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3. Implementing True Education: The Agriculture Aspect

Eleida Feliciano


Eleida Feliciano

Principal for the Wildwood Adventist School



  • January 17, 2018
    4:30 PM
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The A lot of heavenly Father we thank her for this frivolous that we have to to read and study your counsels we are thankful because you've loved us so much that you have given us all that we need that we may be able to stay in the faithful path and be able to keep our children in that path help us to have the faith to believe in your words and to stay in the right path always in Jesus name Amen. OK. So the children also worked helping out. And we're talking about the agriculture aspect and the importance of growing food is part of our culture over gardening also includes Clowe or is this our flowers are beautifying the lifestyle center where we are our school is part of our life our center and so the children are part to do this as well now the most important thing about agriculture is a spiritual lessons that they get what we were doing that day this is a field that we have clear out. Of school so we can do even a bigger garden and to be a house there that burned down so there was a lot of debris so that day we were just kill clearing out the debris so at the end of every practical skills we do whether this is your culture whether it's just tourists who are that whatever it is that we do we ask them what did you learn. What spiritual are the children and so she was sharing how it was like taking the bad things out of our hearts so that we can have the soil ready to receive and the Word of God is is the see that we need to have in our hearts so we need to remove some things first right so you're moving all this to bring in another important part of a truly cation is to teach their children we see ology on them in your OK so here. This is councils on Help page thirty eight so it's a practical knowledge of the science of human life is necessary in order to glorify God in our bodies it is therefore of the highest importance that I'm on the study selected for childhood physiology should occupy the first place Day So this is very important that the children are learning how their bodies work and that they know how to take good care of it since the mind and the soul find expression through the body both mental and spiritual vigor are in great degree dependent upon physical strength and activity whatever promotes physical health promotes the development of a strong mind and a well balanced character without help no one can ask distinctly understand or ask completely fulfill his obligation to himself to his fellow beings or to his creator therefore the help should be as faithfully guarded as the character and knowledge of physiology and hygiene should be the basis of all educational efforts Education Page one ninety five so the times we don't we think you know in public schools they teach the children health and it's good for their health for their physical health and we want them to do well but why is this so important to the cation that they know physiology of the body how it works so that they can take good care of bodies because it will affect their spiritual life right so it's all connected you cannot sacrifice one without affecting the other and so it has something to do with the suffocation it has something to do with their character and so it has to be just discard it. And so we teach them. Our about their bodies. This is the primary race class we trace their bodies and then we tell them the skeleton system and then we did the organs and with each one or again we've learned what constitutes we eat that improve the health of the organs what kind of foods we need that will destroy the health of this organ and why what is happening in the body what does this organ do heart of this the fact that they need to understand these things it's easier for them than just sit tell them this is not healthy for you and they just see us taking away something they like but if they want to stand how the body works what is happening when they put this in their bodies it's easier for them to make the choice for themselves and not put this. So it is very important that we're taking the time to do that the upper grades class was learning the same thing but a little bit higher than what they did is they they have labels and of the different organs and their bodies whatever they learned they had to presented to the little ones this time my children which are there Laura Grace students first with her gray eyes sitting listening to the operators teaching them about what they are learning and this lesson is about the ears so they show in this water bottle what happens inside the ear and then they did spinning around and things like that he's sitting here. I think he did the mouth remember can see it from the one hears it or they're doing the spinning. I. And they did very practical things that they can so that here they showing them what happens to their I when you put the light in and so there seem very practical things of what anybody is doing so they learn the they learn the things that help the body they learn how their bodies working in their seeing it with their hands. This teacher that was there we had a teacher for two years with us that came from Hawaii and she was. Just so creative and making things very practical she came up with lessons I don't know where they came from and she was amazing she had a talent that I wish I could have but you know what a lot of times it's hard to find teachers to come to our schools I just pray and how we got the city from Hawaii I don't know we were looking for her and why but the law center you know she was with us for two years and then she left and I said I we going to do and now we've got another teacher and she has great talents and other areas and she's bringing blessings to school that we needed that the other teacher and half and that the last saw we needed and so the Lord will provide for you if you stay faithful and now cooking is part