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1. Implementing True Education: What is the Purpose

Eleida Feliciano


Eleida Feliciano

Principal for the Wildwood Adventist School



  • January 17, 2018
    1:45 PM
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So I get the Perlis to talk about through the case of something I am very passionate about. I'm an elementary school teacher I have taught for fifteen years unfortunately ten of those who swear in public schools I was raised and public school system. I went to a public school university so it wasn't until recent years that I learned about through the cation and the last five years I've had the privilege. To be teaching out there while elementary school able to learn and implement true education so they has this has been this the six fears for me so we're going to start first by looking at what the purpose of to education is because Sue know how to do something right you need to have a goal you know what it is that you're trying to accomplish if you don't know what you're trying to accomplish you might just do it all wrong right so we're going to look at what this god has a purpose for education because the worldly kind of is cation has a purpose but God has a purpose for his education and if we're going to do his system of education we need to know what His purposes are. And he like click that OK so to purpose of education. This is council so teachers parents and students and he says by a misconception of the true nature and object of the cation and many have been led into so serious and even fatal errors. So a misconception or our lack of understanding of what the true purpose of education can lead not just some not just the few but many to be led to serious and even fatal errors so this is why it's so important that we owned us in the purpose of education. And we began with this quote from the book of education. Now this is a book I think every person whether you're a teacher whether you're a parent aware that you have children ever intend to teach should read if you're seven there have been discussion you should read the book True education all of us are constantly be educated and we need to know how to be educated by God And so this is a book you should all read this quote is found in the very first paragraph on the book and says Our ideas of education take too narrow and too low range there is need of a broader scope a higher. Truth occasion means more than the pursuit of a certain course of study it means more than a preparation for the life and now is it has to do with the whole being and with the whole period of X. system possible to men it is a harmonious of allotment of the physical the mental and the spiritual powers it prepares the student for the joy of service in this world and for the higher joy of service in the world to come. In the book of Education Page thirty and you'll find that many of the quotes here from the book of education in the highest sense the work of education and the work of redemption are one have you ever thought of this I mean this is part of the way that God is read. Giving us an opportunity for redemption so it is a work of redemption and so we need to take it seriously acts of the Apostles page five thirty says Happy receive the faith of the Gospel the next work of the believer is to add to this character virtue and those cleanse the heart and people here the mind for the reception of the knowledge of God This knowledge the knowledge of God is the foundation of all through education and all true servants so us we are seeking to educate children we need to know that the knowledge of God is the foundation of all it's not the knowledge of Sciences and other things as the knowledge of God through all these things right so if what we're teaching is not leading people to have a greater deeper knowledge of God then we are failing at our goal. Top guidance page two hundred ninety three says Sri education true indication means more than taking a certain course of study it is broad inclusive harmonious development of all the physical powers and the mental faculties It teaches the love and the fear of God and is a preparation for the faithful this charge of lives duties. Page two ninety three of the same book taught guidance proper education includes not only mental discipline but that training which will secure sound moral and correct the Portman. Guidance again. And the next paragraph says the first great lesson in all indication is to know and understand the will of God. So as we are thinking about what to do with our children with us our children are of like mind my children but they are not my children. If we are working with children or adults if we are teaching the main thing that we need to be thinking about is how to lead them to know the will of God To know God and His will. And the book ministry of healing is says through cation is missionary training. Every son and daughter of God is called to be a missionary. We are called to the service of God in our fellow man and to fitness for this service should be the object of all our education. Imagine what would have happened if we had taken this counsel seriously from when it was given and had not departed from it. We would be here. The work would have been done but the work of God is lend wishing for a lack of labors. And I can tell you in the time that I have been working and in the work about it it breaks my heart because I see that God has given the talents are needed for everything that is needed in the work of God The people are not using it for God and we go with our workers many times we have not been able to offer all the great because we don't have a teacher. And I know that God has given the talents to many people among his people and yet you go without workers because we train the children from you all the way to university. To be successful in this world so when they come out what do they do what we train them to do they go out to secret job and be successful in this world but if we have put taken this object in mind and have done this since they were new. And prepare them for that yes there will be some that will choose not to be workers for God but the majority will because they have been trained for that purpose but how do you suspect we can blame our young people for going out and doing what we train them to do. We train them to do that and so we need to remember what this what education is not so that i children can have a better education do better in this world I mean we definitely want them to have success in this world but this is Sessa God wants them to have and this world is very different from what we usually think of success Reisa we need to consider God's way we need to be sure that this