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2. Total Member Involvement Made Simple

Heidi Carpenter Ranela Kaligithi



  • August 19, 2017
    3:30 PM
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The reason why we're here the reason why we're even sharing today is because we really believe that Jesus is coming soon we really want you to come soon and you know it wasn't always like that in our lives and I think a lot of you can agree that it wasn't always like that in your life how many of you maybe before the summer or some great event in your life where you were your eyes were open could actually say that you would wake up thinking like that you just really want G.'s to come soon most of the tell you don't think about that most of the time it's like OK well you know where how can I get this really good grade What can you know life was just very different how many of you did you thrust this summer OK So are you guys so you know I did you thresh in two thousand and six that was my first summer and prior to that I had grown up in a Seventh-Day Adventist home my sisters are actually sitting back there just what a wave by my two sisters is three of us girls and we grew up in a seven they have his whole Charmion Iraqi born invariants Springs where my dad was. Studying to become a pastor and you know I always say when I share a front that I grew up in a very seventh they have this home how many of you guys grew up in the administers culture OK so you kind of know what it's like and you know going to solve school memorizing your memory verses and because we were in a pastor's family we had a little bit of a unique experience I think fully my parents really never made us feel like we had to be different because we were pastors kids and that's a been that was a big blessing but we did have a different experience because of the things we see our dad do and I always remember you know we would see him baptizing people we would see him leading out in communion service and they always tell us these stories about ourselves when we were little such as when we were in the pool you know everyone would be like sliding down the slides and just having a great time and that mushroom thing roll the water comes down and you know there we would be and you know my older sister would be. Baptizing me and she'd say I baptize you in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit and we do that as each other she always takes pride in the fact that she was the first person about me and so we would do that in the battle of you know we just do our dad do stuff like that we were on our way once when we lived in Michigan we were going to Chicago and our parents looked behind behind them in the backseat and we were handing each other to read O's and seeing eat this is my body. And soda and we were saying Drink this is my blood you know I mean when you're a little of this that's all we knew we'd go out there is a family and we'd sing scripture songs my dad would compose songs for us that we that we had to memorize and we just grew up in that type of influence and it was a blessing to grow up in that type of home but I think no matter what upbringing you have no matter what your background was maybe some of you didn't grow up that way there comes a point when you really need to decide for yourself whether you believe that Jesus is real and whether Jesus coming soon or not whether you think the Bible is just a book of stories or it's actually real and relevant for your life today and that's a journey that God takes the one so some of you feel like right now maybe you're not really sure it's OK tell God that he'll take you on that journey that journey began for me when I was fifteen and I was asked to go preach I was invited to preach in Ethiopia as a fifteen year old preaching evangelist experience and for the first time in my life as I was preaching I was realizing that the things I was preaching were actually true because in order preaching you have to kind of understand and read through and they had all the sermons there for you but I would be going through each thing and realizing well the Bible can be trusted and as I preach and I shared there became more of a trust in God that you know what this is actually something I can believe in a few months after that I went canvassing just so happened that on that Ethiopia mission ship all the people I was with her. Canvassers and you know what canvassers do they can't assume on canvassing and so I ended up going that summer and I remember as we were listening to the worship toss pock love was my leader that summer and as he would break down the Word of God He would just bring me to tears the Holy Spirit would bring me to tears as I realized that I was really loved by God You know I grew up in a broken home at a certain point in my life and there were things that happened when I was a teenager that caused me to need God if there are circumstances in your life today that you think are a little bit unfair praise God for that because that's probably what's going to push you to be closer to God It's when we don't sense or need of God or when everything is OK in our lives we just don't feel like we need him but because of those things that happen in my life I I needed I felt a need for Jesus and I remember there during the summer I couldn't wait to see to read my Bible I would set my alarm for four thirty in the morning I don't know how I got through the whole summer doing that but I would set my alarm and at four thirty I would wake all the other girls up probably in my room I was one of those students so sorry about that all my kin the seeing friends back then but I would wake up at four thirty and it was like a day didn't even think twice about staying in bed it was this need of like I need to read the Bible or I'm not going to make it through my day you know and canvassers can attest to that but I remember I would jump out of bed I'd take a shower and I couldn't wait to open my Bible and just read the words that God had for me and because of that when I would go out into the field and when I would talk to people there was a burden on my heart that didn't come from myself