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Step 3: Repentance

Lo-Ammi Richardson
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Lo-Ammi Richardson

Harvest Director for SALT Evangelism Team-(Service and Love Together), Orlando 


  • February 6, 2017
    7:00 PM
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Father we just want to thank you again for the opportunity to study your word and we claim the promise for two or more gather that your presence will be here but we ask that you may open up our hearts and our minds to receive the truth that we're going to learn here this evening father just says that you may put the words in my mouth your father that I may speak the words of life and I can say the things that are necessary for us to be able to draw closer to you and to have a better understanding of your love towards us so I ask that you may hide me behind the cross uplift your Son Jesus Christ that all men may be drawn unto you we love you we thank you for us in Jesus. And so we're discussing the seven steps to completion and tonight we're going to be discussed in step three and before we begin though with us just quickly review as we know there is faith in works component God's part and we see that the first step in the sprockets of think of occasion is that Christ will constantly draw us with His love our part is that we should not resist this drawing of his love once a week some minutes once we come and do not resist that love towards us the second thing that God does is that he can be excess of sin of righteousness and of judgment to come not to necessarily tell us how bad we are right because we already feel that guilt but to allow us to know our need of him and to ultimately eg knowledge our guilt and accept the righteousness in which he wants to give to us tonight so what we're going to be discussing is part three and what we're going to be focusing on at this part first part of our presentation is that when we come to him and we see our need of His righteousness he then gives us the gift of repentance So what we're going to be discussing is gas part he will give you repentance do you know that repentance is not something that you can muster up this is something that God actually gives and it is interesting to me when I hear certain ministers or evangelists or you know speakers say you know you must repent from the sin that you committed and you know I had decided in my mind where I'm like I'm going to repent and I want to turn away and I realize that I repented or I thought I repented and then two days later on right back into the same sin again and we can discuss how God actually gives us this beautiful gift of repentance and accept a five or thirty one states him had God exalted with his right hand to be a prince and a savior for what to give repentance and forgiveness of sin so we see hear that and accept the fibrous thirty one that is God who gives. It's repentance and also gives us forgiveness so I might question is this how much of how much of how much do you play into this component absolutely nothing Christ says he gives you repentance and he gives you forgiveness notice a quotation here selected messages Volume one page three twenty four if they sit by the manifestation of him was that word again love by intreating of his spirit he was meant to repentance for what repentance is a good if to God and so we see that cut Christ is constantly wooing us with His love and when we are intrigued by his love he then gives us the beautiful give of repentance and holy pardons he first makes planted it or you first makes them feel like they need of Him So notice what repentance gives notice the next quotation here notice what repentance gives insteps of Christ page twenty three and says repentance includes a saw a role for sin and a turning away from it and notice what the statement says we shall not renounce sin unless we see it's what So the reason why we continue to struggle with the same sin over and over again is because we're not appalled by their sin in reality we love the sin Satan can't tempt me with carrots if I don't like carrots but he content with ice cream because I love ice cream so here it is that we have to get to a point Christ has to develop and us a hatred for sin to a point that we see when we commit the sin we see the ugliness and the sinfulness of sin it continues until we turn away from it where in the heart there will be no change in the life so we noticed that Christ was us with His love we see that what Christ wants also only from you and I is our hearts and unless we come to a point where we see the sinfulness of sin will continue to struggle with the same sins over and over again. Notice the following quotation here Second Chronicles or started the next past year in Second Chronicles Chapter seven verse fourteen if my people which are called by by name shall do what humble themselves and do what pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways notice what happens then I will hear from heaven and our world for kids their sins so I want you to notice some of the conditions that are found in second Chronicle Chapter seven verse fourteen in the passage that we just read first we must do what humble ourselves why because in reality we are full of pride in the reality we see ourselves as individuals that can do no wrong yeah we may slip up but overall we're not cry for right we're very humble we're good Christians we at least we think ourselves that way but Crisis when you come to me you must first humble yourself then as you humble yourself before God The second thing we must do is pray then as we pray we then must seek His face we must read of him study him out search of him so we see first we humble ourselves we come to Him Lord I realize that I am a sinner in need of a savior Father I ask that you may give me the Holy Spirit as I read your word to know more about you and the notice as we do these three steps then the Bible states according to Second Chronicles seven verse fourteen that we must then turn away from our sin and so after we do these four steps there is a blessing that we receive God will do what hear us and then God will forgive us so we notice and by the Bible states that God's ear is not sure to hear his hand is not sure to say what is our Nick what is right our sins that separate us from God So when we come to Christ we must come to come to him just as we are confessing the sin that he has placed on our heart to ask God to forgive us to cleanse us from