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5. Stealing Lucifer's Playground- Part 2

Jasper Ivan Iturriaga
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Jasper Ivan Iturriaga

Media Evangelist



  • December 29, 2017
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources lightness visit us online at W.W.W. dot. Org. Just test your hearing OK cool Well good morning to you I see. Morning how is your morning. Good. Is a blessing to be here with you all again this morning and we thank you for those people who came back this is a continuation of a study yesterday before you begin Police say a word of prayer for me because I'm still a nine hours ahead of you guys now so my time is still of way back from the Philippines so whenever I'm jetlag is sometimes stutter so if I stutter Please pardon me but I'll try my best to be fluent in what I say this very morning I am very happy that God has given us this continuation of the study because I felt like it is not possible just to continue our studies suppose to be a much longer one but I hope and pray to God will give us that time to finish the material that we have this morning and before we go forward my friend a very close friend of mine from Indonesia came up to me and said Wait he did not explain that title of your seminar and before I begin this part two of this age when I explained that the reason why we put up stealing Lucifer's playground is because it seems like in our day in age today social media or media as a whole seems to be Satan's playground it is where our young people are consumed or. Being influenced by evil influences of the world and the reason why we made this title is because it's possible to takes to take Lucifer's playground and use it against him I grew up in a very social media or media saturated world and I was consumed by television by too much playing video games and I felt like I was part of that playground but I realize growing up spiritually that it is possible for us to take that playground of Satan and use it against him and this is what we're going to talk about that's why details about those two topics earlier Jamie talked about how to utilize social media and use it for the advancement of the cause and open break at this time it will inspire us I was wrestling with God I made this topic early this morning about three o'clock and I was praying Lord what is the what are the most practical things that I could share these young people and I hope and pray that it was this will not be just mere technical study I hope and pray to it will inspire us to actually do something for God especially to finish his work some review what we studied Yesterday we asked the question how do we start we gave a biblical Is it working. Excuse me someone I-T.. Projectors not working Yemen can you please turn on I don't know why I. Think you so we understand we studied about how do we start and we give a biblical principle found a loop Chapter sixteen verse ten it says though those who are faithful in the least shall be faithful in much and we talk about the principle that in order for us to do great things in life we must first be faithful the little things that God has given and many of us have said we wanted to venture to do all these amazing things for God in media but we are not so faithful to the things that God has provided in front of us namely our phones or first cameras will always dream about all these huge stuff we talk about David fighting Goliath but before fighting Goliath he first fought the lions the wolves all those little small. Enemies that he has before Goliath and that qualified him to five Goliath we talk about a principle founded at this home two hundred ninety seven she said many of the little home Judi's are overlooked as of no consequence but if the small things are neglected the largest larger duties will also be also when the Lord sees you are faithful in that which is least she said he will in trust you with larger responsibilities so we talk about that yesterday we also talk about testimonies excuse me let me just take that out and put it in hopefully the works it. There you go perfect Yes L.-Y. talks about in testimony she said when you gather up the rays of light which God has given in the past then he will give an increase of light notice what she said she said an increase of light will only be given when what everyone when you got her up the rays of light which God has already given to us so when we utilize all the blessings that God has given us he will give us more if not it is impossible for us to move forward and do more for God She goes on to say in the book pamphlets she said God will give us an increase of light to do school walk in light received that's the basic principle that we studied. Yesterday and that is if we are faithful to what God has given us then he will give us more opportunity to work for him I hope he understood that even young people who are here we came here because we wanted to start a revolution in social media in men were not just Keir to oh yeah I want to do a page and do this and that no no no no you are here and you a see because you want to start a revolution Amen I remember a preacher one time I gave an illustration and I found this video on Facebook you know in California there was an unfortunate wildfire it was a student wildfire just this random guy on Facebook recorded himself with his phone squirting a water gun on a wildfire in a mountain. And a wildfire pretending he's helping to take out the fire and I was thinking about this because I found an object lesson in that video see even simple videos like that you can take object lesson I felt like most of us church members when we do work for God We use water guns we don't go all the way to the fire and rescue people out of the fire but all we do is from a fire scorning water guns. Squirt people are not cold just to squirt water in a fire you call it in the front line to finish this or. That's why you're here That's why do I see these invented why it is not just to sustain the work