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The Great Object

John Bradshaw


John Bradshaw

President of It Is Written




  • February 7, 2018
    7:00 PM
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I want to say thank you to all of you for your interest in and your role in education I believe strongly in what we read as being called True education I don't know that I was the recipient of it as a child growing up attending St Paul's Catholic school as a youngster I think not but I am grateful for admin a stage occasion and for true education my children have attended had been a school all their lives they are not all children by any stretch of imagination. For the first ten grades my son attended an admin a school that was in our house and my daughter who I believe is in the eighth grade has been eight years at a school in our house as an ad going to school and I appreciate that school. We are in desperate need as you know of of connecting our children with education that is based truly on God's principles a desperate need we believe that Jesus is coming back soon don't we yes we do. I believe that we believe this is a very very impressed me I guess it's me I don't know what I'm doing to to do that pumping thing. If ever there was a time to be not only talking about but implementing the principles of true education the time is now. If I was going to but I'm not if I was going to I might spend some time talking about the pickle that our When I say our you know I say our tour with the seven evidence church under way Ysaye it it's just our We're part of it all we could talk about the pickle that our educational system IP in one day when because we refused to promote certain lifestyle choices the government might choose not to give us any more money. And if that day finally arrives as many people who occupy lofty positions feel. Everything's going to change. So as part of a preamble and that's what this is I would say this I have never believed as a past or an evangelist or as a Seventh Day Adventist that God is especially impressed with numbers me qualify that statement if as an evangelist I conduct an evangelist experience and two hundred fifty people have at times all that proves is that two hundred fifty people were baptized in the same sign it does not necessarily prove that God did a great thing as a student literature evangelist used to become very discouraged because I was never very good as a literature event just I was competent you would probably want me on your team but if we were doing pick up in the playground you of picking first literature evangelists first you would not choose me first maybe as the driver but that's all but as a student literature evangelist I remember being deflated when I said oh god how did you day goes and he said The Lord will bless I sold one thousand books and I'm thinking I sold eight by inference the Lord did not place. But I don't believe that I don't believe that to be so I think my friend whose face I can see as vividly as I can see your words I think it shows a rather unfortunate expression the Lord blissed So when we had this little monkey of a kid on the team he was a rascal this child he was it was a most wonderful thing happened without when our leader told him he could no longer eat sugar and he finally settled down he was it was a scoundrel wonderful person I guess but a scoundrel this little character would run off and sell twenty five books before lunch time he was acute and he was smooth talker and he was shop of intellect I'm thinking is this evidence that God's blessing rests upon this little. Town things if you left it to us we would have tied him up and left him in the church basement and send somebody down with bread and water once a day so didn't God bless I mean yes but you understand what I'm saying is God bless the child who sells twenty five books all that he blesses the child who toils all day and sells nothing not necessarily you understand my point. If you are the posture of a church and your church grows. Is that evidence of God's blessing you may say yes I have I would say well I don't know depends it depends on some things like study I learned long ago in ministry by listening to the wonderful stories that there's always a story behind the story we had to move because it was like Pentecost I'm happy for you but before I christen you the Holy Spirit Himself I want to decide I want to find out what the story behind the story was. Let me boil that down of this one point we are living I believe. Euphemistically moments away from the end of time. Gone has not called us primarily to be successful God has called us primarily to be faithful. Faithful I would rather a school with no running water and two children struggling to pay the bills then a cathedral of a school filled to overflowing with a long waiting list that is not based on God's principles I would rather it be that way and I don't say that flippantly I Doc's one of the hardest things in the womb in the should is starting an institution one of the few things harder than starting institution is closing an institution because we develop a fortress mentality where we're no longer concerned with the mission of what that institution was founded for but now we exist to keep the institution afloat when sometimes there are times you should let it die sometimes churches schools you name it sometimes they run their course. The institution is only ever a means to an end is not the end in and of itself so we mustn't be buffaloed all fooled all sidetracked by success stories I would rock I like them I like them would to God all of our schools were filled to overflowing and based on God's principles would be wonderful in my in my mind but I think to follow up on Steve your comments earlier about being here to study the principles of George occasion and God's educational plan to find out what God is say I just want to encourage you over these next few days to be committed to faithfulness are a thousand things you can do to grow your church that God has nothing to do with the multiple things you can do to boost your numbers it eventually six years that God is not in and I believe though I'm not an educator don't have nearly the experience you have with education though I was educated kinder I believe there are probably things that you can do to look after your bottom line at school and make your institutions look better and to make them more attractive to others what encourage you to make them attractive to God. Make them attracted to the Holy Spirit if the Spirit of God walks your grounds freely and with favor and then you are then you are some place God wants you to be. At the same time you can vs so far in that direction that that can become a copout but at least we're being faithful I've heard it said but I'm