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The Sabbath

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

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  • February 3, 2018
    10:00 AM
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Heavenly Father we thank you for the opportunity to study your words. We pray that your Holy Spirit would rain down upon us that you would teach us and also pray that Jesus would be uplifted. For we pray in his name Amen. If you have your bible serve me the Exodus Chapter twenty we're not actually going to start there but that's the first verse that you're going to turn to Exodus Chapter twenty five before we look at that. In We're looking you're going to be looking at Exodus twenty but I'm going to start by talking about gent Genesis right in the very beginning in Genesis chapter one you have the creation story you have the creation of the world then Genesis chapter two rephrased gives a little different experience a little more information about the creation story but in Genesis chapter one in Genesis chapter two were given to the Denecke institutions one of the Denecke institutions that we were given was marriage we were given the institution of marriage state that we're given that right back in perfection and this afternoon we're going to talk about that but this morning the other institution that we were given it says at the end of Genesis chapter one right in verse thirty one it says that God saw all things that he had made and behold it was very. Good so God saw everything that he had made in the very beginning and it was very good. And then we're going to see in just a moment what happens now right after that in Genesis chapter two he gives in perfection he gives the Sabbath day God gives the Sabbath day but before we look at him giving the Sabbath day to us we see something in John chapter one in verse fourteen John chapter one verse fourteen I had a man that I met who was a he had been a Hindu and he became a Christian and he I asked him I said well what brought you to Christ and he said Somebody gave me a the gospel John is what he said they gave him the Gospel of John and he said he began to read it and I don't know if you've ever read John chapter one to a Christian is read it over and over you get kind of the flow you understand what it's saying but imagine someone who's never read. The Bible before has no idea what it says and it says in the beginning was the word. And the Word was WITH God in the Word was God. The same as in the beginning with God all things were made by him and without Him was not anything made that was made and so do you you think oh I get it yeah I know it's going on there but imagine you knew nothing the Word was God in the Word was WITH God the same as in the beginning with God He said he told me he said as I began to read John chapter one he had he said I had I thought to myself I have no idea what this is talking about but I know that this is what I've been looking for. And that interesting but the Holy Spirit still spoke to his heart not obviously as you continue to go through the book of John you see the life of Christ and you see what he was all about and then you begin to discover who Jesus is and that's what he experienced and gave this young man gave his life to Jesus but here in the first three verses it's a little confusing if you don't know what's going on but it clarifies in John chapter one verse fourteen where it says and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory the glory as of the only be gotten of the Father full of grace and truth is said the word was made what Flash who was made flesh Jesus so Jesus is the word this is very simple so then when you go back to read the beginning of the chapter it begins to make some sense in the beginning was the word well who's the word Jesus in the beginning was Jesus and the word or Jesus was gone. I'm sorry with God and Jesus was God the same as in the beginning with Gone all things were made by a who. Him Jesus created everything he was that word and without Him was not anything made that was made so we have this picture right in the beginning that the one who did the creative work was Jesus now if you study the entire Bible like in the Book of Job you'll see that the Holy Spirit was working and you'll see that the father was taking part in but Jesus was the primary one who who did this great work in the creation of humanity so Jesus was this creator so when you go back to the beginning and you read in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth you know that Jesus had and. Intimate part in our creation this is what we discover Now then back to Genesis so we started thinking about Genesis in the beginning of Genesis Genesis chapter one everything's perfect Genesis two still everything's perfect but it begins in Genesis chapter two beginning in verse one thus the heavens and the earth were finished and all the host of them and on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made and rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made and God Why blessed the seventh day and sanctified it what does it mean to sanctify something it is specifically means to make holy consecrated means to set apart sanctify means to make holy So when did God make the Sabbath holy. According to this passage writing creation right when the world was created perfect in perfection right there is no sin yet just a verse before and keep in mind there were no chapter breaks in the original They were added later for us to be able to you know find our way around the Bible but there were no chapter breaks so the verse right before tells us that God saw everything that he had made and behold it