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How Close is Close?

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • July 9, 2009
    9:30 AM
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all I will alright let me say a pleasant good morning to everyone Hope you're doing well on VV intimate it's amazing I'm thinking between last night and this morning 's Nicholson they really prepared a nice segue for our discussion this morning will be dealing with practical Christianity in the life of lasting events in Nassau whole entire series is about practical Christianity in light of last events and you will understand why this subject is so imperative for the Christian nudity many quotations and I'll be sharing with you both from the Bible and from the spirit of prophecy newly references that only beginning from history and current events so that's the reason why want to make sure you have a pen and paper handy because this is any something that by God 's grace you will be well informed Christians and as a result of that you will know how to take these theoretical truths and allow it to assimilate into a daily practicing using my life this morning 's topic this first session would given how close is close Amber Levi for brother owns a presentation this morning because he can't help us to see someone where we are in time and in prophecy right now salinity was a little go ahead with it and delve even deeper into many different principles we have a short period of time we have a lot to cover some of the grace of God and to get started on the go-ahead number prayed as much as you are able to invite you to deal with as we have worked with our father in heaven will realize that one of the great secrets to the power of Jesus 's ministry is that he was always aware of where he was in prophecy and father we desire as men and women of God that we too might walk with that same power that Jesus had so long ago when he walked this earth father we realize that if we look carefully at his pad we will see that as he was aware of where he was in prophecy if we are aware of where we are that we by your grace will continue to live a life that is pleasing and holy in your site and we will do it with a greater sense of urgency realizing that truly the coming of the Lord is soon upon us abide with us now tedious from your word may we yield to the voice of your spirit and may you do as you have promised and guide us into all truth this is up prayer not Thanksgiving that we give asking it with the forgiveness of our sins in Jesus name amen am going to invite you to turn your Bibles to the book of John seven forty hope you have your Bibles we all have a bilinear that right and then we would dare not come to a class where we are seeking to await and I have been ceased to listen and help us away and that is God 's word so therefore when they shall we all have our Bibles and when invited to turn them out to the book of John chapter fourteen John the fourteenth chapter I want to see what God 's word says so that we can all carefully understand the point that Jesus is making John the fourteenth chapter when you get MS to let me know by saying amen John chapter fourteen wanted to see what Jesus says is a beautiful state said John fourteen starting in verse one and a master we can all read to get I will be reading from the King James version Bible says let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me in my father 's house are many mansions if it were not so I would've told you I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you would say I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am and he may be also Jesus makes it very very clear he says yes it is true that I have to go away he makes it clear I have to go away but then he goes on and he follows through by saying welcome again and he said and I'm not just come against it was a look on here is a not uncommon again because of back to you you lobby full of God by Zechariah tells us this focus in the work in the sanctuary above is so that one day he is going to be reunited with his people it is the longing of Jesus his heart to be reunited with you and I'm not burning bushes not through the written word not even forgot manservant but God was to get back to the point that he can speak to his people face-to-face again is the longing of his art now considering this point I want to catch a something if I were asked to the question what really is the purpose of prophecy anyhow I'm talking about coming events were talking about how close is close would talk about the second coming of Jesus but my question is that as we study prophecy revelation seventeen Revelation thirteen Daniel and Revelation all these different books what is really the purpose of prophecy anyhow what would you say yes it the purpose would be for God to reveal his so people will be one more answer okay with everyone my answer what you think is the real reason why not give this prophecy anyhow so we can prepare for Christ's coming in and nonmedical and him and to give you a biblical explanation on why God gives us prophecy and massive synovitis of the second Peter chapter one if you don't get this you see it's imperative that we understand yes it is true God wants to reveal themselves and yes it is true God wants us to be prepared for his coming but there is something even higher than Jesus was to bring out and is found right here in the book of second Peter chapter one in fact did you miss this point you miss everything and this is the reason why they are so many individuals who named the name of Christ but they are not living their daily lives as Christians even though they are incredible students of Bible prophecy songwriting in the book of second Peter chapter one when you get there but me know by Sangamon it says right here in verse nineteen this is very clear the Bible says a second one and verse nineteen its ancestry together we have also a more what sure word of prophecy whereunto you do well but you take eat as unto a light that signed up in a dark place until something happens what happens the day drawn and the days are what arises in your heart so privacy is designed to function as a light that shines in a dark place on tales something happens now the first examination that you want to find out is how my study in profit lines caused the days start to arrive in my heart by the way and that these the disease is visiting now would ask people not to do we do this in class I do not want to get comfortable with Adventist lingo as it has been echoed already between last night and this morning sometimes the very companies and administer legal what I mean by that is sometimes we say things like the forty four twelve hundred sixty seventeen ninety eight effect Adventist language we understand what we say these things if they have certain types of meaning but I wonder sometimes if we really know what we're talking about so that when we say all yet is based on represents Jesus by questioning it was where the Bible doesn't tell us that because we don't really have much