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Step 1: Love

Lo-Ammi Richardson
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Lo-Ammi Richardson

Harvest Director for SALT Evangelism Team-(Service and Love Together), Orlando 


  • February 4, 2017
    7:00 PM
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Lord we just want to thank you again for the beautiful Sabbath that we was able to have in Lord for the fellowship from the food to them the words of life that we was able to hear this morning the Lord my requests is the same as this morning there Father them along the ridges seminar be heard or seen but that your son may be a blip did and that all men may be drawn into you Lord as we discuss this topic of righteousness by faith and pray that it may be real practical in the Lord that you may give me the words that I must speak to give life to those who are in the sound of my voice we love you we thank you so much for hearing in answering our prayers for we ask this in Jesus' name and men so basically the there's usually a three part series kind of foundation that I kind of set before entering into. The practicality of it so this morning I just did one presentation but I think the one presentation will lay the foundation for what we're going to be discussing throughout this week and so what we're going to be doing is discussing the seven steps to completion we know that God created the world in six days and on the seventh day right he completed his work and so I believe it's the same in our Christian experience I believe that it is seven vital steps that Christ utilizes to complete the work that he began and he will complete into the day that he comes but many of us there's a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to the message of righteousness by faith most importantly the faith in works component what it's all about Christ I don't do anything and there's other groups that says you know it's all about what you do in order to you're to earn your you're your merit in your salvation but what we're going to take a look is that we're going to see that isn't a corporation we're cooperating with what God is doing with in our hearts so what we're going to be discussing is a seven part soul God's part as well as our part and I'm going to give you a summary as to what we're going to be discussing this week. So the first part we'll be discussing is God's part which is he draws himself and he draws us to himself then our part is to not resist his drawings the second step that will be covering throughout this week is he will convict you of sin righteousness and judgement to come and our job is to acknowledge our guilt and our need of His righteousness then once we once God loses with this love we see we don't resist that love we see our conviction we acknowledge it then at the third step the god process the third step in the process is that God gives us repentance and what our part is to do is to confess for sake our sins and to give us give him our hearts once we do that Jesus says that he will forgive you it will cleanse your regenerate you and he will give you the power to live a centerfire life our job is to believe it and to accept it our first step that will be covering this week is he will live in you and he will empower you and our job is to live by His power and then the fruits that is necessary for us to bear will be seen then finally I six step he will make a way of escape when you are tempted our job is to take God's way of escape and submit to him and then finally our last conclusion is that he will be our advocate if we fall and our job is to repair repent turn back to him and if you ever fall in line and if you ever miss any of the steps just repeat step one and follow it through again right it's not that difficult but today what we're going to be discussing is part one that he draws to himself. If you have your bible says go to Philip means Chapter Two beginning in verse thirteen Philip in Chapter Two beginning in verse thirteen there's a so familiar passage but this is going to be the principle of the underlining principle of the theme in which we're going to be discussing throughout this week and in Philippi is chapter two beginning in verse twelve and thirteen notice what the Bible says in Philip in Chapter Two beginning in verse twelve Philip in Chapter Two beginning of verse twelve and thirteen are we there all right in the Word of God says Therefore my beloved as you have always obeyed that as much as in my presence only but now much more in my absence then we do that sometimes right we know how to conduct ourselves when there are certain people around we know what the words to say what proper food see Eat right and we know how to act the part especially when we know that these people of our influence of people who may look at us differently if they don't see the things that they expect to see but here it is that is stating now that you know beloved I want you to obey not as necessarily in my presence but much more in my absence and then it says Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling for what reason verse thirteen for it is God who works who in you both to do two things to do to will and to do for His good pleasure so here it is that we see the underlining principle that the Bible states God gives you the will and the ability to do HIS good pleasure message to young people message to young people Page one forty seven states to make