and then the blessing that we receive is that God will hear our prayer but he also will forgive us and so this process allows us not to make excuses for the sins that we make. And so notice what the next one steps across Page forty says true repentance will lead a man to bear His killed himself and acknowledge it without deception or hypocrisy so when you commit a sin it is you and God that are talking about this particular sin in which you have committed but many of us don't not like to take ownership of the sins we commit we blame it on everyone else all more of that young lady than aware that that dress I would have fallen to the sin you need we need to correct her behavior Lord right or if I get angry what this person would have just done what I told them to do the way I told them they treated you know him or I should have done it I want to have got angry at this individual and here it is that we make excuses but we see that true repentance will lead a man to say you know what I messed up I had a choice and I chose not to abide in you in that moment and because of that the Lord I come to you without any excuses and I got my guilt I'm not coming here as a hypocrite I'm coming to you in desperate need of your love so let's quickly review the steps number one repentance is a Gift The second thing we must must that we just gathered that repentance includes a sorrow for sin so first repentance is the gift also is includes a star for sin and then the third thing we've learned about repentance it is a turning away from sin. It's a one eighty never to come back to that sin again Fourthly we see that we can now we can not renounce sin unless we see its sinfulness So just to quickly review number one repentance is a gift Number two it includes sorrow for what SIN number three once we see the sorrow then it allows us to turn away from the sin and we cannot absolutely turn away from our sins unless we see the same fullness or the ugliness of sin are you following you with me so far praise God So we see here that true repentance bears the guilt we feel the shame and the guilt that we have that we feel when we commit the sin and we acknowledge our wrong towards God So that's what true repentance also really consist of we bear the guilt we make no excuses for the wrongs that we have committed so how can I see the sinfulness of sin is simply looking at the cross we can see what our sins has done to Jesus Christ and so we see that repentance is AIDS turning away from sin we bear the guilt it is a gift from God and we can see the sinful of the simpleness of sin at the cross is where I see what my sin has done to him and there is where I can truly find the true gift that God has given me of pretending of turning away from the sin because I realize that my lost my lying my guilt my shame all of the things that I have committed has crucified this innocent savior on the cross and he did it for me when I did not deserve it and this is where I can find true the true gift of turning away from my sense so this is God's part so what is our part our part is to come first and forsake our sins and in autumn only give him our hearts so we're going to we're going to go a little bit more in depth in this part of the section as we continue our study this evening so again the third part what is it that God does He gives us the gift of repentance and what we're going to be discussing now is that what we do with that gift of repentance is that we must confess forsake it our first take our sins and then what Christ also really wants from you and I is our hearts and proper Shepherd twenty verse thirteen it states he that covered his sins shall prosper shall not prosper but who so come first this and forsake their sin shall have what mercy so covering simply means making excuses so he that makes excuses for his sins will not prosper but he who confesses citizens and confesses we see according to progress twenty or thirteen that God will give us mercy. Notice a quotation of Bible Commentary volume seven page nine thirty one Christ is able to say to the other most all who come to Him in faith notice what Jesus was do he will cleanse them from all the file ment if condition they will let him but if condition they cling to their sins they can not possibly be saved for Christ's righteousness covers no sin on repent so we see that Christ is able to save anyone but it's up to you and I whether or not we're going to give up the sin that God reveals to us Christ we see that here in the in the quotation that Jesus will cleanse us from every defilement if we allow him to do the work which he says he's willing to do but if you and I decide to hold on to that said regardless of how much the spirit is willing us to give That's enough Christ can not possibly save us and we read that principle in Matthew one verse twenty one that Jesus came to save us in our sins from our sins so we must take time to reflect about our sins we must take time to reflect on our shortcomings and as the Spirit reveals to us our sins we can tell the father about our struggles and our shortcomings again everything that I'm discussing here is in the context of a relationship that we must develop with Jesus Christ we talk to him as our friend as our intercessor And as our Lord and God and our Savior from our souls will see here that in Christ our plans for the page ninety seven there are many who tried to reform by correcting this or that bad habit and they hope in this way to become what Christians but they are beginning in the wrong place why because our first work is with the heart so here it is we fall into sin and we say OK I'm going to correct these wrongs I'm going to start doing the study and we do all of these reforms in our lives and yet the one thing that Christ wants us to give to Him is our heart the first work that Christ wants to work in us is the heart he understands that the issue of sin is found in the depths in the depths in the in the pits of our souls in our hearts so do not make any changes in your life until you go to Jesus first until you fall in love with him first then ask what can I do to express my love to you see a love must be the motivating factor and I tell people you can have all the reforms but if Jesus Bob is not in your heart or Jesus above is not the motivating factor as to why you. Made these certain reforms and changes they guess what at the end of day you still come short of the glory of God what Christ wants from you and I is our hearts first and foremost and until you fall