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2. Powerful Intercessory Prayer!

Jerry Page Janet Page



  • August 19, 2017
    3:30 PM
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Other got a new Regis thank you for you. You are the whole reason we're here together we are so so grateful for a God like you that you're so personal and so real in Lord I feel extremely inadequate right now in sharing and and there's so much that could be shared but so little time and Lord you know what each one needs through healing pray for the right words of what you want shared father and we just prayed even if it's not what I share that your Holy Spirit will speak to every heart minister to these people aboard give them just what you know they need right now that they'll go home knowing that you spoke to a lawyer and we thank you Father for blessing me Chuang in their lives in Jesus' name amen talking before about. Dating relationship how to find the right person I know. With my sons it was easy which I never realized this till I had sons that it was a problem and it was a problem for girls. But they can easily get led into the wrong relationship by a very outgoing girl if they tend to be shy and to encourage you to read proverbs to read it over and over and over again proverbs really helps you to not just know the right kind of person to marry but just about all of life how to live life and how to deal with your finances in and on and on. In your handouts you know a lot of people ask and say you know share how you do your devotional times I don't know if that's. And interests you struggle with your devotional time but there was a pastor in our conference a few years ago and he was very active for God He was seen many people one to Jesus but yet he was a different man when he was at home than he was the church and he was depressed and ground charitable and one of his family members said to him one day you know years you're so happy it's church and smiling at home you're depressed and grouchy What's up with that this doesn't fit together and he. Took it to heart and started praying about it it was at a time when his church was doing ten days of prayer I don't know if any of you do the ten days of prayers with us that we have from the G.C. We produce materials every year that are really beautiful we have a couple that write them for us and that really pray over them and their life changing and we did hold in all of these series are on our website on revival and reformation dot org Our hand out this is a condensed version of the bigger handout that's on there and but there's a lot of resources on that website that you might want to look at that could be a blessing to you there's e-books that you can download also and so he told the ten days the people the church members that came out for the ten days he said would you pray for me I'm in a dry place in my life right now and they said yeah Lulu will pray for you they love their pastor and so they really started praying for him and he started praying and he. Decided instead of using his devotional time to prayer his sermon usually would prepare a sermon he decided he was going to use it instead just to spend time with God and he started doing that. And God Let him as he did that he started saying God help me to love you help me to know you love me and I don't know how it is for you but I went through years ago a hard time in my life and then God started pushing on me to spend time with him and this was what thirty years ago this happened but it was amazing how God does not give up on us I don't care where you go or what you do in your life but God will keep pursuing you he's not going to give up on you and whatever you get involved in it can be bad because it leaves scars and things you regret the rest of your life but God will not give up on you he will continue to pursue you in Murari I don't know if you were there this morning but I was sharing about Bible promises and other things do you know this is this woman came up to me at a venture listed meeting down here in the Southern Cal somewhere and she it was of angels that training seminar she said to me she said I went to Loma Linda and I was wanting to live the worldly life but my girls Dean kept trying to reach out to me and before I graduated when I was graduating she gave me a Bible as a gift and in the Bible she had highlighted all of these promises from God and she gave it to man of course I was not interested in the Bible but she says I kept it she had my name engraved on it she'd written a special note to me and it and she said I kept it because I love this Deans you know she loved me and it meant something to me but I don't want to read it she went her worldly way and life got really really bad and she was absolutely desperate and did not know what to do and at that time is when she saw the bible and pulled it out she still did not have a relationship with God She had even asked God to have a relationship you know she wanted him but she started in her desperation to take that Bible and to claim the promises in it because she was in financial trouble in marriage relationship troubles all kinds and she said to me she said you know I didn't know God I wasn't living for him but I claim pray these promises and God kept blessing and working things out for me. We serve an amazing God and you know out of that she did become converted and became and fire for God became kind of a layer Vangelis. The gods were powerful and what he wants to do for us so this guy he starts spending time with God every day and after that he is Life changed