going to credit you with enough intelligence to know the difference between faithful and faithful so on a personal level Thank you for what you're doing to point children to Jesus and to prepare them for eternity. As a parent and decidedly and profoundly grateful. Well let's pray now Father in heaven we're grateful to be here in this place I believe your spirit is here I would not begin by asking you to send your spirit silly period that would be you were here when we arrived this is your place and we thank you for that I would pray that you would banish distractions I would pray that you would give us focus I would pray that you would grant that we would hear your voice I would also pray that tonight I would say what you want me to say close my mouth of I'm going off in the wrong direction open it if I'm failing to heed your. Lord I pray that you'd speak to us through you wouldn't encourage us and stop this conference in the way in which you mean for it to go on so we thank you tonight we believe that you are the great educator we believe that your would is the greatest textbook I thank you for the people here tonight who have given themselves to the education of our young people for your glory and with eternity in view I pray that when the time comes that if one departs from this place we will go being carried on eagle's wings with a clearer view of what you would have us do for you we thank you and we pray in Jesus name name. Before I start you thought I was rid of this I don't know I don't know if you know this Steve it was at Hobbit Hills academy that my life changed. I should tell you all of the story later but it's a very fascinating thing I had received a call to pastor a church and the Cole really had me buffaloed I just didn't know what to do as Metta fact I didn't want to accept it it was nothing about it that attracted. And I was driving the hobbit who was I think it was behind him coming or something like that and I called a a wise man and he said this weekend just listen give God a try let God speak you clearly this weekend not that well God is going to speak to me but it was academy he said maybe in the sermon I thought no that I'm preaching so that's not likely. Maybe in Sabbath school at school does God ever speak to any one in seven school I suppose he does yes that's possible ha but who knows you might he might hear something and it's clear as a bell frightening clarity God spoke to me. And I got my answer. But it was academy so thank you I think. Wasn't the answer I wanted. But it was the answer God wanted for me and so that's what matters the most. In Will Chia at a county in England eleven miles from the city of souls agree with its beautiful cathedral its spire reaching four hundred four feet up into the sky the highest fifty two spire in all of the United Kingdom. About ninety miles from London it's a fascinating place it actually say it was in a man's very which is a little town of about eleven thousand people but no one's heard of Amesbury much I don't think no one knows what this fascinating place really is read the literature and you'll find words Ally thought to be might have been researches have considered it but truth be told nobody really knows it's thousands of years old that much is known over the pyramids of Egypt it's made out of enormous stone was. Some of them thirty or so feet high some of them weighing twenty five tons people would bury there apparently at one stage so there is that but it appears to be out everybody who looks on that this place is more than just a graveyard. The origin of the big stones is a bit of a mystery some of them were evidently sourced locally old local ish only other is the smaller ones but still very big it's believed that they came from wiles which is about one hundred eighty miles away so the question is how in the world they got this great big stone one hundred eighty miles from Wales down to here I heard it theory that suggested that during an ice age these stones were kind of moved by glaciers away from where they started to nearby and so maybe that's how but know how likely that is. I visited Stonehenge a couple of times I'm fascinated by its oddly beautiful it's very stuff last time they would took some great photographs of course the bucolic setting is delightful first time I was there was almost thirty years ago and I'm shocked to be able to say that but it was me I don't know twenty seven twenty eight something like that I went there with the with that with a D. A friend from my home country we both happened to be in England touring around at the same time and we bumped into each other and we said well why don't we do that together and we went to Stonehenge and we went to Boston one of the other places that was an outing on a bus it was it was fine last time I was there was a las year with a very briefly we stood in the fields around Stonehenge and we looked and we photographed and we stood and we wondered and we. And we said to each other what's the point what's it for. What's really the object of this place and in truth nobody really knows you might think you know you will have read a book perhaps or watched a video or had some expert tell you this is what it was for but I will find you another expert to contradict your expert no one's really one hundred percent sure but there's another little interesting place in England another part of England Stonehenge is in the southwest this is in the south east just outside the seaside town of MA Gates just fifty miles in a straight line from Dun cook on the coast of France. In the year eight hundred thirty five a man digging in a field was a stylish when he pressed his shovel into the ground and the Chavo disappear. I don't mean it which. I mean it disappeared into the ground and my goodness what's going on he thought he ran and he told another man the other man came looking and he said My son will help so they tied a rope around the sun and lowered him down candle in hand into this hole in the ground and when he came up out of the ground he came up with the most amazing tale when they checked out the boy's story they discovered that beneath their feet was something that resembled a temple and it was dawned with seashells lining the walls four point six million seashells they got the locals to look down they what in the world passageways rooms and all to a rotunda the shelves are arranged in some fashion in pattern some beautiful patterns there arranging objects it's quite interesting people looked at this they started the once ground this was eight hundred thirty five Does anybody know there was no one in town who could say Ah I remember a story about that my grandfather used to tell me that means if in eight hundred thirty five nobody's grandfather knew about it this it was all they wanted was a place. Created by pirates