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Help! Jesus, Where Are You?

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • July 9, 2009
    10:45 AM
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him him him him him the all right please Lord what would have glad you're back on we are now going into our second study those of you who may not of been here for first that he would talk about how close is close we were simply talking about how we see that we really are living in the end times and therefore God wants to show something very very powerful from his worse than we can know how to live practical Christian lives day by day I got space once again the go-ahead to start with a word of prayer and they would begin is my habit to new premises is always welcomes new with you don't have to but it's my habit to do social let us pray our father in heaven we are once again thank the Lord for the privilege and the opportunity to study a word with thankful that you are teaching us how we can live practical Christian lives day by day even in the midst of living in the very last hours of Earth 's history we pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit through the early and latter rain that we might truly understand your work and father we pray that as we behold Jesus and see where he is may we be with him also this is our prayer we ask in Jesus name amen we want to let you know that they just put this up here on if you do have questions but have a question-and-answer session would like to have you are now using this service a paper on the notebook even though I had right on you questions and you can put right here in this box and that we can make sure questions are addressed so we want to go ahead and let you do that him then ask you all a question the purpose of the plan of salvation what say ye what why do you think God has given us the purpose of the plan of what really is the purpose of the plan of salvation is my selling very elementary questions but you'd be amazed sometimes we forget the simplicity that we find in Christ so what would you say to save us from sin yes events it is certainly within again before the book of second Corinthians chapter five in second Corinthians chapter five watching those of the Bible says will start at verse eighteen second Corinthians chapter five and was thought in verse eighteen in second Corinthians chapter five want to see what God 's word says that we can does rightly understand Lord was about to saying to us that we can easily rightly understand where the truth when you get there but me know by Singerman listen what the Bible says it says and all things are of God who reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ and have given to us the ministry of what reconciliation God wants to reconcile us to himself and then we are given once we are reasons out with once we come back to God and we are connected with God then we are better equipped now to be an instrument of reconciliation to others it's hard to connection by the somebody you don't know enough yet to try that before revealed no the person it's very difficult to try to get somebody else to know the person when you have a connection that is a lot easier to do that with every by men therefore the implement implies something if we be reconciled to God and that means that at some point in time and I'll walk of life we were what separated what wonder that separated us say in where the Bible do we know that sin has separated us from the eyes recognizing misguided fifty nine verse two amen in Isaiah chapter fifty nine starting at verse two God helps us to see why we were separated from him is the reason why does the ministry of reconciliation Bible says in Isaiah fifty nine was not averse one of going big numbers to fifty nine verse one the Bible says we together it says behold the Lords hand is not shortened that it cannot save thank God for that neither his ear heavy that it cannot hear what the problem it says but your iniquities have separated between you and your God and your sins have hid his face from you that he will not be the mission the purpose of the plan of salvation is that we might be reconciled to God and the only way we can be reconciled to God is that the thing that separated us from God must be removed that make sense if we are going to be reconciled to God we have that we have to accept the fact that therefore at some point in time in our life and perhaps even now we are not working we are separated by the goal of God is that we might be reconciled which means that we have to remove the thing that separated us from him letting them access this way husband and wife husband and a wife you know they have a happy married had children and his wife in the church and in one day one of the spouses gives week and spouse commits adultery is a bad thing is the terrible what was in this spouse comes to the other South and confesses us is that you know what I committed adultery I've been with another person but I'm coming to you and I Matthew forgive me and so on and you know I want to get a new start in life well that spouse makes the decision to say okay I'll accept you back into the relationship the last is folly on the start of any I need your input follow me on the story the spouse is yes you can come back home and you can go ahead and try to rebuild this marriage the other spouse says great when on the new is since we have a basement in the house that I let the other person that committed adultery with him but I have them come and live with us a little while and when I do is that a spend three days a week with the other person so I can wean them off the