on it then the question is deliberately faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God so that will have anywhere to back up what we believe all we really exercising faith of the .net presumption .net is not one presumption is still sold the gun is a faithful people so when I see the question you are telling me that Jesus is the one that is representative is based off my question to you is where in the Bible do we find debtor praise the Lord Revelation twenty two hundred sixteen is moving very quickly I see some revenue here like this study Revelation chapter twenty two hundred sixteen relation twenty two hundred sixteen Mozilla the Bible says and this is how we can know that this is coming from blessing of the Lord not the same man revelation twenty two hundred sixteen the Bible says a Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches and the root and the offspring of David and the bright and morning star so therefore we know that the wall the function of prophecy is so that God 's people will behold the slides this light is not delete us to get into a whole bunch of fearful activities to prepare for the coming of the Lord this light is not to build us up to become intellectual giant and begin to take my intellect and think that my intellect in my understanding of Bible truth constitutes righteousness the reason why the life signs in it so that I might see my need for Jesus and you might see your need for Jesus so as we get ready to study the prosthetic lines and as we get ready to see how close is close my help in my prayer is that you will not look at the subject just so that you can be more informed while I think what event was the greatest challenge of the Jewish nation during Christ they won't relate within the greatest session that affected the Jews that were living in Jesus 's time what would you think that would be that what something and I bring this up for very very relevant point is Lisa let alone inspired me to put together this specific subject for practical Christianity in light of last events was the greatest deception you think that affect the Jewish people during Christ false prophecy okay anyone else legalism very good point right down to five pages page three zero nine and the vivacious page three oh nine we are told to the spirit of prophecy we are told that these are pages page three zero nine we are told that the greatest deception that affected the people during Christ's time was that an intellectual understanding of truth constituted righteousness they thought that because I can decode who live these days they thought that because I can decode this is invalid that is they thought that that's enough and they never allowed all veterans that they understood to have a corresponding experience in the daily life and the Masai was right in the face in the mystic in the same way that that was their problem then so it is that that is many of our problems today so I as we go through this study I want to understand about a study prophecy no doubt about it but I wanted to see Jesus you have to be able to see your Savior your personal savior that is preparing to come for you but not after losing you do you believe Jesus is about to come and we believe that we need to prepare for that Ayman will processes feel believe in the greatest way to prepare for the coming of Christ to follow what Jesus said you believe that article is notable to Mark seven thirteen in Mark chapter thirteen the Bible makes something very very clear to you and I that we stand and if we apply we would do well March the thirteenth chapter on dissing the Bible says the Bible says in Mark chapter thirteen at this this is very powerful because you and I decided we agreed that if we are going to prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ then we must make sure that we follow what Jesus said that only makes sense to limit those little differently than Jesus himself told us in Mark thirteen chapter and I want to see what the Bible says and let's go ahead and start in verse ten Mark thirteen Emerson McGinnis and human are the biggest together some limits on a person will take it on down it says and the gospel must first be published among all nations Israel but when they shall leave you and deliver you up to no thought before hand what you shall speak neither do you premeditate whatsoever shall be given you in that hour that's the key for it is not he that speak but the Holy Ghost alas this map this is now the brother shall betray the brother to death this is in the father the son and children shall rise up against their parents and shall cause them to be put to death this is a new job he hated of all men for my name 's sake but he that shall endure unto the end the same shall be saved now I want to see some counsel that Jesus gave us right members working in verse fourteen by José is not by Wednesday's South see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet standing where it ought not let him that readers understand and let them that the engine to do what this is going to the mountains benefit and let him that is on the house tops not go down into the house not enter therein to take anything out of his house and let him that is in the field not turn back again voted take up his garment button will then that are with child and to them that give suck in those days and praying that your flight be not in the winter for in those days on the one of person suck in those days there shall be affliction octets has now is a science as was not from the beginning of the creation which God created under this time neither shall be now if the class is beautiful and accept that the Lord had shortened those days no flesh should be safe but for the elect 's sake whom you have chosen key has shortened the days and then if any man so say to you Lo here is Christ alone he is their belief and not full I said it shall rise in social signs and wonders to seduce it were possible even the elect but what does Jesus tell us in the next verse he says but take he he behold I have foretold you all things Jesus made it very clear he made it very clear and unforeseen diseases arthritis coming but in Mark thirteen these standards these assessment before I come to a crisis the Seneca and Jesus says before I come a crisis is going to come in and at last is that you get we just read it said but hey he he was amended we can line up on the challenges all these trial of his generation and get ready to come in until the taking what you think me for taking what that means you will see the Salina properties are looking but all these things come to pass all these things get ready to show itself videos on the and he says what taking sort of communicating the right the right to be ready for what we ready for his coming without the context organization that visits go back to the text what's he talking about his second coming before those verses when he was out of the taking was he talking about his second coming now he was talking about what he thought about what you said he was talking about the Christ this and he