but what he learned was it's not just about spending time with Jesus every day and that's another thing you know maybe you're not a morning person maybe you try to get up you ask God to wake you up but you still don't get up and then you know you know what have the Satan overcomes you with sleep tries it you to sleep and then you over sleep you don't have that time you're rushing off to go to school or to work and then you're kicking yourself all day long as you didn't do it I would like to encourage you just find some time and do it even if it's only two minutes three minutes spend whatever you can do with Jesus just a little bit just spend that time if it's only reading one Bible verse and just praying a little bit and just saying God help me to know you help me Lord just spend a little bit if you keep doing that it will grow it will grow and grow. As you do it and so what Dale found though was it isn't just about spending that time it's about abiding in Jesus all day long and God started teaching him how to do that abide in Jesus all day while his life changed so much that he goes to Jerry Jerry at that time was the conference President and he said he asked Jerry can I share it can't meeting my testimony of what God's done and so Jerry said sure and so he comes to camp meeting and shares and ends up doing a seminar on it and so in your hand out on page eleven are just some steps that God led him to and you know these were things got it already led me to do but I had never you know written him down and I just found it good so we've copied it and put it in this booklet but he says dedicate the first hour to making yourself emotionally available to Jesus now you may say I don't have a whole hour well whatever time you got just dedicate that time as much as you can to making yourself emotionally available to gee how do you do that what does this look like it is just somehow whether it whether you go for a walk whether you're you sit on your bed or you're lying on the floor whatever just saying God I need you right now where you just speak to me when you love me will you help me to know you we speak to me through your word and E C they are right here number two he used the Gospel of John C. This is for somebody who is just beginning the experience with Jesus you know how to do this but use the Gospel of John or desire of ages of the Psalms or one of Ellen Weiss devotional books or Andrew Murray's book abide in Christ I don't know if you've ever read that but it's very very helpful is something that you can read and reread and reread and but in doing this. When when I first started trying to spend this time with God. For me it was just you know I'm not getting much out of this god are you really here Lord where I read and I have an idea read Isaiah I think now is this God is not God What should I do I mean a deity of experiences or you go to spend the time with God You pick up your Bible and you start getting these thoughts you know this really isn't interesting it's so deep and I have so little time I don't have much time and I need lots of time there's so much of to read and to study to really understand and I'm so sinful You know I need to read the whole book for it to help me and there's not a time this morning and besides that it's boring reading the book do you get those kind of thoughts I want you to know many people yet those thoughts and they're coming from Satan it's not you that think in these things Satan is doing this in you you start getting those thoughts press all the more to read God's word even if you can only read one verse God can do more with one verse than if you read chapters and chapters if you will meditate and let God come in and change your life with that one verse and. The third one is have no agenda such as reading through the Bible study or presentation completing a book but only to speak in experience His Love You know I found God to lead me in different ways with this sometimes I said God what should I read this morning Should I read what I continue what I read yesterday and sometimes I've had God say you know why don't you study the Sabbath belief or the second coming or something like that and I'll get out I've got this big book by Mark Finley that goes through all of the doctrinal beliefs and and I'll use that to just do a whole study on the second coming and that's a beautiful way if it's what God is leading you to do but to let you know God lead you in him but if you doubt you think I don't know if he's leading me to do some or not will just go with what you think that's happening and a lot of times. One of the things that can happen when people think about spending time with God they think about oh I've got to pray through a long list of prayer requests no that that's not the time to do it you ever heard of George Miller George Miller was a pastor and George Miller would go around to visit his church members and he'd say how is your time with Jesus and they'd say what time with Jesus I have to work fourteen hours a day to put food on the table for my family and George got discouraged so he quit the paid ministry and started praying God What can I do that you will give me income just by putting you first by praying God Let him to pray for an orphanage to have orphans and so he didn't tell anybody just starts praying for North in a job building and I don't know how long he prayed but God ended up giving him a building but then he realized I don't have any orphans so he starts praying for orphans and one day orphans start coming down the street people are leading them to his building so he's now got a