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1. God's Call to the Cities

Doug Venn



  • December 28, 2017
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like that's visit us online at W W W dot Weinstein well or. Good morning my nice custard fan and welcome to the twenty first century challenges and God's plan for the cities and right now I'd like to start early as a bonus session because we have two years worth of material to go through in only a few moments so with that let's star heads and pray for our Holy Father I want to thank you so much for this gift of time that we have to come and reflect on your ultimate plan here at the end of time to go to the cities the essential work at this time and so forgive us as a faith family for neglecting and being allergic to city work and so during this time I just ask that your holy spirit guide us so that way we can see your plan in your call for the city's this is my prayer in Christ's name Amen. I serve as the out the general conference with the global mission urban center and from that platform I then Courtenay to one of our initiatives for the General Conference called Mission to the cities and if with mission to the cities it's a chance for where we are following Christ way of working in the cities as a says and ministry of healing that there is we are to on page one forty three that we are to come close and work with the people in a personal level and that what is needed for this time he is a new view. Of God and His grace and love and so from that platform we then follow Christ's method alone. Of mingling with the people sympathizing of ministering to needs of winning confidence and then inviting people to come follow me come follow Christ and in that dive discipleship process with from our global mission platform we are most interested in working together with every ministry every department of the admin is found in a way that will then ultimately result in starting new groups of believers so we follow Christ plan of ministering to needs but then we are always thinking about Kingdom expansion and that kingdom and expansion is just like what happened in the New Testament where new groups were leavers were popped up where in the city's case of this is where right now today during this workshop you're going to hear from the streets of North America and so I'm so honored to. Have some of my friends we're going to hear from the team from northern New England first then we're going to hear from the northern New England conference there we're going to hear from the Pennsylvania conference there urban center of influence and then we're going to hear from upper Columbia Conference but before Right now our G.Y. sees request before we get started into that seminar I wanted to introduce you to a dear friend and her name is teen Neilson and she is coming from the office of volunteer services or administration to your services and Tina I just wanted to introduce you to her if you would like to connect with any of these ministries or maybe there's other ministries that you would like to find out on what are the opportunities for service and you. Comes to our booth and talk to teen and sign up there I'd add in a small and cheer services. And Doubt way you can find those direct calls that are available now or if you are like the team in northern New England conference or Pennsylvania conference or upper Columbia Conference maybe you're coming from that perspective and you need volunteers you need professionals you need urban missionaries You can also talk to teen about having a call to make that need known and that platform and so that's where teen is that is a dear friend and you'll love to get to know her so stop by the booth or stop by the website administering tear I didn't volunteer as Dorothy so. I gave you a short handout. That's my time is up and so my propaganda is on the hand don't so you can I get that so we're going to invite northern England to come forward how we're going to divide this seminar up is static out each of the three ministries urban mission settings have a unique contribution that's different but it's part of the beautiful plan that Christ has outlined for us in the spirit of prophecy and so from that I want you to be thinking I three sixty degree view here because each one has a beautiful part of that and that's why I've invited them to come and share today so Pastor Ted Huskins is the executive secretary of the Northern New England conference Tony and then where is here we go and here is Natalie and so we're going to hear from them Thank you Thank you Pastor been good morning everybody. Pastor Vin introduced me as the executive secretary of the Northern New England conference and that's true but I am not from northern New England I'm a missionary to northern New England I'm originally from western North Carolina. I've been in northern New England a little over four years now and my wife and I came literally to be missionaries we live in a little town called Kitty bunk port Maine maybe you've heard of Kennebunkport it is the summer residence of George and Barbara Bush. In the little town that I live in there are five churches one is now a condominium one is a museum one is an art gallery this one that you see on the screen Aqua hall ICS is a surf and board shop. That's just down the street from my house so for the five churches in my little town are no longer churches the fifth one is a church it's a small Baptist church that's the five churches that are in my town and that's not unique to northern New England because we are the most posts Christian Post Modern segment of the entire United States we are the domestic mission field just to give you a picture of what that looks like. George barn as organization did research on it. And there you see the dots you see on the screen are the ten most post Christian cities in America. Number one on the list is Portland Auburn greater Portland Maine number one on the list fifty seven percent of people self identify as post Christian number two on the list is Boston Manchester New Hampshire that's also in my conference fifty six percent of people self identify as place Christian number five on the list as Burlington Vermont fifty three percent post Christian Those are the three major population centers in the northern New England conference and were all within the top five all almost all of the dots you see on that map are in the Northeast New York and New