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2. Eyeless in Gaza: Sexual Integrity for Men

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries



  • December 28, 2017
    10:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources light this visit us online at W W W dot. Org. Ok view by was a good turn to Genesis three Verse six is opening tax the seven thousand title I listen Gaza sexual integrity for men you know and I I highly recommend the men for for the women as well glad to see the women here lot more men the last I was mostly all women I saw men coming peeking in but they have their turn on the left but you know. Actually I can tell you it was a marriage that the men were know about women and the city America I mean Obama and so good to see they were in the air. They kind of scared to come in by the president for you both so what if it had been so this presentation is entitled I listen Gaza sexual integrity for men I listen god section integrity for men. Raise your hand if you don't get a handle. Them. Thank you thank you for guys to have for helping out the sheet and thank you. Thank you. I Needa. Come. Here to my dog Thank you very much. Thank you. For. This and no. OK or Genesis chapter three verse six. Section thirty for men I listen Gansa. So when men become sexually pure you're not only revive their relationship with God but in a chance for a new relationship with your girlfriend or your wife your fiancé. Every man battles with sexual temptations and every relationship whether he you have a wife or girlfriend were only grow stronger when you actually defeat the sexual temptations and so we're looking in this study found some stories in the Bible about Hossa men overcame in this era so you know and men now we look at last seminar we look at how women struggle and women struggle with different temptations we learn that they have a higher level of estrogen in their bodies and so they struggle more with the emotional and that's why the sexual temptations for women to struggle with emotional lusting of the heart that's what we learn a lesson OK and which is actually now you've been spoken about you hardly you know you may hear about that some many people in the church had never heard about the emotional lusting and that's all women do that's the temptation that's what they're drawn toward too. When men is different men have higher levels of testosterone do you know that men have ten times I'm on the testosterone and then women the is now that ten times so that's why you wired differently you're created differently women have a higher level of Ash Rajan and that's why they struggle with their sexual sins in a different way and men struggle with their sexual sin in different way ten times. And that's why we wonder why we're different and why we struggle but it's just one that you know men that you're not alone OK this is actually a biologically you're wired different god creator you are different hormones and that's why you're different that's why we act we act differently and both sins is wrong you know the physical lust thing is just a sinful as the emotion lusting that women do it is that men always target is the ones who are you know dirty old man or pervert a right but women are those who struggle with differences but is never talked about even in the churches so we want to kind of focus on different things of of the different sexual temptations for both men and women so. With this subject with men let's focus on the Word of God and you know the power thing with the Bible the POV of thing with the Bible is that you don't read you know the I was a bunch of stories about people who are perfect I don't think I ever want to read the Bible because it may be they are like me and I want to read stories where people struggle with sexual penetration like David right like Sampson a sort of me starting today and there will be makes it real that he does a struggle and they actually lost but they came they became big Taurus through the love of God What is a man and makes it real like this case strong go and Jesus struggle we're going to talk a little bit about that as well this struggle with these temptations and yet understand the difference between temptation in sin as well and even thoughts and looking as different song without thought as we go through the Word of God. Praise God to see other men in man. One godly man today I say amen amen let's pray Father as your word is open help us to understand. And apply you were it in me to speak directly to our hearts that we may see how much you love us whereas in Jesus' name amen. Genesis three. Now we learn about the temptations of Eve Ray that she had back then and how the strategy attack was was tardy was to get her to sin in you know if she wouldn't just eat in the food right he had to get into a mine and change your mind and mess up her mind and once he messed up her mind then she was a he he was able to get her to said whoa with add on knows what happens here the boss is here when the woman saw that the tree was good for food right and it says at the end she ate and then it says in the end she also gave to her husband with her and he was eight OK so now Eve was the seed right the winter mind the seed into falling right play with her mind change her mind and thoughts and feelings and this she fell into sin. Was out of the seed into city No he wasn't right do you know was the reason why he actually decided he is different because of who. Because of Eve because of the woman right he felt that he couldn't live without her right and so he said you know little the