building he's got orphans he musta prayed for staff as you know and I have staff you know you have all of these three things you know what you have you got a lot of problems he's having to pray Lord give us food we need food god we need to pay the utility bills we need this we need clothing for the kids God we need this and his worship times that had been so beautiful where he just really was experiencing a love relationship with God became a drudgery because he had all these things he needed that he needed God to do so every morning he can spend that time with God It was immediately oh God we need this Lord we need you to do this we need this God Please God help this person to get along with this person and help this child to be converted and on and on you know what happened to George the man who had a beautiful experience with Jesus it dried. It became meaningless. And he started praying about what's wrong with me and then he realized he's doing it wrong you don't start out with all your requests to God You start out what George started doing is getting happy with God The first thing you want to do is get happy with Jesus and and how George would do that for him a lot of times he would walk with his Bible open and were just meditate and read it as he slowly watched through a meadow filled that doesn't work for me I sprained my ankle doing that and so I I have to be careful when I walk very close Clottey and but but I what I do in I know others do this too is we spend that time to get happy and Jesus you want to get happy in Jesus that's most important thing how do you do that for me it's just to start reading God's word in as I said I just methodically and I know George Miller did this to keep reading through it but if I'm in the middle of a chapter that's on wars and things it's not very fulfilling but yet even if you just read that or if you just read Leviticus the power of God still comes into you because it's God's word no book can do for you what God's word dunce hit you may not feel it you may not think it's happening but it is his life his healing power His Grace is coming into you when you read that word and meditate on it and George. Would read and just let God lead him as he read it and I started it was doing that to still do the head in just let God lead you to praise Him to give in sayings may be taken fastest then he may lead you to confess or he might lead you to to pray for somebody else or he may need you to just meditate on this passage and how to apply this to your life. Or what he launched you to learn from it but the point is let God lead you as you read. Don't don't just think well if I read this chapter today you know I'm done I'll read this chapter today and say a quick prayer and i'm done that doesn't go anywhere in the city a time of just waiting on God and letting God speak to his through it and in not sense I'm talking to you the way he talks best to me is through the Bible in the things I read I know if you have any questions if any of this is confusing really you know wanted to be clear but so I was having a years of enjoying God but it took it took like three weeks of be spending time with God every day and I'd say God make your word interesting God show me that you love me help me to love you God and you know I was doing this and I told God I would commit an hour a day to him if he would wake me up early enough to do it before I had to get to work or do what I needed to do that day and God started doing that would get me out and I. It just wasn't that meaningful but about three weeks later one morning I was to get up to spend time with him but I slept in a little bit longer than I should of you know he'd woken me up early and I didn't so I got up and I tried to read and pray in a rush through it because I wanted to go do something that I love to do and I started to leave to go do it and I just sense God saying no stay longer with me still I said no no no I need to go and what it is it's walking I need any to go walk otherwise our fallen asleep in church today you know I have a headache I need to get on the fresh air and but it's I'm tired my tennis shoes and getting ready to leave and I just felt this urgency stay stay and I don't hear voices but it's just those thoughts those emotions in your mind and as I want to put my hand on the door to leave I suddenly had this picture of Jesus on the cross. And I knew God was polling me to stay so I did and I that time I says Now down on the floor of my bible is that OK God I'll fall in sleep in church today whatever I'm going to spend this time with you and you know God started pouring out his grace on me the Bible started speaking to me and ways that I had never experienced before of God speaking to me through the word you know I mean in a just took me to a whole new level with Jesus and is I'm experiencing this in for several years as had gone on in my son Zach you know he'd gotten converted and he got this idea for the whole family that we read through the Bible together that way that when we're together we can have it we can discuss the same thing because we're reading all the same thing and I thought that's a great idea so he found a Bible reading plan on the Internet and we started all doing this well this Bible reading plan was to read the Bible through and one year it would have like read five chapters in a day so I started OK I have to read these five chapters and I'm just reading reading reading reading really fast to get my chapters read and you know what happened to me it's like my experience with God just dried up and I thought what's wrong you know