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The Secret to a Successful Christian Life

Janet Page


Janet Page

Ministerial Associate Secretary for Prayer, Pastoral Spouses and Families for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist



  • August 19, 2017
    8:00 AM


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Lord God what a privilege it is. To serve you to have a God like you. Sometimes though God it's hard to keep up with you. And Father I just thank you for these precious people who come out this morning and Lord I don't want to disappoint them. And I really pray for your Holy Spirit to speak to every heart. The word even if it's nothing I say God you know what they each need in their lives right now it may not be what they think. But we do give you permission we pray for your Holy Spirit to speak in minister to everyone in this room. And we thank you Lord for blessing them in for Jesus being lifted we love you Lord we're so grateful for you. In Jesus name Amen. I have. I was in Central Cal who moved to the World Church headquarters to work which is Jerry's fault. I'm serious Jerry never wanted to go to the G.C. he'd been asked to go years before and he'd said no because we had little children and he didn't want to do that much traveling and. But Jerry was praying for a number of years he said Lord when we're down in Central would you do something where Jan and I can work together. To teach people about prayer. And he kept praying this and praying this and he'd tell me he was praying it and I he would climb promises but I never thought I laughed at him I didn't think much about it. But you know for the past seven years now that what we've been doing we go to gather everywhere almost sometimes separately but the majority of the time we're together and it's been such a blast saying to our marriage. And just we get paid to share about Jesus and how really is in our lives we get paid to do this I tell people that on the airplanes I get paid to talk about God It is so incredible what God will do in our lives. And but he when this prayer group that prays every Tuesday I just want you to know they've been praying for you all summer and they will continue because one thing I have written on their list and I meet with them as often as I can I'm traveling a lot side don't do much is pray for them as they go back to school or their jobs whatever they're doing I can't tell you how many times through the years I've had young people tell me at the end of the summer will you please keep praying it's easier to be spiritual when I'm selling the books when we're together doing this when I go back to school it's hard and we know it is just KNOW you're being prayed for if you do this and I just want you to know this isn't just some old lady up here talking to you that knows nothing about selling books I sold books I sold the big book for nine months and the I don't know what it's like with the mag of books that once you do I went out one time with some students doing that but we had to learn and memorize pages and pages of information about the book and I remember going to the first home and I wasn't doing cold or you know you're following leads and I went to this home and I was selling medical books in the Bible stories and the lady and my to me in her home I start to spread out my books and she said How much are they well I was taught you do not tell them how much it is you give them the full canvas before you come in with a close up how much it costs and so I said well I can't tell you yet I need. Same to you about the books and she says but I want to buy the books and I said Will you let me explain about the books. And this poor woman sat there a couple of times asked me just tell me how much they are she had a check book in there with her pm. And I said No I have to explain to you about the books and I made that poor woman sit she finally just. Let me explain about the whole books and then she bought them and I laughed and I thought that was really stupid but I was trying to be obedient to what I'd been taught and it did get better after that but sometimes you know the woman would invite me in one of the Bible stories and she quickly wanted to pay for them is that I don't want to hear about them I just want to buy them please leave go out the back door my husband just arrived I can't let him know I bought these just crazy stuff but you know a lot of Bible studies God started out and and I tell you when the time comes Jerry and I retire I want to do it again with you I don't know that I can take the heat that God has been working on my heart lately I want to start going door to door you know I've done surveys Bible surveys and that kind of thing but he's got a world to reach Jesus is coming soon and what you have done this summer is so important we pray all the time God don't let those books in the corner get people to read them let them fall out of the book A shelves and that they will read those books and learn that truth what you want. I have to tell you that I told you I'd share of the one huge secret on having a successful Christian life I want you to know I'm going to share that but not right now because I don't want you to leave me and I thought if I save it to the end you might stay otherwise you might get up and leave in on me so I will wait a little bit but when I was a teenager I was sick I was in bed sick with a bad chest called and I don't know who it was bible teacher or student. Rand called me up and said You gotta come to school there's a week of prayer going on in the speaker you got to hear the speaker and I said oh OK And so I crawled out of bed and I went over to hear the speaker his name was Glen coon which probably you don't know that name but he wrote a book many books on on prayer and one of them was the A.B.C. is a prayer and Glynn come on was teaching us about claiming Bible promises and I know a lot of you know this and do this some people make fun of it and say oh yeah we're