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3. Practical Helps for Igniting Your Prayer Experience

Jerry Page Janet Page



  • August 19, 2017
    4:30 PM
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Thank you Father for answering these prayers as we answer the Holy Spirit speak to us to convict this to encourage us comfort us and instruct us in this time and get genuine out of the way maybe each of us just hear you speaking to our hearts we pray and be able to have a thriving set of relationships or a lot of to to know how to intercede and how to praise you and also to just have a lot of practical ways that we can keep it a living experience with you we thank you Jesus I think to begin if you take your hand out for a minute I just want to go to the first main page after the Table of Contents page three and share some of the statements with you I'm sure a student at your panelists Christians who be here and I share you found that God does answer prayer but I really believe as I go around the world we find so many of our pastors and leaders and everybody else as we talk about the importance of prayer in the great controversy and how unleashes God's power when we pray earnestly claim promises and even when we pray united as a greater power people go wow you know that's true I should do a lot more of that in others most everybody else then we believe in prayer we preach about it talk about it satisfy all but why are we still here in the two thousand and seventeen we just want to come back and in eighteen years and like I said this is a pretty good day but I sometimes talk longer on this and I won't today but let me just ask you if the president I States would want this to happen but if he were assassinated today how long would it take for the whole world to know back. As that Tanzania there were years ago and when it's a two days and I laugh at it. One. Hours and half are with Rigby's and villages and bedrooms in the Congo because we're such a connected world anymore and so if you just want to come back in the hundreds has a comeback was where. It was one big Americal to have an I share somebody ration of it some massive thing in your town or your church could have people talking about ahead of us what we believe next week. Samaritans made a promise and all the signs of mental from Protestants reaching across to the to the Catholics even this year the Reformation I mean all the signs are it's political people religious. All types of the world so what is he waiting for I believe you know my heart waiting for joy. So before the great terrible deal more like you're going to have terrible things happening no time coming it will be M.E.B. look very local certain everything he says basically call people together right the elders pastors step in the night a week where people here communes and come bring your people ever really repent of our sins and to not just talk about repentance but to be weeping let him returning for our sins those are the things you look at the upper room that was happening and I believe God is calling us again the upper room who said where the Upper Room the baptism before you go anywhere so I share Yes go do something we heard that is a pretty strong but Jesus that don't are nothing. Because John fifteen without you can hear how much. I said spent right up there and do not ah did you believe that. I do it every language and people like that. We say that but then we rush out and we do it our own power. And it's really foolish I think because we don't really believe that this is a great war going on and they've got to set up some rules of the war and one of those rules is I can only do something that they call. My people have to pray it's one of the rules of war one of the rules of engagement and so you may want to just look at this sheet for a minute several of our state favorite statements on this kind of thing at the top it says this is my own words what I believe inspired writings and experience make it clear that two principles must be applied for all our ministers to be most fully use and power of a spirit much personal and United prayer and much lay member involvement those are two things that got us to where the honest people but he is in a way much longer than is there to happen like this you could barrels and he said when the process Reeser him across the Gulf you know the Lutherans assigning a major agreement with the Catholics right on this five hundred and we're here. And working on it they're coming back home. It's not it's no movement to we need unity now with the Catholic OK Look Alex but I want to when that happens the next thing say to America begin the fall. And then after Satan's miracle begin to fall what happens. Gossamer camaraderie healing's fire from the sky stuff it's happening right now so how do we be sure we have oil in our lamps and when the last call for the bridegroom goes forth were not without oil the five will be short OK Number one what the Lord did for his people in that time the early Church is just as essential a morsel he diverse people today. All of the Apostles did every trick on your business every church member. Today is to do one of the apostles do rise take up your bed and walk right. Raise the Dead took the gospel to the world in twenty five years whole cities were converted you read a book of Acts is like putting your hand of lights like Marc Mero power because they were baptized as a lister there were no educated and have money and have the illogical degrees but they had hopes. They had been with Jesus so God is wanting something a little more and we have today one author said John the actual three broke I said you know in the early early days of the church in Acts they prayed for ten days they preached for ten minutes and thousands work and are today we tend to prefer ten days ten weeks and pray for ten minutes. And we don't give much of America we don't want any souls that are not immigrants to this country. So anyway another man said ninety five percent of what the church does today the Christian church every poster says it would continue if the Holy Spirit will grow but a days of X.I.V. five percent of what they did was stop immediately. If though it wasn't there see it over and over a book of Acts you have a house full of persecution some opportunity for the Gospel what do they do every time the first thing they did was go all the believers and growing like crazy and fast Secondly in the past is