I'm reading God's word but what I finally realize in I think my is that I can is wifely as some others said the same thing that happened to them was. When you so intense on just reading reading reading you're not stopping and waiting and listening to God to speak to you and meditate through each verse and that's the way it was for us Number four Dale says here pray my mind knows you you love me now I want to know it with my heart possessed me embrace me overwhelm me with your love live in me thank you for loving me. And number five pray read listen write pray read listen write you know this may change for you you may have music involved in yours you may be your musical person and a way for us is to play an instrument or the piano you know I don't think there is one set way of how to spend the time with God but was so important is so many people say oh yeah I'll spend time with God as I'm. Doing something else or whatever I don't know you've got to be sure you're hearing God and listening to him and letting him change you but I was started having this wonderful experience with God I was seeing answers to prayer it just was so excited about my relationship with him and the suddenly thing stopped and I started asking God what's wrong I don't sense you speaking to me through the Bible you know I feel like something's wrong took me a few days of asking before just that same thought came you don't care about what I show you you don't care about what I say what I do I think yes I do care and and I why I don't know why I'm having these thoughts I do care and as I started reading my Bible God started showing me and speaking to me what was wrong do you know what Israel's biggest problem was for God over and over again it says Israel forgot what God said Israel forgot what God had done over and over it says this and God was showing me yes he might do a great answer to prayer today or tomorrow but then I forget about it and then there's a big crisis and I'm going Oh Does God exist in oh is he there does he care about me or he means tell me in my worship time as I'm reading what you said to Sally yesterday wasn't so nice you need to apologize oh yeah yeah I need to do that but then I wouldn't do it I'd forget about it maybe because I wanted to forget you know it's hard to process but But what I found is if I do what God wants me to do and write it down it's always in your face it's always there reminding Oh yes you need to talk to Sally you know or remember this answer to prayer or god did it build your faith that encourages you the God's alive and real in your life and in saying this I don't sit and write long prayers because you'll never look at them again if you just got all these long words for me what works is to write in big capital letters the prayer request. Whatever is the burden on my heart I'll put in big letters and then below that I might write a little bit more about it if I'm really burdened I might write a lot but usually it's just briefly just putting that request before God and I put the date on it and then when God answers I'll come back and highlighted like in yellow and maybe write in the margin or somewhere near it and read a different color in the answer and just again keep it brief because if you want to write great details you'll never do it at least I don't and but this is life changing for your spiritual life and. But maybe God will do it different with you you're not a writer you don't want to write or write I'm not a writer either but I still would do this but I'm telling you if you do this kind of thing that no book will become your testimony your life journey and it's incredible what God will want to do with it and how he'll use it to bless others besides you in many ways. Jerry started journaling to and in one time we had to share some where we'd just been there in months before in that area and had spoken a lot and now we're coming back to that area he says what are we going to do we have a whole hour I said well I don't know I said I know why don't we just share the miracles God has done this last year and Jerry said Janet we have a whole hour I said we'll go read your journal and so he goes and he reads his journal and he comes back. Long a long time later comes back and he's all excited he said Janet God did so many things this last year and I forgot about it that is our problem we forget the things God has done you want to see more answers to prayer you want to see God working in your life write down those prayer requests start writing down the answers you know what else will start happening. You will start seen blessings and surprises things you haven't even prayed about it mean maybe something you just wished on your heart but if you're spending time every day with God and and you're writing down these things you just started seen so much happen and it's just like I think God why did you even do that I'd only wish that in my heart God is desperate to show us he loves us and you may see think maybe soon there they unload if he's so desperate how come he doesn't answer this prayer I've got an anon anon that's a whole nother topic there's ways to deal with all of that too in maybe we'll have time to go into that. Yes. Yeah. No alibi talks about that we're most blessed by our own experiences you know in that it changes but God never does any of this just for you it's for you to minister to others whether it's one on one whether it's with a lot of people or however to write a book God wants to use it to to win people the Jesus is what it's all about but so Jerry he loves New Year's morning not New Year's Eve But