where they were going to hide the route will know to make any sense at all too far from the beach no escape passage very elaborate and what about the shells and why doesn't anybody know about a team that was obviously a large team of people who did all of that digging and gathered four point six million sea shells and they're all local shows they're not strange exotic shows that were taken from Florida or the Bahamas or some such place one in the world well somebody thought maybe it was a Roman temple may be possible but probably not. The current theory is that this was perhaps built in the eleven hundreds by a group known as the poor fellow soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon you know them better as the Knights Templar a Roman Catholic organization a military order founded in the twelfth century so now they wonder if it was a Knights Templar temple. It's a privately owned place if you're ever in my gate or Nehemiah gate not that far from the White Cliffs of Dover you might you might want to go and take a look at the MA gate shell grotto in Kent but if you would have visit the moderate shell grotto you would come away from yourself you would come away from there saying to yourself What in the world. What's the price of stone Haines and seem to be anybody who knows what's the purpose or what was the purpose of the MA gate shell grotto same thing. But at the end of the day it hardly matters Stonehenge is just a pile of rocks and my gate shall grow is just a bunch of sea shells probably doesn't matter but let's ask ourselves a question that really doesn't matter what's the purpose for our school it's. Let me give you the perspective of a of a parent with a child attending high school right now as a matter of fact attending one of the high schools represented here at this conference this week there are a number of things my wife Melissa and I wish for our children we wish for them good health as you would wish for yours we wish for them good friends and would the associates we wish with in Bright Future us good careers we wish for them to be involved in mission work in serving others we wish for them to one day find a spouse God willing who would be just the person God wants for then. But above all. What above all these other considerations we want our children to know and love God That's what we want that's it if they are sick and lonely and unemployed and can't figure out their purpose and their life that's OK with me if they know and love God because then they have every day we are giving our children for a pitifully short time on this good they leave our way too quickly what we want is for our children to be saying if we want them to be in heaven we love children but not nearly as much as God loves our children God wants for our children to be in heaven too and so what he gives them to us. With those children he gives to parents and educators as well the response ability of preparing them for of a lasting on if that's what God does a major part of this whole equation is school if you figure that a kid spin seven hours a day at school that's a conservative estimate that doesn't count any time before doesn't count and it's not talking about extracurricular activities seven hours a day five days a week that's thirty five hours a week after curricular activities it could be up to the sky's the limit how much time does that child spend at home waking hours interacting with his or her family members an hour or so in the morning once again from school I don't know call it three o'clock six hours if you do the math it's about even stevens once you add extra curricular activities there's a strong case to make in fact in many situations a child spends more time at school than he or she does at home it isn't out of the question that my child will spend more time at school with classmates and friends and teaches then he or she will spin with me no matter how available I am as a parent if a child is away at boarding school as is one of mine then of course those numbers skew dramatically and my influence now in that child's life is really pretty small really. I've been told by many parents my children left. For Academy at fourteen fifteen years of age and basically never came back that. Is terrifying my one spot of hope with Sonnen likely our daughter going away for the final two years of high school is that they'll come back home to go to university we get mail from colleges around the country and I get that and I think to myself Why don't you just say the postage recruit who's from anywhere outside Hamilton County Tennessee need not apply I think I'm telling you the truth when I tell you that of my son was offered a full ride at any college outside Hamilton County I would turn it down it would be way too expensive for my liking he's going to be at home I say to my son if you go to Southern I will I said to him oh I need to get this the right way around I said to my son you can go to any admin a school in the United States that you want any I said I will pay for Southern but you can go to any school you want. And the fact of the matter is I wasn't telling the truth irrespective of who pays he's not going to a school on the outside of the country. Unless of course it's God's will. It be in the ME. We want the best for our children when I say we I mean all parents we want our children to be happy on this we want them to be productive and we want them in heaven that's what we want. Which means that what we want what we need is schools that I was committed to that objective as parents. A school must be a place that increases a child's chances of going to heaven must be if it isn't it should close now of course there are some things that I'm always out of the control of any in any school you can only do so much to police the activities of kids you can always tell what kind of kids you going to attract to school therefore what kind of crowd you're going to get you cannot dictate very easily what sort of decisions these children will make but the first priority of any school must be to do everything possible to get a child to heaven my friend told me just the other day the first time my son ever drank alcohol all was when he went to school that was a church run high school I'm not faulting the school for that you know have kids can be it's just what it what it what it that's just how it was that young man went on to develop dependency issues to this day he has been out of high school about oh let me say that correctly. He's been out of high school for probably more than fifteen years now and his life is still somewhere close to rock bottom it where did you learn his bad habits not finding fault with anybody but he learned them at school you can understand how disappointed my friend is that that's how things played out. I was sitting