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3. Vision for the Future

Heidi Carpenter Ranela Kaligithi



  • August 19, 2017
    4:30 PM
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The way that God uses us obviously with our actions with who we are we spread the gospel but the talent of speech that God gives and if you can read that chapter in Christ object lessons which he talks about the talents one of the talents God has given everyone those who can speak is speech the ability to convey a message and you know that's something that you can ask Oh I've been recently convicted about is preaching more and I know that sounds intimidating but when I was fifteen I was up there I know I grew up with my dad being a pastor but I didn't remember any of his sermons you know I really wasn't in that mindset but I remember going up there and the first night having to give an appeal and all I remember was like seeing my dad raise his Bible and so I raised my bob when I was like how many of you want to decide to take the Bible as your only rule of authority you know I hardly knew what I was talking about but you know I just saw everyone's hands raise and I was like oh they're raising their hands because of and I kept my hand he though they keep your hands raised as we pray you know and we're praying good and we. You know involve our prayer opening my eyes and the hands still raise you know and it was just an incredible experience I had no idea what I was doing and I was so tired after every night and you know I really honestly it was the same as college I didn't like to speak but when you can get over that fear of speaking give your testimony at church preach a sermon you know share in a worship give a Bible study when he get yourself to that point where you can share it is just so powerful people are inspired by your your courage your courage to share for God So this is really quick but I just want to say that I have to say this when you think of preaching you often think of one profession pastors right pastors preach but do you know that the seventh Avenue Church was not founded by pastors preaching Did you know that William Miller who was the first preacher of the soon coming of Christ the eight hundred forty four message remember he was a farmer he was a layman preaching is not just for pastors preaching is for lay people so I really want to leave you guys with that because I think God is calling all of us to stand up and speak for him Joel to says you know that in the last days even young children will speak for God and so pray that God will open up those opportunities for you and He will bless you OK Yes amen young and old we had farmers and see captains these were not trained people and it just I keep remembering pastor birds sermon we can all do something right and maybe God laying on your heart to consider preaching at your church taking that step taking the next step out there and spreading the gospel I want to invite my friend Sean Bell or and she is a wonderful person that is going to share in her life as a lame member you know she never went to Bible college she never went to you know and have a training school she did canvassing which is a great training grounds but she has been able to continue to live a life of evangelism wherever she is not being paid by the church but continuing to to spread the gospel anywhere she is so stay with us. Hello Schama and when I was in high school I was like What do I want to do in college I don't know I don't know so I was praying about it what does go I mean to do and so I'm just like when you know the different options like what can I do that I can help people the most and so God led me to choose nursing so I went to Southern and I started nursing school and there I was you know just living a Christian life but then as soon as I finished my associate's degree God opened up these words I never did I mean I had done a little bit of campus scene in high school but I never thought I'm going to go to a summer camp or seen program but then God totally like was like hello canvassing in the summer right after I finish like my associate's degree in nursing so all my classmates are going to get in nursing jobs and I'm like well I guess God wants me to go canvassing I was like whatever I've got the rest of my life to work as a nurse so so I decided to go canvassing I mean canvassing that summer powerful experience and you just learn so much in a summer of chemist seen how many of you have chemistry first summer oh my goodness so many of you praise God So you learn a lot of things just like talking with people connecting with people and how to not be afraid to speak up and to share about Jesus so I did that then I went back to southern and went through my bachelor's degree and then after that I got a nursing job and started working but I realized something as I was working as a nurse like I could have spiritual conversations with people and I would pray with my patients and I would encourage them and you know what's great about Scrubs they have lots of pockets you've got plenty of room for glow tracks so I always had glow tracks in my pockets and incredible divine appointments at the hospital when you have a patient for twelve hours it's really a little sad how much they trust you and you're like oh my goodness they believe like everything I say I could teach all sorts of things to them that be terrible. But it's also what as a as a Christian like what a powerful opportunity to share the love of Jesus so the end of the day I'd be like hey you know I do offer prayer with my patients would that be OK and they would get tears in their eyes if you like wow no one's ever done that for me before they say thank you so much so it was like one or two that said oh no thank you I'm like OK no problem but most of them they would get teary eyed and they would be so grateful and then I would say also all hey you know if you like to read here which one would you like and I would let them choose which go track they wanted and some of them were what all of them some of them would say oh no thank you OK no problem I have nothing to push on them except why not offer them prayer something that I found about people in the hospital is that they are more than physically sick most of them are very emotionally sick and what there's actually a quote that I recently read that is like blew my mind it's in my life today the devotional page one forty nine Listen to this it says sickness of the mind prevails everywhere how much do you think what percent of people their sickness actually starts just from some like accident or something do you know that nine tenths of the diseases from which humans suffer have their foundation in the mind. Nine tenth's so that would be if I'm working in the hospital nine out of my ten patients I hope I don't have ten patients in one day. And night out of my ten patients and their sickness starts in the mind and I've seen that time and time again I actually through a series of events ended up going and leading campus in a couple summers and kind of going back doing some nursing going doing canvassing going back and doing a bunch of stuff and now I have the privilege of working as a bible worker in the Patterson church plan which you'll probably hear more about and so I get to give Bible studies because that's what I found when I was working at the hospital enough right after nursing school it's like I know how to pray with them I know I have spiritual conversations with them but I don't have the confidence to like make them my Bible study contact and share all the like I've been a stalker and so I was praying like God how can I have this confidence because I feel like what's the point of helping someone get healthy just so they can die in turn only There's really no purpose but if we can help them to have new life in Jesus or if they do die that they can die in Jesus and look forward to eternal life so I got God totally took me through a series of events which I won't share all of but now I'm working as a bible worker part time with the church and doing nursing part time and now when I have my patients I'm like hey like I could have a Bible study with them like one time in the room someone was having a lot of pain and I found out like wow their pain is actually mostly emotional it's not actually physical So instead of just going grabbing the pain medicine and coming back and just giving it to them and leaving we surviving this crazy conversation about how they had like family members like. Family members and divorce and all this kind of stuff and. I was able to share with him do you know the Jesus is coming soon I