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3. Living Dangerously

Gary Blanchard



  • December 28, 2017
    2:45 PM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot she Y.C. Web dot org. Our list Perry has forward a prayer and then we'll get started. Dear Jesus what an honor it is to be here at U.I.C. and there are many here they're just thankful that they had friends that cared enough about them to encourage them to come Lord and there were others that you impressed personally you came in to have them on the shoulder and said you need to be here and they came and you made it possible we thank you Jesus we're honored to be here we're blessed and we're here to the humble heart to hear what you have to say Lord I just just pray your blessing upon us right now in Jesus' name in. I'm pastor Garry Blanchard and I am the new world used to Rector for the seventy AD this church and what that means as I travel around the world working with youth leaders we have thousands of youth leaders around the world about three to four million young people it's pretty amazing and around the world maybe even more if you add using young adults you look at about seven million young people around the world which is pretty awesome and one of the reasons I love to come to things like use Congress's and global use day in G Y C is because you get to see these young people like yourselves on fire for God excited about what God wants to do how many of you are feeling like God has a special call of purpose in your life and you're trying to find out what is that what you want to do could you raise your hand high OK Excellent you guys are probably at the plenary session right talked about living dangerously for God and I have a theory you hear me say that young people are designed to live dangerously for God In fact the more they're challenged to live dangerously The more they do amazing things for God great exploits for the Lord they're challenged by that they want to be a part of a mission so I just wanted to prove to you from this little video here that young people do love to live dangerously but be careful it's pretty scary so be ready. Anybody here would do that. It's kind of a sad ending and it's really sad but man I tell you what I believe that young people were designed to live dangerously for God. So many people from Texas home if you are from Texas today anybody from Texas Oh my goodness Good to see you guys I was used rector in Texas for several years and it makes my day to see them so you know we talked today you heard of the plenary session that I believe young people are designed to live dangerously and there's some evidence right there right. And you know it's interesting too that we find throughout the Bible that there are examples of the Bible of young people living dangerously for the Lord never Jonathan his armor or that while the dolts were sitting under the tree the Bible actually says they were sitting under a tree the adults are sitting on a tree Jonathan decide to live dangerously for God and he went in attack the Philistine host and remember what happened. He won yeah exactly he won and he and they fell down before Him God did something supernatural in fact you get the idea that God knocked him down in the arm a bear would behind him and killed him so as Jonathan moved forward the enemy fell down and then John of his arm a bear went around behind him killing them so God did a miracle that sounds violent doesn't it and some of it and that does not even the best part of the story the best part of the story is that all the people that were freaking out and hiding they came out and joined the movement it doesn't take very many young people to decide to live dangerously for God for a movement to start in the atmosphere can you guys think of who are some of the founders of the seventy Agnes Church in their ages shot him out to me let's hear. Who is seventeen Ellen White and she had her vision began her ministry who else. Higher medicine yeah I think the old guy in the group is twenty nine. And this is a this is a youth movement so God I believe in these last days is calling you to find that danger within you and let the wolves back in if you heard my plenary session today start living dangerously we need to re wild the seventy AD the church and get serious by the way you're immortal unless God says otherwise you don't be afraid you need to go trust him but never be as wise as a serpent and what don't forget that don't go stupid but I say don't go stupid go go stupid go why's a serpent we know if we study snake somebody's been bitten by a snake before I've come really close a couple times agree mambo and allow you that's a whole nother story but anyway I was very lucky it was very strategic right Serpens a very strategic and they wait they don't work hard they work smart and then at the right time we need to be strategic Amen Not only that we need to be as wise gentle as a dove right who's the Dove in the Bible the Holy Spirit that's why you need to get lift by the Holy Spirit member we talked about that this morning how many of you here were there for that OK only a few of us are like did he just say that and. We may get laid by the power of the Holy Spirit Amen so if you get lit by the power of the Holy Spirit you will have special strength to live dangerously for the Lord Amen so very good so there's some evidence right there. So living dangerously getting serious about living for God How many of you gone to the booths already I hope you've gone and check them out there are so many ministries out there don't forget your local conference used to Rector call him What are some of the knishes of it happening how many of you are playing to be a part of global use day. Because some of you don't know what global youth day is so everybody after me youth. At The Nest dot org That's the new G C address to our website you want to check that out as much as you can every Say after me youth dot Ave dot org pretty simple right if you go there there's all kinds of promotional material for global youth day anybody know when global youth they is. I. March seventeenth March seventeenth and then we also have something called the global youth leadership Congress that will be happening in in Castle Germany how many of you know if your youth pastors are you direct are going to how many of you know anybody that's going to that is about eight hundred youth leaders from around the world that will be meeting there for training