the thing that happens whose spirit shows up X. four X. two and then the next thing that happens the Word of God was forth of power the next thing that you're sure about this is a cycle over and over in the book about so we need the upper room if sin the one with the heart and much praise much prayer the Word of God and prayer for Mission those are the simple things we need in our small groups of churches our homes see that the seat of power of the number two new state so I'm stuck in this is or why would you run a smile This is the greatest and most urgent of all of these money is not only. Even more people's army it's hearts that every one and Father's more willing to give is His Holy Spirit than to those asking the earthly person of your situation but it's our work by confession the ation repentance and earnest prayer to fulfill a conditions upon which does promise to grant assess what's her by Will he be expected only why. Should her greatest need well become an answer to question who or what her so I share or if you don't. You want the power washer the power got to start with a powerhouse X.Y.. Or I'm. Confessing praying and then I said Holy Spirit can count on us. Number three all of this is the sum of fervent prayer one of a whole host of trammels her that's the only thing that makes him trouble by the way preaching or works stuff doesn't scare him unless it's a power biosphere and before you know well it's constantly on the ground sensor perfect that which he would not go so we did that as another five have been on a church board school board or some other kind of boards the order of God for those who bear responsibility is often meet together the council who in the very earnestly for that wisdom which he alone can impart United Lee make known your troubles to God talk less. Much precious times last and talk brings on light the brothers united thousand per the wisdom the goddess promises fly her own even on the church board school board and lots of talk and little prayer very much like. She says talk less pray more and see her do a church Number Six talking about Matthew eighteen nineteen twenty were Jesus at a two or three of you agree on Earth as touching anything they ask you to be done for them my father which is have where two or three are gathered in my name there am in the midst of them then she goes on to say the promise this promise is made unconditionally United prayer the truth you offer and the magic of these prayers are made expected a power greater than that which comes an answer to private prayer why is that why do we have to take the time to get together and pray to use small groups churches and praying alike to hear why that's love time or ever she goes on the power given will be proportional to the unity of the members and their logo or one. So you can read all these but Number Nine want to take the time to read this until it all starts with their personal prayer but then it must go united prayer those two together powerful and this thing by on Number nine in intensity such as never before was seen as taking possession the World Amusement money making the contest for power and the very struggle for existence there is a terrible force the grossest body mind and soul in the midst of this maddening rush out of Speakeasy business come our parting community him BE STILL AND KNOW THAT Iowa. In this paragraph really convicts me every time any even their seasons of devotion fail of receiving the blessing of real communal with God This is practical why we are in too great a hurry with heard steps are pressed for the circle of Christ's loving presence all the perhaps a moment to the sake of precincts not waiting for calls of that. They have no time to remain with the Divine Teacher with their birds returned for work how often a little devotional reading a little prayer but no time to get off and do much work you know there's not a pause for a moment let's as these workers and they were paying high success to learn the secret of strength and must give themselves time to think to pray to wait on God for renewal of physical mental and spiritual power and in the uplifting influence of the Spirit receiving this have a quickened by fresh life weary frame tired going to be refreshing Bernhardt life not a pause for a moment his presence a personal contact with Jesus to sit down and sit with him this is. There's a whole section in here on praise of the section on her sister prayer you can read lots of powerful statements it's a civic practical things about how to do better session how important it is to be our sense of us and how important we persevere and how important that we are very specific and prayer all those things are important John Parker writing down those things. I know you just think about of Jesus and his example Paul and his example these greats these a slip or call they be dead tired they go out and spend WAY late with the father or get up way early How do you do that keep going it was like plugging into a socket of charging cell phone right charging something it came out in which he had to have communion with. I want to be I want to be able to stuff more time with him in the morning and come out chars and I agree with him with me it's about my whole life like dinner one night and you know with the simple exercise going to bed early better night. And then I have quiet time where we're getting the same with the end of six set time place as time place and when he was willing to go lines down over the place so all those kind of things are so key and practical what I want to share with you is I don't know how many of you are from Central California or how many go so cal sometimes OK a few I want to tell you a story there kind of a back story Janet and I. We've gone through experiences of previous numbers of Pennsylvania death had this amazing experience happened to her and we believe in prayer we began to really pray and then we got this call it comes out of California and we did not want to go we had two boys one was a sophomore Academy and have them loose. Younger Lackey was in third grade something like that and we thought of call the central California that's worse than the Morris right San Francisco's and as a. Present I alway Anyway we did want to take our boys out of the country because I am very much here so we clubbed the earth and we prayed a lot and we could tell you all the specifics but basically when we get a call we have some really intense decision