going to put our finger on the promise and claim it like it's like it's. No big deal but let me tell you it is a big deal God's word is full of his life and power is Jesus she's US power coming into us and and I listen to this guy I listen to story after story and I started saying OK I'm going to do this I bought some of his books and one of the big things that I started with was was my grades my grades were terrible I didn't like to study my education in elementary had not been good and not a stable situation and so I'd rather party I'd rather have fun and but it was important to my mother that I make good grades and I get into college and so I started claiming James one five and I kneeled down by my dad and I I would open my Bible to James one five and I put my finger on that promise and I'd say God you promise wisdom here Lord I need wisdom so I'll make good grades and make my mother happy and every day and morning and night I would claim that promise and put my finger on it and you know what happened though I started having a desire to study was really strange and instead of watching the T.V. and I I go back in my room and I started studying and. Study and I started doing all these tasks and I was so shocked when the grades came out I had straight A's and I thought wow you know I did this and and then I realized no I didn't do this this was God who did this god gave me the motivation to start studying and in doing that more and it wasn't that he suddenly instilled me with brains but just you know gave me the incentive to start studying I had a brother a brother that I still have a brother fortunately but he he was you know living wild running around and for the first time and I can remember I saw my mother in her bedroom on her knees pleading and praying for my brother and I realize this is serious you know and so I started hunting through Glenn's books you know what promise can I claim I don't know my Bible that well then and I found first John five sixteen this says if you see your brother sinning a sin that does not lead on to death you know you can claim this promise and God will give him life it and say if you can claim this promise but it says God will give you and give him life so I started putting my finger on that promise from my brother I said God convert my brother save my brother he's breaking my mom's heart Lord save my brother you know now that brother became converted it took a couple of years but he became converted and and I'll never forget he started preaching at me and I just sit there wow this is great he's preaching at me but he went on to become a passionate soul winner for Jesus Christ a preacher there is power in God's word and I know you know that but but the thing literally of putting your finger even on it I don't think we always have to do that but there is in fact and volume five of the testimonies page three twenty two it says the mother of Augustine Augustine was a great spiritual reformer back fourteen hundred fifty nine hundred it says the mother of Augustine prayed for her son's conversion she's. No evidence no evidence that the Spirit of God was impressing this heart but she was not discouraged she laid her finger upon the text presenting before God his own words and pleaded only as a mother completed her deep YOU million Asian her earnest importunities her arm wavering faith prevailed in the Lord gave her the desire our. Put your finger on the ice for would guide you want God to do I saw God do this with my son you know that big tall guy would get some peer in sack page. We claim so many promises for that boy his dad and I. And we prayed together claiming those promises for yam. Live in pretty bad and we didn't know what was totally all going on but it was bad. But God changed that boy and I remember one time I was in just found out some terrible thing you know we'd been involved in the night before the next morning I go into my worship time and I said God when you're going to save this boy when God And then then I thought as I'm grabbing my Bible I said Lloyd I neither a special bible promise just to claim for exact just one that you give me which is that I mean there's a lot of the Bible you can claim and promises but I want some personal and then I got this idea Doro read your Bible like you bend one read a different version this one and and I you know this is just quiet thoughts and so I picked up a Bible version that I haven't read in a couple in about two years and I had read it through it two years before and I picked it up and as I go to open it where I'd been reading in the other Bible because I just you know keep reading reading through as I open it up it falls open to eyes Am I to a birth. That was highlighted in yellow and decided I had written the name Zack and the date of two years earlier God was letting me know I gave you a version Janet you need to remember and claim that one. We serve a personal intimate and powerful God in what he wants to do in our lives but you know as a birth God you can claim for God to wake you what in I have a Bible teacher who first got me into spending time with God and he tells me Janet you have trouble getting up in the morning I said oh do I ever because I love to sleep then he says well you claim this promise and Gotta wake you up and I laughed but I didn't want him to hear me because I was afraid he would give me a good grade if I laughed at what he said and it but he he said this verse and you know God will really wish you well if you want him to it's crazy and I used to have to beg God I said Lord I still can't get up I know you woke me up but you gotta get me out of this bed I could keep you here for hours sharing how he gets me up or a friend I used to pray God would get this friend out because she said I'm not getting up early to spend time with God No way and so I started praying God you got to get her out you got to get her out and I claim Isaiah fifty that's the verse Isaiah fifty verse four and I would claim that for her and she