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1. Our Greatest Need

Heidi Carpenter Ranela Kaligithi



  • August 19, 2017
    2:30 PM
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Father in heaven thank you for your goodness to us you think you for the wonderful food that you gave us to eat you know and for providing for all of our needs we think you are for the powerful impact of total number involvement and we thank you for each and every one that is here for the impact that they can have in their own communities we pray that you guide as we share today both Renault and I please just use it in the way that you desire to use as we pray in Jesus' name. Amen so I just do you guys know my news Heidi carpenter I grew up in Wichita Kansas how I What's your name Nestor. Sorry death through the night for me to death or really think full to be here for just a little background I grew up in Kansas in the country and the Lord led me to the city of Southern California now and that's where I work are in L. and I got to work together in central California conference for several years and so that's kind of where our background came together but we both also have a real passion for something called Total member involvement and how many of you have actually heard that that phrase coined before OK And we also know it is T.R. I mean you know it's too much information I stop for this time of the total number of volunteer and you know we just really have a burden for it because we recognize that you know a lot of churches that we go into we see you know that ten to twenty percent that's working really hard and and then the other eighty percent of the show want to shoot him and you know and I'm glad you come to church but but is there something more you know and and is there are there other ways that we can all be involved you know for the sake of he's the second coming of Christ and and I know each person has their reason for what they do but we're thinking about what it would be like to actually harness the power of the church working together and as we think about that I just have a couple. Of I guess comments again about Homer involvement it really is a movement that can be. I applied in many different ways in different contexts and different churches or even countries and if any of you have seen the video online about Rwanda and the things that happened there because of total number of vomit we shared that last year in our in our breakout and that just shows you that like when everyone pulls together so many amazing things can happen when everyone's just pulling in the same direction and that really is the focus of Colmar involvement it's everyone pulling in the same direction and that direction is each one reach one lose none disciple all so that's like the theme in the motto if you leave here with nothing other than those for a little phrases of we're good as you know but it's each one reach one lose none disciple all because often you know someone can come in and get baptized but then not really be discipled or nurtured and continue in the face right and so that's where the discipleship comes in which is a part of total number of all women but as we think about that I've got a few questions for you as we start what is what do you feel like is the greatest need. Our greatest need this this session's question what is called our greatest need and the question would be what do you feel like our greatest need is and I want you to think about that in your in your heart in mind for a second what do you think our greatest need as a church is and we're all young people here you know were we're thinking and we're processing and we're experiencing the church as young people and I ask you the question What is the greatest need. As well what do you wish your church would look like you know and so as we go through that we're going to kind of grapple with some of those things but is there anyone just off the bat I do want to little bit of interaction here or what do you think is our greatest need and we're going to dig into that a little bit more we got one in the back what do you think our greatest need is of the church compassion deep word you guys know the word compassion means it's sympathy that moves you to do something if it's passion with action and you can't just say all on I'm sorry that you're not feeling good right now I hope you feel better compassion actually goes and says What can I do to help you get better that's the difference between you know just sympathy and sure compassion I agree powerful powerful thing that is needed in the church compassion What do you think our greatest need as I want to hear from the side is there any want to over here when you think about our church and what we need what would you say is our greatest need as we're thinking about maybe the lack of total total member involvement the need for it what do you think our greatest need might be any any thoughts from the side. The young What do you think. Why has. A true fire for ministry and that connects with compassion because of something internal right that's going to been come out and be shown extremely and I agree with both of you I think the greatest need our greatest need as a church is to truly have that genuine genuine relationship with God that overflows into loving others sincerely and from the bottom of our hearts that is our greatest need and you know when you think about it maybe some of you are those people in your church that are working very hard and you're wanting others to come and work with you or maybe you are one that wishes you had more of a desire to do ministry and wishes that you actually acted on it more you know you're sitting and