that desire to spend time with God didn't come for me I mean those things are not natural to human beings it was the Holy Spirit working on my heart and draw my heart out to love God as I would listen to the worship as we'd spend time in prayer there were so. Something that began to move in my heart to want to serve this is what I really believe is going to make the difference in our world today in our generation I know this just seems like a random seminar that you came to to listen to but I just want to tell you that I believe it's possible to spread the gospel in our generation and see Jesus come again and just like Carlton bird was saying if we do something that could happen but it's not by us conjuring up this is like Lord help me to be spiritual help me to just love people who me to love the Bible and trust you it's it comes from a relationship it comes from something outside of you that you don't have of yourself you know after you've done this summer program or for any of you any spiritual experience that you've had there is a reason why all of a sudden you can't help but share Jesus with people you want to pass out glow you know you want to give Bible studies you know and it's just kind of weird actually because like anyone else that looks at you maybe before they knew you over the summer and now they see you now and they're just like what half a deep hole why can't you just stop talking about God and and that is the sea that the Holy Spirit plants in our heart and that's what's going to make the difference and so I want to read you a couple quotes and share with you about the life of one of my friends and. Go desire ages knows Jesus's example as the man he supplicated the throne of God until his humanity was charged with a heavenly current that should connect humanity with divinity through continual communion he received life from God that he might impart life to the world his experience is to be ours so that experience that Jesus had you know Jesus was a human being how many of you grew up thinking that I grew up thinking like well Jesus was God you know like he had he had like advantages and that's why he could do this but the thing is is that Jesus was a human being he was one hundred percent a human being that had no advantage that we don't have and he felt his need to be connected with God because He knew that he couldn't just go out there without being connected and having that experience with his father and so he would pray and pray and pray until he had that connection and that experience is to be ours amid the hurrying throng and the strain of life's intense activities the Soul that is thus refreshed will be surrounded with an atmosphere of light and peace the life will breathe out fragrance and rule reveal a divine power that will reach men's hearts we're talking about power here and I share this power that reaches men's hearts comes from our personal connection with God I really want to encourage any of you that may be struggling I mean some of you just came out of the summer so just like on the spiritual you're like I'm just going to like preach the word and I'm never going to have a dry moment in my life and the truth is you will. Drive over it in your life as time goes on but it doesn't have to be that way forever the truth is that when we are connected with God He gives us the the power to impart truth to people and you might not always feel that and you might even be saying here sensing that my spiritual connection needs to be stronger I need to have more of a desire or I need to even you know know how to continue on this I remember one of the hardest things after the summer was continuing with my devotional life that was very difficult because when you're when you're stressed you know especially if you're anything like me I was I want to be academy and I was involved in sports I was involved in leadership I was involved in music I played in the band I had so many things going on and I wanted to get good grades because you know I'm Asian and so I you know I had so much going on and it's hard things will get in your way but I am just here to tell you that by God's grace you you can stay faithful to God One of the biggest things from this seminar that we want you to leave with is the importance of staying connected and and unless we're spending time. With our minds completely being washed by the word washed by spiritual things the rest of the world will start having such a strong influence on us and I know that some of you know what I'm talking about there's this drag in this pull and when we spend time in God's word it's like we're in the Bible even says the washing of water by the word we're allowing the Holy Spirit to influence us and to remind us what truth really is there's a lot of there are a lot of lies out there about what's going to bring you happiness what is going to make you successful what is going to be ultimately the best for you but when we spend time reading the Bible and praying we are reminded again what really matters in life. I remember and high school because I had to be at band practice at seven am I don't know why they did that but I had to be a bring them taxes seven am I would I could not go without my time with God I just could not and so my sister my older sister was actually my roommate she was a senior and I was a junior and I would go to sleep at eight thirty and I know that seems like crazy to a lot of people and maybe impossible you have to do what works for you but I would try to sleep between eight thirty and nine and she was really nice because she would sit outside her dorm room and like make everyone be quiet. You know and they're like what it's a thirty but I would go to sleep at eight thirty and I would wake up at four four thirty in the morning because I just needed quiet time I needed time to be able to spend an actual time you know not just like quick fifteen minutes and I've done that too and but then after a while you're just like I need something more but I would spend time with God and then I would do my homework that morning and I remember my spiritual life was able to continue to grow I was able to continue to give Bible studies I