started hearing a donkey Bray outside her window. Every morning it's still dark early in the morning and she got so disgusted and upset with this and she started having the neighborhood in the daytime trying to find this donkey there was no donkey and she finally said Janet pray and and she started getting up and spending time with God and you know what it turned out to be a beautiful thing this is oh I just love that. This early morning with God But anyway don't claim it don't do it if you don't want God to get you out but look at it Isaiah fifty verse for it's the last part of the verse it says he awakens me morning by morning he awakens my irritate year is the learned now we know this is a verse talking about Jesus but it's a verse we can claim Ellen White talks about it I'm sorry I don't have the quote for you right now but she talks about it that it's a verse we can claim and you know why the first part of the verse tells you why and she talks about that it wasn't for a few years later that I really focused in on the first part of it and realized why God wants to wake us up I think there's many reasons but this is a big one Isaiah fifty verse for the first part says the Lord God has given me the tongue of the learned that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary God wants to wake us up so that we will spend time with him so that he can pour out His love honest and speak to us and teach us so that we can then be led to the people he wants us to minister to he may have them call as he may have us meet them but then he has what we with the ways he's comforted in instructed us he will use us to help that person over and over again he does that but if we want to be powerful witnesses for God we want to have that love to pour out to them it's got to come out of spending that time with Jesus and you know this that I have to share it anyway but there's a lady and Diana Diana was an older lady she had been a schoolteacher elementary teacher all her life. But Diana had this strange way about her that I was are always afraid to even approach or she looked very angry and what happened though she. Read some book about the importance of the Bible promises and she started. She said I never could memorize so she'd write scriptures on cart and would just keep saying these scriptures over and over you see Diana had a problem Diana's problem was she'd been raised in an alcoholic home and all she know for her name for many years was four letter words she did not know she had a normal name and she grew up with all these curse and swearing words in her mind even though she'd become converted become an abacus and all she still had all of this in her mind and though she might be looking at you whatever and she might not say anything out loud to you she is cursing you in her mind if she's upset with you and she been living with this for years she struggled with it she could not get at over it she couldn't stop doing it but Diana started just carrying these promises with her and kept reading them over and over and over again plus she was still spending time with Jesus started doing that suddenly one day she realized those words weren't in her mind anymore they were gone her husband took notice because he saw his wife change so much that he started doing it but he started memorizing he was able to memorize and he started memorizing passages and things this was a man who was. An important leader in our church and a pastor he'd done a lot of good everywhere he had a terrible fear many fears some days he could not get out of the bed because he was so fearful to face what he had to face that day and also in the middle of night he would get up and what eat a half a carton or half a gallon of ice cream now he was not big he was still little I don't know how he did it maybe at a table but he would do this and he knew it wasn't good for him you know he's headed to have a heart attack but he starts memorizing scrip. And one day you realized the fears were gone he did not have all the fears and he stopped eating the ice cream it wasn't something he I'm not going to do this anymore but God had moved in healed in him and taken away those desires and with him I have a son Tyson Tyson is just turned forty in July I have a son that's forty usual that you know how old I am then right. Anyway so you have to count I'm sixty five that anyway. Jerry's younger though I married a young man that. Exact Tyson So Tyson when he's in college in my worship time one morning you know I just really sense God was telling me Tyson should be a lawyer but I just nono no no I'm not telling Tyson that that you know he's got to decide doesn't live Tyson realized about his senior year I think that he should be a lawyer he was gifted for this he even called me up one day same mom I because he was taken business class in college he says I know what should happen before I get to the end of the whole trial or whatever and but he didn't want to be a lawyer because lawyers have bad names in and out they're not respected and he went on to to. Work in the hospital systems in the financial area but he just was not happy and he finally as he in his wife prayed and prayed about it felt like he had to be a lawyer God was this column to do this but now he's married he has a little baby on the way he's got to work on what you know of almost a full time when you can't afford to study much to go to school when he starts going to the night time school in the lower year old tell you it's a very difficult to pass the Bar Exam going to night school you need to do it in three years and be done and take the bar exam but he was doing. In four years going part time employees he had to work during the day well guess what Tyson's grades were not good they were very very poor grades and he wasn't going to make it while his wife we lived in different areas and we started calling each other on the phone and what we started doing was praying scripture into Tyson's life you never prayed scripture into