was very good and then immediately after when everything is very good he gives us the Sabbath right so he gives the Sabbath day and that passage there ends with saying he sanctified it because that in it he God had rested from all his work which God had created and made so right in the beginning God made the Sabbath in perfection now it says that he didn't just make it but he sanctified it he made it holy now in Exodus Chapter twenty is what I ask you to turn to we read in the Ten Commandments when you actually read through the Ten Commandments when you come down to the fourth commandment you read it in Exodus Chapter twenty in verse eight is remember the Sabbath. Day to keep it holy sixty show you labor and do all your work but the seventh day is a sabbath of the Lord your God in it you shall not do any work you nor your son nor your daughter your manservant know your maid servant knew your cattle nor your stranger that is within your gates why why did God create this Sabbath and why did he put it in the Ten Commandments it says it tells us in verse eleven for or because this is why he made it because in six days the Lord made heaven and earth the sea and all that in them is and rested the seventh day wherefore the Lord blessed he sanctified he made holy the Sabbath day and how loaded so here we have God did this because he rested on that day that he gives to us he gives to humanity the seventh day as the Sabbath the day set apart for a holy purpose it is made holy for us now that being the case why did God give it to us part of it we just read in Exodus up to twenty is four in six days we remember that God made the heaven the earth to see that it's a day to remember our creator right the one who created the heavens hear the seas that we can actually take this day to set it apart and part of that day can actually be blessed with spending time in nature thinking about his creative power and that can actually change our lives spending time in nature study after study has come out on the benefits to our physiology and to our mental state of spending time in nature I love science I love reading scientific studies I do it regularly I mean Dan a day out I'm looking into these things and study after study after study after study and I'm not exaggerating it's coming out looking at the physical effects on our bodies of spending time in nature it actually changes us in various different weights I mean they study the. Tactile sense of stuff to of touching nature how that impacts us how hearing sounds can actually impact us the sound of the wind in the trees how that can actually have a benefit for us the soil and the benefits that it has actually on cancer patients I mean various different things are being studied in evidence based medicine of the benefits of nature and God gave us a day because I think partly because he knew that we're we would become such busy human beings that actually to take time apart to think on God and to maybe spend time in nature is something that many of us would would do very seldom but God gave us a special day to spend with him now not that the primary thing of the Sabbath is just spending time in nature it is it is to draw nearer to our Creator to spend time thinking about him and the Bible says this in Isaiah Chapter fifty eight beginning in verse thirteen it's actually verse thirteen and fourteen and it says if you turn your foot because of the South from doing what you please on my holy days I notice God calls the Sabbath his holy day it's the Lord's step and call the Sabbath a what a delight the holy of the Lord honorable and honor him not doing your own ways nor finding your own pleasure nor speaking your own words what's the result going to be then you shall delight yourself in the Lord and I will cause you to ride up on the high places of the earth and feed yourself with the inheritance of Cheik of your father for the mouth of the Lord has spoken so the Bible says if you are on the Sabbath day turn away from the things that you would normally do and you call the Sabbath a delight that then you will begin to Delight yourself in the war meaning that you will actually experience something deeper than maybe you've ever experienced before maybe you will begin to actually enjoy God as you. As you put away your work on the Sabbath day as you spend time in fellowship spend time in in his word and you rest that day that it will actually draw you closer to the creator to Jesus Christ and actuality in. God is a God who created us and then he commands us to keep the Sabbath but he didn't just command us to keep the Sabbath and he gave us the Ten Commandments as the foundation of all of his law now that being the case how does God when He comes to earth incarnate or in the flash How does he respond to the Sabbath now we see in Luke Chapter four the Bible says and beginning in verse fourteen speaking of Jesus as in Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit into Galilee and there went out of him a fame of him through all the region round about and he taught in their synagogues being glorified of all and he came to Nasser it where he had been brought up and as his custom was he went into the synagogue on the way up on the Sabbath day and stood up for it to read Jesus if you were looking for him on the Sabbath day where would you expect to find him. He was in church and you say well you know that makes perfect sense because partly because he was Jewish you would say right but the fascinating thing if you study back in the book of Isaiah that the Sabbath was given not only. To the Jews but it talks about when the Gentile would come to the Lord that they would also keep the. Sabbath because the Bible says a Mark Chapter two