relationship and I'll spend four days with you if you went out of the spout how many of you will go for that anything is nobody right are met let me ask a question at present nor I find no three days okay I'll tell you what I'll spend one day a week with the other person and I will spend six days a week with you if they made an arrangement like that would be a better arrangement to agree to that arrangement is and what it went with the other party six days with you that would work out okay let's say the person is a lesson always spend six brazen twenty one hours with you and only three hours with the other person with network with resentment would anybody open at one okay eight ninety six White House on the Missouri side so you wouldn't even if anyone even accept the reality of the other party how many of you would agree that you would say to your spouse dear is there any hope for our marriage and for reconciliation is going to have to be ball or nothing how many of us would agree that if you will notice I worked things out in your home that you would let that spouse know the only hope that we have for reconciliation to reconciliation is all and nothing are many of us would say that's it that's a brothers and sisters so it is with Jesus there are many of us were trying to negotiate with God and of Santa Fe three days a week my darling sin but I'll give you four days of holiness righteousness good Christian music true worship Bible study and the work of evangelism and God is saying won't do some of us outside of the back and I was okay okay I did anyone at least with my darling sin and I'll give you six days holiness righteousness good Christian music Bible study evangelism true worship God is saying what do I so have the nerve to go to God as a lot okay here's my final offer six days and twenty one hours holiness righteousness Bible study true worship and all the things who demands three hours with my darling said God is saying this out the same way you have enough wisdom to see that an earthly marriage could never succeed with an agreement like that God says how much the more a heavenly marriage and I think you and I today all or nothing so therefore the part of the plan of salvation is to do exactly what the state to Matthew one twenty one and they shall call his name Jesus for he shall save his people from their sin which means the sin has to be removed sin must be removed there will be no hope of a real union with Jesus Christ if we cannot have our sins we from our lives there is no way in the world that you can have a clean sanctuary unless God has a clean people I must say that from the Bible got understood this issue therefore he takes us to the book of Exodus chapter twenty five God understood this issue and he understood listen I've got a get my people to understand the truly meaning and the plan of salvation therefore we go to the book of Exodus chapter twenty five the judgment of Israel just came out of Egypt out of the house of bondage here they are they now have gotten to a point where they were reeducated upon the ten Commandments and then shortly thereafter they were given some statutes and judgments to help expand on the ten Commandments may think mammoth practical make it plain in a God wanted to review his ultimate desire right here to twenty five inversely the Bible say this is twenty five bursting at events amen Bible says in its repeated together and let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them God said let them make me a sanctuary because the highest heights of the experience between the creation and the Creator is when God to dwell in us the word among the remains in for Gosselin against England and that I may dwell in them I will exalt you from the book of education page thirty six the book education page thirty six spare processes this is what the people was slow to learn the lesson taught by the ten Commandments or the premises given us as the people was slow to learn the lesson if it is our custom as they had been in Egypt to material representations of the deity and fees of the most degrading nature it was difficult for them to conceive of the existence or the character of the unseen one the episode a problem much like the same problem yesterday we were living in the world we were doing the things of the world will fornicate but she missed a little whatever it is what might've been doing we would let them wildly as we were in the wild that we can't Antichrist will accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior we can't enter this blessed movement called the Seventh-day Adventist church high and holy principles I said before and it's hard for archival minds to understand that God is and what he's trying to accomplish just and miserably the same thing if they were coming of age in that we used to do a lot of stuff as well what was this not God says in pity for their weakness God gave been a symbol of his presence let them make me a sanctuary he said that I may dwell among them this is when this ideal they were in themselves powerless to attain is the revelation at Sinai could only impress them with your need and helplessness another lesson the tabernacle through its service of sacrifice was to teach the lesson of pardon of sin and power to the Savior for obedience unto life the sanctuary God gave to his people to be a symbol that he might reveal himself to us in a way that is more magnified and would be than any other way that God revealed himself to the sanctuary was a very very powerful instrument in the hands of God to reveal himself to a dying world is the reason why we exist today the other there was seven and another was seventh