go. But I'd like it if you guys would do to go to G.C. youth ministries. Ministries on Facebook and just like us there so we can you can be in touch of what we're doing global use Day is a chance for young people around the world to be the sermon how many of you have ever participated with global Youth Day OK just a few of you you really want to get involved in that initiative and you can learn a lot about that online how many of you have ever been on a preaching mission trip before these are awesome we actually are combining efforts with Agnes world radio the General Conference you Department at Miss World Radio and we're holding a mission trip in the Philippines we're going to be preaching at over one hundred sites around the Philippines so you have a chance to actually go into a church or into a marketplace where we've set it up and you'll be able to preach the gospel there the three message if you're interested in that where would you go to find out more information about that. Guys so I'd love it if you guys would be interested in participating with that event we've actually really made it inexpensive so that you guys can come along but that will be at the plough and islands I'm tell you what that is going to be gorgeous. The story behind this is pretty interesting atmosphere radio just started to broadcast on those islands and I thought you know no maybe nobody's listening and they did it kind of like a. Kind of a prize giveaway for people that answer questions and they were overwhelmed with the response in the Plowman island and they suddenly realize that God is working in the Palauan islands the harvest is right there and they said you know what we need to focus on the plough and islands and you do something big there so all around the world young people are coming to converge on those islands to do some great things for God then we're also going to some fun as well traveling around all kinds of swimming and snorkeling there and as well so you are funny. Here's all the different ways you can get connected with A G C use ministries that are happening around the world Instagram Facebook Twitter You Tube Google Vimeo So we're just trying to act like we know what we're doing right so you see all these things that you can get in touch so as things are happening in your local church in your conference in your union Don't forget that there's a global working global thing happening for youth ministry around the world and now you can be in touch with the time you want by Facebook Instagram whatever go right to our website what's our website again. I love my job as the new world youth director I am so honored and this right here says it all for me I believe that this logo right here was really inspired by God right here in this one picture I think it says that all three angels with one message about Christ His righteousness to all the world through a symbolic of us ave to you they meant to me that says that all three angels which is one message of the cross this of the crucified and risen and soon coming savior to all the world through you guys that's exciting and I can rally behind that that's what gets me up in the morning you know a lot of people don't realize that their leaders so I want you to try this really quickly turn of the person next to you and say you're a leader. Now turned and say The question is are you a godly leader. Ouch ouch ouch I think most people kind of run through life thinking well I'm not a pastor I'm not an evangelist I'm not a church leader I'm not a politician I'm not nobody's following me not true in fact I want to read this quote powerful quote from gospel workers so you were talking about getting lit with a Holy Spirit because the only way to be a powerful godly leaders to be Spirit filled. Not only to be spirit filled but to cooperate with a spirit and walk with a spirit then you become a huge influx but a lot of people like you know I'm not a leader so doesn't really matter baloney here watch this right here let's raise together gospel workers sixty seven basically seven paragraph three one two three go in view of their high calling the youth among us should not seek for amusement or live for selfish gratification the salvation of souls is to be the motive that inspires them to action in their God given strength they are to rise above every enslaving debasing habit they are to ponder Well the past of their feet remembering what their. Remembering that where they lead the way others what will follow no one lives for himself all exert an influence for good or for evil you are a leader you are a leader very important keep that in mind some of you know this for a fact you have Facebook you have instagram you have Twitter and you have snap chat you have home you have work your relationships and all around you people are following They're watching you they really are your little sister your little brother even your mom and dad Amen I had this guy come up to me did any good you know Gary the funniest thing happen to me so I was watching T.V. they watch one of my radar movies that I love to watch and he said all the sudden my daughter got up and walked out the living room so I showed off the honey and offend you what's wrong because dad you know I'm just making a decision not to watch that anymore so she went into a room and she did some other things and stayed away from that and he said you know what I did I disconnected my connection with Netflix and everything I'm not watching movies anymore so I really and the decision was simply because of following his daughter all around you people are watching your little brother your sister your mom and your dad your friends your boyfriend your girlfriend other people at school at work they're all watching you and this is this can be frightening unless you understand about how to get lit. Because God doesn't say make your light shine he says Let your light shine he will light you up he will light you up and then you get a decision of whether you want to walk with he's not going to possess you like a demon would do