God's grace our own notice what it says we must act our part so is there a component of us doing something yes but the Lord does not propose to perform for us even the willing or the doing his grace is given to work in us to do to will and to do but never as a substitute for effort. And we're going to expand on this here in a bit our souls are to be. To cooperate many of us usually hear a message and what we must do right you have to change your diet here you must do this and all of these external things that we sometimes do but if we're not aroused within our hearts in the Spirit of God is not working and us there were merely not working in the way that God wants His salvation to work out through us so the Holy Spirit works in us that we may work out our own salvation so when does the work begin it begins in the heart so let's discuss the first part God's part is that he will draw you to himself so Jesus says in John Chapter twelve or study two if I be lifted up from the earth he will draw some into me all men to me so what the Bible is stating what Jesus says listen if I am uplifted if people will see the sacrifice in which I made for the world all men will be drawn to myself evangelism page two sixty four states the very first and most important thing is to melt and subdue the saw by presenting our Lord Jesus Christ as a sin bear this sin parting savior making that gospel as clear as possible so before we present any truth Christ must be the center of it all men and women children young and old must see Christ and see what he has done for them and this is what's going to subdue our prideful and wicked hearts but many of us have put the cart before the horse right and we say well you have to repent you have to do this you have to do that and it is all of these things that we must do forgetting that if we can just uplift Christ the way that he is intended to be lifted it will draw all men to them they will see their need of a savior and the process of sanctification then begins and where can we find the passage that we can see or have a clip of what Jesus has done for you and I as found in John chapter three verse sixteen For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life for God not said you know I think sometimes we reach verse sixteen and I love that verse was seventeen is really what brings this verse home for God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world but that through the world through Him might be saved and what was the purpose of Jesus here on earth was found in Matthew Chapter one Verse twenty one and that shall call his name Jesus for he shall save his people in their sense of I see you reading from their sins you know the one thing about you and I is that we have that none of us has been born into the Seventh Day Adventist Church. You know Isaiah states that in Isaiah fifty three Verse six states that we all like sheep have gone astray we have turned every one to its own way and the Lord have laid on him the liquidy of us all when we came into this world we came into this world only looking out for ourselves we are selfish by nature we've all drifted away and if it's all in feel it's only because of God's grace that we are in the fold of Christ and we are allow And we're seeing the experience of God's love working in our hearts but here it is that our sense that God says not only will you forgive you for not only the sins that he said he'll cleansing from he says we see and I say fifty three Verse six that the iniquity our sins was placed on this innocent lamb we know to be Jesus Christ our Lord so like the messages volume on page three twenty two says having sin with a perfect he yet gathered to his soul the sins of the whole world guiltless he bore the punishment of the guilty innocent yet offering himself as a substitute for the transgressor the guilt of every sin pressed its wave upon the divine soul all the world's Redeemer the evil thoughts the evil words the evil deeds of every son and daughter of Adam calls for retribution upon himself for he had become a man substitute and through and though the guilt of sin was not is his spirit was torn and bruised by the transgressions of men and he who knew no sin became sin for us that we might be made the righteousness of God of him Have you ever committed a sin Have you ever felt the guilt that what the weight of guilt and shame upon your shoulder and it was just one thing that you committed but here it is that Christ endured all of the killed all of the shame it was placed upon his shoulder though he never committed a sin though he hated saying he took upon the guilt of sin upon himself why because he loved you he did not want you to pay the penalty he said how would take the penalty upon myself and I will do this while you're still out committing sin and this is the law that Jesus has for you and I for second Corinthians Chapter five years twenty one states for he have made him to be sin for us who knew no sin that we might be made the righteousness of God and Him You see God took on our righteousness and in reality and in return gave us His righteousness he imparted to us his life in us so like the message of Ali one page two seventy five states as soon as Christ entered the wilderness of temptation his visage change the weight of the sins of the world was pressing his soul he realized that the strength of him told appetite and of all holy passions that control the world which had brought upon men and