day Sabbath keeping people before the seven administration came into existence so the also for the asking someone what the purposes of administration to tell imbibe outside the next best thing that could discontinue work for the seven-day Baptist equal to continue working for the senator to God why did God raise up the Seventh-day Adventist church what is our contribution to Christianity and quite honestly but this is our contribution to Christianity is the complete that which has been started with others we are getting the full picture of the plan of salvation through the sanctuary the sanctuary message the sanctuary message that every sympathy for the great controversy page four eighty eight I want to think about this great controversy page four eighty eight it says the subject of the Saint Rose Elizabeth the subject of the sanctuary and the investigative judgment should be clearly understood by the people of God not to understand that this is not the commentary of a little old lady in the eighteen hundreds this is what Revelation nineteen ten called the testimony of Jesus the spirit of prophecy is one who is this Jesus talking to us and Jesus is saying to you and I the subject of the Centurion the investigative judgment should be clearly understood by the people of God he went on to me as familiar with the methods of the sanctuary as you are with your first in your last name uniting the review notice on your just like God wants you to be that familiar with the sanctuary message but not in its theoretical sense but according to you in the last session buying five-page anyone that last quote I gave you the time is not far distant when the Jets Oakland Eversole diGenova ceases all in a single page she says all who have assumed the ornaments of the sanctuary but were not cold with Christ's righteousness will be seen in the shame of their own nakedness there are many of us who understand the ornaments of the sanctuary oldest table sugar it was right here and the ultimate sacrifices over here in Canada six is over here the ultimate sizzling in the architect 's little units out of the ark with Aris product but in the table so we know the artists but you can still be naked you can still be unclosed and we can still be lost so therefore the last thing I wanted to in this session is to simply give you the intellectual understanding of the sanctuary but what I want to do by the grace of God is giving the heart of the sanctuary so that you might really see how this sanctuary Mister got given to what can cause a transformation in your life it says John seven forty one forty seven in John chapter fourteen this was something about Jesus in John chapter fourteen with most of the Bible says Wertheimer six John fourteen in verse six Thomas is asking Jesus a very important question Jesus is making it known you know I'm limited you know you you be able to see the father and Thomas a single more verse five times and Lord we know not without the lesson how can we know the way what's the way to get to God was the way Jesus responds in that very first sentence Jesus saith unto him I am the way you want to know how to get the dog Jesus said I am the way honestly right now in the solicitation and whether Christianity today Thomas was asking the question most of us after they and the world is in the administrative and allow anyone know how I got hung parliament the connection can handle inside of the day my date and all I am is beaten up by the devil every time I try to live a righteous life a holy life I fall into temptation and I give into sin that is my story and as a people saying right now it's a way how I didn't and I'm how I finally get to the point that I can have an experience with Jesus that's real people asking the question even if the legitimate question is a very legitimate question because some of the highest professors in the church today still don't know the answer that question but Jesus answered them is that I am the way to the father is an omega from the bottom of money on the way now while Smith agencies us in the way to the father but I think I know why there's so much confusion in Christianity nor son seventy seven is on seventy seven we get a call now and Jesus and Thomas is like you and I we want to know the way to get to the father then Jesus Godhead and he says I am the way to the father then maybe we can now have a clue of why there's so many today in the world of Christendom they don't know how to get the God and science on seventy seven in verse thirteen we had any extra Bibles on the acid someone and someone can get some eczema limited by how the Bibles we can all be together we decided to get so that we cannot laugh at what to do is listen to the opinion of the man my words mean nothing in Jeremiah seventeen verse five the Bible says Chris to be the man that puts his trust in man and maketh flesh his arm the last thing I was a mighty girth of socializing notes of any Mrs. but what we want to do is trust in the Lord and put our hope in him so here it is the Bible says in Psalm seventy seven in verse thirteen anything is a man the three together the Bible says a way old God is in the sanctuary is digital since cats that they know that you just found a piece of the puzzle of why this was confusing in the weather Christianity today is Tonya says the show me the way to God Jesus says I am the way and then hated the thought is that thy way oh God is in the sanctuary and individuals do not have a clear understanding of the sanctuary the net music that I have been obstructed view of how to find a way to God and that's why got people going on all also the path trying to find the time