of health as well as important to teach healthful cooking not just cooking and counsel superior teachers and students page one twenty seven it says do not need to teach your children how to prepare wholesome food in giving then these lessons in physiology and in good cookery cooking you are teaching them the first steps in some of the most useful branches of education and inculcating principles which are needful elements in their religious a life and so we do take time in our school to teach the children how to cook all of them first grade second grade they all do cooking and they love it they love cooking for us they beg for cooking. And so as you can see there they are having fun but this is enjoyable now when we do the cooking class for them it's not a demonstration like they do sometimes the last incident where you're doing this and they're just watching or when you get everything just measure up and they just put it in there and you prepare with him before and after no they have a part in everything they're the ones that oil the pans they're the ones that mix the things together they make the thing they wash the two words they sweep the floor thess is part of cooking right of cooking happening nor this is are there and if you do this all for them. We're not even the whole experience so we do everything and they have fun even sleeping you know they just it's all part of it so they learn how to use you know I had parents when I first started doing this I have parents coming to hug me my kids are coming home and they wanted to teach us and I didn't you haven't washed it before I don't know but you know you're in there like so excited they learn this our school they're helping in their parents at home and then making a life here on the Lombards and so they went from topping up the things putting them together everything so we got the granola bars as they we made. This was going on the cereal and he made me is that. We may bread this is Millet bread but we've made regular whole wheat bread. We're making cookies that day. And these are the kids they're reading the same recipe they need to learn how to read a recipe too so they take part of that part too they put all the things in there put it in the. Food processor or blender whatever they turn it on they turn it off. They have fun they have fun it is a fun thing for them they really enjoy it so cooking it's important and what we do when we teach them cooking remember it's not just about cooking you you I don't I don't let anybody just give cooking lessons to the kids because I want to make sure that it's healthy for cooking so every time we make something we talk about why is it important for us to learn how to do this when we were making cookies I talk to them about sugar and let me tell you something when you're dealing with children they don't need any sugar. I was teaching in public schools and before I knew very much about the health message I had already learned not to give I used to give chocolate to the kids as a reward and just by common sense of the ring I realized this is not a good idea and initially what I did. Yes I started giving the chocolate at the end of the day so they go home and do the crazy stuff at home because the moment they eat sugar they start acting crazy and so then later on I realized well this is not good for them so why am I give it to them at the end of the day so I started giving them pencils or other things instead of sugar then I learned what I had to do our research for my master's program and I decided to do it and how nutrition affects the brain develop the learning brain because of this this process about how the burning learns and I found out so many things I had no idea there was so much research that shows what we eat and how it affects the the mind not just learning but the ability to discern from right and wrong their ability to choose the right kind of behavior so you wind the children to to behave riper to giving them their own food is not going to happen and one of the number one things that affected children. To not learn well not be able to focus not be able to remember memory realty to think well critically and be able to understand and be able to control themselves behaviors all that sugar. Sugar and the thing is that sugar sugar right it can be brown it can be purple You can color any color you want to sugar it does the same thing in the body when it comes to the sugar acts in the body as the drug it gives a high and a lot right so you have to be very careful with that kids get enough sugar so we don't do any sugar in any of our recipes right. When I realize how it mediately their behavior is the fact that I realized this is not something the children we know that everything we do are fact but there are certain things simulating things that will effect immediately and so as a Christian I think we need to be a lot more careful. That we're not putting this in front of them so they're very excited to you know I had a little boy that he told his mom I don't want cakes anymore unless Mr Alexander makes them not let me tell you something and I not I never learned how to make aches I didn't imply when here because I used to always celebrate their birthday so my kids and I used to always have a little cupcake something for them so now I'm thinking well I can teach them to be in no sugar and then bring them sugar in the birthing So I said I got to do like I'm going to have to learn how to make cakes because I'm not going to find one without sureness So I started learning and the first one I thought they were going to hate it because I thought it was disgusting in the thing though not very good it came out horrible and the kids loved it they came back the next day all this was really good and and then I got better at it and the rest of them were about to taste but I had one little boy been there in the class for five years and the monkey into me is that I mean the recipe so you cakes because when the his birthday comes around he says I don't want to birthday cake on this fancy and mix and and I was. And I said really you look so special for