is our goal in mind in everything that we do in education. Now this quote is found in education pages seventeen and eighteen this is every human being created in the image of God is and our with our power came to that create to The Creator individuality power to think and to do the men in whom this power is developed are the men who bear responsibilities who are leaders in enterprise and who influence character it is the work of true education to develop this power what power the power to think and to do to train the youth to be thinkers and not mere reflectors of other man's thoughts. Thank you news. Instead of confining their study to that which men have said or written let's students be directed to the sources of truth to the vast fields open for research in nature and Revelation let them contemplate the great facts of duty and destiny and the mind will expand and strengthen. Instead of a decade at weaklings institutions of learning may send forth men strong to think and act men who are the masters and not slaves of circumstances men who possess breath of mind clearness of thought and the courage of their convictions right so the right kind of education will lead our young people to think for themselves so that they are able to be courageous enough to hold on to their convictions the world this is them over the Keisha's prepare in our minds to just do what the crowd to us. To just follow what the majority does and what the majority are going to go in the wrong direction and we know this we know when the end times and that. Come the majority are going to go that direction and we think that we are not and we are trained that way and then in the possibility that we will it's great unless we learn God's way of education and so we need to train the children in a way that they think for themselves that they are able to to be live in accordance to their convictions and not to what everybody else is telling them to do. Such an occasion provides more than mental discipline it provides more than physical training it strengthens the character so the true kind of education will strengthen the character so that truth and uprightness are not sacrificed to selfish desire worldly ambition it fortifies the mind against evil instead of some master passion becoming a power to destroy every motive and this. Are brought into conformity to the great principles of right as the perfection of his characters throughout upon the mind is renewed and the saw is recreated in the image of God. And this is the great desire that God has in his heart that we will be recreated into his image he created us into His image sin came in and has destroyed the image of God and education a part of his way of recreating us into His image so this is another thing that we have to have a minus We are. Choosing what we do to educate our children. Per page of it Education Page sixteen love the basis of creation and retention is the vases true. And I know when I introduce myself I say I love what I do and I love teaching and I love working with children but this is not talking about love and that sense of something you're passionate about and you enjoy but to true love of God that is willing to sacrifice right and so as you're working for your children or for other people's children you have to have a love for their salvation and so one thing I have made up my mind you know it's easier when it's your children because you naturally have a love for them but I don't have children of my own my work is with children of other people and I have a certain love for them I love children but it's not the love that is talking here so I'm constantly praying that God will give me a love for them that will that they will see because one thing about children they are not interested in what you have to say they are watching what you do they knew all truly what's in your heart somehow and it's not like they're conscious about this but they're able to perceive your true thoughts and feelings about things so if you are saying something and you really don't mean it and you're not even live in a new life they're not getting it and not only that sometimes you do more harm than good because you create in them a rebellion against what you're presenting so that's why I'm very sometimes people say I'm too picky. But I am I am very picky about the people that I lead come to school and work with the children just because you're good with kids I don't let you come into the school if what you're going to percent is not something that I can tell you not now granted I'm not perfect I'm still struggling with many things but if I don't see a strong going to striving to this is not something you really believe I don't want you telling the children because they see right through you right so there has to be specially parents because you live with this children they see you write a lot of times we think we homeschool them we gave them all the best and then they leave the church why because they were looking you. Need to pray that God will help us to Lego of what ever it is that will keep us from having a pure love for this children and for showing them the love of God as purest students. The true object of education is to restore that image of God in the soul sin has well nigh doubly cowardly to Jerry Terry to the image of God and man to bring him back to the perfection in which he was first created is the great object of life. It is the work of parents and teachers in the education of the youth to co-operate with the divine purposes every faculty every attribute with which the Creator has endowed us is to be employed for His glory and for the uplifting of our fellow men and this is found and from eternity past page four thirty three. Counsel city just Panton students page four thirty four assess and all your teaching never forget the greatest lesson to be taught and to be learned is the lesson of call partnership with Christ in the work of salvation. The education to be secure by searching the scriptures in an experimental knowledge of the plan of salvation OK so not just ahead knowledge or experimental knowledge and so if we are learning and we're not really working being copartners with Christ and working for the salvation of souls then it is not experiment or knowledge and so we need to make sure that we are. As part of our education allowing for the children to have an opportunity to do things to save other souls. And they need to see us doing it as well. That such an education will soar the image of God in the soul it will strengthen and fortify the mind against and Taishan Zz and fit the learner to become a worker with Christ in His mission of mercy to the world it will make him a member of the heavenly family P pair him to share the end