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Jim Ingersoll

Associate Director for Secondary Education, Southern Union Conference




  • February 8, 2018
    9:00 AM
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It's a privilege to be able to be involved with young people isn't it. And it's interesting how the Lord brings different talks together. Did you hear reference to the title of my talk some time already. So a question I would ask. Do you believe we're at war. Thank you Steve us all some heads nodding. War is a horrible thing. But we're going to spend some time talking about war and how it impacts all of us but particularly our young people you see what's happening there. They're going away from you right. That's young people. And there they go. Before they reach the age twenty. Over fifty percent of our youth will leave the church does that bother you at all does that disturb you. That's the future actually that's the Church of today if they're not the Church of today they won't be the Church of tomorrow I'm here to tell you that. So why are they leaving. Well it goes back to this very topic we're at war and this war as we know it is between good and evil. That's the real war. And it has deep meaning for each and every one of us but he is after our young people. And the interesting thing is the war began in Heaven of all places. And there was war in heaven. Those words in it self. Are conundrums. And there was war in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out that old serpent called The Devil and Satan which does what. Deceives how much. The whole world that means you and me right. And our young people. The con man that. Came about in heaven. Was and is so good that he actually talked a third of the angels out of the very presence of God. Now you got to be good to do that. A third of the angels out of the very presence of God. He talked our first parents out of the Garden of Eden. And he will talk us in our young people out of our salvation. Except by the grace of God. So what is this war all about because you know. It's interesting. I'll go here to the next part the war actually is for the Mind you see because in heaven they didn't have machine guns and hangar dates they didn't have. Bombs. It was a battle for the mind. That's where it all takes place and whatever happens there manifest itself. Throughout the rest of the world and all the outcoming of that. All right so I jumped too far forward to see this will do that every go Satan invents a number of schemes to occupy or minds that they may not dwell upon the very work with which we ought. To be best acquainted he knows that with him how much. Everything that is the ballgame that is everything right there depends on his diverting minds from Jesus and His truth. Unnumbered schemes whatever it takes to distract us. Proverbs twenty three seven what a man thinks in his heart what. That's who you are. I keep jumping ahead with to again hold it down I guess. So whatever goes on in appears that makes us up who we are. Saying is battling for our young people in the minds of our young people need to does it in so many ways today. Our kids are surrounded. More so than ever before. The time they get up. Until the time they go to sleep at night. They are surrounded with these voices that hammer them all day alone. What to think where to go what to say what to wear. Being bombarded by these voices trying to guide our young people and us of course as well. Screen Time is a big thing these days right. I mean when we look at it I can have screen time wherever I am. And young people have screens with them pretty much wherever they go now days. Fact that's how they communicate. Then be in the same room text back and forth so weird things. But that's what they do. Screen time. All kinds of screen time. And it's very interesting I put those little kids there at the bottom for a reason. I've never watched an eighteen month old baby play with an i Pad. Do they get it do they know how to deal with acne start me on yes screen time. Before they even know what screen time is it just gives them something they want to have or something to do. And then. You know kids can be wherever nowadays with their phones but you know they have the computers in their rooms and parents have no clue where those kids are going what they're doing many times. Are going to have my phone I go anywhere in the world I want to with that phone. I can talk to people I can text people I can go online and I can see all kind of things I can ask Siri all kind of messages you know and gives me the information. Kids have all this available to them. And then music course music's a part of the smartphone. It seems to me I remember something about Satan and music. What about him. What did he do. Choir director that's kind of what I've heard you know through the years so he gets music right he understands music and I don't know about you but music moves me probably as much or more than anything else. Good music can have a huge impact or bad music. And it's an interesting thing about young people I watch him going down the street or in the mall or whatever now days. Just one earpiece in I don't get that it was dying on the ground there just walking down the street you know doing their tunes you know. That's what they do. Music very important in influencing our minds. Average kids today get seven and a half hours of screen time daily. Or really actually. They they do what they call multitasking and I've come to believe that that's the case now may not be in your home but a typical kid will wake up in the morning and what do you think the first thing is that they do. And what do they do with. Tax Yeah so who's alive who's going out there and as they're texting in kind of getting ready to curse to them oh man i still have homework to do so they're over there hammered away they probably have their tunes going or texting on the side of