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4. Stealing Lucifer's Playground- Part 1

Jasper Ivan Iturriaga
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Jasper Ivan Iturriaga

Media Evangelist



  • December 28, 2017
    4:00 PM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot she Weinstein Web dot org. So we are going to begin our fourth session there's one more tomorrow but we have one more today this is a first of Jasper's to his topic is stealing Lucifer's playground and I'm super excited for this like for Reals and. Yeah so this is Jasper I've been to Terry Agar he is an itinerant filmmaker preacher and he's from the Philippines and I think he's a pretty good dude so that's the introduction I'm going to give him if you don't mind I'm going to pray and that will begin God in heaven I just thank you for this privilege to serve you I think you for the way that you Dorothy and Jasper's life and that he has no claim to what you brought about and I just pray that you bless him as he shares what it is that you have done and that many people would be inspired to follow your lead and to start with what they have because godliness with contentment is a great gain and I ask these things now in Jesus' name amen. Her you'd have to new and you I see. How are you. Good it's a blessing to be here with you all this afternoon it's my first time it's my first U.I.C. as also my first breakout session with you guys please pray for me as we continue on the topic that we will be studying this afternoon I'm a little bit jet lagged I just came back from the Philippines few days ago so I'm ahead of you about nine hours and so my mind is still on the bed it takes time actually to recover but by the grace of God He will give us the strength to carry on this very afternoon now I just want to make a disclaimer This afternoon I am no professional filmmaker I'm no professional videographer or photographer I originally am a pastor and I came into the ministry few about five seven years ago I was converted when I was in college let me just give a little background of my story for you not to be confused because probably you'll be expecting that I'm a professional and all these things so I just want to tell you that I'm not so the real background I have is that I am a pastor and I also work as an evangelist for amazing facts Indonesia and also in the Philippines I travel to preach but God has given me that burden to do media ministry. Just a few more backgrounds about the situation that I have in the ministry is that my the ministry that I have or conversion that I have was actually because my father pushed me to do it so it is never my plan to be a pastor it is my father you know if you have an Asian father or you know family it is always they wanted to do what they wanted you to follow so if you don't follow it it's either you don't go to school stay with your mom wash the dishes or you go to college show that's the situation. I went to college and one of the things that probably a father to do that is because I had a tumor in my brain and I was seventeen so I'm not going to give you the whole testimony but I was living in in the world and doing all this stuff from the world I was a nominal cultural seventy Adventist I became an Adventist because everyone is seventy at MIT is. I don't eat pork I don't watch all these bad things I don't have to do so I don't I follow all these rules but I don't know why the only reason why I'm following it is because my father says the Bible says it and I need to follow it so there's no relationship with God so I was seventeen I had a tumor in my brain my father meeting he said you know what God is calling you into the ministry and I don't suggest you doing that to your your kids but my father did so he called me into the ministry and to fast forward to story every semester I was already a theology student they checked my brain the tumour is getting smaller after four years the last checked up when I was twenty years old the tumour is completely gone without medication without. I don't know what else do you do when you have a brain tumour bit and all this kind of stuff all the things old the tumour is gone so it was a miracle is that's where I come into the ministry so the Lord as giving me an opportunity to travel the world to preach and that's what I was doing before so I was assigned in Indonesia Jakarta Indonesia to be a pastor in Jakarta International seventy had been discharged but God has given me a burden to work in the media ministry and that's why I'm very very happy here with you guys very influential for me because one of the reasons why I come into the ministries because of listening to our diverse and in the sermons that was produced and you way see some very very happy you know Ellen White said in the book education she said with such an army of workers such as our youth rightly trained might furnish How soon is the message over crucified Rison and soon coming Savior might be carried to the whole world how soon might the end come million men. And he basically peed you hear what she said she said that young people will finish the work but she said Young people must be rightly trained as you know that's this church was established and organized by young people did you know the and one of you know this church was organized by young people ages fourteen to twenty two Can you imagine that we heard of a man John Harvey Kellog we heard of him he was only twenty four when I was leaving the cemetery and twenty four years old can imagine that I'm twenty seven some people come and they say you know what you so young you doing this I said I'm already late. You know the a Y. program was established by Luther Warren fourteen years old fourteen years old you know that was his he stablished a wife fourteen years old James Andrews