in love with Jesus do not make any changes. Because I'm telling you this for my experience I remember when I first came into the church and God bless the mentors in my in my spiritual guide my spiritual mentors that I had who wanted to do what was right. You know in their eyes and and as I soon as I gave my heart to Jesus they had all of the suggestions of what I should do you know you need to eat a little bit healthier you know you have to go to bed at this time you know you have to start doing this to start doing that you have to start dressing this way and and for me you know I'm a baby Christian I want to do well was pleasing in God's spirit so guess what I did I follow the council around me and I'm doing a number and I'm listening and then six seven months later I am I'm like What am I even I'm the only I can't give explanation as to why I'm doing it right I really not enjoying why I'm doing it and here I am I'm experiencing I'm reading the Bible I'm thinking how God loves me and reality I'm having a miserable experience with God So I guess what I had to do I had to step back and I had to ask the Lord why am I doing what I'm doing and then as I continued to grow in Christ and I saw what Christ wanted for me then it was easier for me to make those changes because love was the motivating factor it wasn't because mom and dad and uncle and pastor and preacher told me to do it without touching the heart first in Christ wants to work in the heart he says listen love is this is why Jesus says if you what love me you will keep My commandments love is a motivating factor we see in Proverbs twenty three verse twenty six the Sama says My son just give me a heart that's all Christ wants he wants your heart because if you can have your heart then he can do all the reforms that is necessary for for you and I to have a joyful experience with Christ and I don't know if you can see the picture there but it is you know the here's a young lad giving his heart he said it's not much but it's all I have and in reality that's all Christ ever wanted from you and I He says the reforms we can work on I will do the reforms for you what I want from you is your heart's notice a quotation here it states the whole heart must be yielded to God or the change can never be brought in us by which we are to be restored in His likeness by nature we are only needed from God. It continues we are held fast in this they are Satan taken captive by him and his will God desires to heal us to set us free but since this requires an entire transformation in every new wing of our whole nature we must yield ourselves wholly to him though warfare against self is the greatest battle that has been ever fought the giving of self surrendering all to the will of God requires a while and Strabo but the soul must submit to God before it can be renewed in holiness So this is the reason why I call this this week of revival the struggle is real because the struggle of us conforming to the will of God It requires a struggle and if I tell people all the time if you're not struggling in some aspect in your Christian experience then you're really need to reevaluate your walk with Christ because I'm always leery when I hear people say Oh I'm I'm OK I'm not struggle with anything because at the end they were always constantly struggling between my will and what God desires for me to do and so we see here that the war for against self is the greatest battle that was ever fought and it's yelling of some surrender to the will of God requires a struggle. So as you can see the picture here right the mind is wrestling with the heart and here it is trying to tell the two together because this is what we really and reality we wrestle with we wrestle whether or not we should do what God asked us to do or we continue to do what we have been doing all of our lives I want you know what if we just have to three states if you just have to for verse twenty two through twenty four this is put off your old nature which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt through the civil the Seafoam lust and be renewed in the spirit of your mind but notice put on what the new nature created after the likeness of God and true righteousness and holiness so we see that the Apostle Paul is stating here that first we must put off our What own nature but we must put on a new nature the all nature is simply the former way of living and our new nature is one that is created in the likeness of God are you following so far I don't want to get too theological but we might have to touch a little bit on it here in a second so I want you to notice the old nature simply means the former manner of life the life that was corrupted by lust which the Bible describes as the loss of the flesh the lust of the arms and the pride of life and in reality this is what Satan used these main principles to tempt even to falling into sin this is the same principles as Satan used to try to tempt Jesus in the wilderness the loss of the loss of the flesh the lust of the eyes and the pride of life are the three main. It's the core foundation to every sin that we are tempted with it falls under those three principles but the new nature is the likeness of God which is righteousness and the frenzy where for righteousness is simplified as right doing its right doing or doing what is right by God's word righteousness by faith right righteousness or right. Going based on God's word that's basically what righteousness mean and a whole in this simply means to set apart for a holy use all right so we will use these terms righteousness by faith what was righteousness is simply doing right all the time constantly doing what is right and how do we do it by faith and we know that faith comes from hearing and reading the Word of God so right doing by God's word and we see that holiness is simply means to be set apart for a specific use or for a holy use so I want you to look at this illustration here we see that it features chapter four tells us to put off the old nature and put on the what new nature so I want you to notice that all nature is hate laws pride and and what Christ says that when he wants to put on his righteousness his new nature which is which which consist of meekness humility patience and unity now I want you to ask a question here can I be meek and prideful at the same time OK OK How about can I be humble and have hate in my heart no right those two things can intermix but many of us think now this when we kind of get into the logical debate