televisions playing over there. All these things happening at the same time. Ten and a half hours. And did I mention that that was outside of school. And nowadays many schools are now having what they call a one to one program where every kid has their own device. I Pads whatever so they get some screen time course that's going to be more directed thankfully. But screen time lots of it. And then television and it's probably more now but the last time I checked. By the time they're eighteen kids have watched over seventeen thousand hours of television about three hours a day and at one time I used to think that. Our kids Adventist kids didn't watch that much television. But I have come to the conclusion that I'm wrong. Just about. Home you go into there's a television in the living room there's a television in the bedrooms there's a television in the kitchen because you've got to stay on top of the news you know you can't just wander from one room to the outer not be in touch. So there's a television in just about every room of the House these days. So that kind of thing is happening in the lives of these kids every day. And through television I've realized these are older but the point still remains you can invite Satan into your home to more ways than one but very directly. By the television shows that go on. In fact I was in Atlanta in a hotel and I see on the screen this lady that says Here's the number call this number if you had a loved one passed away and you want to communicate with them call this number and we will help you communicate with your loved one who passed away on television. Right into our own homes or now. Screen it right stream it right here right television wherever you want to go. So it's a very real thing. And movies. This was the signs of times a while back Hollywood's battle for your mind Hollywood gets it. Might have met Dr Gene Brewer he was a coworker of mine for a few years at the Southern Union. He was at a brain conference he used to go to those things and hear about how the brain functions and what impacts the brain and all that kind of thing and so during a break he was talking to this guy beside him and it turns out this guy was from Hollywood. And he goes Hollywood about why you had a brain conference. As we want to know how people think. We want to be able to influence their thinking it's by design. Hollywood gets it. But really what they're wanting to do I mean they want to influence your thinking so that you'll go and dip into this come watch your movies right. It's a multibillion billion dollar business. And there's a new movie every time you turn around. I mean just these are way out dated I'm sure but that's been half my life just updating that slide right there. A movie you just have to see. And so. I don't run I'll. Spend that what ten bucks fifteen bucks whatever cost nowadays to watch the newest movie out. And then we find that our young people are being raised in Generation Me You heard Generation Me If You Haven't understand that you're living in Generation Me It's very real. In fact there is a book that was entirely Generation Me I had to buy the book and you probably can't see that maybe you can why I today's young Americans are more confident assertive entitled and more miserable than ever before what a problem. But have you not seen that. More in title but more miserable than ever before. So this research done in the book covered six decades. And one point three million people showing how this country developed. Generation Me and we worked hard at. Every generation wants their kids to have it better than they did in my right. And that basically has happened in America. And we live in an entire generation if you don't understand that just because you haven't been out in the back because we live in a very entitled society at least I think. The author says this today's young people speak the language of self as their native tongue. An example. When I was growing up it was always Johnny and me. Now how is it. This man John. Sorry about you John well maybe not it's just me. It's not about me the individual has always come first and feeling good about yourself it's always been the primary virtue in this general. They're not self-absorbed they're self-important. And if you don't believe it go to their Facebook page how many selfies are there. I mean when I was growing up a selfie Are you kidding me what's a selfie. We live in a generation of me. And our kids are growing up in that environment and that is totally. Opposite of what God is ask us right. What a struggle that our kids are facing. Dr Twenge says this the society that mold you when you are young stays with you the rest of your life. Now some of you are my age and you grew up in the sixty's and seventy's this still hanging around right. Here. Those were great years of conflict and discovery and all kind of different things that took place it stays with you the rest of your life. The warfare against self is the greatest battle that was ever fought. I don't know about you but I probably have fought that battle already today. It's a daily struggle that we all have to deal with self. Self gets in the way that's where the whole problem started and have it right. Education Page two twenty seven or twenty five character building is the most important work ever entrusted to human beings and never before was this diligent study so important is now or never was any previous generation called to meet issues so momentous never before were young men and young women confronted by peril so great as confront. Them today now when was today. Well today is today but when was that written. I went looked in front of the book up the right one thousand nine hundred three. And she won what what would you say today. But that is very political to us right into our kids'. Momentous challenges that they face. It takes three entities though for character development to take place. And