for youth ministry so everybody said to me one more time youth dot agonist dot org And if you want to be a friend of us on Facebook go to G C youth ministry our youth minute G C U's Ministries dot facebook Yeah but if. She see these ministries all right I want to talk to you about one year mission I'm very excited about it this is a global initiative giving young people a chance to get involved in serious ministry in the local cities. You may not know this but I believe there's some mazing parallels between the seventy amas church and Jonah I believe that in many ways the seventy Agnes Church has submerged rather than emerged when it comes to the mission we've been given and we were afraid just like Jonah we don't want to go into the cities but we were told to go into the cities right I don't know how many times Mr White says go one of the cities preach quickly in the cities these cities will be destroyed we've seen cities just recently almost be flattened by hurricanes and earthquakes haven't we this is going to get worse and the cities need to hear the good news about Christ when you see his love reflected in our lives in our words need to be attracted to Christ before it's too late Amen so reaching the cities is so important so like Jonah we've been given a mission and a message to go into those cities and like Jonah we've submerged but like Jonah God is giving us a second chance I really believe this is all my heart I believe that something is about ready to happen and like I told you a little while ago it doesn't take everybody it only takes a few Jonathans in our members to say you know what we're going to go we're going live dangerously for God and we're going to we're going to go why is a service member why is a servant strategic He had a plan right and he went in and God it's amazing supernatural things through him I don't know about you but I don't want to be natural anymore I want to be supernatural I want to be normal I want to be paranormal my wife already says I'm not normal so that's pretty clear but the only way to do that is to daily receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit young people and I can't stress that enough the importance of waiting on the Lord every morning until you're filled with the Spirit God. Sister White tells us that early in the morning God would wake up Jesus. And he would go away and he would be filled with a holy spirit and his lips would be touched with holy fire so you could be do do a great work for God So we need to be daily fill with a holy spirit we need to get lit Number two we need to catch a hold of God's vision the problem with the church in many churches today and I know this is my own problem is that we come up with our own little tiny visions and then if we have a little tiny vision then we can accomplish that we just use you know men money and methods but when you when you think about God's vision which is a large vision it requires supernatural things to accomplish it and so that's why we got to catch God's vision to be godly leaders we must first get it number two catch God's vision and number three we must live dangerously for him but like I said little while ago living dangerous is really not living dangerously because you've got the King of Kings watching over you he's not really a thing happen to you unless it's time right and for his good and you know one of the things I'll just be hard to are with you a little bit I love my job I love everything about my job I love the fact I get to travel different countries and everything else like that but I surely don't like getting in airplanes I have a I really get connected with God in airplanes and put it like that low and. Let me lay and to get back to my first is let me land to do my ministry and then Lord give me back to my wife and family please just every time I fly but I have learned to remember that we serve a God of rest that we can rest that he's a trustworthy God and if we go forward wise a serpent is a general's a dove we have nothing to fear right and he's with us the problem is oftentimes we compare ourselves to the giants rather comparing God to the Giants if we could very God of the giants whatever they are they get really really small real fast Amen so really living dangerously for God is is something we can take confidence is we have a God that we can rest in. One of the things I really enjoy about my job is I get to travel around I get to talk about Jesus I got to tell people because Jesus is the core of our message OK if we don't have Jesus we don't have anything OK all of our doctrines are windows into Christ and His righteousness and his love all of our doctrine should be preached in such a way that the magnify Christ amen because he's the savior All right he's such a wonderful God I've learned I'm learning more and more in my life to rest in Him He's the guy that gave us the Sabbath right now beautiful He's also the God that made Adam on Friday right. And then gave him a whole day to rest on Sabbath pretty cool Adam didn't even have to look for a wife a man. Who had to do it I got to tell you this and this is nothing new in my talk today but now I'm off on a tangent I guess is right now the only person I went looking for a wife and it didn't work out for them was Sampson. All right you want a lot looking out for a husband with Sampson let's put it that was put in the girl's terms OK messed up the Scriptures there but you get my point. The one who didn't was Adam Adam rested do you know what I think I think God takes great pleasure in finding your wife or husband for you doesn't matter where you are just serve him and he'll make sure it happens. One of the leaders I won't say your name just so embarrassed every one of the leaders here was saying that she was serving in a church where there was no guys no one and somebody was like you got to go somewhere with her. You got to go to university and find him there you might find the devil there but now I just get the point is you've got to go where God sends you and God takes great delight in bringing that person in your life in just the right time and I tell people just run hard and fast after God with all your heart and every once in a while look to your left and right see who's running alongside you. If they're ugly keep running with us if. You serve you serve the Lord. Yeah and you. You know the beautiful thing about this is I have people get mad at me afterwards hokum you so those replies you know listen beauty