my case he said the ones I make are too sweet he says he likes yours I don't know how he got it but on so he would not eat any of the cakes on this I make them they get used to either if you start them earlier they will get used to it on in and they will then when needed it's not good from medical missionary work it's another important part. Here in this school children are to be instructed in the special truth for this time and in practical missionary work there are two lists in the Army a workers to help the sick and the suffering children can take part in the medical missionary work and by their thoughts and titles can help to carry it forward by them God's message will be may know and his. They've been health to all nations and this is the Avonex home page for eighty nine so children need to learn how to treat the sick they need to do medical missionary work and so here we are teaching them hydro treatment this is a very simple treatment that they can do to themselves and they can do to someone else and so this is. Where they have the pair of socks I think they are socks they put in really cold water put it on and then they put a plastic bag on top of it and then I think they are socks Dr thick socks on top and even though stars are very cold it will warm up and become hot while they're wearing saw first they were like oh this isn't a cold I'm like you're going to get high and it was really neat because they were like oh I feel I know and they were like How can that happen I had told Percy No and when I did this activity with them I remember when I was and public schools the first great teaching the children hot and cold was one of the units we had to do for science and usually they had this worksheets with pictures of things and they had to label cold and hard and when I saw this I was like. This is so much more fun why circle hot and cold when they can feel the call them feel hard to write and then this is the practical way we need to teach them things he has to have a meaning for and they cease for and they and me sense to them and so this is we have. All cities she is the one that runs our our Earth from and so she we invited her and she did some natural remedy says they this class she was doing or in the Russian penicillin so she taught him how to make it and then they had to drink a little bit of it so some of them were like oh no wonder you and others will give me your if I like it for anyway they all had to at least taste it so she gave a little bit and they wanted more they can have more. This they were making charcoal poultices and then they had to apply it on each other and they were having so much fun and then they were like Can we. He didn't say we got home saucer so they went home where there are reporters. This is Miss May She works in our lifestyle center and she was given here more professional class on how to make charcoal poultices I didn't make them sold nice and neat as she did she has all these different things and this is she taught them how to do this because they have to make them for their life self guess and so you do need to learn a more present of a way when you do it for somebody else so they learn how to do it now the operators assignment was to take notes because they were going to have to teach that next in front of a camera and record it and this is them each of them had to do it and be recorded so they have a video of them teaching how to do. This videos have been uploaded. And so that other people can see and their parents were so happy to see other children are able to do this things we have to give them practical use for what they're learning. And so medical missionary work is an important part another important part oh this is part also of the we have this was our message therapist he came and taught them some to from the search to techniques. And they enjoyed human such to each other in their Fineman was they need to go home and practice now on their moms and then. They got to do that and this lady she came in did a lesson and I means and garlic and she taught them all kinds of things they can before and they just love then she had them cut it up and put it together and they had to put it over their ear of a different parts in their hands and so they get hands on experience of doing all these things so she is flames and she has them through as she was really good canvassing is another thing. That we don't always you think talk and when I came across this I will say I've I was a challenge to. To do this this is in publishing ministry page three sixty three says God decided that the sale price object lessons shall be recognized by all our people as this method of relieving our schools from debt it is because this plan has not has been neglected that we now feel so keenly our lack of means for that van seen work. Had the schools veiled themselves of their provision those made for them there would be more money in the school treasures and. More money in the hands of got servants with which to relieve the necessities of others other needed departments of the cost and best of all teachers and students would have received the very lessons that they needed to learn in their Master's service Now this was a hard thing for me because when I went to buy worker training one week of above a worker training was canvassing and I did not like it and I said to myself This is for somebody else not me I'm never doing this again so when I wrote this I was like. We have to do this and now in this course he misses cries a bit less and soon mentions all the books and other quotes talking about the same thing the point is this is the literal work was one of the means God made for providing finances for our schools and we're always complaining we don't have the finances and she says if this is not we neglected we wouldn't have the problems we have finances so I thought to myself OK we need to do this now I love them and three school is it's a supporting Ministry of the lifestyle center so the life also knows the one that is bringing their finances we really usually don't have to worry about that because we're not