he will light you up and empower you and if you want to walk in the power you can men and it's a daily surrender but it's something God wants to do in your life I heard a story about a young man that was sitting on the fence one day and God came up to him and said Jesus came to me and said hey man come follow me get off the fence and follow me and young man Saddam and stay on the fence and you're going to think this over and kind of stay half in half out half cold half hot you know lukewarm I'm going to stay here so Jesus continued on his way the devil comes up the same young man and says young man come follow me young man son you're going to say that you going to try to get me to fall you know I said I'm going to sit right here sit on no no no no you have to follow me you can stay on the fence I on the fence. Jesus said If you're not gathering your what. There's no such thing as no evangelism we're all doing evangelism The question is for the light of the darkness there's no middle ground some church is like I'm not into evangelism because you are there in time people walk by and you'll care enough about witnessing to them and reaching out to them they're being led further away from your We're church that goes to church on Saturday being turned off so you were either were on fire leading into Christ or we're not but we're all doing evangelism right there's no fence sitting so it's very important we get lit with what the Spirit of God This is really important. I love this verse because Paul catches this idea of get let you guys all know the word get it comes from the urban term for get stoned right and you say Paul would never use get lit right he actually uses it he actually uses it Paul actually says get laid. But not with wine that leads to the botcher E. but instead get led by what. Is read right now one two three go if Asians five verse eighteen go do not get drunk with wine which leads to the botched three instead get lids be filled with the spirit and then I love it that word filled right there is actually in the Greek that's continuous action that's not just a one time deal it's a daily being filled a man by the way you may not realize this but we're all leaky vessels. Every day we've got to be refilled and we got to patch up those holes where the spirit is being leaked out of for various reasons the music or whatever watching starts to you know what I'm talking about you can be on fire for God watch a movie and you feel like you have to take a spiritual bath afterwards or you just put a hole in it's leaking out you've got to plug the stop and be filled. Very important so be filled with the Holy Spirit is a very very important point there in the Bible did you know Jesus was daily filled with the Holy Spirit and He daily got lit. Look at this right here let's read together Christ object lessons page one forty one two three go daily he received a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit in the early hours of the new day the Lord awakened him from a slumbers how many of you can say to a man of that how many of you have a divine alarm clock that seems to go off every morning and you're wondering why is this happening. It's because God's way can you know because you want to get he wants to get you live he's got work for you to do and he's waking you up early because you've got to face it this morning God woke me up at one in the morning like God please give me three or four more hours of your You've got to do three seminars today and you have to do a plenary session get up and get you lit you don't miss those opportunities but you notice that Jesus was woken up in the mornings daily everybody said daily he received a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit in the early hours of the new day the lord what awakened him from his slumbers and his soul and lips were new and it with grace he got lit that he might impart to others what are these guys have in common good in Samson Saul David the Apostles and Paul you probably already know the answer shouted out they all got live every one of them by the way they were all great leaders a man but they were all great leaders because they got live now with wine now drugs now with methamphetamine now speed now with marijuana now with pot they were filled with the real sure power real true power the Spirit of God and their life I want to prove that to you listen to this Gideon and judges six thirty four and three together then the spirit of the Lord came on Gideon and he blew a trumpet summoning the average rights to follow him so the spirit of Lords on getting in the spirit of the Lord came powerful upon who I know the devil hates this because he's called a roaring lion right notice what what somebody will do to the devil when they're through with always barely notice the spirit of the Lord came a powerful upon him so the tore the lion apart with his bare hands you want to tear the devil apart and all the terrible things he's trying to do in your family and your life in your ministry in your school. About Saul and the Spirit of God came upon solved when you heard those tidings and his anger was kindled greatly and he declared war on the enemy and defeated him amen you declare war on the enemy and defeat them him look at David so the same you'll took the horn of oil anointed him in the presence of his brothers and from that day on The Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon David. Sammy went then went to reign over the Apostles and accepted one verse eight all of them were what filled with Holy Spirit they were lifted I meant they were lit and began to speak in other tongues as the spirit enabled them pretty cool all these great leaders got it so all these great leaders got lit to be great leaders what does that say about the leaders you want to make a difference in this world you need to get live stop being natural and start seeking to be supernatural daily stop trying to be normal in. The supernatural or paranormal abnormal abnormal I love it excellent I want you to notice. That the Bible says