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Origins of Self-Supporting Work

Charles Sarr


Charles Sarr, a product of lay-led and denominational education, has degrees with emphasis in computer science, math and English.  After 12 years of work in industry culminating as a Senior System Software Analyst, he transitioned to lay ministry in education and has been teaching now for 29 years at a variety of supporting ministry institutions at both secondary and post-secondary levels. As of 2020 he has been married to his wife Wanda for 40 years and credits her for whetting his appetite for teaching and history and for coaching him toward excellence.




  • February 8, 2018
    2:45 PM


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Thank you Good afternoon I'm sure you're familiar with this quote says we have nothing to fear for the future except as we show forget. The way the Lord has led us and his teaching in our past history and it's my privilege to share with you a little bit of how he has led us how he has taught us in our past history and while I am going to be able to relate some history. Its only God's Spirit is going to be able to make that history effectual for us and so I'm asking if you would please be gracious to join me just for a moment and prayers we ask him to do that father. You have chosen the most unprofitable of servants to be your messenger and my my request this morning is not for your servant but for your people. That this message might be effectual that you might be lifted up for what you have done. And that we might cooperate with you to allow you to continue to work. Through us towards your honor and towards your glory I thank you for hearing that we have today. Jesus and to. Look a little at the history of educational development in our denomination particularly within our supporting ministry area we need to understand a little bit about the background of Edward Sutherland. Other ones. Played a pivotal role in education in our denomination both within and organized the nomination educational work and particularly in the development founding of our self-supporting work and to really understand it Sutherland we need to roll back a couple of generations and so we're going to start with Ed Sutherland's grandfather his father grandfather was educated in Scotland for the Presbyterian ministry he emigrated to Canada and then moved to southwest Wisconsin. Happens to be that in rural southwest Wisconsin there's not a great deal of demand for the teaching of Greek or Latin. And so it it actually be felt to Edwards' grandmother to provide the majority of support for the family of twelve there in Wisconsin and that fact appears to have been a point of contention with its father Joseph. Joseph was refused the ability to serve in the military during the War Between the States so he stayed home and worked on the farm and in the process got to know a neighboring farm family the rank and family the rank and had eight red headed girls and Joseph took a liking to one of them and married the oldest Mary Rincon it was in early one thousand eight hundred sixty five that they started the journey to one pronto Iowa to be able to create an independent future for themselves and I think it's interesting in that same area of Iowa was a growing population of Advent believers I don't know that that was why they headed there although I find it a most interesting coincidence and it's not long after that that we find that Joseph had joined the administration. Probably very. Under the influence of his wife for the Rankins were very early and very solid leavers. They only got as far as the Mississippi River there's a place there next to the Mississippi called Prairie defeat for those of you who know French you know you know I just slaughtered it is something on the order of dog prairie. They were waiting their turn to get across the river by various accounts one of them says they were on the bridge but hadn't made it to the midway point when. He made his entrance into the world and so on March three eight hundred sixty five he was born in Wisconsin barely on his way to Iowa Ed early learned the value of work. He as a young man of this period him. As a young man. Very Young Man he herd of cows with his sister for a summer as a result of that summer he and his sister earned thirty five cents. And he managed to keep those thirty five cents through the winter at his father's encourage Mint He invested them into onion sets. He tended that little onion garden through the next growing season sold them at the end of the season for a healthy profit and that was his first business venture. The next the year after he graduated from high school he taught school for a year he wrote his pony mouse I'm not quite sure why a pony was called Mouse but he rode his pony mouse back and forth to school and he learned a great deal that year as he attempted to teach those budding scholars he learned a great deal about himself and what he didn't know about teaching it. Generated in him a desire to continue his own education that next summer he went up to Wisconsin. And he I'm sorry not was gone some Minnesota he went up to a soda and Cole Porter in Minnesota living in the home of Josephine got see him just being Got see and had recently become an Adventist and had also recently been widowed those were not related activities by the way. And. With her newfound faith she opened her home to young people who were canvassing and allowed them to live in her home as they shared the message through the printed word Ed. Went out of his way to try and and get along with his benefactress who it turns out was something of a penny pincher although she was quite well to do she insisted for instance on going across there across town to get the milk because it was a few and he's cheaper over there but he faithfully went each day across town to get the milk and come back he took good care of her carriage horse and she really appreciated and is. Efforts to to work in and around the home to be a part of the home setting and he would have very little inkling at this point just how beneficial that was going to turn out to be now while he was canvassing he discovered that John Harvey Kellogg was wanting to start a new medical pre-medical program at Battle Creek it would