was also a very young twenty six year old he identified the the second B.'s in American Revelation thirteen as a Revelation thirteen twenty six years old when he was twenty nine in the G.C. council he presented the paper that the Sabbath should be kept son from sundown to sundown twenty nine years old. Adventist review the review in Harold was established by young people and this myth the rise myth these are young people who establish the media ministry and I believe the modern not media ministry sort of publishing ministry and I believe that the modern publishing ministry is what we call this media ministry currently and I believe that if our pioneers of Facebook before they'll utilize it amen and so what we're going to do this afternoon is that since most of the time when we study about things like this it's so technical so I prayed about it and I said Lord give me something that is practical for our young people to learn and this part of the story or Dellec is a visual journey for you to follow in what to do and and I realize that if I give you tips on the technical stuff I realize that it is difficult because Jew I see is a little bit general so if you make it to advance maybe a beginner's will be lost if you make it through two basic dance will probably yawn and be bored so I realize that I will tell you the journey of what I did from not knowing anything about media because I'm a pastor I never have held a camera to what I am to where I am today so let's that the journey by praying this afternoon let's pray Heavenly Father I pray to you please give us the wisdom that we need this afternoon I pray Father did you even though we'll be talking about things of social media things that we do with our cameras but I pray Father to help us to have an experience with Jesus guide us today father and me the things that will be studying will not just be a mere lecture may be a tool to help you finish the work in this generation in Christ name we pray Amen. I remember the first experience of me holding a camera was when I was about eleven or ten years old my mother has this old video cam Sony which has a tape recorder in it and she would ask me to tape whenever we have parties or we have family gatherings and I remember doing that when I was very young and though even though I don't know what I'm doing I felt good and I was enjoying holding a camera but the problem was since I was living in a computer generation age in video game age I lost that passion because I wasted so much time playing video games and this is what I'm going to tell you based on experience young people many of us are not doing excellent job in what we do today because we have wasted our time doing video games no one can relate because it is an Adventist. Convention rights and no one is probably playing video games here imagine a man so sorry for making you out of place on that part but the point was I grew up playing video games and memorize all the stuff and so I wasted my time instead of being excellent in what I do imagine if I was eleven years old from then on to today and probably professional right now but I've wasted my time seven five five seven years of my time playing video games then thus I lost all the stuff and many of us today of lost many talents God has given us because we have lost it with watching too much movies watching too much too much time on on on on You Tube too much time on video games and all this stuff does we lose these talent but there is a promise if you have your Bibles with you in JOL Chapter two twenty five I take this promise let me just paraphrase it for you but even this it down Joel chapter two verse twenty five the Bible said that I will restate your. What the locust has done to you those things that the locus of done in your crops the Bible said I'll restore it so God is promising us today that though we have wasted some of our time young people God is able to restore if we are faithful and go back to him amen So I believe that I believe that God will restore these things and I remember God has been planting the seed in my heart to do media ministry I was preaching one time in amazing facts in the Nisha I never have watched these used You Tube videos because it was very ugly and now the reason why it's ugly is because it was filmed in A S D four hundred eighty P. video cam. Laughing right now because it was not nice quality look at this look at that video that is not one nine hundred forty S.. And I'm still twenty seven years old this was when I was twenty two preaching in Indonesia in a in a Muslim nation and I never watched this but I was reviewing this one time two years ago from that mistaken and I realized that though it was very ugly it has two hundred sixty three thousand views just think about that that the topic by the way is the anti-Christ and in an Muslim nation a sermon translated into an Indonesia Indonesia by the way is about eighty percent Muslim but you have three hundred two hundred thousand people watching the sermon and I said wow I could actually do something like this reaching out to a lot of people especially in a Muslim nation and I look at the You Tube channel of of of of amazing facts in the NISA the the the videos goes up to thirty thousand four hundred thousand views and for me that was amazing so God planted that seed in my heart and said you know what I want to do something like that but in the context of my generation because I would watch pastor dog preacher sex OPOWER full sermon whenever I shared that to my generation in the world to let you know watch that especially my age now I'm not downgrading raising facts because I work for them but we need to be especially us young people we need to use the tools that we do now to reach our generation Amen and so I said you know what I want to start making nature videos. They short