is in the eye of the beholder All right so you're going along you see a woman next to you you know sparks could fly but they might be the sparks might not be flying with other people but between you two right. That I pull out of that one OK OK But no my point is run hard after God live dangerously for the Lord get it get live every day with the spirit catch his vision live dangerously for him and God takes great delight in bringing you the right person he's got a rest he also knows that God every day always begins with sleep you catch that every day begins to sleep the days days consist of evenings and mornings it's only the world that starts it out in the morning when the sun comes up God starts you with a rest. And this is the same with salvation the only time you're ever going to grow in your Christian life is when you learn to rest in the finished work that Jesus accomplished for you already I'm in everybody after me the only thing that works. Is the finish work when you rest completely in Christ finished work for your salvation this is when you're going to start growing this is when good works start flowing out of us fruit not as a means of salvation but its fruit you've experienced the grace of God you've rested in his finished work and then this fruit your life so as seven they haven't as we are to go into the world and tell them about the God of rest that calls them and wants to cover them in His righteousness that they might stand before His holy got in the day of judgment which began in one thousand nine hundred four right with an investigative hour right now but we should be afraid of that because Christ is not God is not looking at you he's looking at the one you're in which is Christ right we're in Christ right so when God looks at you he sees Jesus and what's so beautiful about that is then then when we're in Jesus and only when we're resting in Him can then Christ begin to work in us and produce fruit in our life and then we begin to live lives of obedience to God in our lives it's a beautiful thing seventy AD and should be the most delightful and happy people on the planet because they are responding to the grace of God they're going to church because of the grace of God and then reading the Bible because they're going out into other countries or in the cities or in their local communities because of the grace of God not to turn to God God's mad about you not mad at you and the cross is proof of this put your eyes on the cross Amen so when your mission is about reaching the cities it's about living dangerously for God and we say O.E.M. service say Oh you mean. Where would you go to learn more about oh yeah where would you go to get like promotional materials where there's a. Say it again. It's so sweet to hear that say it one more time. I'm in and then you know I have I have come to believe that the that youth in the seventy's and this church are the wings of the three angels message and that sounds like rhetoric but I don't think that's rhetoric I think it's actually the truth I think that you guys are the wings you have the energy the capacity to go anywhere you're smart a man. You ready to go in there is proof here because right in this beautiful passes by a widespread the most famous this passage right here not only defines our message but also defines our method and it also defines our motivation everybody say message method motivation we're going to read it and you're going to tell me which is which Ok now here we go one two three go with such an army of workers as our use rightly trained might furnish how soon the message of a crucified risen and soon coming Savior might be carried to the whole world how soon might the N. come the end of suffering and sorrow and sin how soon in place of possessions here and in spite of sin and pain our children might receive their inheritance where the righteous shall inherit the land and well there and forever with inhabitants shall not say I'm sick and the voice of weeping shall be no more heard I love that is not awesome OK Right there is embedded in our message what is the message the message of Jesus crucified risen and he's coming back that's the message then what's the method how does God want to accomplish this. To ride the train youth these here and there our message how does he want to accomplish it to young people who are rightly trained young people you need to be humble enough to be trained. All right you've got to be willing to take whatever God gives you God calls you to set up chairs in your church do it do it better than anybody has ever done it clean those chairs make it straight serve God with all your heart humble yourself inside the Lord and He will lift you up. Whatever God sets before you do it with all your heart I remember one time I probably shouldn't tell this story on the do it anyway because what am I going to do and then I recall you know they are recording this but anyway Hello I remember one of the churches that I came to first passed during my grandiose ideas God was going to give me some big church you know I was all excited I was ready to go just graduated from seminary Andrews University. Man who could and I was so excited and the church they gave me. I'm going to tell you it had no it was it looked like it was built back in the forty's and it looked like it was kind of a museum to the one nine hundred forty S. and there was nobody you know young people at all and I was thirty I was twenty five when I started. And I pulled into the church for the first time and my wife was with me and I think God she was with me because I wanted to turn the car around this that no way this is not God's will for my life it's got to have something better I am way too talented for this. And my wife said Gary why turn that car back around this is your church you go and serve here with all your heart God gives us good wives those need. That's why you don't find your own wife let God bring her to you know find your own husband like God bring him to you OK And so I turned around and it was one of the most amazing experiences in this little church would be Kate was it was I want to say any more kids are probably listening right now but it was really amazing that if you'll just go where God lead you and do whatever he puts before you how God will bless you he'll keep you humble he wants to keep you humble so he can use you so you get proud he can use you more so whatever situation you're given no matter how humble washing you know clean