bringing money and we're just. Now and we don't really think about every much but because she said this needs to happen I decided we need to do this and of course it does obviously the situation is very happy that we're bringing in some money and. But you can sometimes think oh well we have the money we need but there is a part here this very important that she says the president and the best of all is that the teachers and the students who have received the very lessons that they needed to learn in the master servant it's not just about the money this lessons to be learned and when we go out there I tell the children listen. God has told us this is the way to relieve our school so yes we're going to sell the books we're going to bring money but the most important thing in our minds need to be the souls of the people we are going to minister to we need to pray that the books will be in the right people because this is a way to bring people to Christ and so are we trying to make them a burden for the salvation of the people that we're going to minister to and we usually what we do is we take them and I meant to put pictures in there and I ran out of time of what we do we had there was a picnic table in front of the country store so we take we take a day every week during the season when it's not freezing cold and we set out there and we bring all our school work and we do our school work in the picnic table and they take two at a time are taking turns to be the ones selling and they stand and when people are coming into their country store they come in canvas them a some point we want to go out and started doing Wal-Mart places like that we don't that taken house to house because of the dangers are there if we don't have all the parents coming with us we just it's a liability to bring the children that way so we're trying to do the plan and still keep them safe and they love to do it and when it gets cold they start saying where are we going to go again no we're not going this week now first they're very nervous and we practice a. Classroom and I always tell them you pray whatever comes out of your mouth if you're trying to do your best whatever comes out of your mouth and what the Lord will use it to touch somebody is like now we try to practice the camera so I make a very simple for them it's not the canvas a canvas or half but we try to practice that and do the best we can I teach them to improve on their skills but I also teach them to to do the best that they can and not feel like because I cannot do as best this person or that person I haven't gotten to this place that cannot use me because you can stumble and then Bowl and send nothing and if you were trying to do your best to look until you said because it is not you who is convincing the people is the Holy Spirit right and so we do one them to not just been the neglect the preparation but at the same time not to focus on that or rely on their abilities but always remember it is God and if they learned that lesson they always be brave enough to go out because of what will help them with all these things. Now a choice this is something that when I first got there it was hard for me because I came from the public school system they come in every they've back image class and clean everything is clean for the children the children leave and everything it's clean and they come back and everything has to be spotless for them you don't mean they don't have to clean these things if you put a child to clean the bathroom in a public school you're in big trouble so I was like How do I first of that I don't think we're going and so I had I'm a first just kind of take in the trash and you know sometimes the law has to work with us because our minds have been so all accustomed to the ways the world that we even see when we see God's way sometimes we see think it's abusive is not right and we try to accommodate it to our thinking so the beginning I was kind of reluctant and I started with a little bit here and a little with and then I was like What am I doing I need to do Augustus and one day. The study because I was coming in the weekends to vacuum the school and when there is that I'm going to let the kids vacuum so I taught them the day we work in the we're going to divide human the chores was before recess and recess bell rang and they are not fish vacuuming so I was like OK well we'll put it down go to recess come back and they're like. I want to finish and they use of the year recess time to finish vacuuming because they thought this was so great and every week they were fighting to see who was going to vacuum they wanted to vacuum and so they get different things to do. This is Child Guidance page three hundred fifty says God desires both parents and teachers to train children in practical duties of everyday life so when you have a school don't think Oh the parents are the ones that have to do this you know once you can the children come to your school you have the same responsibilities that parents have. And you have to teach everything you cannot because you know how to be in the home to see if they do it or not and you should be checking what they hear you need to be encouraging the parents sometimes you have to educate the parents too but you're not going to know everything that happens in those happen in the home and you're not supposed to be an investigator of what has happened in the home so you have to feel the education plan completely in the school for every child had that opportunity if they don't get it or home they get it at school right so they learn these things and they do they clean the toilets they clean the saints they sweep the sidewalk on their we do special projects say down the blinds every now and then and there they wash them and clean them and they have a lot of fun doing all these things and we've rake leaves in front of our yard and you know when we make a paper and then we all jump on it we try to enjoy what we do but we all take part of everything force we're there with them you know we can expect children to do things as perfectly as we do so we have to guide