expressible suffering. Here it is that Jesus was walking to get so many and it's connected with his father through all eternity and for the first time he's feeling the separation of his father from his life and he's realizing he looks at the generation that we're living in and he says Listen there's a group of people who are who are have unholy passions who are in those my appetite and we seeing that that Lord that God is sitting there struggling whether or not you should go through with this decision but we know the passage Jesus asked the father Listen father if it is your will take this cup or way for me but nevertheless I love that word nevertheless now my will but sure will pitchers and prophets states that could Satan have induced cries to yield to a single temptation could he have led him by one act or even a thought to stay in his perfect period the Prince of Darkness would have triumphed over a man's certainty and would have came the whole family to himself but while Satan could not distress Come on he can not contaminate he could he could cause agony but not the fire and he made the life of Christ one long sing of conflict and trial but yet Jesus was victorious Can you imagine waking up in the morning Satan just waiting for Jesus to wake up and there he is that he's attacking every second every minute every hour every day every week day in day out night evening it didn't matter Satan or all the Satan's only objective was to have Christ look out for himself just one time stop worrying about all these selfish people Jesus turned to spread the stone into bread feed yourself you're hungry Jesus says no I rather go hungry because at the end of day it's never been about me it's about me saving them and here it is that Christ endured conflict at the conflict minute after minute hour after hour and yet he stood victorious. And I love how the poetic language and white uses though he could distress he cannot contaminate that we can cause agony there was no the final moment and we see that Isaiah Chapter fifty three verse seven he was all pressed he was afflicted yet he opened his mouth. We are afflicted when we are oppress how often we are quickly to defend ourselves when we have to make a case but here it is that Jesus though he was innocent though he had the right to defend himself he did not open his mouth he was brought as a lamb to the slaughter and the sheep before his shears is done and so he opened. A Bible Commentary volume five page twenty two says in his closing hours while hanging upon the cross he experienced to the fullest extent what men must experience when striving against sin he realized how bad a man may become by yielding to sin he realized that the terrible consequences of the transgression of God's law for the liquidity of the whole world was apart you see Christ understood what pain sin were bright and his was great is ours for you not to experience the pain their sins bring so that single sin brings and so he placed it upon himself and he overcame so that way you and I can have victory as well and Peter States first Peter to verse twenty four he himself bore our sins in his body on the tree that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. Page fifty four states states the following while the sinner is yet far from the father's house wasting his substance in a strange country the father's heart is yearning over him and every longing all wakened in the Soul to return to God is but the tender pleading of his spirit. In treating and drawing the wonder to his father's heart of love. And you know five six years six years ago I experienced that love for the very first time C R heard about Jesus' love for you see I heard about Jesus dying on the cross to take away the sins of the world but you see it wasn't until I had an experience with that love that I saw the transformation happen in my life and here it is that all throughout my life I'm going to talk about this throughout this week that all throughout my life Jesus was point of just putting a little bit of glimpses of his love in my life moments where I was a stress he gives me peace and here it is that I was at a G Y C conference and I'm hearing the message being spoken for the first time I experienced the love of Jesus in my heart and here it is that Jesus wasn't condemning me but he all he was doing was me he was telling me I have greater plans for you all of the distress the pain that you're suffering you don't have to suffer any more just give me your heart and here I am but I'm at the foot of the cross seeing who I am seeing what this man has done for me and at that moment I realize that yet when I was still sitting yet while I was still drinking and smoking and addicted to pornography and and clubbing and everything else the Lord accepted me he didn't condemn me he loved me with a love that that I can't even begin to describe to you and here it is that he says I was waiting for you for this great moment I was looking down in heaven I say That boy is going to be mine Satan you make tempting but you can't break that boy is going to be mine and I believe that that's the same way that he saw you when you came into this world Satan wanted to the stress to bring you down and Jesus says no I'm going to save that child is mine that daughter is mine and Jeremiah chapter one thirty one verse three says I have loved being with an everlasting love and notice how he draws us to himself therefore with what loving kindness have