those entities are so important in the in the lives of our young people. A Christian home first and foremost. We're Jesus Christ is a part of the home. And a school where Jesus Christ is welcomed into the classroom each and every day. And that supports. The home. And then the church the church you might say ratifies the whole thing. Those three entities. Are what make the difference. We're going to spend some time with that as we go along guard your heart or your mind above all else for it determines the course of your life. Whatever goes on up here determines what's going to happen in your life and in the lives of our young people back to the end of every chapel. When I was principal Hyland Cademy I would say to them the very last words make good decisions. That's all life is right making decisions and I'm going to get out of bed were close my going to wear my going to go to class. I'm going to wash my clothes and we're going to for a breeze and. That was a challenge and still is probably. What goes on up here. That determines the course of our life. And I want to tell you that the con man is really. Really I mean he is really good at what he does. And I'll give you a couple of examples. Who made this statement. I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. Now a lot of people could say that I know. But in your wildest dreams would you have ever thought it would be this guy. But those words came out of his mouth. So he's good at what he does. And I just put those two words up there does that not conjure up some thoughts in your mind. Newtown Connecticut. Do you remember what happened there. Does a conjure up images like this. And I ask myself what would cause this young man to take a weapon like that and shoot. Beautiful children like this young lady there. What would possess them to do that. And yet it happened. Satan's good at what he does Solomon second wisest man that ever lived. Who was the wisest. I just want to make sure. Second wisest man that ever lived. And here's what happened to him he who in his early reign had displayed so much wisdom and sympathy in restoring a helpless baby to its unfortunate mother. Fell so low as to consent to the erection of an idol to living children were offered a sacrifice. Did you know that. While. Satan played him like a puppet. And our kids are dealing with this every day the heart is deceitful above how much. All things not some things or a few thing all things and desperately wicked right here inside of us. Our mind will deceive us quicker and more often than Satan will that is a difficult statement to deal with. We are born in sin as sinners right it only by the grace of God Can we get past this type of own self deception. To talk to a third of the angels out of heaven. Talk to our parents out of the Garden of Eden. The con man is subtle. It doesn't overwhelm us anymore they know that the more subtleties. The voices they constantly bombard all day every day the lives of our young people the minds of our young people. So what hope is there for our use if this is happening. I mean they have these little devices these things that they carry with them everywhere it is an appendage to them. What hope is there for them. There's a lot of the human mind that by beholding we become changed and we're mystified as to why people get in a hotel break out the windows and shoot all these individuals down below them. And yet I wonder how many hours that person might have spent in front of these video games blowing people away. It was just part of the game who knows. But by beholding we become changed and that is so true for our young people. Those who would not call a prey to Satan's devices must guard Well the avenues of the soul they must avoid reading seeing or hearing that which will suggest impure thoughts. The mind must not be left to dwell at random upon every subject that the enemy of souls may suggest the heart must be faithfully sentinel or evils without will awaken evils within. Wow there's air there planted there and the soul will wander into Harkness. Battle for the minds of our kids if that's the case is it possible is it anyway our young people could hear no evil see no evil speak no evil. Is that possible while. I believe it is their hope as they are told us and value Genista study is when. The home of the school in the church. Work effectively in the key word is effectively together if those three into D.C. do not work together if there's one that falls down in the process. Are young people or both. Orrible But if they do work effectively together there's a ninety nine percent probability that our young people have an intrinsic faith in Jesus I like those odds. But how often do the home the church in the school work together. That that was good of what he did. Just a little bit of discord that year what happened at the school or they go home and have the preacher for lunch. And the kids hear all this. But if they work together if they support one another ninety nine percent probability they'll have an intrinsic faith in Jesus Council to parents teachers and students only the power of God can save our children from being swept away by the tide of people. They responsibility resting upon parents teachers and church members to do their part in cooperation with God is greater than words can express those three entities working together. I shall never seen one of these before. Some of you have what is it. A three legged stool but what they use it for all. Back in the day you know. Now being counted Yeah generally speaking. Now what happens if one of those legs is gone. And they have a three legged stool for a reason to leg a stool doesn't work now you could have a one legged stool they've done that before. But you need all three for that stool to stay up so you know we can say that the home the school and the church are there and that developed at intrinsic faith in Jesus and we're going to take just a