that's actually the wrong verse there for that text but anyway you know the Bible says an acceptor one verse eight Aneesh Ever see if power after the King James Version says right the Spirit of God comes upon you so as before you have no power you can even witness without the Holy Spirit because it says it right there and you shall receive power after the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you show what be my witness is that you cannot even witness without the Holy Spirit you can attend all the workshops on evangelism you want but according to that verse right there the power to witness comes after you get lit now before it was you got to let your light shine not try to make it shine in your own strength God has to fuse you up and then you need to walk in the spirit and power of God very important we find that Paul was also about ties of the Holy Spirit and guess what Jesus was baptized with the Holy Spirit do you know that. Jesus got it daily with the Spirit did you know that there is no record of Jesus' ministry before he was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Think about it there's no record it's only after he came up out of the water in the Spirit descended upon him member he was led into the wilderness then his ministry begins your ministry didn't even start if you have been baptized of the spirit your ministry in the great exciting things God wants to do through you and in you only happens after you get. Very powerful very powerful thing about says Jesus was baptized he went out of the water at that moment heaven was opened and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting upon him I don't know if you've noticed there's a lot of debate on the Holy Spirit you notice that you were debating is he is he a force is your person I personally believe is a person in fact in John Chapter sixteen a personal pronoun is used over twenty seven times with all the spirit so I think Jesus got a right I don't know. But even even if you still want to hold on to the forced thing that's that's your business between you and God because you have a choice to make a decision and we all have a choice right think of the matter is we not we don't understand everything about the Holy Spirit do we we don't I don't understand everything about electricity either but I'm not going to sit in the dark I want to flip the switch a lot of us spend a whole lot of time debating the Holy Spirit and not getting baptized of the Holy Spirit you can spend your whole time thinking studying the Holy Spirit doing doctrinal studies going back and forth and never ever get lit and I want to give you a chance by the end of this class to get over the Holy Spirit would you like that we're going to pray for the baptism of the Spirit upon us and remember it's a daily feeling right so you can pursue this on a daily basis God is more than willing to give you the Holy Spirit you know you wonder how could Jesus be so good how do you live such a holy life well guess what he was filled with the Holy Spirit a man how do you live a holy life you've got to be filled with the Holy Spirit it's this critical supernatural you can't do it somebody once said being a Christian is so hard no it's not being a Christian is impossible. It's not hard impossible because we're not only called to live the letter of the law we're also called to live the spirit of the law it's impossible. But with the Holy Spirit it's possible and then we need to baptism of the Holy Spirit so how God anointed Jesus Nazareth the power of the Holy Spirit power and how he went around doing good and healing all who are under the power of the devil because God knows what with him so Jesus was filled with the Spirit this is the secret to the holy living of Christ He was our example right so in the same way that he lived a holy life so can we by being filled with the Spirit Amen choosing to walk in the spirit daily you know we need to be talking about the Holy Spirit Don't get me wrong in fact I already recommended this book right here to you I really think this is go to the Book of Acts excellent book start of the book of Acts maybe but this right here has Like I mentioned to you. A simple strategy for how to start a small group along with several chapters on the Holy Spirit with questions at the end and you can get this book for free all you have to go to is this magical website I can remember what it is. Man anyway. Remember later. Help me out. Yeah. It's free you can download it P.D.F. file it like fifty languages a little a lot of resources on there I don't know if you heard Nelson recently talking about another book that's just come out that's changing lives around the world. It's called steps to revival and if you've heard of it that's also at this beautiful website used. Or. So have you been filled with the Holy Spirit have you have you gotten It is an important question to ask isn't it you know that Paul actually asked his church that when he arrived in accepting one thousand the Church of ethicists he asked them he said Have you gotten it he asked them split like I tell every pastor that I mean every youth leader that I meet a why whatever have you or your young people revive yet have you asked them if they've been baptized lawyer spirit because I mean you're going to be pulling them for the rest of your ministry unless they get led they get little people and you will be energized by the power of the Holy Spirit right so getting lit is so important the question is have you got it so once you start of the person next to you and ask that question and you can put it to him like this if you claim the Fifth I mean I don't want to talk about it. Take a couple minutes just ask take a two minutes. Talk about making my day. You see everything. OK so by the end of this seminar today hopefully you're going to have a chance to answer that question definitely Yes amen you can have a chance to receive the Holy Spirit today would that be exciting in your life to get let. Before you get live with a Holy Spirit you look like this. And that's