said take heed be ready for the Christ is not watched fifty of the divine connection those who are ready for the Christ is on those who already Christ the also up on ready for the size since all those who are not ready for Jesus Christ and you know what amazes me because they are many places that we can hear much about Jesus 's second coming enactment circles and outside of that innocence but the question is a bit of a crisis that Jesus himself told me he was coming before he comes and Jesus himself said he bet all I did was tell anybody because of the crisis coming of Christ is coming without preparing them for the crisis that comes before Christ is coming and it suggested that people will be unprepared and unprepared for the crisis there was that happen is they will be unprepared for the coming of Jesus Christ so therefore how close is really close we're not just simply looking for how close is the second coming of Jesus and him I know what we're also looking for is how close is the crisis because if I understand how close the crisis is in-house to understand how close the coming Christ is also likely in a space of a sense of urgency that I might get ready that you might get ready you see you can read about great controversy under the subject destruction of Jerusalem you know what's amazing I love that book that book is full of information for you and I today and it tells a story you probably know you are about to see the historians when he talked about a man who saw the destruction of Jerusalem getting ready to take place in A.D. seventy engine you might remember this is that man who was going around and he had a certain statement that he was a all lodgers on as he walked about to and fro on it was a memo with that statement was that I remember he would go throughout Jerusalem and he would say what will Jerusalem one of the Jerusalem and the reason why this man will go about saying that is because he was studying prophecy team know who that the destruction of Jerusalem was getting ready to happen and eighty seven original is amazing to know because processes it says that the people got so annoyed with this man who was going around saying will present well to Jerusalem that said they began to throw darts at him to try to shut him up the annoying me I don't want to hear a message I want to be in part also charities I want to continue to enjoy the text and the world don't tell me what do Jerusalem disrupting my loving of pleasure more than loving of the want to hear that you said that the man ended up getting locked up in him this portable on whenever this is shocking on the opposite cables is met aware prophecy aware of what it were to become an authority says he says what is reasonable in Jerusalem is not distracted from Jerusalem because I is you know that Batman she died in the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. seventy he died in the destruction even if that is great controversy page thirty eight the prophet of God said not one Christian died in message does that tell us about that man who understood as the day and how it notably he was not a Christian because he said not one Christian died in that season but that meant dying to see what was he where privacy because it was the United States not one Christian dynasties the weather question to be one to say why there's a need for practical Christianity in light of last events because they are individuals who are all things the coming of the art even the coming of the Christ is what they themselves on not allowing themselves to be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ the weather this crisis anyhow we read in Revelation the thirteenth chapter was released in the thirteenth chapter Revelation chapter thirteen we see that Jesus makes it very clearly visible yes it is true I'm coming I have prepared a place for you and I'm coming for you and I'm looking forward to receiving welfare NAFTA that Jesus goes on and he says what he says also I want to let you know that before I come to the crisis coming there is a crisis that comes before I cried then he goes on and then he says that he be prepared for the crisis because those who are prepared for the crisis is also the be prepared for the coming of Jesus Christ so now the revelation thirteen is really identify with prices any what many of the great climax of all these profit immensely anyhow found writing a book of Revelation thirteen chapter will start a verse one will take it down to verse three enabled in the garden continues Israelis and thirteen a verse one and I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast rise up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns upon his horns ten crowns and upon his heads the name of blasphemy the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard and it's the rest of feet of a bear and his mouth as the mouth of a lion and the dragon gave him his power and his feet and great authority personally and I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed and how much of the world as safe and all the world wondered after this beast so the Bible is very clear that goal this visa was once alive and doing well it suffered a deadly wound but eventually does what was going to be healed and then after this great healing event many of the world one that speaks they will look at this piece than all they wanted this beast and referencing now a gold on even deeper in verse eleven of the very same chapter members and thirteen verse eleven that goes even deeper analysis it says and I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth and yet you want my calamities they got the Dragon now a massive question do we know this these days do we know this pieces of Revelation thirteen eleven amen yes no are going to be spent united America on the white hesitated as prison of asking approved that would award for the sake of the study entrepreneur hoping that you went through the word of God come to your answers because that's not my focus of the study but you are right in the United States America now buses here is an verse twelve is it and he exercises all the power of the first these are the eyes is America's only been out because of these more than a world dominating power so therefore if the United States is not coming on the scene with the United States the a world dominating power yes it was okay verse twelve through the exercise all the power of the first beast before him and causes the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first of these is that it will seal here the Bible literally tell that the mission of the United States of America the mission of the United States of America folklore in the Bible prophecy is to cause the world to wonder back after that these that's its mission and purpose of being around knowledge in Texas he goes on to say and he delivered thirteen and he don't does not know it and he do a great oneness of that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the urban site admin any disease then that one of the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the