down to eat at the fellowship meal after church one Sabbath and a friend's son sat opposite me and I knew that he went to a church school and I knew that we were looking for a school this and my son too and so I said hey man I'm glad you're sitting there let's talk I want to ask you about your school I said. We're fixing to send our son off to school and I want to ask you some questions and he looked up at me and deadpan he said don't send him to my school I said why would you say such a thing he said Well to begin with we had four pregnancies last year and I said please tell me that at least they will all seem is he said to them would two of them were sophomores which I can't figure out I went to public school for five years not one girl got pregnant become figured it out now again hear me carefully we can't hold the school responsible for this one friend would tell his children when they went off to college a dear friend of mine he would say to his kids one son three daughters you will find what you are looking for and that's a fair comment but the fact is you don't need your kids to go off a looking for sin sin comes looking for them it's a jungle out there I am glad I don't have to be a kid today really glad I know what was available to us. And how we used to react to what was available to us but that was before Facebook Mind you you probably know this Facebook they tell us is for old people now kids have moved off Facebook dealing with Instagram you know Instagram that's we should children post inappropriate photographs of themselves and now our kids deal with streaming video and smartphones it is no secret that on many of our high school campuses there is an acknowledged problem with pornography no secret what this means is we are facing a crisis of say it again we are facing a crisis I'm not given to hyperbole that's what it is and Azza absolute crisis so why is this we know why it is Revelation twelve and verse seventeen tells us why is it says The dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make wall with the remnant of a seed which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ we are in a wall the war is called the great controversy and when it comes to our children when it comes to education that which will save us in the great controversy is something Ellen White called the great object I don't expect this to be new to you I shall read this to you through sin the divine likeness was modern Well my obliterated men in specific powers were weakened his mental capacity was less and his spiritual vision did he had become subject to death yet the race was not left without hope by infinite love and mercy the plan of salvation had been devised and a life of probation was granted now to receive store in man the image of his maker to bring him back to the perfection in which he was created to promote the development of body mind and soul that the divine purpose in his creation might be realized this was to be the work of redemption this is the object of education the great object of life that's the book education and Page fifteen now you notice that didn't you the object of education watch out for why do we have schools why awi educating our children at all I was raised near a large city in which on the outskirts of which it was a very large school a large high school operated by the Mormons and we knew that school because when it came to sport those guys were excellent when it came to being citizens they were model citizens good people but some years ago I think they lied frankly but the church said we no longer need that screw because the schools in this city is so good that we don't need to provide our own schools now I think what that really means is this is costing us a boatload of money and we just figure we don't pay it any more that's what I think. But what they said was There are so many very good schools in the area why do we need a school of our it's a fair question that's a really good question and unless you have a really particular peculiar mission why in the world would you would you go to the trouble and the expense of having your own schools these things aren't cheap where I'm from a New Zealand the government pays for Christian schools now what they do is they say no what that couple of things Number one if you're an admin a school we are paying for it you must be a peculiarly admin of school you must otherwise we will not pay for you second you have to teach the theory of evolution and I said to my friend the principal I said Well how does that work out he said it's not a problem we teach it we teach it they want us to teach the theory of evolution and so we knew we said of the kids and here's the theory of evolution is what it teaches and now he's with the Bible teaches seems to work for them means you can send your kid to elementary school for four hundred dollars a year it's not bad down to that here. Why have schools our universities will never have a law schools like Harvard or Stanford won't we will never have medical schools of the caliber of Johns Hopkins or UN C. or do you think we want. We will never have a kidneys that can outsmart these high end private schools we won't I said to a lady the other day you children what do they do and she said oh they attend I forget the name of the school some toughies schools some school the nobs around Chattanooga send their children to I had heard of it when she said that school US Who was it that said exclusive private school right and she said with a smile Yes it is our academies will never compete on academic excellence on that level you may argue the point with me I hope you will but it's just what I think was money tends to buy lots and lots of that you didn't hear me say our schools won't do a great job I just don't think they'll be that good i hope i'm wrong but it's what I think. We will never have schools that are as well equipped as most public schools public schools we want. But that's not why we operate schools or educate our children we don't have schools so that primarily Now kids can get an excellent education Academically I'm going to say that again in case you missed me the primary reason for having schools is not to be sure that our kids exposed to excellent academics is not the primary reason I want my kids exposed to excellent academics I want that that's not the primary reason press schools or the primary reason I send my kid to an ED miniscule we don't have schools because our primary consideration is for setting our children up in great Koreas we still hope we don't if that's our primary purpose is close our schools and send him to public schools because they do pretty good job of that but that's not the primary reason we don't we don't primarily set up our schools to provide our kids with opportunities of service and ministry that's