may quickly we open the word prayer and we watch for God speaks to him tell him how to speak we don't set. You know Lisa's exactly what we say God make it so clear now this is all he did he brought the scriptures out to us in such amazing ways over three weeks that we knew he was talking to us come to D.C. same thing and we gave us about twelve fourteen hours to make a decision to leave Central I come to the P.C. which That's easy with no we took three weeks on some others to say no to whatever but you know up in the morning early. God OK we want to be honest with us all week we want to go to D.C. We didn't think we want to go central make it clear and through the Bible again happy we're careful but that's the way he spoke to a supposed because sometimes he does so when you pray to Sevier by the local sometimes aversive right other too and it has exactly the context of what you are going through so it's one sense of history four times. Then you being so if you are saying that you test all his things to do the other things and I will anyway after a few weeks we knew we were supposed to come to center field so we. We got this into account and. Please don't say this is wrong we understand everything I'm saying and I say the while can sound wrong I suppose we've got the central There are wonderful people there we're praying people are praying we thought there was a governess and so here they were praying for God's Son the right people all of us but they had problems they were really hurting with money they had a lot of problems Monterey Bay Cademy was two million U.S. dollars in debt their time closing it because of money they decided to sell so Calcutta grounds and not have cameras. In the home of her very ticked off about the first meeting I had with Lay advisor said we're going to sell our brand we must look out anyway so we came to that churches were fighting. Most to tell me that the pastoral selection process in Central are gone the farthest toward local churches and their pastors of any or North America or local boards had search committees are very strong and Congress usually chose the pastor they wanted. So that created a whole other kind of problem where the conference was less had less accountability with Pastor someone that the. Local Church or so he became or that again was all kinds of fighting the first maybe I want to cover smoother attorney had about three and a half hours talking about lawsuits a pastor has different stuff with us or I say that Spanish IRA. We have a lot of problems we do not deal with them we have learned one thing that's that when you don't how do you fall on your face or G.'s. And you call her perp our dad said let's call her so we sent a letter to the conference with a card in it and said Are you willing to walk through the challenges we have with this is a group or we have hundreds of letters that say yes we will we will so we are sort of something new for Janet to each began together per partners and then she learned on me at the conference office and I overheard a year or so and it up with a meeting on Wednesday for three hours of Rashid I would give them as president with a sheet of praises and thanks for the answer prayers but ended up about eighteen pages of all the problems I had personal finance of issues we didn't hear with them and all kinds of things so we had a lot of prayer begin to go up one thing we asked for was one. More clarity because people were hungry as a police can we do one more just to see what's going on so they let us have one working so we took months praying over every speaker or every. Person working every baby everything in prayer and when we got to do that campaigning with their we asked for his presence yes and. Special things we did get some of us leakers in North America and we have took a lot of the promotional stuff out we have a spiritual worship kind of campaign and the people who are now adults and down the aisle through their arses Jesus Perkins are praying for people cleaning the toilets and some of them are converted I mean we saw the presence of God stuff wakes up we came back we said you know we think consummately God wants us to keep this thing go we didn't know but they said fine it's OK Come to find out and supplying the testimonies it says at the end of timely can mean more than ever. For unity for going over doctrines together number six the numbers we use really inspire writing sometimes we don't need prayer about everything Mark because it's right there look at his son so we do so I'm going to tell us quickly it can be a long story It could be a short one some of you know but. We can have cammies again and the performers were meeting there praying over the school over the next two or three years of prayer and everything else got their search area to the right principle we were out of down about three years ago as Americans were for other things began to happen we were seeing stuff happen but the perp Arthurs meeting every week going over all these things began to get frustrated and they they felt like you know what we're really goal is that everybody the conference would stop asking the Congress for money for everything and stop thinking we were the solution and realize the talk of Gaza it's so. Genuine a couple of other decided and they began to ask God what would you want us to pray about what do you want to do here in the sky and would you do something so great Americans hoping that it would show everybody the conference what United prayer group get together and the tense of Craig Either way it happened so they began to pray and wait they waited for counsel that's that's the thing you know Romans eight twenty six it says we don't know how to pray as we are not the Holy Spirit helps us only in quest of the lesson says that means that not only you know got an intercessor in Jesus but she says the Holy Spirit will call out of us the person we need to pray because of what he's going to do other ecommerce he needs help. And if we wait and listen he will tell us how to pray for what he wants what he needs someone who just Russian postering outcomes or grass were not where he said God what is your heart what do you need me a prayer he said Whatsoever you ask I'll do for you that's because of her abiding her to be with Jesus will be asking the right things I think in the basic anyway so we him after some weeks they fell impressive guy was telling me he was going to do something great with evangelism