verses twenty seven and twenty eight Jesus was speaking and he tells us that the Sabbath was made for man the word in the Greek there is anthropologists which is you know where we get the word anthropology the study of mankind humankind and Jesus said that the Sabbath was made for man. Kind for humanity right it wasn't just for one group of people that there's an actual blessing to all humanity who will actually follow in keep God's will in his ways and Jesus when he came to earth as our example our beautiful perfect spotless savior he took up the Sabbath now was he accused of breaking the Sabbath yes or no. Yes he was why what did he do on the Sabbath he healed people on the Sabbath Day But Jesus told us it is lawful that means it's according to the law it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath meaning it is according to the law to do what he did so they claim that he broke God's law but did he break it yes or no if he did break it could he be our savior No because he had to be the spotless Lamb of God right so Jesus never broke out so he was faithful to God's law as our example he too kept the law when he was here on planet Earth now according to the Bible. What day is the Sabbath day. Let's find out if you have your Bibles termas me to Luke Chapter twenty three I grew up going to church every Sunday. And what does the Bible say. What does the Bible see and someone may say well the Bible doesn't say you know you know it's Tuesday or Thursday or Saturday or Sunday but what does the Bible actually say if we allow the Scriptures to interpret themselves let's begin in Luke Chapter twenty three right toward the end we're going to begin at the paragraph break at verse fifty verse fifty. Jesus here is he's he's been hung on the crossed he has now died but he has his lifeless body is there he and he is waiting on the cross I mean not that he is waiting but its body is waiting to be buried in verse fifty it says in behold there was a man named Joseph a counsellor and he was a good man and just the same had not consented to the council and deed of them. He was of a city of the Jews who also himself waited for the coming of God So Joseph of Amethi of this honorable counselor comes and wants to take the body of Jesus down and have it buried is a fifty two this man went on the pilot and begged the body of Jesus he begged for the body of Jesus and he took it down and wrapped it in linen and laid it in a supple career that was hewn or cut out of a stone wherein never man before was laid and a valid day was the way up was the preparation and the Sabbath drew on so the David Jesus was crucified the Jewish people called though up the preparation day and the Sabbath was coming so it was the preparation of what of the Sabbath now many Christians celebrate a day each year in honor of the day the. Jesus died and they call that a good. Friday now the Jews didn't call it Good Friday they called it the preparation so Jesus died on Good Friday or the preparation day and the Sabbath drew on so the day after Friday and the way we know there is one anchor point that helps us to understand OK What is this what we know for sure the day before the Sabbath is you know the preparation David a before and that's Friday Good Friday but then it goes on to say first fifty five and the women also which came with him from Galilee followed after him beheld the sepak her and how his body was laid and they were they returned prepared spices and point men's and rested the. Sabbath day according to the commandment so they continued to keep the Sabbath even after the death of Jesus Chapter twenty four verse one Now keep in mind once again there was no chapter break in the original now upon the first day of the week very early in the morning they came under the supple Kerr bringing the spices which they had prepared and certain others with them and they found a stone rolled away from the simple care and they entered in and found the body of the Lord Jesus so Jesus is risen on what day of the week first day in Christians call the first stay they call it when the many Christians I should say when they celebrate so many of them celebrate a certain day that they call Easter Sunday right so the day after the Sabbath these Sunday the sixth day of the week are the preparation day is Friday so what day is sandwiched in between those two days the Sabbath and we call that day today Saturday right so the Bible actually does make very clear now there's many other ways that we can come about the conclusion of what way the Sabbath this but the Bible the Bible clarifies but if you even look at like my wife speaks Aramaic that's. Her mother tongue that's what she was raised in and with she was raised with and. If you if you go through the days of the week in the Aramaic language whole shava is the first state and each day is named with a number so Sunday is that means the first day. That's the second day that's Sunday and Monday and you go you know Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and each one of those days is number one two three four five and then the day before the Sabbath which is we would call Friday the in Aramaic is called Ruta and it means the be right or the day before so it's just called to eat right and then the Sabbath is called yeoman ship phone which means the day of Sabbath Saturday is called this and there's something like one hundred eight languages in the world that tell you it's like for instance how many of you speak Spanish like half of you right you know and what what is Saturday in Spanish subadult And what does that mean now in the older translations in Spanish if you were to read it and this is this is like an eight English translation of them it would