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David's Mighty Men

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • August 19, 2017
    7:00 PM


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Father in heaven we just thank you again. For that special promise were two or three are gathered in your name there you are and Lord we trust that you keep your word tonight. And God as we are in the middle of transition different kinds of transition we pray that you would speak to us and then Heaven would give its war crime to its people tonight. Jesus' name we pray. Thank you. You know how to root powerful experience one year it happened about five years ago I had to go teach other teen Bible Academy and I had to go teach about devotions and studying the Word of God and I remember this as I was just like that morning thinking to myself what am I going to be talking about I started praying and I just remembered this old Asian legend is about the samurais these warriors who actually studied out their swords and by studying out their swords they became better swordsman and I thought wow that's just a great analogy all I need is a sword that has writing on it pretty simple right so what I did like every cheap Indian I dumped on Craigslist. And I was looking for swords and it was just like I got to take off in like the next hour this is what happened I looked at all the Craigslist ads and there were like sixty seventy dollars for a sword I thought look a sermon analogy is not heard that much what am I going to do I went to the office where I was pastoring and I just got some stuff when all of a sudden I get a knock at the door and it is the janitor from the school who happened to be there and he opened a knock some door and I said come on in I open the door opens the door he comes on in and he was talking to me about some fire alarm that went off at the school asked me if I knew anything about it I said I don't and then I look at what he is holding He is holding a sword and I said this can not be happening right now and then I said to him I mean just imagine this old man opens the door and he's holding a control on a boy. What do you think right and so I said Hey why are you holding that sword and this is what he said to me I was cleaning out. One of the warehouses at the school and I just found this sort of I don't know what to do with it you want it. And then I said yes and this is what happened I took that sword and I opened up the sword and there was rioting all along the sword it was like Japanese word for like courage and bravery and I thought to myself One day I'm going to give this to my son. Even I mean I still have it it's right by my bed just in case anybody attacks me. People ask me why do you have a sword by your bed and I said it's a long story I'll share with you one day but friends the Word of God is the sort of god can you say amen to that and this is no ordinary sword this is a living sword if you have your Bibles put them up in the air and look at the person next to you with the judgement to look for not bringing their Bibles to the icier conference. You know tonight we're going to be taking a look at a very powerful story in the Bible and it's the story of a man by the name of King David now King David went through so many different experiences that ended up shaping the man he would become experiences that would shape his leadership and his influence and leave a legacy for the rest of his life but not just for the rest of his life but for all of eternity we're going to be taking a good look at a very interesting episode in the life of King David everybody take your Bible Let's go to First Samuel chapter twenty two and if you don't have a Bible you can turn to the person next to you and use that Bible with them first Samuel chapter twenty two First Samuel chapter twenty two. You know we're part of our team Bible Academy experience this year and it was so interesting for Team Bible Academy what we do is the first week we go into the woods learn how to do solitude second week we do study we have different teachers and preachers come on in the third week we do is we go to a different location and we do service activities so when I step into leading the teen Bible Academy the first thing I thought to myself is we need to find out which trails are going to be good for about thirty six students and about twelve different staff so I went hiking with some friends and we hiked literally about close to forty miles of trails the weekend prior P. fourteen buyable Academy started the reason why is because there was a late season all the other trails were snowed in in fact there was one krill that I went on with my friend he knew the trail we jumped in to see your be they have bald tires and we went to this location and we passed this snow bump we're like OK let's just for it we floored it we jumped over no problem we got to the spot we began hiking checking out the trail on the way back we're like OK it's time for us to take off it's night there was that snow bump but the problem is is that if there was no longer a slope on the other side of the snow bump it was just flat and we're like What are we going to do he's Japanese I'm Indian we're going to just charge this thing. And he forgot all right we Florida and he got high centered OK it's about ten pm at this time it's the day before my birthday. The stuff that snowpack turned into ice we were stuck the four wheel drive just disengaged because the car was locked sided some four wheel drive and the tires were bald no longer getting traction and I thought to myself This cannot be happening right now so we got out of the car and