not the primary reason God forbid that's the primary reason it may be a secondary reason or a tertiary reason it cannot be the primary reason for goodness sake we operate schools we educate our children because the great object of education is to reste all in our children the image of God the great object of education is the same as the work of red shed which means that our schools exist for redemption no one's looking for a perfect school perfect school doesn't exist we probably tried a bit over the years to create a few poop of excuse but the perfect school doesn't exist no kids going to be perfect as long as it's Bradshaw attending I can promise you then not perfect. We're not looking for a perfect school what we want what we need what we must have are schools that a been doing their every energy to connect the hots about children with the heart of Almighty God That's what we must add Here's what we know we know that turns of kids leave the church tons of them and there's been a Costco Baptist Catholic Methodist it's not peculiar to us all the way across Christianity but we know that tons of our kids leave the church if that isn't bad enough we know tons of kids leave crime so I'm not about to tell you the reasons for not very long ago I speak with a young lady who parents who are themselves into gave up maturity and she left school not certain that God exists who do you blame for that I don't know I don't care I don't want to blame anybody I'm going to try and tell you it was the fault of the school the fault of the family ultimately it's her fault she's a young adult but this is this is this is what happens we know that our kids leave we know they give up we know they walk away if we're going to place responsibility anywhere the lion's share of the responsibility for that statistic all that generalization ought to be placed at the feet of the family which right now generally speaking is a mess. But what's the role of the school in all of this what's the role of the Christian school we know to look to research in man the image of his maker to bring him back to the fiction in which he was created that the divine purpose in his creation might be realized the servant of the lowly Quite so the work of redemption with the work of education I am looking for schools that will say to parents are we going to do everything we can to see to it that your child knows God and is say no I'm not asking for a school to be a miracle worker or to give me a guarantee but parents everywhere are looking for that school who will say to prospective The parents of prespective students we're going to do our best in this and this and this will try to educate your kid and we'll give them fun experiences will provide a safe haven but we want you to know our primary objective here is to see that you'll kid knows Jesus to see that your child is saved that's what we want. It's what we need end it's the object of true education it's what it is we have it straight from the pen of inspiration. If that is not the prime focus of our school it would be best to shut the school Here's what icon figure I may well be editorializing here if. I just can't help myself I don't mean to I hope that's not what I'm doing but maybe that's what I here's what icon figure out knowing that by the time our kids get to seventy one thousand years of age twenty one twenty two years of age there is an enormous likelihood that they'll leave the church knowing that knowing that by the time our kids get up to early twenty's and become skeptical and kind of smart alec Ian and they know more than golf and they all of them knowing that. Knowing that life is hot on the faith of a child knowing that why do we not as a church have an overarching twelve. Or sixteen year plan for the Christianizing Yea verily the advent ties in about children why when our kids go to elementary school in the first grade are they not entering a twelve year plan specifically designed to and unties our kids and when I say Edwin ties to me that's Christianized that's the same thing God's law state people Adventists Edmonton eyes is to Christianize Why isn't there a plan a kip Lee thought out plan year one year to year three it for you may said but there is a plan I would say then tearing up rewrite it. Because it's failing we know that when our kids leave school here's what we know. They leave school not knowing what we believe teach them and shut the schools that want I don't say that to be a rabble rouser I'm trying to make a very constructive suggestion because if a kid could be in the tenth grade and not know what we believe because she or he wasn't talking what we believe school has failed shouldn't exist plain and simple we know the children when they leave college the majority of them and not tithing why they should have been taught to tie for sixteen years now I know it may be as I mentioned before because of the rot that's taking place in the home it may be that it may be that but I want my child to enter school and for the next sixteen years that's from first grade to graduation of college be subjected to a very carefully well thought out prayed out plan to turn my kid into an admin is and if you think that I'm quitting tithing with Adventism then you're right I am I absolutely am that and health reform kids get to school and I drop it and they leave college and then I'll hang onto I'm generalizing I'm generalizing why why would that be if our schools have spent twelve years or sixteen years teaching our children the benefit of that I understand understand understand there are forces this society this push no choice there is the media this stuff is all of this is all of that but if we teach our kids first and foremost to love God If we have spinning twelve years that's just your academy sixteen years that's true college really honestly inculpated kids the principles of Heaven they will love God and the rest of the stuff will fall into place I'm not so concerned with externals I'll get to that in a moment is there an overarching plan a well thought out well researched plane you one year to year three year four year five years six by the time you live you will be. Educating we can turn him into Christians my goodness if we had to get them we give them the tools they need why are our children not keeping the Sabbath does it have anything to do with the fact that we on teaching them to keep the Sabbath as we or if someone says to me we already have that long range plan for it to my get going to set about kids I'm here to tell you that generally speaking that plan has failed the fact of the matter is we are in a war we are caught in a crisis of existence and we are fighting for the survival of our kids the devil is at the top of his game the top other white sit in the sixth volume of the testimonies page one hundred twenty