your life or into yours some body you're praying for their life I'm not talking about just claiming promises I'm time out praying the scripture into their lives you can take like kolache and that's alone eons of fees and you can take all of the Bible and just prayed into people's lives I don't know if. Maybe I should give you an example like kolache and. It says like verse nine do not cease to pray do not see we do not cease to pray for you and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom spiritual understanding that you may walk worthy of the Lord you know what it says there but we would you pray this into somebody's life Lloyd we will not cease to pray for them till you fill them with the knowledge of your will Lord with all wisdom and spiritual understanding then and that you make them walk worthy of you that they will please the Lord you see what I'm saying. Is I prayed about it said Lord what can we pray for Tyson I feel like Daniel the Book of Daniel and especially Daniel one and we started praying Daniel one God led Tyson's wife Sheena to pray Joseph the story of Joseph into his life and also some other passages but Daniel especially the one verse nine where it says God gave Daniel in his favor with the chief of UNIX you will Jerry's always make fun of me with this and said I hope he doesn't make him into a eunuch Fortunately God hasn't. But we still prayed Lord you gave Daniel favor with the chief of Unix give Tyson favor with the professors at his college at the law school you know God started doing that several of the professors started noticing Tyson and asking him to help up front and do stuff and gave him special awards. On down in Daniel it says God gave Daniel and his three friends all wisdom and knowledge and visions and dreams as far as I know Tyson hasn't had visions and dreams yet but he gave him knowledge and wisdom Tyson went from the bottom grades bottom you know in the class to the top third when he graduated he was the third highest and when they figure the grades it's not just for the night time it's for all the day students too so we're talking somewhere between a thousand and two thousand students he graduates the third highest in the class in of Tyson where here he would tell you it was a God thing and how God did this but there is power in God's word and as we pray it into people's lives and. I had. A problem a female problem with my body and I went to a doctor and the doctor said I had a tumor in my uterus and and he told me I had to have a hysterectomy I need to have everything remote I said well why can't you just take out the tumor he said no you might bleed to death we need to take it all out you just need to be done with all that and I thought about and I thought you know I came into the world with this I want to go out with it I don't want this surgery and and I just heard there can be complications a lot of women tell me you know it's great to get rid of it all but you know I want to keep it so I said Lord you know I don't want to demand anything of you but God Your word Sanchez in some who want. Three three that then you're the God who heals all or diseases in Isaiah fifty four you say that we are healed by Jesus stripes and I started taking these before God and I started reading the Gospel strew over and over and I said Lord look Jesus healed whole villages God you could heal me but I don't want you to do it Lord unless it's your will I want to be surrendered to your will help me to be surrendered to your will because I'm not right now but help me to be and I just kept reading these stories over and over and praying this and praying this and when it came time to have the surgery it was in a city up in San Francisco area and we stayed at a pastor's home fortunately Let us because we couldn't afford you know a hotel there and the surgery was at a medical center and the night before the surgery I really wanted to be anointed and Jerry asked this couple this pastoral couple of they would annoy me and so they they said they would for the night before they had a special and beautiful beautiful anointing service they anointed me and the next morning we went to the surgery room about five thirty in the morning and at the hospital and in there on the way there I said to Jerry and said Jerry I don't think I have a tumor anymore I think it's gone and he says well what do you want to do about it I said I don't know I guess I tell the doctor and so I get there and the nurses are trying to get me ready for surgery and I said Can I talk to the surgeon can I talk to him and they said wow that's kind of difficult you could talk to him on the phone maybe let us see so they get him on the phone his name was Dr no job and did not Dr John says Janet what do you want I said Well Dr Nick Now this man is not a Christian and I said Dr No I'm a Christian and I believe in healings and I was anointed. Last night I don't think I have a tumor anymore and he says Janet you have a tumor it's four inches in diameter is the size of a grapefruit I've seen it on pictures several times sonogram you have a tumor I said Will died you know if you get in there and you find there's no tumor now the kind of surgery they do you know was with tubes scope they don't cut you wide open and I said if you get in there and you find there's no tumor would you promise me you won't do a hysterectomy you won't remove anything and he said Janet you have a tumor everything needs to come out I said but Dr No shot I think I've been healed if you get in there and there's no tumor would you promise me you won't remove anything three times we had this conversation he would say Janet you have a tumor the size of a grapefruit it must come out everything must come out I said but Dr Minyard if you give in there and there's no trial where would you please not remove anything would you promise me. He sighs after the third time of saying my name and says OK if there is no tumor I will not remove anything said thank you. They give me I.V.'s medication