start breaking down like Daniel two in the room and sharing like we're at the feet of time and it was like they were blown away and then of course I had my glow track intelligent faith right with the Daniel to imaging it to be able to share with them and actually one really crazy experience short one that I'll share as I get close to my wrapping up time. There was this patient another patient who was really struggling they were like anxious and they were frustrated they were like annoyed and angry at everyone they can make your life miserable when they're miserable and I was I just put my hand on their shoulder and I said you know I to offer prayer for my patients could I pray with you their eyes got kind of big Yeah so I prayed with them and afterwards. Their shoulders loosened up and they said you know I think that was all that I really needed so forget the anxiety medicine the pain medicine there's a time in a place for that but this patient all they needed was a prayer and to know that Jesus forgives their sins most people in the hospital they have a burden of guilt on their shoulders and pain and heartache and so what a privilege for me the rest of that quote that I want to share with you guys so they can is of the mind prevails everywhere nine tenths of the diseases from which men suffer have their foundation here do you know what the most effectual remedy is says the religion of Christ is one of its most effectual remedies for it is a potent soother of the nerves hard disease stroke cancer many and most of the diseases in the hospital are somehow related to emotional pain from childhood they have maybe they have addictions to food and diet and all that and so it just leads to all these diseases and what a powerful privilege it is once you know how to share the love of Jesus then to be able to share wherever you are whatever your workplace whatever your sphere of influence whether it's school wherever it is what a blessing and a privilege that it is to be able to share the load of Jesus. Amen it's such a blessing to know that there are people out there who you know they're not working for the church working for pay but they have the love of God in their heart to share any where they are and that's what we want to continue to encourage is thinking about what you can do in your sphere of influence and I'm talking to young and all that are in here you can do something even if it's just carrying glow tacks around we could do a whole thing i'm just glow you know and I think that should be the bearer minimum so I really hope there is a global with out here I think right out this door I really hope you guys stock up on glow before you leave because that's a huge tool we're going to have Lisa come up here and share and experience and follow up with some a story. That I work with Schama and I told her she needs to write a book of all the experiences were roommates and housemates and she will come home and she's very confidential so she's good about that but I tell you could write a book she actually one of her patients ended up coming to our church and she happened to also work with some a patient of hers who was actually ended up being our neighbor and we didn't realize it. And you know I don't I hope she doesn't mind me saying this but. One thing someone told me is as a nurse or people in the medical profession have a tendency to think that it's acceptable like I'm going to use that as my excuse to work on Sabbath do you know that a lot of times not only some of the many other medical professionals will use the money if they have to work on the Sabbath they'll give it back to the church and I thought to myself wow what a commitment to really honoring God and everything that you're doing and so anyways I really have been inspired by by someone's life and we got is used or I was not raised in the Advantage her tummy of you were not raised Seventh Day Adventist OK If you how many of you were. Oh what a blessing my friends. Either way we are all Seventh Day Adventist maybe some of you are in this room and I would encourage you to ask questions if you have them about the church I am going to let you know I first heard about the church in two thousand and nine I worked in and out burger I write I am OK think someone's going to say something OK you can still use it in an hour as an Adventist there potatoes are very healthy there Fred OK we're going to stop there OK I want to get into an in and out testimony so I came to the church in two thousand and nine and I was really confused about this group of people who thought that haystacks work nachos they're just fake nachos and in my mind I thought to myself well I want to get to know what they believe I had been started to kind of question and wonder things so now I'm newly in the church and I'm asking myself the question how do I get involved how many of you are really extrovert outgoing excited people yes you are at risk. But there's like four of you who raise your hands to most of us and believe it or not I am not an extrovert like I'm talking right now because there's been like ten years of practice to get to this point but I'm not naturally someone who wants to be like like that in the front I like a book and alone and maybe one on one with a friend kind of things but I go to the church and I have this many of you have had that burden where you know God is calling you to share your faith and the reason he calls you is because it feeds you it keeps you alive and so I thought to myself well what can I do so the first thing I did was I got the bulletin at church how many of you get a bulletin when you go to church don't just be like the relative right and don't read it during church read it after OK So anyways I look at the bullets and I realized that my church had a prayer meeting and I thought to myself like Prayer is one of the most awkward things for an introvert person who's angry and like and I always was like I hope people say Amen when I'm praying because it encourages pray that so much of an eye view like you're there like a man and I was like oh so here I am and I said to myself you know the first thing I'm going to do I'm going back I'm alone none of my family's Adventist have ever felt really like OK here I am trying to be a Christian and I was not a. Nice like Who good girl before I was a Christian so here I am trying to live this new life and I thought to myself I want to go to the prayer meeting so I go to the prayer meeting me and I didn't pray and pray for a long time at those things or if I did I would practice like his. Father in heaven. Anyways so most of the time I would just go to the prayer meeting and I want to encourage you guys the prayer meeting is where I realized the Holy Spirit you have a one hundred percent chance of beating with the Holy Spirit when you go to the prayer meeting OK so I would always be there at prayer meeting and then I realized they had this Friday night Bible study thing so I would go to the Friday night Bible study friends eventually I was at the church every day of the week but Sunday OK I wasn't this person who knew much about the Bible but I was submerging myself into the activities that the church had some reason a friend recently told me when my church doesn't do anything like what I actually go to I got online I was like your church does things on Friday night your church does things on Wednesday night yeah yeah I know most of the time the excuses are making simply lie with the fact that our heart doesn't sometimes want the things of God right so I tell myself I'm going to go to the prayer meeting went to prayer meeting and then I made a commitment and I want each of you in your heart today to make a commitment to be devoted to your morning devotions OK Why is this important they do not save you your devotions are filthy rags right but why do I have them then well I woke up each morning and I realized one of two things is going to happen my thoughts are going to enter my mind or the thoughts of God So in the morning I would open my Bible and guess what friends for two years straight I didn't get anything out of my morning devotions I literally thought of my like maybe three times in two years was I like who like I felt like you know those those moments we wish we had every morning but the truth is I was learning what it was. To just be in communion with someone that I don't maybe physically see and over the past broken these two years in I'll tell you my richest time is my morning and evening time that I spend with. This is something so important so prayer meeting devotion to be devoted to your morning devotions and then how much time to I have ever like two seconds