side of the beast saying to them that dwell on the earth that will pay should make an image to the beast which had the wound by sword and did live now that order we go somebody's mind right now the reason why we know that the second beast of Revelation thirteen is the United States of America is because did you notice that the power comes from bottom up and not top down it was right in Texas is look at how denies this numerical functions it said that the diverse fourteen against emergencies it says and defeated them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which have power to do on the side of the beast saying to them that one of your that they should make an image in other words the basic that I will make an image is eight you are not amazed out there said that is making a misleading so that although Nicole limits on any current government decided to see benefits are doing everything they can so that they can get the people down at the bottom to come together and will and other green we need to make an image to the beast the power to come from bottle down not top up and there is no country on other people to buy that if of the night 's big American even when we design our last provincial election under President of the United States and he tells me he is presented to a lot of young people using you cells that I was looking at all relevant and he's going to appoint his Americans the power is is actually a lot other than what it is with us in the house with me and when I say anything on the problem inherent in my hair and profit one was seeing someone is with the second reason that these the same to the papal palace with you select this now versus fifteen any other power to give life unto the image of the beast that the image of the beast should both speak and called in as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed he causes all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand on and therefore this and that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark of the name of the beast or the number of his neighbors eighteen here is wisdom let him happen to think up a number be sort of the number of a man and his number is six hundred threescore and six silver assistance the place that were all headed a corner the profit line is that we are literally about to see the mark of the beast this thing that we've been studying about for so long we are about to see in this generation ominously why according to the script for the first question I have is what is the market this is a great crisis that come to celebrate now all these tribulations and all these things that Jesus talking about what exactly is the mark of the beast anyhow whose of these living without a visa the kingdom Daniel seven tells us that vocal is what influences reason Revelation thirteen best be spoken of this piece that was once forcing that is suffered and that alone it was healed the second reason I think America came onto the scene to draw anybody back in August of this person these was at least the Catholic Church later going okay it is wrong in these times like the papacy but I think the Roman Catholic Church am talking about the same thing all right now yes my question why did the church of Rome say with their own house with the marks of the ecclesiastical or spiritual authority the sun the sacredness on Sunday they say that we transfer this amendment in the Senate and a savage and transferred over to Sunday they made that clear that is the mark of their party therefore the Mark of the beast is being an horse 's name do we do we read in burglars breaking that we keep hearing that the nation will cause individuals to worship they will call that were caused means to force so therefore there will be an enforcement of Sunday observance that right that's what the mark of the beast this is the enforcement of Sunday worship now how close is close how close is close with the Matthew chapter twenty four Matthew twenty fourth chapter have mercy you know I remember when I was a child and I used I lived in Queens New York and I did a lot of traveling by bus and subway and one of the things I was found interesting is that well-traveled I was sitting I think the main reason when they were having looking signs and would say stuff like WordPad for the end is later and are they sometimes look a little strange they walk around with the end is man enough people just mocking the makings of that and Al Qaeda 's network the end is man and a gone back and forth and I remember being five years old and seasoned management pacing out I'm ten years old same guy would be ended now sixteen years old same guy the end is man twenty years old twenty five years old and Santo Maison adherent is that all these things at all I can see you again I would be adults won't believe it is a yeah I remember people addressing the opinion is needed and what has happened is as a result of Christ delaying his coming individuals often find themselves once again falling back into carnal security even when we read what I'm about to be used domestically for the know some people in unmoved by these different Texas Christian I think I know something in the sense that my movie in Matthew twenty four chapter wanted to notice something that Jesus had many of his disciples that want to know that I'd like that what's the things that happen before you come to us how this whole thing is a layout and look at Matthew twenty fourth starting at verse four six ninety forty four centimeters for Jesus answered and said it didn't take he that no man deceive you not to give her to start talking me that way however this isn't what you think Jesus starts by saying taking that no man deceive which means that more than likely a lot of the sets is another come to pass my way and I need to take heed and make sure that I will not be deceived by watch this space is for many shall come in my name saying I crisis out this evening about six of the something interesting in verse seven asserting he shall hear of wars and rumors of wars see that you be not trouble call these things must come to pass but the end is not yet for nation shall rise against nation kingdom against kingdom and there's a defendant in pestilences and earthquakes in divers places all these are the beginning of sorrows now typically when you go through a text like this and you begin talking about calamities in the land you talk about diseases and all individuals as well as always been calamities nominate you have even said that a person might say that when you try to help make them aware with an Indian ties me to get ready for the coming of the Lord we need to get ready for this crisis this coming but sometimes that's the response that we get back to you we set ourselves for somebody else said that has always been storms it always been this stuff you know how we are that before have we all said that at one point yes I know I want to see something he here is that the Bible talks about calamities by land and sea now we agree that there are calamities by land and sea are I would I would not