here is morning he'll want to go to bed early saying Get up near his morning and and in what he likes to do is go through his journal prayer journal for the last year and he'll go through it and read it and start highlighting and marking and page numbering it and putting in the very back. The highlights of all the answers and it becomes just a praise day for him of all the beautiful ways God is word and it's just another part of that whole thing but here's the other thing to it and to me it's talking about like in some seventy seven where the writer is crying out to God God I can't sleep my life is miserable everything's going wrong where are you God that's a prayer phrase of it but if you ever felt like that you wonder Does God love you does God care about you where is it why doesn't he answer you've cried out and cried out to him you're devoted to him you're living your life for him Where is he. In life you get down it says on down seven or eight it says I was so troubled I couldn't close my eyes I couldn't sleep but then I thought I like the way it's worded in one particular version it says then I thought I will remember I will remember the years of the right hand of the most high and that's the secret is when life is so bad and you're so discouraged and you wonder is God alive or does he care about me why doesn't he move in my behalf start remembering the ways God has worked in the past and that's what the writer does and he starts praising God for all the ways God has worked in the past and that is a huge part of our experience with God is praising him and giving him things and but in doing that that's why the journal is helpful because I can take my journals and say God Remember I'm and I'm talking about when life is terrible and you're desperate for him to answer and he's not answering and he's totally silent your wonder in trouble is happening you're wondering God Do you not care where are you to take out that journal and go back to God Remember what you did in August two thousand and fourteen Lord I want to praise you God Remember what you did in two thousand and nine or whenever it is God I want to praise you for how you move your a mighty right arm in my behalf there that may sound boring What good does that do but it unleashes God faith and power in your life when you do that is really does and changes things and it may not take away the problem but it gives you victory in that whole situation it's amazing what it does but on the next one number six it says at the slightest emotional experience of his love thank him praise him thus you express faith and your awareness of him will increase joyfully and you turn it over to the next page I have had to share that keeps coming to my mind here when my sons you know weren't home they were younger and you know they're doing some behavior that just. Is it good or whatever I started I would journal it and start writing God help my son with this whatever and you know sometimes by that evening they had changed and I think did they read my journal but I knew they hadn't there was no way they could they can read my handwriting anyways so bad but but it's powerful what happens in doing that but you know the next page he shares just seven daily essential for abiding in Christ and we won't go through all those now but I would encourage you to read it and even get that book by Andrew Murray on abiding in Christ in what it'll do for you but now you know I have to talk a lot this morning and now talking about the hearing God speak and that sometimes makes people nervous in concerning and it's not in this handout but on the internet I have one I put together from hell of mice writings in the Bible on hearing God's voice it's a hand out and under our express the title experiencing God handouts by just want to read this one to you it says impressions and feelings are no surer evidence that the person is led by the Lord Satan will if he is unsuspected give feelings and impressions and he really does weird strange things can happen these are not safe guides all should thoroughly acquaint acquaint themselves with the evidence evidence is of our faith and the great study should be how they can adorn their profession and bear fruit to the glory of God as testimonies Volume one page four thirteen but also number sixteen on this list is impressions alone are not a safe guide to duty. So we must be careful God does speak to us but we need to have counsellors people we go to that we know will pray with us if there is some thing you are feeling you should do that your feeling oppressed and you're wondering if it is God or not but it you know it's not something this in the Bible is not in Illinois it's writings it's a gray matter you know what I mean and it is not a definite no or yes. To find someone who can be your mentor they will just pray with you not just counsel you but will pray with you to know God's will in a situation for me that Jerry look for young women you know some older woman who you know will will price and it's a spiritual mentor to you or for a young guy a guy that an older man that can minister to you I don't know if this helps at all if you have any questions about spending time with him you know you may be thinking how am I ever going to find the time my husband back when we were first married he had rushed his way through school and we were in our first district and he was interning under someone else and he had so look forward to being in a church he thought he would have time you know to study and really prepare sermons and really get to know God and the word of the Bible and but