the pushing me through a door and that's it I don't remember anything after that being pushed through that door untel I suddenly woke up with somebody shaking my shoulder going Janet Janet wake up wake up they're pushing me down the hallway on a stretcher gurney and the woman is same Janet Janet there was no tumor Janet there was no trauma or. Now I have prayed in prayed scripture promises into people's lives who have died I'm not here telling you if you do this and you do it exactly like this you'll see total healing no please to understand me I'm not saying that and I have struggles illness. Problems and things that God has not chosen the heal me of yet but there is power in God's word and there's something about whatever is going on in my life that I know about I am going to take his word and pray it into that situation not demanding of God but saying guide your will your will this is what you say your will Lord let it be done we serve a powerful God and I am convinced we are seeing things close up around this world in so many places now we don't do camp meeting anymore why own the finances and this and that. Why don't we call on God's Word I don't believe these things should be happening God is wanting us this is people to call on Him to pray as word and lead him blasts in ways I don't think he would if we did not united we come together and pray His Word together. There's there's more I could she just one quick one I got to get to the thing I promised I'd share here. All there are some like you know are personal but you know how personally and just just I'm. Sad and I in Jerry we in Tyson even We've done a lot of fourteen thousand foot mountains and Colorado hiking them and I'm not doing that so much right now but I was and did bout twenty five or so but the first one. It was my second one to do that my first time alone without some grown man it was just going to be Zach and I and Zach was just teenager young teenager and I was scared to death to take this boy out climbing a fourteen thousand foot peak that I'd never been up before I didn't know what was going to be a life and I'm just nervous I couldn't sleep all night and when I got up in the morning. God as I opened my Bible to read. That morning and how he does as I was reading in Psalms I was reading through Psalms is I start reading their you know what it says and how does he have us in the right first at the right time the right chapter I don't know but this doesn't happen if you don't spend time with God and in His Word but if you are it happens so much all the time but some seventy seven. Psalm seventy seven. You know that was the second thing he did that's what he did to me one time we were camping in Colorado and I was just praising him how beautiful it was and saying God you're so you're so wonderful Let me be out here in the air and in some seventy three it said and that was another time I just open my Bible to start reading and God shows me this he said True God is good to Israel he's letting me know he is good to me he's some personal but but the verse I was looking for is that song twelve thirty three. Song twelve. You know I written this down. Some thirty three twelve hours try that I think I'm dyslexic. I really give to here I don't know what I did with it. But it's a bird that says and I could not believe it but it says I will protect you in the high mountains. I was headed up a fourteen thousand foot peak alone with a young teenage boy and God shows me a verse I will protect you in the high amounts I went out that they would confidence because I knew God would be with us it was after that we did many many more but what is the biggest secret in the. To having a successful Christian life see I know people through the years. I and. This is this guy you know the Greek in the Hebrew back and forward he know his Bible he knew his Bible really well he told her people in Greek in Hebrew and yet this man views his daughter terribly so much so she's bipolar now. But my God Is it changing that with or any abused his son and a son has mental illness problems by beating his son every day this is a man who knew God's word read God's word all the time is a special a Senate I've known people who pray and known to pray and pray and yet they do things that don't seem quite right. And people who witness there may be a Banjul of some stuff and they've got issues and problems why is this what is it that's going to make the biggest difference in our Christian life this going to make it successful and you know the answer you know the answer to it's Jesus it's a Jesus it's not about reading the Bible it's not about praying it's about Jesus it's not about when the same it's Jesus and it's spending that time knowing Jesus and how do we do that. Focusing on his life on the gospels on desire of ages reading you know about his life and it does involve reading and stuff but it's it's got to be a love relationship with Jesus this woman that I started praying for God to wake her up she hears a donkey she calls me up one day and she says would you come share not come here will you come to church I'm going to give my testimony about spending time with God What is done for me well I had the date open and so I went to here and I'm sitting there listening to her share about this impute awful thing in you know experience she was having and how God was change in her life and I'm sitting there thinking you know I'm the one that causes. In all the side on this it's soft sharp thought in my mind Janet you've lost your first love and I was so shocked and I said. Why I serve you I work for you all the time what do you mean I've lost my first love but you have sitting there in church and I'm just saying this in my mind and when I got home and I had time you know later to spend time just alone with God and I got down on my face I said God what what do you mean I've lost my first love and I said you know I serve you I just I totally live in my life for you God. And God said think about how