to find the smoking time to find them drinking try to find into six trying to find him through material possessions trying to find him through homages to different places all over the world trying to find God through the different practices and their ceremonies in all these different things and here it is that right and a Bible Jesus and I am the way and I'm in the sanctuary if you want to meet me so they can get to the father me anywhere to sanctuary in the Los Angeles uncle Christ as their and where we would want talking with Jesus amen subliminal images as we have also struggled to wear to a sanctuary I've often wondered us again I wonder what would happen if one is that ability our typical revelation seminar that are typical of the meeting of one day we did the gospel to the sanctuary I wonder what that would be like some food for thought for you guys Jesus is the way now mostly listen Jesus was a tedious and secular collectivist is twenty five is little guidance what is it that Jesus really was the teacher throughout all the experiences in the sanctuary and emphasis that is taught throughout the sanctuary if we catch the episodes that we catch the goal if we tax the purpose of the sanctuary will be able to understand better why things were so important with anything what does Jesus as their that should be enough to bring it down even more look at the twenty five again want to see what the Bible says five in verse eight exit photography website let them make me a sanctuary that I need to what twelve among them and the word among means in God this I IRA that he might dwell in us not simply around us were gone once the well can you see what to make his moment in your heart and wants to be Johnson fifty Hopewell out of business he doesn't often on studying at home my family something to look to me like on craigslist and the like as you know with were together even more convenient children and sometimes on studying the Bible and out of nowhere noticing that they do not get excited editing a malaise of what happened you have to have that access additionally I just found you having that it's just another piece of the puzzle the unit also it out endlessly when you study the Bible itself your Holy Spirit of descriptive users come to these quaint points of Scripture organism God says I want to dwell among you i.e. can you know why Smith and John fifteen immersed by the Bible says here blah Bible says and the fine he are the branches she got what I can't begin me and I in him the same bring forth much fruit you can do nothing to save his wife there's got annexes forty five is about I want to make a sanctuary the purpose of it is that I may dwell in you then in John seventeen Jesus says it all by the dwell somewhere to abide somewhere same thing Jesus says in John fifteen pieces of pie in me and I in you so here it is that when God wants to dwell among us and we are in him and he is in us and now wants the effect of what happens when God dwells in your heart go to first untethered in first on the third chapter old reminiscences look at this first on the third chapter notice what happens I dwells in you first John chapter three verse and fantastic job Verizon separate agreement with John and beautiful starting verse one percent reversal in question is what happens out with intermediate to verse six verse six is the key text watch this behold what manner of love the father hath bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of God therefore the world no that's not because it knew him not beloved now are we the sons of God and not yet appear what we shall be but we know that when he shall appear we shall be like him for we shall see you nephews every man that hath this hope in him sure find himself even as he is pure whosoever committed sin transgresses also the lossless and is the transgression of the law and ye know that he was manifested to take away our sins and in him is no standard immerses whomsoever of Biden and him what sad not whosoever Senate had not seen him not to know when God raised up the sanctuary it was designed that he might dwell in you and you and him so that you would cease from committing sin it was so that he could keep the reunion and never letting it broken up again for what broke up the relationship between man and God and the sanctuary teaches us how to get to read over sin by Christ dwelling you understand why the saintliness is so important will anybody see Jesus while this to living in sin and was the only way that we can overcome sin it is through right and where is Jesus sanctuary bring into the sanctuary so that when we cry out how Jesus will you see the same time he in the sanctuary company need me in the sanctuary therefore we are going to look at the three phases of the experience of the sanctuary because they view what I can understand using another goal the goal of the sanctuary where is the outer court the holy place or the most holy Place the goal of it all is that we might understand the plan of salvation from sin the whole goal of the sanctuary we cannot tell you what if you and I were to have victory over sin has soon removed from our lives what does that really mean redoing it as soon as they removed from your life and you have victory over Arsenal Sun Sentinel also then what you really are now what what what was the most historic and I you are holy revelation fourteen twelve here is the basis of the same here are they that he would think about it what is sin the breaking of God 's commandments so if you have victory over sin that is until now keeping God 's command is with me now more than ever you account for the month the patient's brother