right so the other thing was this my church had glow right I'm quiet and I don't seem quiet but I'm very shy but I grab some glow and there was this woman this older woman she was seventy eight years old and she's only small Portuguese and I only spoke English and everyone thinks I should speak Spanish but I don't so we really had no communication as far as we would try and then half the time we did not know what the other person was saying but on Sabbath I found out that she went on outreach every day even by herself with glow so I went with her this woman walked the pants off me she could out walk me with her glow and she would put glow on all the doors of the car so I started myself I went to my neighborhood and I was like Oh hopefully no one comes out of their door and put it on their door and that's mostly what I was praying but I took my neighborhood and there were four streets and I started to pray and I do a walk I pray for the street and then I would gather my courage and just put glow on the door and then run run the way its best as I could but I'll tell you something the prayer meeting getting involved just being in a spiritual community will will help your life so don't neglect community but guys community often doesn't find us we have to find community OK so I searched and I prayed for good friends I have some of the closest friends three are in this room of my closest friends that I prayed God give me good quality friendships pray that prayer OK So prayer reading be devoted to your morning devotions take some glow pray over your neighborhood streets put it on the door run away I don't care you don't have to talk to them right away even to this day I'd rather knock on the door with a camera sing book than hand someone a glow check I don't know I for me I get like always. The girl she Lady I'm like you can read this on your lunch and I like her know what not a bad thing friends just letting yourself be available God will feed you so richly my final thing is that after a while I worked in and out burger right someone told me about the Lord there three other people came to the Lord at that in and out so four of us are all baptized in full time ministry and serving the Lord you don't know what God can do even through a really shy introvert person who's not sure if the Lord can use them but he can use each of you. Even just you know the way that Lisa came to the church was one of her coworkers while they were there you know flipping burgers he was telling her he was a Bible student and he was telling her about the Bible and they'd be having bible studies while they're flipping burgers literally anywhere you are you know the Holy Spirit can share with you who it is in your area in your sphere of influence who might be open and and that's how she's here today it wasn't someone that was paid by the church it wasn't a pastor or anything it was just a church member just like us again any of us can do something for God Lastly I want to bring up a few of my friends Hazel and Heidi and cash and. They all go to one of our Agnes colleges here in California what By the way if anyone is wondering what holding This is for audio vs not actual Mike but so what Ave call if you go to is the beginning college OK anyone here has gone to perceive Union College OK OK cool a few people so these three girls go to P. You see now so let me ask you Have you all canvassed Yes Yes OK Also all three of you can and when did you guys canvass what year two thousand and fifteen OK two thousand and two a few years ago. This year OK so catches first time was this summer after you guys went canvassing you wanted to do something at P U C Tell us what that is and what led you to start this ministry so after canvassing actually this we started a canvassing club and we called it a literature evangelism club and for me it actually started before the school year even began during freshman orientation. Actually what happened was during freshman orientation we were all divvied up all the freshmen were and I just happened to my group just happened to be next to a group of other freshman and in it was Tony our print who ended up being our club president and Tony's group leader was telling someone who I at canvassed in two thousand and fifteen with and tane just happened to know Heidi and he so we all got into connection connected and we started talking about our passions about canvassing about leader about literature evangelism and so we got connected OK so really quick one thing to get get out of the outset is that wherever you're wherever you are going to different schools colleges look for the people that you have similar passions and interests with especially those people that are on fire for God because they're going to help you come together encourage you spiritually in your walk. And so during the time when we were getting connected we decided that we wanted to at least try to start up a club a club that was also passionate about literacy evangelism and so what we needed was a sponsor and it just so happened that around this time one of the professors was housing canvassers from from Korea just randomly and so we got connected with him and he got disconnected with another professor who had a burden on her heart for literature in the edges and her husband just happened to be a very like I believe he's the elder a local church who got us. Connected with a lot of glow pamphlets with other literature OK so it just sounds like the way they started this club was they just prayed and they just sat there and everything just kind of came together right no they actually you can see the combination of human effort and divine power right you know they were like oh well we gotta find a sponsor so they start talking to people actually go out and start asking you know who can be our sponsor and then that person gets connected there you can also see how the Holy Spirit is working things and putting the connecting the dots and so I say that all these things just happen but honestly none of these things happen just by coincidence when it comes to doing God's work and so I mean that was my experience of how the canvassing clicking together and then I sure had he had something else to say now actually this is the first time I heard her side of the story for me it was my stock can't quarter. And. Your god how glad but various I started meeting all these random canvassers all over the place on campus and I'm like This is weird like nobody knows each other and you know just spiritually you know appraisal or for I want to call it just it's just a different experience after you've got to tend to sing and I was I wasn't even praying I was just thinking to myself if you might you know we could get something together and then Tang comes up to me like hey I know you can canvassing why we're thinking about starting this club you could be the president or something I'm like I don't think so but I definitely want to help out so that was kind of like and answer to spoken prayer almost. It was what was really neat about this club was all of us. Almost the only thing we had in common was our love for Jesus in campus and so our During the rest of the you know when we weren't doing club activities our friend groups were stopped. Which made made for a really good thing because when we did do things we could invite all of our friends and that would cover you know it wasn't just all of our friends are the same people you know I had this group of friends I would always invite his or her group of friends she would always invite and that was really great Wow OK So they decided to start this camp thing club because they thought you know what can we do this is something that we all have in common so when you guys started off what were some of the things that you were afraid of in starting this club or maybe some challenges that you were thinking of because I don't know what that going to sound like an intimidating thing to do on a college campus like start a club that has to do with canvassing or even if you're on a public university or something starting something like that or some of the fears you guys had well for me I had to and they took place internally and externally so internally. And nursing major and nursing is a very demanding. Course to take and so one of my fears was being able to sacrifice time to this ministry and I just want to add in a plug like college has taught me that I need to learn how to prioritize and when it comes to prioritizing just by my own human energy I can't accomplish everything that I want to do so I'm going to need to learn how to make sacrifices and that's why it's so important to make your priorities