many of us think well I am cold with the righteousness of Christ but I still have enemy and hatred and pride in my heart Christ says that must be renewed we see that those two things cannot mix together all right so what Christ says we must take away the hate the end we the pride the lust and what we must put on is the meat least the unity that you military and the patience that God wants to give to us and we see based on this on this picture in this illustration those two things can mix together Notice the quotation here in states that desire it is one submit to the Christians life is not a modification or an improvement of the old but what a transformation of nature there is a depth first and sin and a new life all together so in other words if I used to eat me and now I have ducted of a plant based diet but still have pride in my heart is that only a modification or improvement of the Oh is that a modification or a transformation. It's a modification OK OK Well I was a Sunday worshipper I come in and I look go to the verge of the sixty's and I learned about the special truth of the Sabbath right but I still struggle with lust now is that a modification or is that a transformation it's a modification Well how about I used to smoke and now I realize the principles of God's word tells me that I should take care of his temple right so I don't smoke anywhere and smoke anymore but I have still have prejudice in my heart is that a modification or a transformation it's a modification you know I use to watch movies and watch all of these you know X. rated things on T.V. but now I have replaced my entertainment with church activities but I still have resentment in my heart is that a modification or is that a transformation so you notice how you based on your answers we see that those things are just a modification and many of us think Hey if we can just modify or make these improvements that they're in the right path and they're in the right path and heading to the heavenly kingdom but we just read and based on the examples that was given these are just modifications or improvements but it doesn't deal with the transformation of heart that God wants you and I to have are you following me so far so notice Roman six versa Levin says so you also must consider yourself what they had to sin but are live in live in God in Christ Jesus so what does it mean to be dead to self Well it means giving up my right to selfishness and worldly pleasures has what it means to die to self but also is giving up my rights to use a thousand methods to fight my battles and we're going to talk a little bit about this here in a second so what does it mean to be dead to self and means giving up my right to be selfish and to enjoy worldly pleasures and secondly is giving up my right to use the method of Satan to fight my battles and how is it that we fight our battles What are some ways that our fleshly carnal nature fight the battles that we face every single day well we use the battle of envy we see somebody progressing faster than we are and we are jealous and envious of their position or pose Nations right positions or positions and we want what they have and this is how we battle with our carnal flesh we said we want what we we want what this person has we have and we in our hearts how about impatience those moments when our children is not doing what we're asking them to do right the spouses continue to do what you told them not to do and here it is that we demonstrate impatience and you have the right to be impatient but we have a choice are we battling this battle this fight with the fleshly desires or with Christ's method so we see impatience is how we sometimes utilize to fight the battles that we face how about irritation This is another method that we use to battle the daily struggles when we don't know about you are from Florida and I for is not the most pleasant place to drive around for thirty to six o'clock. And you guys know if you drop an eye for doing the sound you can give a very impatient somebody cut you off or you could you could be singing to him all. If this part of the war you know what I'm talking about but here it is that we we fight a certain battle with being irritated or how about resentment. There are some relationships I know that people have talked to me about that has not been reconciled and they have been resetting each other since it was a little boy I mean grown adults forty five fifty years old style them out they had resentment in their hearts ever since I was a little child I remember I was in Trinidad doing a week of prayer and the Lord I mean he it's amazing God views utilizes ministers not to necessarily reach the audience and the and the people he's speaking to but I really believe that God utilized as a minister to to you know to reaffirm their own faith and I remember that was I gave a sermon on the character of God Sabbath morning and as I conclude I made an appeal there was a young lady there was a there was a couple that was that were trying to reconcile their marriage again the husband was an Adventist but he's been coming to the week of prayers and he made a decision to follow Jesus right and so the wife was a Stanek and little did I know the sister came in grabbed the and grabbed the past and he said Come on you to talk to you right now and she looks at her sister she says listen ever since you try to get back with your husband there has been nothing but resentment and bitterness in my heart I haven't prayed for you I refused to pray for you I didn't think that this was going to happen and here I am for the first time wanted to give this up and I asked Would you forgive me when you asked can you please forgive me for this resentment and bitterness I had over the years and here it is a right before these individual got there was reconciliation those crying and hugging and tears and it was it was such a surreal moment but here it is that that throughout the years of her life she will battle in her battles with the fleshly desire of resentment during those moments of anger. We won't touch on that right you just so I can say something about anything let me mention about Trump or bomb or somebody that they may not agree with me about all this anger don't you dare talk about right but we use the fleshly desires to battle our to fight the battles in which we battle How about jealousy we jealous about people's things and positions and so forth and we see that also we use the power of lust instead of giving our hearts and our