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3. iShare in the Call

John Torquato Wayne Kablanow



  • August 19, 2017
    4:30 PM
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This praise we've yet loving father resists again when to turn to you for. Your spirit to be here to guide and direct our thoughts lead us in your path of righteousness we pray in Jesus' name in a mirror. Like to begin with a little summary of what we have covered. So far in our first presentation we wanted to cast a vision for company evangelism and we read this statement when the cities are work as God would have them. And there is the qualifying statement as God would have them but the result will be setting in operation a mighty movement which is we have not yet witnessed and that was written back in about a hundred years ago have we seen that mighty movement yet. It is still to come and we believe that God is moving us in the direction of that mighty movement and. Another state would like to share we talked about sharing in Christ methods and we found that the call part of work must be connected to the medical missionary work disease books with these books humble faithful men are to go out as call porters evangelists bearing the truth to those who would otherwise never be enlighten those who take up this line of work or to go prepared to do medical missionary work the sick suffering are to be helped as a testimony is going nine page thirty three. And so with that kind of a. Overview of our last presentation that that we must be working together as a team in fact a gentleman came up to me afterwards and a few minutes ago and he said you know an illustration of what you just are presenting. P. to his mind he said that he said it's like a gearbox of all the different gears working together when there are engaged then the vehicle can go forward right but when those gears are not in games they can be turning they can be working hard but guess what's going to happen to the vehicle is not going to go anywhere. Actually illustration we can all be doing our individual separate individual ministries but until we are engaged with each other working together as a team then the new work message is going to go quickly forward we're going to show a video again that illustrates this. Walk me through. How would he. Be. In nineteen ten. During the night. Or represent. The situation. And I heard. In that same here I'm am I They were John was commissioned pioneering work for me he's a management company he was an avid minister the practical needs have been here. And in their own. Pastors. Nursed. By workers in church. In love friends. Cooking. Simple rational treatments or other things all alongside and. As a result hundreds committed their lives to. Over many years it was found that the retention rate was an astounding seventy five to ninety percent but sadly over time the directive given by the words messenger was lost nearly forgot. To. Not knowing how the means with. Us this morning our hearts to. The word. True. That this morning spiritual beings we. Must sampling nothing means thousands of others we want. Comprehensive Health evangelism that will be reproduced. The kind of inspiration tells us. That the Lord is shining in the face of Jesus is the glory of self-sacrifice. This is our No this is our. Joint. Filing. This is the direction I have to. Have chosen. And it is a direction that requires tremendous. But the people particularly that are going to work us these young people have tremendous fortitude spiritually they have tremendous sacrifices they get and as a result they have seen souls so I would like to read this this passage again from medical ministry page three o four there is no change in the messages that God has sent in the past the work in the cities is the essential work for this time when the cities are work as God would have them the result will be setting in operation of a mighty movement such as we have not yet witnessed God calls for self sacrificing men converted to the truth so let their light shine forth in clear this steamed rays as God would have them equals Christ's method alone you see when we put this together we say that Christ if we just if we will simply be obedient to Christ's method on then we will see setting in operation in movement as we have not yet when. Many of you are gospel workers if you are not gospel workers then you may support gospel workers your bible workers maybe literature evangelists maybe both your you've been faithful to your call all of your life and you are working for the soon coming of the Savior when you die to see that work to be done that is that might even movement that we have not yet seen your devotion to God to be paid off the way God would have you paid off with the glory of souls in the kingdom as a result of your work so I'd like to share with you a a statement. They both statement. Dr Turcotte and I have shared numerous places. Of. In here it is the medical missionary work must be combined with the gospel work before the lettering or now we know that the lettering will fall before Jesus comes right and before the lettering will fall and medical missionary work in the gospel work must become what. You. Were going to defend that to you. It must be combined in the way that Jesus combine them with you to pray we need to do all kinds of things but until this one essential ingredient is put in place we will remain on this earth and our work will be without the power of the lettering the gospel work alone by itself is not enough it must be combined with the medical work before the letter in the fall and that involves leisure of work as well in compass says so here's an example why the two components must be combined in the book medical ministry page two forty one Why brother there were calls for unity for what unity for one is not divided not separate not doing their own thing for one US we are to be one faith I want to tell you that when the Gospel ministers and the medical missionary workers are not united there is placed on our churches what the worst evil that can be placed there. Our medical missionaries ought to be interested in the work of our conferences and our conference workers ought to be as much interested in the work of our medical missionaries. WHO ARE comment on that. Have you had churches for the pastors were intimidated by their physicians. You had hospitals but the local pastor was not invited because he was interested in the whole work have you found places where Pastor were run out of town