seven Satan has used the most ingenious methods to weave his plans I'm going to start that again in case you missed the beginning Satan has used the most ingenious plans to of started again because I botched it Satan has used the most ingenious methods to weave his plans and principles into the systems of education and thus gain a sprawling hold on the minds of the children and youth it is the work of the true educator now that small T. small She's not talking about Jesus it is the work of the true educator to Walt his devices now she does not say what these most ingenious methods. But this is two thousand and eighteen and you should not find it too difficult to identify some of them she says this on the same page most earnest attention must be given to the education which will in pot the knowledge of salvation and will conform to life and character to the divine similitude I'll read it again most earnest attention must be given to the education which will impart a knowledge of salvation and will conform the life and character to do the blinds in the tube that's what's important I'll just say this is a parent that whole statement you know I think we're failing we did it Kate babies without teaching parents what it means to be parents. When I go back to pastoral work and I will by the grace of God When someone says past I want you dedicate the baby I say first we can dedicate you and we're going to go through some lessons together what it means to be a parent of a Christian child find someone else to dedicate your baby when you're there with marriage right that we have preparation for marriage classes in many cases and I wonder I'm just trying to Saudia one that there's not a place for schools to educate parents as well as students I wonder if there's not a place I wonder I don't I really haven't given this much thought I'm wondering I'm sharing this thought with the is there a place for the school to call the parents in and say we want we want to talk to you and we want to see to it that you at home we want to encourage you and home to be following the principles that we teaching a child in school I mean what hope do you have right if the child goes home and is told by the family to be a devil and then come to school and they expect you to work miracles into that child into an angel which is so often the case when we wonder when we have a shot of the parents and we say to my we want you to be on board with this program as well this is a program for the whole family out of that would work I think it would love to see somebody try and if we educate experts in media so that a Hollywood can chew them up and spit them out then we have a homage to the kingdom of God If we are educating doctors who don't know the great physician and lawyers who do not know the law given we discuss on a ring God now getting going to say this in case anybody has a selective memory the one thing we cannot do is force the choice of a child there's no guarantee here there is no magic bullet but there is something better than a guarantee in the lives of our children and that's the would of God even though there's no magic formula that would take every child and to him or her into a saint of God that we need to work for our kids as there is one that exists here is what we read in Matthew chapter seven starting in those twenty four Therefore whoever he is these sayings of mine and does them. I will life in him to a wise man who built a house on the rock. And the rain descended the floods came and the winds blew and beat on that house and it did not fall for it was founded on the rock but everyone who hears these sayings of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand and the rain descended the floods came and the winds blew and beat on that house and it failed and great walls it's for Jesus is very clear here he identifies the rock not as himself although it's OK for you to say that but he says the rock here is what he calls these sayings of mine I'm not trying to separate Jesus from his teachings of just I guess I'm being pedantic Jesus does not say that the rain will not the same in both instances wise men and foolish men there was plenty of precipitation he does not say that the floods one come in both instances the creeks surely rose he does not say the winds won't blow for both the wise and the foolish men the winds would gale force Jesus does not say that the House would not come under pressure in both cases the house in question was shaken but one house stood and that is the house the men who received an excellent education the house of the men who was a straight A student the house of the men who want to scholarship all the way through Cademy and all the way through college doesn't say that it all one house stood and as good as those other things ah. It was the house of the one who built that house on the rock and what is that rock these sayings of mine Jesus speaking about salvation he's talking about the troubles of life he's talking about the challenges that present themselves to a person he's speaking about the lot of every one of us and all of our kids and somebody Souths student it did not fall what house was that the one that was built on the Word of God and what sayings were those specifically Jesus is speaking of the seven on the milk but of course he is speaking about the would of God in general as Mrs White said in sixty one thirty one what education can be given to the students of our schools that is so necessary as a knowledge of what say at the Scriptures Bible study is especially needed in school she wrote students should be rooted and founded in divine truth their attention should be called not to the assertions of men but to the Word of God above all other books The Word of God must be our study the great text book the basis of all education and our children are to be educated in the truths found there in irrespective of previous. Customs. How simple is that connect children to the Word of God That's more than just that's more than just reading a Bible story that's more than just having prayer before Klaas I really believe that successful schools go beyond the school I've mentioned that if families would put as much into raising their kids as we want schools to put into raising our kids we might turn a corner but Jesus said something he said these sayings of mine now there's a danger that we can fall into when we consider this and I suspect it has been fallen into many times before over on one side is the Cilla of liberalism anything goes lower the standard that's the school where the teacher goes into town and tells all we kids I'm going into town I shall go to Starbucks for you what do you want me to bring back and you might think I'm cranky picking on something like caffeine but I don't I don't I don't think that's cranky at all