straight and prior to prioritize God as first and then everything else will honestly fall into place but prior to prioritizing God and making sacrifices everything else was the biggest. Hurdle that I had to hop for this club and then X. Journal Of course. Just having to convince people to want to come to what we had like our vespers or even just outreach like talking to people and convincing then and making them want to do what we had. Yeah I'm likely I am a huge introvert like ninety first. And. So for me it was kind of like yeah I see the value of starting things something like this I just I just don't want to be in charge of stresses me out and the fact that Tony and he's over there and you know Tony like the first time I met him on like wow this kid like has one mission to come to the campus in club and yeah he wishes he could be here today. So that was a huge answer to prayer even to almost the prayer and not even of her that I had another fear I had was we planned we wanted to do outreach like once a month and. I was like oh what if like honestly I'm scared you know I'm a canvasser handing people books and rattling off the canvas I don't like having people go how am I supposed there are other people excited about it and actually one time when I was feeling this way Cash came out to me like I barely knew her she was like hey show me your testimony and she said I'm so excited for this Arash opportunity you know I was actually excited to come. Yet so you know when you're stepping out in faith and when you're doing things that God is convicted of you're going to have fears you're going to have worries you're going to have doubts I mean even to this day from that sermon I was thinking of things that I need to do when I get back to Maryland and I all the sudden start having fears and doubts and you know uncertainties but as you can see when you step out in faith God will give you that faith and he will also help you in all of those fears and and all the things that you need to do to actually carry it out so we need to wrap up here but cash is standing up here because when they started doing these outreach is once a month they started doing all the little groups they get together and do things throughout the year in the midst of their crazy schedule and cash actually end up going camping this summer tell us why you went chemistry. I'm actually a result of all the efforts in the hard work for Sloan thank you guys but it's just incredible the way God works because it wasn't my intention to go canvassing all I knew was that I love God and I love praying but I had no actual personal ministry in going out and sharing the love that I had for God So for part of that was also it was like a spiritual life that was kind of on fire but was very rocky because there was no constant surrender and because of that I knew that there was something missing and I wanted to work at a specific camp but doors were closed and I praise law for those closed doors because now it opened more opportunities for me to be reached out to actually shameless boyfriend is actually the one that came glowing and I went door to door with him and he was just like so over found to be around it was incredible I was just like you know I really don't know how to to my friends that don't really think the same as me and he was like you know what it Christ object lesson is it says that Jesus looks at them the way they will be and not the way they are and I was like and like for the rest of the day he just like said it like no nonchalant like it was anything but that that quote literally changed my life like I started reading that book I started reading worst fear of prophecy and just more and more every single day as the year went on as you thresh went on I began to become converted every day to truly not just surrender like my will to him not just my daily decision Tim But the big decisions as well so I'm going to schools now. So caches there are just you know regular student P.C. and she got involved in this that it was student led and initiated and now she's committing her life to this training at Seoul's you know these these girls Hazel never went to souls when she was killed decided that wherever she was she was going to be used by God and how do you guys were like one thousand nine hundred twenty eight hundred nineteen twenty four you know a guy can use any one big you guys so much for sharing praise the lord for you know do. Being willing to take initiative and we share this because we want to encourage every single one of you guys whatever context you're And God has something for you we hope that you've been able to get a little bit more a few practical resources from here and we are you know any of us that spoke call myself Schama Lisa many of your leaders you know use us while you're here this week and talk to us come talk to us and ask us questions about what your specific situation is and what you can do because we'd love to help you but I want to go wherever I am I want to be a witness for God How about you name and OK let's pray and close out our Father in heaven we thank you Lord because we live in such a time where we have many resources in our church and we have live in a time when there are so many opportunities to share people are broken and heal or the only thing that's hindering is just our willingness it's our willingness to do something to look around and see the need and meet that need and I just pray God every single one here that's been in the seminar you know that deep down in their hearts they want to do something for you and so I pray that throughout this weekend you would show them that specific person you want them to reach out to or that specific way that they can be a witness for you in their workplace at school in their family wherever they are and I just pray God that when they leave here they would leave more equipped and more on fire to spread the Gospel in their area and in this generation we thank you Lord in your knee and Father in heaven we thank you for this time that we can share this last seminar reprieve that you would expand our minds to see what can happen in our churches in our communities when we have total member involvement and help us to realize that this is a worldwide thing that people are catching the vision all over the world and Lord we just want to be a small part of it and so we just pray that you would bless us in our time together this last seminar in your name Amen. So we want to show you a video to start off here which was actually taken last October. We had a group of souls West and other canvassers other Bible called assault students come together to the General Conference last October how many of you know what something called annual Council is that ring a bell to anyone OK So when you will Council is is that all the world church leaders you have the conference presidents the union presidents the division presidents A For those of you that are not familiar the church is divided up into its different sections you have all you local churches that are under one conference and all these different conferences that are under one union like we're in the Pacific Union and in southeastern California conference right now and then all the unions are divided divisions obviously were North American division so all of these leaders from the conference Union division and world church so the people in Southeast Asia and you know in Africa and all these places those leaders came together of the world church and they come together twice a year in the spring in the fall and it was during this Fall Council that we all came and as the leaders of the church they wanted to be an example they wanted to be an example of total member involvement so they had all of these students come out and help lead out in a huge glow outreach to model total member involvement as the leaders of the church on The View are happy that we have leaders that want to model that right and so we all went out with them this is a video about that and about total member involvement and you'll be hearing from some of our leaders and what their vision is for this initiative we didn't explain that clearly at the beginning really what this initiative is about this is actually initiative of the General Conference and its initiative that aesthetics. To get people church members lay people involved in evangelism with the paid people of the church like the pastors and what they've been doing is huge of Angeles to series like we talked about in Rwanda where they had two thousand plus sites and they had now over one hundred thousand baptisms in the span of a few months so things like this were all