by boards that were run by those physicians the worst evil is disunity division think about the First Evil I will ascend above the stars or place my throne ah I I I I not I will share but I will be another minute I mean that's that's a big part of it another part of it is sin and we are not really addressing that issue in this presentation another issue though is that without the combined work yes what. We do not have the true Gospel and let me have very clear if you share with you those statements that you order to have the true interpretation of the gospel you have to have the medical work combined with the gospel work. And so if we're going to share the gospel to the world if it's of religious messages it's got to go to the world it's got to be combined Christ method alone will get us to success and Jesus combined it was combined in him and when you talk about the worst evil Think about this the form of religion without the power there off a fake. The worst of evils. We speak about this actually in other presentations and if you like to send an email to a medical ministry at G.-Mail dot com You know you can download all of the presentations that talk about this specific area because it's a little off of our presentation today but it is very essential and you will find that without this combination the people of God will not develop the character of Jesus and that's what we really want to focus on in this presentation you see medical missionary work in compass is the spirit of self-sacrifice in the heart of those who serve God and thus it demonstrates the self sacrificial character of Jesus. Now this is demonstrated in a variety of ways and it's often in the realm of health because it is often that's where the need is evident but it's also demonstrated in any way that we relieve suffering giving courage mint or inspire hope now isn't that what you do as literature evangelists when you leave but if you're in a home that you relieve suffering give courage or inspire hope through the words the printed word that's left. Combine what you do as gospel workers and literature evangelise with the sacrificial medical missionary work and you have reproduced the character of Christ until this type of character is reduced reproduced in Christ people the latter rain will not fall you see companies evangelism that we talked about in the last session is a medical mystery it's medical ministry combined with gospel work including literature evangelism it's of the very work calculated to develop in college people the character of Jesus because it requires self sacrificing love you've got to get out of yourself and put yourself into. Needs of the people in the city and if you live in the city you know the people in the city their needs are they are astronomical most of them are there in need because of their own choices many of them there are in need because of uncontrollable circumstances no matter what it is they are they are people they're God's children in great need requires God's people you would be have a self sacrificing character of Christ to do research. And so what we're doing here in these presentations with Dr Turcotte and myself sharing back and forth what we're trying to do is illustrate to you in a practical way this combined ministry OK so that you can see that were a team we're a team we work together we're not just two people doing our own thing on in the church he's in his office you know we are interfacing we're working we're planning we're doing evangelism we're doing outreach we're doing. We're doing Company evangelism together as a team OK And so we're trying to illustrate that by the way that we do our presentations here. And this is just an example of how this is the happen across the board in the church in all levels in. This unity of workers and unity of the working company Avengers and is calculated to reproduce in God's people that character of Christ we have to learn to work together put self aside and put the other person for us so as we talk about unity now. We have two two statements of the like to read that are very interesting they have a very interesting background to they apply to us that are in this room the first one is that is found in the call Porter evangelists those of you who are literature Vangelis this is written for you you're familiar with this probably better canvassers know that it is for the advancement of Christ's kingdom that they are laboring praise the Lord He will teach them as they go forth to their God appointed work to warn the world of a soon coming judgment and listen to this accompanied by the power of persuasion the power of prayer the power of the love of God the evangelists work will not cannot be without fruit that's a praise to God It shows the strength of the literature evangelist and what its purpose is in L. White spoke directly to the literature Vangelis through this work described in the call Porter evangelist Isn't that interesting Now let's compare that to another passage but notice the date of when this was published and then to No three now the next statement this one is found in the ministry of healing one that's dear to my heart and it says there is a need for coming close to the people by personal effort talking service now physical service if less time were given to sermonizing and more time were spent in personal ministry greater results would be seen but poor are to be relieved the sick to be cared for the soaring in the reed comforted That's my work isn't it. The endurance instructed in the inexperienced counsel we are to weep with those that we've been read Joyce with those that read Joyce not catch it accompanied by the power of persuasion the power of prayer and the power of the love of God This work will not cannot be without fruit you get that she's got the same words for both an interesting observation that's an interesting observation that the same exact words spoken to one she had in her mind to speak to the other and again you notice the date on this one thousand zero five zero The first one to the coke orders first and then she gives the scene words to the one who evangelise second circulating our publications as part of a med it is definitely a part of our medical missionary work just to review a statement we read before many in testimony by nine piece thirty three many of God's people who are to go forth with our publications in places where the thirty's is messy is never been proclaimed our books are to be published in many different languages with these books humble they