nature videos and I'll talk to you about this later on how I got my camera and all that kind of stuff but I remember quotation of one of the favorites from Book price object lesson she said the earth is now marred and defiled by sin yet even its blighted state much that it's beautiful remains God's object lesson are not obliterated rightly understood nature so speaks of her creator is just me or people in America don't say men. But over all that is said that nature of aloneness speaks over creator and I thought about that and I said if I post nature things in my face book it actually talks about my God the gender stand that when I post things in Facebook about the nature it talks about my Creed tour because I don't know I don't know how to make content I don't know how to make all these kind of stuff but I could start somewhere and so you know what I want to make videos about nature so make stuff like this I'll show you some of the videos today that I make this one is. It's not working and wonder why my video is not working. OK let me just pardon me with four that my computer froze so I will I will look at it again and by the grace of God I hope it plays OK so I would make short videos like this and post in social media simple videos like that and they what have traction and I believe the cultivation again Nature speaks of her crate or. Headphones is not here so it should be in the other side give me one minute. So we don't have computers in the Philippines so. We use bananas. So I am very new to this. So we do use computer in the Philippines just OK. Yes I make I make stuff like that and I felt like wow even me I get relaxed in the videos that is shown I show you one video that I make also. This one I got this one is in Indonesia I don't recommend doing that but it's an amazing place I'll show that to you that is in Bali and so these short videos ministers to some my friends. I'll show you one video that I made this is about two minutes so hope you bear with me they have sound. OK Again there you go OK I hope this is the last one that our computer does that so this one is a video I made and again that concept of start where you know. You know be faithful in what you know so what I did before it was God told me that Nature speaks of our Creator. This was shot. In the Philippines and this was after mission ship I did some free three days of free time. So it's two years ago. Now a little disclaimer I'm not paid by the Philippine tourism board to show this to you. And so I always end my video with a verse saying God So everything that he made and behold it was very good I always put that video and then after that video I realized that it could give a lot of impact to social media that video alone was published in a just few weeks one point three million views and Facebook and though I can reach down and give them Bible studies at least many of them would all read a bible was forced to read a bible verse though I don't know if that's that's a turn away and use but they were had they had an opportunity to see a Bible text so it's a good way to start it was featured in a lot of of Face Book page like UNILAG you can name some of those places and Facebook and it was very it was actually a very effective in so I want to talk about by the way how I got into that situation because I never knew how to use a camera but my point is that social media is a very good tool for us to reach others. But the question and I want to make this practical as much as possible is that how do I start because that's the very question and I ask when I was starting How do I start when I was a pastor I was asking that question how do I start let me give you practical tips this afternoon this is not rocket science we're not going to talk about so many. Jargons and all that kind of stuff but I hope and pray that this will be practical to you this is not something new but I use this and if you use this faithfully I promise you and I tell you the truth you will have success in your media evangelism this is the verse that we're going to use today in Luke Chapter sixteen in verse ten Luke Chapter sixteen and verse ten the Bible said he that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in what every one in much lower what the Bible says and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much so what I've read a verse I applied that in filmmaking as a where do I start God told me start with little things Jesper most of the young people I met today when they come to me they all want to dream like I want to have Joan I want to have all this kind of stuff but the Bible tells us that in our ministry we should start with little things and I started with little things and I said Lord where do I start what aspect of my life do I start in order for me to reach that goal and I have read a story of David and Goliath and Robert story of David in the life of a different How did David defeat Goliath. Technically true a stone in his head he died but there's a basic principle that we need to learn in that story if you have a pen and a paper you could miss this down we don't have any time to do to talk about this and read the whole thing but first time you will seventeen versus thirty three to thirty six first time you'll seventeen thirty thirty six if you notice those verse and verses and that. Context David was very eager to fight Goliath and what did Saul tell. You to yell you can do this your week you're young you can't battle against Goliath but what did David reply to saw he said look I am able to day defeat Goliath you know why because for many years I've been guarding my father's sheep against the wolf against the lion against the bear and he even says I killed a bear I killed a lion you know what that tells us young people what qualify David to defeat Goliath is the small little things that he