coming together in a huge united effort to do evangelism and a mine dream and I hope that we do something like that in America and we've had things like that in the past and I hope we can do that more but this this will help help you understand a little bit more about total number involvement sorry that the sound was flowing that it's in black and white it's actually in color. But. It's powerful powerful video human of what total member involvement can do in when we're all when we all decide to be involved so. Something that I really wanted to emphasize from that is just being able to. To see that anywhere you go there are going to be opportunities as you saw there was talking about a little randomly they just made themselves available and God really came through something that's been on my heart a lie is. You know growing up in this church like I said and being involved in ministry doesn't mean that you're always completely a hundred percent on fire and always believing that Jesus is coming soon and that it's like you know you're just always like you know so incredibly on fire and I've been having some of these thoughts in the last few years where the you know the devil kind of put doubts in my mind and I'm just being honest and this is probably happened to some of you where I have this kind of seed of doubt of wonder you know and we can't has been here for so long have you ever heard someone say you know I never thought we'd even get to college and you know I thought Jesus would come soon and you know he did and you know they don't mean it in a way to discourage you but you kind of think Wow if they thought they wouldn't get to college or they would even have kids in Jesus still didn't come like maybe I mean I wonder if I'm going to be like that I wonder if I'm giving all of my heart to this and I'm putting all the sacrifice in to him that at the end of the day I'm just going to go to my grave and not undoable not have come and you know either way whether I sleep or whether I live in cities come it's still going to happen but sometimes there's that little bit of seed of doubt and I've kind of struggled with this and just to kind of set the stage what we're talking about I want to share sort of the line of thought that God brought me through to help me realize that this is still possible in our generation I really believe it is you know. What we want to see is Jesus comes soon but sometimes it seems like it's so far off it's kind of nebulous when you look at the great controversy when you look at the fall of Adam and Eve all the way till we where we are today you see the plan of salvation unfolding you see the world getting wicked and then Jesus coming in and dying and he you know he was resurrected he ascended and then you see the early church and they were so just on fire for God They loved Jesus they had been with him everywhere they had you know experienced him they had seen his miracles they had just experienced all his power and when He ascended they missed him they spent time in prayer in the upper room they were pleading and praying for the Holy Spirit to be poured out they were putting aside their differences you know they were trying to figure out how can we spread the gospel just like Jesus commissioned us to do and you read that account and read what Ellen White says in the Bible and she talks about how they spread the gospel and Paul says that they spread the gospel to every creature in that generation people knew about the gospel and you might kind of wonder well then why didn't Jesus come. So why didn't Jesus come in the issue of the great controversy there are certain things that needed to happen right there are certain time prophecies that were not fulfilled yet you realize that right so why didn't Jesus come well there were still other the pet Pentecost obviously happened and you know they needed to come to the time when the papacy would rise in power though the Dark Ages all of those things you know eight hundred forty four that was a time prophecy in the Book of Daniel that needed to be fulfilled all of those things these will be fulfilled because in the issue of the great controversy this is all about Christ character being revealed to the utmost and there are certain things that needed to happen in God's wisdom he saw that in order for people to have complete freedom of choice and to choose God completely out of their hearts they needed and all of the universe the angels not just us needed to be able to clearly see the difference between Satan and Christ so all of these things needed to happen you understand that Jesus couldn't have come during those times yet because all of those things needed to happen so then you get to eight hundred forty four and in that time the early church during that time the agonist church was starting to spring up and in the eight hundred sixty S. they formed together and they were you know seeing all these prophecies and realizing after the great disappointment one thing and that is that all the time prophecies have been fulfilled. There were no other prophecies left of like this still needs to happen before Jesus comes and so they were working there were preaching they were converting people and we know in the spirit of prophecy that Jesus wanted to come in eight hundred eighty eight but there was a message of the righteousness of Christ that was not accepted and that was the major thing during that time that was not accepted by the church as a whole and it prevented one of the things that prevented Jesus from coming so when I look back on that time like that that short synopsis of the timeline of History and I realize in the know it hasn't just been thousands of years that we've been sitting here waiting and hasn't been hundreds of years that we've been waiting really Jesus wanted to come in eight hundred eighty eight if this gives you any solace like it gives to me that wasn't that long ago Jesus wanted to come during that time and he could have and I believe that as we continue to study our Bibles and we respect our property and we preach and we preach Christ righteousness we understand what that means in our own lives personally as we receive the Holy Spirit again in the latter rain and Ellen White says it's going to be more powerful than the earlier reign we're going to experience a greater things than the early church experienced I believe that Jesus can come in our generation I know that there might have been people in your life that wondered for many many years why hasn't Jesus Come don't let that discourage you Jesus can come in your generation and whether or not he does we need to stay faithful to him but there's something about really believing that it's possible that makes us want to give everything in our life time I think of Vera who passed away and I realize that she fought the good fight and she finished the race and she kept the faith all the way to the very end I want to have that testimony to that at the end of my life I gave everything I don't want to go to heaven and. Think now if only I had just made this decision so that I could give more time to God's work if only I could have just done this and reached out to this person and I'm sure some of that will happen you know we're sinful human beings but I want to lessen that as much as possible and I want to be able to say I just gave it all for the Kingdom of God just to be used by the Holy Spirit so that souls could be in the kingdom and a lot of that comes with just the realisation that Jesus can come in your lifetime Jesus can come soon and you can be a huge part of it and so what is it that's going to bring the Second Coming and the only thing that needs to happen before that is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit the Latter Rain is what we're waiting for and we see it all around the world today and if we had time we would show you more videos of things that have been happening around the world hundreds of thousands of people are being baptized but I really long for the day when we see it here in our home country and in other places where it's more we're more tempted to feel are and to not feel our need of God because we are more wealthy I believe that God wants to do here in the Gospel workers it talks about the spiritual oversight of the church those who have spiritual oversight of the church that they should devise ways and means by which an opportunity may be given to every member of the church how many members every member to act some part in God's work too often in the past this is not been done plans have not been clearly laid out the leaders in God's causes why his generals are to lay plans for advance moves