them and help them it's part of learning so if they miss something you've got to go back and say oh my God You forgot this list. This is an important part put things back where they belong right because they were clean and leave all the stuff there and then they go back and no no no you're not done yet I'm done well come here with me to see what do you think is on the whole I forgot the things are only put in my way so all these things are important and other aspect principle of true education is to teach them practical skills. And here in page in a call to stand up part page sixty two is that the ministry to the poor there is a wide field of service for women come in there fishing cook the housekeeper the same transfer as the nurse the help of all is needed that the members the poor households be taught how to cook how to make and mend their own clothing how to nurse the sick how to care properly for the home that boys and girls be thoroughly taught some useful trade or occupation so we try to teach them all kinds of things are useful we don't just do crafts and things that are you know I mean they are fun what we do but that has a use for it and so here they this was sewing class and that year this seater had two boys in the classroom and she taught me she told me I'm going to teach him sewing and I thought well that's going to go really interesting the boy is not going to care very much for sewing but. Of course you know this is what got us a list of those kids were so excited because the sewing machine is a machine what boy doesn't like machine and also I really got they were like super excited with this machine now in the lower grades we teach them hand-sewing because they're the sewing machine is too dangerous for the little ones so I had not done that but she was teaching them with the sign machines and they were so happy. To be doing that and then they did Lopez Lowell's and one of the boys made a sting ray and he carry that thing everywhere eighth grader with his little sting ray that he made in the class they learn. And his course a ordinary she knew how to do all the stuff I know how to solve but I. Know very well so she told him all those things and they were very happy to do the two boys that were in her class year this other younger grades sawing a little hack hacky sack which basically is just a little square thing with beans and sign they just toss it around the playground so they're all the boys did it in their sewing machine and they were playing with in the playground they're like oh we want to make them and so we made them by hand and they're very excited at some point we did do a project with a sewing machine in my class but it was very much guided I had one at a time and it was one of it was a big pillow we were making for a bench we had made and it was a straight line this way a story line that was it was easier to do so that they can have the feel of a sewing machine now this is this is faster way and I tell you that he has been a great blessing to me when I came to to Wildwood I didn't know a whole lot about trade acacia except I needed to do trade relations and I went so many times to counsel with him because I I had you know I understood my mind had been trained in this system saw sometimes I was questioning my doing the right thing so I would go to him and I'm like OK I this is what I was taught I'm conflicted with this but I don't want to be going off this field either so I want to be balanced and he help me out with many things and not only that he has volunteered time to teach our children in this man has taken true education very very very serious in his life he's a pastor but he has learned how to do all kinds of things and he stands he knows how to do just about anything and if he doesn't know he learns it so we take the students to his house for practical learning once every other week and he teaches them all kinds of things so so this day there were fixing and will Barrow and to replace seeing a. Lot of these things that he made. And saw that they were so excited to be able to find where the leak was to be able to see. And so he taught them how to do all that and and they put it together this is splitting wood I was in that they were thumb and but for weeks after they just kept talking about oh that was so fancifully were. They they really enjoy it and then pass or goes around campus when trees have fallen down or have been taken down because they are dying and he helps talk them up into pieces and so T. took the kids out there and they helped cut off the limbs and then this was collecting leaves in the fall the whole campus gets four leaves and the. Main is the common sometimes have a hard time keeping up with everything so this Mandelson the sense they are he always finds something to do that's not his works he goes around with his little thing collecting the leaves and then he shares them and use them in his compass and so he took the kids out there and then. This they they were using different tools to cut. And he had him use a two man saw and this of the saw and just had to there and this is are they they collect all the woodsy and then they put it in this machine here when he chops it up and then he puts it in his compost so he teaches them all these things in his house this is at the president's house his wife gave a class of canning to the children and they did everything from beginning to end they washed the apples they peel the apples they they checked for the lids that they were well they chop them they put them in there and the big thing and I wish I had a better picture of the this is that it's a very big steamer thing and they love that thing because it's as they were seen coming out and every now and they will go and the thing will pull up so they they did everything they seal the jars and we had applesauce that day we can't be in another time on so we taught them that this is a building workshop that children hand first they went just to learn how to use it to. Also they practice in little pieces of left over were carrying and nailing using the saw measuring tools the drill the hammer