be a one year training in. Natural remedies if you would before he would sponsor a young man to go on to medical school and then to work in the sanitarium there in Battle Creek and wanted very much to become a part of this program however his father was just about as determined that he would not for his father if you remember still had this attitude towards his grandfather and a useless and highly educated person he just felt there was no good use for higher education. Well Ed was determined that this is what he needed to do so he sold his pony mouse in order to obtain the funds to go to Battle Creek and enter into the program there was only one other problem. When you got to Battle Creek he discovered the program with been cancelled because he was one of only two people that had responded to it and for lack of a number of of students they cancelled the program while he was now in Battle Creek it was the center of add on this learning at the time and he wasn't going to lose the opportunity so he began to study with Professor Goodloe Bill Professor Bill. Taught Edward primarily English grammar it was an area in which he felt that a lack because of his year of teaching and so he was studying grammar with Professor Bell but he learned a number of other things from prefer. Edward returned to Battle Creek to further his education this time with his father's blessing and it was during this time as a student that young Edward came to the attention of Prescott who at the time was the president of the college. This was another relationship that was destined to flourish as Prescott became a mentor to Edward and a champion of the reforms that Edward B. would be bringing to add in this to education at the beginning of his junior year in eight hundred eighty eight he befriended a new arrival to the college Percy McGann came from Ireland Percy had been invited to live for a time in the home of Mrs White and person and began to spend considerable time that year with mother white as they came to know her and and called her throughout their lives Percy at this time was nineteen Edward was twenty three Ellen was now widowed she was sixty one and it's no chance circumstance that placed these three individuals together in the fall of eighteen eighteen is that date ring a bell with you. You might recall that in eight hundred eighty eight there was a renewed emphasis on righteousness by faith in Jesus alone that was being brought by Jones and Wagner mother white referred to the teaching as the third angel's message in very Percy attended those meetings by Jones and Wagner However Edward did not have the opportunity to actually be present in those meetings he learned through Percy and through mother white and the younger than Ed Percy taught admin things for example as soon discovered Percy had a religious experience that he didn't know. Percy had already yield his life entirely to God's leading and accepted the message of righteousness by faith in Jesus without question and without reservation. And little by little Percy would be leading Edward into that same experience. Through the winter the boys also observe mother white they marked her self sacrificing life for simple home of the peace in the joy that just spilled over to everyone in the household they came to know her standards for living and herself was concern for the growing work there were many Adventists at this time who consider that the testimonies they were many admins that this time who considered that the testimonies were personal messages but not general counsel. A person would say Edward Edward told later a person would would pick up the testimonies and would would read a passage from the testimonies and then put it back on the shelf and and say to themselves boy I'm really glad that wasn't written to me and a couple of summers later Percy began reading some of those testimonies to Edward and and Edward related recalled this he said there came to me the acid test do you believe in righteousness by P R your sins forgiven because Christ's offer has been accepted or do you strive to a teen righteousness by your own works and Edward did finally accept that messages as being for him personally the message of righteousness by faith in Jesus and that the councils that God was giving to mother white were generally applicable and so they were applicable to him and it was a conviction that he held for the rest of his life the boys learn to value this incredible gift that God has given to his room people. The conviction that the revelations came directly from God struck deep into the boy's hearts. And would direct their future activities Well there's more that it's going to learn from Percy and will continue with that but let's pause here to just do a quick recap what are the lessons that Ed has learned one he's learned sacrifice as he gave up his beloved pony miles to be able to go to school Eves learn humble service in the home of Mrs got see him he's learned the principles of education from Professor Bell he's learned about hard work under trying circumstances with his dad he's learned about righteousness by faith from other whites and how to make it a personal living experience from Percy he's learned about God's gift of prophecy that's been given to mother white and and he's got a growing conviction that those messages from that gift should mold his life in addition to the lives of mother white Percy and well our adventure with Ed has only begun. At the beginning of his junior year. You friended Percy and Percy had been invited to live with mother white now. They spent considerable time with mother white but mother white wasn't the only influence in their lives over Prescott was also a significant. Factor in the development of these two young men. Actually will be coming back to cross got just a little bit but he was going to factor to be a significant person in Edwards' life Percy began baking bread. He began to work in the bakery it wasn't very long before he became the head baker in his spare time Percy worked in the machine shop in order to learn how to be proficiency with tools Ed On the other hand in his spare time played football and baseball there in Battle Creek and at one point Ed laid his hand on Percy's arm and said it Percy we need another man on our baseball team with this kind