I drawn the and many of us think that is some other stuff that draws us to God but it is the loving kindness of God that draws men sinful prideful men to come to Him Jesus says that he has loved you with an everlasting love and this with his club in kind of said he wants you to be drawn. The very first step in approaching God Notice is to know and to believe the love that he has to us for it is through the drawing of his love that we are led to come and this is why this is the foundation that we must set out as we continue on with this week of prayer because as we go through this revival week of prayer we're going to realize that the only thing that Jesus desires from you is your heart and if your heart is not aligned with him then whatever changes you decide to make and love is not compelling you to do so then it's safe to say that your salvation that you have is meaningless or the salvation that you think you possess is really meaningless and this is why Jesus wants to talk to you he wants to speak to your heart first and he wants to demonstrate his love to you first so that way when he asked you my child do you know this thing that you have in your life it's hindering you from getting closer to me we are willing to say yes for whatever it is that you want are willing to give to you because I've seen how much you love me I see how much you sacrifice your life you sacrifice for me and here it is at the very first step is to know and to believe that God loves you regardless of the mistakes you have made in the past and regardless of the mistakes you have made now God's love for you has not changed and will never change. This arvo just page one seventy two states by an Energy Agency as unseen as the when Christ is constantly working upon the heart notice a progression little by little perhaps unconsciously to the receiver impressions are made that tend to draw the soul to Christ this may be received through meditate notice of three things meditating upon him through reading the scriptures or through hearing the word of a living preacher and here it is that God moves us in these three ways so when we hear a message from God right when we come to church and we hear an evangelist a pastor preaching the Word of God That is one way that he is warning you to himself a second way that he does does it is by when we study His word and we read the Scriptures he is constantly warning us to himself the other step that we see as well is that is by meditating upon him those moments when we're down and about and we asked those questions is there really a god out there that loves me and we start working upon that love and we that's another way that those Spirit of God is constantly wooing us to himself then notice what happens suddenly as a spirit comes with more direct appeal does so gladly surrender is itself to Jesus by many this is called sudden conversion but is a result of a long war and by the Spirit of God a patient's protracted process and so those moments when the evangelists a pastor makes his appeal and we see people come up and give their hearts to Jesus just know that there was a working of the Spirit of God working in the vigil over years that Christ finally says it is right time is harvest time he is mine and we think all his family got converted but not realizing that those of moments in that individual's life that God was constantly working with this individual and many of us we kind of play dictator and judge of God We kind of cast people aside as how this person is hopeless this person will never be saved you know they've got the same thing about me. I've got a lot of testimony over here but those people decide you know long this is going to be who he is he's unconverted he's out there doing whatever he wants to do but God knew Listen he's mine he's not yours and you know one of the person my mother actually pray for me was like she dedicated me to God she says this is not my son it's your son and she is a person little radical prisoner like her prayers too much she said a lot of you have to break this boy's feet and legs in order for him to come back to you the Lord I give you permission to do so my mother You better stop doing it you know I got to play basketball in the morning kind of move my legs to do that but she dedicated her her me to God because she understood that Lord is not mine he is yours and here it is that he wasn't my mom and I pray for my mother I think God for my mother because it was her patients at times that really when I made that decision to follow Christ shocker because she knew she said listen you are God's hands I'm just going to be here whenever you need me. And when I made that decision to follow Christ it was moments I can look back and I can see those moments where Christ pricked my heart the moments when I just opened up the Bible those moments when I just you know sat there and kind of reflected on my life and of course I went back and did what I did but those moments was the spirit wooing me and all he was doing was placing more and more of his spirit that when I was ready to accept his love and fully embrace it that's when I fully gave my heart to do so there's no such thing as starting conversion and this is why we had to be this is why it is very important for us to really pray for the people that we are along that those people that we know that are lost it is so important for us to continue to pray for those individuals that God can intercede in their