sister has some share with you as it relates to those things and earnings misses our happiness is called health reform I believe that tomorrow health reform the third angel in our young people don't miss that don't miss health reform diverting to how young people don't miss that one please don't miss that God will forgive us reveal this ability to have this through Christ and where's Jesus and the sanctuary so therefore that it is an essential herb that is I had within it take a look at some things and they just got a kind of dealt through an intake alumnus of the book of Leviticus chapter four now we understand what God would look at the sanctuary as it relates to what God wants to do with sin in you was in my life and I quote from a controversy page forty eight Hungary the other have to it happen at sea in just a moment with a really make sense to you in Leviticus chapter four verse twenty seven when the Leviticus four twenty seven thirty one and this is the work of God in the outer court Bible says that it is for twenty seven to thirty one any as of the Bible says in Leviticus four twenty seven to thirty one the Bible says and if any one of the common people sin through ignorance while you do a somewhat against any of the commandments of the Lord concerning things which ought not to be done and be guilty or if the sandwich of sin come to his knowledge then he shall bring his offering a kid of the goats a female without blemish for his sin which he asked in and he shall lay his hand upon the head of the sin offering and slayed the sin offering in the place of the burnt offering and the pre- Celtic of the blood thereof with his finger and put it upon the horns of the altar of burnt offering and shall pour out all the blood thereof at the bottom of the altar and he shall take away all the fat thereof as the fat is to get away from all the sacrifice of peace offerings and the priest shall burn it upon the altar for a sweet savor unto the Lord and the pre- cellmate what an atonement for him and it Saleem forgiven him now barely out of court see the picture in the article are Christ shows us a beautiful picture Jesus as our you are I have fallen into sin we broken one of the Commandments of God one of the first says that Jesus said it is not what I said I want to see you soon he wants us to recognize that we are sinners and I know that typically again at disease log to see if the horrible diseases worse than cancer because many of us still today and more myself and we should buy the waiting a while many of us think more about so that we should as a reason for it I pretty got to stop doing it from this day forward if you doing it go to the book of first Corinthians chapter ten there is a reason booking a thing on Leviticus four about a first Corinthians the tenth chapter there is a reason that many of us cannot see our own sins and when we stop doing this we will begin to see things in its proper light in fact the book of second Corinthians this new second Corinthians chapter ten when first produced in later second Corinthians chapter ten what's the reason Watson will have a challenging and seeing us and anyhow in second Corinthians chapter ten God was a show you about something 's not right here in verse twelve second Corinthians chapter ten verse twelve asleep is when we get is the text it says for we dare not make ourselves up the number or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves but they aim measuring themselves by themselves and comparing themselves among themselves are not one below the biggest reason wasn't because the essence were too busy comparing ourselves to some of the center centers compare themselves in this volume is the same in Bible holding you become changed the one with villains and it would take our local centers and are thought to the one who is sinless but tepid in all points but did not send in Bible holding what can happen we can become changed into his and we compare ourselves each other if I'm doing better than you but for some reason expressing certain blessings that will happen if it'll make me feel like I'm continuing my sins and probably still express some of those blessings like the epicenter I'll never forget I remember we would teach a principal address which is applicable to dot all the different things we talk about lifestyle and people say well pastor doesn't do this elders don't do that the inns don't do that engineering is still expressing the blessings so why should I we compare ourselves among ourselves and we do so the Bible says we are not wise you are to compare yourself to no one when God gives you instruction from his work is relevant to the left of the right things following as long as it is clear and USS line upon line precept upon precept here you will once you copy a new issue clearly this is nothing to look regardless of anybody practicing on your right at the unit you go for apologies we compare ourselves into is why we have a struggle sometimes see my sins because they know that this person is a great preacher and they're doing it and it seems I got a blessing of Shawnee the Lord is not bothered with these things remember many install and use the that we admired for their brilliancy will go wild in darkness we are not to look at other people give them of the a lot of shocks this limits in place and this will people I has been limited to put them in heaven and those me the same one that turned their backs on the Lord when the six hits but those we are judging and we are similarly low for personal media is low individual and certainly not a negative to be some of the greatest consigning stocks don't compare yourself to the outer