up pick on all day long that's the school where the would have gone away you don't want to go overboard with that would have thought well you don't want to preach about the second coming because you don't want the children to be worried when you think teaching prophecy is old hat where you would encourage your kids to go to an event to stick series because that's what these do in the dock Ages where you don't we allow the conflict in the ages series and quote Ellen White because that's old hat that's old fashion that's legal listed today that's one thing that that that that's the liberalism that you want to avoid and we should but on the other side is the Caribbees of the legalism where we think that because we get out would compliance that we've actually achieved something that friend is a Simpson and we need to be careful of it let's take an easy standard I've got to pick one here that not too obvious and easy stand it. Television television it's a tell of you could say short skirts or you could say you could say. I don't know could say dairy products God forbid that you would say that it was a television so we tell our kids you know watch television in schools that's easy just don't have a television and you tell them not to watch it you tell them the Bible is against some of what's on T.V. and we tell them Ellen White is against some of what's on T.V. I'm just using a very simple example you can put your own in there if we are not careful we are going to educate the next generation of legal assists. You did not hear me say please don't say that in thing wrong with T.V. If you're an educator you are to have the common sense to be warning your kids about what they view and what they listen to and what they watch and watch online and what they stream about the dangers of smartphones and all of that you ought to be talking about that but it's really easy to ask out kids to comply and when they do we think we've done our job because we see out with compliance and you can pride yourself that all the scoots and they are. Other right length I'd be happy with that I'd like that and you can pry yourselves that at the boys. Don't watch football games that probably be a good thing really I mean in the grand scheme of things and thing watching a football game makes a devil out of a person I do think it can quickly turn into idolatry and that will let the devil out of a person you're going to have to meet the right food and you can be with them in subway where they say no no no cheese thank you and you can say our school have we're doing a good thing when it's possible that all you've got a legal lists. Who've learned how to say the right thing and do the right thing but they are it's have not been changed and I say this I was educated with the young man that you would have looked at and see a fine young man. As soon as they walked out the gates of the college they got themselves a boyfriend and started living a destructive lifestyle on the fault on the faulting anyone for that what I'm saying is you look at them from the outside and you say. We're so proud of this institution we can't be more concerned about the outside of our kids than we are about what's going on on the inside for if we get them on the inside God will take care of them on the outside if we get the hot dog has them all want to tell you this while we talk about true education and I speak in general terms because this government will fit you in a different way than it will fit another we've got to be careful that we're not just breeding legal ists and we don't have to you know don't you that Ellen White say but the message of the third day in jail is the message of Justification by Faith is not something she might have said that message is a protest against those rotten pope's she did that message is a is a clear call about truth maybe she did say that someplace but in summing up the three messages she said that the third and his message is the message of basically righteousness by faith of knowing Jesus so profoundly and so completely that you receive His righteousness he increases you decrease crying will is done in your life now there's an art to that there's a science to that. It may be an exact science you may call it an inexact science. But if all we develop our rule keepers we failed I realized some you know that parenthood boiled down to a pretty simple premise when the kids were two years old Here's what we did we said you're wearing these shoes they said OK and you bring this sweater and they said OK and you're eating this and they said OK because we took the kids pretty early you got to eat there you can be hungry it's one of the other. No one in our family decided they didn't like onion or broccoli or tomato they liked it or didn't he consequently my children are not fussy eaters you can tell him we're going to see Grandma and there was a great we're going to the pocket though it's a wonderful we're going shopping fantastic There were two years old you told them what to do and they did it. By the time they got to about eight nine or ten the practice was essentially the same but it of the reins a little less tight and when they become teenagers in the mid and late teens the practice is older give the difference it's more like Oh you are in those shoes are you. Nice shoes it becomes. That he cut. Really in you like that do you yeah. OK Nice haircut it would've worked at two but at seventeen it's a different ballgame of course there are limits but the range is a little looser out jaw of as parents is plainly and simply to prepare children for the time in their lives. When they make their own decisions so it is you can make decisions for them forever so what does a kid need in order to make a good decision. Oh good values good modeling little wisdom all of this what a child needs is Jesus. Jesus I don't say that flippantly I mean that really the person of Jesus as a respect for the would of God A life that's based on the would of God a hot that responds to the appeals of the would of God A mind that says what God believes in Matt is and if a child is going to spend seven plus hours a day at school or maybe twenty four hours a day at school our schools must be schools that reinforce those values we want our kids to comply we want to insist they don't watch this don't eat that don't wear that understand in the home and at school there are different dynamics but if the hearts of our kids aren't connected to Christ we come back to the question that we asked about Stonehenge that underground cabin in England what's the object of it all we don't want only Santa is calling for HMAS we want Christians boys and girls who love God What's education about at the end of the day it's teaching young people to build. On a rock and notice in the story Jesus told it was the man's house not