sound like this if you spoke Spanish remember Saturday to keep it holy yes or no. Because it calls It's a subtle right and so if someone you know it's but they over time realized you know people see that and it's it's troubling because you'd read the Bible and it would be as clear in English as reading remember Saturday to keep it holy right so we have so many evidences the fact that the Jews all over the world keep the Sabbath day holy right and so we have we have you know there are many different ways to have anchor point after anchor point of how do we know what day is the Sabbath now the clearest is just God's word tells us it shows us so the question is then what happened. I kept I went to church on Sunday nearly every day of my life growing up until I was in college and so what happened I mean if the vast majority of people why why did I grow up keeping Sunday holy and what actually happened I'm going to show you a video clip now that we made several years ago from a documentary on the. It's called the anti christ amendment now this is just a clip out of about an hour documentary just beginning to answer the question of what happened to change the Sabbath so let's see if we can get this working. So first why wasn't this was the question brain mind. Was how. Did that. That you guys go. You know oh. Oh. Oh. This came. Back at me three to five. Percent whether that was use or curse. Or. How. Do. You go. Murals and you know five young. Girls in this situation and so we're here with us Congress how she heard people use your. Single and needed help over the. State will last day oh. Gosh instead of all of us she was one of the last like Hundred and so Christians were that I won't be persecuted if you get Christians less you or she is going to kill you know great horse races or even better their egos who see better or worse headers. And then you try new visions were singled up. However because the Christians were also being persecuted by Hugh the same Christians behavior a comfortable shit was growing out of the antisemitic butcher. And since you moved the water hookers because she's also the nice barbecue he comes to gets. So. Many good peace in the south of the Jews and Christians that find a way out and spit in the sense that the good wishes will be at that age he was so fed up with his youth that I'll walk trust banks and it is kept the satellites of the culture who were out on a personal. Goal started then look for it where your. Best Leaders go to gov and then some better than some other war orbitals this is all for the Jews. Who are with a cause and who. Were persecuted with others who will walk the halls or girls little girl the girl says or. As little as a doctor this is good and all that the Christians and not so do they get without some of this question day. It was luck it was a little rats and so rather than constant force and now we've got us if you good then the third so below and he made cars and he was eight. He gave up her belly and subversion Bush and seeking out constantly formulated burnished so I did a lot of it is work. He said quote All corrections city people can cast the rest of the ventilator soon and country there may be no need there's evidence ready to go so it is going to happen this is motion all day or shall be great opening night little or big bank columns in the last or the great seasons Surely this special in the summer because it it is basically a billiard ball it is the bowl in the middle there is a city to see it so many easily painted but it is you can see your heart and his connection so I'm going to hinge on points it will say on one side not constant and on the other side the sun so that guess the symbols what's the use of trees in the first. Because it's. Us or. Our part in the will because we're all curious world while. This is not Christian because. This is a political war the world that you know is. An Christian. A little well well accomplished. So that yes we're going all saw. Over the trials for the world over because surely some of it was also. It's criminal. It's a little off the offer was it's not all journalists are welcome to deal. With it would be very well oh gosh church leaders limit the books and so they'd be shipped shortly after the loss and maybe clean a dish lost in the nation mocked each other for the visions and not only does he think there certainly is no city and know nothing bit of the first of all Sylvester goes in to clear as of this but nobody could keep up the lost the beasts. And this is clearly to get on the stick recognize no questions where somebody comes up with what he said the whole doc of the show who created all the war it was huge that it was transferred to get something well this therefore you go on to say and the ancients were and to those. Who were startled British. No the Dr only search. And they're going to be so mad that only in the most of the world the launch date is so well served and so there's a feeling there is something I feel very clear here for the better we'll say well they did he was out like you but like he awards so long a Revelation chapter one verse I was in the spirit of the all about us I was in the spirit on the course a early I mean a lot of ways after the shock now Revelation Chapter one is the order in kind search the Bible specifically uses the words the Lord's day down do you have a place a scripture that said a word oh for that why did I get that you will throw away. We're. All. All. Wars. And. It's interesting to get a little bit of history isn't it to see some of the history of what happened so the interesting thing is the Bible prophesied that the change would take place we don't I wish we had time to go into it I'll give you a quick overview