looking at yourself and saying I could do more you know like I heard Carlton birds you know messages morning I could do something but I want to do more and I have the question what do you think leads to a life of spontaneous ministry like when you're thinking about this what is it that actually is going to leave to having that fire for ministry again or for having that sincere compassion for someone else what do you what do you think it is and you know as I've taken a lot of time to think about our greatest need. I believe that it is it is found in a genuine relationship with Jesus that literally overflows into the lives of those around you and there's a there's a few quotes I want to share and then some stories that I think you'll really enjoy. But this talks about love and it actually talks about compassion to song glad you shared that word but it says here love is the basis of godliness it says whatever the profession no man has pure love to God unless he has unselfish love for him for his brother like there's no way that we can say that we love God If we don't love our brother and it says but we can never come into possession of the Spirit by what does it say by trying to love others how many of you have actually tried the to love someone raise your hand anybody as if you're all mine and I'm trying you know the way I want to love you. But it's really difficult right now you know but it says here we can never come into possession of this spirit by just trying to love others what is needed is what the love of Christ in the heart I will tell you this is our greatest need it's the love of Christ in the heart and it says right here when the self is merged in Christ loves springs forth what. Spontaneously I know some people are really planned how many of you in this room are planned people you're planners you want to make sure you know where you're going at all times are right you're the you're the family vacation planners right how about any spontaneous people in this room are here yes I'm spontaneous ones right you know like all let's go with the flow like whatever right that's that kind of spontaneity is what happens when the love of Jesus is in your heart you naturally want to love it says the completeness of Christian character is attained when the impulse to help and blessed others usually we think of impulsiveness as a bad thing look at this if says when the impulse to help and bless others Springs constantly from within when the sunshine of heaven fills the heart and is revealed in the countenance it's not possible for the heart in which Christ abides to be destitute of love if we love God because He first loved us we shall love all for whom Christ died and I love this that says we can't come in touch with divinity which is God without coming in touch with what we cannot come in touch with God Without naturally wanting to come in touch with humanity and serving them and caring for them and being totally involved it says For in him who sits upon the throne of the universe divinity and humanity are combined connected with Christ we are connected with our fellow men by the golden links of the chain of love and the last part here it says then the pity and compassion of Christ will be manifest in our life you want compassion in your heart for other people all the time do you want to live your life where every person you see you literally have compassion and love for here is our answer it says we shall not wait to have the needy and unfortunate brought to us we shall not need to be entreated to feel for the woes of others it will be as natural for us to minister to the needy and suffering as it was for Christ to go about doing good when I think about our greatest need when I think about my greatest need I know that it is the love of Christ in the heart I just need a new heart I need a heart change because my natural heart is not on fire for ministry my natural heart does not have compassion right. So only the love of Christ in the heart there is there's a few friends that I have that have been really examples of that in my life and it's amazing to see the connection and I hope you start to see the pattern one of one of my friends Her name is Linda and literally Linda is a walking musical every every time I'm around her she's singing a song to Jesus she's praising the lord you've actually probably seen her up front singing several times during I'm sure already but with help feel I've had to ask myself the question when do i'm not see Jesus in Linda you know it's one of those questions it's not it's not how do I see Jesus and when it's more when do I not see Jesus in her because the woman lives to share she's constantly sharing just a day or two ago she had a little by let them you know those little like popsicles or whatever she was eating it and she's like I wish there were some way that I could share this with someone else she's like I feel like I can't really share it but I would if I could and you know and I mean she's just verbalizing those you know are she's around all these people but that's just one little snippet into the fact that she lives her life to serve she lives her life to give and it's natural for her but I want you to know it started because of a love relationship with Jesus I remember Linda looking in my eyes with tears in her eyes just saying I love Jesus and sharing about her personal relationship with him and and now it's not ever a question of if I should serve it's just when and where I got a couple leaders that work with me during the summer and during this week and I sure there's lots of different logistics right that go into making I sure work and you can probably imagine right with a large group of people like