more animals eat fight every day that tells us that in order for us to go into the level where David fought Goliath we need to be faithful in doing little things. Notice what's Ellen White said Look at this home two hundred ninety seven and put that in the context of social media many of little home duties are overlooked as of no consequence but if the small things are neglected the larger jus T. S. will be also notice what she said when the Lord sees you are faithful in that which is least he will in trust you with larger responsibilities that's a powerful coach and you need to have the principle in your life if you want to have success in your social media start with little things when I saw my camera I've been dreaming about having a big camera but God said you know what you have a cell phone or even using that let me tell you this my dear friends don't ever buy a new gear if you're not utilizing what you have it's a waste of money it's a waste of God standing start with what you have a told you want to be impractical as much as possible this is from the testimonies Ellen White said this is a powerful quote by the way she said when you gather up the rays of light which God has given in the past then will he give an increase of light one more quote the support that she said God will have will give an increase of light to dos call walked in the light received that is powerful when I read that I said wow that's some basic principle that our young people need to learn she said that the only way we can have more light is when we have followed in faithful to the light that we have received many of you have been dreaming to do social media ministry be successful what you do right now the number one thing that we need to do young people is be faithful in that which is least you know goal will be live on the perform a professional level think about your phone what do you have now are you using those gear and you know what I have before I started and by the way I want to tell you the truth when I started I don't have any money at all you know if you're a pastor in the Philippines you don't have that much salary especially if you're not ordained so. I don't recommend you go to Philippines and be a pastor. No no my point is we don't have that much money when you started to assist in this filmmaking industry or photography industry it is really difficult if you don't have money plus I don't have any credit card and I have a bank account how do I start looking but one thing I remember I have when I was in Indonesia I have internet not so fast internet like America but I do have internet and so God told me that I should start learning in youtube you heard of You Tube before anyone has not heard of you two probably living in a cave but I started on You Tube He said Lord help me to learn and You Tube and I would separate time at least ten to fifteen minutes a day and though it was invented as that time preaching the preach every night for thirty days in Indonesia and I would separate time to listen to youtube tutorials and that's where he started young people start with You Tube You have You Tube and start learning there have people like Brandon Lee diesel our guide also was one of my inspiration he would teach people how to use their camera even though it's not top notch camera to film a cloak even though you have very basic camera for that blue was also a very inspired inspirational person to me and I've watched these tutorials every day my dear friends Brenda Lee also taught me a lot of lesson in. You Tube and I've realized that when I have this light and God said right if you practice the light you received God will give you more light and so what you should Torrijos In fact let me give you want to tour that I watch this very very helpful to me I probably won't finish the whole thing but. Very basic in this sort of story is that I watch. And notice how amazing it is. These are award winning photos and the secret to their award winning photos I would watch these videos. See how it makes a difference to mazing. The agonal is a hard. Stop that you can actually watched on Facebook. So all those things are very useful right and I would watch at least one video a day it gives you more information young people would encourage you BOTH course be careful when you're new to you need to be careful because a lot of things that are not good for you You Tube and I've learned that what you watch. You become also That's basic principles you you become what you behold and so you need to be very careful but at least spare some time to listen to tutorials young people you know they have master class now it's very very cheap it's not that expensive and you can watch extensive studies in filmmaking or social media whatever field that you wanted to be and also I want to suggest you to do is to network networking is very very important one of my Facebook mentors is Kier Mr John Wood John Wood right here he was my Facebook mentors by the way this is a first time I saw him right and we've been communicating for like two years I've been asking him questions don't be shy you can bug people some of them will not answer but if they answer praise the Lord but you need to network it is very important to network it's a biblical principle exhort one another as we see the day approaching we need to network so would met network to people and message people are like the videos is it possible for you to give me tapes and what to do whenever I have questions I don't know how to use this how did you achieve this look I would message these people and they would give me answers I would give you I would challenge your friends if you want to learn more you need to network I remember one time opposed the video remember the video in need of showing you. And one time I posted and someone message me and he said I am