his Gara not his gin his house his life his kitchen was there it was in the house his bedroom was there was in the house the living room was there that's in the house his computer was there because that's in the house his pantry was there it was his house his whole life Jesus is talking about character building and that's the work of education he says it was built on these sayings of mine if we work together connect our kids to Jesus. If schools exist for the primary purpose of bringing our children to the foot of the cross into loving and seeing the character of God and wanting that for themselves and we'll see a work in out should and in the world that we've never seen before what does it say families that have committed it takes teaches that a converted and it takes people of faith to believe God's way is the right way the only way forward for our schools and for our church Jesus said in John six and verse sixty three it is the spirit that Quicken with the flesh profits nothing the words that I speak unto you they are spirit and they life let me read this to you I stole this from Doug. Fundamentals of Christian education. They just five twenty six and five twenty seven charge the teachers in our schools to prepare the students for what is coming upon the world the Lord has been waiting long for our teachers to walk in the light he has sent them there is a need of the humbling of self that Christ may restore the moral image of God in man the character of the education given must be greatly changed before it be can give the right molds to our institutions. What do we share we sharing Jesus if we preach its jesus if we teach ITS JESUS JESUS it is presented in the context of a science lesson Christ presented in the context of a math class Jesus invited along as the God on a field trip we can connect our kids to Christ we've done what God has us to do we can force the choice we can't make them what they want to allow themselves to be made but I tell you what there is power in the wood of God power in the would have gone and in forms the basis of what you do way you are in if your appeal to the children under your jurisdiction. When we're going to see powerful things. Let me come around here and just say something defensively I don't say any of this because I don't believe you are with me I want to encourage you in the walk that you are on. What appealed to you to redouble your efforts to make Jesus alive and real and relevant way you Minister I want to thank you for what you doing but I firmly believe there is still a work to do and our greatest days are here I believe that I believe that Jesus is coming back soon and before he returns the latter rain will be poured out that makes the latter rain very soon of the coming of Jesus and we're about to see great great great things and then we must respect the men and Percy McGann was made an offer one day it was an offer from W. K. Kellogg Meghann head works to found if I had my history correct the school of Battle Creek and Southern and began would go on to found the Madison school Madison school but between those two schools Madison was not Madison Meghann was offered a sum of money by Will Keith Kellogg John Harvey Kellog invented conflicts and will keep Kellogg inventor turning cold into money and W.K. Kellog said to him again I need you to work with for me I want you to work for me any offer them a large sum of money now I did some math I looked at what dollars would be in compared with what dollars on now Meghann told I believe it was it was eight Daniels think I got that straight it was it was Daniels and again told Daniels about this and he wrote to me he said I could have taken that money and pretty easily turned it into a lot just some and so I converted that logic someone to today's money it was around twenty five million dollars some again was offered a sum of money a large sum of money that he believed he could easily turn into twenty five million dollars in today's money you think he was tempted of course he was tempted who wouldn't be interested in money like that but he said I need to talk to God about this and he when he prayed all night he talked about praying all night under. A maple tree or an oak tree I forget which he said in the morning he came to the conclusion that God wanted him to make Adventists not corn flakes What does God want us to make at Venice. If you don't like my use of the. Last day Christians rated to be translated God wants us to pour everything we've got into preparing young people to be numbered among the one hundred forty four thousand not an impossible task he's coming back soon for those who receive not the mark of the beast but the seal of God these as these the children who go to school when you are right now easy children who sit at your feet listen to your lessons why are they in your classrooms why they in your schools why they sleeping in dormitories because this is part of God's plan to connect those kids with Jesus so that one day they can stand on the circle of the Earth looking up and saying Lo This is our God we have waited for him and he will save us God bless you for what you're doing Thank you for what you're doing God works with you in what you do and I pray that this conference will be resoundingly success and will leave you inspired and encouraged to go forth and do great things for God and when Jesus comes back and you a looking up I pray that God will give you the joy of looking around you and saying these are the kids I educated these are the children who were with me in school I remember this kid coming from a bad home this kid coming from a good home thank god they here with me we're going up together I want to be with it then it'll be worth it then won't it let's pray for that day to come pray with me now Father in heaven we thank you that the great object of indication we know what it is it's to see the imagery form in the lives of boys and girls and young men and women it's the work of redemption I pray that over these next few days every person here in this place we so encouraged and inspired will see. Perhaps things not ever seen before will be encouraged in great ways Jesus must come back soon we know that and Lord we must be ready now to children must be prepared to to live a life connected with Jesus in a life of sharing Jesus with others so we're grateful tonight for the principles that you've given to us as a people. We pray for the power in your Would we pray for our young people that they would experience that power and know Jesus like they've never known before bless us we pray and let the great object of education be realized in our institutions and in the lives of our young people in Jesus' day we pray they meet. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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