it is to finish the work. We are here to move forward to carry that work and finish the work in this generation. And yet most of us with post religious stuff here in there and Sabbath we probably post some good stuff when Game of Thrones come out we just quote Game of Thrones then episodes amazing. What are going to we wanted people who will go all the way for God and hope and pray that this seminar would help us understand that we all still about networking and hope and pray that you would network you can connect to me if sometimes it is difficult for me to reply to people because of different time zones that I'm in but please please feel free to contact me contact D. we could give you some mentoring We'd love to Skype with you if you want to be taught it is possible for us to mentor people so please network with people if you want to learn more we also understood that better gear does not mean better resort not because you have better gears doesn't necessarily mean better resources we must not aim for better gears we must be faithful to what God has given us Amen. God will give an increase of light to dos who walk in the light received at this time I'm going to give you some practical stories for you to be inspired along my journeys this is the things that I've learned and these people have influence me so much in my Christian walk and I have actually apply these principles that I've learned from the people I've met so those things that I've talked about yesterday was. Being faithful and that which is the first story you know what a visit today is these girls that I've met in poor Indonesia remember the one that I told you about we watched the video but the kids those kids walking the jungle there was another village they went to when I went to the village and these two girls were actually assigned in a village called Yobo Sauron this is in the middle of nowhere literally in the middle of nowhere these two girls they have Muslim parents and they were kind of persecuted in their homes and they've decided to be become a missionary part of the one thousand missionary movement they're nineteen and twenty one years old nineteen and twenty one how many of your nine hundred twenty one. A lot of you can make a difference even though you're young so these girls were called in your bus or on to do mission work and they're not good they're not as trained as. US pastors school or people from Africa and all those people who are well trained these young girls it's very simple girls they know the Bible but not as much as Bible working they were assigned in this small town a small village called you about Saddam and I was there giving interviews to them was asking them questions and I've learned a lot a lot with this girls and that is they've used what they have and one thing that ministered me the most is that these girls was so dedicated this is so far this is so far you have to write about an hour and a half of of junk a bush plane if you if you don't have an airplane you'd walk for one week to the nice city one week well can imagine I asked them Where do you get your food is that well if we get you want to get decent food we need to walk for three hours. And you magine that three hours and I was there I wanted to charge my cell phone and we need to walk for two hours just to get my phone charge and you imagine that and now was there I was blown away because here I am pastoring in the city of Jakarta complaining how the traffic is in Jakarta. These girls are doing the mission work full time one time they were in the jungle and they were giving books to people and this lady that she doesn't know how to read but they said you know what I'm going to give you a book and she handed this book and the lady said Well what do you do it or not a read and the lady said just just bring it in the home and then one time that very night she received the book and that very morning our arrived though so she the told me the story these two girls said that the lady came up to them and told them. That the book that night was glowing and beside the book there's a man wearing white glowing saying these two girls were sent by God and you should give yourself to Christ these two girls helped build a school in that jungle. Just two of them nineteen twenty one using what they have and what they know changing the whole village for one thousand and twenty one year old could do something you could do something out of social media. You could do something with what you have. But most of the time we like to spend our time complaining about what we don't have. But I pray that we and people as we continue on we would use what we have I remember walking around a place called The Three Sisters in Australia and I met this man but the name of Adam he's eighty years old and he's Polish was forming in that specific spot beautiful beautiful spot if you've been to Sydney Australia the tree sisters walking around and I met this man he had a big telescope and I'm telling you this story because this is very significant Adam would meet up to tourists to people would talk to them and they would give them a telescope and what he would do is he would have them have a telescope and he would point into something on the forest and ask them if you see that something that I'm pointing to I'll give you a prize he came up to me some random conversations they have a telescope young man if you identified a thing that I'm pointing into with this telescope I'll give you a gift and so he gave it a telescope and look at the thing that it's pointing into it was a big beehive and he said well it was it's a beehive So wow very smart man and he picked up something give me a great controversy. Say hey. You're a big this is it yeah I was seventy Adventists and I was like wow I'm a pastor he was so stoic and he told me so many stories and I sat there instead of going around I sat down with him and said you know I'm here every day giving these books a tourist I give two thousand three thousand to book a month. Eighty years old. Can you imagine that doing