not a picture of me when I was a kid that people accuse me of that looks like you Gary they know it's not here's what you look like after. Anyway that was just. All right review and herald review and herald March twenty two eight hundred eighty seven. Sr White says there's one thing that the devil is scared to death of in regard to G Y C K and you want to know what it's going to terrify me want to give him a hollowing he'll never forget. And this is it is it right here let's read this together one two three go there is nothing that Satan fears so much is that G Y C show clear the way by removing every hindrance so that the Lord can pour out his what spirit on a languishing church and an impending congregation when the way is prepared for the Spirit of God the blessing what will come Amen that's in review and herald March twenty two eight hundred eighty seven there is nothing he scared more of than you get baptized of the Holy Spirit would it be awesome if every time your feet hit the floor in the morning the devil goes oh. No oh no she's awake. There's nothing scarier is scared more of than you get baptized Holy Spirit he don't care if you talk about the Holy Spirit all day long he doesn't care if you're silver tongued preacher we got lots of silver tongue preachers in our church dynamic preachers the question is are they spiritual preachers the devil's not afraid of educated professors he's not afraid of silver tongue preachers he's not unless they're led. Then he's got a problem scares them to death that you get with a Holy Spirit and you become a holy man and man a man or woman of God because you're filled with the Holy Spirit and you're choosing to walk in the spirit and then your life becomes a living testimony you become a powerful leader because you're all leaders right. Why is he so scared Well I discovered something the other day did you know the Holy Spirit is called The Spirit of Jesus there's nobody the Devils more freaked out about than Jesus remember with the word he was able to cast out five thousand demons can you imagine that you've got this army of demons marching to take over the kingdom of God and all Jesus as go and five thousand of desert he's scared to death of the devil the devil scared to death of Jesus right because just a word he could cast out diseases and he'll write and raise the dead scared guess what when you get the Spirit of God You have the spirit of Jesus living inside you now he's not just has to deal with just Jesus he has to deal with Jesus living in every one of us that is hollow ween for the devil that is his nightmare so he doesn't care if you talk about the spirit all day long and get all your doctrine right and attack other people cause their doctrine isn't right as long as you don't get baptized always bear. As long as you're willing to sit in the dark and not flip the switch is fine G Y C flips the switch we got a problem because now I don't know how many are in this room maybe one hundred now he's got a hundred people filled with Christ walking around now he's scared driving out demons with the word Come on he'll in sickness with the word preaching the gospel with power come on that's scary you see when Jesus lives in you you get his attributes we call him the fruit of the spirit. And you get his abilities and we call that what spiritual gifts now you see how that all connects now the spiritual gifts in the fruit the spirit that's Jesus living in you manifesting himself and God can give you whatever gift is needed in your area don't sit back and say I don't have a gift so I can serve your no no God can give you the gift you need for that area at the time. Right so let's not forget the attributes of Jesus and the abilities of Jesus that's why the devil's afraid because Christ lives in you and there are forget an experience of having my wife and I many years ago we were walking down the street a dirt road and there in the middle of the road was a giant spider in Texas right everything is what. Yeah it was huge Sam's massive and my wife was in content just to walk around it my wife has arachnophobia on steroids and she said Gary kill it. I said honey it's not bothering to walk around it. So I put my boots on Texas right walked over to the thing crushed it when I didn't realize is it was a pregnant spider. And as soon as I crushed it thousands of spiders came out in my wife's runaway going you're a jerk. The situation got really bad. The situation got really bad on the cross when Jesus died and Satan was a part of the crushing process of him there on the cross right you know the Bible says that flow that they poured out of his side blood and what water do you know what water is symbolic of the Holy Spirit in John Chapter seven it's always beer it what God is telling you is what happened there on the cross when cross when Christ was crushed like the Bible says in Isaiah fifty three is that the Spirit of God was given to all of God's people and it was poured out on Pentecost at Satan's worst nightmare you see on the cross Jesus purchased the right for you to be spilt over the spirit. So that's why the devil is running and scared to death I didn't just compare my wife to the devil that I'd only. Scratched that out of there make sure we edit that out of the thing for my own safety but anyway. So how do we get it I want to talk about this and I have just a few more minutes about twenty minutes OK How to get lit we want to talk about this is very important isn't it how do we get lit. The first thing is we need to completely put our trust and rest in Jesus can you can you can you agree with that. I think there's a lot of people out there today. Trying to meet the conditions of being filled with the baptism the lawyer spirit really trying if I just I'm sorry enough if I just repent harder if I just cry out louder God give me the spirit and so they're trying to meet the conditions of God's promise regarding the Holy Spirit but I want to share with you something very beautiful that the Lord revealed to me the other day or shows with you this verse