really interested to teach you I think you have a talent I think it's good that you make this videos but you need to develop more I would willing to teach you his name was there and will bridge and I have seen his face book and I say see Marvel Studios seen the vendors so I googled his name his name went out of I.M.D.B. page he was the colorist for Captain America and Hollywood he works in Technicolor and so he saw my work and he said I want to teach you so he would teach me some stuff though sometimes I just pretend I understand. Recorded. You could cut that down. Think you but but he would teach me a lot of stuff and God's lowly would bring me step by step into greater light by what by practicing the light received a very simple principle my friends but I want to tell you there are also things that I did that did not work and I thought will work and that is this mentality I thought that a better gear would it cause to better results. I thought of that like I thought that if I had better cameras I would have better results and I think that's one thing that I want to dress with you young people especially you want to be to do in a creative side of the ministry and that is not because you have a better gear does not mean you have good results always remember that it's not about the Magic Hat it's about the magician you don't go to Gordon Ramsay and say hey I like you food what knives to use. Then he will come to me and say wow pastor you take a lot of good shots what camera use you need to tell me that these images are beautiful because I'm a camera and I tell you the truth I can give you a professional camera right now I'm sure for sure many of you cannot replicate most of the mazing photos that we see in the Internet why because a tool is just a tool if not for the person behind it. And so better gear does not mean better we saw in fact had a pixel one of the. Photography sites they have they have something called guys heard of gas before that the gas the think rain but guys they defined it as gear acquisition syndrome it's actually a problem especially in our day in young age today people or raising up to social media. In fact to talk about that pick So this science of Gus people think that the more geared they have the better D R S filmmakers of photographers but remember this my dear friends I want to cut that mentality right now not because you have a better gear does not mean you have better resort and I went through that process I have cameras multiple cameras because I thought that this gear it's not enough I should buy more look that lens really is really good I need to buy them lens Oh this lens is too wide I need a tighter Lance it never ends until you're broke. One person in the Philippines told me one time you know what if you have kids you bring them to filmmaking because they're so broke they won't have time for drugs. But that's the reality. People are so broke right now because they want dear dear dear dear dear and that's what I do I would take photos of my gears and an Instagram flat lays everything posted on Facebook Instagram photo Wow I have many gears but I have very bad results. Because I thought having gear is equals to having a good result but a better pick so they give us an answer to this and draw us into this problem they said they had practical tips of fighting guys and one of them. Sounds really bad. One of the method that they used to fight gas is number ten I love Number ten I want to explain the whole thing to you but number ten is amazing it says just go out and shoot. Young people I would suggest to you right now if you are Mr ration where you want to upgrade your gear try to shoot outside and do something with that gear you want invest in filmmaking start with your phone start with what you have go outside many of us young people have watched show many so many You Tube reviews so many tech reviews and it's like I want to buy that so we hoard in the hoard digital that most of your phone today is still amazing and useful and you don't need an i Phone ten Juno that. Why are we why do we need I want ten because we spend so much time watching to Torrijos and reviews and commercials use what you have my dear friends I'm not saying I still have an i Phone three G.. God bless us all with that knowledge event but if you don't need it don't buy in I'm giving you practical tips parents should be saying amen right now saving your money. Why because the principal God will give an increase of light to dos called Walk in light receive also one of the basic thing that I've learned is use what you have whatever you have right now in your pocket in your room use it one of the first cameras I have is a Go Pro we'd have a go pro before yes because that's the only thing that I can afford in fact it was only given to me so it's not something that I really bought so I start with that Ms said Lord you said if I'm fit for what I have you give me more blessin more light so I was faithful with this thing I'm going to do cinematic stuff with my Go Pro and I said I want to make something different a time lapse but a time lapse is a static thing right you know what a time lapses we know know that but I want my time lapse to move sideways and so what's the best thing that I could do to make it better I bought a kitchen timer and a Kia. Because I'm broke and so I kitchen timer you know it's very accurate twenty minutes it turns three hundred sixty degrees and so I would use that time lapse because that's the only thing I can afford but God said if you receive the light practice the light I can give you better some day you just need to be faithful what you have and thus I make time lapses. This is one of the time lapses that I did eighteen months worth or twenty months for them so you can scold motion on a fast forward it. Or it can fast forward. So these