along all along the line and they're planning there to give special study to the work that can be done by the laity for their friends and neighbors we just want to paint this picture for you that when we all get involved every single one of us that is God's plan that is held the Holy Spirit will report out and I didn't get a chance to put it up here but there is a powerful quote that that maybe I will share in a little bit where Ellen White talks about that the Holy Spirit will not be poured out and still the largest portion of our church is laborers together with God until they are laborers together with God and that is a that's a challenge to me is that challenge to you until the largest portion of the church our labors together with God the Holy Spirit can't be poured out does anyone know why that is why why would the Holy Spirit not be poured out until the largest force in the church are not members like why doesn't God just pour out the Holy Spirit so that we can be involved right so that we can get on fire and see Jesus come. The purpose of the Holy Spirit being poured out is to give power to the loud cry it's to give power to the loud cry and the Holy Spirit will only be poured out when people are actually giving the loud cry so that he can come and give power to the loud cry I used to think that the Spirit of God being poured out was like this moment when you just feel like walking down the street and you know just living your life going in a noun and a doing and all of a sudden it's like. Wow The Spirit was just poured out I all of a sudden love souls I would die for them I want to be part of ministry I want to sacrifice I want to go to the mission field I want to be a canvasser I want to you know tell I want to convert my friends and family I want to spend hours in prayer and all descendants just like magical thing that's not the case though the disciples in the upper room where they are praying and preparing their hearts for the Holy Spirit they were preparing their hearts putting away their differences they were experiencing Jesus as they had that personal relationship with him they were meditating on his life and how he would have lived you know it's not a magical experience though the latter rain yelling why any new study out the lot of rain she talks about that some people the lottery will be poured out and some people won't even realize it can you imagine that I hope US Not me the Holy Spirit is being poured out all around them but they don't recognize it because they're not in tune with the Spirit of God is trying to do now is the time to see what opportunities are out there now's the time like we said in our first seminar to be connected with God to be close to him and to be filled with His Spirit so that he can continue to use us and use this to bring about the end through His Spirit not through us and so. I just we believe Heidi and I and many of us in here really believe that we can see the largest portion of our church get activated and involved and there are certain things that we're going to share testimonies that we're going to share that will help illustrate what that might kind of look like. I call begin before I invite Lisa up here just to share. A testimony of something that happened a few years ago in our conference in central California we had a couple churches that you know how didn't done much of vandalism in many years and I don't know if you're part of a church like that but when I say that I mean like evangelistic series and public meetings and the church in general some of these churches are just not like that warm and friendly Have you been to church like that I've been to churches because I travel around central California where I walk in and like no one is greeting me and no one saying Hi I'm like introducing myself to people and they're like Oh are you part of this too. I'm like No but you know I just need to say hi to people because it's Sabbath I'm a happy person and so anyway you know there are some churches where you go in and you're just like you know you don't feel that but it's incredible what will happen when you have people in that church start to really become involved in evangelism all of a sudden a lot of the bickering kind of says a little bit more all of us and people are more warm and friendly and I should actually have my friend share this here as it was his church as a church in Madeira California and really quickly between in those four years they had to by workers that went in there and their whole thrust everything they talked about there was getting church members involved in a vandalism in ministry and taking them out on Bible studies doing different things like that and it was incredible at one point they started having these weekly meetings called fishers of men one a one where people would come together and they would teach them how to give Bible studies and they did something called spiritual friends where they teach them how to be like a friendly church member and so we would actually take church members and we'd line them up we'd go into the church for a year and we'd line people up one line at the door and another line you know in the foyer and we'd practice so one line of the church members would like practice being the the visitor that's coming into church and the church member would go up to them and shake their hand and say how do you know I haven't met you what's your name Tim It's nice to meet you have you ever been here before oh would you have anyone to sit with Come sit with me and we would encourage them afterwards to invite them to potluck afterwards and so we would do things like that over these four years and it was incredible you started to see this church change the culture started to change more people started being more friendly and at one point when one of the by workers was there he told me that you know visitors would come in you'd have a flock of church members like running out to see if you could get them first and greet that you know and I would want to stay in a church like that you know or. People are just flooding me when I walked through the doors just with love and it was incredible to see the change that happened there where people like Bonnie were would go up front to the church she had never given a bible study in seventy years being out of innocence and she would go out friend she would take the mike and she would be like you guys need to be bold in Bible studies you need to go to F.M. want to one find a Bible study contract I bow ties to people this year next year I'm back to using for you know and she was just this lady that just all of a sudden got on fire and being able to see a church change it's possible to see the church change their culture and all get involved together and it's incredible to see what can happen I would invite Lisa Manson areas up here and she is a church Front leader she helped start this church in Paterson and she's going to share some of the things that have happened there. That have made a really big difference OK so when I lot of you were in the second session trying to herd my more personal story about how I ended up in the church the end when I came to the church it was in I was raised in a Pentecostal church and I went into a largely Caucasian church where most of their hair was white or not there so it was an older church and they were the most loving people their food was very bland to me there was things that were very strange but they were so welcoming and loving that it worked but there was one person who told me something as a new Christian they said Lisa your fire will eventually die. And I was like oh church like OK what is life look like. That kind of motivates me so I was like OK how where do I go from here long story short there was a series of events I ended up doing a summer camp of seeing with you through and shortly thereafter I went to schools last and then after souls West I became a Bible worker at the serious church you know and he'll Kanda I worked at Pastor Neal for I don't know three and a half years three years and during those three years I had started the serious church and we went into the church in this as I went to one class that the Lord really used A.J. to help bring together. We were at the series sure she was meeting with Pastor now and he says to me we said we need to hold an F. and want to one and I want to know how you're going to get people and signed up for this and I was like first of all again friends I'm not an extrovert person so like I now have to go to church members and be like do you want to come to my Bible study class I just learned how to give of myself right I don't tell him that