giving books to he said you know what this is the best mission field I see new people new faces every single day and you know why he did that. Because one time he got divorced when his wife got so depressed he went to the cliff decided he wanted to jump. Just to kill himself he was so depressed he was so lonely he said My son left me. They're all married and I'm alone. And I was crying so I decided to go to the cliff I wanted to jump but before jumping I look at the my right I saw a fourteen year old girl also wanted to jump. And so he decided to just talk to the girl and console the girl you know but when you talk to people sometimes even though you're depressed you actually be comforted by your words and so each as he can for this girl he's also you realize the charge to comfort themselves so he he left out a let's go eat something drink something warm they went out into talk with a girl thank him for saving his her life and then he realized this is what I wanted to do. And thus he continued this life for twenty whole years giving tracks that the same spot fifteen years later. A thirty year old lady came up to him hugged him. With a healthy family hugged him and said you remember me. Early you saved fifteen years ago. What he did was just doing what he can for God. I know this is not media stuff. But what I'm telling you right now is that what you do would influence people and start with what you have friends I want to tell you faithfulness means opportunities to work for God Many of us today don't have opportunities for God because we're not faithful to what God has given us and many young people do will come to me what's your practical tip do you want to give me what are the things that you want to tell me in order for me to excel in this sphere all I told them is be faithful in what you have and soon enough if you are faithful God will give you an opportunity I may give you some opportunities God has given me by taking that principle in a practical level you remember the videos the video I showed you and I told you it went viral in Facebook one point four million views and then Philippine Airlines if you rode Philippine Airlines before its big company in the Philippines contacted me I was in Sydney I remember preaching in a week of prayer and then someone called me and said hey we saw your video we're just interested to know if you want to make a video in Philippine Airlines. Well I'm not a professional I don't have any portfolio to show you I'm just I just like to do that is my hobby and said no just do the same exact thing that you did in the video. And says it was the cash will give you tickets business class tickets will give you hotels and stuff and will send you to beautiful places to film and I felt like wow what an opportunity so I asked my church board members he is that OK if I go I won't take the money will try to help the Philippines build churches with that money so on to anything so they say yes OK sure it will help a lot of people and then so we made videos Philippine Airlines this is the first video we've made it's has two point seven million. In views and Facebook the second video we made is a travel policy has four million views and Facebook show us that bit of it this is I don't like the music so muted. I can't use the music they wanted their own music so it's an apostasy. So this is some of the videos that we made we had so much fun jumping off the cliffs we had the waterfall is one of the waterfalls in the Philippines right there and beautiful beautiful water we swam with the kids we also swam with with whale sharks it's amazing amazing experience. So all these opportunities that God has given us to do and I came with some of my friends to edit and to film this and Facebook if you go to the page it has four million views but we had a dilemma is that we just don't want to make it commercial We also want to do something and use that something to become a ministry but it's Philippine Airlines you can't do anything religious it's recorded and might be in trouble so what we did was they told the editors why not we use a scene that I filmed in Bali insert that in introduction I hope you'll catch this this is the introduction of the video and the show you how it looks like. Pay attention few seconds. You see that. You see what I did there and then again does it again. But again it's third again OK you can stand now it's a catch that OK then again it's come in it's calm in. And it's going. To get. Four million views I hope and pray at least one person out of four million people watch this at least Googled that book and say hey that's something interesting. And so yeah we use that opportunity again a little opportunities that God has given you take advantage of the. Homier of catch that no anyone have missed that is a book ministry of yielding healing and that part of the introduction it see it's a scene where backpacker spec'ing up to stuff and one of this stuff is Ministry of healing course that I have the book so I put it there. I made a video also for Adam to save again take every opportunity at this time I don't know how to use my camera a youtube what to do some of some of the times they use in auto mode but again grab every opportunity even though you're not paid to do it because you need to work for the outcome not for the income of the work and so we proceed and work with this this was two three years ago from not mistaken work for Gary Roberts is actually up there on one of the booths Gary Roberts is one of the most inspiring man you ever meet in your life my favorite person and favorite person in the planet Very him mazing Mansour made him a promo video went to pop when the news about six hours flight from the from Jakarta Indonesia made a video published it and I'm not proud of the video because I don't really like it. But even though I felt like it's not enough that I it's it's not enough color gratings not enough perfect editing. But it impacted a lot of people and so few years ago I was just reading the comments and someone commented this in