there are several points you could finding him to give you five of them quickly on the prophecy in Daniel Chapter seven that talked about the change of the Sabbath today we see that the Bible said that there would be the power that would change God's Sabbath would be a worldwide power it says that it would be a worldwide religion it worldwide religion that rose up in Europe with a man at its head that claimed the billet doux to forgive sins can you think of a power a worldwide religion that rose up in Europe with a man and its head that claims to be able to forgive sins who would that be. It's none other than the Vatican City or Papal Rome the Bible prophesied that there would come a power that would turn people away from God's Holy Law and prophesied these are the words it says in Daniel seven twenty five that this power would think to change times and what laws what is the only law in the Ten Commandments that has to do with time. It's the Sabbath right so this power of the Bible specified exactly what power it was would change God's times and laws now. You say will do they have now does the Roman Catholic Church acknowledge that they are the ones who changed God's Law This is not putting down it's not as if we despise Catholics Catholics there are many you know wonderful Catholics and and you know very Christian people this is not putting them down by any stretch of the imagination this is just a history of what the Catholic Church says and this is a book I bought from the Catholic must the mustard seed Catholic book store in Rapid City South Dakota it's called the converts catechism of Catholic doctrine so this is it for some years if you were a convert to Catholicism this would be one of the catechisms one of the books you would read to help prepare you to become a Catholic if you came out of products in tism or some other religion and so it begins and. On page fifty and it's a question and answer format just as written here it says what which is the Sabbath day the Catholic Church says Saturday is a sabbath day and question why do we observe Sunday instead of Santa because the Catholic Church transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday so the Catholic Church is very honest and I really appreciate that about their you know just their honesty and just being very very open about yes we changed the date from Saturday to Sunday and also in this book by James Cardinal Gibbons It's called The Faith of Our Fathers another Catholic work and it says you may have read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and you will not find a single line authorizing the sanctification or the holiness of Sunday so Catholic Church says if you read the the entire Bible you'll you'll find that it never says Sunday is a holy day they say we changed it that's why it's not in the Bible because we changed it after the Bible was written and so this being the case and I'm going to show you something very very interesting here this here is from Michigan I'm originally from Grand Rapids Michigan this is from Michigan and in the St Catherine Catholic Church Sentinel and this is on the pastor's page and you know it This is from one thousand nine hundred ninety five right here and I'm going to blow it up so you can see it and just show you what it says but if you know perhaps the boldest thing notice what it says When I write it out for you it says this is this is from a Catholic perspective perhaps the boldest thing the most revolutionary change the Church of the Catholic Church ever did happen in the first century the holy day the Sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sunday not from any direction no directions noted in the scripture but from the church a sense of its own power the people who think that the scripture should be the sole authority should logically become Seventh Day Adventists and keep Saturday holy. And that's interesting isn't it. You know that the Catholic Church said if you want to follow the Bible if that's your intention then you want to go ahead and follow the Bible I mean if you're going to if you're going to follow the scriptures keep the Sabbath holy with the and honest that's that's what they suggest which is very very interesting and once again I was not raised keeping the Sabbath so this was brand new to me when I saw these things I thought really I read I just it hadn't registered in my mind at all it was something that was very new to me eighteen years ago when I was in college and so then I had a decision will I follow God's word or will I followed the tradition of my family it was a difficult decision to a degree it wasn't totally because I thought I mean I just want to follow what the Word of God says if I'm going to be a Christian I want to just follow what God says I want to be faithful to his word and so I chose to go forward and you know it's interesting the Bible says in Deuteronomy six verse twenty four I love this passage it says in the Lord commanded us to do all these statutes that means to follow all of his laws and the Lord commanded us to do all these statutes to fear the Lord our God why for our good always that he might preserve us alive as it is this day meaning all of God's commandments are for our good they're actually beneficial to us to actually keep his law now I'm going to show you another video clip from another documentary that we made it's called ancient health there's a little shorter clip but some very interesting information. So let's check this out one of those is proved with a cool. That is. All this. Three minutes. To an awful lot to discuss. It. We also have. Everything that. Mental. That. Question. This. Program. Called. Trust is not. It's not just something from