are you'll see that IKEA shine later. It's a twenty month time lapse compilation that's an Ikea shot. It's a panning time lapse. It cost me only what nine dollars. So by the way this is what I do when I'm reading my Bible I would just put my camera in it and the clouds and just sit down there and timelines. And so I compiled a twenty month video out of the. Sea That's a shot right there in the mouth of a volcano. OK sorry to cut you off but we don't have the time. Now this is also one of the things that I bought this is a C. establishes or because you know I saw movies Wow it's everything is stable I wanted something like that but again I'm broke so I saved money I bought a thirty nine dollar tool from. Sevenoaks and there it actually worked so I started with that and it that is because God wants to be doing fable with little things and many young people today I will tell you the truth doesn't want to go through that process they wanted to be here without going there especially in first world nations we wanted to be Sun me there we don't want to be in the process of doing little things but even Jesus went through all these things my dear friends. We need to go through all these processes so whenever you have something in your mind to do be faithful in those light that God has given you I also use my phone because I don't have a proper camera so I use my phone I have an i Phone six during that time and so I would use the phone to take photos of so you photos that I took from my phone and you'll believe it it's it's I mean I don't want to say it's nice but actually for me it's nice I hope it's nice to you so this is a shot that I took a waterfall and it's shot with an i Phone don't have any camera but I do have a tripod right that's it and i Phone shot. This is shot from Switzerland. Austria it was too cold for my camera but I do have a phone so I took that with my cell phone so if it's possible to take photos my dear friends little things don't believe that don't fall into the trap that I need a big deal is a large like Ashley Bloom you see is camera you probably need to sell a kidney to buy those. But you don't need that right Ashley unless you're working like Ashley but when you're starting to use your phone don't beg your mom mom sell your kidneys I could buy your camera don't say that to your mother start with what you have these are some photos that I took This is from Iceland again it was too cold for my camera so I took it took my phone snapped that photo this is a photo of Paris it was too I was too lazy to bring our camera is one am in the morning and so I got my phone put in a tripod long exposure and actually took a shot of Paris this one is a shot that I took in Venice and this one is a false one of my favorite waterfall in Iceland all shot with my phone a sunset in Hawaii It's sunset in Portland Maine these are shot with an i Phone What I'm telling you is that there is still chance you don't need a bigger camera I also have a dilemma young people and by the way as we continue on the people who attend this wanted to start a social media account or something that you would love to have the would impact your friends and social media right. Yes OK Just making sure because I don't want to proceed and say you're expecting a relationship a relationship seminar. So so that's why I'm giving you this point race you understand Also when I was in Indonesia I don't have any credit card and it can't afford to get one and one of the most important tools is filmmakers or photographers is photoshop or light room and so I can't afford that so I googled stuff and I realized there's actually free stuff in my phone it's actually free stuff you don't need to pay ten dollars a month by the way C.C. costs about fifty bucks a month you can't you don't need to do that when you're starting I realized that I could take photos and process my stuff would snap seat and be a C.E.O. cam and I'll show you some photos that I took but one thing I do also is because I shoot RAW but I can't process it because I don't have any Photoshop I bought a lightning cable for how much is there nine dollars because the i Phone Apparently praise the Lord our generation is amazing with our technology could actually process wrong pictures if you have a camera so I'll show you some of the photos that I took these are some before and afters I only use my cellphone to process all this this is a picture of. A building in Amsterdam these are also a pic this is a picture of a apartment in in Hong Kong but you can process it and make it more nicer with your phone a picture of. A place in Italy that I took and you can actually make it nicer using your phone you see the difference I hope you can. Call it right. This is a picture of a landscape shot that I took from Hong Kong again I don't have a light room during it this time and that is a process photo already using my phone I did not photoshop any This is a picture of an arrow shot of Athens and that is a process picture of Athens these are some of the shot that I took this a picture of the Vatican that's not photoshop that's only from my cell phone that's a photo of the Northern Lights in Iceland not Photoshop but also from my i Phone So it's possible a picture of of an island in Tonga it's possible. Friends don't think that you need to have all the stuff you can create excellent stuff we what you have especially when I go around you I see I see all this fifteen ten years old or nineteen twenty years old said wow I wish I have that when I was that age you're where you're very privileged here in America but as if we have been sent the size but what we have now we have neglected I mean what we receive all the time that we have neglected the blessings that is in front of us and so we crave for some more and we crave for some more change that mindset if