that impacted the way look at the videos that I make Paul daily says days in one of the videos this video so inspired me that this year I have become a missionary pilot for Advent aviation popcorn you gave me. God bless you and Gary and all who support you and I messaged him and I said because of the video I'm here and pop when you give me became I'm bush pilot or God full time even though your ugliest video friends and you think it's a Glee God bless it even God could bless our rough hands way they are friends in fact one of my friends I met here if you noticed that face but there he came up here to this seminar I actually watched this video three years ago so he came up to me in this and hey can we connect can add your Facebook so he added me up in Facebook I saw his profile and said Wait here the guy I used to watch when I was in college three years ago. I still can remember him of all he's done U two studies or a. So your videos could impact people. Adia verse impacted my life I don't know where would I be without audio verse I praise the Lord for the inverse it sustain my spiritual walk for God and they God's grace I am here and I know that for from obviously diverse really did change my life I give you one story and I perceive them or to a specific point I give you today you know that person beside me same as studs and I worked with some was devotionals I filmed some of his devotionals around the world Fijian in Tong in Hawaii and we would travel together and slot of miracles that we would would would encounter if you if you have the page revelation of hope ministries you could go to Facebook like that page so a lot of devotionals that we produce there Taja speaking also there's a lot of miracles if you go to the page you will see that we got robbed in Fiji. We got robbed nine thousand worth of work Whitman's. And we got robbed right in front of us in the jungle we were filming a devotional we put our bags on the side someone came up just run away with our bags and I was so stunned Tod's came up and run I was just there was shaking the thing they did not hurt us took our bag run away Todd she was able to save my bag but he was unable to save this so we were so devastated one thousand dollars worth of equipment we prayed that day but God knows that we have peace in our hearts we prayed Tod's preached that night and apparently he was he is sermon was recorded in the west air and international T.V. in Fiji and it so happened that the chief of police of Fiji was listening to the sermon. And he called all his associate it said you guys can't go to the office tomorrow until you find a bag. And they search all over Fiji man the city. Next morning six o'clock we received a message a we found you back. Complete everything is inside the bag except one thing just Bible. I hope and pray that God will use that Bible to change someone's life but the point is that God provided for us that opportunity to have that miracle it's amazing my dear friends and we were able to pray for the robber who was only seventeen years old touch came up and say you know man when I was fourteen I also got in prison for stealing and you know pray for that boy maybe becomes a Ventus in Fiji who knows and so we would travel all round the world and I made a video together with Taj We said we swam with the whales in Tonga this is one of the videos that I may all of this will be inspiring for you guys too I made this few months ago but there's a story behind it so I'm going to show this to you. So. They waited four days for that shot. And so I took that shot and I took a photo of that shot of the whales just playing around it's a mother teaching the the kid how to you know go down to water bring him up again to to to breathe I posted that on Instagram and young people this is why it's important for us to think about what we posted it impacts people I posted on Instagram and someone commented on the act and he said she said this she said hey a better way P.S.T. are means pastor said so a pastor just where would it be possible to get a copy of this my mother was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and in our final day of work flying her float plane over the ocean she saw a mother whale teaching her baby to swim and come up for air just like this the baby would drop down and she would disappear and bring it back up to the surface it was a promise to her by God that he would do the saying. I was powerful. She wants a copy because she wants to give it to him on stage that's that's exam exact thing that God is promising me I know I'm under water but soon enough God will take me. It's an object lesson that she had learned and so I sent her a copy and said hey sister you don't need to buy this you don't need to pay for the this just print it for your mother and she she gave this picture to me as a hey I printed it gave it to Marie to my mom as a reminder that God will bring you up even though you're under water God will give you bring you up and give you an opportunity to breathe what I'm telling you right now my dear friends is to tell you that what we do and what we post in social media will impact a lot of people. And it is not just because you post random things in Facebook you need to post things that would affect in you know it will affect a lot of people. I told you these experiences because the reason why I got this opportunities is because I have applied for. Seminar and that is being faithful to what God has given us you want to do something great for God be faithful with what you have I know I keep repeating myself but that's the most important part of the seminar to be faithful with what you have when we hear of heard about lineage journey lineage journey this is a little trailer and I as I talk I'm just going to go through this I have my teammates here lineage Ashley and also. You name. Eden Eden This is NEW never worked together because he worked in England but this is our team and we created a short video lineage journey short video of bite size messages we went to Europe to film us