right here has the potential of starting another Reformation second Corinthians one verse twenty Listen to this for all of God's promises have been fulfilled in Christ with the resoundingly what yes and through Christ our Amen which means yes a sense to God for His glory Jesus already net the conditions of the promise for you to be baptized in the Holy Spirit he met them already so your focus is not on yourself it's on Jesus don't become sin conscious become a savior conscious as you become since conscience let that be something that drives you to the cross and become savior conscious Jesus fulfilled the conditions for you to be baptized will always be all of his promises are what in Christ Yes amen you know the core message of the three angels message is Christ Our Righteousness right through seventy AD and us we believe that when God looks at us he doesn't see us he sees through Christ why because we are in Christ by faith Amen so when you step inside of Christ you need to realize that because you're in Jesus is not the case and you are outside of Christ because you are in Christ all the conditions for the promises were already met by Christ Himself for you. So your first step is to trust that Jesus fulfilled the conditions for you to be fat baptized a little spirit put your eyes on Jesus and then a man. Secondly pray until everybody say pray until. Most of us pray but few of us pray until. All right I know that in my own life there's a difference between your good if you pray your great if you pray until. There's a difference between the two let me explain that for you what happens is it takes a little time to get lit OK takes a little time I don't know what it is it may be that your god while you're talking to him and praying and reading where I like to read the word and ask for the spirit while I'm studying the Bible reading it so or I go for walks and would the woods and ask but what happens is as we begin to wait in prayer and waiting until not rushed not quickly going away from God but staying there. That light starts getting brighter and brighter and brighter and more and more power begins to fill in your life you feel special strength how many of you know what I'm talking about spiritual strength for the first time you want to go to prayer meeting like what I actually want to go to prayer meeting one of that come from or the first time you're like I want to read the Bible what's going on with me then all the sudden things that you read before that seem common they come alive in those pictures that you look at for a long time Nelson jump. Never works for me but I'll trust you to work for you OK So you look at him it's with the Bible you spirit of God comes upon you these verses that didn't mean much before boom they come out at you what's happening is your pilot light is being turned on. You can lid but it takes time and let me prove it to you from the from Spirit prophecy This is actually in desire of ages I'm sorry I don't have the reference for you you guys can find that later I'm sure watch this is this is what Jesus did this is his practice in interest and he got up early in the morning I woke him up that divine alarm clock watch what he did in Christ with me one two three go in Christ the cry of humanity reached the father of infinite pity as a man he supplicated the throne of God What till what he supplicated the throne of God What what sort of the person next to him say until or till. Until. His humanity was charged with why. He got Lynnette. He got let That's what he was doing in the mornings he was just following some fair see it all plan of ritual every day no no no he was going to meet with God to walk with the Lord and to wait until he had the power for the day. Till his humanity was charged with a heavenly current But this is just for Jesus right this is just his role this is for him right anybody prove to me from this passage is for all of us. Yeah and also the end of the verse right there look at that his experience is to be ours. Just read the whole thing together one two three go in Christ the cry of humanity reach the father of the infinite pity as a man he supplicated the throne of God till his humanity was charged with a heavenly current that should connect humanity with divinity through continual communion he received life from God that he might impart life to the to the world his is experience it is to be. You can get lit anytime you want to. Trust that Jesus already met the conditions for you to receive the Holy Spirit to look to yourself look to the Savior never to wait until your prayer time until it will happen and then laying on of hands laying on of hands that's what we're going to do in a few minutes here we're going to a mass thing all right and if you don't want to be a part of it nobody's going to bat an eye you know or a you don't have to but I want to show you over and over again in the book of Acts we see the Holy Spirit giving to the laying on of hands Amen. I don't know if you've noticed in the book of Acts that some people receive the Holy Spirit without laying on of hands a man it's not it's not a requirement the Holy Spirit is to do whatever he wants right he's God Amen you don't believe that go to accept or five or five makes it very clear that the Holy Spirit is God on earth he's the real pope man main All right. So over over again in the Bible we see laying on of hands in the book of Acts is that criteria but it's very interesting that some people are baptized the Holy Spirit before they're baptized in water and then can you think of anybody like that. Who was baptized with always spirit before baptized with water and I can tell you all if you look at it. Here and there are some ideas out there but let's look at this right here laying out of hand this is Acts Chapter eight first fourteen one two three go when the Apostles in Jerusalem heard that some area had accepted the Word of God So they heard the word of God They sent Peter and John to some area they said the General Conference Amen that was for me sorry when they arrived