doubt that by any means but is that really letting us know the coming of the Lord would you agree that we see calamities happening by land and by sea in all these different things that let us know that Jesus is coming so what is it that would change the calamities of been happening for way back when what is it then that would probably make the difference what you think would help us to realize a sense of urgency the increase in other words in volume nine of the testimonies when the prophet of God says that the final movements will be rapid ones could be that that lets us know just a little clearer how close is close but even example what I mean I had this little document one oh Wikipedia out that Laplace and information at those variants are wow decided that I wanted to a ten year study to look at it being that within the past ten years establishing a rapidly of all these events because all the time it would have a larger earthquake the great Lisbon and would go back ten fifteen twenty thirty forty fifty years ago by before you have another earthquake of such a magnitude that right saving the twentieth and hurricanes all these things I want this is ironic where and when you now two thousand nine all right stimulus plan in nineteen ninety nine in there was the incident earthquake the incident earthquake took place in nineteen ninety nine it killed seventeen thousand one hundred eighteen people this was copy of an earthquake it is a place just in nineteen ninety nine that what I found I was interesting is not only that in two thousand and three but rather that the demolition on the slides of July it was two thousand and one five this is funny just looking at storms tennis earthquake don't even think I had a laundry list of information things that just took place just within the past ten years that will make them drop to the floor but listen to this in two thousand and one you had the great pleasure and that the direct earthquake which took twenty thousand people 's lives now the two thousand and one in India and then in two thousand three you had the two thousand three Bam earthquake in Iran that killed thirty thousand individuals not only that but in Western Europe the two thousand three European heat wave that killed thirty seven thousand four hundred fifty one people distancing thousand three and two thousand four what the place two thousand five the synonymy in a tsunami of two thousand four in Indonesia Sri Lanka it took the lives of two hundred one thousand eight hundred sixty six people in two thousand five in India and Thailand you had another earthquake actually in Pakistan the other cats in the earthquake that killed eighty six thousand people in two thousand six you had in Romania Spain two thousand six the European heat wave with two thirty four hundred people in two thousand seven in Hungary you have a hungry heat waves which killed over five hundred people in two thousand and eight you have the Myanmar cyclone cyclone abreast with two hundred forty six thousand people in Afghanistan yet the Afghanistan president July the seventy three people and inheritance that just all over the past ten years agency from nineteen ninety nine the supplies you sealed one million people has been destroyed so therefore when we understand that the final movements will be rapid ones could be that this is one of the harvest is that the Lord is letting us know my coming is closer to the great Lisbon earthquake wake us up video that you help us to see that these fundamental coming twice yesterday but are we seeing a rapidity like we've never seen before yes we are measures of the metal is very interesting it is not only by land and by sea that we see all these things happening but there's something else go back to Matthew twenty four but they look even further Matthew twenty four chapter I want to see something out that the Bible tells us the Bible says in Matthew twenty four and were going ahead now and we're looking at verse nine in Matthew twenty four verse nine a Bible says then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted and shall kill you a you shall be hated of all nations for my namesake and then shall many be offended and shall betray one another and shall hate one another and many false prophets shall rise and shall deceive many and because of the negligence shall about on the love of many shall wax cold Jesus understood not only are we noticing the prophet harbingers that are taking place just throughout the things that we seem to land and see what Jesus also says that the Albany some problems that take place in the religious world as well why was it a religious one what you think what it would and because off they gave us an idea of being a single place in the religious world what what what we need that helps us to see that even in the religious world there would be problems false prophets false prophets now I want to go to second Timothy chapter three in second Timothy chapter three it's amazing because God made it very clear to you and I exactly what take place in the last days in the religious world this is not enough it was losing things taking place at all through out the world as it relates to start and calamities in an earthquake and all these things in my neighborhood one of the Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina was very powerful to me the reason why was because on April sixteenth nineteen oh six analyte had a vision cease all in San Francisco envision she saw all this destruction taking place she's also inadvertently burned up and destroyed she woke up out of that dream is very perplexed she was very patient as it will know what restraint and a next thing you know on April eighteenth she saw the paper in San Francisco said San Francisco destroyed by earthquake and fire out why she went down to the area she saw the destruction and God said this was the work of my destroying Angels and I actually went online and you can do this you can actually download from the service at the Museum images of the San Francisco earthquake and fire of nineteen oh six and is a most amazing thing to see because when you see all that instruction in any single fire you look at a new say mercy this was the work of angels is the work of destroying disease it is a thing that I thought was interesting she said before the close of earth history she says we will once again see calamities taking place such as the nineteen oh six San Francisco earthquake Hurricane Katrina happened in two thousand five and you can read the San Francisco Chronicle September four two thousand five the accident when the San Francisco Chronicle 's September four two thousand and five notice it funny that anyone realizing fulfilled prophecy Massey said we had never seen destruction take place in America like this since the nineteen oh six San Francisco earthquake they quoted that would allow they didn't even realize that from their own lives they were fulfilling what God said ninety nine years ago when that took place so Hurricane Katrina is very significant as it was the prophecy goes we were told