stories about the reformations three to five zero three to six minutes video very short videos and it's bite size for our young people to see so all these places we went to filmed. So he could check this out. And to Geneva Switzerland Zurich. So he could check this out you could type in. Oh it's coming out next year or you have Season two we're filming season two right now it's Adventist history so we're also making bite sized messages about that but please if you have time in your Facebook it's a weekly video so you can sign up and also we have a study what is it again hope channel website we have. A study about a reformation to please do check to check it out lineage journeyed out call me. You can type that on Facebook or You Tube What's interesting about this is that want to tell you a story about this Lin its journey was organizing was made by a friend of mine. And Adam Ramdin in England Clive tapped me in on this while I'm still a pastor in Jakarta he told me hey we might be interested to do this and all of the filming in in Europe and so we're struggling about this because I was a pastor but as I prayed the Lord has led me into the media ministry and I've decided to quit to store a work now I want to make this clear especially this audio people might hear about the sermons over to make it clear I'm not saying Torah work is bad I'm not saying Sorrell work is is not as good as what I do today it's just I felt more conviction to do more in the media sphere what I do in a store or a work in my conviction was because I wanted to do more of the finishing of the work in the front line other than just sustaining a church and this is what I felt that is very sad today in the system of the church it seems like our pastor is just working to sustain the church not to finish the work. I'll give you an illustration the Philippines was colonized by dishpan years for three hundred years the Spaniards were called colonist because they call a nice to us they were settlers That's why most of us Filipinos have Spanish last names why because they live there probably see Filipinos pretty and they just married Filipinos and so we have Spanish last names they stay they're called colonists a few years after that my dear friends the Japanese came to the Philippines they were not called Cullen is called the Imperial army of Japan because the. Japanese were not mainly assigned to colonize countries they were called to destroy and conquer countries they were called soldiers in the dictionary a soldier is a man who is engaged in battle and I say that illustration to say this is it possible that this church has become a colony not an army we have settled. We forgot to conquer. I said that in line to the work of media the work of media media work that we got assigned us to do my dear friends we are not called to do it to sustain certain programs and pages of our church we are cold to help God finish the work so every time we do something it is called God called us to finish the work and I have that mindset so thus I've said to my church members I said Look I'm not I'm not saying that I'm quitting because I don't like you do I don't really like the church board meetings. I did not really enjoy it I'm not saying that you guys are bad well I'm saying as I am really interested to do this work that God has convicted me to do so I quit and I said Lord please provide for my needs so i'm jobless during that time but I know God is convicted in my heart that I want to do media Minish in a finished lineage journey so went to the Philippines and I prayed that the Lord would provide for my needs I was told to go to Europe but a problem is if you're a Filipino it's very hard for you to get a visa. If you understood you understand if you're from a third world country it's difficult for the US to get a visa or praise about it and I said Lord please provide for my needs I have ply for my Visa God there rect did me in the second time I got the visa from Europe but it's still very difficult. I prayed for direction God lead me into the Czech Republic embassy and I know God wants me because I wasn't ready in Europe I filmed one month of lineage it's not enough Europeans will only give you one month especially Germans this so they only give you one month and they say and they say you need to go back after one month to get deported so I went to go when I went back and I pray Lord why would you bring me back. And not finish lineage but God I know God wants me to go back and I know God has a reason why I'm in the Philippines again so I prayed God directed me to Czech Republic embassy I prayed about it applied he asked me where she a bank account where she money and all that kind of stuff well I don't really have any money and he said Well how do you provide it how do you sustain yourself all my friends from England probably buy me food. That's not really a good valid reason. And so I told them Look I'm going to check Republic and I'm going to film John Huss you heard of John house before House in Jerome you heard of him fairly if you talk to Czech Republic people people from the from Czech they're hard core fans of John Haas. And so one of the consulate of the embassy heard about me coming to Czech Republic to check out the story of John Hussey was so interested called me into a private meeting in the embassy so I sat down with one of the officials of that country talk to mean is that why you're interested about John Huss said well because we have played a vital role in in our religion seven seventh's church said whoa that's right yes so he gave me a two hour lecture but John has I was just there. And then he asked me that question where do you get this inspiration from that you wanted to go and see where John Haas lives and Huey grew up said well this is where you always bring a book or a Congress in your bag and pull out a great controversy in a very Give book the chapter Hussin Jerome I say told them this is where he got it from look I'm going to give you this book. And then he said it was OK to read a book and he said and I