England only Seattle Washington and San Francisco California make the top ten we are the gates of hell in northern New England. We are the gates of hell and what exactly is a post Christian a post Christian is someone who hasn't gone to church in six months except for a wedding or a funeral a post Christian is someone who doesn't read the Bible a post Christian is someone who's not sure they believe in God or not they either self identifies as atheist or agnostic opposed Christian is someone who probably doesn't believe in the inerrancy of scripture a post Christian is someone who doesn't believe in the virgin birth and they are my neighbors. They are Tony's neighbors they are Natalia's neighbors we meet them every day and they are far from God and we have a passion to reach these people unfortunately most of us as Seventh Day Adventists Christians have a Judeo Christian biblical worldview and we come into all of our relationships with a Judeo Christian worldview and then on top of that we add a layer of what I call admin a sculpture we have our own food we have our own clothing we have our own language and we take all of this in and we start we the way we dress the way we talk the way we eat and we start talking and their faces glaze over because they think we have just dropped in from Mars. And so because of that our churches are in northern New England which are for the most part small churches rural churches they don't. They don't understand how to talk the language and how to relate to people with purple hair and five hundred piercings and tattoos and that that come from just a totally different worldview not only are they post Christian but they're post-modern and I'm not going to get into that if you want to know what postmodern is come to my booth and talk to me about it it's a totally different worldview it's not bad it's just different and we have to learn how to speak the language and talk to these people and the only way that we're going to be successful in doing it is is through centers of influence and planting churches that will understand and reach these people and so we are looking for a church planters who will come in almost as if with the mindset going into a foreign country I'm going to learn the culture I'm going to understand the people. And I'm going to mingle with them and I'm going to I'm going to seek their good I'm going to be friends with them whether they become a seventh they have in this Christian or not if it takes two years I'm going to be their friend and I'm going to love them and I'm going to model Christ to them and that's what we're that's what we're looking for. So we are forming centers of influence we are planting churches our first center of influence started about six years ago and Tony Kafoury is with us he is the executive director of that center of influence and Tony is going to talk to you a little bit about what we've done and what it looks like. Praise the Lord Good morning everybody. It's very good kind of the clicker the. Praise the Lord so first of all I have to tell you. I'm really excited to be here and I can tell you reaching the streets is really working because I'm new to the S.T.A. in fact six years ago I never even heard of the S.C. I had no clue what that was you know it was a prophecy seminar and I'm very grateful that I can share that God is definitely working. So what I wanted to mention to start off with is what is the purpose of a center of influence really think about this because it's actually modeled after the Gospel from Jesus Christ the purpose of a center of influence ministry is to meet people where their act does that sound familiar when we read Matthew Mark Luke and John how did Jesus approach people. Where they were at that moment today he met him where they're at and it's just really need to think about that that before he even your deuced spiritual ism or not spiritual zone but as far as you know the Gospel heal people how physically for spiritually and that's the purpose of a center of influence is we are to meddle with people reach out to people where they're at to build those relationships that way we can introduce them to their Creator who loves them praise the Lord so again the purpose of a center of influence is to meet people where they're at and you know what six years ago people met me where I was that period. I'm not going to tell you those stories appraisal or impatient people. So some of the cool things that we do at the center of influence were modeled after the beehive a lot of people have heard of that were in Cafe during the lunch hours and just so you know I'm going to put a little plug out there you can see the website listen arc dot com We are looking for a professional chef so if you know of somebody somebody that has some experience please come see our booth as Ted had mentioned. But some of the health classes really need again the beautiful thing about the center of influence is when you go to them they're never the same every community is different so it's very important that we study the community what their needs are and meet those needs for example growing up in Maine I like to fish I don't eat the fish but I like to fish and you know Lyme disease is huge in Maine from tick bites so we have a lot of support group that's a very powerful focus group that we have we have health consultations how to reverse diseases naturally instead of pushing pills all day I could be here all day explaining all the different types of courses that we have we have Bible studies. But praise the Lord I just want to share that God is definitely definitely working so the results of this center of influence I started about six years ago is in the last year God is moving so much that we have planted a church at the center of influence I can tell you from the area that we are in as Ted mentioned it's very secular there's a lot of people that are uncomfortable that feel unworthy of sitting in a booth at church but they feel comfortable in a safe environment with people who just love them and it's I tell you it's a it's a treasure when you get to work with these people and again I used to be one of those people so praise the Lord but we've church planted a church and. Before it comes back up here one point I don't want you to miss this the outpouring of the Holy Spirit right now is tremendous. I can tell you I've been there for about three years now and God's always been present but the last five months