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Step 2: Conviction

Lo-Ammi Richardson
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Lo-Ammi Richardson

Harvest Director for SALT Evangelism Team-(Service and Love Together), Orlando 


  • February 5, 2017
    7:00 PM
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Father we just want to thank you again so much the Lord for blessing us. With the blessings that you have given us today in the Lord we're just so privileged to be able to be in the house of the Lord to break bread the Lord and to be able to know more about you and father the same requests I'm asking now is the same request I've asked before that you may be behind the cross and that your son may be uplifted and that we may have a glimpse of the love that you have for us we love you we think you for we ask this in Jesus name Amen so as we you know we are covering the seven steps to completion and just a quick review yesterday what is the first step what is God's part in the seven steps to completing and restoring us all what is a first step he draws us with His love and our good job is to do what not to resist that drawing So tonight we're going to be discussing is he will then convict this of sin of righteousness and judgment and the reason why Jesus does this it is it makes sense Jesus is constantly walling us with His love and because we are sinful right we're not very loving we are naturally rebellious against God when we do finally come to him when we don't resist that love and we don't resist his calling and we come to Him we are then contrast it with our selfish nature to his unselfish love and because of that is while we are doing convicted of sin with we feel like there's no hope for us but we're going to take a look tonight as to why God allows us or why God deals with us in that way many of us when we think about reproving we think of someone telling us all of the bad and hoping that you will change but we're going to take a look at this is not necessarily the idea that God has yes he reproves it's a sin yes he tells us of a judgment to come but it's for his sole purpose and we're going to see that it's all tied in with and rooted in love John Chapter sixteen verse eight Jesus says and when he is come he will reprove the world of sin and of righteousness and of what judgment so there's three things that when the Holy Spirit comes he will reprove the world of what was the first one sin of righteousness and of judgment. We see here the selected messages Volume one page three fifty three states it is through the influence of the Holy Spirit that we are what come did our sin and feel our need of party so when the Holy Spirit dwells in our heart the Holy Spirit first come this is a sin and then we feel as if we need to be pardoned for this sin that the Holy Spirit is convicting us of but none but the current tried are what forgiven but it is the grace of God that makes the heart Penton it penitent he is acquainted with all of our weaknesses and infirmities and the and it ends by saying he will help us so we see that the Holy Spirit plays a vital part in the process of being complete in Jesus first the Holy Spirit complexes of sin that one thing that we know that is hindering from entering us from getting closer to Jesus and because the Spirit convicts is of sin then we feel the urge of feeling the need of feeling parted for their sin and we notice that there is a condition to forgiveness first we must feel that we need to be forgiven for that said the reason why God has to do this is because in nature we are prideful we don't think that we're really doing anything wrong so in order for God to debunk that he has to send his spirit so that only those who really have broken hearts that God is able to forgive but instead grace of God that makes the heart soften and Jesus knows that you and I are weak by nature there is no way that you and I can keep His commandments and keep the things that he asked us to keep and he understands that he took on our flesh he is of his acquainted with our weaknesses and here it is that we see that he will help us in those moments so X. twenty six verse eighteen states to open their eyes and to turn them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan under God they may receive what forgiveness of sin but first they must open their eyes to see that they first need parted so as the Spirit convicts God opens up our eyes to see that we've been in spiritual darkness and as God reveals His light of truth to us we see that we then are able to receive forgiveness for our sins and inheritance amongst them which are saying defied by faith in me so here it is that first we must be forgiven for our sins but before that the spirit must come pick there's a light in us to show the spiritual darkness that we're in so that way we can ask God for forgiveness and then complete that work and sanctifying us through faith in Jesus Christ are you following so far OK Notice the quotation here in states that God does not send messengers to flatter the sinner you know it's amazing to see that you know I've had the privilege of traveling and speaking and sometimes of the people who's concerned you know you you really emphasize this same thing a way too much and listen I am a speaker that I love telling jokes I like to get the people involved but the issue that I'm dealing with is a serious issue saying is what separates us from God and if we don't address the very cause in the root of the problem then we're never going to find the true solution that is found in Jesus Christ so when God ordained me when God has called upon me to preach the gospel he says Listen there is a time to engage the people there's a time to joke around but when you address the issue of same. Is no laughing matter and here it is that God has sent messengers that to flatter the sinner noticed he delivers no message of peace to low the unsanctified into a fatal security right we see so many preachers preaching a message that makes people laugh and feel good about themselves and God hears those moments at times that we need to have those messages