started leaning out in prayer groups and it was only because I just tried to stay connected in the morning so that's what I want to really encourage you guys if you want to see Jesus come soon if you want Jesus to use you in this life and for him to come in this generation the most important thing is to stay connected to God don't let anything get in the way of spending that time with God and maybe you're in a position where it's just so hard right now it's OK spend time in the evening spend time you know at lunch break make time for Jesus so that he can influence your mind with spiritual things. One person and it's black and white on here it's called in color one person that really has shown to us has been an example to us of someone who lived out a life of service because of her connection with God was our friend Vera you've heard a lot about her in the last twenty four hours and this is what she looks like beautiful young woman she was thirty six years old when she died three weeks ago and very own couple was a very special person she. Had. Every time you saw her every time he interacted with Vera it was like you were the only person in the world even my little sister says that she only met her a few times but she would just look at you and she would listen and she'd be expressive It reminded me of that quote Heidi read where it's like when God comes into your life like everything changes the countenance everything and she would talk to you and just make you feel so special. You know I remember writing down a list of people who when I would leave their presence made me want to be more like Jesus and I remember Pharaoh was one of the people she just to help you know a little bit more about her was the type of person that would sacrifice a lot for for the kingdom and she for about seven half years at one point when she lived in Arizona she was an I.C.U. nurse and she would work three days a week and at one point she started reading in the spirit of prophecy some quotes about literature vandalism so she was really into health and medical missionary work and she started reading these quotes that thousand soon thousands will be converted in one day most of whom will trace their first convictions back to the reading of our publications and she didn't know what to do her brother was a canvasser but she was not and she thought they had you know what do I What do I do how can I put this into practice and so what she did was she started. Just getting literature and she just started going door to door she didn't know what she was doing she would go door to door knock on the doors going to people I don't know what she would say she finally asked for a canvas and started saying the canvas and then she started telling her friends about it and eventually what happened was that she would work for three days and for seven and a half years she did this she would work for three days and the rest of the four days she would take people out to go knock on doors and sell literature and give away literature and then on the on Sabbath as she would train church members and it was like you know she wasn't she had so much of that free time but she used it to work for God you know she. She didn't do anything really out of out of the ordinary that we couldn't do but she had such a strong connection with God that it inspired her to share her faith that it was inborn inside of her one day she just to you know not very long ago she lived in Michigan Most recently she lived with this couple and she worked nights and so she would have to commute like an hour and a half this is what she was doing right before she died she did commuted hour and a half to work and so she would leave in the evening so that she could get there by seven pm work all night and sometimes she wouldn't come home until two pm and the people she was living with would say Where did you go when are you going to sleep because she would get home at two and then she would only sleep for a few hours and then she leave again to go to work and she would say you know I had Bible studies that I had to do in that area some Bible study context so I couldn't leave without giving those all studies and then I thought I could come in just get a few hours of sleep and then I need to head back you know that that type of commitment and sacrifice that she had is so inspiring you know the key to total member involvement is to allow Jesus to radically transform your heart from the inside out to stop trying to be. Something you're not to stop trying and then feeling bad that you're not or stop trying to you to conjure up something inside of you that that that makes you want to do service and make you makes you want to love God but it's coming to God and saying Lord this is who I am I need you to change me I need you to come into my heart because I am so weak I don't even have a desire to do your work or to read the word but you know God will give you that desire I remember my senior year I was struggling you know my dear after canvassing I was like all strong right you know I was junior class president I really wanted to influence my my junior class for God my senior year old along and I was just kind of a struggle I was trying to struggle little bit my my senior year and and you know I just I went through a whole bunch of things and I stopped having devotions and you know I started listening to the music that I'd listen to before just hanging out with other people that weren't as good of an influence on me and I felt myself slipping and I didn't like it and I saw it and else like I'm back to my old insecurities and back to my old you know just unrest and I don't like my life and finally it was that the end of my senior year where I said Lord I am tired of being far away from you I'm just tired of it it's tiring The not have peace it's tiring to feel guilty because I know I should be working for you in telling people about you I'm tired of it but Lord if you give me a desire to read your word tomorrow morning I'll come back and I just didn't have it in me but I just said give me the desire and the next morning I woke up and I just couldn't wait to read the Bible you know God will answer that