lives so that we that when that moment comes they are ready to be read into the love of Jesus and so here it is that we just realize that God's part is that he draws us to Himself and order for us to understand. And or for us to have true victory over our sins in order for us to really experience victory in our lives we first must be motivated by love and this is why otherwise things that it's it's important it is vital for us to really meditate on the final scenes of Christ's life and our day and our love for him will grow our faith will increase and as all of these benefits actually states that we will be able to receive if we just focus and bask in God's love and so here it is that we see that God's part is to draw us with His love and then our part is to not resist is drawn and so this is what we're going to be discussing So we see that God's part is towards us with His love and our part is not to resist his drawing Now this is not going to be long we're going to conclude here in here in a few minutes but we're seeing that God's whole purpose is to continuously The demonstrate his love to you so that when he can will you back to himself and our drop is to not resists that drawing So Isaiah fifty five or three says in common you're here and come unto me here and your soul shall What shall live so what God wants you to do is to hear his voice hear his words and do not incline your don't close your ear but hear what the minister has to say hear what the Bible has to say hear what the what what what what my life might the life of My Son Jesus Christ has to say about how I feel towards you and here it is at the desired ages page one seventy five states the light shining from the cross reveals the love of God So where is it that we can find the love of God is that the cross at the cross is where I can see the love of God His love is drawing us to himself If we do not resist this drawing. Notice what happens we shall be led to the foot of the cross in repentance for the sins that have crucified the Savior So in other words Christ is Ponce the only warning himself to us to himself OK and I always say you know I worked with young people in the young people said you know it's hard to be so it's hard to have a Christian relationship and you know I used to have this mindset that it is hard for us to be saved but you know what I have to are studying I realize that it's easier for you to be saved than it is to be lost you want to know why because if Jesus is constantly wooing us and we're constantly resisting what takes more energy to resist which is a like oh so like oh so throughout our lives Jesus is constantly warning us that I'm not a surfer but I was able to go to Hawaii and learned a little bit of surfing when I was down there fail miserably but one thing that they said listen don't fight against the current don't fight against the wave whatever the ocean tells you to do just go with it right wherever the current takes you that's where you go and I realize you're OK I hear what you're saying but I you know the wave will take me out to the deep end and I'm and I'm paddling that's the water in the waves and I exerted myself and then all I hear is a friend of mine saying just stop paddling and I stop Let the way take me back to the shore and I realize I exhausted my SO trying to fight against the way instead of just allowing the way do what he was going to take you know where the way was going to take me and so it is with our Christian experience it's harder for us to be lost and it is to be saved and that's the honest truth because if we know that Christ Christ is constantly watching us then our job is to say alright Lord wherever you wherever you're not takes me that's why I'm willing to go but at times there's moments in our lives where Christ is showing you this is where my love is going to take you and we see where the direction is going to go when I'm not there because I love the sin not there because I want to hold on to this anger and this betterment resentment or not their Lord and we hold on to we hold on we hold on in crisis saying Let go my child I'm going to take you to a place that you never thought you can never go and this is what price is constantly doing so when we're committed about certain things just realize that this is love that is warning us to let go and so that way he can take us to a place that we never thought or expected it continues by saying even the Spirit of God through what. Faith Now what is faith faith comes from hearing and hearing from the word of so our job our objective is to know God's word and to live according to what cause word says so accord and in other words we must be able to not only experience the promises but also claim them as well and so this is how we live by faith so when the Spirit of God through faith produces a new life in the so the hearts and what desires are brought into obedience to the will of Christ so first is the thoughts then our thoughts change then our desire changes and all of a sudden guess what we're compliance with God has as you do and this word obedience had become such a legal istic word and people that the ark was not God except me just as I am as Actually yes this god except the way that you are this gotta leave you there no no it doesn't here imagine I see a couple of married couples here right can you imagine that your love your husband your wife tells you I do the things for you because I gave it to do it yeah I had to cook