of encouragement but for the most part is not to just love you to spiritual dullness he lays heavy burdens upon the conscience of the wrongdoer and pierces the soul with hours of conviction why them and what happens after this the ministering angels presents a hymn the fearful judgment of God but notice why he does so to deepen the sense of what need so the reason why God complex the reason why God states that there is a judgment to come it isn't to scare us it isn't to allow us to feel frightened but is simply to deepen our sense and our need of Jesus following so far so when we see even found in the first second third in those message we see fear God give glory to him why for the hour of his judgment is come but before that is even stated we see that is the good news of the everlasting gospel that has been preached so long we accept the Gospel guess what there's no fear of judgment Well we know how to fear God and give glory to Him Then during the time of judgment we've got a search of the hearts and minds of men we can stand true to him during that time so the reason why God presents fear for judgment of God is to deep in the sense of our need and then when we see our need we pump the cry what my side to to be saved and that is what God wants to stick it to in our experience more I see my sin What must I do to be saved and God doesn't just lay out the problem he gives a solution as well amen that quotation is found in desired ages page one of four so that covers the reason why God can fix a sinner righteous is a judgment to come and in summary what is the reason to keep in our awakening of our need of him so when we hear about preachers preaching about sin and addressing sin it isn't because of I can't I can't speak for other speakers at least when I address it is to deal with the issue that is at hand I cannot present to you Christ unless I show you why you need Christ. And as we see our need for Christ then we can ask the question Lord What must I do to be saved and at that moment crisis I know that you're weak but in your weakness I will make you strong and your lack I will provide the fullness that you need so here it is that we see that God's part as we draw closer to Him God is wooing us to his love we don't resist that drawing we come to Him we are then can't we see the contrast between his character and ours we feel condemned we feel like there is a righteous in a church with a con because listen I'm only doing this so that way you can see your desperate need of me and what is our part our part is to simply acknowledge our guilt and our need of His righteousness so this is our part this is what we must do is to our knowledge are killed in our need of His righteousness notice what Jeremiah chapter three verse twelve and thirteen states return faithless Israel why is a call to why is the verse stating to return why would you have to return to something because they left and here it is that Jesus is saying return of Faithless Israel says the Lord I will not look on you in anger can you say amen here it is that God is again even while he is reproving he is trying to show them his love for them he says listen I will look at you not in anger for I am what merciful says the Lord I will not be angry for ever and the only thing that Jesus wants from you and I is says only eg knowledge your guilt that you rebelled against the LORD your God The only thing that I want you to do is that sin that I convicting you of that sin that I'm showing you that you must surrender the only thing that I want from you at this very moment is to acknowledge you did that but you know what we do when those moments when we get angry and frustrated we don't necessarily represent the character of Christ the way we should we blame it on others well if you didn't ever if you would just put the thoughtlessly down the way I told you we want to have a problem we want to be having this argument we blame upon others and and when we get irritated we and we get frustrated we blame everyone else but she says No no I want you to remove every want to side it's just you and I I want you to acknowledge to kill if you're wrong just acknowledge and he's not doing it forcefully right he's saying do it in love he's saying look I'm looking at you and anger about hangry towards you know that your faith is weak I know that you have left me I just want you to simply acknowledge what you did so we can fix the problem and it's not for him to know because he knows what you did but what do you think the reason God wants us to acknowledge our guilt so that we can know where we have fallen short. That is the reason why God permits so notice a quotation here testimony to the church falling six page fifty two men professing to be followers are cries for to a low level all ways of murder mourning over their shortcomings but never overcoming Ambrose in Satan under their feet I don't know about you but I see a very a lot of sad Adventists you know what I'm talking about those Adventists who just look like they just like life has defeated them they prayed to God and said Lord I want to have victory they think if they come up in the prayers victorious think they're going to have victory and then they get tempted and they fall again and then we kind of build our mindset to think well if I can just act like I'm just a worthless Christian and I'm just then then maybe the more will see that I'm truly repentant for the sin that I committed and here is that we walk around mournful we walk around so that we walk around like we're victory we're not victorious in Christ and here it is we should be acting as we are overcomers and we're bruising Satan under our feet but many of us are more full We have a low level of ourselves because we continue to see that we are defeated over the same sin over and over again but notice guilt and condemnation constantly burden the soul and the cry of such might well be all red and that I am who shall deliver me from the body of this death have you had that experience before the things that I wish I want to do I don't do but I keep doing the things I don't want to do oh I'm a wretched so