from interview go out as Cole Porter evangelists hope order what many not just call porters a CO Porter evangelists bearing the truth to those who would otherwise never be enlightened those who take up this line of work are to go prepared to do medical missionary. What is that the sick and suffering are to be helped many of whom this work is work of mercy is done well here and accept the words by fashion and so the the the medical I mean the god the cop order evangelists. But to be trained he quipped and ready to do work for those that are sick and suffering at the beams and so the medical work medical missionary work and the Coker work is to be one work combine the two together which takes sacrifice. We cannot be just about doing our own work we must be. So let's talk to you about just a story this actually happened in Hayden Idaho two thousand and fourteen and now I'm a Seventh Day Adventist position my practice is made as a medical evangelist outpost it's a door step to the church I work with Pastor blotto who previously was passed through my church now pastors church plants two of them at the same time both in building stages in Spokane Washington and I had asked him Please come with me and the two of us will do an evangelistic program together experimenting further because we've been experimenting for several years well spend the summer experimenting with this evangelist approach of Dr John Tyndall he agreed so I contacted some medical students medical students rotate through my office to learn about medical missionary work and as they did I found one and I talked to her and I said can you get some people to come up and join us for the summer and I'll pay you a little bit I'll pay your way up here and your way home and then I'll pay a small stipend maybe five hundred dollars or something like that each year she says sure how many you want to said I want six to six of them included Debbie Beale Christie conch Michelle Meyer of your own coda David skull and Christy Olson the six of them were set to come up now on a sudden there then a physician by missionary physician that is paid on a pastoral salary I use that that opportunity to share with people Christ and the funds are limited when you're working in ministry you're always on the edge and it was about a month before the program was to start I called the cult of Debbie who is currently in medical school at the time and I said Debbie I got bad news so what's wrong I said I'm a frame would have to cancel our program. Oh Dr Corder why I said the money the funds that I thought that I had they've run out and I've got no other way I can't pay you to come up and I can't pay you while you're here I don't have any funds and I I just I can't do that to you so I have to cancel Oh Dr Quanto Isn't there another way I said I've been trying and trying to just don't have those funds and I'm trying and I don't know what else to do she says what can we pray about yes what we can pray about it let's talk in a week so I talk in a week we look everywhere because to find the funds to be able to do this work I only need about four thousand dollars I don't have it so far and I call them up and they said you know we have to acknowledge the inevitable we have to cancel our program event of Angela's and. Then he said you know Dr Chua that we've been talking together I mean my friends those people that I mention she said we have decided something's so with us we're coming in way so we need to come in which is they were coming anyway so no no you don't understand i don't we don't have your stipend I don't even have a way to pay for you to get up here so we all know that we understand we are coming anyway and so did you know you guys are students you guys have have have apartments and tell cellphones and and cars and insurance and books and I can't do that to you Dr Quantum if you will have us we will sacrifice we are coming in as you will OK we began well the program of seven weeks long each of these young people were assigned it took four individuals from my office each one saw each patient every day for seven weeks in that period of time we had programs of the church in the church programs that went like this the people that came they had to come these were not Seventh Day Adventists and many of them were not Christians we had also thirty six people from the community who also came and they came and they sat in our church after parking in our parking lot in the very first thing we did in this medical evangelist it program that we teach about health is we get prayer and praise so people who are not seven there that it's in who are not Christians who want to paraphrase you have a purpose and preparation we want everybody cut we covered sixty people. After the first week it was difficult people it's a yeah maybe not I think prayer praise or pass you could have one of three we had about one third of them passed before we were finished everybody had a prayer or a praise or and nobody passed and we wrote everyone up on the board and then we have two or three volunteers in the group that would pray after that what do we do like anybody would do in a sudden they're going to church we took an offering the purpose of taking offering was that we as a class believe as they were as we share with them there is health and healing for reaching out to bless other people so we're going to do and not in this Gift of overwhelming abundance in the community and became the glue that held this group of nonsense a day and then it's a non-Christian together and they put in well over a thousand dollars an offering amongst them and not only a thousand hours of art but I bet you bore than more than a thousand dollars worth of gifts they came with homemade quilts and and homemade canned goods and the people who were going to go take care of was a man who was demented and his wife with cancer and she had to leave the home and there their fire place had been condemned so the local fire department came into our class and said we have a project for you we're so grateful that you people within the Seventh Day Adventist Church who were not by the way some of the dentist but who are doing this work together with seven In other words of glad that you people are willing to reach out and help the people the community and we will take video while we give the gifts that you have so we gathered these gifts and then we had a very short health lecture and we broke up into a group into small groups and each per each of the young people took one of the small groups