there was no shovel so I said I got to find something and we were just looking and digging I find this tire iron and I begin just hitting the snow as hard as I could but it was not breaking it just turned into ice so we began digging and now it was about like twelve thirty am All of a sudden we both stopped what we were doing and I said hey you know it's my birthday right now and he said to me this is what he said happy birthday man. And this is what I said I said thanks and then we both stared down into the wilderness. And I thought this cannot be how my birthday is beginning we got out of there four thirty am And so we were just looking for the trails the next week we looked at all the other trails they're all snowed in so we're like Let's try out the same trail again the snow is going to be melted it was it melted but we took better vehicles we came to the same trail. And also we met this ranger lady and she said you don't want to come down this trail or like why not she said because there are gross of bears down this trail and I thought to myself use a Ranger lady if you probably know what she's talking about so we turned around the day before our team Bible Academy started I was like We gotta find a tree we don't have any trill So we went hiking it can't and you know what we're like we got to check out this trail we're persistent aren't we so we went down that trail we got over that snow bump it was still there and we began hiking that trail and we were hiking and pretty soon we were walking in snow trudging through that snow and we came to this most beautiful spot we knew this is where God wanted us to be but there were all these obstacles and when we came out it was such a powerful thought we thought to ourselves man this is the place God wants us to be we took our teen Bible academy kids there they had an awesome time reading the book Christ object lessons desired eight years different books starting out the word of gone it was one or the place that God wanted us to be but all these obstacles stood in the way and we almost we almost shut down this first week because of these things now the point is this that God oftentimes leads us into our wilderness experience but it's through the wilderness experience that he trains us and teaches us that night when I climb came out of that just stuck in the snow for like several hours in the middle of the boonies no cell phone reception I writ home fell asleep for two hours raced down to Southern California to go see my mom and the first thing she says to me when she sees me she's like what happened to you and I said I have an amazing story to tell you. Deliver us from the snow and she's like what and so I began to tell the story but we were changed by just this episode right the Bible talks about David going through his wilderness experience a time where he was anointed by God told by God but all of a sudden at a time when he began to have a crisis in his life. All of a sudden this man by the name of King Saul began to persecute David David became a fugitive had to flee into the wilderness now just think about this he was cold to be the next king of Israel he was called to have a powerful influential position and the next thing you know is he's running for his life in the wilderness now let's see what the Bible says takes place when you go through the wilderness first Samara chapter twenty two First Samuel chapter twenty two this is what the Bible says right here David therefore departed from there and Xscape to the cave of what a doula So when his brothers and all his father's house heard it they went down to their Him This is the cool part right here and everyone who was in distress everyone who was in debt and everyone who was discontent and gathered to him Emma kept him over them and there were about four hundred men the Bible begins to describe something unusual taking place Wall David was going through his wilderness experience apparently individuals in the nation of Israel were so upset by the way Israel was being run by King saw people who were discourage people who are in debt impact let me just put it this way people who felt defeated they said you know what there is this man by the name of David we know he's called we want to join his army and several men begin to join the Bible says four hundred men joined him in the wilderness now just think about this the Bible doesn't give the most amazing positive description about these guys it just says that they were discontented distress and in debt now when you think about happy people and when you think about people who are having a great time in life you don't expect them to just sort of come up and just. Things aren't doing really well you would expect a defeated group of people looking probably didn't Schauble probably got some bags under their eyes maybe they got their dirty they don't have any money they're poor they're people who are looking for David and what was so strange is apparently there were tracked into his leadership. You know when I was about my twenty one twenty two I'm a member when I started ministry and there were all these powerful young adult leaders and they were so inspiring and it was such an awesome thing because I thought to myself Man that's what I want to be I want to be what they are but I've talked to several young adults recently and you know what they have told me they have told me you know I'm just not inspired and I'm not inspired and I thought to myself wait a minute what's happened in the last few years in the church it's almost like this kind of inspirational leadership that was taking place sort of just began to just sort of plateau and everyone is kind