the bathrooms of your church I don't know whatever it is just making food for everybody like I'm I'm so much better than this you know just do whatever God gives you do with all your heart don't worry he will open up doors God is God is wonderful that way so so where were we in this we're talking about taking the message to the world message method rightly training what's the third thing what's the motivation it says it three times. How soon. How soon how soon. It's beautiful it's beautiful if young people rightly train would take the message of a crucified and risen Savior into the world Jesus would come sooner and we soon three times like that there's three angels she says how soon three times right we've been stretching things a little bit there but OK How soon how soon how soon if we would mobilize the youth right and send them into the cities with God's message he says how soon would be the end of sin and suffering how soon the Gospel go to the world and how soon we be in heaven with Jesus I mean the youth are the key is the Kate you're the Kate it's very it's awesome and who's going to really train them our leaders need to be training right do you know what a role of a pastor is it tells an efficiency after for the role of a pastor is to train the members for ministry OK So let me just be really really really frank with you OK your pastor is being evaluated by the Word of God not by how many Bible studies he gives but on how many people he's training to give Bible studies you see that this is amazing your pastor is not being evaluated by how many evangelistic series he's holding any should hold evangelists in series and he should be a bible studies because you can't train anybody if you're not doing it but the Word of God will judge him by how many people he's raising up to hold evangelist meetings it's very very central that we understand as the adults in the church the leaders in the church have a role their role is to train the next generation. You faithfully train them in every area of ministry and we need to be willing and humble enough to be trained even if it's humbling at first by the way the Bible says young people don't anybody put you down because you're young but set an example. Because that will be put you down from the young but don't act like a baby either you know be you know it goes on in first time of the talk about be sure in the way you talk in your conduct said in the example in your local churches the adults not only have to be seven example the young people should be setting an example specially if they're lit by the Holy Spirit set an example right and as you said example your local church your pastors and elders are going to notice about you they're going to lean on you a little bit see how much they can trust you and if you're faithful and you do what you're asked to do and you do it with do it with humility they'll be able to share more and more with you so what happens I So we have this amazing amazing call from the Lord here this mazing verse right here. OK so this work for me OK you know we are to talk about arrows in the hands of a warrior today for plenary so many move on from that you know there are some interesting things about the Mormons in there have you ever been impressed with the fact that they have such an amazing youth ministry training youth ministry for ministry I mean can I say that I really am impressed with it that these young people they raise money to spend two years of their life. Trying to make people more months what if we spent our time working to train to help young people become servants of the Lord disciples of Jesus Christ can you imagine what could happen but they're doing this work how many of you had a Mormon come to your home all right keep preaching is that how many of you had a seventy atmosphere you know. That's not bad that's pretty good praise the Lord Amen so so we got something going on there these two gentlemen you recognize both of muncher. Our wonderful president this guy's a man of God right here OK He's definitely man of God I really appreciated working with him Gilbert kanji is one of my mentors now I stay in touch with him he's now in Australia working but he used to be the world youth director how many of you knew Gilbert but here know Pastor go OK Pastor Gilbert these two got together they said wait a minute why can't we have something like that for young people you may not know this but years and years before the Mormons came up with us Ellen White was saying look get a bunch of young people together and go into the cities get young people together go and see she's talking about a way before Mormons but the Mormon somehow heard it and we didn't I don't I don't know what happened there so they got together so women we've been counseled to gather young people together into city evangelism we've been counseled to do this in the Mormons are doing it we could do it and we could be spreading the message so they came up with something called one year mission and it's happening all around the world pockets of young people are going into cities professional young people ages eighteen in and sometimes up to thirty five usually about thirty five and forty they're the directors of the teams but you've got young people professional people you're looking at a group from a Brazilian body or from Brazil OK. Beautiful you can see they're beautiful and many of them some of them are lawyers and doctors and nurses teachers. And some of them have decided as a result of being part of one year mission that they're going to be missionaries rest of their life this want to give their life to mission mission service some of them are like well I'm going to go back to my job but I'm going to carry a heart of a missionary everywhere I go everybody say after me once a missionary always a missionary something about it it'll get in your blood and you're like I want to be this forever it's really really exciting. So I wanted to share with you what this initiative is and I'll just kind of break it down for you and I want to encourage you if you're interested in being doing something like this you want to get in touch with your local conference say I want to be a part of when your mission let's get something started or you call your division and ask them and say I want to be a part of one your mission because they have initiative starting to happen all around the world in fact guys are really excited about this but after two thousand and twenty we're going