minds to Christ we battled the temptations that we face by the things that we see in the things that we hear and we combat those struggles with the bad or usually utilizing the battles of flesh and hatred in our hearts hatred for people who look different than us who speak different than us we use that mechanism to fight the battles that we face every single day and rebellion we are rebellious by nature when mama tells you hey I cook some cookies but I don't want you to grab the cookie What is our natural disposition I'm Graham you Cookie why only because mom told me not to when people tell you not to do something we are inclined to do it because we are rebellious by nature frustration and how about laziness. And there's a lot to do arduous article about deal with it later and I don't want to deal with the deal with the things I need to deal with I'll deal with it later right. Across the nation is that I'm saying some whys and hows we're going to have some conversations outside this building up to tonight but we see that those are mechanisms in which we fight with our daily battles that's how we use the flesh but notice what the Spirit uses those moments when we were called to hate Christ says I'll give you my spirit and I'll give you the give you the tool to love in those moments when it's called. We see that patience when when when when stuck in I for him and the person cuts us often and we have the right to be impatient crisis listen I'll give you patients in the moments so that when you can battle you can fight this battle with my spirit we see that the spirit but I don't see our daily struggles with kindness and as well as as forgiveness and and prayer and faith as well as hope this is how this is how you when I fight the battles that we face on a daily basis we see that the flesh cause for irritation cause for laziness call for private prayer hatred but despair cost more is love patient kindness forgiveness prayer faith and all and when I give up my rights that regardless of what people do to me I have given up my right to be impatient irritated moments I give up my right to be agitated when others don't do it the way I told them to do it and this is how we take on our own nature and we put on the new nature in Christ. Sons and Daughters page one of five says put your whole being into the Lord's hands so body and spirit and resolve to be what his loving consecrated agency moved by his what will control by his mind but infused by His Spirit while Christ wants us to you and I is not to have a modification or an experience that is modified but experience that we are transformed into his image and by His love we see fundamentals of Christian education page two eighty four states there are those who profess to be followers of Jesus Christ who have never die to self why because they have never fallen on the rock and been broken many of us are still struggling with resentment bitterness and hatred every Taishan lengthiness why because we have not fallen on Christ Jesus many of us know who Jesus is theologically but we haven't experienced him internally and here it is that until this shall be they will live under the self and if they die as they are it is for ever too late for their wrongs some bring thought but what Christ wants us to you and I to understand you this evening is that you went on last fall Christ and allow Christ to break us up we must know our need of Jesus and people are going to know that we are followers by Jesus not about what you proclaim but how you live and how you react to situations around you see jesus love is the only way you and I can be broken. Testimony to the church by page one sixty three states humble yourself before God and make an earnest effort to empty the soul temple of all rubbish and notice what she can what she acquitted its rubbish to all and beings all jealousies all suspicions all fault findings and the Bible states cleanse your hands he centers and purify your hearts you what double minded In other words there are going to be those who live and those who are professed follow the dresses who are going to say I am a follower of Christ will still have any leads jealousies suspicious and fall findings in their heart and I don't have to dwell on it too much but I'll make an illustration you know I'm not I'm an ordained elder and I've been to board meetings and it's amazing to see how loving we are outside of the board meeting and so we walk into that board meeting and we start making a note you know discussing what corporate The church should be and what we should do for evangelism and all of us earn you know I don't like the pastor and how he does things that FIRST ELDER he gets on the minor you know he's an apostate right you know you're the end we start what we start fault finding Do we not and then we go up there several morning and we've got bless having Sabbath there another Jesus we use all of these cliches we're seeing the first thing that we must do is what humble ourselves you know we're not all that if we remove our titles archaea patient our degrees and everything that the fines who we are what do you have to stay and what is what's left of it now but we hide behind our tires we buy one hierarchy patients we had behind our our success and we say this is what makes me important and Jesus says remove all that humble yourself and remove all your rubbish or endings your jealousy your suspicions of false findings and cleanse your heart allow me to cleanse your heart and I told you it was going to get a little uncomfortable throughout this week because at the end of the day if I can't make it practical and real for you then at the end it is just another sermon there's a whole bunch of theory and not enough practicality so notice what God wants from you and I God wants all he doesn't want some and at the end he doesn't deserve some he deserve all because he paid all right so notice such a Christ page forty four we cannot be have to Lords and half the world we are not God's children unless we are such entirely Oh it gets better testimony to the church falling for page two fourteen God will not be trifled with Christ except know that God is surface surface surface surface he asked for all. Then we see the Bible states and look fourteen verse thirty three whosoever he be of you and that for sake of not all that he have he cannot be My disciple and we think to ourselves always our possessions and our family no no I want your end we use your jealousy as your resentment and all of that I want you to