heritance of the same light and the last one on the flexion we are not enough. Yet this is the last on the session. The great object of education is to enable us to use the power which God has given us in such a manner as to repress and the religion of the Bible and promote the glory of God. OK So as we've gone through all this you can see there's a lot of things that inspire word Let's tells us that through the kitchen is about you know when I went through as I started reading the councils I found a quote this is true the case is this and I was like OK this is what through the kitchen is and then I found another one through the cases and I'm like wait a minute is that this or is that this and then you keep reading and then I realize you know true indication from comes from God God is infinite there is no way to put in words who God is and so all of these the Phoenicians are true the cation and more and God has given us plenty for us to understand what we need to do but I believe that in heaven we'll be able to see them more through education with or able to accomplish in the lives of our children and other children OK So the next section I'm going to go to is God's original plan for education and I think most of us know what this is so we're going to look at what that is and why God has because of course if you have not if you do not know I am mainly going to talk about predication. As it. Refers to formal education in an actual school and I say that because home is the school life is a school right so our school building or form of schooling it's where I work and it's what I'm going to share with you but it was not got to the original plan. God's original plan page Education Page thirty three says the system of education established established and even center in the family. Adam was the Son of God. And it was from their father that the children of the highest received instruction there is in the truest sense was family school so the force and their plan that God had for education was right there in the garden and the father was the teacher. Right and Adam and Eve were the students so this was a home school. Right after the fall. And Page eight. The same page but the second paragraph A says in the divine plan of education as adapted to man's condition after the fall so now man has fallen and now adapted says cry stands as a wreath the center death of the Father the connecting link between God and man he is the great teacher of mankind and he ordain it that man and woman should behave three percent to tips the family was the school and the parents were the teachers. So even after the fall we still have this motto. What about Jesus and his time just Page seventy says the child Jesus did not receive instruction in the synagogue schools His mother was this first human teacher from her lips and from the scrolls of the prophets he learned of heavenly things so we know this was God's original plan and it is see all the best plan and most cases but then why do we have our schools and obviously I wouldn't be standing here and talking to you about this if I didn't believe that there is a place for it so I'm going to go into our showing you how our schools were doing by God So I'm just going to shear briefly and we're going to end the session and the next two sections I'm going to show you the model of truly cation and practically how we've been applying to our lemon tree school so you'll get to see lots of pictures and different ideas of what we're doing in our school to follow God's model of education and education page forty five it says wherever and whenever wherever in Israel God's plan over the creation was carried into effect is free so all testify of its author so at that time when they were following it the ones that were following it they saw a great resource but. In very many households the training up pointed by heaven and their characters thus the Elop were alike rear so why God had appointed Oh I'm sorry. Thank you why God had appointed to be the way of education they had already departed from there was very very near that this was happening God's plan was but partially and imperfectly fulfilled so if you have all that's planned this is important you must follow it all the way if you just pick a sport of it it's not true education and so I'm going to share a lot of things with you today but in the end you have to be learning from the council's because through the cases more than just adding Bible to your curriculum is more than just adding practical skills to the curriculum to Keisha's a whole package when you need to be complete and it continuing on says by believe and by disregard to the north direction the Israelites surrounded themselves so temptations that few had power to resist and this is the burden that it's in my heart. For you to somehow. Encourage you to have true full faith in God's word because when we have believed when we are not truly sure that God's ways are better even if they make no sense to us even if it doesn't seem to have the success we think it should have if we are not certain that God's Word is true and we are willing to follow it whatever the results we're going to end up taking another system. Believe us one Let them to let go of God's way. Fathers the mothers in Israel became indifferent to their obligation to God and different to their obligation to their children through on faithfulness in the home and a dollar trust influences without many of the here youth received an education different widely from that which God had planned for them they learned the ways of the heathen so God had a perfect plan and history people walked away from it because of him believe and it corrupted the system of education and this is back in the time of Israel so to meet this growing evil God provided other agencies as an aid to parents in the work of education got so there was a huge problem and he provided a way to help the parents to correct this problem from the earliest times prophet had been prophets had been recognized as teachers divinely appointed in the highest sense the prophet was one who spoke by direct inspiration communicating to the people the messages he had received from God but the name was given also to those who the people those who thought not so to directly inspire were divinely called to instruct the people in the words and ways of God for the training of such a class of teachers Samuel by the action established the schools of the prophets so those were the first calls that were established the schools of the prophets. But later on and the time. Of the beginnings of our turn challenge do I says he will open ways before us to establish small schools in retired places for the education of our youth not only in the scriptures and in book