court we got to see our lives compared to Jesus 's life and Jesus said in John fifteen ten he said I have had my father 's Commandments so that when we look at Christ's life we see the goal I too must keep God 's commandments and what to do with Jesus through the article we see our sins as we realize that we need help remember the title is Jesus where are you we see this is at least ninety Jesus says in the out-of-court he says I have opened the door for forgiveness of sins in the outer court is where the forgiveness of sins takes place because God died for us in the article when that man was slain on the altar it was just like in John one twenty nine when John said behold the Lamb of God that take away the sin of the world so therefore trying the out-of-court Lansing on the altar at the time Christ on the cross is a deeper application that will go to them in the butt I Christ dying type the lamb on the altar and that is what Christ dying on the cross tie Lamb dying on the altar as you type Christ dying on the cross the fulfillment of that exam for whatever happened next after the door has been opened and out forgiveness of sins is available to you and I what was about what happened next what was going to the book of Leviticus chapter four again method versus five to seven you see what would happen if the priests Leviticus Ford will will will will talk about the biggest for look at versus five to seven Karen is the Lamb has just been killed as one of the lamb represent Jesus Christ now look at what happens next when literally the laminate on the altar and its neck has been cut and the blood is pouring from the animal little inverse process happens next is to diversify and the pre- 's net is anointed shall take of the bullets blithe and bring it to the tabernacle of the congregation to catch the picture you got his land land late on the altar that Lamb should have been I wish of thy cross in the WSDL service that but God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life so got a love represent that land Jesus Christ he died the death we were supposed to die and when you died notice what happens the priest comes to the blood that's spilling from the kill animal and that he goals of the tablet of the congregation with enough interns also be holy place but what happens now it says and the priest shall dip his finger in the blood and sprinkle of the bloodhound at times seven times which means complete you know number seven costly reverse to completion it says seven-time before the Lord before the veil of the sanctuary and the precept with some of the blood upon the on the author of sweet incense before the Lord with the ultimate sense was far all he plays very good defendant agrees up with some of the blood upon the horns of the health of sweet incense before the Lord which is in the tabernacle of the congregation and shuffle all the blood the blood at the bottom of the altar the burnt offering which is at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation so cats is now the priests takes the blood and then he takes the life any goals into the holy place now and he sprinkled it seven times against them and what does that mean was significant that these two very important points that want to see most important point that I want to see number one question the plan of salvation finish of the cross her to knows that the plan of salvation finished across decimals more of these the plan of salvation for us across really knows not to be sold because the right anything to me in the sanctuary what one part represented a call across our core holding for the most holy place out of court this would level scale so united on the court that represented across but that was the end of the plan of salvation video purpose of the principle to the holy place and do the other thing was sprinkling of L clearly that was a continuation of the plan of salvation and make it nice and clean the great controversy page four eighty nine bluegray controversy page four eighty nine here's what it says nice clear plain language this is the intercession of Christ in man's behalf in the sanctuary above is as essential to the plan of salvation as was his death upon the cross this is by his team being Dan that work was after his regular he ascended to come please been having so where is the completion of the plan of salvation known as a place on our current in heaven and so here it is please know that the holy place now and he sprinkled the blood seven times on the veil was a significant about missing our court is where the doors open and we can now be for Jim in for our sins in the holy place crime the something else the Romans chapter four Romans chapter four in Romans chapter four Romans chapter four when Thomas left within forty five as we got fifteen minutes good from his fourth step is for the quickly Romans four and verse seven the Bible says in Romans former Senator Bible says saying that I have said on a whose iniquities are forgiven and whose sins are covered in the outer court the door was opened that Austin could now before given in the holy place is with Christ now doesn't work where our sins are the blind covers why when the blood convert our sins while a public outcry since substitute yes but that must bring out what the book of our thin Leviticus seventeen is about blood right now I'll teach you what is on the physical level woman it would help reform announcement set on a spiritual level Leviticus seventeen Leviticus seventeen note for the Bible says in Leviticus seventeen verse eleven Leviticus seventeen why was not so significant why is it that the blood of Jesus Christ is able to come my life