food because you know that's kind of my vows I have to kind of do it. Over anything is a big. Thing is a victory but can you imagine what would how would you feel as a loved one that know that your partner does with you and only obeying you because he's obligated or she's obligated to do it but how much sweeter you know that person is doing the things that are doing because a soley out of love and so it is that obedience comes from the heart and we're seeing that it's a little blue life in us that is Times form and as our thoughts change our desire changes and then we comply to the appearance of the will of Christ and notice the heart the mind are created a new in the image of Him who works where in us to subdue all things to himself review and herald. March twenty fourth one thousand nine hundred six says that the way has been made clear for all those who choose to hear red pen and what believe all heaven is waiting for sinners was that word cooperation and the only barrier how many barriers just one only barrier that stands in his way is one in which he alone can remove So the reason why we are at the end of the day the reason why individuals will be lost is because they chose to be lost. And so it is that the only barrier that stands it is way is one that which alone can remove and what is that one barrier is on will the one thing that God has given to you that you can exercise a what ever way you want to exercise it God cannot take away your Will he has given to you he has given that to you but what the devil does he force is your will right tempts you and he doesn't care how he gives you your allegiance to him he will do it Christ only method is by love that's his only method is by wooing you and constantly revealing yourself you know it revealing Himself to you and showing you what you're like in your need and how he will be able to provide that is the only method in which Jesus is able to utilize it concludes by saying he must somet to the will of God and through repentance and faith come unto God for salvation no one will be forced and his will notice Christ draws but never compels or he never forces. Will press hard a little bit here. Parents there's moments in my life I can only speak about my experience but there's no new thing under the sun and I understand the parents Selous this to save their children but when you start demanding commanding and forcing your children to do things that is of God It creates a practice in their mouth because what happens is that they're seeing you as a representative of Christ and many young people leave the church because of a bad reputation at home and they said I don't want nothing to do with the religion because my mother my father preaching taught service school and they did all of these things but at home they live a completely different lifestyle and so what would you and I must understand as I get older I'm learning these things that we have to lay out the principles encourage them to make the right choices and buy your love is to demonstrate that you're always be there you never leave the no for say them regardless of what this. Now of course there's rules and things that you guys about in your house not talking about those but I'm saying when they make their own decisions we have to respect their decision and continually demonstrate their love in the moments where they're don't seem to be lovable and that's the one thing that drew me back into the church and this is why my testimony is always intertwined with what my mother did because yes she had her flaws I can admit to that I had mine as well but she was always constantly there she never judged me for the things I did she always encouraged me she rebuked a lot of the times but of the one thing that my mother did was she was constantly there even when she knew that I was out there drinking partying pursuing you know the things of the world she even I remember one of the things that my mom told me she's like listen if you want to be a basketball player you know take these you know eat this type of way you know take this apple is actually take this in and she said you know if you ever make it make sure that you of revere the Sabbath and keep the Sabbath holy maybe God is good and my mom always found something good to encourage me she never took away my desire to do something that she then it's hard as I was for me for her to be for me to be a pastor and adventurous and travel the world she one clear. But though her desire was that for me she never forced that upon me she allowed me to grow. But even when I was making my decision she always incorporated Gali principles and how I can glorify God in even in my bad decisions that I was making and so when that moment came when I was fully able to surrender my heart to God Guess what it was easier for me to abide everything that my mom has already implanted in me when I was going up this The Bible states to raise a child in the way he should go and when he gets old he will not the part from Paul states right when I was a child I spoke as a child but one of the came a man I pulled away so this is then that in our Christian experience most of these young people are still childish they may not understand but once they come to and make sure when they come to a point of their mature relationship with Christ they will put away the childish things and things of the world and they will buy that according to the biblical principles that you have and that