they what prayed for the new believers there that they might receive the Holy Spirit notice they didn't OK so it says. That they were sincere because the Holy Spirit had not yet come upon any of them they had simply been baptized so it's possible to be baptized in water but not baptized with the Holy Spirit there are many people that they have the natural they've they've received this the water baptism but they never received the Holy Spirit baptism the supernatural baptism and that is how it happened. They had simply been baptized this is simply So in other words there's more to this that they didn't understand had simply been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus then Peter and John placed their what hands on them and they received what the Holy Spirit so there you have a right there. I don't know if you've ever noticed that surfers don't try to make waves you ever notice that I remember I was in Australia some time ago I was out walking and I was there for campaigning or whatever I was walking on the beach I see this guy just beautifully surfing really looking cool made it look really easy and he kind of pulled up his surfboard next to me and I recognized it was David Ash Rick and now another reason I'm jealous of him doggone it but I've noticed that when people out surfing they don't make waves but they do they ride him I notice in ministry when churches begin to pray and ask for the baptism of spirit God begins to win ways of opportunities their way and at first sometimes those waves ride them instead of them riding the waves don't know what to handle Well it was but you knew people were going to go they have trouble sometimes we have to learn how to ride the waves God will send when you begin to get together with your friends in small groups maybe you're doing the book of Acts or maybe the ten days you start praying for God to do stuff guess what he will if you surf already waves of ministry opportunity will begin to come your way doors will open you never expect that you'll get to choose the ways you don't also get to choose how big the waves are might be a little small God might start you out with a wave you can actually ride and as you begin to ride them and your eyes are open to see the things of the Spirit of God begin to send Mr opportunities your way and opportunities you begin to ride them this is a beautiful thing about serving the Lord my burden is light my yoke is easy and my burden is light when we are filled with the Holy Spirit God will send those opportunities your way and you have to be willing to ride those opportunities when he sends and then supernatural zealots will happen you'll see people healed as a result of your prayer as you lay hands on them amen and Ellen White had a vision of the Latter Rain she saw seventy AD and people going out giving Bible studies and laying their hands on the sick and being healed. We need to judge all healings by what. The law and the testimony if they speak not according to this word they have no light of dawn we know the devil can do miracles as well right so we want to test the spirits Amen OK that's very important but so you see a desire for Bible study will begin to happen in your life you have a desire to soul winning you'll be living off of this overflow got to put this desire in your heart to share your faith with others you have a new courage Have you noticed the people who are on drugs have the strange courage it's totally misguided and gets them killed. But if you want to look at on the spirit side there's a bold this that comes into a person's life that's been under the influence of the Holy Spirit is a joy that comes from sharing a fearlessness we see that very clearly in the life of Peter who ran from the little girl and the next day standing before the Sanhedrin bunch of murderers and boldly lifting up the name of Jesus what happened you got it you begin to discover your gifts God begins to give you opportunities those waves come in your life for you to use gifts and he begins to grow in those gifts remember that we all we all don't have the same gifts right there are times when God will give you a gift temporarily I found even if it's not your gift because it is a need there and let the Holy Spirit do whatever he wants a man don't be envious of other people's gifts can use a man of that because they're going to really really grow fast in those areas faster than you will not have a lot of impact but guess what you have a gift as well and you also will grow in those areas amen the need to find what God's called you to do and get involved with that right. When God begins to do things in your church don't hose it down. It's very sad to me when God begins to build waves in the church begin to do stuff in the churches because everybody's praying it's always somebody they're ready to hose it down to the person next to and say don't be a hoser. Man God begins to do things in your church don't fight against it it may not happen the way he may be using somebody you thought he would ever use that person or God raises the people here all the time we can't bring her in a ministry you've seen what she's done in her life no. Need to obviously test the spirits but also keep that in mind victory over sin the battle over sin you still have a battle that will be much easier and then you'll have new power in your life I'm telling these things that you've held you down for a long time they're over to lose their hold over your life because you're trusting in the righteous of Jesus and you feel with the spirit you can have victory. Unity and does our church need unity right now so busy fighting over of whatever. We need a spirit of God It's because we have a whole lot of people who are not lit that's why but the seven day of this church needs to first work at seven am a stretch must do is it must seek this baptism of a spirit be filled with spirit needs to do it very quickly so I'll skip that I want to close this story and then we I want to take a few minutes when this is class down. To a perfect OK I want to share