I can tell you I've seen things happen like God is moving. Books are flying off our shelves when they would normally just kind of sit in the corner maybe every now and then somebody would take one Bible studies people are coming in while they're eating asking for bible studies this has never happened until about five months ago and a lot of you guys are familiar with the Johnson Amendment gods holding the winds back because it's being threatened for church and state but he's waiting for us to be ready. Or I'm going to have a Ted come up here and preach the rest of that. So we are really really excited about what's God's doing. The ark and the olive branch cafe has been a tremendous success Tony is a unicorn he is so rare to find someone who. Has come out of a secular environment and is a fully devoted disciple believer of Jesus Christ and where there are so many young people in northern New England that are just looking for answers they're interested in spirituality but they're not interested in the way we traditionally package church and so we're approaching them in different ways we're starting with our centers of influence we're starting with home based church plants where we're we're taking and entering the culture that people have and so we're looking for people who are not afraid to get messy who's not afraid to get messy because wherever the Holy Spirit is poured out it's a little messy and whenever you're dealing with unchurched post Christian Post Modern people who are far from God It's a little bit messy and if you're willing to be friends with that type of person and come to God it will be life changing no. Just for them but for you part of our research in doing this we went to the Netherlands Western Europe is the only place on the planet more post Christian the northern New England. So we went to the Netherlands talked with Pastor Rudy there they've been doing church planting in Western Europe for twenty years trying to reach a post Christian post modern world and. Rudy told me that the church amongst indigenous Danes would be dead had they not done church planting twenty years ago would be dead there would be immigrant Adventist who would still be there but the church in most Indigenous people would be dead and that's what we're up against in northern New England I went to some of those church plants and I interviewed the planters about what's working what's not working what recommendations they have for us and I went to this one church home group on a Wednesday night they met on a Wednesday night there were twenty young adults in a circle. And part of what they do every week is they tell their story of the week they tell their story and for mine and my wife's benefit they went around the circle and they told their life story in about five minutes apiece. And person after person said I was an atheist I was acknowledging I was raised in a non-Christian home I didn't know God One lady said I was I was raised in the Catholic church I was abused by a Catholic priest. And I vowed that I would never set foot in a church again my father abuse me I vowed that I would never step foot in a church again she said my neighbor kept bugging me and till I finally came to this spring. And they sang a song in the song was called he's a good good father and she said I wept because all my life. I've been meeting and looking for a good good father who would love me and she said I've never left I'm never left and Person after person share their story and Cindy and I got back into our car and we sat there and we cry and we said God there are so many of those people in northern New England they're far from me they don't know what they're missing they don't know they don't even know they need. That God We need you. And so today we need you if you want to make a difference with your life that will impact the population of heaven for eternity come to Northern New England come to Spokane Washington come to Pennsylvania and you make a difference with your life you will never regret it I promise you. That. Wasn't that stirring thank you Northern England team for sharing how God is working there. All right we'll now go to. Pennsylvania and we're honored to have Andrew Carroll here from the team. And. We're going to hear upon how God has been working out there urban center of influence called the simplicity. Right any moment now is it doing something. To do. That but and for that OK just one moment we did not practice this part. Well my name is Andrew I am from Pennsylvania and I'm living in Allentown Pennsylvania Maine right now and. Let's see is this. Do we need to switch to V.G.A. input on the. Fly projector. I work with a ministry called simplicity outreach we are center of influence you've heard about before we're working in the city of Allentown and. I'm glad to be here to tell you about the model of ministry that we're using and I'm so excited because this is our first time to meet some of my kindred spirits here I've heard so much about you guys we're friends with a lot of the same people that we've never so. It's presentation button. So today I'm going to be talking about the F.S.S. model it is the model of ministry that we've developed the the medical side of things that we are then implementing with our ministry called simplicity outreach so I just want to go through this really quickly there's so much and I'll give you some more information I get. The whole the whole package and learn more about this so. The efforts as well as a corporate model of God's plan for ministry and start from orses and the Bible the work this the ministry of Paul the Spirit of Prophecy the history of the ministry so when the cities are worked as God will have then the result will be the setting in operation of a mighty movement such as we have not yet witness and we can go through all these points and see that this is something that will happen it's definite It's just are we going to be a part of it or are we going to choose to be a part of ourselves and capitalize on the Holy Spirit. So Haskell's New York work is an example brother Haskell the Lord has given you an opening in New York and your mission work there is to be an example of what mission work in other cities should be so you can read more about it you can go on the Web site and find more information and it's great example to read about this these this committee couple who wanted to bring the gospel to New York City. So they did a comprehensive