of doing their own thing and it's just like wait a minute were these like powerful people who have gone people who inspired people to change the actual course of their life were those people in fact David was such a powerful man he inspired people these men were like that's the kind of guy we want to follow is so amazing when you actually study David's life it's like how in the world did he become an inspirational leader well here a few points to remember number one this man was passionate about his worship the god can you say men to them remember that one time there was like these men who fought for David and they bring him a glass of water and you know what David does he start from he's like I can't drink this water I am pouring it out to God during that time that David showed up with his men and they secretly snuck up on saw and as they're about to kill him all of a sudden Dave it's like I can't touch the Lord's anointed there was something about David's right that this man was passionate about his relationship with God and everybody knew and they thought to themselves This is the kind of guy I want to follow you know I read this book recently called tried. And in this book it chronicles just dynamics between Native Americans and white settlers it describes Native Americans who were captured by white settlers and the soon as the Native Americans were free you know what they did they just went back to the tribe so what's the big deal the second example they looked out in this book were Native Americans that actually were born and raised in white settlement camps as soon as they came across a Native American from the other tribe they changed just sort of the direction of their life and they said We're actually joining the tribe even though they were born and raised in it and then the third group of people they looked out were white settlers that were actually kidnapped by Native American tribes when they were released you know what they didn't instead what the Native American tribe there were something they found in triumph there was something that they just were like we're missing this in life and all these individuals begin to join David's tribe because they were inspired by his leadership you know I really feel that one makes inspiring leader different from someone who's not inspiring is an inspiring leader always takes risks can you say amen to that as one preacher said there are three kinds of leaders there are undertakers caretakers and there are risk takers can you say amen to that the most inspiring leaders are those that are willing to do things that nobody else around them is doing I mean just think about it how did David become an inspiring leader well one day when he was delivering some Vigen cheese to his brothers. All of a sudden there's this giant and this giant is just just melding off to all these words and the Bible says Israel tremble and you know what he said he said you know I would do far anybody in Israel to fight me and the little boy David said I'll fight him and I love what the Bible says about that when he went after the joint and said he ran out towards you now just think about this he ran out towards this guy he ran at home towards this giant. And all he had was a sling a stick with a piece of rope on it and Goliath this massive looking man you're so funny I've watched the different movies on David all the glideslope like they're Indian. We're not that promise. Good liar does their big hulking Goliath and it's like our food you through to the birds of the here and David's like. And he races out and he just throws that stone and it comes flying crashing into go and then it's so interesting go you know David runs up and then be heads Goliath you know all of these YOUR was inspired by this guy because he did something that nobody else would do that is inspiring leadership can you say amen to that these men were like that's the kind of guy we want to follow somebody who is willing to do things that nobody else will do someone we know has a homing of gone on their life the Bible says these men were distressed discontented and indeed it doesn't give any positive characteristics about these men and just simply says look these guys were in trouble they were upset with the way things were they were defeated people and I don't know if you've ever felt defeated long term but they're part what these people were they were defeated but something happened. You know what's so powerful about this story is that these men who were defeated people who were discouraged with wife and the way things were in the world something happened to them that was so powerful something that changed them utterly transformed them then they became money for god can you say amen to them find out how Molly they actually became everybody take your Bible go to Second Samuel Chapter twenty three second sound or Chapter twenty three let's find out about this group of people who are distress people who are discontented people who are discouraged with life let's find out what happened when they join themselves up to David and he became a kept him over them. And we are going to Chapter twenty three let's find out about this group of people who join themselves up to David and were changed by this relationship Second Samuel Chapter twenty three let's start with verse eight these are the names of the mighty men whom David had just said best bath the Taft midnight chief among the captains he was called a Dino the as night because he killed eight hundred men at one time now just think about it here was probably this guy Dino he's probably the guy in the back probably a little bit timid He's probably there just