that that was going to take place shortly before the close of earth history so therefore it is not singly and just looking at the calamities of Ottawa but nothing within the chapter treats of the something even about the world of religion the religious sector as the Bible says on your verse one through together the Bible says this note also that in the last days and what kind of time to come perilous times shall come it is for men shall be lovers of the own selves covetous boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents unthankful unholy without natural affection shrews breakers false accusers incontinent fierce despisers of those that are good traitors heady high-minded lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God now multiply when it really sexy with a Gestalt about the world because it sounds like that we see in the world all the time right but verse five with it all in perspective those without first diversifying what you say having a ball of godliness but denying the power thereof from science and wait wait a minute what do you need a minute when the last time using the world have a form of godliness what are the last time you gone in the world and they look godly the world but this is the godly gophers don't have to come out on on unopened a while does not let me first seven two with magazine and weekly and restaurants at the gym here's what God says about world because very clear first on the second chapter we get it let me know my thing and then in first John chapter two is what the Bible says the Bible says starting at verse fifteen it says love not the world neither the things that are in the world if any man love the world the love of the father is not in him not once in the world is his I ever sixteen for all that is in the world the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is not about motive of the world so therefore the Bible is very clear that the wild red deals to you when I lust of the flesh lust of the identified applied to learn what was not performed on the broad-minded not even the ungodly lusts of the flesh that even the ungodly and the I certainly don't as well so therefore this with a description of spreadsheets this was a picture of the written this world that was taking place now do we have any evidence of things like that taking place when we does little multiyear just so that you can see a stronger even in the religious world we see these problems taking place that with the situation you remember that just a few years ago we have been major issue of sexual abuse in the church of Rome I want to listen to this it said the Roman Catholic Church has been the focal point of a great deal of public anger unfortunately been largely misdirected in two thousand four February two thousand four CNN was able to view a draft copy of a survey prepared by the church and reveals that four thousand four hundred fifty of the hundred and ten thousand Roman Catholic clergy who served between nineteen fifty and two thousand two at the heels of molesting minors as this has resulted in all eleven thousand individual abuse claims against Catholic clergy during that and can you imagine eleven thousand people saying that they have been of the abuse and it wasn't because of what the world the butter was because of what was taking place in the latest one in trenches not only that and when I read this essay will blow the biggest is asked religions get supersized administrative out of your member into valve for windows we didn't make a article at a talk about how using all of these mega- churches that are coming about also using these ten fifteen twenty thousand seat auditorium that are now churches and areas in the services at the biggest church in the country which was like Lakewood Church in Houston Texas is this passage will increase as the some twenty five thousand people each week all I looking to create messages in their business and sin is not on the menu can imagine that secular media for that out this is an ideology is good now as it are the biggest charge of country Lane one centimeters in Texas will increase some twenty five thousand people each week and sending is not on the menu in other words sin is not being addressed now one evening that that's a bad thing usual I live in a mapping that that that sin is not being addressed again in praise you don't need a Savior if you know seasons you see Jesus when you say if I go to prepare a place you that when I come I may read on to myself that where I beg you maybe also so there is in Isaiah fifty eight when God says to his ministers cry aloud spare not bring that was like a chocolate and show my people this and why does God want us to show us our sins so we can feel him and we might instantly can be saved from ourselves why Isaiah fifty nine verse two soon as long as we said in our lives there will be no reunion with Jesus which is not on the menu discharge knowledge of this and that this is its incredible this was posted January twelfth in two thousand eight make a church is under investigation talk about last day event false prophets all these things with seeing it come to have right before our very eyes the vegetation in the world as it relates the calamities of education even in the religious world knows what it says mega church is under investigation posted January twelfth two thousand and eight it says it's incredible to imagine that we live during the most advanced time in regards to medical science yet millions of people will still go to churches donate a percentage of the income and literally get slapped in the face am a pastor and believe God will cheer what ails them if as well these mega- churches become you don't have to pay taxes and it looks like a handful and now under investigation what is under investigation this is Bennington a TV preacher who runs the world searching great my Texas candle travels the globe conducting faith healing revivals lives in a seven bathroom eight bedroom mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean valued at ten million dollars said Reverend Creswell Dallas will change resulting in a result public information so don't they sue me to guess a little sparse well I'm even better if his revocable dollars world changers Church international in College Park Georgia were driving Rolls-Royce has large homes in Georgia and New York even asked to provide a list of all vehicles providing for himself his wife board members and ministry employees Paula and Randy Wise without walls international Church in Tampa Florida favorite in a letter to the Ministry Grassley asked the couple to provide a list of expense account items including but not limited to clothing expenses and any cosmetic surgery for years two thousand four the present Joyce Meyer ministries in Fenton Missouri Mrs. Grassley asked Meyer and her husband David's explain expenditures like twenty three thousand dollars toilet with a marble top a thirty thousand dollar conference table and eleven thousand dollar French clock and a nineteen thousand dollars payable office for the ministry