and well articulated city campaign they did house to house work Bible studies evangelism health services they had a restaurant hydro hydro pathing treatment rooms lectures and so on and so forth. So God works by means of instruments or second causes he uses the gospel ministry medical missionary work and publications and those things are highlighted then there gospel ministry medical missionary work and our publications these are God's agency one is not to supersede the other so the church we need to be working together to bring all three of these things into concert so that we're not competing for funding we're not competing for visual identity but the canvassing needs to be just as important as the restaurants and the publishing in our gospel tracks and our Bible studies that they all need to be equally emphasized. So there is some history you can look into the history of the church and see where we have been there the church at one time was such a well verse were so well versed in city ministry and we watch really forgotten that we've lost that steam so please I urge you to look into the history to discover what has been lost. This presentation is available on our website. But the important quote from this light is that in every city there should be a city mission that will be a training school for workers so we've already talked about urban centers. Of influence. Now this is kind of cutting edge because we took a look at it and we said it's not just centers influence but we need to actually train people so that they can how to set up a center of influence so the people who need to be trained in order to train other people this is this is how new it is how much we forgot and. So at the heart of the city or the population center there is the mission center the training centers so fur so in this in every city there should be a core of organized well disciplined workers not merely one or two but scores should be set to work so in a city population of fifty thousand or more that leaves the United States with about seven hundred of the a. So spores twenty scores a minimum of forty so you can start to see just how important this is and how many people need to be voted to do this mission. So to have every forty workers in each of those seven hundred fifty eight so thirty thousand plus organized well disciplined workers. But in the world there's over ten thousand plus. One hundred thousand plus population centers and all those little black dots represent those places where there is that much population that we need to be going to these places to preach about Jesus. So looking with in this model of ministry there are five basic structures you have your advanced placement team. A.K.A. Aqualung Priscilla if you could read about them in the next eighteen there's a leadership team there crewman training equipping equipping the local disciples and mentor in the people in the church establishing that training or mission school and then finally a church plan so there is a definite process to this is not this is not we're just taking a stab in the dark and going out there and saying Oh I think I'll open a vegan restaurant you know their God wants us to have a definite plan of action. Tell we do things the world the world does things in a very organized fashion you look at a business model of any kind and then order to succeed people know that they need to have a plan and so God is just as equally organized he invented organisation so why shouldn't we be organized. So Paul did the see how to his own place of mission where people could learn to be the hands of Christ. I'm just going to get around so again in every city there should be a city mission that will be a training school for workers so we have our Mission Center. From there we have our spring up the urban centers of informed so this will be your community centers your home churches your food stores your restaurants your schools etc. From there we have our church plants where people can learn to be the Body of Christ so there's a church going how that fits into there now then surely that church point turns into an urban church an established place and we can create more church plans so it's this is how it multiplies when we read in the book of Acts and how the efforts we see that the church was added to and then later we read that the church was multiplied and so this is how it happened people naturally created relationships because what we're doing here is we're creating an ecosystem of ministry of multiple contact points so it's not just that people go to church once a week but they go to a restaurant oh you guys are administering a love Jesus oh well I'm going over here to the community center and then I want to help other people and there's a point there so all these different contact points so. That Sabbath is just the icing on the cake and then you can come to church and ready to tell people wow I can't believe how God moved in this person's life and my heart is touched and it's there's just so many stories I can share. So to get a broad broad picture so let's say that this puzzle is a city and its surrounding area so the green parts would be what what's going on inside the city the blue parts would be the royal areas or what's going on maybe in your country churches. So that's why everything is green here this is what's going on inside the city so then outside of the city. We have our wellness centers the places where you go to relax rejuvenate and heal the world churches or schools. And our outpost centers so things like sanitariums publishing houses and schools so we can start to see how everything and this is what I wrote about and this small ministry fits together it's a comprehensive plan that God wants to put in our mind so that we know there's something definite We need to do here. This is just a general list of how this everything fits in that category. So we have inside the city we have a restaurant we have an urban training school community center urban churches our church plans food stores and you get an idea this is this is comprehensive. So to see a practical application of this I want to take you to the ministry that I'm involved with called simplicity outreach and the name simply comes from when Paul talks about the simplicity of Christ and it is kind of cool because Yet sitting in there and. It works out really well. Praise God So we've had thirteen young adult missionaries come through our doors from other