for my sins whether as a Leviticus seventeen members eleven for the life of the flesh is where in my life of the flash is in my so therefore when you when I come to God and we the sacrifice and they want to give me for my sins I confess my wrongdoings God then said are undoubtedly give you and the blood of Christ covers our sins and what significant amount of life the life of the flesh is in the blood which means that when we are clobbered with blood we are comparable to life the life of Christ was me that when God sees and he no longer sees you he sees his son asked why got insane you are very welcome yet the same leave the center he sees his son missing covering the blood that has was interesting I was teaching this with my children we were going on sites where I took a pillow and I said no I said this pillow versus cobra presents and such of the devices to represent since I put it on the floor as it were a pillow in my thick sin article written blanket SLK he was a red blanket I think this is the blood of Jesus Christ I took the red blanket in cover pillow I think candles the work of Christ in the holy place right here I think he is alive has covered your sins and I asked my children I said so therefore the plan of salvation it ended right there and only place in Fresno like well yeah I guess so possible to me help you out I said what the purpose of the sanctuary class was the purpose of the sanctuary so we can be with God you will does not qualify the and victory over sin salvation from sin through Christ salvation from sin through Christ remember that the whole the cyclic that God will dwell in and run a Verizon three six eight buy in us we said in not gone without we didn't make it within the sanctuary to watch this I think now let's see if the work is finished in the work finished went within any article difficulties is not know if the part of the plan the door has been opened salvation is now available to meet legal diseases that in the holy places when he comes in with the blood in the work are now why I asked my children children the pill over that's what sin blanket represents the blood of Jesus I asked my children to tell me this cannot pick up the blanket and take my send back whenever iTunes would think the answers yes this is why you and I confess our sins today and since then tomorrow we taken back the sin that was once covered under the blood of Jesus we decided to take it back because God is every single one of us the freedom of choice this is why the work of the plan of salvation could not be finished in the holy place measure this way with me out of a garbage can and I got garbage in chaos do you have a lid on top your garbage can I hope you do what the purpose of putting the lid on the garbage can okay so you need sunshine holding anesthetists these are delivered to the layers of assessment in a fresh broccoli Fresno Samantha back to long most all right if you have listened behind the nipple you covered up now Courtney from wrong after a while does not distance start to build up even the limited over what you do next figure out what you may not know you shall be taken and you put it where you put in that bigger garbage can your backyard let's call your attention and your backyard the holy place here it is you got garden stuffs a Citizen 's guide and by the way blood has a strange blood does have spent the money blood was building up in the Franklin the monthly blood was building up in the sanctuary even absent without we would begin to think as I had to clean at least once a year sources now let's say that Socko represents our sins we look forward to the day that usually comes at least one day a week where what kind of truck comes that garbage truck I want a garbage truck columns we take our garbage and we wanted a garbage truck in the garbage truck takes it to a far far place away from us that we never ever see that garbage again that to work the most holy place so that we were final to Leviticus sixteen chapter villages twenty year limited sixty milliliters in Leviticus sixteen chapter I want to sue the Bible says in verse nineteen hundred and sixteen in verse nineteen he is of the Bible says the priest is now in the most holy place and by the way we high priest says in verse nineteen and he shall sprinkle of the blood upon it with his finger seven times and do what Karen Ficklin is what the sanctuary he was the closest sanctuary watch this and follow it from uncleanness of the children of Israel so that's it that's being followed and cleansed his wife it's not going into the new all the blood and everything all the sins of being brought into the enemy case means to be cleansed to whether the ankle and the sanctuary amen but once this something else has to be cleansed look at verse thirty one that a shot but please make an atonement for who for you to do what to cleanse and heal that he will maybe clean from all your sins before the Lord so private message to this child is automatically known clean sanctuary until there's a clean people what they are with incident it as my seat last night when I was liberal Gregory Mann act outside me know without thinking he's getting there you know and I love Vanessa diseases prepare the minds because they can be a clean sanctuary and they can be any latter rain this is a clean people our next session within a talk about how to be clean you see Christ in the most holy place she is not simply doing the work of the forgiveness of sins he is not simply doing the work of will bring us put in the most holy place Christ is doing the final work in the plan of salvation which is the complete blotting out policy this we must understand I