the pastor he was interning under kept him so busy literally ran him from seven in the morning tell eleven o'clock at night he would drop into bed and this was a very happy sanguine person very happy person and I saw him for the first time in my life get depressed and I got worried because it just wasn't them normal and. He. Became very discouraged because he said I thought I would have time to study and and to to read the Bible and pray and stat I work from seven in the morning to eleven o'clock at night it wasn't always church work it was putting in a stereo set in the pastor's car or repairing stuff at his house because he was very mechanical and my husband could do these things and. But he got the idea that no matter where every had a spare moment he would read his Bible he decided he'd start doing this in a just carry a little Bible with him wherever he went so he was waiting on the other pastor or had to be you know waiting somehow he would just read his Bible for a little bit and pray as he would read it and that's the other thing is you know as you read the Bible don't just read the Bible pray if you're reading through it you know what I mean is continually keep praying for God to lead you you really desire of ages prays through those chapters don't just read them but be praying and how do you do that just as you're reading it say Lord speak to me show me what you want me to learn through this passage and so he was doing that and even at the dinner table he started reading his Bible which you know is not so good for the family but I put up with it because he needed that time with God and he started. Doing this but one night in the middle of night he wakes me up and he said What do you want Jan and I said What do you mean what I want I was sleeping and he said what you called my name and I said No I didn't call your name I was sleeping it's a go back to sleep or the next night he calls my name. I mean he need me and call my name he woke me up and what do you want I said What do you mean what do I want I was leaving he said but you called my name I said No I didn't I was sleeping you woke me up and he said I said to him then I said he said but you keep calling my name I said look maybe you're Samuel maybe it's God but it's not me. You know the third night we had a waterbed so you knew when somebody got out of that. He gets out of the bed and course I'm with but it's I woke me up but I see him tiptoeing out of the bedroom and I see him there must have been a full moon or something but I could see him grab his Bible off the dresser and he goes off into another room this is like two o'clock in the morning and night after night after night this kept happening and he started having an incredible experience with Jesus amazing experience you don't have time for God you just claim that promise and Isaiah fifty first four and you ask God God you wake me up when you want me to spend time Lord I need to start my day at six AM I got to be in that shower by so actually for me it's like five or four I got to be in the shower in time you want before that God it's yours. And you got to kick me out of bed though God because I can't get up you know God will do that. I would when I was really struggling with this it's for us to be able to wake up to God My little boy Zack the big boy now. Zack had a nightmare and he comes and crawls into bed between Jerry and I and he's laying there and he had this monkey he loved that we've given him it's not a real monkey was a stuffed monkey with a long tail so he lay in there with his monkey under his arm just laying on his back with his money and so I drift back to sleep and I don't know how long the time went by or what but suddenly I sense God was waking me up to spend time with him and I got all I can. Lord I just got to sleep so tired I said you've got to wake me up better now. And I don't know how much time went by but I've gone back to sleep and all of a sudden. I get hit in the face with a monkey's tail I mean I open my eyes here's this furry tail in my face I'm going what and I look at Zack Zack still in the same position sound asleep with that monkey we have and they enjoy with a sense of humor or angels we really do I had when I was sharing some stories like that and this woman came up to me she said I'm from Minnesota and you know we were retreat or something and she says I'm from Minnesota and she said God woke me up one morning because I you know I'd asked him wake me up early and she said it was early and she said in Minnesota in the wintertime it's cold really cold and she says I told God I can't get up it's dark it's so cold out there you got to do something to warm me up you know what happened right then she had a hot flash. You know what a hot flashes you are hot and she just came Tyron out of the bed. I can't count was that eight so this isn't a. She came just flying out of the bed and she had a time with Jesus but let me tell you this was not a woman that's in Mina paused she was a young woman. God's got a sense of humor but another friend of mine God walk around she hides I can't just can't get up this early and she goes. To the bathroom you know first thing usually dues head to the toilet and she's sitting on the toilet got to get away move up betterness again get up suddenly a mouse runs by. She was scared to death of mice and she just started screaming and jumped up on top of the toilet was standing and that not only got her wide awake but it woke her husband up and he then i musta had time with Jesus too as are both quite a way but my point in all of this is God The Angels have a sense