prayer that that answer to that prayer is always yes it's always yes and sometimes it will happen just like that like it did for me but keep pressing in the answer is always yes God will give you the actual desire to spend time with him and be close to him a couple more quotes here the last message of mercy is a revelation of what his character of love they are to reveal what the grace of God has done for them. Had a little. There is nothing that Christ desires so much if you're wondering what Jesus wants today is this is it there's nothing that Christ has are so much as agents who will represent to the world his spirit and character there is nothing that the world needs so much as the manifestation through humanity of the Saviour's love as the need that the world has is to see Jesus in human form in us I don't know about you but I struggle representing his character sometimes don't you know I struggle to have his spirit sometimes I struggle with selfishness and with wanting my way and being you know it just does not a kind person sometimes I just think about myself but this is what God wants for us is to reflect him and he promises to do that in a S. He says he will take the stony heart out of your flash and give you a heart flush to cause you to walk in his destitute and to keep his judgments and do them it's all him that he does in us and our question to you is we just end this last part and take a break is how many of you you might not feel it right now but in your mind you know I want an experience with God that's real that causes me to reflect him to the world how many of you want that that's what I want and know that God can and will give that to you so let's have a word of prayer to close us off and then we're going through a break father and have been Lord we see so much of ourselves and we see so much of our need that great need of revival of true godliness in our hearts. The revival that causes us to love the things you love and hate the things you heat to really value stalls to see people not for their education or social status or. Their race what they look like or anything Lord but just see them as a soul for whom you died when we recognize that that is not natural to us and so we're here asking you please come into our hearts give us a revived experience that will cause us to spread the gospel by our actions and viral words we love you so much and we thank you for being with us and for the promise that you will change our hearts we love you already in your knee in. Father in Heaven Lord we thank you so much for the opportunity to come together and to brainstorm and share and think about how we can continue living a lifestyle of ministry when we leave and I just pray that your spirit would be here and that we would leave with tangible resources in tools in our hands thank you so much learning your name Amen so for those that were here in the first session we talked about how the the greatest need of our church is to have a personal experience with God a revival experience that causes us to want to go and share the truth and share God's love with other people we talked about how that cannot be conjured up on our own but that it's a gift that God gives to us it's something that we seek and we pray for but it's God God's to give It's his gift to us as we continue to seek for that revival experience and I will say that there is so much more that we could have said on that first session if you haven't been to the prayer room you can go to the prayer room which is just down the hall I think it's one of three and they have a book called daring to ask for more how many of you have read at least parts of that book or read it it's an incredible book and I know that sometimes like if you're not really into prayer you'll be like I want to read a boring prayer book this is not a boring for but a kid business is a powerful book yet right here thanks is that Ethan Ethan OK Ethan got that that's what it looks like and has powerful testimonies and resources just wanted to share that with you I really hope that you guys can grab one before you go and there are other little books there but it's one of those books you don't want to put down because the stories are very captivating but we want to encourage you to read that into get other resources that are out there that talk about revival in our spiritual lives because Ellen White says that it's our greatest need is revival in this second session we're going to be having some people share. With us what they do throughout the year to give you some ideas and they're also going to share testimonies of other people to give you some ideas of what you can do after I share after you leave. You know I personally when I was done I told a little bit of this to you when I was done with youth rush I really wanted to continue to stay involved during the year one idea and I'm just going to start going into it and then I'm going to invite some my friends out one thing that I did that really helped was every morning I went to a boarding academy so if you're in a college or university or boarding academy this is something that you can do I decided to start a small prayer group in the morning in the cafeteria for just five to seven minutes because people are busy and people are you know they're getting ready to go but I knew people were at the cafeteria in the morning to get a little bit of breakfast some people actually go eat breakfast in the morning. At Academy and so I remember I wanted to do something where I could help keep myself accountable when you are involved in evangelism in ministry and people know that you were it actually helps keep you accountable to living a Christian life because people know you now as someone that wants to live out your Christianity actually I'll share with you a quote from. Acts of the Apostles is not on here but write it down it's really powerful actually Apostles page one o five says that strength to resist evil is best gained by aggressive service that's a quote that's actually Apostles page one o five strength to resist evil is best gained by aggressive service and in context she was talking about how the God's people were spread out to