remember I was listening to someone and they were teaching on the sanctuary and the person said well when Jesus ascended into heaven at his resurrection he went into the holy place to do the work of intercession as payment for the luck of SI with Asia-Pacific in forty four Christ lives in also the place to do the work of intercession and outlay Anna Merlino and my wife I said if he was doing into session in the holy place also while you just keep doing the same thing in a most holy artists are leading must've been another phase of the work and brother sister the phase one because that justice had been simply doing the work of intercession but he's doing a final work which is the blotting out the same women to the whole purpose of the sanctuary is to show us how we can get victory over sin and was powerful every step throughout the site or experience we get victory over sin to Christ in the output he's the land that died in the holy places the priest that this in the most holy place he is the high priest of judges in a single phase vehicles Jesus any article or blood of the land in the holy place blood upon the altar and also replace the blood upon the altar again the blood the blood of life Christ throughout no there is never a point in time that you get victory over sin without Jesus never so we don't teach legalism you can happen it must have been photographing through the power of Jesus Christ you know why this is so important now I will finish the quote from great controversy page four eighty I read you the first half now by God 's grace you can better understand the second I started with the statement the subject of the sanctuary and the investigative judgment should be clearly understood by the people of God all need a analysis for themselves but two things with this on the position and work of their great high priest was a debate over the amount of the deposition and the work of our great high priest how I says otherwise that you need pay attention with his otherwise been even aware that you don't have an outlet of the position work than what it says otherwise it will be in possible for them to exercise the faith which is essential at this time want to occupy the position with God 's unconditional if you do not understand the work and the position of Jesus Christ in the most holy place you what I will not be able to exercise the faith in the last days that we need and let me tell you why the great activity you really need vessels and things the early rain fell and the disciples not simply because of timing it was assembly that forty days passes Christ ascended and inherent is now it's a in the days in total benefits and costs therefore the rain fell nor was when you carefully study the book of acts the book of acts tells us that while they were in the upper room they understood that Christ died resurrected and within the holy place of the sanctuary above doing the work of intercession because the disciples understood the work and the position of the great high priest and then Jesus was inaugurated by receiving the kingdom in Hebrews five that Jesus was the five the disciples were connected with cars my day and the early rain fell down young for the host the only individuals who will receive the latter rain on those who understand the work and the position of Christ in the most holy place not simply to forgive our sins on a little subject her to get back not singly to come across it is the only movement on earth that teaches the full complete blotting out of sync and when we understand the position and work of Jesus Christ in that most holy place and when our lives fall in line with what God has told us to do which of the finite and the next day we are the ones that will best be prepared for the outpouring of the library this is why it is new and I don't have the latter rain one other thing to get and that's what Mark of the beast the latter rain only individuals within the seal of God of those good A if you don't have that and I was in the upmarket of these his wife to he says he will be impossible rain power with any a serious experience with Jesus in the most holy place that we might truly be ready this next that is able to maneuver his assistance is imperative that you understand because while Christ is in the most holy in his position doing his work is relevant it was a position in a work for us most of us don't even know what it is but the next that you know exactly what it is and those who are in the position work for this supposedly being while I is in the heavy strength when a most holy place in his position in his work goals be the ones best prepared to receive A investment to be our next so with that in mind help Jesus where are you whereas Christ whereas Jesus is where exactly in a sanctuary and also places what's he going these are giant and Eagle in the work of the blotting out of the sand and the only way we can have a clean sanctuary is when we have a clean people how many of us want to be counted amongst those clean people in the heavenly father we are so thankful that by faith right now our minds are connected in the most holy place you have taught us and you've shown us from your word where Jesus is in Lord because we know where Jesus is now father we have access to you for he is the way and by way of God is in the sanctuary we pray heavenly father that she will truly prepare our hearts for the great work and position that you set for us now how do we understandably working position of Jesus Christ may you truly be our teacher and we thank you for this wonderful and awesome blessing in Jesus name amen he is


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