like Hey there everybody who wants to print he's just looking down but the Bible says something happened he apparently became a mighty man he killed off eight hundred to a science in fact this whole chapter becomes even more amazing Let's continue with this verse nine and after him was L.D.S. or the son of Dodo with a name. Whose son are you the son of dodo. That's not intimidating at all let's find out about the son. That night one of the three mighty men with David when they defined the pillar science who were gathered there for a battle that the men of his YOUR had retreated heroes and attacked the fewest signs until its hand was weary and his hand stuck to the sword the war brought about a great victory that day and people returned after him only propounder the Bible describes Apparently this battle that took place and all that is realized that where there were like hey this is too much we've got to take off and get back to base camp and this man's like. And he begins biting them off in the Bible says He clutched their sword so hard that by the time the battle was done it was like I can't let go of the sword can you imagine eating lunch going to bed that night with his wife sleeping in his hands just stuck to this sort. Have you ever had that feeling maybe you're playing tug of war you clenched the rope so tight and by the time you were done you're like. This man thought with such intensity that the very weapon that he carried became part of him he fought so powerfully that he just could not let go it was just part of who he wants and gets even more intense in there as continue verse eleven and after him which Sharma the son of the her right the filler Stein's had gathered together into a troop where there was a piece of ground full of went towards lent towards I mean like eating lentils will continue so the people fled from the feel a sign but the station himself in the middle of the field defended and killed the fewest signs so the war brought about a great victory here was this field of lentils maybe it was the food source for the Israelites and the areas he marked his line in the ground and he says look I am not moving from this ground and all these posters who began to attack he just stayed his ground and they were just falling one after the other and the Bible says the Lord brought about a great victory these men became courageous under their Captain can you say men to that. Continue reading verse thirteen and three of the thirty chief men went down in harvest time in Cape to David at the cable to do them and the troop of the first thing camped in the belly of bread from David was in the stronghold and the cares in the for signs was in Bethlehem and David said with longing Oh that someone would give me a drink of water from the well of Bethlehem which is by the gate. So the three mighty men broke through the camp of the Philistines drew water from the well of Bethlehem which was by the gate took it and brought it to David Nevertheless he would not drink it but poured it out to the Lord David one day is just looking now and he sees Bethlehem surrounded by the pillar signs this land that was meant to be holy and he's there and he's just like Man I wish I could drink that water that's on the within the well by the gate and you do want to three of us men did they said let's go and they began to go and I just imagine one of them on one side the other on one side and they're fighting to get to the well and it's like pulling up water out of the well and two of the men are like Hurry man hurry and they're just fighting people up he grabs that water he grabs the store and they just began to fight their way back three men they just fought their way through this troop of Bill assignments now many times giving all the filler signs where they just kind of like jokers I mean it seems like they're always being defeated you know if you go to the British Museum you will see archaeology on the list on army they were fierce warriors these were no joke but these three mighty men they were like We've got to get water for our captain we gotta bring him a drink of water and they get him and they said we've got to water and all of a sudden he's just looking at these men they probably got cut marks they're probably broods they blew just hired. And David looks at the sacrifice and he's just like look I can't I can't drink this water it's holy water Catholic water holy water and he dumps it and he says this is God's water and then on introduce to you probably my favorite my new man is going to be. The name of my future son. Probably my favorite mighty man of all time but. Let's look at what the Bible says right here go to verse twenty this is good stuff. But neither was the son of Georgia and son of a valiant man from cab's eal who had done many deeds he killed to lying like here were some Moab he also gone down and killed the lion in the midst of a pit on a snowy day now I want you to think about this Has anybody here ever seen a lion before Raise your hand like I'm not talking about on T.V. a real bonafide lion how many people have actually seen one not in the zoo raise your hand. OK You people I had a friend I had a friend I was driving with one day we were going to Yosemite and we were just talking and all of a sudden it was like everything just went into slow motion and this just stick in line came right in front of us and it was just running and I was like. Everything was just motion I was like. Ah and my friend was like or are and we were just seeing this one and it was so big now I thought mountain lions I was like oh they're pretty small on the media fools you friends this thing was huge and it was