but it's great to acknowledge it but we should never speak in that type of mindset and position notice. The amount of blessings paid ten tells the story reason why what we should do with that God reveals to us our guilt noticed for what reason so that we may flee to. So we're not supposed to sit there in a wallow in our sin for a purpose that God gave you that kills us so that way we can pick up selves up from love from our feet and running free to treasonous God reveals to us our guilt that we may flee to Christ and through Him Then we be set free from the bondage of sin. See what Satan has done is that he allowed us to focus on the sayin and not the savior we look at ourselves and we say to ourselves Why am I not having victory walk a tell you why you know having victory you loving our place you keep looking at yourself for salvation when crisis I put that guilt in you I made you feel the way you're feeling now so that when you can stay there and feel like you have to make yourself repentant about the sin but I want you to rise up and flee to me so that way I can give you the power that is necessary for you to be free from the bondage of sin Amen testimony to the church page one fifty six states that the guilty know just words since took office that there is so maybe clean before God Jesus is now giving them the opportunity to come first to repent and be humility you see God has placed this sin in your heart or reveal the sin in your heart to show you your need of him or car wants you and I to do is to simply come first so that way we can be cleansed by the power of God Jesus is giving the opportunity to you and I at this very moment to confess our sins to Him so that we can have a true repentance and in his sight Jesus is giving us the opportunity to confess you understand that now is a day of salvation see Satan wants you to dwell in Essen Satan wants you to hold on to their sin because if you can hold on how do you hold on to that sin and if you can and if you can take you out then guess what that sin that you held onto you died with sin so Christ is constantly telling us if I reveal this into you I want you to acknowledge it confess it to me so that we can cleanse you and then guess what moment by moment as God reveals the sins in our hearts and our minds and we confess it to him he forgives us he covers us and he gives us a grace to walk in so that way we don't have to fall into that sin anymore it is moment by moment hour by hour that you and I can have victory we don't look at the long haul we don't look at the marathon we look at what we need to take what we need to do at this very moment and notice what it says step to Christ page thirty seven those who have not hold their hearts souls to humble their souls before God is in acknowledging their guilt notice what happens have not yet fulfilled the first condition of acceptance. And you see we have this kind of fast the ology where Christ accepts everyone is that true yes but the first step and accepting His love is first acknowledging that we are guilty before Him God we just established the stars tonight that God came to save us in our sense from our sins so when God is worn you and I to his love we are convicted of that sin but crisis in the only way that I can accept you is by you acknowledging the thing that I'm putting the guilt on in your heart so many of us she says may have not only the same many but those who have not yet acknowledge their guilt or they haven't asked God to forgive them for the sin has not even took the first step of the process of the process of scientific ation they have not taken the first step of acceptance I want you to notice a quotation here as we wrap up here is not going to tell you is not going to be too long but I want you to notice with a review of Harold States in September three one thousand one it states come to a crisis. Just as you are broken sinful he says comes he says Stop trying to fix yourself you can't do it we're trying to take showers and we're trying to take we're trying to behave ourselves in mud and trying to come to Jesus acting like we're clean Jesus says come to him just as we are and notice what we must do when we come to him he says contemplate his low until your wife harder heart is broken listen do not get off from your knees and your devotion to your heart breaks for the sin that you know you've committed against God because once we sit there at the foot of the cross once we contemplate his love for us because what happens when we are tempted with their sin again do you think we're going to fall into it no because we have been bad we have we have embraced ourselves with the love of Christ that when we see that sin we says Listen there's sin has nothing is nothing compared to the love that I experienced this morning. And so it is come to Christ just as you are and then do what contemplate his love until your hard heart is broken it continues it is the virtue that goes forth from Jesus with strength things the purpose of the heart to turn away from sin and to cleave that which is true is the spirit his virtue his goodness is mercy His loving kindness that he pours out through His Spirit that when we actually come to him and contemplate it strengthens our heart to not commit that sin anymore but in reality turn away from that sin and to cleave unto his truth and to his word it's Christ's virtue his character that notice that makes the repentance and c and change you see every step that we take in our completion of course allowing Christ to sanctify us we must examine his love we must come to the foot of the cross so when we you and I the best way to to contemplate his love I would suggest to you to read the Gospels again take up that book desire of ages read the final scenes of Christ life and don't just read the chapter to complete it but take a paragraph meditate highlight circle important words and just meditate and allow the Spirit of God to work in your heart to see the love of God because as we get up from our knees as we experience that love no matter what happens to us our hearts and our minds will be focus simply on Jesus you see