in them were younger so I just wanted to it's just wanted to let you guys know because I see this on a consistent basis and I'm seeing that even on our relationship in our marriages in our relationships with our sons and daughters and mothers and fathers if this is a crisis sample we must follow the example crisis does not force us but he always compels us he always wools us right or he always draws us with his love but he never forces us the one thing that he has given to you and I is our will and as we conclude here as we wrap up let's go to Hebrews chapter two in verse three as we conclude here and he was tempted to in verse three notice what the Bible states. And he was tempted to and verse three and he was Chapter two in verse three it says how shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord and was conformed to us by those who heard him and here it is a Paul is appealing do not neglect your salvation is being confirmed by the life of Christ and through the words that you are hearing here this evening do not throw away your salvation why wouldn't you like that as we conclude Christ after question page one fifty nine and one not only can in one way only can a true knowledge of self be obtained you want to know how you can get a truly a true glimpse of who you are and states we must be hold Christ we must be hold Christ because as we behold Him we realize who we truly are and not who we think we are and many of us approach across so we can look at it like Yeah so you died for my sins but you know yeah I'm just I'm better than this person over here you know I don't curse Lord I don't drink you know I don't do any of these what these other people do. And yeah I see you suffering and I'm sorry that you had to suffer for the sins of all of these other individuals and Lord you know I'm glad I'm put you up and that's kind of you know women I see that virtually But we kind of subconsciously look at these and say you know I was in my eyes we kind of downplay centers like oh I live lord I'm sorry forgive me for lying I don't want to live anymore knowing that the Book of people States that we crucify Jesus afresh for every sin that we sow so every time listen every time we sin once in a little mini lie or cheating here in that whatever it is that little that little darling thing that we have we put Jesus through that experience to the seventy and what he experienced on the cross and so this is why it's important that we have to have the cross as the center of our experience in those moments where we fall we have to say Lord I ask that you may give me any new heart put the right spirit within me Lord and this is why this is this is why David was able to come weeping at the foot of the cross Jesus because he understood what his sin did to Jesus and he didn't want to do that he he saw the pain that it caused God and so it is the only way that we can obtain true knowledge of ourselves is that we must be called Christ notice it is ignorance of him that makes men so uplifted in their own righteousness OK maybe I'll repeat that again it is ignorance of Jesus that makes men so oblate that in their own righteousness when we contemplate his purity and excellence we shall see ourselves notice lost and hopeless clad and Garbus of self righteousness like every other sinner we shall see that if we are ever say it will not be through our own goodness but through God's infinite grace so the first thing that we must do is have to lay aside all of our good works every good thing that you ever thought you did and you are doing we have to put those things aside. And we have to really see ourselves for who we truly are and sometimes we kind of do this subconsciously we do this checklist OK I do this this is good this is good. You know I'm not really new where I need to be here but listen seventeen to three that's not too bad right you know I may be frustrated irritated and you know sometimes but I'm only human and here it is that we kind of cloud ourselves with our self righteousness and weak and we don't really necessarily feel our need for Jesus this is why it goes back to what we talked about this morning that we are truly wretched miserable poor blind and naked and the reason that we are not able to see that is because Jesus is not in our hearts and so we have to suffer evaluate Jesus are you really truly in my heart or do I have an idea or theory that you maybe because there's moments where I start comparing myself to others and I'm realizing hey I'm so good oh yellow forgive me for it but when I start contemplating and I start realizing what God was the world God endured for me when I didn't deserve it and I start comparing my life to Christ life I realize I'm not really as I'm now all that. I'm not where I need to be and and when I realized that and I'm going to be honest with the church when I realized that my preaching changed the way that I talk to people and I and the one thing that I don't want people to think is all the preacher has it all together and this is why am I as vulnerable as I am you know some things like I think the got a princess. But yeah I struggle with the same things you struggle with and I had to suffer righteous attitude that you know after I went to an evangelist six school man the church is dead they're not studying then I do not topple evangelism I know my Bible and here I am I'm preaching I'm condemning I'm just you know I put myself in a in a place where you guys need to