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The Beatitudes

Hector Almanzar



  • January 6, 2018
    10:00 AM
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Heavenly Father thank you for bringing all up those here to. Worship you and to learn more about you open our minds and help us on the stand. The lessons that you have for us in the Bible and help us to a plate in our lives in the name of Jesus I am and when I went to college as an undergrad student. I took a class called life and teaching of Jesus and this class was really important in my life because I learned a lot about Jesus. I was point the Seventh Day Adventist Church but on to live time until that my college time I was just following. The church because my parents took me to I mean I was a good kid I went to chairs participated. Read my Bible but when I finally got to college I was leaving far from my home so I needed to take my own decisions and start to grow my own spiritual walk. So when I think this guy's life and Jesus I realized wow there's a lot of stuff that I thought I knew about Jesus what I actually don't know I mean I knew the stories I knew. There par balls but to really understand him to really have a connection we do says and to follow him I was still missing that. So one of the books that I had read was. The Jesus I never knew about Philip Jesse W. It's a great book I recommend you reading it part of what I read there was a shutter in Debbie adjectives and I was blown away I was like wow this is so amazing what a wonderful guy this is so radical. And since then I developed a. Love for this topic so he would have the opportunity I like to share. I thought they had to swear really radical and I thought were they radical for the people bike day that heard the sermon and if you think about it there were. These are lights were expecting a messiah the wall three of them from. The Romans they were speaking a leader a captain they they were speaking so Maddie strong but then Jesus comes and says You know Mike even it's not like that Mikey in my kinda The first will be last in the last who cares in one thousand done to be the greatest you have to be the servant So the Jews that were listening to these they were. They were reading the stories of you know the Old Testament were the usual one battles and they were the most powerful so that's why God was placing them so they were suspecting something like that but uses a world in making the lesson are the point spirit so it was a change of mind and now we take the view had to do this today for our daily life still it is radical because when we think about the poor we think about those who hunger we're not thinking especially that they are blessed but in the key know God that does that is how he works. So today I would like to share with you guys to react specs of the Beatitudes and how we can take lessons from there and you know it's just to learn more about the early character of Jesus and how much he loves us. So let's start by reading them let's go to Matthew five. One two twelve. Let's see if this works. And seen them all to he went up on up a mountain and when he was seated His disciples came to him. Then he opened his mouth and tugged them saying bliss or other poor in spirit for theirs is the key number of have been blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted bless it are the meek for they shall inherit the earth bliss are those who hunger and thirst for thirst for righteousness for they should be field. BLITZER are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy Blizzard are they pure in heart for they should see get bliss or are the peacemakers for they shall be cold sons of God bliss blessid are those who are persecuted for Russia's needs sake for there is the kingdom of heaven. Bless it are you when they revile you and persecute you and say all kinds of feeble against you falsely for my sake rejoice and be exceedingly glad for great is your reward in heaven for so they persecuted the prophets working for you. Let's go ahead and read the other ration of the did to see Luke and keep. Your fingers in both of those pages passages since we're going to talk about them. Look six twenty two twenty three. Then he lifted up his eyes were his disciples and said Listen are you poor for yours is thick enough to get blistered are you who hunger now for you shall be stilled less are you who we know for your Scholer bless her you will mean hate you and revalue and cast your name must evil for the Son of Man seeks for the son O. man's sake we joys in that day and leap of joy for indeed your e war is great in heaven for in like manner their fathers did to the prophets. So when we were there be had to do the first thing we notice is that it took about blesses our blessing are the poor bless it are they hunger so for people outside. I mean the first time you read this you will like but I the really blessed said the poor usually we think the other way but the first thing I want to talk is how they're actually promises that God is giving all of us that we come clean so when the birds he say Blessed are those who hunger thirst for Russia snus it doesn't end there is sane for they shall be field when he says bliss are those who are poor point spirit for there is the king and a heaven it's a promise. We there bears and this is powerful because it's not another guy another politician These And yes I will take care of you is the eternal God which is so powerful and so eternal and soloing that he's saying in all of them he's saying you know what I will take care of you if you're weeping if you are sore you will be comforted if you are peace or cuter Don't worry I will take care of you because. God is loving and even though right now the situation doesn't seem as good he's telling us today. I will take care of you these give us hope that even though our situations are of the base it will get better these hold was