little down the road here is seen the woman who you gave me blaming her the one who would die for right from the beginning is going to die for but I'm going to die for her and I eat the food other words he sinned because of the woman that's the first sin about her right he said because of the woman and you to find out that a lot of the sins of men the number one sin for men is fall into sexual temptation. And so it began in the Garden of Eden that's where began out and saw we design this beautiful way and chose to sin with her and eat the fruit so that thought let's go to David I think Dave is a good example what happened of all of the sexual sins First Second Samuel chapter eleven verse one second Samuel chapter eleven verse one this can look at the story of King David. And we're going to look at the strategy of attack that Satan used to get David to sin you know and Satan has strategy he's such as shall adjudicated eat a sin and how does how he gets modern isa sin gets the shot of the top of attack against them and so today say to you the same strategy attacked for men that he used back then in King David's time as well and so in verse one what did David do when all of it all went out toward the Bible says it happened in the spring of the year at the time when kings go out about oh the devious enjoy been his servants with him. And all Israel and destroy the people Ammon and B.C.'s Rabba But David remained at Jerusalem to see David as the king was supposed to go off to war but instead he stayed in a hole and he was I do or that time and you know. That's the steps that Satan uses to attack you see so it is first line of attack is the get you to become. In other words nothing to do and active lazy and because of that city has easier access to your mind isn't a true right and so that's why the first line of that to get you as men that's the first step of a task the second step is verse two What happened to David one night the verse to a says then a happy one evening the David arose from his bed and walked on the roof of the king's house and from the roof he's he what was that word saw what a what woman what bathing in other words. He saw a woman who was naked right so that was the ten days of first thing he did was he got he got David to be either a Nazi doing a second step or the strategy of attack to sit in those torment he made David see through his eyes a woman taking a bad now he was tempted to resides so he puts out Satan he purposely puts out sexually charged images of women before men and order to get our attention is that not true today what is a man to man that's what he does and is everywhere praise God that Hawaii has a billboard ban in Hawaii camper billboards on the freeways but sometimes you put all these sexually charged images everywhere the Internet is pops up everywhere and that Satan knows how to get men's attention the first step right he gets you to be either second step he actually put his sexy Charles images showing these half naked women or even naked women on the Internet everywhere you go because he knows what makes men fall and he puts it out there now I want to know what happens next OK The next thing to happen David is not only saw a naked woman of the teens on the Says he saw a woman bathing a sexy charts image and then it says he and the woman was a very what beautiful to a. Behold look upon or it is not just like looking at a quick glance but he saw he saw her that she was beautiful the temptation already came with a sexually charged image but actually went a step further and after he began to think about it behold it behold something looking and staring at it he actually started to fantasize about it. And that temptation turned from a temptation to like a lusting conceiving inside his mind that's what happened so looking at and as he noticed that she was very beautiful to look upon. So rather than looking away and choosing not to do it he stared upon the woman long enough to determine that she was beautiful so he tended to stare in a long for the sensual image that was placed before him that was a temptation against David now after desire in a woman what to David than to look at verse thirteen the next step is the Bible says So David sent and inquired about the woman and someone said it is not bad Sheba the dog of Ilium the wife to hit eight so he brought he ass questions Who is that woman. Where does she work that she like me if I have an affair with her would anyone find out what's going on are you following me in a way such inquiring if this could happen very kind of imaginary to Harry imagine his mind now he is going to out really questioning in kind and acting it out on his outside what was happening. And then it says here. Verse four to five what happened after King David lusted after Beshear with his eyes like a verse four and five so now it is it all happened just like the woman it happened in his what mind first right out of the bun then saw the heart the mouth was Speaks write them out speaks on the outside what is already happening in your what heart right in your mind now where your heart located it is on the outside or inside you by inside OK so you must speak on the outside what you do in the our side is only reveals what's already in your what heart so we learned last in the last presentation about women it already happened in the mind that's why the act out in afterwards right inside same thing here with with with David he's only acting now what he was already thinking in is my. It was clearly the same an event so the battle is really inside of your mind the true way is not external