couple of minutes with each one of these. Will start with the home. Too much importance cannot be placed on the early trainings of children the lessons that the child learns during the first seven years of life have more to do with forming the character than what. Then all that it learns in future years. Those first seven years set the foundation. That's what it's all about starting right there in the home. The influence of a carefully guarded Christian home in the years of childhood and youth is the surest safeguard against the corruption of this world starting right there being careful of those things at home. George Barna you've heard of George Martin the guy that does all the research and so on. Said this by age thirteen a child has developed the value system they will die with. Is that biblical. Why would you say that. What happens. Yes but what happened in the Jewish economy at the age of twelve. Wasn't at the time they were determined to be a man. I think he nailed it. By age thirteen a child has developed a value system they will die with. Now by the grace of God Anything can happen we realize that. But that's a powerful statement. How do parents develop a Seventh Day Adventist value system in their children well the viable pretty clear about that I think Deuteronomy six forty seven you all probably memorized this. Hero is rule the Lord our God the. Lord is one. You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your might and these words which I command you today show be in your heart. You shell teach them diligently to your children and she'll talk of them when you sit in the health when you walk by the way when you lie down and when you rise up how often is that. All the tide. A consistent message. From the time they get up until the time they go to bed. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul. It is a twenty four hours a day three hundred sixty five days a year evangelist exteriorise in the HO. The longest the most consistent evangelist it serious should take place right there. So let's go to the second leg of the school. And I say this to parents. Because I believe it. If the battle is for the mind. Then it matters where you send your kid to school. That right. In matters where you stand your kid to school. Do you realize teachers are paid and that's their job to influence how kids think. Now we don't think about that a lot probably but it's their job description to change your kids thinking. I don't believe that even if it's a Christian school and maybe a great place to be that there are subtle differences when they go down the street. Lead to another school and they spend six hours a day five days week and maybe more than that. Remember that Satan deals with the mind in subtle ways. Subtle way. I thought this was great they the teachers are coworkers with the angels. In their great. Rather they are human agencies through whom the angels accomplish their mission angels speak through their voices and work by their hands every day and that makes a difference I'm here to tell you I'm a product of that myself. A place where teachers pray with children every day and pray for them. There was a teacher who had taught in this one room school house for. Most of her career. And she was retiring and there was a celebration and all of these people showed up very successful individuals. And somebody asked her what is it that you did that had such a profound influence on these young people. And she says you know I don't really know for sure but I do know one thing that every day I came early enough to stand before the desk of every child and if them up to Jesus Christ now if they didn't do one other thing in that. That's powerful. Praying for every kid that when they came the Holy Spirit would be there at their desk to welcome them. The Lord would use the church school as an aid to parents in educating preparing their. Children for this time before us nothing is of greater importance than the education of our children and young people I didn't say that's the only thing the most important It says nothing is more important than that and that includes evangelism or whatever oh by the way. Maybe that is evangelism or you think. We're on the same page. Keeping our young people in the church is critical. They provide stability. By having grown up in the church which. Nothing is of greater importance. Helping our young people to have somebody else now I know that when kids grow up and my wife and I were the same way. There's a disconnect somewhere in there when you're growing up mom and dad don't get it. But I was glad that we were a part of an admin as school system we were in boarding schools for twenty six years. Somebody there did connect with. And that helped them understand the bigger purpose that God has a place for them in his work. Where godly people godly teachers get help shape and mold and direct their lives. One hundred eighty day evangelist experience every year. The union office we would get together and we'd have these director reports and people would talk about the evangelistic series that they were running in and the people that were baptized and that type of thing and I couldn't help but raise my hand and say well we've started another one hundred eighty day evangelistic series. With about ten thousand young people in the Southern Union. And it's making a difference every day. And. We didn't take those things for granted well of course you know you're doing it thanks appreciate it. I'm telling you what an evangelist experience in fact the two most successful evangelist exteriorise ever done in the church are what what do you think. I mean kind of alluding to one. OK schools what is what the other money. She's been my talks before. The school and Pathfinders. Those two coupled together make a huge impact on our young people. So value Genesis there is clear evidence that the longer our children main in seven they have in a