the same one that carry to rule the slaves that came from Africa to North America and the Caribbean this is the same hope that carry through their marches and their disciples and apostles all of the people that die for the Gospel because they knew that yet this was and they knew you know what I'm actually play because God will provide guy will take care of me not only necessarily always now but in the future God will take care of me and what does these say. Are God These say that our God is powerful that he's actually listening to us he actually understand when you are poor when you are poor financially I'm pouring in spirit we are hungry literally and when you're. Hungry for Russia since this is a God that we serve and he's telling us here hey you are blessed because even though you could be poor now you could be hungry now I will take care of you what an amazing guy we have Amen now this second thing aspect of the Beatitudes is that they teach us how to keen enough that actually works. The dick enough that actually works you see as we were talking in the Sabbath school are we're all are the kingdom of this world it's based on the fad of materialism as as we've discussed this morning it's based on the strongest is the one that he's get these He's the one that is good the best looking the one who has the most money if there be added to this were read in with the mindset of the world will say something like. Where are those who have money because they don't have student loans those are blessed. Lesser those who are always happy because they can see other people are blessed are those who have strong character because they can get the things done their way however Well we go to the Bible we see that that's not how it works in the kingdom of God. And this is. Interesting and it's also powerful because that means that we don't have to keep going for more and more and more because in the kingdom of God being the most powerful the strongest is not necessarily the most valuable thing. However if we look at the stories on the Bible and the Jesus and the people the people that cuddly attention of Jesus will we see all the traits other characteristics so let's go to our first story in Mark Mark two. Forty one two forty four two of sorry twelve forty one two forty four. No Jesus sat opposite the Treasury and saw how the people good morning into their treasury and many who were rich pretty much then one poor widow came and threw in two months we mange which make a quadrants so he call his disciples to himself and said to them assuredly I say to you that these poor widow has put in more than all those who have given to the Treasury for they all put in out of their abundance which she out of her poverty put in all that she had her whole life with so for the people around the poor we doe and this rich person they were probably thinking of all these guys put a lot of money so he's actually really play God is with that guy he's really blessed but you see actually is that we know that. Caught the attention of Jesus and because she didn't give it she didn't didn't give of her abundant but she gave it all. So in the kingdom of God It's. Willing to give it all what it's important rather than having a lot of money. Let's go to another story and a look nineteen one to ten are we going to see the story of false Zacchaeus which we are very familiar with. Going to read. Then Jesus enter pass through Jericho now behold there was a man named SEC Hughes who was achieved at them and he was rich and he sought to see who Jesus was but can not because of the crowd for he was sure of stature so he ran ahead and climbed out into a second more tree to see for he was going to pass that way. And would use came to the place he looked up and saw him as said to him Zacchaeus may haste and condo for today I must stay to your house so he made haste and came down and receive him joyfully when when they saw it they all complained saying he has gone to be I guess we don't know who is a senior so the people are on strike years were saying of. Jesus should have been without God He the gates of sinners aggregate those Cymbeline to the kingdom of God then Sakia stood and said to the Lord look Lord I give half of my goods to the poor and if I have taken anything from anyone why false accusation I restore for four. And Jesus said to him Do they salvation has gone to the south because he also east the son of Abraham for the Son of Man has come to seek and to see that which was last Amen. The people are Rise keels was we're focusing on all this is a scene of this these guys not part of the king and of God But Jesus say this is it today so vision has gone to the south why because seche years even though he was a senior he was willing to change he was he met Jesus and he was willing to homebuilding seven say you know what I have done wrong and willing to change so the people who are home born willing to change those are the people that on the stand world the kingdom of God. The next story is flown in look seven thirty six to fifty. In these one basically are FREE see in bytes Jesus took the cells and a woman come to. The feet of Jesus. Then one of the Far East is I seem to lead with him and he went to the Pharisees house and sat down to eat and behold a woman in the city who was a senior when she knew that Jesus at a little table in the Far East his house broad and alabaster flask of for a growing old and stood at his feet behind him weeping and she began to wash his feet we her tears and wiped them. Story with the hair of her head and cheek is his feet and I know down there with it for a growing oil now with the we when the fairies see who had invited him so these he spoke to himself saying this man if he were a prophet wouldn't know who one man or woman D.C.S. we stop him for she says he's a senior So again people around these hormones were saying you know it's no part of the skin and it is no part of