for seeing in you know the kind of gritting your teeth anything but. There needs to be a change of the mind and that's what we does to focus you change the inside and the outside of all. Is not change the outside and the inside magically changes right but yes some people think that way but you change the inside and also falls on those a sense here in verse four or five The Bible says. Then David sent messengers and took her and she came to him and he slept with her for she was cleanse for him period in verse five and the woman can see she got pregnant the woman conceived sent and told David and said I am with child and I know as he slept pretty that again the fall of the outside only what happened on the inside and I was Does what happened so say think it says to be idle number one to put sexually charged images in front of us then it gets us to dwell upon it to think upon it for while the fantasizing about that woman right is in the minority and then the sexual act follows it right and that's how Satan gets men to fall. That's a strategy attack that he's used before and the problem is that men have definitely what is called an eye problem right so let's go how many we committed dogs tend to Matthew chapter five verse twenty seven twenty Matthew chapter five in your bible is verse twenty seven to twenty homie we commit adultery knows about was sent by was says you have heard that it was said to those of all you should not commit adultery but I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in here's what hard on inside so adultery or sexual acts or whatever you do on the outside right. Is wrong but God is now only looking at your outward acts he's also looking at your in you were thoughts and your feelings you believe that let me say Amen Amen that's what he wants Piers because he knows that's a spring that's why cons from if you hear from the inside and experience healing there your thoughts and feelings are cleanse then on the outside you experience healing in the sins will go away so the focus is not so much Scripture teaching and the clincher fear is and and this kind of like for sure way through the focus should be upon this allow God to change our inside our thoughts and feelings so that our actions will stop I want to how about you when I say amen a new heart that I want to put within us so. Look at verse twenty nine in relation to spiritual Doughty what could we do as men Demi Sabre's look at verse twenty nine talking about the next verse And later A says here if you're right i causes you to sin what does this say to do. Pluck it out and cast it from you for more profit or for you that one of your members pairs that for your whole body be cast into hell so in other words if you want to be saved it is better that you actually pluck your eyeballs out right they don't look at a woman right men right I mean as you would pluck I the balls of I mean don't do it that's pretty drastic So he's saying they pluck eyeballs out so that you have to be saved right in which our Diebold's. Kind of crazy but is going to play to something in the future but there's a better way for men to be saved then us to pluck our bodies our heart thank God for that what is a man invent. So the better way is found and that's found in Job Chapter thirty one verse one Job Chapter thirty one verse one and. One is a better way for men to be saved in cutting the plucking the eyeballs out so that they won't sin with their eyes because the battle is with the eyes of the men the physical lesson of the eyes are going to find out where to go to our next story. The eyes is where the battle is really at and though the job said he would do the Job Chapter thirty one verse one he says I had made a covenant with my what I was there is that there is again with men a cover there with his eyes that why then should I what. Think oh look upon a young woman right think upon a look apart to think upon a young beautiful woman write another words now watch understand there's a difference between being attracted to something that is beautiful how you believe that whether God makes is beautiful in the sea and out there what is there an event so God created everything you know God even created women the is no that event and God created them to be beautiful and heavy in any event and all men and women are here men change when women are here I know that I care and women change when men are here I care what women God created men to be even good looking right when I say I invent to be attractive how they were attractive because he created got me all things good right so he made that so he created that we can see the mountains are so beautiful order trees are so beautiful right oh but you know as a Christian we can say women are beautiful you know that's gotta But women God created men and women beautiful so the two recognize that God created many when beautiful and there be a to see the beauty and to be attracted to that that's OK that is not sin OK you got to clarify that is that clear does let me say many men because you go to extreme that's when you fall into a deep sexual sins and that's how the papacy works you know they create an environment of were told all hatred against pleasure a sin that's why they have the kind of elevate a different CAS celibacy those who actually are priests and nuns if they don't have sex they're the higher spiritual level than those of us who do or you follow me saw anyone who enjoys the pleasure of sex is a lower standard a call actually the call actually a sin in the enjoying the pleasure of sex even in marriage is considered a sin. So this