headquarters but this is the one understand why people are turned off which is when it is sexual abuse in place over here when they see people taken advantage of individuals integrity money so that they responded on himself no one in the world is not interested in church and that God seems from the deleted and John saw that because individuals will go to become religious ethnic articles about a get tired of what the churches have to say because they seem not be saying much at all while what the place was simply this people saw the following labeling based on the following own division how do we know this going to focus at infinity capital 's activities out of four individuals were getting tired of what they were seeing in the world Paul makes a classic configuration is not all these things at the interface of the world and now here it is these that even in the religious sector that is the inconsistency salute you what happened the second visa before the rapids Paul says in verse three he says for the time will come prophecy again this is for the time will come when they will not enjoy sound doctrine but after this all of us shall they heap to themselves teachers having itching ears in any something we'd is in the truth and shall be turned on the we are living in a time with CNET right to the one here with the Bible says in English here with churches that sustainable because all they see is inconsistency not only that there are many different arms in second place this remember what ultimate goal that all these things are headed towards renovation thirteen what's it worth where all these things the calamities and aware of the inconsistency and religion the People's heartfelt waxing called in the love of God is being removed where the all attending in one direction and what that direction the passing of instead of in Revelation thirteen the Mark of the beast and the mark of the beast is the enforcement of Sunday worship in other words a national son-in-law this is what it's all leading towards how we notice the book of Nehemiah seven thirteen Nehemiah the thirteenth chapter or say something you are both wanted us that we cannot do nothing you know what I think we know what you see I I I I love our provincial administration right now because you know they're making very sincere effort to try to make sure that we get out of it I get out of this bad economic state and that we overcome the different challenges that are taking place in the world but you know what I'm so glad that profits were called Sears because that tells me that profits can see things even beat down for the future one of the socialist local beer and volume nine of the testimonies page thirteen volume nine the testimony phase thirteen listen to this they said they are not many even among educators and statesmen who comprehend the causes that underlie the present state of society those who hold the reins of government are not able to solve the problem of moral corruption poverty terrorism and increasing crime they are struggling in vain to place business operations on a more secure basis are you hearing so as wonderful as it is everything all these efforts taking place the profit etc. so that they are struggling in vain the place business operations on a more stable basis for what it says exist if men would get more heat to the teaching of God 's word they would find a solution of the problems that reflects it is only onto their eyes see the various leadership within our world coming together and say let's study the Bible let's find out what God 's word says and let's do it is only about time that I will have confidence as long as it's on to find a solution with out the word of God we've been told they are laboring in vain that comes from volume nine of the testimonies page thirteen so that for the weather that we see them in the time to bring things back and when things all the data but the reality was that happened right here Nehemiah thirteen chapters Tennessee was that happen is simply this as it relates to the economy as it relates all the different challenges in the world this is where it all the end of line down Nehemiah thirteen chapter once most of the Bible says starting in verse fifteen Nehemiah thirteen recipient Bible says in those days so I enjoyed a some charity wine presses on the Sabbath and bringing in season lading asses as also wine grapes and figs and all manner of burdens which they brought into Jerusalem on when the Sabbath day if it were not testified against them in the date wherein basil bejeweled the implement of Tyre also therein which brought fish and all manner of where and sold on the sabbath unto the children of Judah and in Jerusalem now is a test this out then I contended with the nobles of Judah and said unto them what evil thing is this that you do and profane the Sabbath day in Alaska's the issue was that the Sabbath he was being profaned once this is phase did not our fathers blessed with a Father's Day vapor famous will happen when the father profane the Sabbath did not argue fathers thus and did not die bring all this evil upon us and upon this city yet ye bring more wrath upon Israel by profaning the Sabbath wait a minute what is the popular interpretation of Revelation thirteen letter today we understand it was over some of your system after that right what do modern evangelicals call the United States modern Israel they refer evangelicals are populated as they refer to America as modern Israel and what we decided Nehemiah Israel suffered as a result of profaning Dobson this is why we're told in great controversy that many individuals look at the calamities look at the economy there to look at the morality of the world and look at all of these issues and it is a you know what we have turned our backs on the Sabbath of the Lord our God will maybe talk about the seventy Saturday when it is a result are we seeing right now oh yes Supreme Court nineteen sixty one Sunday also pass right here in America Supreme Court nineteen sixty one Sunday laws were passed right here in the reason they said was that so that they can help the business and related business issues and economic issues and try to say always not religious no true all is right that harvesting it on to say I'll go ahead and they were pushing it and it was passed in nineteen sixty one always on the Google also did about that because it is always been the mission of the church of Rome to get itself reestablish so that we can once again take the supremacy and pass all of the storms January first two thousand nine Sunday law was passed right in Croatia right in the UK a Sunday law was passed parenthesis is this the document in my hand a Sunday law was passed this year I was using this it says retailers sacked workers as never on Sunday quote law links in this January twelve two thousand nine issue eight sixteenths under pressure from that search Croatian band shots from working on Sunday then we chose immediately began firing workers the slope model down Matsuda daily said on January eighth largest retail chain started first in the