repent. Not knowing that repentance is a gift from God that works for me but what you do are but I can't sorry I do what repentance is something and we're going to talk about this throughout this week. The one thing that we're going to learn is that all of our sins all of our issues that we're struggling with within ourselves and all Christian experience as well as the church is the issues of the heart and this is why Genesis three pristine the fairy first thing that Jesus said was I I I I me will put enmity in you. I will give you hatred for the thing that you love and say we sit here and I won't do it again. Is that is that if that's what we are Christian experience resisting until we can't resist hoary things as I argue God give me about three hours I'll come back again what Christ wants to give to us is a hatred for sin and the only way that you and I can come to a point that we hate is by focusing on pricing crisis to see what Christ had to endure because of our sins and what we did to put him there and what really was US to him right is a fact that he did it knowing knowing that you had the option to choose him or not think about that for a second while we were yet sinners Christ died for us so when I'm sitting here cursing and drinking and partying and fighting and doing all these things here it is that God made a provision to save me and I don't even know if he didn't wait for me to get my act together finally I can finally say that it was yet still sinning and that changes me because I realized Lord I've been kind of duping myself and believing that I'm really better than what I am and what I start facing price face to face miserable wretch a poor blind in there and I can't judge you for what you're doing because if I can reveal to you what's going on in my heart you condemn me ten times harder and do you you know I want to say this final thought as we conclude this here this evening. It's only by God's grace that God doesn't expose us to the world to see because if the world listen to me if the world can get a glimpse of what goes through our minds and through our hearts through in certain circumstances throughout the week and is able to project it for the world to see. At that point will realize we're naked and ashamed and we need the clothing of Christ so you understand that Christ wants to do well with and he wants to transform our hearts and our minds because he's not necessarily care about the actions that will come but the first thing that Christ wants to do is to transform the heart and the only way he can do it is by far allow is about by us seeing what Christ has done for us through Jesus and dying on the cross for us and what sin has done to him and so if love is not the lesson I want to talk a lot about love but it's going to be a love about God's grace will transform into thinking what we are ten Lord give me your love give me the love of your righteousness and your word at this moment because a Right now I am drawing away from you and every victory I can tell you every victory that I have had certain sins that I still struggle with that I've yet to let go but I realize the ones that I did like all was motivated solely rooted out of love for Christ so as we conclude this evening the first part what is God's part of this conclude of a good teacher will be able you guys are good students if I'm a good teacher you'll be able to repeat what I have stated I talk fast but that's OK What is God's part and what is our part and that's all you remember there were good let's pray Father we just want to thank you again for allowing us to start off this week knowing how much you love us and that you was constantly with your love and father you have given us a U.K. you have given to something that is in of itself and I want to be careful not to say more power than you and that is the will lure we can choose not to allow you in our hearts we can choose father to resist the warning of your love Lord we can choose to be lost. And reason that is because we in reality are prideful we don't want to acknowledge that we need you and father so I asked that this week a prayer I ask for myself and for those who are under the sun of my voice their Lord that we may see our wretchedness that we may see our true need of you well or not to condemn us and to leave us there but to draws closer to you Father we need your love desperately father we need to know who you are in a very personal and personal way and father as we realize that the first process of the sanctification of the first step in this scientific mission process is by wooing us by your love so please place that love in our hearts love for you and most importantly love for our fellow man and Lord I know because I've experienced it when we walk out of these doors we're going to contemplating and thinking about ways that we can draw closer to us Lord the devil is going to place people in our lives that's going to test those cut those things that we want to change and Lord we ask that we that you make of us victory in those moments that they may see Christ in us that as we go day by day as we're learning more more about you they can say I you've changed over the last couple of days what is it we can answer by saying I'm not. Christ the. Lord I just ask troubling Merce's for everyone and. Thank you again for all that you have yes this is a snake. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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