with you in closing a story about a woman one day who got down here in this dynamic preacher he was talking about revival in the church and she went up to him and said Sir. I really you need to come to my church and preach because my church is messed up they're dead as a doornail a pastor couldn't couldn't preach is way out of a paper bag of life depended on it depended on it it's a hate each other it's a terrible environment everybody's gossiping and talking bad about the others and slandering each other pastors to get him so OK so she's saying all these things about her church in her pastor and she goes pastor you need to come to my church we need to do something the pastor says OK I'll tell you what we can do I know the secret she's like you do you know yeah I know exactly how to change your church because OK tell me because I come here to get a little closer so OK what I want you to do the pastor said I want you to go up to your house she goes OK. And I want you to go upstairs you get a two story right yeah when you go upstairs and I want you going you better OK Wow All right this is who he was and I want you to go into the closet you're. Going to hear the secret here because I want you to find a piece of chalk and I want you to draw a circle on the ground he said because he's like I was in the Bible. This is and I want you to go ahead and stand inside the circle. Because. He says ma'am and while you're in that circle I want you to say God please transform me first so you've got churches here all upset about they're not on fire you got all these reasons that you're angry. You want to change your church starts with you getting lit. Because when you get lit you become contagious. And then then you're the secret to changing your church not everybody else that's General Conference president not your pastor not your parents that's a brother your sister you because you have just as much access as they do to power you can get a late payment how many of you want to tell it today all right so we know it's true laying on of hands and some of you have probably most of you have been baptized but there may be some of you that have not been baptized and I just share with you a minute ago you don't need to be baptized with water first but I would encourage you if you have not been baptized with water after you receive the Holy Spirit then I invite you to go in and make sure that you get back doesn't water event right now nothing weird is going to happen in here OK I just want you know at the Spirit of God is like a very gentle but I want to I want to promise you something within the next day or two things are going to begin to happen in your life and I'm not sure what they are God will decide what they are ministry opportunities may happen a chance to share your faith with somebody may happen more power in your ministry may happen God may give you a vision for more ministry in what he wants to do he may call you to pull a group together but there will be extra power in your life as a result of receiving the Holy Spirit how do I know that because God's word says it. All right so we're going to do this little different how many elders do we have in it with us today do we have any elders with us Oh perfect elders come up here please elders to have any pastors here today pastors come on down you know a lot of pastors in here today I should've been more careful what I said sorry. This is only being recorded right yeah yeah so deal. Any other elders with us today OK so what we're going to do is if you would like to receive the Holy Spirit we're going to just do it this what the Bible says to do all you need to do is go to one of these gentlemen and they're going to put their hands on you and they're going to say a brief prayer it's not going to be a long prayer they're going to say based on your word Jesus we ask that you feel my sister with the Holy Spirit. She wants to be lit with a Holy Spirit Amen simple prayer and we're going to go really through and then when you're done if you want to stay for a little talk I'm here for about ten minutes and then for the next class but I wanted to give you a quick announcement little quick announcement for the next class it's about lessons to learn from Donald Trump. That a creative title. It has very little to do with but anyways I will be mentioning him but we'll be talking about how to catch God's vision what is God's vision for the world church and how do I catch that so I can become contagious with his vision and get in line with his vision of my life so that's what my next class will be on OK All right I'm going to have a word of prayer with you and then as you stand up go to the individual pastors elders and they will pray for you if you don't want to no problem you may want to seek the Holy Spirit by yourself in your room and your door in your hotel room and say Lord I want to be filled and I know that in Acts ten you came upon those people even though they weren't hands were laid on them they were praying and they were trusting in the Gospel and Spirit came upon him but if you like to receive it these guys are here for you let's let's pray Heavenly Father we are basing what we're doing right now in Acts Chapter eight. Everyone here in this room have to accepted your son Jesus as their Savior and Lord they're resting in his finished work Lord everybody here in this room has been baptized or wants to be baptized and now Lord based on Acts Chapter eight where you laid hands on people to Peter and John we ask that you would through the laying on of hands light us up today and every day thank you Jesus we know you're here we know your promise is sure. You know the Jesus fulfilled all the requirements all of your promises are yes in Christ and we are in Christ. Jesus now. This message was recorded at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. G Y C A supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so when Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot she Y.C. Web dot org.


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