of humor and they will find ways to get you up but my husband I was sharing this with you about he died he was just a swimming pool accident that happened but before that all happened God changed his life by waking him up and him getting up in the middle and I spending time with God and he just he started having this just amazing relationship with Jesus I don't know how you're struggling what's going on but he if you're you know watching T.V. or surfing the internet ten or eleven o'clock at night and then you ask God to wake you up early in the morning it may not happen you know we need to do what we can our part I I try if I can to get the better earlier but I also try to eat healthfully Why do I do it not so I won't have a heart attack or cancer because you know someone's going to get me in this sick world Jerry says you're probably get hit by a bus or something you know and you really healthy all those years we're going to do. But what Jerry has said to me Janet it's not being healthy you know so you won't have a heart attack or cancer it's been healthy so you have a clear mind so you can hear God speak to you. And it's so true but also you being healthy you have a better temperament you're not growing as grouchy and irritable when you eat healthy and you're more loving and your whole experience with life is better and but also you eat healthy and you exercise you have more energy you don't require as much sleep in you're able to get up early and spend that time with Jesus and love it and enjoy it so for me you know if I eat a heavy heavy meal late at night I can't get up early in the morning and I can't keep awake I can't enjoy it with God But if I I don't eat supper is but or eat very light then I your stomachs rested all night and you feel like getting up the spending that time with him it really makes a difference so try you know pray that God will help you do these things so that you can get up and in we're told you know that the hours before midnight for some reason I don't know why are more restful then after midnight here me up you late night or because I was a late night or I did not like to go to bed I rather stay up till midnight one o'clock in the morning and sleep in but God has totally changed me totally changed me to get up and you know what else God will do Jerry just couldn't buy this thing of just having God wake you up to begin with and he always says alarm clock you know God started doing two and he'd wake him up just before that alarm clock would go off five minutes or so before and I had other people share this with me and sometimes if I leave on a trip I don't trust God if he's going to wake me up so I set that alarm God will always wake me up before that alarm goes off just to show me I am God I can do it he's so personal and incredible what he'll do. Does anybody have a questions of my confusion you so what she's saying is she doesn't feel we should rely on feelings we know that we the same can distort things right feelings can come feelings can go on repeating that because we're being recorded our reliance has to be on the Word of God. You know I can see that understand that. But you know growing up in the evidence church I feel that we have for too many years totally made it an unfeeling religion that we're totally you know no we may not have any joy or feeling I mean if you want to help me answer this Zac you want to help me. There is feeling there is a love relationship with God But it's I I said this morning when we did the panel I went through a dry time for a while probably a year ago and and I realized during that time I said God if you never show your feeling toward me again if you never show your love I will continue to serve you and obey you no matter what and I think it needs to be at that point but it does not mean there will not be feeling the love relationship. You know. The sense you're the marriage the words. I always feel. And I. Know. But you know it's not I see an America where you still have a race but on the other hand I think that ability and love. And affection and that I need to appreciate. So I think there's something about having a less G.'s better where I actually. Thank you for every special thing because I think that Bill's just like Does America really. Have but we understand what you're saying now there's a danger we need to be careful here yeah well if Yeah. On where you are I think. You're Oh. Yeah. That's really good thank you for sharing that she just shared about seven different patriarchs in the Bible. Praying for God to forgive people for things and how we can do that and it brings healing in those relationships it me I don't know you may not be comfortable praying together into his or her would you behave. OK In two minutes could you just pray for each other if you're not comfortable praying out loud with somebody that's OK Just you know don't do it or ask the person next to you to pray for both of you it's OK but if you are comfortable just say a quick prayer for each other for them to have a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit it's so important to pray for that every day in our lives and for God to make their excess there in the motional life just come more and more alive for them deeper father we we just thank you that you're such a personal loving God and I thank you Father for these precious people I think you that you have blessed them and you will even more in their lives as they spend that time we. Thank you in Jesus' name and in this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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