the whole concept you create that and with that it creates a whole flip over into people coming into more. And more into like drastic a horrible and wicked says because it kind of flips over kind of the pendulum swings and also even the Virgin Mary they believe that not only Mary was a virgin. And she never had the biotechs and about the contradicts it then only Mary was a virgin but immaculate conception is that her mother was a virgin and. Allowance. And she's a virgin for the rest of her life we're not sure because the Bible says that it's she didn't know until after she is was born does she know her husband to after so it means afterwards she did sleep with her husband saw no it is false doctrines it points that there's a different cast a stone those who don't have sex is considered a high spirits or it downgrades the pleasure of sex because of that a lot of people have a lot of issues in the marriage in relation to that so that's what happens so this and also you know every man is tempted the Bible says when John the way of his own wife blustery so. And then when Lost has can see then it is what it says that turned bring that which is which is sin right so there is a difference between being tempted. And actually sitting so that makes sense right so if a if a if a naked picture of a girl flashes in our minds way. That is not sin is a clear is when you actually start to think upon and draw upon it and fantasize about that then it becomes what I say men some men struggle with that thinking that than the bad thought. Is actually sin but is not sin and that can bring a lot of guilt upon you and what you feel the guilty you fall into what is give up and is go all the way right but this that thought is not since you have to. Separated too as well so look at something that's attractive is that sin temptation of even sexually charged images is not sin but when you start to think upon it and to all a part it fantasize about it that is when it turns from a temptation to sin according to the bio and that's clear they mean you say amen amen OK good song with that understanding. You know. We are tempted everywhere the sexual temptations are everywhere and I'm from Hawaii beaches are everywhere you know I think it of all you know you go to like Virginia compared to Hawaii you know Hawaii is very open no girl coming in skimpy two piece bikini a walk into Macy's do in society in the December time and not worry me thinks anything about it but you have a woman in two piece can be bikini in December going to Virginia in Macy's and they're kind of what is she doing right is they told her I saw you open a sort of temptations there or this actually charges can be more saw with all the beaches and you know everything I had a person say that he had to quit his job because of where he is working in our studies half naked women are they and it could be faithful to his his wife because of the environment he was in because that makes it you put in these negative thoughts into your mind is sexy charges you seeing it all the time and what's happening to you and your thoughts is changing and in the inside and then you're acting out only on the outside what is already happening on the inside Satan uses pornography sexually charged images of women found in magazines books the internet Hollywood movies television programs and the parade essential images about women all over the Internet and you know it is meant to cast the bait Hollywood knows what is the wording they know what sells and know what makes money because it knows the human flesh even better than even a lot of our churches way they were talking about the lad. Seminar like No was the last time you seen in your churches talking about you know your sexual temptations are men and overcoming sex since and sin in your churches or even in your schools we've been in your homes and so Hollywood is this living off the money it's making upon orders different things and so if you look at your handle it says if you're seeing sexually charged images you're lusting after them you know increases the masturbation it increases fornication increases corrupt marital passions increases adultery but if you're not seeing stern and in and there's this fantasizing about sex he tries images you not lusting after them you did creases masturbation the creases fornication decreases corrupt marriage the passion increases or Doughtery God wants us to experience purity not only on our outward actions but purity in our thoughts in our minds in our feelings I want to what you were to say Matt said so we're going to do now we're going to go to the story of Sampson attorney two judges chapter fourteen verse one I think Sampson is a Paul for example a one who fell into sexual sins. Justice up to fourteen verse one to three. Knows what it says. About her says Sampson went down to ten months saw does that word again and says he saw with his eyes a WILL NOT to mouth of the daughters of the fittest science so he went up in told his father and mother saying I have seen with his eyes a woman in ten out of the daughters of the Philistines therefore get her for me as a wife then his father mother said to him there's no is there no woman among the daughters of your brotherhood among all my people that you must go and get a wife for the uncircumcised for the stone and Samson said to his father get her for me for she pleases me well so something solid his wife you want to marry against the wishes of his parents so he read sense and sinning with his eyes right the sinning with his eyes or physical lusting before you know here's a powerful