programs from other experiences some of them pastors some of them just Bible workers. But through it all we started working with our local church we didn't have a permanent location that people could come to and that was really our goal so that we started out just surveying the community finding out what people needed we wanted to actually see what people wanted not that we would push something on them but find out what people in your communities need so that you can be a help to them all well and I need. Childcare for my children and it's just so busy working and how how can you relieve somebody stress because when you relieve somebody's stress you're helping them to heal. We worked with the local another local Christian community center we didn't have a place around so we found a place that was already operating and we helped them out for a little bit. Of Food Bank that they have and we helped with the homeless ministry serving food to them helping them move in. And we finally were able to get a place of our own where we could. Be a permanent place a permanent fixture in the city. Give me to tell people about Jesus. So some of our programming there includes our kids church we have a monthly one time we did it every week but. Really have to plan and if because we are running short on staff we decide to go once a month so you choose what you can do how you to make an impact on your community. A vacation bible school program we've done so many things there's just a list of sort of all these things that we've done and they've all been successful it's just whether we've decided to continue them and to have the proper staffing is basically anything that you want to do is it can be successful it's just how willing are you to continue that to make it go forward. To see how long it lasts we did some gardening there's a little gardening club down the street from our community center that we've got involved with we want to round people's homes and planted flowers homework help helping the children in the community with their homework. One year we had a children's choir. Kids' Christmas program actually we just had this and there were thirty plus kids we got company from the local community to sponsor and they've been doing it for the last couple years but they were able to sponsor us and actually do like kind like any type of thing where the employees bought gifts and then they all brought them to our structure and the kids received Christmas gifts that maybe made may not have had. A made Christmas. But all through this probably one of our. Pinnacle of our center was that we were able from that experience with the children we were able to open up the city Christian Academy and and the bus drivers that operate it operates very much like a mission school would oversee the children get to come for free they get a free Christian education and. It's sponsored by generous donations from people so a word on that little bit later but it's great because I get to work with the kids I see them every day and tell them you know we have talked about issues and things that they're going through. For adults and families we have a three day program where we get to give out bread donations clothing donations we've had health program and programs in the past. Youth groups. E.S.L. is a big one because it's largely Puerto Rican and Dominican population growth. And exercise class. And then obviously our church programs are Bible study satis mornings. Bible study. And it's always wonderful to stay with the children when they're interested. And then of course baptisms that have come out. I've been here he is. He came in because he was volunteering with us and the group had come in and he saw that oh well I like volunteering with you guys you guys are a church well I want to get baptized so we started to study with them as it was easy that he came to us we hardly had to do anything. But it was worth it was worth it because now he's coming faithfully and learning how to to be an influence in his community. So the wife part of. The mystery of God is Paul talks about anything three a real level. Although I am less and least of the of all the Lord's people this grace was given me to preach to the Gentiles the boundless riches of Christ and to make plain to everyone the administration of this mystery which from ages past has was kept hidden in God who created all things his intent was that now through the church the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms according to his eternal purpose that he accomplished in Christ Jesus our work so what does that mean the manifold wisdom of God is his care it's his love. His god want to do God to use the church to show the universe not just other people but the universe his character of love by uniting us in Christ so the world the universe is waiting to see is God really love is he going to live up to his claim is he going to set of the great controversy how he's going to do that he's going to do that through the collective body of the church and this is why urban ministry city ministry and that office is models so important because we get to see how God accomplishes that So God personally wants to use you he wants to use a local youth group your local adults your church. The people that you have influence over and he wants you to communicate God's love to them. So I want to give you guys a little information about how you can find out more. About what we're doing so please go to I've been a city ministry this is our sister. Our sister site our sister ministry. And you'll find a Bible study guide there you'll find this most of this presentation that I gave today there and you can learn more about the history of audio presentations there we've had a conference in the past. I believe we're going to have a conference coming up two thousand and nineteen. Probably first quarter sometime we're going to get together we're going to share we're going to share the F. this model in further detail come together to pray it's going to be wonderful Now one last thing if you would like to learn more information about how you can get involved please come see me come see does. A specific day at simplicity where we are looking for people who are our self supporting people who are self-motivated who want to get involved with this ministry in a very personal way and also specifically bilingual couples. Couples are just like a quote Priscilla just like the Haskell's are looking