learning's but in many lines of manual labor the necessity of establishing so schools is urged upon me very strongly why because of the only collect of many parents properly to educate their children in the home so this problem has continue and sometimes parents are giving their children the best they know but they were in the wrong system of the occasion this is happens so for so long that we don't know anymore what it is my experience what elementary school we have what families have come in they are getting out of the cities they come in here they still have the city Tallahassee they put their children in school first they come. They don't fight things but they question things why this is why this and then they get to learn it they love it and after a couple years they take their children and they're able to homeschool and so we don't we take that as a success we don't take it us about thing if if we do some students because their parents are not ready to do that and we work with the parents to try to help them to be able to do it at home if that is a possibility now they are cases when the parents are not able to and they the children do continue in our school until they graduate from eighth grade unfortunately at the moment we're not offering all the way to twelfth grade which is something we do want to do because they come out of our school and their parents don't know what to do and it's a critical age but it is a little harder. To to provide for all the way to twelve. Council so teachers parents the Sudanese page for seventeen says as long as functional last we still have need of school now this quote right here this one is found in Avonex home page forty nine and this is spin that the one that has impacted the me the most and has helped me to be the more focused in the work that I do at the elementary school says one heavenly intelligence to see that men are no longer permitted to present the truth the Spirit of God will calm upon the children and they will do work in the proclamation of truth which the order that older workers can not do because their way will be hedged up. In the closing scenes of these Earth's history many of these children youth will asked donnish people by their witness to the truth which will be born in simplicity yet with spirit and power. They have been taught this fear of the Lord in their hearts have been sucked in by a curfew and prayerful study of the Bible in the near future many children the children will be endued with the Spirit of God and will do good work in proclaiming the truth to the world that at that time cannot will be done by the older members of the church in the last part of this quote is the one that really touched me. Our church schools are or a Dane by God to prepare the children for this great work here children are to be instructed in this special truth at this time and in practical missionary work they are to enlist in the army of workers to help the sick and the suffering children can take part in the medical missionary work and by their thoughts and turtles can help to carry it forward by them God's message will be made known and his saving health to all nations then let the church carry a burden for the lamps of the flock that the children be educated and trained to do service for God. So this is the plan that God had for the church schools and we have lost that too not just like the parents lost their their call but our church church schools have lost the vision as well and so it's important that we go back to look at what God's plan of education is because our education has much to do we retention as we saw and so this operation of our children depend on the kind of education that we can for them and so I truly believe now we need to understand better and be reminded constantly of what is it that we're trying to accomplish because I've a lot of times as parents and teachers or school administrators we become very discouraged when we don't see the results that we use spect but the results we're expecting another results I've got one sister give. I the resource I got once and wants to get through the system of education our souls say for the kingdom of heaven and we don't always get to see that though we get to see some of it and I've had the opportunity to see Hearts turn to the Lord not every child or comps or school love teaches some of them one nothing to do with Jesus they have already been turned against him and their hearts one nothing with us and we have seen him we had a young man and he went it was for sure Tom We always are every day worship I was he was sit there and you can see all written all over his face I want nothing to do with this he was a very respectful young man so he just remained quiet he never talents what we were doing but he he was always turned towards the corner and as time went on It took time it's a long time but he began to turn and turn and soon he was looking and asking questions. And I know that seeds were planted in his heart and that this young man have a great opportunity now to make a decision for Christ we only had him for a school him on our last and the last three that we offer but by the grace of God I suspect the C.D.C. a man in heaven and when we are doing the trial and they have the right kind of education the Lord will be able to use it for the salvation of our children and they still will be successful and the academics and everything else that doesn't mean we we are going to neglect that because we want to God wants His children to be the head and not the tail but the way that got see ahead is very different how we see it so we always need to have that in mind what success truly looks like in the eyes of God So we're going to stop here and. Give you the break sorry that that was a bit really fast I truly apologize about my mishap on the time for starting but the next one I will start it on time I got real close to a prayer and gave you a break and then we'll start again at three o'clock. Dear Lord and Heavenly Father we are thankful that you have left so much we may know the best way to train our children and I pray the Lord that as we learn this counsels you will help even our minds. To be renewed that means we may understand and we may be able to apply them not just for a children before ourselves to swell many of us have not been taught in the right system of education and though there are we can never go back there we can learn some of what we didn't learn now and so I pray for each of us that we have an experience that will renew our minds and help us to see things as you see them and strengthen our faith that we will believe your winds and not the ways of Jesus in. This media was brought to you by. 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