take that away I want you to put that aside I want you to humble yourself acknowledge who you are and come to me so I can give you the gift of repentance so you can turn away and I can give you my spirit so that way your spirit can live within you that's what Christ wants he wants all and you know what all equivalent your heart that's all he wants is your heart because he understands if I can transform that then everything else will fall into place notice what it states here in. The quotation here forgot the reference and I should have wrote it down what is my knowing him I could get the devotional Thank you God will not occupy a father's heart or reign from a divided throne every idol that holds the affections and diverts them from God of Love must be the throne and you know I have Those are simply things that hold our affections from God and you know I can be honest with you as someone who lost boards and someone who loves social media I can I have realized how these things come first before God when I'm praying and I'm starting my word I'm saying well let me quickly wrap up this devotional thought because you know I had to I had things that I need to get done and here it is that these idols that is in my heart and I was according to the quotation are things that hold the affections and divert you from God So now we can understand whatever it is that may take us away from drawing closer to God in reality is an idol hence the reason why Jesus says if you love your brother your mother your father your sister your whatever it is more than me you are not worthy of me now God didn't say when that word hated him in the same hate as in that which was towards And what if you love this individual love this thing more than you love me you know where the Christ wants you to have his he wants his your full on intention he wants your full heart your affection and your love and he says that anything that diverts you for me from giving your all to me is an idol and it must be the throne and must be put away. And so it is that Jesus is constantly continuing to demonstrate his love to us and to draw us and do whatever he can to bring us to of all surrender but he cannot save us less we go all the way and here it is that Jesus hand is outstretched now wanting to pick you back up wanting to give you a new heart wanting to give you new desires and you affection so that way your relationship with him make growing May Blossom and I want you to notice you the structures September sorry January ninth one thousand nine hundred six says Let no one think that Christ can be satisfied with one little corner of your heart while we allow Satan to or wrecked his throne within and fill our moral atmosphere with the farm and cries will all but in the soul all a when the whole heart is giving up he doesn't want a divided heart he wants your whole heart and the best way to illustrate this point is many of you guys are ladies you are also most important biggest day of your life you better answer according to the living of the fellows that was the most important day of your life wedding a wedding day that's the answer wedding day right and you all remember your high school sweetheart and and and I don't know how your process is but I can imagine in my sense of fun imagination you know what the day would you know when I meet my girlfriend and you know I remember the first time we went on a date and we held hands and you know our first kiss and our first outing and our first all of this stuff right and this love develop for this individual right now and I can imagine that first day I'm nervous I tell my friends she met the family she she is a collie woman and I'm like you know I found the one I'm going to spend my whole life with and so I talk to her dad and he approves I talk to my mother took my parents it is a menu you got a keeper. So you can imagine the big day comes and and I propose that I ask you to be my wife and she says yes I do and so of course you know the guys just want to get married get it over with well you know there's some planning that has to be done and they want to pick up the perfect dress and the make sure the hair is right and the flowers and who's going to be by bridesmaid and you know that they they're going to make this a big event and so you can imagine the day comes the husband is there he's looking at his beautiful bride to be coming down there was a tone was a tone that they play during during the wedding. And last time I gave the graduation thing. Like that's not it. You know the whole. Beautiful white house and you know the pastor gives his speech you know he gives his talk in long way do you know their beloved Do you give him I do and then he has a question for the young lady and she says Wait how would you feel at the very moment right she says wait I have a confession and longly you know I love you you know that you will be in the world to me and you know that what we have is something special and and I want to spend the rest of my life with you but I have a confession last night I was a little nervous and decided to go for a walk and as I was walking out I bumped into all old high school friends my former high school sweetheart and we haven't seen each other in so many years and we talked in and it was a good time and and we were just catching up on life and you know one thing led to another and well let's just say I'm not as pure as you think I How do you think the House won't feel at that moment how do you think I would feel knowing that my wife that night before my wedding our wedding tells me that she had an affair with another man I would have how do you think I would feel hurt that was stated here's one that I long for I want to spend my life with and she says listen she comes to me she says listen I'm so sorry I know it was a mistake and I ask that you may forgive me and in my heart I see her and I says you know what I forgive she says but. We had such a good time that I figured it wouldn't be such a big deal if I could just see him once a week is that OK. What do you know on I'm going to be with you for the whole rest of my life and I just figured you know what we had last night was it felt great and we had a good connection I'll just wondering if one day of the week will be OK How many of us will accept the present should I accept the proposition no and I'll say no I know you cannot spend one day OK OK OK fine fine fine fine fine three hours a week just three hours and I'll just hang out with them while you're at work and it will