culture it's actually something. It's interesting isn't it all his commandments are for our good always and then he says that he might preserve us alive as it is this day that his commandments actually have a benefit to long jeopardy that God tells us that the things he gave us even in commandments are not to keep us from something good but rather to bring us to something good actually to bring us joy peace happiness all of these things you know in one of the things that the Sabbath was given for as we said was a day to remember God is the creator the one who made all things we see even accept of sixteen in the New Testament on the Sabbath day we went outside of the city by a river side where we were where we suppose there was a place of prayer and we sat down and spoke to the women who had come together so even you know going out into nature yes for spiritual benefit in these kind of things and today we're seeing that there's a benefit to spending this time in a charity meant I could go on and I could give you hours of information on the studies of of nature and health I don't have time this morning but like we said Nature can actually going out in nature meaning two people you send them walking out through a city street and then you send them walking the exact same amount of time through nature and the people who walk in nature will increase their memory in a memory test by about twenty percent after being out in nature nature is very powerful God has given it to us to enhance our spiritual life and so we could this is something a special thing we can do on Sabbath on a nature it can lower levels of anxiety depression I wish I had time to tell you all kinds of things we're making a video series specifically on that the benefits that God has given us in nature very powerful and we were told these things actually over one hundred years ago about many of these things in particular and now the science is showing that these things are actually true you know saying you know once again benefiting depression all of these different things and you know. Back. To God's law many people think well maybe those you know Sabbath was done away with and it's not important anymore but Jesus told us in Matthew chapter five verse seventeen and eighteen Think not that means Don't think don't think that I've come to destroy the law of the prophets I'm not come to destroy but to fulfill for verily that means truly I say unto you till heaven and earth pass one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law till all be fulfilled so Jesus told us don't think that my last going to be done away with they won't be done away with him till everything has been fulfilled and all the things in Scripture clearly have not been all fulfilled yet some still are to be fulfilled soon so God's Law is still in effect and it is meant to be a blessing to us you know the Bible prophesies in Revelation Chapter fourteen in verse twelve and in the last days the Word of God says here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the. Commandments of God and the faith of Jesus that God is going to have a people at the end of time who will keep the commandments of God by faith in Jesus that they're going to keep God's commandments and in the context here it even gives us a revelation of of God's holy Sabbath day that it would be an important issue at the end of time in Revelation Chapter fourteen that worshipping God who made the heavens and the earth the sea and all that in them is or the heavens the earth the sea and the fountains of waters so this is what we see we see this passage here that God is showing us that his Sabbath will be important in the last days and he prophesies that there will be a people who keep the Sabbath at the end of time the question is will I be one of those people God gives everyone the opportunity and that in the good news is the Bible actually says this message I'm sharing with you now is going to go to every nation kindred tongue. And people right everybody is going to going to have an opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior to follow the true Creator and keep his word everybody will have the opportunity to accept these things and I think about this God has given us this to be a blessing in when we think about Jesus. Jesus us in the beginning as our Creator gave us the Sabbath right in Genesis chapter to chapter two verse one through three then Jesus commands it in Exodus Chapter twenty so it's given it's made holy it's given right in the beginning and then when they were given the Ten Commandments it was the fourth commandment right in God's law then when our savior Jesus came to this earth as our perfect example he showed us how to keep us up that it's good to do good on the Sabbath day he gave us more insight on on his life as an example of what the Sabbath is all about but then. And then what we see is that it's interesting that when Jesus goes to the cross he goes to the cross and as we saw he dies on Friday. And he what does he do then on the Sabbath. He rests in the tomb on the Sabbath day. So there Jesus goes he rests in the tomb for the Sabbath day and then he rises you know he rises up again on Sunday the Bible specifically says that in Mark chapter six sixteen that Jesus rises very early the first day of the week he rises up from the two I think it's right around verse nine there in chapter sixteen of Mark and so Jesus rise up very early the first day of the week so this being the case Jesus caps and keeps the Sabbath even in our recreate he gave it in creation but then when he is recreating us when he has given us the opportunity of salvation from his death on the cross at that point he rests on the Sabbath day and the. On