show the gospel and then they came to a time of complacency because they forgot that strength to resist evil. Is Best again by aggressive service and so my number one thing I want to tell you is whenever you leave from here be involved somehow be involved in something where people know you as you know this is a Christian girl that wants to share the love of God because it will help keep you accountable help keep you from maybe dabbling into things that you know you shouldn't It helps just to keep some of that accountability so I would start a prayer group and the way that I did that was I just started with word of mouth sharing with my friends who I knew would want to come and I would tell them you know a couple times a week in the morning we're going to have a prayer time in the cafeteria from seven to seven or seven so it's five minutes five to seven minutes and I would go in there and sometimes it was two or three people and sometimes there is fifteen of us and I would go in there in the morning and of course I had to drag myself out of bed and especially during the time I was struggling spiritually that helped me to get out out of bed and so I would get out of bed and I would go to the cafeteria and I would just make an announcement to the cafeteria and those of you know just on campus think this is going to be a little bit easier for you now that you've done canvassing and those of you that are maybe still a little bit timid and shy it's actually not not to have them have an embarrassing experience you know I would just go up there and I would say OK well we're having a prayer time right now just for five minutes anyone that wants to come and people would you know bring their food over and we'd all kneel down right in a central location and we would just pray for the day and I would lead out and I would say we're just doing short prayers and we just want to pray that God would bless our day bless our studies and that we would really be stay connected with him and there were so many people that said that was such a blessing to them in that academy and it was something that also helped me kind of stay strong in that area and the other thing that you can do and of course I am talking right now will share a little bit more for maybe a little different demographic but right now I'm I'm kind of sharing from more of a student. Specked if when I was in high school after canvassing I made sure to stay really involved in church and so I went to the pastor and I told him is there any way I can be involved sometimes you know it it kind of feels weird because you want maybe someone to come up to you and you don't want to put yourself out there but you'll be surprised at the opportunities that are out there if you just go and talk to your chaplain and talk to your pastor and eventually I don't know how I ended up doing this but I was in charge of putting the whole church service together so I had to go and ask everyone to do the different things will you do special music will you do the prayer will you do that and and that was a really great way for me to continue to stay involved so talk to your pastor talk to Chaplain someone in a leadership position maybe it's your youth pastor maybe it whatever it is and say you know these are the some things that I like to do I just came back from canvassing or i even if you didn't how can I be involved I also gave Bible studies to people this might seem intimidating to some people to give a Bible study and my goal and one of my goals in life is to help take away the edge of fear when people think of giving a Bible study because it's actually not that hard and I know you're thinking well you know it's just as easy for you to say you are a bible worker but I get bible studies even before I went to Bible college when I was in high school and so if I saw someone that was spiritually interested and start talking to them I would say do you want to wake up in the morning and have devotions with me or I would say hey once a good time for you in the afternoon when we can maybe go through a Bible study guide together and believe it or not there are several different young people who I never thought would be interested but just by that invitation were were interested and so I'm just going to give you a little tidbit about giving Bible studies you want to know the easy way to get bible studies OK There's that and there's an easy way that's not you know it's not this big huge thing of course if you're a Bible worker if you go to bible college if you're true. Again you're going to have a lot of a lot more training than this but this is something that everyone can do this is a little bit of a crash course on giving Bible studies OK so the number one thing you want to do and again this is not the only way to do it but this is one way is get a hold of Bible study guides OK So whatever bible study guides there you can get them at the A.B.C. You can go online you can ask your canvassing leaders you can ask them where your pastor how can I get a hold of Bible study guides there are amazing facts Bible study guides there are the tide Gibson ones that we had out here at the I share booth there are several different types of many different types of guides so what you want to do is you want to take that Bible study guide and first the first thing you do is you want to read through it yourself so just read through it all the way through kind of familiarize yourself with it so you know kind of what point is leading to the next certain Bible study guide that you have will just be like you know verses with blank lines verse a blank line and stuff like that those are all right to use and also I'll tell you how to use those but if you can find a Bible study guy that has some words in it too that's helping to lead the person through the not that will be more helpful in this case if you've never given a bible study or if you're scared to so read through the study yourself fill in the blanks because many times there are blanks so fill it in as if you're doing it on your own and this is something you can do. This is a little advanced but it's not too much think of maybe one story that would help illustrate