this crew that Simon and the people around would say you know are far E.C.M. doing everything all right so I'm part of. The kingdom of Jesus I could be around him. And Jesus answered and said to him Simon I have something to say you so he said teacher say that there was a certain creator who had to dept us one over five hundred N.R.A. and the other fifty and when there had not Didn't we wish to repay you freely for it gave them both told me therefore we shove them will love the more Simon answer I suppose the one who he forgave more. And he said to him unless you are the comparison you have really judge then he turned to the woman and said to Simon Do you see this woman I enter your house and you gave me no water for my feet which she wash has washed my feet with her tears and wipe them with the hair of her head you gave me but this woman has not ceased to kiss my feet since that time I came in did he not I know my head with all but this woman has unknown to me with my feet with fragrant oil therefore I say to you her scenes which are many are forgiven for she loves much but the whole leader is for doing this aimlessly then he said to her Your sins are forgiven. And those who sat on the table became begin to say to ourselves who are these who are even for D.C. means then he said to the woman your faith has say if you go. Yes. So another example were the people around this woman said you know that she's not part of these kingdom but Jesus said you know what she actually came wash my feet is that Indyk enough Get been home will be willing to recognize that we need of God Those are the keys to be able to go into the kingdom so when we actually go back to the B. AD to do so and see Blizzard are the poor place said are those who hunger bliss are those who saw them don't listen are those who are more what is it that makes these people not seen poor and in the sun to ship actually blessed Well these are their money go whole week wrote ten advantages that seem to have the people that actually are poor and disadvantaged. The poor know they are in urgent need of redemption the poor know not only their dependence on God and on powerful people but also their interdependence with one another their poor raise their security not on things what and people the poor have no exaggerate a sense of their own importance and no exaggerated need of privacy this the poor expect leader from completion and much from corporation the poor can these things which we do necessities and looks at least the poor can wait because they have acquired a kind of dog dog patients born of acknowledged dependence. The fears of the poor are more realistic and this exciting because they already know that one cancer be survive great suffering and one when the poor have the gospel preached to them it sounds like good news and like a thread or a school the poor can respond to the call of the Gospel we just searching abandonment and uncomplicated to tally because they have so little to lose and they're ready for. So are the poor plays are the people in disadvantaged actually place yes they are because through their condition they realize that they are ready for the Gospel they need God when I read these I put myself into those indices are nice I quit and I myself I asked a question. Him when I heard the Gospel was a sound like good news to me or does this sound like a threat or scolding when I hear the Gospel deceased those do I take it we certain kind of abandonment and complicated to tally because I have nothing to lose so you see. It's not that they're more for you are the better. Because Jesus actually when he will see a he tried to fix the problems he healed the people that were seek he tried to help the poor it's that debateable that are poor and disadvantaged in this world knowing that they will have been thing else they recognize their dependence of God They go to his feet and say hey God I have said your Gave of love and grace. And then the GET THE SCHOOL STUDENT Jesus come blazing not because their condition they're necessarily bliss but because they go to Jesus and say I need you and then the blessing comes. Does a powerful lesson that I have to learn and to be added to us hey he's our dependence of God that actually will draw the Kenan of God close to us so we talk about how the be at the two star actually promises. That guy will take over all of us how the Beatitudes actually teaches us that the Kenan of God is different from the kingdom of this world now the third aspect I while I would like to talk is how the B. add to those actually help us to reframe some bad things that happen to our daily life like being poor being hungry of righteousness and spiritually. Those are the things that actually help us grow in a spirit or what and once we grow then we are really blessed Also it helped us see how the traits that the be added as mentioned like those who are meek those who are peacemakers we show things that they were all usually dulcimer Crace those are actually traits that help us grow in a spiritual work as well. Listen are there pouring the spirit. Are the point spirit really blessed Well when you see the celebrities people are really famous people that for any reason have a lot of money a lot of resources they made it they have the American dream they do only what they one of the they don't do what they don't want to do but yet they get there and you see that they are not happen how do I know well you see that there are struggling with depression struggle inside they are. Struggling with drugs multiple marriages multiple divorces so you will think oh well if they have the resources they have the money then there are players they should be doing fine but not. Whereas people that work in the field of service health care professionals people nobody mentions people that work in a nonprofit organization by serving orders and beam home will point spirit find a joy and fulfillment in their