miracle grace of God even though he has sin with his eyes and he was with this woman he should have been with right. He committed a sin we know that the spirit a lord came upon Samson and they fell upon him any use Sanson to destroy one thousand Philistines very Remember the job or so even though he had fallen to sin God still uses what a miracle grace of God What is a man a God to use him even though here fell into the sexual sin. Those that happen next what the Samson do next and God judges Chapter sixteen verse one knows about was says again about Sampson's the Bible says now Sansone went to Gaza and saw there it was a prostitute there are harlot and he went to work and to her another was God's answer went to Gaza and he saw with his wild. Eyes there it is again saith intense men through their eyes so he saw this woman a second child woman of a process and the how does a prostitute dress was all covered up no it was a say. Actually Charles image of a woman he saw what is I say to intense men with the sexually charged images because he knows that men weakness is that actually the physical lusting of the eyes and so he gets them to fall there and that's what he did here to get Samson a father for this woman who is a prostitute. You know you were him you know in a bar with a he walked in mid of the night the Spirit of God came down upon him and he destroyed the enemies of God and here it is again he broke the door off the here and put it on the top of the he of the of the gates and put it top of the hero and isn't that the mercy of God Again what is event even though we sin again and again and again with our sexual sins God in His mercy does not for sick us even to miss about sex or says God blesses us and uses us and he gives us His grace and mercy. You know we think that only those people who have sex with a prostitute house. Have sex outside a marriage or commit a daughter who wants to commit sexual sins but sexual sins go beyond this it is a look at your hand Oh it says here the merits covenant covers sins of the dark is he you men or women professing godliness be based their own bodies to the indulgence of the corrupt passions and those lords souls beneath the brute creation other words you think they're OK can get married you can do weather of crazy things right within a marriage but a current to inspiration and a BY was a no marriage can actually cover up a lot O. evil and since many many do die prematurely the lies sacrifice in glorious work of excessive indulgence of the animal passions there because they are married they think they commit no sin. Interesting I now want to balance that out there are Fortune this is true like I said the culture of the world where the papacy is created like those who enjoy the pleasure of the sin of sex is sin right the vino sins so because of that. Women tend to have break sexual breaks a marriage you know thinking of like a culture thing and so His them from theme in having regular good sex as actually secret sex within a marriage as well because it makes sense and so do a lot of barriers that breaks within the my. That they need to hear from as well but then there's the other extreme here was actually the use it excessively and in the work your way. Now and I love a question that he and I care so if you have a question that we do like last time in we can ask questions so you can write them down and we can be ready for that and then says you're the next what Asian passion are just as basic quality may be found in a marriage relation as outside of it so these say to deceive us to think that once you're married we can do whatever you want but it simply is not true but the same time sitting deceivers that once you're married you still have to cut a hole off and put on them put on the brakes sexually as well but that's not true as well. What the sense and do next judges sixteen verse for no the biases here. The Bible says afterward to happen that he loved the woman in the valley of Sorich whose name was was. The lie or. The lion or. He might show you heard of De l'Isle or sense in the Lion or he lost that the ladder with his eyes and then he slept with her she had to be bad news right she betrayed him manipulating him to tell her the secret of his power which was his what. IS HAIR CUT IT norm and because stop science you know science it was the most powerful men out there God are using to defeat the enemies of God in such a powerful way but where no man could stop him a woman could. Use that to today Paul for speaker us. For ministries. When no man could do. A woman did that's today as the world we live in today. And no Satan knows what he can do against against you he knows what your weakness is what happened verse twenty Bible says in verse twenty and he said the feller stands upon you sense and so he will go out as before at other times and I said I'm going to God before as other times and shake myself free so I'm going to go out goes of me with me all these other times I'm just going to go out and a shake these guys off and it says in verse twenty twenty says but he did not know that the Lord had departed from him who God was and maybe for a father to his sexual sins who God is I mean God says merciful to you when you say amen God me here is that a tyrant ago I destroyed the enemies of God God used me in a powerful way even in ministry in my sexual sin who the mercy of God What is a Met but there came a time. Where because of his choice to sin again and again and again what the picture of God. And you slowly pull yourself away from who God really is in loving him where you could not hear