so big and I was like oh Mike this scene is much bigger and we're a friend of the back who was this directly on the phone so they didn't get to see what was tension. This man deny all of a sudden But whatever the reason they come to a pit and there's this line that's there this is a trap animal and a trap animal is a dangerous animal this animal is trapped maybe it was an animal that was attacking their their flocks their food resources form of the reason they're like needs to die and it's in a pit and it's a snowy day do you know how hard it is to maneuver in the snow it's almost like you're like. This god deniers looking down all these men are looking down there's this ferocious wind and when I was like give me a spear he gets a spirit he jumps right into this pit and through the snow here manages to kill the sly and I want you to think about how intense this is he killed online and you know it's so interesting two thousand part true story there is this article called The baddest man alive is about this canyon Barmer. So interesting one day he was working in Spielman all of a sudden this leopard comes out of nowhere and attacks him. A big cat and it's trying to kill him this man has a machete in his hand and he's trying to get his arm free and this leopards trying to go for his throat this is true story trying to go for his throat and all of a sudden he's like crying it is like oh what do I do Gord speaks to this man says Drop your machete he grabs a machete and then the next thing the voice told him was reach into the leopards mouth and grab the Tom He slipped his hand into the leopard's mouth understand he has a googling go ahead I checked it out. But look pretty close in but he's courting the tongue now as soon as the leopard releases he yanks the tongue out and the leopard starts like choking and coughing and then done is a few feet away from him the man throws the tongue down and his arm is cut up and when the authorities get there they see this old Kenyan farmer leaning on the Steve staff his arm is just bleeding there's a deadlock there there's a home on the right right there. Drop the machete and grab the Tom you know that's advice that comes from. The man killed the leper with his bare hands and when they get there they're just like there's this old man there and there's a. Camp there there's a punk just sometimes think the tongue with wiggling around or whatever. But it was there and the man is leaning on the staff and they're like what happened is like God told me to grab the Tong. Now imagine him coming home that night his hand is on his banjo you can see the pictures and some years of looking at the pictures I know his wife said what happened honey I just. Want How'd that happen. I did it this guy Bill Nye is like that too he killed two vine like heroes or more of apparently some really intense words he took them out and then during this episode where there was this pit this man's like me and I'll take him on take him on he jumps in and then look what it says next about this guy banaya this is interesting. Verse twenty one and he killed in Egyptian a spectacular man or Giant Man the Egyptian had a spear in his hand so we went down to him with the staff wrestled the spear out of the Egyptians hand and killed them with the zone spear Now just think about this there's a journey Gyptian warrior there with this like this spear and the shark and then you have this Vinaya guy and he's like. A broom literally just took a staff and he gets close to this giant and somehow he's able to just to get the spear away and then he takes out the chips in the France this is so amazing when you begin to meet women this is this is are you telling me this group oh my do you Warriors were once this group of people who were defeated in life yes they were but do you know what changed them it was their time with their captain they were under the leadership of David and as they were under the leadership of David this defeated group of people became powerful victorious warriors for God can you say amen to that and they're powerful when you begin to think about that France I want you to know something at the end times the son of David is calling people from every walk of life to join his army and people who are defeated people who are discouraged people who are in debt and distressed about life people who are discontented under the way the current government of the devil is being run by. People who feel utterly lost the son of David is calling them to join up because he wants to be a captain and friends when you are in the Army of the Lord your captain is a mighty Captain can you say amen to that Jesus is a powerful inspirational figure you know what's so interesting people all over the world are looking for inspiration people are looking for genuine legitimate inspirational role models that's what this world is truly wanting they're looking at people and you know what's happening constantly look at the media we're being discouraged by people. We're seeing the defeat of people we're seeing the discontent in this of people and the world right now is looking for men and women who will stand for the right though the heavens for can you say amen to that you know my share something with you powerful quote found in the book page trucks and prophets every time I read this my phone starts shaking this is what it says right here GOT TO GET THIS IS SO AMAZING galled has a work for every one of the you never did man achieve greater results for God and humanity then may be achieved in this hour work day by those who will be gone given trust I got a time. Never did manage to results for God in humanity then may be