you're doing it and you know what God started revealing to me yes I was spending that time with God I would read a few chapters I would pray a little bit and that I was off to do my emails and get my. Retreats organized and everything and he said you're constantly thinking of this he said you're not thinking about me in the worship time you're thinking about oh soon I can go in start organizing this event or doing this or that and he or God told me was you what your work is more than you love me. I started weeping and crying and I said God I don't want to be like that I said Lord change me give me back my for slum for you but it's got to be Jesus she is that she's is only She's is if it's not about Jesus what are we doing it's a waste Jerry Jerry is a young guy when he was he went through a rebellious time and his dad was a call boarder and that's the reason Jerry has such a passion to start this youth work that you do in here in Pacific Union and Jerry when his dad took him with him and his dad said I mean Jerry says to his dad he said you know you're spending your whole life just sacrificing yourself selling these books and lot of times you sell the books and you give the other car porters the money because they didn't sell so many so that they can put tires on their car and you give them money to feed them and so you know money is tight at home you're constantly giving dad what dad when you come to the end of this world and you find out there is no god. And you've wasted your whole life just sacrificing and helping people aren't you going to be sorry. And his dad thought about it and his dad said if there is no god. I still want to live my life the way I'm living it because it brings me such joy such peace he said Jesus is what it's all about Jesus you know another thing with Jesus is that too I don't know how it is with humans but our our our sin and I don't want to go to Jesus because I've sinned and you know I've confessed this problem at least a hundred times and I'm afraid that God Jesus is angry at me How can I go and confounds that and ask Him to forgive me again I've asked him to forgive me a hundred times at least for this one sand he and I did it willfully How can I go and I'd be afraid and I wouldn't I would avoid God because I felt so bad about what I keep don't want over and over do any of you struggle with those. Then I read and really started understanding first John one and nine. And first John one nine. It says If we confess our sins He is faithful to forgive us in to cleanse us from all unrighteousness she uses is the one who changes she's this will do it and I said OK I am going to do this so every time I did the sin I would go to Jesus and say I did it again I did want to do it again I confess it is sin thank you for forgiveness your word here says you will forgive me I put my finger on first John one nine and say God don't just forgive me clams me from this and give me a hatred for it you know I did this over and over and over and over again over here on one particular sin problem over and over again I kept doing it and I'll never forget several months and gone by but one day I went to do the sin which I dearly loved and I could not do it. And I thought. I don't even want to do it but I used to love to do it and I tried to do it and I could not do it I just was a poison. God has power that's absolutely amazing. That if we will call on his name. But with that being that it's only Jesus it's so important that we do spend time every day letting God search our lives I guess says a Psalm one thirty nine twenty three twenty four search me oh God I think one of the biggest issues we have in our church is we don't take time to let God show us what we're really like and how we need to change I've been afraid to do that because I don't want to harm like because I don't think I could live with myself when I realized how bad I really was. But I started praying and I said God give me the strength to handle whatever you need to Del me and then you got to change me God but you're my seventy nine says the heart is deceitful above all things desperately wicked That's me that's you we are deceitful with how we really are we are desperately wicked and only Jesus can changes it's Jesus when you life is really bad what do you do. I want to encourage you don't turn to be watching movies don't sit and eat that bag of potato chips don't eat that box of Chocolat don't sit and drink that bottle of beer don't take those drugs don't look at that Pernod graphy come to Jesus come to Gene isn't those things are worthless they will not bring you happiness in the end but when you leave here it's going to be hard but know that you're being prayed for and keep coming to Jesus no matter how bad you feel you are Satan will tempt you to do these things but then he'll turn around and tell you how bad you are because you did them. Send him away you know the best way to send them away start praying for somebody to be converted he'll leave you alone but John six thirty seven says and Jesus said to them I am the bread of life he who comes to me shall never hunger heal believes in Me shall never thirst John six thirty seven the one who comes to me I will by no means cast out you see what it say And Jesus will never cast you out Come to Jesus. When Jerry married me and we went on our honeymoon and when we got to the place we were going to stay you know how it is you pick up the bride and you carry your into the bedroom and Jerry tried to pick me up but I'm a big woman so we kind of dragged me into the bedroom and. He sat me down on the bed then he sat down next to me and he put his arm around me and he kissed me on the cheek and then he said to me Janet I love you but you have five years to get perfect or you're out. This coming Tuesday I think we will have been married like thirty four years so you know he didn't cast me out. And I am not perfect he knew he could tell you all that I am not perfect and Jerry has not kicked me out you know that he