but I would I realized Lord what do you want me to do so the night before friends there's something about the best of the best advice I got was from Sister Janet Paige she told me Lisa all of my good ideas come when I'm on my knees and so I was like the night before I'm on my knees and I'm like how do I get people to sign up for this F M one A one class and as I'm on my knees the thought comes to me you have an announcement section in that at the church I want you to go up there and basically get a pill music going can you imagine during your nonsense get a pill music going and make an appeal for people to stand up for the class and I was. So I called the Neil. I know you think that I would be so willing the Lord is good so I called Pastor Neil and I said Pastor now I need you to make an appeal to the church to do F M one o one while someone plays the piano during announcements and he was like That sounds like something you should be doing and I was like Oh so I go during announcements. He and I thought on a like a paper I could write the names so I wasn't really that prepared thinking like how many people are going to stand up for this so I'm like a sister my aunt can you play the piano and then I start launching into this appeal about how many of you have a relative that isn't where you wish they would be and you can't imagine heaven without them and a few people start raising their hands and like my sister I refuse to go to heaven without my sister so the Lord knows I'm imploring him for my sister salvation and people start raising their hand and then I'm like well you can do something about it and then friends people slowly started standing up all tell you in the course of nine months fifty five people with through the F.M. went to one class where they learned how to give Bible studies I didn't make an appeal like that every single time that was the first and last but the point was after that I could go in talk with the people but more than methods friends it's relationship and I know you've heard this before but it really comes down to do we actually actually really care about someone's eternal salvation and I had watched a video by this is atheist man and he said if you genuinely believe in what you say you believe imagine that a diesel truck is coming at someone or you just going to stand there and let the truck hit them or what are you going to do I was like someone react yes think you're going to scream you're going to yell You're going to do all you can to save their life or how much more their eternal life friends think of someone genuinely right now that you can't imagine heaven without them and then get on your knees and say Lord how can you use me because friends he wants to use you it's not the person next to you we fast forward and I'm sharing a testimony about how total member involvement is so incredible pastor Neal calls me into his office pastor now the joke is that I'm the female version of him and where he sometimes are like sandpaper on each other's eyeballs and we ended up having this conversation one day where I said Pastor Neil I don't like that you're always telling me to do this and this if it's the reality is I found a pastor who actually mentored me to know how to go out to each of you should be saying Lord who is someone who could help me if I'm not going to go to a Bible college but who is someone who can teach me how to maneuver through kind of getting involved even after I leave I share I don't it doesn't matter your age so when do you calls me into his office I've kind of stopped being so stubborn against doing things and he says lease of the Lord has laid it on my heart to plan a church I said that's great. And he said yeah I want you to go to the city of Houston in Ask the pastors over there if we can use their churches on Saturday and I was like. Like just go. He's like Yeah just go and so we went and all the doors were closed there and I thought to myself all of these members who were cheering to do Bible studies how could we use them to help plant this church so we started to pray in the Lord friends some time there actually have made a few little videos on it you have to hear the story of this the church play and how it came together Sharma You guys are raising it she works with me but she works with me at this church plant and we were we mean pastor no went into Houston all the door shut but one day we realized we need to go to Patterson It's an area where there's virtually no members no seventy AD and church for about thirty five minutes or so for a population of over forty thousand people it's a black zone is what they call the Seventh Day Adventist Church so I went from in and out burger. The local church in passing out glow tracks being scared and praying over my neighborhood to do a summer of you thresh where I was forced to talk to people and have a conversation Rinella knows me from the time highly I met Heidi in two thousand I was and I was so shy and not really caring to speak to people and and the the crazy thing is you you realize just saying God I'm willing to let you use my life the slow steps that he takes you and I look back and I'm like Who is that girl because that girl today has been changed by the Blood of Jesus Christ and that's it along so fast forward this is exciting so we get into this town called Paterson and all the doors of the nine churches I visited in this other town where we thought we should plant this church were shut we go into Patterson in within a few days we go on a Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday afternoon to go meet with a pastor there he uses church and he tells us no we're full other churches run from us but he goes go down the road to the senior center in see if you can't use that on Saturdays I mean pastor you know like yeah let's invite a bunch of young people to the senior center sounds exciting so on the drive to the senior center we said Lord we don't know let's check it out on the drive to the senior center we see a Lutheran church off to the right and we said to ourselves well like why not let's just stop on a Tuesday afternoon we knock on the door of the Lutheran Church and the pastor opens it and he looks at us and says I was just about to leave how many of you know what that means. My appointment right so Pastor No and one blurt tells him what we're doing and then he looks at us and he said you know I used to rent from an advantage church when I was starting a Lutheran church one time and we look at him and realize well and he's like you know what he's like I'm about the ministry you guys can use our church for whatever you want to donate each month within two weeks we were signing a little contract with a fair amount of how much we would give each month and so from going from in an out. What was next to local just working in the local church to doing you through actually going to souls to doing Bible or Kid series to now the Lord lead me to help plan to church and I'll tell you ministry can be difficult most times whether you are in full time ministry or simply a going to do your best for the Lord friends you're dealing with eternal realities if you feel a little distraught or she just out sometimes like you're usually on the straight and narrow and so most times I would be on my knees like God in heaven I remember praying when the church plant was starting I was like if anything happens here anything because at this point we started with a core of fifty five people in it too until down to six and I said Lord if anything happens at this church if this church even grows one bit it's not because of anything we did first thing we did wrist prayer meeting I can't stress that enough friends get involved in your church is prayer meeting we are told through council the prayer meeting is the pulse of the church and it actually gauges the spirituality of the church if you're ever going to go work at a church go to their prayer meeting you know exactly the condition that the church is in when we look at our churches now and Paterson with the start of six and then more people came in people kept coming in leaving and come you know how emotionally draining that is and like they want to help that they want to help that they want to help their friends if you want to be a blessing to your church be consistent you don't even have to do all the crazy things just steady show up Sam willing to be used how can how can I help you I have it now a friend who joined the church she started doing Bible studies with me her name is Jean she's now our outreach coordinator her husband is the head deacon they had no Adventist background this church now has a core of over thirty