schools the more likely it is they will stay in the church. Value Genesis study if you don't know that is the biggest study ever done by any church of a junk people and we have now done it three times nine hundred ninety two thousand two thousand and ten. To find out how our young people think and what they think about their church. That's important and they're telling us things that we need to know. So we'll go to the last leg the church. Counsels the parents teachers and students God has appointed the church as a what. A watchman to have a jealous care over the youth and children and as a sentinel to see the approach of the enemy and give warning of danger but the church does not realize the situation what is happening. She is sleeping on. Is that possibly one of the reasons why at fifty percent of our kids are going out the door. Now you know we can always point fingers of different things but those three entities don't forget that all three working together. Tony Campolo if you ever heard of him. Christian sociologist some people have issues a sociologist know that kind of thing I get it but he's changed a lot of people's lives but he decided he would go back to the hood where he grew up in Philadelphia which happens to be. Some you know. Happy right now why. Their team won the Super Bowl just a divergence but goes back to Philadelphia. And checking out things there where he lived and he discovers his church and it's all boarded up. The church was gone. Nobody was meeting there anymore and he asked the question why did churches die. Well somehow he got access to that church and got into wherever it was and this file cabinet was there and he went in to go open up the file cabinet and in there were records of baptisms. And so he went to the year that he was baptized and this is what he found only one piece of paper with a short statement there were only three conversions in the previous twelve months and they were just children. Just children. And he goes just Children Are you kidding me I know the other two guys. One served as a missionary for years in Africa the other became a missionary a Seminary President I. I dedicated myself to Christian higher education three children influenced how many lives. But they were just kids so he figured he had the answered as to why that church died. Because they had the mindset that the new members were just kids. And I'm wondering. Maybe. If perhaps. Some Devenish church has the same problems. I know I'm gone to meddling now. Let's take a look. What's the average age of the membership in the United States. And they have been to church. Fifty five. I could be an auctioneer appear you know. I'll give it to you. Fifty eight now I'm sixty seven so fifty eight really in all that. Except if it's the average age for a church that's problematic isn't it. And not only that I discovered there one thousand churches in the US. That have no children. Seventy seven churches. I don't know what the total is that's disturbing S twenty per state. And the criteria they used to determine whether they had no children was there weren't enough children to have a Sabbath school now I ask you how many children does it take one child so that tells me there are no children right. A thousand churches twenty per state. No kids. So if you have the average age for the church members in the U.S. It's fifty eight and you add to that one thousand churches with no children and you add to that fifty percent of the youth going out the door to me that's a challenge in dying church in the United States we're not growing like the others are were. We have how many members here million and a half. Out of the nineteen million now. The place where it all started. Satan is working on those kids in a very successful way what can be done. Can you finish that. Use them or lose them. I'm the same way when I signed up to play on a team I didn't sign up to do this. Right. Sit there you know lean an Arrow Cross Vince nobody else is playing and you can tell he's really excited about. It and then of course you have a little perk. Got a uniform on got the helmet but quite abit. So he's riding the pine. But I wonder how many kids in our church experienced the same thing youth today stay on the bench because their talents are unrecognized in the new. They're there and they're very talented. I worked with them for forty three years I get it now a lot of people don't they haven't had that opportunity I realize that young people. Can do it. What can you do well. A little. Church. Not too far from one of your schools. Bents or Tennessee. Now you might not be able to see that up there very well. But you see the age somebody wrote the ages there beside these names on the church. Want to call it. So again. While church offices Yeah but you know they're going through their nominations and they're nominating committee and so eighteen sixteen. And over here twelve. And eighteen and twelve and ten and so on they seem to get it church clerk eighteen Are you kidding me. There it is. They get it now why is that important that we utilize our kids like that. Do you like to be needed. Now I'll come back to a place where I feel like I'm useful then I'm needed for some reason these kids feel that way. Every church ought to be this way utilizing their young people and I want to tell you the youth can save churches and. I know that because I've experienced it myself. Till I was at lecture. And some of you have had the opportunity of teaching. Seniors. You know about seniors right they're the ones that have to sign up here to pairs put it up there go out make a living now I still know everything. But one day in class they're whining because of Bill will know and others of you probably but there are a lot of why here people over and it's like your church. And they're gone we need our own church we're tired of being over there with them and in that kind of thing we need to be able to do or. Own thing