for couples because see what a relationship within God God's family looks like so please come see us and I encourage you guys. God wants to do an amazing thing in your life you once you discover who Jesus is what it means to what he means to you so that you can have a personal testimony and share with the world who Jesus is and then the mystery of God will be complete so thank you so much for your time. And Andrew before you go can you read what is that website Advena see Ministries dot com OK very good and I'm really excited about the resources and the partnership with Pennsylvania conference and this urban center of influence I had a chance to meet with the executive committee just a couple months ago Pennsylvania conference and their vision as a conference is to train twenty thousand young adults to meet the needs of their urban areas and so this right now is awesome direction and if you would like to join this vision talk to Andrew or Pastor Gary Gibbs who will be here at our booth or on Sabbath any way to connect with what God is doing to reach the cities of Pennsylvania. Right. All right would like to invite our next team up how many of you have been inspired All right Praise God you can see I'm coming out of my seat as well it's thrilling I want you to see come while you're setting up your your team here I want you to see that each team has a guy we saw in this last presentation the F. A small and there's actually going to be a book that the team in Allentown in two brothers who are a dentist Dr Jeff and Robert McCullough they wrote a book and it's just now coming to press the first one hundred copies should be here at U.I.C. so see Andrew at the booth and you can get a copy of that to see how this plan that will is outlined in Scripture is our plan as administering movement here for working in the cities in a holistic way but this is another team here who I've personally worked with in the past and I'm so grad glad that they can share and will give the time to you. Total Health Spokane and we're working for two years in Spokane as things. We're working with total health still can fight and working in Spokane for two years. Basically as catalysts with the local church and to make that connection with the community doing medical and ministry in today's world trying to evangelize only intellectually doesn't work and that's not that's not the counsel that we've been given but too often that's what we see as. So we must find ways to connect with people in a personal and significant way but not just. Not just the physical we must find ways to bridge the spiritual to too often we see one or the other and it's sad to see to see cited work so often so we're we're trying prayerfully to bring the two together. According to what we've been given. We're seeking to follow the methods outlined in Spirit of Prophecy like we saw earlier mentioned by Andrew. Company evangelism the team evangelism concept to specifically work in the cities doing medical missionary work and think in the idea is to find ways to connect with people personally individually coming close to the people and leading them to Christ so we're all familiar with the term Christ method alone that brings true success what does that actually look like. So told in medical ministry that medical missionary work is the pioneer work of the gospel. Says remember that the restoration of the body prepares the way for the restoration of the soul. So they are connected. What we are doing we have Soon we have a clinic located inside our church Dr John turquoise. Will be running that clinic and Pastor Wayne Camano here is the pastor of the church we have a pastor position team which is what prophecy counsels us to do the two should be connected. So it's a blessing to Pastor physician team who are both committed to the combined. Work so when a patient comes into our clinic with a lifestyle condition we'll have a team of medical ministers and a lot of us are here today. Our medical ministers there on site and then we have. The patients essentially and in home sanitarium So we'll go into we go into their homes we're already working on a a lower scale before the clinic it has opened so we're we've been doing some of this already. Going into their homes teaching them cook helping them get on an exercise program helping them learn how to have a healthy lifestyle sometimes people aren't sure how exactly to do it or they maybe they know how to do it but they need someone to come alongside them walk through it with them as they're making those habit changes. So we also bring church members with us so that we're building a lasting connection with the local church because we're only here for two years and we need we want it to be a lasting effect we want the church members themselves to be connecting with the people that we're working with so that it's there they're making connections with the people that they're going to be joining. Along with the daily contact we have other programs that we. Conduct along with the church we have cooking classes dinner with the doctor. Health Programs and then of course the spiritual you know we have stuff school classes oriented to the people that we're working with as well. But we're trying to keep it sustainable so that it's sustainable over a long term we're still learning where that balance is. Other methods that we're using are going door to door doing surveys we're going to be doing some Cole Porter work as well and some occasional larger events like help expose to bring the community into awareness of what we're doing. So the thing is one of the one of the key things is our medical ministers are we each realize that our work is not successful unless we ourselves have a personal connection with Jesus if we see this work as you know if we follow these methods of going to work without that actual connection of Christ in ourselves that's that's not going to work. The whole purpose of medical ministry is connecting people with Jesus and so we emphasize in our team regularly daily we must have that personal connection with Jesus ourselves otherwise there's nothing to connect people to where we're broken in our connection with Christ and we can't so we are countable to keeping that connection with Jesus strong and. It's it's a. It's a work that is sacrificial we are volunteering our time for two years. To fundraise just says if we're going overseas and I have the Lord has blessed in my fund raising it is