told him will you give me visa will you have to wait we'll see a way for five days five days he e-mailed me I've received a text message is a wonderful book I love the book I'm giving you a visa back to Europe. And I believe that God brought me back there to reach that man through that book I was able to go to Europe spent three months in Europe without a bank account or money. But I know God provides Ellen White says this Our Heavenly Father has a thousand ways to provide for us of which we know nothing now means if you know one thousand things God knows one thousand more you know not of and she goes on to say those who accept the one principle making the service of God supreme notice one principle that you need to understand in every ministry if you put God's service supreme notice what she said she did not say selfish gratification in the ministry because most of the time we do ministry because we want to travel we want to see all these places that's not the main point we do ministry the main point we do ministry is to. Do God's service and Ellen White said make it supreme. And if you do that God will provide in thousands of ways I could tell you stories upon stories going to every place I went to Venice I have no idea where I'm staying I preach I went to Budapest Hungary going to Venice literally God has been providing I was in eight countries in seven days God has been providing to every single country to people I do not know I'm telling you the story because I want you to jump in faith even though you people will not provide for you even though the conference will not provide for you if God is convicting you to do the ministry that God has called you to do do it because he is able to provide for you friends. I was there in Europe and I could testify right now that he could provide for your needs I was in Budapest flying into two to Venice going to Fort Lee Italy I don't have any time so I need to sleep sleep in Venice I was flying in an airplane think. Lord I don't mind sleeping in a train station a train station somewhat more comfortable than what we have in the Philippines so I move willing to go but please do not make it too cold for a Filipino because he was December and winter so I was praying the Lord will provide me some heat so I prayed I arrived in the airport in Venice I received a call from someone in Facebook I had never met before we are mutual friends with some people I've never met this person called me me said where are you now I said I'm in Venice she said Do you have any place to stay I said I do not have any place to say she said Is it possible for me to provide you OTOH room in Venice I said Sure why not. And I went to the hotel room arrive into the two to do the. Counter and asked them hey is there someone registered by this name she said Sure yeah your name is here but we were no apology the room that you booked is already full We are sorry are those rooms already booked but good news we are good we have our best room in Venice. And you are giving your room to stay. I was staying in Venice and one of the best room for free. God provides for his people if it's God's Will friends it's always God's will. A tell you the truth man God has given me opportunities to places I could not imagine I went to Iceland without any cash at all one of the most expensive places in the world before believing to the Philippines I was in Paris a friend of mine texted me and he said look and before this I was praying Lord I know this is something fancy and I know this is not what the missionaries would pray for but if you could bring me to Iceland that would appreciate that and so I prayed for it this is the cover my calendar because as one of it's just a sign of God's miracle I prayed and a message from a friend came up and he said look just for this is my last. In in France and I'm thinking of going to Iceland would you mind taking a picture of me and I see by your one return ticket going to Iceland back to Paris. What I'm saying is that God provides even for our desire but I want to make this clear message I did not do the ministry for travel. And to take pictures it is fun. But that's not the main reason why we do ministry. Yes the stories are amazing but we're not after ds experiences we are after to do work and to help God finish this work I always say we don't work for income. We work for the outcome of the work and I put that here because I want you to have that mentality as you move forward I could have just given you a technical seminar here but I want you to go home and as you begin your ministry remember that the main reason why you do the ministry is for service not for selfish reasons in fact notice the reason why Jesus made the ministry John chapter four if you have your Bibles with you John chapter four as we get ready to close to some points I want to drive in here. More we have few. Minutes left John chapter four and if you there let me know basing him in John chapter four let's begin reading at verse thirty one the disciples came up to Jesus and he says in the mean time is disciples urge him saying Rabbi eat verse thirty two but he said of the demo had food to eat which you do not know. And versatility therefore the disciples said to one another he has as anyone brought him anything to eat you asking Jesus have you eaten he said why I have something to eat that you know not off and notice what Jesus said and this is something that we need to ponder she said he said in verse thirty five. Thirty four story Jesus said to them My food is to do the will of Him who sent me and to finish his work. Notice that the work of Jesus Christ in this world is not just to do a normal ministry but to finish the work in fact Paul said in the book for look of Philippians he said Let this mind be in you which is in Christ Jesus whatever even in the mind of Jesus must be in our mind and Jesus said in my mind is not just something that supplies my needs it is to finish God's work and I say this life is not just a continual search of security and comfort life is for the