his voice anymore. It's a frightening place to be. Spirit of God I left him. Did a study. He think this is in the world sexual temptation they did a study of one of all colleges not to say which one. But they wanted to follow and track the Internet traffic for a weekend. In the men's dormitory. And they found that in one weekend the Internet traffic in one of our colleges. Seventy five percent of the Internet traffic for this men's dormitory was Internet pornography. If we continue to deceive ourselves and sweep our problems under the rug that everything is fine because we're God's remnant church who were headed on a even a worse road than we're at. You can see in the sea of us are the not want to touch these issues and bring it out in in our churches or even our schools. We're going to be worse off than we're really at. We're not we're living in a false world we talk about the last presentation we talk about how we're in you know where we like to live in a fantasy world false world is not really true we as a church at Laodicea we're living in a fake world we're not able to relate we can't we're not relevant we know how to reach because we don't want to deal with these issues better we sweep these problems because too painful to deal with this issue I'm forced to deal with this cystic of seventy five percent who want to deal with that this is sweep the problem on the rug potentially out there and this continue on with life is that how we do it now in the church but then we do that even in our institutions that we do they maybe even own homes. Oh institutions are made all of our homes and our. And we do a disservice to all those young people who are struggling with these sexual sins of emotion of lusting of the heart for women and physical lust thing of their own we do a great disservice to all these young men and they get so discouraged or frustrated that they can't overcome and they leave the church right is that the true God wants us to have the victory was a discourse Haitian it says here this is fallen to the testimony for seventy talking about self abuse which is masturbation this is when persons are addicted to the habit of self-abuse it is impossible to arouse them or sense abilities to appreciate eternal things or delight in spiritual exercises impure thoughts season control of the imagination and fascinate the mind the next follows an almost uncontrollable desire for the performance of impure actions in other words in our mind you are fantasizing masturbating fantasizing about other women and even more emotional lusting after men in our minds for the last one what it does is it creates impure thoughts right within our minds and the RE don't appreciate eternal thing we appreciate going to church or spiritual things or anything right we really appreciate even listen a seminar as a whatever because the things that we do pools away from spiritual thoughts. That's what happens next. Some who have make a high profession do not understand the sin of self abuse and assure results solemn messages from heaven cannot forcibly impress the heart that is not fortified against the indulgence of this degrading vice that is God's mess is what God is not the God is not speaking to us is that we are not hearing his voice What is the men because the things they were doing since separates the find we can't hear God's word because our choices our sins are separating us from God. God is always speaking to us he loves us he's reaching out to us whatever disturbs the circulation of the. Electric currents in a nervous system lessen the strength of the vital powers and the result is a deadening of the sensibilities of the mind in consideration of these facts how important that ministers and people who profess godliness stand for clear and untainted from the soul the base in Vice which is a summation. It has clearly Museum in their men. And those in there it says we must do something to stop this terrible tired of more impurity self-abuse as the most degrading same polluting the whole character of the man and listen to this quotation unless those who are practicing this vice break up their sin and repent before God They were fine no place in the City of God. Now is a sin temptation. And what there is victory through Jesus Christ what is a min. And I'm a testament to that God is giving the victory to Jesus Christ what he say meant they can give you the picture been through we're going to give you actually practical tools in the end but God can give it a victory you or you feel sexually charged images to looking at those things and God's love can do as I want to what your man. Says we need to see that you're part of a free sex and masturbation is not truly the root cause. There's a reason. We talked about the last summer because a root cause or causes in the mind but many times it is an addiction as a way to escape or to numb the pain just like food does something you pass again we're going back on emotion here is something in the past here that happened I give an example you can understand when talking about so. There was a spoke at this weekend at his church in Northern California and I asked if people could want to talk with me we could pray together so we did we talked in we prayed together and. I remember his one man was in a back room and he's waiting and I'm the last one I was that he was at six seven o'clock if it is but it was like eleven o'clock and I was reading and praying with people and find his one man is walking back and forth back and forth and saying you next come he said No no let them go let them go so they all came one by one