and they conducted a Sabbath school class on health that was a better project in the end we had people with blood sugars well over three in four hundred normal one hundred we had people with three in four hundred blood sugars who by the time we were finished were like one hundred in seven weeks we had people who lost like twenty pounds we had people who who their cholesterol and blood pressure got normalized some of the people even came off their medicines in the period of time we had eighty eight virtual sanitarium in the homes of the patients by these people powerful in lieu of a brick and mortar. Sanitarium and in the end we had people who hated seven the dentist who joined us they said I don't like using evidence. In the end they pulled me across a side very abruptly and asked Why do you people love us like. That was the word and I'll just tell you the very last thing there were after the seven young people left whenever they go into the homes they would always take a church member with them the church members would rotate them by the time that the the patient came to the church they had five or six people who had already been in their home that they need the foyer so this the young people left after seven weeks the church members continued relationship because they had grown accustomed friends with the people had been in their homes multiple times I saw one when she was in the back of the church and that six months you've been coming every Sabbath to church every Saturday after the young people left I saw in the back I waved to her to come sit next to me she came sat next to me and we watched a baptism together and she looked at me afterwards she leaned over to Dr To quote I have something to tell you and so with that I think I need to be baptized. And I looked at her incredulous I was shocked wondering why why why would you ever be baptized you don't even know the doctrine and the words that came out of this woman's mouth speak of Christ's method alone she said and I will quote I know there will be a learning curve but the way you people have loved me I know it can't be wrong. I have committed myself to learning about my new church and I will be baptized and she did and she was and as soon as she was baptized she wanted to go to work immediately as a health evangelist to bring to people Christ the way she had learned it that was three years ago remember the six young people each one one one that was one of the six that were one that woman died the day before yesterday in Christ she will see Jesus and she will see the face of those who came to give her Christ. Because they sacrificed in a holistic work in a company evangelism like to share with you a very impacting statement next you know the work you know how the work started and sacrifice you know the stories of genes and element we really players notice this collective messages vying to please when he when he denying it is just as much self-denial required when. Now as when we first started in the work when we were only a little handful of people when we knew what self-denial meant what self-sacrifice meant when we tried to get out a little papers beliefs that should be big should go to those who are in darkness there are a few connected with the office today who are with us then for years we received no wages except barely enough to finish us with the plainest food and clothes we were glad to wear second hand clothes and sometimes we had hardly food enough to sustain our strength everything else was put into the work after time my husband received six dollars a week and we lived on that and I worked with him in the cause others labored in similar way those who have come in to take up the work after it is been made a success should walk very modestly It shouldn't manifest the spirit of self sacrifice God means that the institutions here should be carried on by self-sacrifice just as the foundation was a way in which that's powerful That's a statement as wrong in my years so we want to present to you a couple more. Stevenson's for prophecy the support the for the Volvo statement that we made that the Holy Spirit will not fall into the latter rain. Of the Holy Spirit will not fall fall in the form of lettering into the gospel work in the medical work or combined in one and this is our definition of company evangelism for the cities we would show not only that the validity but also the importance of the bold statement that we just me. The whole issue is that type of character that God wants to display to the world. That he wants to develop in us knows Christ object lessons sixty six nine the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace longsuffering gentleness goodness faith meekness temperance that's that's that's that's character mentions five twenty two twenty three this fruit can can never perish but will produce after its kind a harvest and return to life when the fruit is brought forth and what fruit is it being referred to in for the spirit and the fruit of the Spirit is brought forth that that that character is rough for the medium. He put it in the sickle because our guest is gone. But what has to happen before the sickle before the harvest the fruit of the Spirit has to do it displayed because people Christ is waiting now notice this next crisis waiting with a longing desire for the manifestation of himself in his church when the character of Christ show he perfectly reproduced is people then then he will come and claim them as his own it is a privilege of every Christian not only do you look forward to peace in the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ we all who professed his name bearing fruit probably whirl who professing his name bearing fruit to the glory of God. How quickly the whole world would be sown with the seed of the Gospel quickly the last great harvest would be ripening and Christ would come together his precious Mary that character is what medical missionary work is designed to produce in his people and that's why it has to be connected with the proclamation of the Gospel the gospel has to be demonstrated as well as proclaim it we're talking about I share in the sacrifice I share in the sacrifice in reviewing Harold this statement helps to direct us and then there are many who possess an empty benevolence that is benevolence but there's emptiness in who make no retrenchments the practice no self-denial or no self sacrifice remember the widow in her might for tonight's she came in she gave her mites she said she's given more and then they are