didn't say that. But we are married or maybe he did say it but he's put up with me. We are married we're in a covenant relationship with each other and though I do something that he doesn't like he doesn't say get out we're still married you know we got to work things through now we with Jesus are in a marriage relationship and I know on earth that's a bad example because there's divorces all the time but Jesus will not divorce you you are in a covenant relationship with Jesus Jesus will never divorce you he loves you the only way you can divorce Jesus is if you walk out the door only you can change that relationship Jesus will not do it to you and if we hang on to sand we will walk away from Jesus that's why we need to keep coming to Jesus and letting him changes prays through Psalm twenty two Matthew twenty seven Isaiah fifty four pray through those chapters on the crucifixion of Jesus and say Jesus make it real in my life how you were broken let my heart be broken with what you went through for me keep coming T.M. but I came across something one time and I'm going to close with this. Oh you. Yes I got a close really quick OK It's you say and let me tell you I need this I really need this what I'm saying to you today I need I need to remember and do more in my life when you say it is impossible God says All things are possible Mark ten twenty seven with man it's impossible but not with God but with God all things are possible you say I'm too tired God says I will give you rest Matthew eleven twenty eight come to me all you labor and heavy laden and I will give you rest take my yoke upon you learn from me for I am gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest in your souls you say nobody really loves me God says I love you John three sixteen For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life you say I can go on God says My grace is sufficient second the INS twelve nine and he said to me My grace is sufficient for you my strength is made perfect in your weakness. You say I cannot figure things out God says I will direct your steps Proverbs three five three six trust in the Lord with all your heart lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths song thirty two eight I will instruct you in teaching when the way you should go I will guide you with my eyes you say I can't do it God says you can do all things will be and more thirteen I can do all things Christ who strengthens me you say I'm not able God says I am able second Corinthians nine eight God is able to make all praise abound towards you that you always having also just see in all things may. They have in abundance for every who would work you say it's not worth it God says it will be worth it Romans eight twenty eight and we know that all things work together for good to those who love God to those who are called according to his purpose you say I can't forgive him myself I can't forgive myself God says I forgive you first John one nine if we can fasten our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness it Romans eight one there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the spirit you say I cannot manage God says I will supply all your needs Libyans for nineteen of my gosh will supply all your need according to His riches in glory you say I'm afraid Jesus God says I have not given you the spirit of fair second Timothy four one seven for God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and love and of sound mind you say I'm always worn out worried and frustrated God says Cast all your care upon me first your five seven cast you know your cure on him for he cares for you you say I'm not smart enough God says I will give you wisdom James one five first cooling fans one three but of him you are in Christ Jesus who became for us wisdom from God righteousness sanctification and we damn sure she is this is your sanctification Jesus is your reduction and the last one you say I feel all alone and God says I will never again you nor for St John fourteen eighteen I will not leave you orphans I will come to you he was thirteen five let your conduct be without cover just knows he can. Ten with such things as you have for he himself has said I will never leave you nor for saying. We serve a mind. When you value your heads with me. Lord as we pray right now. I just want to have a a moment of silence and give each one of you a chance to just talk to God If the Holy Spirit is somehow convicted your heart during this time which is just hard to him about it maybe you need to confess. Maybe you need to make a new renewed commitment to him or maybe you need to accept Jesus into your life and your baptized I don't know what it can be but just talk to him now and then I'll close never forget first John one nine that we can't even repent. Repentance is a gift from God and say God give me the gift of repentance for this sin and my life. Thank you him for doing. Lord You're amazing YOU'RE AMAZING think you think you God for putting up with me for putting up with all of us. Love you. I just feel like I have to do this anomaly for a time but is there anyone here. Maybe that hasn't accepted Jesus that hasn't been baptized yet if there's someone here who needs to renew that vow or to accept Jesus a short or wants to make that commitment to study to be baptized if they just have a service someone in the room right now like that would you just come forward. And a leader will come up in praise specially for you right now. Thank you Father. Thank you everyone here has accepted you and Hobbes you. Which is pre-op last the rest of today father. That you continue to lead us to to minister to each other to pray for each other and to send you here Enon in talking to us and they will be obedient point to what you're saying that will act on I think you guys and Jesus me a man this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service leader visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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