and then we talk with them and we're hoping to experience healing and then I find Jose who is the last person who came down in front of me and he said I struggle as it were like to me to pray for him said I struggle with anger. And with pornography and sexual since that's what he said and I try and then he said to me I have something to tell you but I don't think you are able to handle it I was so exhausted I didn't answer him because I think to myself I really wasn't able to handle a call so tired so I didn't say Oh tell me about it is that it go then he said to me again I have something to tell you about which I'm not able. To handle it then I said I thought to myself. So I did say thing and finally I said what is tell me what's going on so he said was so with this in in this and in everything you know find the root cause and I couldn't figure it out and I was kind of frustrated or read a whole other can help this guy you know tired me and so tired I can't connect I'm not here in God's voice I know it would relate the principles rightly in a kind of frustrated funny said to me now I have something to tell you but I'm not sure if you could be able to handle it. The finest said OK when you tell me what's going on. He said I retired. But about forty years ago I'm in the medical profession and I was doing a clinical. And I was in this room alone with this young girl about ten years old. And when I was in this room along with her. Something happened emergency. And they flipped the wrong switch and they knew I should have flipped the back by a panic and I froze and I didn't. And the little girl died and to this day you don't want to know is this there's a root cause of everything. Some kind of escape to numb your pain and make you feel better. That's addictions food what you can do whatever behavior not Katic spray the numb the pain. And so he's starring in the disco What is a what is it was it a divorce when you're a child still hurting you and following me was the fact that maybe you were sexually abused yourself what was it. Was that caused this causing that that the symptoms here because you don't deal with the root cause analysis reason from cause So if you don't deal with the root cause you're always going to continue these symptoms right is this a numbing thing people drinking what they even say to their drinking to drown out there are sorrows way to numb the pain right that's the whole drugs of everything all these addictions do the same thing right is that what true is not true so if you don't deal with the root cause you can in this gloss over anything you pass you don't hear from those things that's why we have all our school called Healing Rain we deal with the root cause of the healing for your motion of pain so you can actually truly have victory that's what we have these programs you don't do other cars than continue on as wanting on seventy five percent we don't hear the record deal with the root causes is going to go up to eighty percent eighty five percent not like said he said if I were in a really high rating it's going to get higher and higher and higher and God wants us to experience the heat and I want to hear what you want to see him in you know with the SAPS and do look at judges sixteen verse twenty one the Says here. By was easy and sixteen twenty one says in the sand for science took him and they put out his what I was and brought him down to Gaza Gaza where he found that prostitute represents sin so no words they took out his eyes Sanson was Arliss in Gaza that's a part of this presentation right back but here as I listen Gaza was saved by God's grace when I say men he had his eyes plucked out like the Bible says but he had his soul was see what a wonderful guy you met he couldn't make you they haven't we desired so God decided to take his eyes out so he could be in heaven. And then it says here in verse twenty to thirty how the sounds of life and the Saints Here in verse twenty in that sense and call to the Lord God say our Lord God remember me I prayed strengthen me I prayed this once that may take vengeance and it says let me die in birth thirty let me die with the for the signs and he put it on his mind and destroyed all the Philistines in that building and in other words he killed more you did more for God and the last time after his sin than ever before what is Amen you may have fallen into some type of same emotional lusting of the heart the physical lusting of the eyes sexual sin adultery whatever it is. Masturbation fornication whatever said but if you give it you if you gain the victory and heating in your life God can usually much more powerful way than ever before what is amen canal you can have a story like David has and sounds and has of of victory and how you can help other people but he is a man you know in numbers in abide by Moses you know they were the serpents and their bit from the serpent remember and their total look upon a pole where the serpent. And that poor were to submit to who is a serpent by the way Satan right so why. Look at the serpent on the pole and you know it's hard to look at a supper when you can bit you looking at your bites are very looking at the serpents on the ground the sin right you don't look up but it goes and looked up they what they live right but those that look down they die now if you look at your sexual sin you look at your fornication your adultery your masturbation look at all sins in the and the stings fan you look down upon all the things going on your life you're not going to gain a victory but if you look up at Jesus because Jesus was made to