achieved in this hour day by those who will be faithful to their God given trust now friends just think about this when you take a good look at all the powerful people in Scripture people like Abraham people like Moses people like Samuel the prophet people like Elijo are alive sure people like Nehemiah people like Paul the apostle or Peter the Apostle who might say look and in regardless of what all they have done dog wants to do something that's never been done before in this generation. You know sometimes we think that well I hope I get close to their example I hope one day I can kind of be like a man after God's own heart her words are guesswork Gordon wants to do something greater than what this world. Can you say meant to them I mean this is powerful at the end of time the son of David is calling every person who are willing to join themselves up with his tribe and be change in Transform you know they did this study on phobias you know many phobias there are in the world today like a lot. That sounds really scientific and now there's about two thousand plus phobias one of them is even a full view of full beer's. Researchers say that there are actually two universal phobias that people have their babies actually have them the rest are cultivated but what are there it's a fear of loud noises and severe falling universally they found that babies actually have those phobias but the rest of phobias they don't have in other words those other phobias are cultivated we live in a world of sin that has produced great fear in the heart of humanity and you know what God does when he changes and transforms us here begins to remove those cultivated fears out of our hearts and minds and he begins to give us the courage and of brew that we never had before one that is willing to challenge and prove the promises of God and see what the Lord can do in the end times friends the mighty men are home in just sort of the histories eternity these things will never be foregone But guess what at the end of time God wants our generation are mighty men and women who will do things this world has never seen before can you say amen to that. You see when you join up with the captain he begins to change you and transform you and all of a sudden you're finding yourself doing things through what you begin to be inspired by the son of David you begin to be drawn and you're like if Jesus did this I can do this you know these mighty men by the way they killed off the four sons of the four brothers of Goliath later on these to feed a group of people these discouraged group of people these people who were in debt who were in poverty under David's leadership they became bold and courageous and they said oh you are giants we can deal with Giants those signs we can deal with those signs and they would charge in to the front of the line friends at these times Dawn is raising up. People who are doing things who are cheering results that nobody Prior has ever achieved before but gone is calling you to join up with his tribe with his army and you will find the transformation to change to a place that you never thought possible there were times before I became a Seventh Day Adventists where I constantly felt defeated in my life were constantly was wrestling with discouragement time after time after time but from when I began to join myself up to this tribe this army all of a sudden it's like God begin to change things now it's like when does an elf start talking you know the first time ever preached a sermon it was so bad so bad you know what I did I was preaching the sermon and all of a sudden I got off the stage and I'm like I'm outta here. I skipped the handshaking part I was calm at that time and then went into the canvassing van it was left open and I was in the back of the van just staring just staring right there literally this was happening and I could see every talking out there they were just going to the Paul look you know when you skip Paula you're really discouraged. And I was there in the back yeah yeah I was there in the background I just preach the word I'm not I'm not going to be a preacher and done and I was just in the back and I said I'm I'm finished with this and I was just kept mouthing off to myself all of a sudden the door opens and there was like fifteen year old called poor kid who happened to be our programs like you know what are you doing here and I said Are you not in church he's like yeah you preach and I was like that was the worst sermon in the history of the universe and he's like this this is Vice this fifteen year old kid gave me. He's a good know how many books were you selling when you first started on No two is like how many now so I go seven or eight a day so how that happened he said he said to me how did that happen I said I just kept doing it and he said it's the same thing man. You know what he did next he just kind nodded and he closed the door and walked off. And I remember I was just like looking at him when he was going to a public room and I'm like Who is this kid. I mean I was just giving sage advice. The voice of God Spoke mightily to this fifteen year old kid to me. As I got to keep doing this I got to keep trying. Friends we got to keep going forward can you say amen to that we're living in a time when they were gone it is calling his people to rise up to the challenge a time were gone his calling his people to stand up for him as another time to back away the line must be drawn in the sand tonight it's a time when we're saying God I want you to keep working in my life I want to keep going forward you are my captain and I am not going to stop you've got to keep changing me you've