you want to be excellent in what you do do things and be faithful what you have now. When I was starting I had my first camera and I cannot afford a lens and so I googled stuff and I said Lord I wanted to have a lens that work OK and then so I went into to the Internet and I find out that there is a canon fifty millimeter one point four and this is a camera lens that is about forty six years old very old it only cost me about fifty dollars most of the lenses by the way cost about one thousand to three thousand dollars expensive and this is only fifty dollars a very old lens but again the principle be faithful to what you have that God has given you and so I shoot all the stuff and it's possible still to take amazing images even though you have a very old lens this is a shot that I took in Germany the Holocaust Museum that is a shot of Paris France would have fifty a forty six year old lens that is a shot of Venice using a. Very old lens portrayed of my friend with a very very old Lance and that is based on the principle those who are faithful in the least should be faithful in much after a year of full time photography and about one and a half or two years. I have made finally because I was praying Lord how do I use my talent for the ministry Have you ever asked that question before I've also asked that is photography just a hobby or can I also use that for the ministry and so I've decided to compiled all my photos and make it into a calendar so those are the shots that I took in about one and a half to two years worth of trial and error photography and I say trial and error because no one hundred Start Me I graduated now graduated I'm still learning in the University of Youtube. So no one to stop me really. But Youtube is there to teach me and so we stablish and he said Lord how do I use that to furder your COs and so I prayed Lord I want to make a calendar and I've debated on this and you probably see this in one of our booth in a lineage This is the calendar they have it's. It's a tree a calendar project and the project is in a parade about in a said Lord I wanted to build schools in the jungle because my favorite place in the world is in the jungle poor in the border of Indonesian pop when you give me and I said Lord I pray that the talent that I have will be used for the furtherance of the work so I produce this calendar I'm not taking any profit from this that's why I'm not ashamed to promote this I'm not taking a single penny out of it but all the proceeds will go to the mission village that I went to to build kids in the jungle a school OK. I was not I was just asking for an amen not a plan. But the point is this my dear friends it is possible to do something what you have. Ten minutes OK we need to close we need to close. I will show you one of my bear again I guess I want to say this piece by the way if you if you ever if you ever tomorrow please do not miss the topic I beg you please do not miss a topic I think tomorrow be much more important than want to talk about today but I hope and pray that momentum will not cut off and you come back tomorrow but the point is this you can actually do something with what you have and use that into the ministry and I believe in I and slowly when God taught me I decided and I prayed Lord I want to quit pastoral work and so last year I've decided by faith to leave a store a work a life of ease and comfort out of Jakarta and to be a nomadic photographer and filmmaker in a preacher so people ask me where do you live I don't really have a place to live but for I'm up for formality sake alone from the from the Philippines this year I've traveled to twenty seven countries without a bank account or money out of the testimony tomorrow but God has given me an opportunity to travel the world and to see this amazing place is why because of practicing what you have and by the way I did not in vision to travel the world and take pictures of the world that's not the main purpose why I went to the ministry and please many young people come to me and say whoa want to do what you do I want to travel the world. Where's the sentence I want to do mission most of us do ministry because of what we can get now we can give ministry is based on sacrifice not because of fulfilling the dreams we have in our hearts if God wants you it praise the Lord but that's not the aim that what we do ministry we a ministry for service and sacrifice friends and so I show you the video I guess it's fitting if I end here I'll show you a video. That's not so supposed to be it's another one but since we don't have any time this is where the proceeds of my calendar is going to go but God has given me an opportunity because God has given opportunity practice what I have and I tell you friends God will open doors to you to do missions. And I showed a video of one of the most amazing experiences I have in my life. I have like seven minutes. Seven minutes. This is a jungle in pub or. Here here and. You know me unless we go up and let our minds and your creativity and. Here we go so you notice I have my winter clothes still in a tropical area because I just came from Amsterdam I was just. Filming these kids here a lot of walking so we're going to head out on the plane hopefully if the weather stays good stuff like this I'm going to play this coming at ten certainly we'll have played forty minutes to film so from my spot where I can fly my growing things down. For us they're willing to wait because we're going to activity. Hopefully just not killing them. It takes the children an hour to get to the school to start walking it just to break down. I guess I feel like forgiving too many children need to be pulled out of bed and stuffed into their private cars not here every step was a second find it made me think to myself How far will you go for gnomish How far will