as the him says I hear the savior say that strength and deed is small child of weakness watch and pray find me and all and all Jesus paid it all and all through him I owe sin has left a crimson stain but he promises that he washes as white as. You see the only way that you and I can have true. In our lives is first love is the motivating factor to overcome those. But many of us have taken on the mindset that I must type not my bell pull out my balls bootstraps and by God's grace I'm going to grit my teeth and I'm going to weather this storm and I'm going to overcome it by my own human carnal strength and faith instead of saying Lord week Lord I'm fragile Lord in reality I love this sin more than I love you and father I asked that you may take away the desire to love this and what we must do day in day out moment throughout the day Lord take my heart those moments when you're so when you're arable and you have the right to be hearable those moments when you're angry and upset those moments when you're sad those moments when you have the right to be and feel that emotion cry says give it to me at those moments pray to me contemplate on me and I will give you the victory that is necessary so as read if you step number one what is God's part in the process a sense of occasion what is the first part he draws us and how does he draw us with His love and what is our job not to resist and then when we come to the foot of the cross when we see our face to face with the virtue in the character of Christ what happens to us what this god do he reveals to us our sin and if we convict this of a judgment to come but why does he do that because he loves us yes but he once said he wants to awaken something yes he wants all we can our need of him and then our job as he can fix is to do what we say well no I am really not as bad as as the sin is telling me I am right what is our job to acknowledge it yes Lord this is why I am weak temperament I'm impatient. I mean temperament I love this more than I love you but Lord you said that you can change me and so you told me to do something and this is what I'll do Lord I want to spend some time in your word and a more read the final scenes of your life and I'm going to contemplate your love for me and Lord I don't want to leave this place until my heart is broken for the sin that I've committed break it to the point Father where I will not commit. We get back up and by faith we continue to walk he says My grace is sufficient enough for the not only is his grace sufficient to cover all your passes but his grace is sufficient that he's able to give you the power to have big tree in your future and he says where sin abounds Grace abounded even much more so guess what his grace is unlimited no matter how many sins you commit or you may commit his grace will always be more than your sins so as we conclude this evening meditated let's focus let's think about what price paid for you and I and as we go about our daily endeavors we must look at people the way crises us you know of Jesus said Father forgive them for they know not what they do and say to knows that when you leave this place oh you know you had a good message oh yeah I know you think about something but I'm going to put somebody in your pathway so I'm going to so I can shake your your faith and what you've been contemplating on and in those moments you look at that individual the way that Jesus looks at you Lord this is person doesn't know what they're doing because if I remove you from this equation Lord you know I can do some damage I can say some things that really cut this person the Lord take my prideful heart Give me your love give me your peace and sanctify me and so we're seeing that the process of sanctification as we see the root of it all is our hearts Christ wants to change our hearts the actions will come the actions will come we're going to discuss that we're going to go a little bit more in depth right we're just kind of in the foundation and taking it easy on you right now as we go really go we have really got to dive into some into some things that made make us feel a little uncomfortable but it's all right because we see that the reason why God allows us to the reason why God allows us to see our sins is so that where we can see our desperate need for Jesus how many of us want to know their need for Jesus and every aspect of our lives I know I do well let's conclude with a word of prayer and if you have any questions or anything you can talk to me afterwards if not you're dismissed to go home Let us pray Father we want to thank you again for the opportunity to study your word here this evening. Lord it wasn't a long talk but sometimes you don't need to make a long sermon to make the point we know that you love us we know that you convict this of sin and of righteousness in the judgment to come father not because you hate us not because you want to see how bad we are was simply so we can see our need of you and flee to you in those moments father we acknowledge that we are weak before you say when we are weak he will make us strong and father as they him says Lord we owe you everything Lord where sins has let it consume stain But father you promised that you will clean this and makes us and cleans us and make us white as snow so father Laois to contemplate your love allow us to meditate on and bask in your goodness so that we may reflect your image day by day for we thank you so much for your word as we head back home ask for troubling mercy for those who are on the sound of my voice and father that we may wake up tomorrow morning refresh renewed in you and spend the time that is necessary for us to equip ourselves to meet then on and head on the temptations that we may face through the doing a lot as we meet up again tomorrow night as we covered our third step I pray that you may give us to. Keep us safe and the Lord that we may meditate on the things that we learn here in this we love you we thank you for ask this Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leading Visit W W W audio verse or.


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