to launch a one year mission right out of Indianapolis so I'm excited about that anybody from Minneapolis. OK so let's read through this really quickly it's when twenty or more young professionals ages eighteen to thirty eight hundred thirty five take one year of their lives to reach an urban center in their division with the everlasting Gospel we are challenging right now from the General Conference for every union to have a one year mission we're going to be rolling that out big time at the global youth leadership Congress in Castle Germany guys we need we need to get serious Jesus is coming back in the cities need to be warned and there is no more vibrant group of people than our young people so so this is really true these young professionals work as a team to discover the needs of the community and utilize their gifts to meet those needs so the doctors were doing practicing medicine and helping in the community the nurses were helping the builders were helping mechanics were helping whatever your profession you were able to use their profession to reach people and what they're doing is they're listening for people who have a heart for God. And interested in Bible studies and beginning to work and soften up and see the area I love the story of the battle of Jericho not a cool story because in that city in that terrible corrupt city that was so bad God said don't take any of their stuff. And that terrible city there was a little lady there she was actually a prostitute remember her name was Ray at in the Bible says she had a heart for God when the spies there into that city all the cities don't care how wicked those cities are you can say whatever you want about the cities there are some wicked ones there are God's people in the cities there are a halves there and when you go into the cities and when your mission or whatever initiatives that you have going on man can reach them and what I love about that story is that you know how they knocked the city the city walls down right they knocked him down by blowing the ram's horn that's deep for somebody that's kind of stupid like me and Steve and let me tell you why it's deep because in order to get a ram's horn or a mass to die that's symbolic of proclamation of the of the Lord's death until he comes and we declare the Gospel in these cities walls start coming down we start telling people about the love of Jesus right they have to do anything to walk around the city for the horns or the trumpet sounding a man three message the heart of the message of Christ Our Righteousness that message goes out it softens hearts when people are open that city came out OK so. Some more of the initiative when when your mission missionaries discover souls interest in spiritual things they involve them in small bible studies they begin to study with them and everybody that's a part of the one year mission gets trained to see when to send you out there you get trained by your leader in the one your mission on how to do these things how to give. One your mission works in partnership with a local church and seeks to benefit by bringing in new members in assisting with Sabbath school public evangelism church planting and other local church initiatives one of the things that I'm so excited about G Y C is if you are I see tries to work with a local church as you notice that they work at the G C They work with a conference is the unions and it's a beautiful thing when your mission is the same thing it's not to be separate from the local church we help them we work with them we help them on this we get involved the local church in their initiatives stay in close them the local conference Union division work together to provide housing food local transportation training oversight mentorship and a center of influence from which to launch on your mission so basically the idea is that all you have to do is get there and then provide for your basic needs like your toiletries that kind of stuff but food and housing and all that's provided for you to do the ministry there and the G.C.'s coming along to make that really happen for you guys so that that's what happens when you're part of the one year mission do you know that there is actually a silver bullet to evangelism there is there's a silver bullet there's a way to be extremely effective is going to come as a shock to you but the silver bullet is following the way Jesus did it. He would know right here's how he did it look at this history together one two three go Christ method alone will give true success in reaching the people the savior mingled with men as one who desired their good he showed his sympathy for them minister to their needs and won their confidence then. And beautiful what a wonderful Savior and shove anything down their throat he he let them he won their confidence by loving them listening to them and I found in this world today that the one thing that we lack in the world today is people who are willing to listen Nowadays most people will listen but meanwhile there are you know in their you know texting I'm guilty Facebook whatever Also people we need to put our phones down and be able to engage in listen to people we need to learn how to do that again right and Jesus he mingled with people I like say like this he socialized service they socialized he sympathized he served and then he shared himself with them shared so the forest is there he socialize with people he sympathize with their needs he ministered to serve their needs and then he bid them follow me or share himself with them this is the in your notice here it says I thought that was interesting it says that Christ method alone is not interesting Christ method alone he say alone this is the best option this is the this is the only option that works this is the way to do it and that's exactly what one year mission does and if you're ever going to do a mission initiative you've got to make keep this in mind is the only thing that works all right with this method alone. All right so let's ask him questions How much does it cost financially that is up to local division unions and conferences it is recommended though that the one year mission missionaries raise the money for their daily incidentals and Air flight to and from one year mission so it gives you a little idea and that really depends on the vision we're going to be rolling this out like I said I meet with the division leaders this month to say guys we want to move on your mission to every union around