you go for education how far will you go to find the truth. If you notice I can't keep up with the kids. They were giving him some good guess that's all to those of your health reformers I I'm sorry I gave the cat such but we do have some chocolates with us we decided to give them some chocolates. For some of them it's their first time to taste. And the reaction is just priceless. Schools not all fun and games here Joe It's part of their education these children attend to their guards but even though they're working with their heads you won't see them around. They saw my only worse enjoying the privilege of this good that they were in order to. Know what was complaining everyone concentrated on the task at hand. Or an hour from me the kids going to the shower. Is where the showers pass through the rivers. School showers are special here just go back but there's no shower to speak of instead the children wash up their dirt get divorced presumably waterfall. The one needs to pay the water bill they want to turn off the tap the missionaries help the children shower and the children need to shower. Each of them was only one change of school you know they only have one uniform he uses these uniform every day. They can't risk them against the elements so they keep the uniform safe and not the way that's why every day we have to wash them. That's their locker you know but to go there's no furnished classrooms we only have grass bores you know for sure but the furniture is not a quarter to the spirit of prophecy says that the character of the spirit that is important. I could see that the children were eager to learn and ready to study that was what really mattered. It may be sad to think that many of us were sitting furnished condition classrooms can still buy things the plane about. The joy that these children have the same strange that those who have the less tend to appreciate what they have more. On or rushed because Mark can't change Gary Hart and remake forty minutes away to literally like nine minutes nine minutes or so are we are in no way to capture an exploit we're going to head to another village Day two has been really challenging so far farm really tight. You need an airplane to go there or else you can walk for two weeks. Yep seventeen species of snake could kill you. Saw him please just landed I mean to walk all the way down going up thirty minutes for a foreigner. Five minutes. See that's why I quit being a pastor. Good. So we don't have time to do an interview but this is for Mr Tamara his wife was here before and they were doing missionary the wife some fruit she probably had allergic reaction to it and she eventually die tomorrow will be her first anniversary is here visiting she wants to finish the work in overtime because he doesn't want it isn't worth the work of his wife and I think it's very inspiring man time to say goodbye to people it's always Mark Zuckerberg. Is the goal kid because he has the Minnie Mouse back. As a wave goodbye to those children I realize that they had so much and yet they had so little piece gets taught me about the best. That is their joys not dependent on material things where the conditions of their circumstance. Doesn't matter to death the most walk miles to reach me or school house you're simply grateful for an opportunity to learn. Friends where does your joy come from is it dependent on your circumstances or basic gratefulness to God for each gift he offers if you're inspired by this video and are willing to help build more jungle schools or to become a missionary teacher in one of the villages please contact the email the description God bless you and hope to see you an absolute truth. There is no episode three yet. So what's false advertising. But I hope and pray that inspires you and I include it out video because these kids taught me a valuable lesson. And that is they were grateful for what they have and they were happy and as sort of the filmmaking is sort of like that we need to be grateful for what we have. And start with what you have I could tell you thousands of stories oh tell you more tomorrow I traveled the world in twenty seven countries spent three months in Europe without cash at all in my pocket and I survived it God provides as the last were faithful to what he has given us please pray for the kids and if you want to support the kids you can purchase the calendar if all goes to Jungle missions all the money that you have I'm not even asking you to pay for my photos I'm just asking you to donate for these kids to build them a better school at least give them chairs to sit down and I pray that God will give us blessings that day and I hope you've learned something and if not I hope at least it inspires you to do something for God Let's pray for you have any questions you can ask me personally Let's pray Heavenly Father we thank you for giving us practical lessons to learn father in indeed Christian life is not rocket science and we thank you Lord for giving us basic principles to follow but sometimes we are stubborn thinking we know better and father this very time I'm asking that you please help us to be faithful we what you have given us help us learn to be faithful what we have. Help us Lord to not just aim for success but aim for faithfulness bless us this very moment guide us to come back to morrow Father as we continue this series we are not done yet I pray Father that you give us the wisdom in the strength that we need for today and give us an experience with Jesus here and you I see in Christ and we pray Amen God bless you everyone. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. G Y C A supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so when Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot she Y.C. Web dot org.


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