life that is unique and the other celebrities cannot find it when you why which is of the I've been to church and a person who we believe had this spirit prophecy she wrote a book. Call thoughts from them on a blessing and I'm going to quote. Several times from Double especially the second chapter where she talks in detail about that yet it was we're going to see that actually having disco rectories ticks makes us blessed all who have a sense of their deep soul poverty who feel that they have not been good in their self may find graciousness and strain by looking on to Jesus he says common to me or you go over and Our Lady humanity led into a new eight he gets you a change your poverty for their wishes to squeeze so I think poor in spirit are those people that say you know what I really need a better connection with God I I think my spiritual life is actually poor are those people blessed yes they are because they recognize their need of God And once the regime then they can be blessed and God can transform their life well so the meek well in this world to me are usually not people that. The people look up to but in the Bible then you are screwed to walk the meek are in place just something so been God he didn't hold on to that to making self look bigger However he humble himself he was a servant and he died for us and he always was talking about the father so he himself said hate learn from me that I need a little heart so Jesus seems so was meek. Human nature is ever struggling for especially ready for a contest. But he'll learn of Christ and did for of self of pride of love of supremacy and there silencing the soul so thieves yielded to the disposal of the Holy Sprit they were not anxious to have the highest place we have no ambition to crowd unable ourselves into notice but we feel that our highest place is our defeat of our city so I think the meek really blessed yes they are because they recognize that the only way. To be happy is to be other feet of Jesus so they can be ready to be to do the will of god bless it are the pure in heart. When there's purity in the heart when our minds are clean. There space for that and I'm not only talking about Sensual thoughts but also thoughts of pride so. Lost when our mind is clean from that day in the Holy Spirit can work in our minds better day purity hearts see God in a new and enduring relation there Redeemer and while they discerned it beauty a lovely ness of his they longed to flex his image so are of the pure in heart blessed yes they are because the cleaner their my knees the more the Holy Spirit can work in their minds and they see getting a new way every day to cleaner than my niece and they get to love God even more so yes there bless those who have the one who are. Who have a pure heart bless it are the merciful. There is a story of a religion professor from harbor that had a friend. And this fine was disable these fren couldn't move any of of he says extremities he suffered from epilepsy he spine was distorted was splendid these Frank couldn't even make eye contact so this friend needed a lot of help. The professor moved out of town out of the CD to our town to be closer to his friend and take care of thing. A journalist that was a friend of the professor will screw some of that why would you do that he thought to himself why the professor would do that I mean a guy we saw such a big talent and why would you waste your time you know taking care of these guy instead of doing something more productive or something that we've bigger Barly. When he finally found a way to discreetly as these the professor say you know what I actually am the one that gains from this relationship by taking care of them I can understand how God takes care of me. But I seen how simple the life of my friend does the name Adam how simple the life of my friend is I countersteering the simpleness that is necessary to enter our souls to lead God working lesser than my food out of them as for us they are the merciful are partakers of the divine nature and in them the compassionate love of God finds expression. There's a sweet peace for the compassionate spirit and bliss of satisfaction in the life of so forgetful service for the good of others and in the hour of finally the merciful shall find refuge in the mercy of the compassion his savior and be received into everlasting habitations So our dimmer should fall blessed Yes The Because when you are messy full to order sward we other people you enter your soul funk understand more the love of God you are partakers of the divine nature you find peace for the service of father and fulfillment and you will receive mercy listen are the peacemakers. There are stories of people like Gandhi my children seen that they fought to. Bring peace where they were. There's a story that once Gandhi say and I'm going to read it. When a person attacks you you must show courage be willing to take a blood a blow so it all blows to show you you will not strike back nor will you be turned aside and when you do that it calls on something in human nature something dumb makes he say trid decrease and his respect increase I think Rice graphs that and I've seen it work. So people that bring peace to themself can also bring peace to the people are random. He beats with God and his fellow men can no be Mamie simple M. M. B. will not be in his heart evil Sumi Since will find no room in their hatred can not exist they hard that is in how many we get is a part of the piece of heaven I will diffuse its bliss in full or all around so listen are the peacemakers Yes they are because they come bless the people around them they can carry that peace to the people that surround them listen to those who are persecuted they are because when there is trials I'm going to read it to the trial some persecution the glory the character of the God is revealed in his show since once the Church of God hated I'm pretty cute