be Satan and made to be sin for us right on the cross and that's what the poor the serpent represent Jesus on the cross we look at the love of God in the cross of Calvary and how much he loves you when you see the love of God he has for you that's going to break the stronghold of Satan upon you but you have to look up look of the cross of Calvary and God wants to experience how much you love for he died on the cross of Calvary for his church search churches could be set free I want to hear about your men so covenant challenges based upon God's promises to us I want to this challenge a man his is that covered in China number one men covenant to look and see the love of God has for you in the cross of Calvary or I want to what you what is Amen. To cover with your eyes if you merely turn away from for me over your eyes from any woman that you may lust after an AMEN AMEN three covenant which arises never look at any type of pornography or any type of charge images of women either in books magazines or on the Internet OK here is a man invented for covering your eyes or start watching all Hollywood movies and television programs or show any essential images of women or degraded the base women into mere sex objects can have being a man a man five covered in stop all sexually more X. where he is single have a girlfriend or marry can be a many men they say it takes about three weeks in order for something to become a habit and about a six week. For something for like a sexual habit to break that habit there are five five things I want to share with you to help you overcome your diction the first thing is. Face an experience healing for your past hurts when you see men that's what we're talking about here earlier Fisher you root causes to read and think upon the love God has for you especially on the cross God's love it gives you the victory over sin inspiration says Love is the agent with sin is expelled from the heart what is event read the desire of ages read a chapter every day read the section the especially on the cross of Calvary and actually get seventy three Change your diet a cat has a look at his quotation it says. Those in danger of exciting the animal passions their children should not be allowed to make eggs their diet for this kind of food eggs and animal flesh feeds and inflames the animal passions How is that what you want to have the video you really want victory you have to change a diet sorry about that something you love eggs you love the meat but the more you know that if each animal passions. This makes it very difficult for them to overcome the temptation to indulge in a sinful practice of masturbation self-abuse was simply she talks about it which in this is almost universally practice by the way is not only men it's women many women tell me they masturbated in their children a masturbating girls so this is now only one side the right has no their right. This practice weakens the physical mental and more power than bars the way to eat everlasting life there's a tea that you can drink. It's called Skull Katty. We ran out so we don't have any booth we're. There an hour. It actually helps to overcome addictions all count because it helps calm your nerves and the people that they give you no anxiety comes and takes away anxiety so comes in nerves so the ticket a hit. And you are great but we really actually did run around and so after three to four cups a day this comes under the sexual desire saw skullcap T. Hey look for it we can find it the last thing is allow God to take you through suffering as this is the means you use a bring you victory in our victory how about you what is a man. So men. There is Victory in Jesus Christ and He can give you that victory and it starts in your mind and many times it may be painful to deal with your past I know this page of young men here today who are hurting and who is surely no darkness cannot live in the light. You have to be transparent you have to be real what the moment becomes transparent in Rio the like you is the darkness so all you have to be open to God first will be open which itself as a god search your hearts show you where you fall in where you're sitting a lot of time you don't see a one since a lot of us were to convict you to open your heart to God as a friend tell him everything by the way guess what you can tell him everything because he already knows everything what is the event in the in a sense hide from it by painful to talk to me about what's really true but Tom that's true and then maybe talk to you when you use leaders or a good friend where you need help and maybe now only about the sexual sins but maybe the root cause of what's causing so much pain why are you cutting yourself there must be a deeper in a pain that you want to extend a pain in your body right why you want to kill yourself or commit suicide there's something there right now that you're not this accidentally thinking those thoughts something is hurting you you must bring it out ask God to read it to you experience healing I want to hear how it is amen this afternoon are seven I continues it's going to be purity and passion talking about the consequences a wrong sex activity how the healing for that thank you let's pray Father thank You for Your Love and you could bring. Your love and hating to everyone here at last everyone yes. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seven team conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. G Y C A supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot G Y C Web dot org.


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