so they learn all this things and then they help build a shed and the kids cut the wood they carried it to the place they see them carrying and then this kids and the latter. Up there and they are drilling and hammering and putting this thing together they made this this if you go to our IN THE FARM there's a big shed the halls are the furnace that they used to heat the greenhouse or oh that was build with our children they helped build this and then they painted it this is them painting you see that they had a lot of fun painting. So I was then and they were always begging now for another building products so the next year they build. Raised beds for the farm for the green houses and the year following this man was a doctor that came to our institution and unfortunately he was there very shortly but he learned that the children wanted a tree house and he said I can work with them and teach them how to how to build it so he came in and he worked with the kids to draw the plan he talked to them about why it's important to have certain aspects of it he use math everywhere this was mapped in practical use and they were really excited we drew all the plants and then he left sooner than we expected so we didn't get the tree house built but they were so excited about it they decided we're going to write a letter to the main into the Parliament and tell them to help us build this house so they did and the Manus apartment took the time and now they're very busy so it took a lot longer than we expected but they did come and started working on it they taught the kids to be. The walls and the and the ground you know we did do do let them do all these things but we keep the safety in mind so they were not up there and they did their work that was more dangerous and this is our tree house finished and we have worship there they play there it's a really neat place to be especially when it's the weather's not too great outside. And so it was a nice thing that they have in our school that they made now we don't we have all the people to come so you know of course I had to learn some tricks myself so we they were begging for a building project and I there was nobody that can do one for them so we decided to use some leftover pallet went and make a stool we needed a stool for the class and I was going to go buy one and I was like you make one so I started looking on you to learn a lot of them. And found one and we made it together and this is our first graders and so we put this thing together there was so excited they finished they were going up now open now and they said can we call to the upper Wisconsin and show it to them and I will say OK but let me ask the teacher first because they're in class some walking to the teacher and they're walking with nothing they just walked into the class of and the like. And I was like sorry I meant to ask if we can interrupt your class but they were just too excited and so they were going and then they told the teacher you have to go up and down and so she had to go up and down and and then they they asked the same as you go up and out and so anyways we have in our class and it's they you said to be able to reach parts of the board that is too high for them. This way we were working on a crate we didn't finish it and I didn't have time to pull up the pictures but they enjoy doing all kinds of things this is their shop they work at their shop where we do the opera greatest every afternoon work and different departments of our. Ministry for an hour and does their practical skills class the younger ones and we schedule them to go there once in a while not every week. Because they're not us able to handle so many responsibilities and we don't want to burden the departments either but they get the experience to do some of these things something along the older ones get their spirits to be workers there they should they wear their I.D.'s and they go there show up to work they know they have to be on time being only they need to be diligent the time that they're there and they enjoy it and they do all the kinds of different things here they're bagging the herbs. This is how the country store on the concerts or they get to take out some inventory they have they get to do some of the bagging as well and. They sometimes they they get to pair up with someone in the cast as a source so they get that experience through on the pencil how many people are able to help them if there's something by themselves they can still go with them and we surprise them they give them some independent activities and sometimes things that they work with others pricing things. The country store looks totally different now this was a few years back there on remodeling right now so it's a different place this is the lumbering room at the lifestyle center and they've got to sort out the things learn what machines to use for different kinds of wondering if it comes from the kitchen if it comes from the from the bedrooms and all kinds of things and they knew why we can't mix the two then they got to fold it and put it in the front part files if it belongs to the high deli par men they are labeled with little letters and they knew how to sort them in the different places to go through the guest room so if it goes to the kitchen. And they folded they separate and they have real responsibilities that they have to follow things that they can do you've got to make sure things that they can handle when they can feel fulfillment with. OK now here we are making candles and so we teach them how to do different things to try to make sure things that have a purpose so we talk to them about the chemicals our ink and in candles and how they use. Whenever you burn them this goes into the air so we need to find a better way and so this. Candles and if you go by are proof we have some of the ones that they made there and we're selling them here so if you want to have a one hundred percent. Candle free of chemicals made by our children. Ruth this they were making Chapstick we also have a few that we brought with us they enjoyed it and they love that we made it right