by the war are indicated and disciplined in the school of grace they walk in narrow paths on earth their peers indifference of affliction being part of Christ's offering their least destined to be part of the school are those who are persecuted blessed yes they are because they're going to be partakers of Christ glory they're going to learn to affliction why they need to purify their character why they need Were they need to grow so peacemakers their place lazer are those who more. There's a story of a mother that lost her son in a helicopter accident he was part of the Army and she was so devastated by these accident she couldn't move on she led the room or the room of his son the way was. Years passed by and she realized that there were other accidents ladies and she thought hey maybe there's other families that actually feel like I do and need some care so she below our program would where she would find who were the families of these people these soldiers and she will send a care package and when she will she was able to care for other people she was able to move on you see that people whom are they are able to use their pain to help others and they are conformed to it as in the beauty to say they will be comforted by confronted by God and they will be able to come for others. Second going to US one three to four less said be the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ the Father of mercies and God of all conflicts who confort us in all our two Leyton that we may be able to come for those who are in trouble with the calm for we wish we ourselves are conflicted by God. Confidently again our bless those who mourn Yes they are because they are comportment by get comforted by God and they can come for others blister are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Those who are things for racial snus those are bless why because our soul as a human can not be feel we will not be fulfilled on less Jesus is in there and the people that have that thirst and rationing they move closer to God everything as we descend the perfection of our Saviour's character we decided to become holy transform are we new in the midst of his purity then what we know they hire will be our idea of character and their more earnest our longing to who places likeness so people that have that hunger and thirst for righteousness those are the ones that say hey I need more I need more and the closer they gave the more they realize how perfect the character of God East. And we are realizing every time don't even closer and the world. So there we have to do. A lot we can talk about them they. Are beginning to look to strange because we are no used to it we're sort of the poor there doesn't make sense but we realize that first their promises that God is telling to you and to me he I know there have been times where you'll feel poor there are times we do feel hungry not only physically Borsch critically there are times that you're going to soar but you know what for you is the kingdom of heaven for you I will take care of you you will be bliss those are the promises of the guy we have the second thing that we see is that they be added to our. Reversal of what the world teaches us they did to say you know in the kingdom of God things are different. And he'd help us not to be running for more and more and more because indignant of God dependence and so are an understanding that the only way that we get to heaven is to because those are the keys to for the Kingdom of God And third we see that every one of the BE ADDED to us even though they seem like they're not good actually they help you grow they help you be closer to God and thus ultimately our goal before I leave today I would like to make an appeal for those who are no bad taste I would like to know more about these Jesus like them to come in the front you see Jesus through the be added to us he's telling us I will take care of you this is the juices that fail in love seems college and this is the Jesus that is standing you hate I died for you I will take care of you even though I do not seem like they're going your way I will take you in my Kindle you are welcome because probably you how our poor in spirit Probably you have the hunger of thirst and graciousness Broglie you have sore probably. The things are not in your way. So I am by you to come here if you will like to know more about Jesus you haven't been bad. And for the people there have been bad guys and say and why not take these promises and claim it as yours and say hey guys this is the first sellers of the year there are some things in my life that I will like to change there are some things in my life that I have completely surrendered to and when I take these be added to this promise as I say I'm poor in spirit and you say for the king there of having is for me I need you I have their home for thirteen righteousness you need. For those people do you can stand up and we're going to pray together. Jesus is calling all of us to they said these truths to our planning our lives to get to know him better to understand his kingdom to get ready for the second coming. I would like to be part of the. I work I'm the first one that needs to make. The first one that meets one of she says I'm the first one that. Springs that hunger for thirst or Russia. Is calling on. A spring. Heavenly Father thank you for your blessings thank you for today lessons that we learn to thank you because your dish is so so that you will take care of us your promises are faithful and you will make things up thank you for the lessons that we learned that you wish we learned of the Kingdom of God He's close. To the strongest to the best looking to the poorest. The home of that recognize that we need to. Help father to apply these lessons. In the nation in the name of Jesus I bring. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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