finishing of God's work and this is why we're here G. Y.C. we're here to Y.C. not just to sustain our needs but to finish God's work but the question is who I'm only here would do that for God would use your talent to finish this work this is why we are filmmakers This is why we do social media this is why we do music ministry in whatever ministry that God has given us to finish the work in this generation. I remember story of review in Harold when they started if you went to review and herald before in Battle Creek there's some. Memorabilia there it's amazing the story in Rochester to sacrifice and these people have. They are so poor but yet they started a ministry note as well and White said in that story we're just getting settled in Rochester we have rented the whole house for one hundred seventy five dollars a year we have the press in the house this is the printing press now the first media ministry publishing house they said we're not for days we should have to pay fifty. Dollars a year for office room you would smile could you walk in upon us and see our furniture we have brought two old bedsteads for twenty five cents each My husband brought me home six old chairs no two of them alike for which he paid one dollar. And as soon he presented me with four more old chairs without any seating for which he paid sixty two cents the imagine that that's the first. Of it's a general conference or first where they start a ministry they don't even have proper chairs but they get the principle be faithful to you what you have. That's why we have a church now why because they were faithfully what they have they got to say the frames are strong and have been sitting with them drill when sitting down with three drilling listening to this young people listen Drew butter is so high that we do not purchase it neither can we afford potatoes and what you do they do just that a little bit most of us complain about what we have when we do ministry or I can't do that ministry because those people can't provide for my needs Mrs White and the volunteers before they can even afford potatoes. But they have the vision to finish the work because ministry is not limited by the circumstances before us. We move forward amidst the circumstances that is before us. The reason why many ministries are not able to move forward because we stop the ministry when we don't see probably dence before us no we don't work because Providence is just given no even there is no blessings we continue because we are called to do it can you imagine going around and can even imagine going around eating rice. Asia eat rice every day to struggle it out potatoes we use sauce in the place of butter and turnips for potatoes our first meals were taken in a fire board plays upon a two empty floor barrels we are willing to endure privation or visions if work of God can be advance can imagine that we are willing to endure hunger us long as the work of God is moved forward whom we hear young people would say that would straight face right now I'm willing to go through hunger to finish the work. That's powerful some mazing She said We believe that the Lord's hand was in our coming to this place there's a large field of labor but few laborers God needs you to day friends to ensure. This is funny. Smith upon working because they don't have that much food she goes on to complain and I hope this is a joke and probably something sarcastic he said because the daily diet consisted largely of being ins and porridge better or border you're right a smith after having lived with the family a few weeks remarked to a comrade that he had no philosophical objection to eating beans three hundred sixty five times succession yet when it came to making them a regular diet he should protest. Said Will I don't mind eating beans every day but if it becomes part of my diet this is not healthy. But the mentality is not just to sustain physical needs. But to finish the work in the mentality of Jesus what we read in John chapter four. This is a badge from the Baptist missionary church before. And this is the picture that you see in the writings of Mrs White the books minister book ministry of healing I've seen this picture before you go read it ready for either this is a picture of a cow up an ox we deploy and an altar of sacrifice Mrs Whiting comment on this in the book ministry villain page five hundred two she said there is a picture representing a bullock standing between a plow and an altar with the inscription ready for both ready for either she goes on to say ready to Tauriel into Pharo or to be offered in the outer for sacrifice. That's powerful to work with every Christian ready to work for God and to die for his work she goes on to say this is the position of the true child of God willing to go where duty costs to deny self to sacrifice for the Redeemer scoffs today's today friends we work for media. Not just to make a name in this industry or ministry we are here to sacrifice our lives for guts cos. We don't know what's going to happen in the future but friends it's either you work for God. Or God will give you an opportunity to die for him but all white said we must be ready for. The question is how many of you are willing to answer that call today. To help God finish the work. In this generation it was John Wesley who said Give me a hundred men who loves only god. Who hates nothing but evil who knows nothing but Jesus Christ now will change the world. One hundred men. Who change this world. I pray friends that God will give us that wisdom to discern the goddess calling us into this ministry but we can't do all of this. If we are not faithful to what God has given us. If you have any question let me just pray for you have like eight minutes let's just pray Heavenly Father we thank you for giving us an opportunity Lord study you were lured to so many things to say it so little time father I could have just said a very technical message very technical tips on filmmaking and visuals before other you have convicted me to share this message I pray Father