be innocent it will just go on and you know on a day to day what I promise nothing else will happen how many will how many of us how can you tell me should I accept that proposition I said no you can't spend three hours no no no OK fine five thirty minutes thirty just thirty minutes a week and I'll give you the rest of the time and out dedicate my whole life to you how many of us will say hey I'll be wise for me to take that proposition what would be my natural disposition What should my response be it's either all or nothing and it's the same thing that Christ wants from you and we tell Christ Lord I'll give you everything but not this loss Lord I'll give you a very thing but not this price lot I'll give you everything but not this resentment and here it is that if me a men human beings who are fragile and weak and sinful and prideful was a No what makes us think that Christ the God of heaven who came down and poured out all of his riches and blessings for us to be said What makes you think that he will set anything less but we have deceived ourselves into thinking oh I can give God ninety nine percent I will give him six days out of the week twenty three hours just that one hour I'm going to spend focusing on this special sin that I love if you and I would accept that with a loved one what makes us think that price will accept anything less. And so we see that review and Herald September twenty eighth eighteen ninety nine November says a partial surrender to truth notice what it does it gives Satan free opportunity to work until the SO temple notice is fully surrendered to God It is a stronghold of the enemy and the little area which say to can have access to he will come in and he will take the little stronghold and he will destroy the all the things that you and I at the relationship that we have with Christ if I gave you water and I said listen is ninety nine percent water is pure but I put one percent of poison and I promise you the poison will kill you right now how many who drink that water we will say oh no this is about it's not you this is not another said Who are you going to really for all this ninety nine percent of goodness for what percent of poison you are said yeah because it will kill me it's the same thing sin will kill you the wages of sin is death and Satan knows that if you have not fully surrender your will to God that he has a stronghold any were destroyed what Christ has already begun in testimony to the church falling sick for a journey to Satan does not want anyone to see the necessity of an entire surrender to God when the soul fails to make this so render sin is not forsaken notice the appetite and passions are striving for mastery temptation confused the conscience and so the true conversion does not take place partial surrender is Satan's way of the sea being God's people and this is why when I hear ministers from the pulpit say that we will continue to sin and to Jesus Come brothers and sisters another sorry for my brashness that is a doctrine coming from the pits of hell because what we are truly saying listen to what I'm saying what we are truly saying is that Satan has more power to keep us in sin then Jesus does tell deliver us from sin and that what Christ did on the cross is really irrelevant he died for no reason because he says what you did at the cross is really irrelevant because that in a day you have no part to have. And this is why I said listen we should not look at sanctification as a life long process but a moment by moment process because if I am right with God today guess what that I'm right with him for all of eternity if I confess the sins I crisis for ask me to confess I think that's what I'm Collins and I'm standing kill the God before him. And I don't have to worry about tomorrow because Jesus says tomorrow has its own problems don't worry about the past is already gone he says worry about today and just the power of grace because this grace is sufficient to cover all of the sins that are committed even the very sin that I committed twenty minutes ago and price is not only have I given you the grace to forgive you for the sins but I've given the grace and my blood has covered you to stand true to me at this very moment and I've given you the grace that is necessary for you to continue to walk the same to father walk and so we see that review in hell states that the Lord cannot be your father saw until the end tire being is so rendered to the working of the Holy Spirit that some of his church falling on page one sixty he demands all when we are brought to yield to his claims and give up all then and not till then while he throw around his arms of mercy but what do we do we give up of all a simple who does so for Jesus to purify to cleanse by His mercy and to save from death by his matches love oh it's so hard to think about everything love was literally saying it that your pure unsanctified and polluted heart is much more important than the matchless love in the charms of Christ what do we say when we say I can't give up all and again all is just your heart what are we saying when I can't give up my heart what are we giving a simple notice saw for Jesus to take to purify to cleanse with his mercy and ultimately save us from the death that you and I deserve and the replacement give us his mattress love as we conclude it seek your chapter eighteen verse thirty and thirty one says repent and turn yourselves from all your transgressions so iniquity shall not be your ruin cast away from you all your transgressions whereby you have transgress and make you a new heart and a new spirit and he asked the question why will he. What would Jesus do when Jesus when we surrender all he would give us a clean heart. You see and it's only at the process only act at seventy it's only that when we manifest and see what crisis was willing to do for you and I is where I can find my relief is where I can see my heart to be broken and I thought that place where I can give Christ my cold instead and story heart and I say Lord is at this place that I realize that I need your repentance is that this place more than I realize that I need to be cleansed by your spirit is that this place still or that I want to put all the old nature and put off the own nature and put on your new nature if only at the Cross that we can see our value through him so essentially what are we saying Why will we die in our sins while when we just give up that one thing that is separating him from him is a prime that envy is it jealousy