this you're going to run into many opportunities where there's help that's needed and. Today you know offering wouldn't have been picked up and meals wouldn't have really been served without people who are willing at the drop of a hot to just serve and to and they were literally asked like the minute or two before they started you know and and watching their responses filled my heart with joy because I said you know that's the love of Jesus in the heart that's the ability to go and to serve. I'm going to put on blast but one of my best friends. I remember seeing her relationship with God grow in in powerful ways and and I've had multiple times where we've prayed for other people together and we've cried tears of joy and I've seen the love for Jesus grow. And the love for others grow with that love for Jesus and and I think she's seen that in me too and that's when Ella my co-presented I mean just that's just one example in my life of someone who loves Jesus and who's living to serve naturally as a result and I think God for that because we do believe that it's Jesus living in US it's never like one person that can do that because we know as we call it said we can't by trying love someone else. It's only when Christ's love abides in the heart. I had one of our students during the summer His name is eight am and this is crazy guys even grew up in Hong Kong and five years ago he moved here eight in ended up coming to Saint Gabriel academy because he was rejected from saying you know high school in San Gabriel the public school in the area his family was looking around for another school that he could go to they were looking in a private schools and so they found St Gabriel administering Cademy right there in the middle of California and said Well why don't we send him here they didn't even know you know what religion it was they just knew it was Christian and his dad it was raised Catholic but non-practicing his mom was not religious at all and would still you know do different Buddhist rituals and things like that in Hong Kong and coming here five years ago he with he he was placed in a position where you was in my husband's Bible classes and he started learning and reading and understanding and and it's amazing to see because as he started learning about Jesus he fell in love with Jesus and then he wanted to I magically serve Jesus it just started to happen and the first thing he did in the service you want to know what it was the first thing he did in service was turn pages for a pianist. It's crazy he came saying terrible choir was singing somewhere and they asked him Would you be willing to come and turn the pages for the pianist and he said and literally I kid you not even eight in was like what a privilege what a privilege you know God's not asking us to do some great thing for him he's asking us to do all of the little things for him too and that's what old Remember involvement is all about really doing all of those things and I don't want to take all over in a lot of time but there's one or two last quotes here I want to share and then rebel is going to continue sharing for this section. It says here the saved his life on earth was not a life of ease and devotion to himself but he toiled with persistent earnest untiring effort for the salvation of Watchman kind from the manger to Calvary he followed the path of self-denial and sought not to be released from arguing. Painful travels and exhausting care and labor when you look at that do you see your life do you see the life of your savior it says He said the Son of Man came not to be ministered unto you but to minister and to give his life around so for many this was the one trait object of his life and this was our greatest need everything else was secondary and subservient it was his meat and drink to do the will of God and to finish his work and then let's read that last line together self and self interest had no part in his labor are our greatest need to let go of self and self interest. I'm just going to tell you straight up that's our greatest need to let go of self and self interest because when that's let go and the love of God instead fills the heart you cannot help but be filled with love and compassion for others. It's powerful it says right here so those who are the partakers of the grace of Christ will be ready to make any sacrifice that others for whom he died may share the heavenly gift they will do all they can do to make the world better for their stay in it this spirit is the sure outgrowth of a soul truly converted No sooner does one come to Christ than there is born in his heart a desire to make known to others what our precious friend he's found in Jesus the saving in sanctifying truth cannot be shut up it is hard. As we think about that I think the main thing that really sticks out to me as I look at the lives around me and all of the other stories of young people who I can tell love Jesus and are serving him it's self is laid aside Christ's Love is in the heart and there nationally warnings to give and someone like that can't help but be a totally involved member and as we keep forward going forward with us we're now and I just really wanted to take one whole session to just talk about the connection between our own spirituality and our service because we can talk about all the ideas and all the things that we could do but the bottom line is if it comes from the inside out it's not something you can just I don't know. But it comes from the inside out this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about him or your purse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W dot audio verse or.


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