provided. Donations and pledges that minus time and praising the Lord for that so it's possible. And I'd like camel into a little story about one of the glimpses of how this is actually working we've already had a few baptisms through. We only been on the ground in Spokane for for four months and so the baptisms have happened have been more of a cleaning of some of the work work that the church local church has been doing already but it's been through the same methods so it's going to share. About. Working OK so I've been working with Mary and I'm in her house almost daily her blood sugars when I first started working with her were up in the four hundred. And you have like ninety's and so we're working through we've gotten down to like two hundred but we're still not getting there. And then she went on this diet or fast and then but her blood sugar still weren't going anywhere and so I sat down with her about weeks ago and I was like OK how are you doing mentally and well I'm feeling sick so my brain's a little Gunny I like OK How you doing physically sick but overall OK so I went down like everything and then I went How you doing spiritually sick well and then we went off on this whole discussion about the struggle she was having before she was very connected with God but. She had struggled and so is like OK how can I help you sick actually just talking with you has helped. And still. We continued working with her and just this last week her blood sugars were in the ninety's and yes and she knows that it's only through God's power that she's doing this is not what the doctor has told or me going to our house. It's it is her connection she's giving her power from God and we asked her right before giving up here if we can use her name and say yes if you can get people to come and A because she feels so loved. Me going in and feeling God's love. That she's like if you can get more people to do what you're doing use me. So. That's the story. Good morning my name is Eric Kelly I'm also a member of the team and I was asked to share about needs to give a little bit of a background behind the little bit of my story from someone that really likes to know what the Spirit of Prophecy says in the Bible says and try to apply that because I feel like that's the most success that we're going to get so when I was studying in the seminary I came across a lot of statements and a lot of counsel on medical missionary work so much so that I actually went into health care and became a nurse practitioner and now I'm really blessed because at our in this program we have a lot of open doors and we've got a church that is fully on board we have a pastor who is passionate about medical evangelism we have a physician that is like a pastor in a physicians close and. Now there are there are some challenges because this is kind of frontier work and I kind of resonated with what Andrew said that it's kind of like it's like Josiah finding the book of the law in the temple you discover you're like wow there's all these things that we had no idea what we were supposed to be doing and that's kind of what it's like it's kind of being resurrected work. So some of our needs well one thing that I'll share really quick that's kind of similar to to Andrew's story is that sometimes people will be volunteering with us and that will actually lead them to want to be a part of us we had someone who was attending an evangelistic series and kind of what kept her with us is our personal ministry to her she has not gotten baptized because she's weighing through a decision right now between two different churches but in our minds we believe that she has been so blessed by the giving nature. That. We have invited her to join us in ministry to do the very same things that we were doing for her of course more along health lines rather than doctrinal because she's not ready for that but this work has a lot of potential to be able to to bring people on board just just by by volunteering as well. Some of our needs of course we I encourage you to check out all these different ministries if you are feeling the call to ministry I've been blessed by hearing what each of them have had to say some of our needs are. Well we will we encourage anyone to join us we could we could always use more workers some of the specific needs that we have are for people who have had prior experience in this type of ministry. People that have have been able to do crippling schools have been able to lead anxiety or depression recovery programs people that can bring a certain skill set with them and that can that can help us in those areas we also have need of of canvassers we have need of people that can do Bible work so if if you're if you at all resonate with that we invite you to come talk with us myself Dr took Watto pastor could go on or any and you know the other team members and with that said I'll turn it over to Dr to want to. I suppose if I was to say what our greatest needs are right now I would say that our greatest need really is a culture. Of giving sacrifice willing to love people without return without the opportunity to get something in return people look at you when they ask the question why. And it is the why that is really the strength the power of the work that is being done we have to go at it right now as an experiment because well. It's not part of the culture where we're from necessarily to do the work that we're doing and it would be so many naysayers potentially that would hold us back if it was an established work so we can say for two years we're doing this and moving forward one of the ladies who came into our church through a health program sat next to me when day and she said you know Dr I think I need to be baptized and I asked her why. Why would you after you've been with us for six months come in the Sabbath school but you don't even believe you don't even know the doctrines. And she says Dr Turcotte Oh the way you people have loved me. I know that it can't be wrong so I will learn about mine. And then I will be baptized she did learn about her new church she was baptized and immediately wanted to go to work in the medical ministry and in her words to bring to others the work that brought her to Christ she wanted to do the exact same work for others she did that she died this last year but she died a believer in Jesus Christ in one year she went that whole round of going from an unbeliever unchurched to somebody who was not