that whole Bible study so maybe it's an experience that you had maybe it's. A story that you've heard that would help illustrate that point if that is too much you don't have to do that part but it kind of helps that's what helps bring a Bible study to life is when you share a story or an illustration OK so just choose one if you're ambitious you can choose a few and then go to the very end of this the guide go to the very end of the guide and ask yourself. What appeal should I make to this person I'm not talking about a four point close and you know calling them to a decision to stand up and come to the front right this is a question that you can ask and a lot of times a good question a good way to start off that closing question is what what would keep you from OK what would keep you from dot dot dot so that's one way to say it you can also set in for example what would keep you from. Inviting Jesus into your heart today is there anything that would keep you from inviting Jesus into your heart today you they can tell you or you can say you don't have to tell me you can write it down you can think about it in your mind but I want to encourage you to give that to God you know something that's very simple what would keep you from another way you could close that study is I saying is it your desire to or do you want to do you want to give your life to God Do you want to believe that the Bible was written for you and it's relevant in your life now don't get intimidated by all these words you can make up whatever you want or you can just leave the whole clothes out and at the end of the study just say let's pray for the end of the study say so would you get from that and you'll be surprised by what the Holy Spirit will say I'm telling you that if you are fifteen or if you are ninety you can give a Bible study if you're twelve you can get a Bible study it's a matter of having that guide and you know we we need to take advantage of the resources that we have in the administration and we have lots of them so just grab one of those guides go through it yourself and then as the person is sitting there with you just let them know so we're just going to go through this and if you have any questions let me know so go through it with them and you'll you'll be surprised at the questions or the comments that they'll make any questions about that does that seem pretty clear so just a little tidbit on giving a Bible study Schama. That's a good question and you know what that is actually one of the reasons why a lot of people don't want to give a Bible study because they think oh my candidacy someone is going to ask me a question that I don't know how to answer I'll share with you a tiny little experience from that summer's boyfriend A.J. I actually was a Bible worker in two thousand this is two thousand and eleven or twelve and he was teaching his church members how to get bible studies and as he was he was trying to help them have courage about giving Bible studies and so he started to set them up with his Bible study context he said you're going to come with me to the people I've been studying with and I'm going to pass it off to you so he took this lady her name was Bonnie and he took her with him to the door and they went inside they studied with Bonnie and Bonnie her late husband was a pastor he had passed away and the she knew a lot about the Bible because she was married to the pastor and so they finished the study A.J. And Bonnie left the house and as they were leaving Bonnie said each This lady is going to eat me for a lie I give Bible studies to her she's like you know she knows more about the Bible like I don't know you know she was afraid you know what A.J. told her he said Don't worry Bonnie you've been in agonists for seventy years or so he was seventy years old never given viable study that you've been at his seventy years you know more than her you'll be fine and the truth is is that by me decided to go and give Bible studies to this lady even though she was afraid of maybe what questions might come up and of course he told her that if there was a question that she didn't know all she had to say was that's a good question we should study that out but that's a good question let me say that a little more and get back to you next time we don't have to be afraid of questions people might ask us as long as we're open to doing God's Will Hill to lead us and so what end up happening is that that lady got baptized Bonnie studied with her all the way through the way I heard about this testimony as I visit. Bonnie's church and as I was there I saw her going into the little room with all the Bible study guides lined up you know you guys have those church offices and she was like grabbing one on the anti-Christ or something and she's like this is going to be heavy one you know and she was about to give a Bible study on that and I thought Oh my goodness how many of us are OK with doing that but she had gotten the courage and she started giving the studies to begin enjoying it more and having more confidence and so if there's something that you don't know it's OK just let them know that you can study it more later and God will use you as you give the studies to people and a lot of times people really open up so that's something you can do you in your community like in your in your school your university or even if you're done with school if you're older in the workplace and of course there are a lot of resources on how to get bible studies that was just a really quick segment there but I just want to make it really practical. I want to invite Kyle up right now and. This is. Kyle he works for the North American division. With A.S.I. and he was a pastor actually here in Mentone how many mental nights are out there OK great so we have people from Menton that are here he was a pastor there for several years before he got called to go Division and he's going to share with us and experience a testimony that will be practical and how what we can do when we leave I share to continue being involved in ministry OK Thank you Noah so glad you all are here OK so I have a question I only have a couple minutes on the make this quick