all these people made no retrenchments really no self sacrifice they leave that for someone else to do but God calls for men who through faith in prayer will give themselves to the work not just their stuff but themselves who will study plan and unite with their plans self-denial and self sacrifice an essential element of ministry is sacrifice without it ministry will not move forward in the character of Christ if we try to plan a sucker a non-stock official ministry that doesn't put us out requiring some kind of retrenchment we will not see the glory of God reproduce to the character of his people. This is the only kind of liberality that is after the order of Christ and which will redound in the honor in the glory of God until this benevolence is brought into active exercise God's blessing cannot come upon his people I wondered when I was missing out for so long I want wonder what I was missing I was working so hard but I found it empty no no souls one for the truth that is why you literature vans are so powerful because you've given a sacrifice in the summer you've worked sacrificially door to door going through crazy stuff and yet the Lord has blessed you and honored you with work you stand out as an icon to God's people unless this kind less this benevolence is brought into the act of exercise God's blessing cannot come upon his people in its fullness and its power that is the latter rain every truly converted soul will be intensely desirous to bring others from the darkness of error into the marvelous light of the righteousness of Christ the great outpouring of the Spirit of God which lightens the whole earth with His glory will not come what is that will not come until we have an enlightened people that know by experience what it means to be labors together with God that is with sacrifice when we have the entire whole hearted consecration to the service of Christ Christ will recognize the fact by an outpouring of his spirit without measure the latter rain but this will not be while the largest portion of the church are not laborers together with God God cannot pour out His Spirit with when selfishness and self-indulgence are so manifest when the spirit prevails that if put into words would express the answer of Cain and I my brother's keeper one more area of. Impacting statement in found in the home missionary of November one thousand nine hundred and by the way we were preaching to ourselves and. It is through the church that the self-sacrifice and love of Jesus is to be had manifest to the world but but the present example of the church the character of Christ is what mis represented and the fault conception of him is given to the work of self-love excludes the love of Jesus from the soul and this is why there is not in the church readers zeal and more fervent love for him who first love does self is supreme in so many hearts their thoughts their time their money are given to self gratification while souls for whom Christ died are perishing This is why the Lord cannot impart His Church to his church the fullness of his blessing. Do you see now why we say that until the medical missionary work is combined with the gospel work that the Holy Spirit will not be poured out and empower you see to honor them in a distinguished manner of them before the world would be to put his seal upon their works confirming their faults in the vicinity sion of his character when the church up come out from the world and be separated from its Noxon's habits and practices the Lord Jesus will work with his people he will pour a large measure of His Spirit upon them and the world will know that The Father loves them will the people of God continue to beas so stupefied with selfishness his blessing hangs over them but it cannot be bestowed in its fullness because they are so corrupted with the spirit and practice of the brook there is a spiritual pride among them and should the Lord work as his heart longs to do. You know we've been we've been praying for the lettering for how many years. You know so the work should the Lord work and as his heart longs to do it would but confirm them in their self esteem and self exultation shall Christ continue to be misrepresented by more people so the grace of God the divine and light moment we sort of way from his church because of their lukewarmness it will be unless there is the most thorough seeking of God renunciation of the world and only of the soul before God The converting power of God must pass through our churches now the next sentence folks there's no no dot dot dot after that it's the very next sentence in this in this. Message in these next sentence is a very popular one it's a it's a it's a sentence that we probably all know by heart but now you know the context of that sentence and revival of true goodness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our. So until we have this demonstration of a selfless sacrificial Gospel as a people we will not see the latter rain in its fullness now literature of Angel ism is not known as a lucrative work. But it is a sacrificial work and it's an essential work to company evangelism So the challenging vision that we have been given by Mrs White from one nine hundred ten says that we are to work the cities and that we are to do this in a with a decided change of past methods of working. Where does that change company evangelism companies are to be organized and diligently trained to labor in our important cities in one thousand nine hundred we were doing the medical work Vangelis public public a vandalism they did your vandalism benefits at work but we were not doing it as a combined company evangelism and that is until the man named John Tyndall came along and was willing to follow in obedience the vision of Mrs Wang and she gave him this vision and told him to run with it the reality is combining the work into one work requires sacrifice on the part of all because it is what brings us into unity and helps us to develop the character of Christ your Father in heaven as we open up the these opportunities that we are both learning about in practicing We pray that you will bless us give us more of your wisdom the discernment we need to serve you in the way that's acceptable to you and receive our service and sacrifice and worship we love you Jesus and we commit ourselves to you speak the words you wish today through US me asking your name in this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W dot audio verse or.


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