the world we're not going to force unions to do it but we're going to throw that out there is an option and we're going to give them some funding to help them to be able do that does a person have to be baptized to be a part of one year mission it is very helpful because you guys are going to be dealing with a lot of people that might have questions and if they're not strong themselves however some have chosen not to do that and so far the results have been positive in fact people have been converted by doing ministry I've never heard of that people actually before they've been baptized do ministry leave somebody else to Jesus and then they get baptized result yeah that's what happened but. In most places we leave it up to the division decide on that but if you haven't been baptized you want to be a part of one your mission you should go for it right she try you talk to them about wanting to do it how does the division choose its own it's oh I am missionary it's read together go all one year mission missionaries need to submit an application and be interviewed they will also need to turn in Avenue management and complete the medical form so you'll have to be covered medically and you'll they'll do an application and then a little interview with you because they're building a team and they want to share this team is good right that everything is working out in unity I want to be a one year missionary one year mission missionary So who do I contact would you contact. Let your local conference know I talk to Pastor Gary he's doing it they're doing one year mission I really want to be a part of that when is that happening in this union because I know it's going out to the unions where is it happening and you can help me put a little pressure right now so really that's that's OK let's look at some of the benefits here of the benefits that I hear from young people who are involved in one year mission they find out what was the first thing. Yeah. Have you ever heard that a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still fear that before because people get stronger as they defend themselves right that's why when you're in our you know somebody and they're really heated defending you've already lost if you try to convince them some you are lost because they're already convinced and the more you talk to him the worse it gets sometimes it's best to step back and say OK I respect your disagree disagree. But one of the thing the cool things about that is the more you defend your faith the more you talk about the Gospel in the message that we've been given as a church the firmer you get in your commitment when I was speaking to some Mormons the other day I saw some Mormons in Mexico as they were out it's amazing to see them out knocking on doors right in the villages there I was asking him a little bit about that and they said I asked him what it would be do you get out of this and he said Well one thing's for sure I've had thousands of doors slammed in my face and he says I'm still Mormon he says he just got stronger he just shared you know my faith in my Mormon faith has grown as a result of defending it so when you're in this situation where you're not just defending it but you're also teaching people from the Bible you get stronger in your faith. And you begin to share it what else a life long what mission mindset and passion you begin to have a desire to be involved with God in mission work it gets in your blood like we talked about you have a deeper sense of the presence of Jesus and the joy of serving him is that great that when you're serving the Lord you sense his presence I can say that for a fact in my life the giving Bible studies and working with people in ministry that's in a relief sense the presence of a lord in my life in a big way and I got a really weird phone and some problems. But you really feel the presence of the Lord when you're when you're doing that. I remember the story of Mary Magdalene was it that she met the angel member in the tomb and he just to go back and tell my disciples that I'm alive right and ever she goes back in on her way she meets Jesus always thought that's really true about evangelism when we go back to tell people the message of the Risen Savior that's when we meet Jesus along the way and encounter with him and you get really close to Christ as you begin to serve Him All right you discover the true meaning of life which is in service for God. You begin to become an expert in urban evangelism got a lot of young people that are becoming very strategic and learning how to be generals in God's army you know I believe that's a great need in our church today to have generals these are people these are young adults who can statistically plan who can mobilize and activate people within the ministry of the church this will teach you how to be an evangelist in cities how to reach the cities because you because the one year mission young people get together they do a lot of talking about how we're going to creatively reach a city so they're growing strategically you could acquire a new language specially if you go to different division other than your own learn Spanish right a man or an English. You can you can get a new skill. One of these girls I want pointed out to you they were telling me that when she first came to one year mission she just kind of hid in the corner she was really interested but after being a part of the mission she became she developed much more people skills and a lot more confidence she was a different person should learn the people skills which is very important not only for ministry but also for life in general and here's some of the things that are really cool church churches are planted as a result of one year mission we see little churches popping up everywhere how many of you here from South America division anybody from South America Peru Brazil. OK South America I was all excited when I talk to the division leaders like Man we got a vision now we're going to take one year mission to all the unions is like oh OK that's cool we already did that two years ago so what do you are you guys that now this is now we have one year mission in every conference in the South American division so it's become really and what they're doing is they're planting churches out of these one year missions so now young people these young people are leaving a church behind and some of them are choosing to stay in Pastor those churches it's really cool so you're