of muscle. Percy responded not interested. But why and Percy said well I can't regard as. Any activity is recreation suitable for me unless it confers some benefit on somebody else. It had to ponder that for a while but with time. He came to believe the same as his friend during Edward senior year of Battle Creek. Percy was that mother White's recommendation in gauged in a round the world trip as secretary and travelling companion to rest and Haskell who was at that time scouting out strategic locations for mission stations elder Haskell's also a devout Christian and a staunch advocate of the spirit of prophecy that was given to mill the white well lacking Percy's companionship Edwards started taking notice of some other people. One of those was Sally. Sally was a talented young lady educated in languages and artist she had a sterling character they both wanted to be teachers and although the rules of the college at this time strictly forbad any communication between the gentleman and the ladies. They managed to mutually make it known of their interests and before the year was out the faculty gave their permission for the to the court at the end of the summer following their graduation they were married and Edward accepted the position of principal of the Minneapolis Academy a school of oh about one hundred students many of them is that was themselves. Become a group to be a powerful working team in the education now on his return to Battle Creek person had been asked to interrupt his studies to fill an urgent need for a teacher they needed a history teacher and he studied far beyond the requirements of the course that he was going to teach particularly with studying mother White's councils on educational freeform and by the time he finished his first year of teaching he was committed to several of the basic principles of reform that he would champion for the rest of his life it also appears that with some significant changes in Joseph's parents attitudes towards education for this next year Edwards father moved the entire family to Battle Creek. Two years later when Union College was being organized Joseph Sutherland would accept the position of business manager at the new institution and even allowed his daughter to school Edward and Sally were also invited to work at the New School in Nebraska and they packed up their things and moved to Union College barely having arrived in only partially having unpacked they and Percy headed for Harbor Springs Michigan for a teacher's convention that was being held there Professor Prescott had gathered some eighty Adventist teachers along with others for six weeks of study into the council mother white had. Regarding education in our church person Edward were once again together there at Harbor Springs and they quickly renewed their friendship edge shared of his meeting Sally in the successful year at the Minneapolis Academy Percy told about his tour with Elder Haskell and of his year of teaching at Battle Creek mother White was also at the meetings and was speaking a total of six times on the combination of righteousness by faith in the principles of Christian education Edward was faced with a number of major decisions during the summer. Critical decisions that were going to affect his future this was the summer when he met his crisis of belief and righteousness by faith it was also when his attitude toward the testimonies shifted to believing that the councils from other white applied to him. As well as whomever they may have been written to he saw his Christian education in a totally new light now including a new understanding of mother White's councils on practical education and Percy talked him out of his lingering desire to become a doctor persuading him instead to take up teaching as a life work during the meetings there at Harbor Springs those that gathered had of relatively relaxed schedule there were three one hour presentations in the morning I don't know how they kept them down to an hour. But they did and then the rest of the day was dedicated to individual study to meditation into prayer Ed thought the fishing would provide. Excellent opportunity for meditation. And the invited Percy to go along with him also planning to share and supper that they cost but Percy refused to have anything to do with it. He refused six fish and he refused to catch anything that was caught calling its attention to the instructions both in the Bible and in the testimonies on the subject of diet. Edward was convinced that God's original diet for humans had included no meat and and he became a vegetarian along with Sally that summer. And also confided in Percy during this time that he was wanting to head to the south to establish work there in the southern United States his mother White had been calling people to do for some time and Percy with a typical wisdom beyond his twenty two years responded I think if we are willing. God will open the way for us to work where he needs as. Well where he needs us most was not long in making itself apparent before the conference was over Edward had accepted the call of the General Conference to teach Battle Creek so they went back to Union College repacked their things travelled to Battle Creek and unpacked. And just before he began teaching he discovered that he was not going to be a teacher of history but a teacher of Old Testament Bible. So Ed thought a good place to start Old Testament Bible is in Genesis and it wasn't very far into Genesis before they ran into mans original diet soon the students were petitioning for vegetarian options in the cafeteria. And Edward was called into the matrons office one with the president but he didn't make an argument but he also didn't back down from the principles that he was sharing with the with the students and this doll so brought him to the attention of the General Conference leadership after only one year of Battle Creek. With Prescott's encouragement Ed was asked to be the principal at a new college to be opened in Walla Walla Washington. Prescott would be the president of the college but he lived in Michigan So for practical purposes it was Edwards responsibility to get the school going that first year so in his first five months Edward needed to attend camp meeting in Seattle create a curriculum for the college