on time for the season when they need it so they were using and giving away a sketch for Christmas. And then serving others this is very important all we do remember we are to be missionaries so it's important that we teach them the importance of serving others Christian service page two hundred six The children should be so educated that they will sympathise with the aged and afflicted. And will seek to a live be a the suffering of the poor and distress they should be taught to be diligent in missionary work and from their earliest years self-denial and sacrifice for the good of others and the advancement of Christ cost should be in call catered that they may be laborers together with God And so here we are actually in the apartment of one of our elderly members who retire not able to do her own cleaning she can barely see and so we went to clean her apartment and then they we went and sang with her she told us stories we clean her apartment sometimes they need more company than Then they need for you to do things for them so we teach the children early we need to we can't forget them they can't leave the home for months and they still need company they can do things so they get you know lonely. When we are busy we usually tend to forget we're buyer selves but when when you don't have much that you can do you get more learn. We so we have taken them to help them this is another lady she has passed away by now when we went to visit her and her we knew she was at the end and she loved children so we just sang songs to her she was living with her son and daughter in law so they were taking care of her she didn't need for us to clean but she just enjoy the company of the children they love to sing and. This is another one of our elderly we went to help him in his garden he loves to have flowers in front of the garden and there's all these projects he wants to do in his helpless and always allow him to so on they we went and helped them with that. This is an elderly couple in the community have Baptist couple there they lay different mine and I have been there sitting her and we found out she was sick so I told her our children are praying for you and she was so excited to know that the children had them and to school were praying for her and she was while that really touched a small heart so I thought well maybe she'll be open for us to come so I asked her which to be OK Maria sometimes when they're sick they don't want people for and song so I said Would you be OK The children come in sing to you and she said or I would love that and so we came and we sang in the children play instruments and they loved it so much they begged us to come back and we've gone a few times even though she's not sick anymore but just to bring the joy of Jesus in the hearts of others and so their children are a great witness to others. Here the children are conducting Sabbath school at her church they did the whole Sabbath school program and I was sitting in the bench and just kind of helping them figure out when they're supposed to go up I didn't do anything the children did their introduction they did the prayer they did their remarks everything right from beginning to end and they loved it and so they done several service school programs that are turned and saw Christian service includes our local church they need to know. And to serve there turned on this lifestyle center we used to go thing at the lifestyle center to the guests there their schedule now as to four and they're not been able to make space for us so we haven't gone this year but this lady she was so impressed with our children when we went to saying that she asked can they come and visit me in my room one day so we did and we went of this that with her and she was so happy she's like I want to picture with the children so I took a picture with her this is a sitting pastor who was sick so when there's people are sick and it's not something that we were in danger the children with and that they feel comfortable real with us from the tsunami and sometimes you're sick you know why you don't need people coming over but he was happy to help us and we came and sang to him now this is something that I forgot to put the quote in here but there is a quote The wife says that each of our homes should have a self-denial box this is the box which she says we need to teach our children to instead of spending their pennies of course now pennies on to very much but nonetheless money in buying candy or things out on me for that they should sacrifice that instead and put it here to help those in need and so we talked about that at the beginning of the year we decided to make a self-denial box. It's not really a box and surrounded actually was a container and they decorated and everything and we talked about what it meant to sacrifice and this is not might be things you want and you have the money to buy it might be a good thing but it's something you say you know I'm willing to not have this to give the money to help so much and this went into a fund that worths to help someone in need and we know who this someone would be and I told them whenever we see a need we'll bring it up and we'll decide as a class if we want to help this need so they were putting in money in here and we had maybe about ten dollars in the fund for us is our children and self-supporting work so that's a lot of money for them to give and some were not. Even I mean some were given more than others but nonetheless the opportunity was there and then we had. And they were the worker that was coming in he was the one that I told you before was studying with on The Book of Revelation the children really learn to love him and he had cancer and he was going to a. Institution too he had received treatment in our in our facility his cancer was something a little bit more that we were not prepared to deal with so he went to another institution and now they only can get treatment free so he needed money and he's been working for the Lord for many years so money is not something he had but he was going on in faith and thought I brought to the children