seeing it go beyond just the one year some of them are getting dedicated to serving long term souls or say for the King and I really like what somebody told me the other day they said that they met their wife one year mission kind of cool through God you never know you might find your spouse there. Kind of that seems to be a theme throughout the talk today sorry this wasn't a dating or marriage class but anyway. You know have you ever have you ever asked yourself how do you tame a lion probably not. I've never done it but they say if you want to tame a lion you need a stool. And you know whip course and you do that because you put yourself you in a line between you put the stool between you in the line and the four legs of the chair need to be pointing at the Lion and they say that what happens is the lion is distracted by the four legs of the stool wants to eat you but he can't because he's distracted by the four legs is still pretty cool I've never tried it I probably never will they just say that's what I haven't something happens in their head they're like they're confused I don't know what to do. How does the devil tame the seventh Avenue Church. Working. For legs of the stool Yeah. Distraction good is getting us focused on other things instead of what we are specifically called to do. Very very crucial he is working very hard to tame you and me and to tame our church by distraction getting us to try to be like all the other denominations instead of the denomination or the mission movement that God has made us and called us to be if you want to know what our mission is look at this right here let's read this together on this this is powerful Let's read together one two three go in a special sense Seventh Day Adventists have been set in the world as watchman and lie bears to them has been intrusted the last warning message for a perishing world this is awesome on them a shining wonderful light from the Word of God They have been given a work of most solemn import the proclamation of the first second and third angels message there is no other work of so great importance they are to allow nothing else to absorb their attention this is awesome this and this the most solemn truth ever intrusted to mortals has been given to us to proclaim to the world OK so I want to I just want you think about this for a minute the most solemn truth ever intrusted to mortals that would include Jonah and it would also include Noah the most solemn truth ever intrusted to mortals were given to our church. The first second and third angels message those who are in my last class I talked to a little bit about that the first angels message and you go really deep with us so don't don't read into this too much because a whole lot of detail to it but I just simplified it for myself the first angel's message is Christ our right to Jesus the everlasting Gospel of Jesus right this is the everlasting Gospel right person angels message so the first angel's message to me is Jesus said Jesus. We are called to go into the world to teach people the everlasting Gospel and we know what they have lost in gospel is Romans chapter one sixteen tells us that by faith in Christ we receive His righteousness right so the everlasting Gospel is the righteousness of Christ Jesus angel one is Jesus second angel's message is come out of Babylon right so how do people come out of confusion they come out of confusion by getting to know His Word the Bible so the first angel's message is Jesus can you see Jesus' second angel's message is his word calling people out of confusion into the Word of God we've got a lot of identity issues going on in our world today do we not people are confused the Word of God gives clarity we need to call them out of confusion Babylon to the clarity of God's word so his word the third angel's message is his church that God has a church in the last days event and this church has all kinds of markings on it I got to tell you if it's all you had it was Revelation Chapter fourteen you can be pretty confident that the seven day of his church was God's last last day movement you say well how is that true well I don't know if you've ever gone to the message but you know that most of our core doctrines are embedded in that they're there you just go through it you see this ad if you see investigative judgment you'll see second coming is the state of the Dead it's all there health message but blah blah it's all there not only that right there in the last thirty inches message it tells us that it's the church that comes up after eight hundred forty four because remember his judgment is come right so it comes after eight hundred forty four it's a church that's patiently waiting for the second coming of Jesus by the way our name is Seventh Day Adventists which means we're looking for the second coming of Jesus it's a church that keeps all of God's commandments including Which commandment the fourth and it's a church that has a faith in Christ or the faith of Christ right in his church that has an incredible faith in Jesus as a savior Amen that's pretty cool that's like all of our markings That's who we are right I heard a story about Sherlock Holmes and Watson for one day going out camping and they'd set up their tent and everything and they were inside the tent and they went to sleep and then they woke up and you know Sherlock turned to Watts and said hey Watson what do you see he looked up and goes Oh man I see stars are so beautiful it's gorgeous Sherlock was no dummy somebody stole our tent. You'll get it later. But think about it for a minute. Somebody stealing our tent as a church. And we're getting really confused on who we are and what we are about but we shouldn't be this church has been given the most solemn truce ever intrusted to mortals is given to our church. No wonder he wants us to go into the cities very fast and we need to dig deeper into the range of messes I just touched on a little bit we know the papacy is in there and we we have the market of beasts in there lots of stuff by the way a lot of people don't love the thirty inches message I hear people preach all the time on the first angels message hear it all the time I hear the second angel's message and I hear the last of the Third Age of the message we don't hear much about you know the fire and brimstone the smoke ascends forever and ever and one day I was reading and thinking to myself you know the only reason a loving God would tell us about this is because he doesn't