that this spirit of sacrifice be planted to my fellow young people's hearts that they will work for you regardless of the circumstances I pray Father that they will work for the outcome not for the income I was a father that you would give them an opportunity to be faithful in what they have that they may continue on to finish this work in this generation and I just today Father help us Lord to have an experience with Jesus in Christ name we pray amen if you have any questions you feel free to email me this is so many things to say so little time if you have any questions we have about seven minutes anything you want to ask yes or. For you mention some You Tube videos just go on youtube search on what you need to learn in the. Universe. Are there any other resource menorahs webinars anything you would recommend for me ministers. To be honest I started I started media ministry would just two things. You Tube and this and asking people in the Internet. Like I've never had in two webinars and just because I did not have money for a master class if you have a money master class just amazing give your mazing tips to Philip bloom as a master class in filmmaking I can't afford one hundred thirty nine dollars so I ask people what I've said I ask John Wood is here I'm asking so many questions about camera I started without knowing basic principles likes shutter speed F. stops and all this kind of stuff I never knew all the stuff but I ask people just be faithful on those things you see many people in them this is why I'm anxious about this because there's so many young people come to these seminars and the ask how many many technical questions and all the stuff but actually filmmaking is not something that is rocket science it is the same principle that I've told you be faithful you what you have God will help you and give you knowledge as soon as you faithfully what God has given you so that's that will be a tip go to you to man and every time I have a question. I would just type in how to use shutter speed and the most views in You Tube watch because I know that's the best so I do and I would separate fifteen minutes of time my time just watching all these to Torrijos yes or no why in da dot com as well when there has some great resources on what is done yet is there here's a question. I just won't. You know you going to college right now and you know the big you know one of the classes you know just for extracurricular activity is trying to see if they have black and white photography on the or at least it will improve your skills and knowledge of the modern machines because you're going to be trusting only settings because you can see what are you what are you getting into you know. Go to the book room when. Finally revealed to the pictures that's my keep. Yes see. I just want to know where I could get your two part sermon that you gave to us when you could come up but can we buy is it going to be is it for sale I think fifty dollars. OK we'll make it. Well do you know what did not do for us we're going to do what it's not it's going to be not your first i guess hope so in only a verse Yeah. Or you can message me in any of those social media can you do a video and you do a video Yeah I think there's a video hopefully yes someone is filming it OK OK also. I think it would be nice to I think your your message is very powerful and racing and we need it all of us. Young people I'm I'm beyond Well I'm young and I'm eighteen but in age I'm up there are those who are over forty years old I appreciate your coming we're still young and I don't mean to do much. But I was saying that I would love to have you write a book about the messages that you gave because I think they were so powerful praise the Lord yeah that's not my talent. I mean when I was in college I took care very powerful I think it would be nice I when I was in college I struggled the English writing and all that kind of stuff so that are maybe a video book. Over the anyone else we have like two minutes yes there's one question so Mr Jasper here if you want to follow Yeah if you mess is just for Bess it's me because we haven't approved everything and we can get that and if I if you can add me in Facebook because it's full you can message me first and secure from the seminar and I can and we can just and friend people and then put you in or you can yeah because that's the case I'm not joking I'm not as popular as Jasper you can message me also if he can help you yes or have you ever prayed about or thought about starting a. Media ministry conference or school that would be nice just. Yeah my friend here solver filmmakers are trying to organize that maybe you can talk to him here at your head yes we're trying to we're trying to make one hopefully that works out anyone else. Yes sir oh sir Jared yeah by the way Jeff ever heard of air T.V. I work part partner with Jerry David Jared makes amazing programs he's the blue guy from he's the blue guy he EK kids I just want to say thank you to Jasper and if anyone is an aspiring filmmaker or writer of contant or videographer photojournalist. The administration you has money to help you create your projects so please come by our booth three twenty five and next year we're going to be creating some great content with Jasper and we have we have a content lease pray for it yeah we're excited so anyway come see us love to talk to you we have a content called plaits unknown hopefully it will be it's about a traveller who travels the world in search for the best the good food. So hopefully that works out to have happy calicoes global Yeah anyone else if there's not I guess we thank you for coming guys and. I hope you enjoy the seminar. This message was recorded after G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. She wants to support the ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ entered and so when Christians to download were purchased other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot she Y.C. Web dot org.


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