offering a campaign that's you know I wasn't we were ships and we need more money it was then we feeling pressed and getting for many years about one hundred thousand dollars every year it's OK out there and they were auction things off and they would talk about my money and put it in my pocket so that they never got more than that but anyway that first year when the offering total was counted up and they didn't tell me this is just a purpose bring South pretty good or it was one hundred forty thousand. So they were excited forty thousand cost so I came to me and said Gerrard raise the go high next year have faith so what do you do guys you know here are some purpose people of faith and they're saying give them a limb raise your goal a lot because God's in this is great with us all. That's why I agree here is the next fourteen or fifteen years I was out of control completely. But what. I said OK I want to live as a committee raise it a little bit not even as much as I saw him say and said OK we're going to pray go out and do something next year double what the hundred two hundred fifty thousand dollars that caught our attention. But I want to the people in Jenin and I thought the people are going to storm us now a lot but we began to tell them I told them this is folks I don't like raising money a pastor or a spiritual leader and I want to push them for money it's not me but then it came out with us let's ask them just pray themselves for ten days what God wants them to do the pledge week and see what God can do because he wants it is great so we started on the journey and every year about one hundred thousand dollars three fifty four fifty went to have my. Never happened in North America the race of money but it was just people asking God What should we do when the people census or when these folks studio a program was taken off we were expanding the program turning to go tracks down the road almost I think for part of this offering because the money was there we have paratroops to say God how do you want to spend this money or just us and then Greg but it was God's journey and the people at the meeting you were there knew that this was not leaders idea and twisting arms or money this was a journey God take us all the step or money of that that this is God's perjuring showing us what he can do if we will unite together and you know I can't take in that but I could go on but the amazing thing is when God gives you his vision what he said today it's God's will it's his bill that's God's choice. This is it's what is in what area I like that and write that down because of the stock it's fair though if it's Gaza if you're on got a story and the people know you're a doctor and the people are asking God I mean people have dreams how they can sell stuff and come up more money for Grandma I mean single mother so you work in the U.S. on department she didn't have any money how to pay your bills she ask on what to give me told her Give one thousand dollars so she put it with what's going to happen so. I she got to pay just her daughter but you know by March she had her pledge paid off his marital plus to help her buy a house like here so she can see came to her faces glowing you know she's given testimony Jesus is alive all the investment stories were by. The superintendent So she's the kind of yours she and Jim are giving for the first few years and then Jim died and she said you know trail Believe me nothing but I've fixed income now can't get much so leave we don't care you know I mean what about till she saw you know she went to God and God told her to double the pledge she did with her husband there before she got a little job for just long enough that year at a ministry to pay off her pledge. She came to get me this testimony's you know the place is packed now people are coming where they kind of were coming here where you must again generally do a camp cover that was to house looking going to happen we had a lot of problems you can't plan about but the offer came to the people of Central California token what God can do when many people were individually and together as a group so the ministers expanded I mean we had two full time of Anderson teams we had sixty Bible workers in the income and I was sold Wesley and help establish Old West student only program provider kids your son who was Heather you has no but it was just grew up crazy and it just kept coming going up and so I made this short the. Purpose to praying to God How do you want to suppress it and the answer felt I was asking to pray for million dollars and we thought they were a little crazy. Seven thousand thought for a moment but I know yeah a bit of that and they were feeling impressed I got what he wanted to do and so after a few years it was several years in a million dollars I remember the last like me people knowing this was God telling them what to hear people are pledging way over what they could do but God was meeting it yeah I can tell our story we were way over our heads and of the who were happier income who kept asking God with the sand of what. We think and do you think god. But the people who we were in as well as leaders you know this was we were our hands to we were just printing every I was in my face my private time God please don't let this stop I want to lay off all these nice and old I work. So anyway he went and I remember that night so cal. We had a box down from him we had about a survivor there are baptized people here come to Ruby about focus on you couldn't promote your departments I can't maybe less you had a verse or kind of like I said get up front tell her education and change the life I've got to work and I support her and American OK I'm going to write about our schools. So we change a lot of things but then that last night I remember the kids coming down the aisle before the meeting and putting five dollars ten dollars and one of the last of the million dollars was precious by the way people began to call me about five hundred thousand from around the country and even international care how you resolve that money for me. And I would say oh well it's a long story it starts with a lot of prayer purport risk younger it's you who pray what would he do. Her raise the money what do your development plans and what do you do home and. I keep telling folks this is about prayer I don't know what God will be for you but it isn't about him and it is about prayer I don't know how to raise a lot