got to keep transforming you can not give up on me. Friends gone is doing a powerful thing in these end times and he is calling all those who would heed his voice to join up with the Army of the Son of David the Our son of David is making his call to this world who will join him in the wilderness. There's an imposter on the throne right now. Someone who claims to be the king of this world. Friends this man this being is a defeated foe. And man. Our captain has already achieved the victory and we're not binding for victory we're fighting from a victory. The victory of Christ. And Dawn is calling all those to join up. You find yourself concerned anxious in finding yourself discourage worried. The call is going out. Join up with the son of David John O. with this army that God has been forming the Army of the Lord and you will find you will not be disappointed by your captain in these times God is calling for people who are willing to risk it all people are willing to do things that have never been done before. Is that you. Meant they understood something that was this this was their mission. This was David's mission and they were giving willing to give up life and limb to see that the mission of David the calling of David would be fulfilled. Friends One day Jesus will be king over this planet. And his army will not stop they will not back down until this mission is completed until the day that Jesus speak touches this planet God is calling for an army a group of people from every tribe nation in tongues that will hear the voice of the Son of David to be part of this group of amazing people you may find yourself not worthy. As well God starts with a man. You may find yourself discouraged defeated spiritually. Gone is calling you to join up with him and you will see that you can not be defeated when Jesus is with you can you say amen to that God is going to get you to where he wants you to go more than what you want to do ward in the place that God wants to more than the place that you want to get to God is going to get you there but he's calling you to join up with him to heed the voice of God East Hinds you're amazing things that are happening. And friends we're probably further along in in time events than we thought. This morning. Was preaching somewhere else. And I don't like to be late and I had my way look at my watch early in the morning got up from the Cole Porter alarm in the pool there and today. And I was like OK I'm with you my devotion jour get ready to go. I was supposed to be at the Sabbath schools also teach in Sabbath school one thirty I said could take me twenty five minutes to get there I'm going to leave and a fifty so I kept looking at the hotel clock it was eight forty five I got a few minutes then it was eight fifty at the hotel clock then it was like OK it's time to leave I looked at my watch it was already nine o three. No it's like oh no i still gotta get my shoes on I got to get ready to go. I got there but you know what I realize I just thought I had more time. I just thought I had more time. I just was looking at the wrong clock. And time slipping away. From. There's less time. There's less time. For coming to the conclusion of this thing God is calling me. To join up with him to make a commitment said Lord I am part of the Army of the Lord. I am I'm with you I'm in this thing with you Lord be my captain lead me through the valleys to the mountains I'm not going to separate myself from you and see me through all the way to the end. Today if you are heeding the call of the Last Son of David to join up with him my appeal is very simple the end of I share that you will come forward and say Lord I'm in this I'm in this I want to be part of the Army of the Lord if that's your desire I'm going to come up to the front right now. As we're coming to the end. You're willing to say look I'm stepping into this thing. I'm with you. You're my captive. I felt discouraged in life I have felt defeated in life I'm anxious about the future. But I'm joining myself up with you and you will find the Lord does not reject any who will come to him. He will not push away those who feel just broke in. The captain of the Army of the lower house and she is source for these end times and gone is calling you to join up and the results that take place during these times are gone people are willing to risk it all. Will be far greater than what's been done before you got one life to live and you only got one time being a young person friends. Give it to the Lord. The god I'm willing to jump into this. I'm willing to risk it all I'm willing to join up with you. That you may do in my life it's never been done before. A man. You know a vine or musician up to the front going to be sharing a special song announced this song is being sung. Want you to make it the prayer of your heart Lord tell me to be all that you are calling me to be in me to be all that you've called me to be homey to be willing to risk it all for the kingdom untowered the day that you return. And you are stablish. Ass. Our heads for we're. Father thank you. For such a time as this. Thank you for what only one says. We were needed. At this time. And Lord we pray that we would rise. To the challenge of the time. We were not take our hands off the plow. Lord that we will go forward as part of the Army of the Lord. Lord we pray day by day you may change what you can't sing. And God can tell the day you return may we be faithful to our calling no matter what discouragements me we may feel less each person or Bless than to trust you and to follow you wherever you go in Jesus' name amen.


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