the first day of the week he comes back from the grave and he begins his work of salvation once again Jesus goes back this is what we have Jesus has given this this message and one of the things I love about God is that God is a God of. Freedom of choice he doesn't force anybody to follow I am. A friend a friend of mine who is a Muslim His name's Muhammad he we would visit with him we would meet with him and. We were open and we we would share the word with him and surely he would share with us about the Qur'an and as we would talking he his wife was faithful and he was not very faithful in his religious beliefs but he still believed in them and one of the things he shared with me is that he said because he he discovered that we really enjoyed following God. And he thought Man you're very religious you know you follow God you're you know you don't do drugs you don't drink you don't do this and and and he said in his mind he thought you were basically a good Muslim. And we had other Muslims tell us that too like you know one said to my wife they said. What's the difference between you and me you know and in here's the thing the difference is. One of the differences. The Bible presents a God of love and choice not force because he said he said you would love living in Saudi Arabia that's what he told me and he said because everybody has to follow God there. And to him he thought since you already love following God you would love Saudi Arabia because you can just go over there before still with everybody else. But here's the thing and I do love Muslims and Catholics and Buddhists and Hindus and every every I mean we love the world because Christ loves the world right so this isn't putting the brother down but the difference is I would not enjoy people to force me to follow God Do you see the difference following God out of your own heart now and think about it there are a few people who would not mind having someone love them out of sheer force there's a few people like that and we think of those people as psychotic yes or no. Meaning if you thought you would enjoy putting a gun to someone's head and having them love you we would think of that as a form of psychosis yes or no. And I don't I don't want to follow God the Bible presents a God that says you can choose me choose you this day whom you will serve. God wants us to be people of choice come now we looked at in Sabbath school in Isaiah Chapter one Verse eighteen come now and let us reason together God wants thinking people and he wants people to follow him by choice because true love can never be coerced yes or no once again the person with the gun put pointing the gun to someone and saying love me can you actually make an individual love you gunpoint yes or no you could get them to say I love you but could you change a human heart by force and even when it comes to the Sabbath Jesus tells us something fairy. Very telling. About his law in John Chapter fourteen verse fifteen we're going to close with this he says if you. Love me what. Keep my commandments notice that it is a choice whether you are willing to keep God south he will never force you but in the end God is going to have a line of demarcation it says that he's going to have a group of people here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus if you love him keep his commandments for someone here who this is brand new I want to challenge you to look more into these things I did I test that out myself I looked into these things myself I saw that it's what the Bible teaches I saw it's what the Catholic Church teaches it's what even many Protestant dominations of recognized for years and Jesus does not force anyone he gives us each the choice but he will have a group of people that he prophesies in the last days who will choose out of out of their own hearts as God changes their hearts that they will say I do love you and I'm willing to keep your commandments is that your desire let's close with prayer. Heavenly Father I think you for. Our Savior Jesus. Who had all power he even revealed it at what a few times in his life for he showed his divine his divinity flashed through his humanities as as his humanity as he was in the garden praying in guess semi and they came to take him to murder him and he flashed forth his divinity and people fell to the ground. But then he allowed them to take him he showed I have power you have no power to take me and kill me I am yielding myself for your lives I am choosing to give my life for you you cannot force it and Father you are a God of choice and we thank you but you don't force us to follow you that you give us the opportunity. Because we know through must of history what generally is created by forced religion is hypocrisy but Father My prayer is that we would become each one of us here. If we haven't spent time daily in your word that we would begin that today would we pick up your Bible tomorrow morning we pick it up and day after day week before we go to work before we do our studies before we do anything before we look on the Internet that we would put you first that we would become the people of the book that we would be those who say those who are spoken of rather here are they that keep the commands of God and the faith of Jesus Christ Lord thank you for your love draw each one of us nearer to you thank you for your holy Sabbath day in the nature that you have given us to be a blessing to us and I pray that we would take advantage in a good way of both both the holy day of given us and even when we can getting out in nature blessed we thank you for your love in the name of Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse. 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