isn't intemperance is it anger is it laziness What is it that God you know is speaking to you to surrender what will hinder you from giving that one thing is Christ sacrificed not enough for you and I as I look at this picture I see a innocent man struck in all wondering that the world he came to save is crucifying but love are the words Father forgive them for they know now and I believe that Jesus was thinking about me and I believe that Jesus was thinking about you when when we continue to fall in that same sin and we can have victory and power over that sin and Jesus looked at his father his pleading for us and he says father just forgive them he don't know what they do they do not what they do and I believe that as we come in repentance to Jesus as we come and humble ourselves before him as we pray as we search our hearts as we ask for does is who I am but by your grace either want to be this way anymore the Bible promises that he said he will give you a new spirit and that he will do all within you and the things that the whole nature that you want to possess will be transformed by his love but my question is this Are you motivated to be to change because of the love that Jesus has demonstrated to you or is it because a mere obligation or because you grew up a Seventh Day Adventist and because he was told that this is what a good Christian should do and if you're only making changes because it's been a ritual and because people told you this is what you have to do then by this is said Satan has a strong hold on you we must put that aside and we must let love be the motivating factors of why we make and changes and I can tell you this are true freedom in that there are some things that I just don't understand but I know that the Lord is going to teach me so that we can abide in Him and out and live out his principles in the way that he wants me to live. And I have a new sense of freedom I don't eat certain foods I eat because I'm obligated to I get to glorify him in the things that I and he gives me a blessing for doing so and I realize the things that I read in the things that I want to the things that I do is not because of the obligation because there's a blessing that I want to give to me as I do it I'm motivated by love and because I'm motivated by love Jesus says this and I'm willing to give you the blessings I want to give you everything your heart desires because your heart is aligned with mine and that's what he wants to give to you and I'm telling you and we're doing it we're just scratching the surface going a little deeper when a little deeper because I realize that the message the righteous by faith or the message of surrendering to God fully we don't truly understand it in the way that we should and many of us look at our good accolades we look at all of the things we have done over the years and we start comparing ourselves to others and we say you know I'm OK yeah I get angry from time to time but I'm just human and we use that as the excuse when crisis listen that little thing that you think is nothing Satan has a stronghold the can utilize that destroy everything the crisis done for you throughout your life and I and I reject the notion that Satan will undo everything the crisis done for me and my where I need to be no but God's grace I praise the Lord that I'm not the man I used to be a man that I'm still walking by faith that I still have to learn and study there's a lot of things that I need to learn about myself and the more time that I spend I realize Man this is the example of Jesus. Lord to me patients and and Jesus says all right I'll give you patients hey can you go over there and buy the mice my son Real quickly and this person gets irritated when a lawyer said I need a patient as I'm developing that in you and I'm going and I'm giving you a choice do you want to battle this this this individual with with with the battles of the flesh of the you want me to give you your space give you my spirit and that those moments I had to decide I want to curse them out more I want to snap more I want to get every others want to back can this individual has it just it will just make me feel good but how my will lower your will be done. They were giving patients give me your love give me your heart and all of a sudden my enemies become my friends because of the way I treat them and it wasn't until Jesus demonstrated his love for those Romans and for those who was dying that they saw that this man has to be the Son of God what men will forgive after what we have done to him and this is what Jesus wants to develop into you and I and it's at the cross but this is this is that we can find our repentance and crisis that he will give us that give the gift of repentance is something that he gives to us freely and he wants us to accept how many of us want to accept that free gift of repentance Amen as bar has for close to prayers father we just want to thank you again for allowing us to see our need of you and father we see that the gift of repentance is a gift that you have given to all of us do you want to turn away from that sin Lord you want to not to give a partial surrender what you want to give you our hearts. And though we struggle with ending the war we struggle with pride or we struggle with the last war we started with lazing is low we struggle with so many things and father you have revealed to us the one thing that we know that we must surrender to you and we appreciate you revealing that to us not to show us in the demonstrate how bad we are but that we can have the opportunity to flee into your arms and Lord we just thank you so much for demonstrating that love towards us that even while we were yet sinners Why was that rebelling and and still ignorant of how you truly do care for us dear father your still there patiently back to yourself alone we thank you so much for the for the intercessor we have in Jesus Christ as He is there interceding our behalf as he's pleading our case before you Father we know that he came to save us and not to. Condemn us and for that we appreciate Lord thank you so much for the lessons we learned tonight I say you may give everyone Traveling Mercies as they go home you make people safe to meet again tomorrow night as we continue with the process of sense of occasion we love you with us and uses. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. If you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit W W W dot. Org.


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