first week of the year saying they conducted one of the business on Sundays we get something has got had let go two hundred employees and madmen for stores did not renew annual contacts with a hundred fifty five the report said small single stores also expected to follow soon bit of a battle going on when the big offenders in operation and that is predominantly Roman Catholic wherever Rome has its power is going to go ahead and try to build its case and in seeing all this happened with assistance God says to his people realizing that we are closer than we've ever been to seeing all these things unfold the very church that God raised up within the administration you see when John was wondering if he saw all people wanting at the base it was a small group that wasn't wondering in that group was found right in Revelation fourteen verses six through twelve seven Revelation forty six to twelve and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach and to them that dwell upon the earth every nation kindred tongue and people saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come but there was one final attack the devil knew that those who threaten his kingdom most of those feelings he will attack the strongest there is only one movement on earth brothers and sisters that can truly caused Babylon to fall and that is the Seventh-day Adventist church in my final text I'll read you listen the third chapter the devil saw in Revelation chapter three he saw that I see this movement that has been designed to call Babylon to fall the Bible says in revelation the third chapter starting in verse fourteen the variable Lebanon has raised the to finish the work to point out will Babylon is to let people know about the everlasting gospel unfortunately this was the condition as a result of the attacks the enemy right here Revelation three verse fourteen it is and unto the angel of the church allowed to see his right these things saith the amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God I know what thy works that thou art neither cold nor hot I went our called a hot so then because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot I will spew thee out of my mouth because thou say is I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing and knows not that valid wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked I counsel the divide of me gold tried in the fire that dominates the rich and white raiment that thou made legal and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear and anoint thine eyes with myself that bound his feet as many as I love I rebuke and Jason be zealous therefore and repent behold I stand at the door and knock if any man hear my voice and opens the door I will come into him I will sup with him and he with me to him that overcome I grant will I grant to sit with me in my throne even as also I also overcame and sat down with my father in his the truth of the reality is that yes we are the remnant of his assistance we are not bound to we had been called to finish the work but the problem is that some of us have allowed the loud to see and spirit to dwell within us and we think more of ourselves and we should and as a result of this there will be many who God will have to spew out as a result of this why is problem is not so important but this is as we see the profit lines also and very clearly we are about to come into that crisis has been the leaders of the coming Christ the jewelry controversy page six awaits visitors as the storm approaches a large class who have professed faith in the third Angels message is that that's us if it asked this all approaches a large class who have drove fast phase in the third Angels message but who were not sanctified by being used to the true e-mail abandoned their position join ranks with the opposition and become the most bitterest enemies of the form of bread and realize class you were deciding right now by how you live your daily life if you can become the month that large class that the only processing on this we will leave this thing because we never allow God 's truth to have a sanctifying effect it stayed in the mind but it never touch the heart line five page eighty one my last quote to you as I gave you my last fix I give you my last quote and one five eight eighty one this is the time is not far distant when the test will come to every soul this is the mark of the beast will be urged upon us and if they also have yielded step-by-step to worldly demands and have conform to worldly customs when I find a hard medicine you to the powers that be rather than suffer the endangered the dangers of death and imprisonment and this is many a starter we've admired for his brilliancy at that time they will go out darkness we must not become the monks that number if we don't know practical Christianity in light of all these lasting events if we don't allow veterans to have a sanctifying effect upon our hearts brothers and sisters we will be counted amongst a number on excess and with any covering Jesus where are you it's a study of the work of Christ in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary sad to say but many of us in the movement that we don't understand what that means practically we know the old story of eighteen forty four and everybody waited for Jesus to come in and he never came and we say all he went from the holdings of the most holy name asleep beyond his family does that mean practically but I don't me our next study help Jesus where are you willing to find out exactly where Jesus is what is his work what is his position and how does that relate to me in my daily walk with my hope my prayer is that we will see you all there I know your interest in the many places the brothers as you don't know God 's sanctuary message if you don't know truly how to take the three Angels messages and make it practical how I live the three Angels messages if you don't understand is very important and vital principles how can we be ready for this coming crisis in it how can we be ready for the coming Christ by God 's grace I pray that we have just a little bit of a clear picture of how close is close right at the brink were about to see some amazing things is that the majority of the world is overwhelming surprise May God help us then we will be a people prepared to meet our God at this time that is our father in heaven look this so may the things that are taking place in this world and these are your love messages that you're trying to let us know get ready because you're coming you want to equip us with all that we need so that goal the storm may come we will remain standing father we need the outpouring of your Holy Spirit that we might do it we're praying on behalf of one another as brothers and sisters in Christ give us the strength we need help us dear God that we will take these true that we learn and study for so many years and know how to allow it to have a sanctifying effect upon our heart abide with us now we pray we ask in Jesus name amen


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