question how many of you guys have preached a sermon. Raise your hand if you preach a sermon raise raise a high OK Amen amen quite a few of you how many of you guys how many guys would like to preach a sermon but you haven't yet raise your hand OK. Event How many do you guys don't want to ever preach a sermon raise your hand it's OK you can be oh. OK well I'm going to tell you honestly that I was in the third camp I really did not want to preach in fact. I was actually scared of going up front still am some time get I get these butterflies you know I'm talking about somebody's going to get a witness OK but seriously when I was at and I know how much time but I'm just I'm just sharing with you something from my heart that I believe that really all of us even the ones that raise your hand on the third group God can use all of you if you have a willing heart even to preach a man OK so when I was in high school very quick testimony I had a pastor that came and he he challenge some of us he said I believe that some of young people can preach of Angela stick messages and ice and we thought what this guy's crazy like you know we we've never preached a sermon much less an evangelist experiment and so long story short he ended up working with the chaplain and he convinced him that we needed to do an evangelist series and so he picked I don't know three four five of us to be involved in preaching and eventual stick series I was a junior in high school and he juniors in high school out there or roughly thereabout OK all right and I had like I said I had never preached a sermon before and guess how we picked our sermon topic I guess so we picked up some topic he put the topic the titles in a hat or in a bucket we picked out of the bucket guess which topic Kyle picked. It wasn't it wasn't like salvation it wasn't heaven it wasn't it wasn't even the second coming or something like that it was Revelation thirteen in the Mark of the beast. And not of my trimly is ADD Well my mom was most my family's I've been to so anyway long story short I had to study for the sermon and I think it was probably the worst sermon ever preached in the history of Angelus and but my family came and they they were very gracious and said Oh good job Kyle you know I'm sure it was but I will tell you the reason I share that is because that experience began to plant a seed in my heart and even though it was probably the worst sermon ever preached it did something in me because when we step out and we start to share. God does something in us right I meant it it makes the truth come alive in our own hearts in a way that it hasn't had before I'll just I'll just continue on to tell you that that was not the first experience God gave me other opportunities in the years that followed to help with evangelism not only on the preaching side but on the behind the scenes side and that began to really develop my love for God's work and ultimately led to why am I decided to go into ministry full time. Have any of you heard of what's called share him OK used to be called share him do you know what I'm talking about when you go overseas and you preach a full message a full series of evangelist meetings. And literally like I had never like I said I had preached if you start but by this point I'm moving forward in time to. College now and I had preached a few sermons here in there but not much and I got an opportunity to go to Mexico and I said Man I can't I don't know if I can do. What was it eighteen one thousand messages I mean I preach maybe one two three sermons and I'm going to do one thousand sermons in a row and it's just when you think about it it's very intimidating but I will tell you guys that though I didn't want to go I'm so glad that I went because by the end of that experience. The truth that we have a some day Adventist became so real to me as I studied for those messages and again they were probably really bad they probably I don't know I mean the delivery was probably bad everything but somehow I got through it and three people made decisions for baptism. I still remember in my mind seeing an old man and a young girl come forward when I made my appeal and it just touched my heart to see that even me stammering and floundering as I was through these messages somehow God could use me to for someone to make a decision for him. I have had the privilege of taking other people on mission trips since that time many other people and seen them young people as young as fifteen years old preach a full evangelist tick series Monella you did that in Ethiopia when you were fifteen and it changed your life so my little snippet here that I'm sharing for this total member involvement piece I want to challenge each and every one of you to pray that God would give you the opportunity not only to preach a sermon but to preach an entire evangelist and series OK what you say right now I'm not joking here because God you can do it I'm serious guys you may not think yourselves as preachers but you would be amazed at what God can do through just having a willing heart so there's plenty of opportunities to do that whether it be through share him or other opportunities and it may not be that you'll get to preach an evangelist experience right away God may give you an opportunity to share your testimony in your local church but I want to challenge you guys to pray that God would open a door for you to speak for him. And you know you may not feel like you're a good speaker and that's OK because guess what God The Bible says when we are what does it say. My mind is blanking you see but it says when we are weak right basically go ahead June. Yes His strength is made perfect in our weakness Amen and so the point is guys. The weaker use and more helpless you know yourself to be the stronger you will be as you cast your burdens on the Lord and you ask him to use his power to flow through you to reach other people so how many of you want to preach now. To everybody's hands God can use you I challenge you by God's grace to pray that God will open up a door for you to share this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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