the need that there is this need so we where do you think we get the money that is in the in the box to help and they and there was a one of the girls that race her hand and she she had this really worried face and and she said Can we bring more and I said yes you have time to bring more he's leaving Friday we have until Friday I didn't a suspect. That they were going to bring much more. Those kids at the end of the day they're getting their backpacks and I hear a conversation going on between two other girls and one girl says I've been saving to buy this thing I remember what it was but she has saved for a long time for this thing she says I'm not going to buy it I'm going to bring that money and the other girl said you know what I'm saving for this other thing I'm going to bring it to by the end though that we we had eighty five dollars from children when we gave that to him and I explained to him how we got the money he was in tears by and the eighty five dollars was a little different and his Big Belt nonetheless that worth a blessing to see the children willing to give and this what it does to him is not that my. You know really how much can we do to help others this is not very much but God is working more in our hearts as we do this and so it was a tremendous blessing to see the children be able to do that this is important that they learn sacrifice an early age now this is just a list of resources what I share with you is what I have been learning I don't know everything and you know I'll be happy to talk to you if you want to talk more and I'll put again my contact if you want to contact me if you ever want to visit the school please don't just show up we happy to have you been able to let me know ahead of time so we can schedule a time that works I am a teacher a full time teacher so I can entertain the sitters all the time but I will be happy to to have you there but I am not the the. The source of true education the source of through the creation is God goal to his counsels the book of occasion is the first one you need to go to but there are plenty of them if you read that one and you want to read something different there is fundamentals of Christian of the case and there is council so teachers spend. Teachers parents and students us a little bit parents teachers and students guidance as councils on education with actually is a couple ation of all that the testimonies the ten dollars on the ten similarly say on the education and then there's two other things I put here we are I have learned a lot. Of the practical ways to to do the councils that have been given to us one of them is classrooms of the classroom of the remnant by Joshua white of belt of truth ministries and they have a lot of resources there this would be if you're just going to get one this one has like a really good overview. And then pattern education by Robert and Kerry Munting if you go to their website they have a document that they have put all of her writings by topic on education and you can print it out for. Free and have it they have a lot of resources there they believe in true the cation they've done several seminars always for free because they wanted so they're not selling anything so if you go there you can check out their resources as well but like I said go to God pray read the councils pray. Put into practice pray think the guidance of the Holy Spirit and pray. Right God It is our teacher he wants to teach us he longs to teach us and if we are removing the things that are lies are not letting us hear his voice and learn to hear his voice and learn to be obedient to His voice we will learn creating marvelous things from the Lord and we will be able to teach these things our children and to others and so I hope. That if you forget everything else that I said that she will remember God's ways are higher than our ways what ever you to get out of the summer I hope that lets you get that this council such we trust that you don't need to believe what the world is thing you don't need to believe the lies of the devil we meant to reason mentioned this morning the tree of life and the knowledge of good and evil God never intended for us no evil but how did Eve fall into that and into that temptation because the devil offered her a higher better experience and she believed that the world there was doing the same today the same lines different concepts that the same the things they're lies all this is something greater you're going to get better knowledge here you have more experience experiences here but it's not truth he is still stealing from us why God has and so just like this. Conference. Is something that. To believe that God does have something better and not believe the lies of the devil in the ways that he has kept I'm going to leave the contact information there we're going to pray and then if you have questions and want to stay behind for a few minutes I'll stay here otherwise you can contact me. My email and my office number email is easier just because you might call me when I'm busy and then I call you when you're not available an email seems to be any sort of way but either way I will try to contact you to remember I run a school entry to the same time so my not for you the very next day but I will call you and so anything that I can do to help you and guide you to God's principles I will be happy to do let's pray. I am the principal of the. Dear Lord and Heavenly Father thank You that You are so merciful and so gracious to us we know that you can help us to find the right path and even in all the mistakes we have made what I hope is that when we come to you you can renew our minds you can give us a new beginning and new can help us to make right or wrong and so I pray as we've learned all these things that it will give us a greater faith in new ways and that we will seek day by day to learn more and more of your character your truth and your way and to burn more to depend on learning from Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service leader Visit W W W dot. Org.


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