of. But anyway when we got about there that's a good trucks you know about what about the only guys and I love you know these we give every kid's a front and rear Central and you know those the testimonies of what God was doing were a circle and said to the whole this is what we're going to secure money. In other ideas and that's when the idea of Globe dressing Larry I was the idea every member of the jury has just told her. You know it's amazing all the countries you go through in our life we live so it's just God's Merrill's care it's. So you know we reached the million that night we told people they just pointed to her previous all over there were twenty leaders it was a leader thing I really believe it was they knew that God had us all and her. So what's his vision for your church your family your city or yes I am waiting for counsel because his it will be so much of you. And his ability to do what we saw here but don't stop there I was worried no my hair was getting rare because we were had a million I thought well maybe people maybe God's going to be tired of this in turn on the direction so we can be campaigning every year we would march the grounds praying over the divisions praying over retuned all that kind of thing prayed with several times that you know Cameron suffer but. That year I was afraid he would go say a million by cutting back and cutting back we were up in the up by the young adult him we were walking around with him you know I was praying the Treasurer was there so most of us. She said God thank you for what you've been doing this is an offer one American people are seeing here they're beginning to pray in their homes America is all she said of God you know that some of us as we prayed and asked you what you want to do now believe that you have. It in our secret for two million dollars And I mean there was silence and in the recent in the the treasure suck area. They thought well if surely gone crazy now will you do with one up. But again I come from a stance experience of God She called her office where so we prayed OK I whatever you want here in the end the week Saturday night you're putting my going where your preach and the guy came up to me he was a builder had money he had me give me the offering and he asked me to Durham's the offering though I said well it's going really well we think we're going to Miami again praise the Lord so he says we figure Persia got a little bit crazy maybe some of them think that he's out of the paper to me his eyes got big he said he came in and some per partners feel God's asking us pray for him and so that's amazing to my brother I said on out for lunch today and we said we'll talk about what would you do with the offer we have but maybe we could help and they decided maybe they give one hundred thousands and this over the offering goal make us happy but they said as we said they're talking God convicted both of us we have no way to do this we were going to my has committed us that we should give a million dollars of the top of what everybody else gives to the guy caught my. Eye mouth was open but the guy was so excited that God arrest people the pretty for what even oppressed Yeah so who wrote his pledge remain hostage and I. Told people that I. Was rejoicing via. His god you. Heard that he and I had to face. Some things. So we had a lot of trouble for that but in the other mind I was a here figure out what God was with the secret money secret mind you heard the problems. We're going through oh yeah. But here's the mystery. OK Six months later. In the purpose of pray for this guy because they had a problem with a building who hadn't paid right by the U.S. government and so they've been praying for some time we took him to court last every appeal comes to take it off the list it's got to be called Six months later and he said. Hold on her phone it's a thank you thank you to her partner saying you won't believe what happened today in U.S. court federal court never happened before probably you know why because the case he said the federal judge found the U.S. government and bad phase and ordered them to pay a seventeen million dollars. God can do anything. That he and I have a faith and I lots haven't store aisles right or store the bio resources that our problem is not my. Problem is not new methods our problem is still two. And putting together united for God's vision to be honest waiting for council taking the time to let him show us what he wants to do and then pray line with His will yes that will be God's will we see that over all we can tell you so many stories of different things that happen central you know the unity that came the change of pastoral mentality and pretty congregational you know wasn't it more because they saw the unity of it as you know the happening here and died all of that but I think one of the biggest marvels there have been so can you share that and I'm damned if you. Can meetings over one year and a little mother and her two kids not by their cots they have a problem they were out of money had no money. So for me coming for a while mom and they had just used up all in one camp meeting they had some food that they had to drive across the hot as or to get home and Weiss what will you do so they prayed by the bad guy would give them ice or money or something that they could have food for the rest of the time till. They had not quit praying very long when under the flap over to roll a big block of ice. Like you know. It's just so. Out of there. But we found out is there terraces of like this the tents of about two terraces of the doctor's wife getting ready to go home they were filling up pouring water out of the rice just a block of ice got away from them. Rolled over and one terrorist picked up speed over another terrorist another one and then took him the wife goes home now. We roll her eyes in the some poor person step your kids who believe in Jesus. Prayed for ice cover her. Eyes. And sure he's. Come share some methods. I'm sure some thing you think you can do one strength ask God What's the goal that I can reach for that you what's the vision that you have that I could never do we can never run the street where you can. Be safe with presence nobody acts like you do things that you know you can do. It's all it's it's this media was brought to you by Adil first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit W W W audio verse or.


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