and I have our own church of God really. I happen to know a little church and looks almost exactly like that I'm pointing at the one at the back of it like that. TENCH are two members they were dying they had one child. And then membership. And so I went to them I said about fifteen miles away from Fletcher. Would you all be interested in young people coming and helping you here church. You know what they said. I know you don't want to venture a guess but the right answer came yes. And you know what I went back to the senior class and course it was a shock to them I said y'all want to your own church right yeah we do as OK you got it. Well they didn't know exactly what to do with that information. I said I know of a church that has ten members and they're about ready to close their doors. They need you to be there to help do everything to do the Sabbath school for the little girl there you need help take up the offering you may need to preach down then into Stay by for pot luck and help was Mount reaching the afternoon are you guys in or not. Now's the time to put up or shut up. And you know what. Those kids did that Sabbath after Sabbath for three years. And they bridged the gap. If that doesn't move your soul you can't be moved. And now. That church is over there in the bar North Carolina debt free because those kids fill the gap. They stepped up. Our kids can do it. George Barna server. Eight six hundred two teens about what they saw themselves doing in ten years in relationship to future religious activity. Sixty percent of the teens surveyed said if I am actively involved in the church now I will be involved in ten years only fourteen percent said If I'm not actively involved now be in the church no matter what. So I say an engaged future is predicated on an active present. If we don't use now one in the world we expect them to be there in twenty years remember they become a card carrying type a an Adventist. Now you're getting the sermon that I share with those in the churches so I realize to a large degree I'm preaching to the choir because you guys get it. But to use our kids no helps make that difference. Satan is engaged or is making earnest perseverant efforts to corrupt the mind and debase the character of every you've. Not just one every you and shall we do have more experience stand as mere spectators and see him accomplish is purpose without hindrance let us stand in our post as Minutemen to work for these youth and through the help of God. To hold them back from the pit of destruction. What a powerful challenge. One of these days we all are going to do this do you agree. That we are going to stand before the bar of God and what if they the parents teachers and church members. Must step before them their children exam. All worthy of imitation should they be remiss in this respect what will they answer if the children intrusted to them stand before the bar of heaven as witnesses to their neglect. Wow. It's going to be a tough. Courtroom. So what are your hopes and dreams and prayers for our young people would it be that they would find their place in God's work. Would it be to be there in heaven and see Jesus Christ Himself welcoming these children of ours into his kingdom. He is asking us to be the invitation. He extends the invitation but he's asking us to be a part of that invitation. Those of us who are strong and are able in the faith need to step in and land a lend a hand to those who falter and not just do what is most convenient for us strength is for service not status each one of us needs to look after the good of the people around us asking questions how can I help. Romans fifteen. One to two. That's exactly what Jesus did and people have asked me many times what can I do. Well. Each adult I challenged him get to know the names of just two kids in your church and welcome them to church every Sabbath. First of all the kids would probably pass out. They would be shocked if somebody would nominate for. First off and you know there was a town that that had problems with their young people on they were having a rest and break ins and all kind of stuff going on and they were trying to figure out what they could do and somebody said why don't we just get to know their names. Do you know that the crime rate went down they did better in school they went on to college it changed the whole tenor of things going on in that town just by getting to know their name. Choosing on people to personally mentor. Mentoring a young person is important now many times I go to the southern tidings and I'll see in their four pages of a bit you where. And I ask myself how many holes are left in a church because they never mentored somebody to take their place. Ensure that youth are involved in the mission and management of every church. That's their church it's important to them just the same as adults. It impacts them and they should have a voice. Put them on the board let them be a part of what goes on You'd be amazed at the decision making they can have. If we don't teach our children to follow Christ the world will teach them not to that's the default. It is automatic and we have to push back against that. The whole school in the church working effectively together those three entities critical. Don't copy the customs of the world. Let God transform you into a new person. By changing the way you think. That's for our young people folks I say today. Jesus Christ is coming soon. Prepare yourselves. Prepare your children let's pray. Lord we're grateful that we can be a part of the work that you have given us to touch the lives of young people what a powerful heavy responsibility that is but through the grace of God and the power of your holy spirit it can be done and bless each one of these individuals as they touch the lives of young people give them wisdom direction and understanding. Our young people. 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