only a Seventh Day Adventist but a Seven Day Adventists missionary and a seven then it's missionary who died in the Gospel. This is the kind of thing that happens with the likes of these people we need more like them you see these people sacrificially in love they have no opportunity to gain from anything that they're that they're devoting themselves to except souls in the kingdom that is what we need a culture of people throughout our entire church all these different ministries we need that kind of culture in order to be able to finish this work and if that is an interest of yours and you'd like to hear more about it come to the the booth that is. In the. In the hall and there's about as I think five or six seven ministries there and come talk to us. And we'll have the opportunity to set the website total health Spokane dot com If you're interested in looking into our program. I'd like to invite you to the on this aisle or down these chairs on the aisle there there's a brochure and there's a card would like to invite you to just past those down the rows and each one of you take one if you would and the website is on that on the back side there there's also a. An email address it's called a medical ministry a G. Mail cut dot com It's full of all kinds of study material that would be very helpful to you and I would like to invite you to take this long response sheet and fill it out and hand it to team members before you leave here today in fact I'm going to ask some of the team members to be in the back if you could be back there to pick those up. I had the privilege just a couple weeks ago to baptize a lady. That we've been working with for at least six years. This is a lady that is probably probably the most damaged human being that I have ever witnessed. And to to witness her slowly opening her heart to the Gospel slowly opening her life and she took a stand she's the only seventy others in her entire family her husband is very much against her yet because of the support the love and encouragement of the church and the Ministry of total Spokane she was willing and able to take that stand for Jesus. And so we want to invite you. To be part of this ministry. One of the thing that was not mentioned that I wanted mention also is that what we're doing is is a four month cycle of evangelism. Every four months we repeat it so we not only have health classes we not only go into the homes but we have evangelism taking place every week. So we're connecting the people to Jesus Christ to the Word of God to the message that he has given to us for this day for our world today and. It was mentioned earlier dread earlier when the cities are worked. What is work. When the cities are worked and then there's a qualification you know what that is. As God what as God would have them there is using God's plan using God's methods. When the cities are worked as God would have them they would be setting in motion a mighty movement such as never yet been witnessed. How many want to be part of that movement and we see your hands that movement is none other than the latter rain of the Holy Spirit to preach it and that has to take place before Jesus comes again. You want Jesus to come. I invite you to take a stand get involved do the work that God has called you. Thank you Pastor Wayne and thank you to each of the presenters in our remaining few moments any questions from the audience if you have a question please stand and say it and then we'll repeat it and then so go ahead. Yeah upper Columbia Conference Yeah right. K.J. arts from Southern California conference and if we were to approach our conference about this oh how would we go about that OK So Pastor Ted Huskins you executive secretary of defense what advice you have for this young person that's an excellent question what you need to do is you need to schedule an appointment first of all probably with the evangelism director of your conference. Or with conference administration your president one of your executive secretaries or vice presidents for the Southern California conference and just share with them in a nutshell what your passion in your heart is I think every conference is looking for for people who are man committed to making a difference certainly northern New England Pennsylvania and upper Columbia are the only conferences that have needs for young people and we're not here to to pretend that that's the case. So I would go to your local conference and tell me you want to be a missionary you want to get involved and this is where you feel like God is leading you and you know they will they will help you they'll counsel with you and help you take it from there you know from the division since I work directly with the divisions from the G.C. North America division has a church planting initiative called Plant one thousand and so that's something right now that you can talk to your local law leadership at the conference and at the union level to say how can we be a part of this church planting movement and from three conferences I see only limited because I had three other conferences but you I see limited to me today are the this year only to three so that's why I'm a part Columbia Pennsylvania and northern England conference any other questions excellent question Did that answer your question OK Perfect next question. Dr I've. Which. Situation is this if. The situation is. Working. To something like this to live inside secular Israelis. So we. Can. Call it. With. Our nation. Will. Be OK. You didn't miss it we. Say we do but we. Yes here. For you as young adults to engage in this herb and our time is up please check check us out at their booth to learn more but as we dismiss Let's write our Holy Father thank You for this time where we had a chance to hear your call to the city and so I just ask that your spirit will move on those hearts as they heard these thrilling opportunities and more that you will move on each one so that way they can take action and be faithful to your call to enter into your joy of soul winning and here at the last days then make disciples as we meet needs through centers of influence and plant new groups of leaders this is my prayer in Christ Aimee Mann thank you. This message was recorded at the D Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. She wants to support the ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot G.Y. see Web dot org.


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