five people from the community alone there are more who come who support the church but that church is growing so quickly and you know friends from day one this church was self-supporting financially that's the Lord they looked at the tither part this that Lisa we got your tither put in you actually have less members than last year as like you because again people would come and go and come and go but our tithe was doubled. That shows you consistency in the members you see we have so many miracle stories with the city started helping us in paying for our health of events where they've given thousands of dollars for our church to be able to do health Expos inside of law Mark not outside inside Wal-Mart we're doing different cooking schools where we have a lady who just Ellen she just attended Friday night Bible study and now is going to church someone who did health coaching who is now meeting with another church member in his excited about studying the Bible friends God can do so many things I'm not up here to say that I mean really I'm like the most normal normal of normal people like really it's nothing extraordinary about anything I have done but really just seeing the power of God when you're on your knees I think the challenge for you guys is like where will you be in five years will you be the same that you are sitting right now in your chair sort of on fire for God Maybe not really at all or will he have used you well you could look back and say Lord why you actually help me lead someone to Christ because you can do it you're going to go to heaven and you're going to see all these little shiny glittery stars on your crown and realize that God used you to impact somebody's life that this my friends is life we have a lady who studied she didn't do she went from us know she was Sikh I'm sorry did she just recently got baptized we studied for two and a half years though friends stick it out if there's anything we can say for you total member involved it means simply being totally involved as a member I don't know how to say just giving your heart completely and saying I don't have to do all these dramatic things I maybe don't even I have a lady who you know what she came to the prayer meeting and she still to this day one of our most consistent members go to prayer meeting those are the people who want to see God do something this lady was so shy when she saw me actually I was like she had to be to mean face at me and I'm kind of like a like who I don't want to. And people and she looked like I offended her something we hadn't even met those Me So as we talked I realize she's just really shocked like me and we ended up going and becoming friends and this woman Terri now oh my she tells children story up front she's like who just the woman of pot luck let me tell you she cooks great and so the bottom line is this friends from in and out to now yes I have been working in the central California conference as a churchman leader for the last few years and not necessarily sure what God will lead me next but I can know this that when you give your heart completely to God as just one single person gives us this beautiful quote where you can move thousands and if there's two or the churches United thousands upon thousands will be moved by your influence I think that's it the bottom line our job isn't to convert or to convict people what it's not to convert our convict people in fact he our job is simply to show them that they have a choice other than the life they're living that Jesus is the other to choice and I just present the choice to them if they take it holla lujah But if they don't at least I gave them the opportunity are you giving everyone in your sphere of influence the opportunity they deserve to have because of the blood that Jesus shed for them and for you because without that friends we wouldn't have had a choice but because of the blood that Jesus said You get to choose whether you're follow him or not so think about it in five years where will i truly be from this moment and on. Same and powerful testimony as we wrap up and I know that is our prayer how many of us want to say yes I want to be totally involved member I know I do and as you think about it maybe you're not planning a church maybe you're just at your home church and you're thinking what can I do. There's a lady at our home church Her name is Esther. She singlehandedly began a community service when there was nothing going on before and because of that several people have been baptized and over twenty to twenty five families are served every week just because she said I want to do something and she's the same woman that comes to me every Sabbath that I go there and saying I want to do something more that's what she tells me I want to do something more and when I look at Esther I say that's just another example of a totally involved member there's another another man who's a physical therapist and he's choosing to be a totally involved member he has had Bible studies here recently for people patients and people that are his employees and one of them got about ties no use working with one and he's studying with his patients I know that's just one way that he's being totally involved and I pray that each of you are thinking about those things where you like Lisa said What is your sphere of influence who are the people that God has put you in their path and in their life that's that's where God wants you to be involved I love the idea of going and doing crazy mission trips everywhere else I think that's great but I think God has called us to the ministry of presence of being in one place and ministering consistently to see God do work and I don't know if any of you read the rest of the quote but Rinella put up on the screen but I wanted to highlight this last sentence that says the work of God in this earth can never be finished until the men and women comprising our church membership rallied to the work and unite their efforts with those of ministers and church officers and when I think about the fact that it can never be finished until we all rally together it fills my heart with a desire to rally together and do this together to all pull in the same direction of Heaven and of leading others there. And so as we close I'd like you to just turn to someone around you I just want to have a short prayer session for America for North America that God will really use us to be catalysts of change in our own churches that God will help you number one I don't want you to think about everyone in your church I just want you to think about you right now lord am I a totally involved members there something more that you want me to do and then the second question if you feel like you can answer that saying yes I'm doing everything I can possibly do then second question would be Lord how can I help my friends around me to also be totally involved in ministry what can I do to inspire So let's take just a few minutes and then I'll close out with a weather closing prayer but please turn to so next year let's pray that God will help us to rally together to finish the work. Let's pray Father in heaven oh Lord we just are so grateful for the testimonies that have been shared we're thankful for. The way that your transform our hearts and God I just think of those quotes that we read earlier in the first session about just what happens when someone comes in contact with you and and the need for the love of Christ in the heart and God We just pray that you would help us to be consistent with our walk with you we're spending time with you and and really allowing that relationship with you to be just overflowing into the lives of those around us God re pray that each and every one in this room word that you use us as an army that we would surely be totally involved members and that even just by our simple example on our life of loving you and loving others and and serving in every way that we possibly can Lord we pray that that example would ignite a flame in our friends around us in our churches and in North America Florida and around the world God we we do pray that you would come we desire to see you come in the clouds of glory we would love to see here face to face and so we pray that you'd hope I guess as we work to this and Lord as your lot of rain is poured out there that we would all be a part of me thank you Lord for here in this prayer for we prayed in the power of Jesus he this media was brought to you by Audiovox a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about him or you first if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W dot. 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