want anybody to experience this we've got to preach it because our God doesn't want them to experience it all right and so the message is the heart is a message of hope from a loving God to this world but it's also a warning messages are not in the last days of history. So what are you waiting for I wanted to kind of understand I got here what time we done three thirty three forty five so we just have a little bit time you got me questions on your mission or any comments thoughts. Yes or no. How. It depends on which division you're talking about here North America very few but there's been a few mainly we're seeing in South American division we're seeing in Vietnam we're seeing in the Philippines. I just heard some cool stuff about Russia Russia now is getting that division out there it's starting to really fire up they're calling it something different they're calling it. Project Abraham I think it is or something like that there it's OK if they want to change the name it but it's the same concept of reaching the cities just so we're seeing it but I believe it's not going to be long before North America lights up because you've got some amazing leaders that the North American division Armando Miranda was my associate in Texas conference and you got Tracy wood these guys are outstanding and they have this in mind but you have other initiatives like. You have an initiative now where young people can sign up to take a year off to work in universities like with. Right yeah yes or. Currently it's for divisions. We're going to challenge you to tell you the unions are going to up the ante expand the footprint a little bit really challenge them and then throw some resources behind that Pastor Ted Wilson put about a million dollars into one year mission this just year and said look we've got to go it's crazy about sending young people's reach the cities for the dream is massive so the resources are going to are heading in that way for whatever unions do it we're not forcing anybody but I hope I hope it'll catch on but remember if your union doesn't have it you can request to go to a union that is doing a one year mission to be a part of that right and even if your church to your division decides to keep it at the division level just one you can be a part of that one. Yes ma'am. I get asked that a lot it's really up to your it's up to the division decide on that. Yeah most especially in countries other than America it's older than that in fact I once got beat up when I was in another country in Africa I won't say which one and when I said it ended at thirty they're like what no we want to do so it really is up to the to the divisions but what I've noticed is usually when you get a little bit older it's good for you to be a leader to lead the group because of the age group in the issues of the age and all that but yeah I think it would be up to your division leaders Tracey and Armando to make that call on that you're in that category you like I want to be a part but am I to old to. Be great you should do it do it anyway tell me to do it. Yes ma'am. That's really good you can be a bible worker and be and when your mission you can be a part of that workers really focus on obviously giving Bible studies having lots of Bible study interests following up on them spending a lot of time member with a Bible worker you can work alone but with one your mission you're working with a team so you're all working together you report to each other every day you pray together have worship together you do training together and then you go into to do ministry you can have the strategy and you work together at it that's what I love about it it's not like sending young people out alone. Because Jesus said I'm out by two. So when your mission bails comradery you're not alone you would like twenty to fifty other young people and they have a center of influence and you stay in that center of influence and you reach that city for the entire year and the hope is that you can raise of a brand new church plant run by young people so it's pretty cool the potential There's amazing yes or no. That's a really good question I've seen them up to forty I've never seen fifty so between twenty and forty but if you have five or ten you probably can make it work it's just that camaraderie that really you feel each other the more of you that are committed to the same cause you're together is that there's an energy there so if you can have that energy would tend to do it. Yeah. Well yeah you don't want to be too hard on your director because first of all you're director has other initiatives he's doing maybe he just can't do on your mission cause he's got like kind of other things you know we Texas we didn't do one year mission we did sent we train young people for ministry and sent them out from Sent that's the school that was our initiative so some conferences are different but. Yeah you would just depend on your local conference if they're not doing it and call your union check that you know you've got something going on here we planning something if not go to your division talk to your leaders in those different areas. Yeah you know. Yeah this initiative was started in two thousand and thirteen and the whole world of all the division leaders around the world voted for let's do this. And now we're just trying to make sure it gets more traction and build it up so the vision is expanding let's let's go crazy the unions now it's taking the next step good questions yes ma'am. It's really better that way because you understand your culture better than anybody else however there's exceptions some people might want to go learn a different language learning different culture they have a couple reasons they want to go do ministry in another country and that's that's that's doable you just have to work with the deep divisions but yeah it's much better if people from that area serve in that area you guys have been wonderful and I'm just really honored that you came to listen to me for an hour thank you guys are great God bless all of you have a wonderful time a Jew I see if I can help you they think come see me I'll be walking around all day tomorrow on the next day with nothing to do so on God bless. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. G Y C S A pretty Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so when Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot she Y.C. Web dot org.


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