produce a catalogue find and hire qualified teachers recruits and students and oversee the construction workers as they were building the school buildings on Opening Day December seventy nine hundred ninety two there were ninety one students ten teachers ready to start school by the end of the school year and roll it was over one hundred sixty and just for comparison the University of Washington which at this time had been in operation for over thirty years had a woman to forty two. Things were still a bit rough though the building wasn't finished construction progressed only is the funds were available and Edward strenuously avoided debt the only heat in the building was from two stoves one was in the chapel and the other that's not stove there it is the other was in the kitchen and it turned out at least for the first meal that it didn't work. All they could get was smoke not heat so the first meal in the cafeteria consisted of white crackers and milk. And this cafeteria was the first in the nation to be all vegetarian. There was only one bathroom and one tub in each dormitory. The staff wrote to the general conference describing the situation asking for help a reply came back with detailed instructions on how to take a bath in the basin of water. The school promptly purchased basins for all of the dorm rooms. The second year that Ed was at Walla Walla he was given the title of president it was also a new staff member Bessie to grow interrupted her studies at Bell Creek similar to what Percy had done a few years earlier and she travelled to Walla Walla to help out she came on the condition that she would not be asked to be the Preceptress I find in Portuguese that word is still good but in English we don't use it much it's something akin to the women's team. Not exactly but close. Well upon arrival Edward promptly asked her to be the Preceptress in addition to teaching history and she acquiesced Bessie proved to be a dynamo and she would be working with Edward to further true education for the rest of her life. Now when Walla Walla was purchased there were more than three hundred fifty acres of land that had been donated but by the time Edward got there there were only ten acres remaining the rest of the. He had been sold off to generate the funds to build the buildings Edward and Sally kept the land situation as a matter of ongoing prayer. And it turns out that economic times were challenging the farmers that had bought some of the land from the school could not pay their loans and Edward took the opportunity to buy back about sixty acres now they had land to be able to run a farm. For some time other White House counsels have been repeatedly emphasizing some. Consistent consistent themes one is that the ancient school of the prophets is the model to emulate that the science of salvation is the greatest of Sciences that fictitious an infidel books should be avoided in agriculture in the mechanical arts should be taught in all of our schools. That the study of the Bible is of redemptive importance and is to be emphasized above all the other studies and that students should be helps to become thinkers and be able to reason for themselves from cause to effect. And Sutherland had come fully into agreement with Prescott's position after the Harbor Springs meetings that Adventists schools were no longer to have two classes of students some that are preparing for work in the message and some that are going to go into other business. All should be taught. Of season we all were to be taught of God and to be workers in God's Cause even while they pursue whatever studies they're pursuing Prescott held that the dichotomy of religious education and secular education should not exist everything should be religious education with the objective of developing the most the Bill of these for the labor of God where ever that Labor might take you. Well Ed was very intentional about educating his. Instead of spending four years in ancient and then medieval and in modern history the first year will cover the whole subject it would not of course cover history in detail but it would rather deal with the philosophy of history that is the study of causes and their effects and this give the student the key that will unlock all of the dealings of God with man. And then if the student can stay a second year the history program would lead him over the same ground by going deeper into the subject and developing the principles more extensively. Each year the basic material be refreshed in the memory and then dig deeper and yet deeper. And Sutherland readily recognize that not all would be capable of such an accelerated learning but he reasoned the good student who can do in two years without any greater effort with the slower student must take four years to do should not be kept out. So I'm going to take another quick break here and let's summarize some of the lessons that we're learning. It is learning right systems by faith a vibrant growing trusting relationship with Jesus just like Percy. Is learning about true recreation just like Percy. He's learning about a vegetarian diet just like Percy. He's learning how to move a lot that was not like Percy. But he's learning how to follow the council from other white council about having plenty of land for a school in a country location about the need for agriculture associated with all of our schools for character as well as for food. He's learning to avoid debt he's learning to implement a work study planned of all round education and he's learning to implement short courses for mature students. He's learning to engage his entire staff in the study of the councils that we have. And he's learning them to move forward. With education as a united team in February of one thousand nine hundred seven Edward had been at Walla Walla for a little more than four years when he presented a report of what was happening there at the college to the General Conference after. The conference also heard reports from Union College in Battle Creek college both of which were experiencing significant declines. Battle Creek was struggling at the time under a significant debt of ninety thousand dollars in today's currency that would be a little over two point five million. Clearly God had been able to bless young Edwards' efforts at Walla Walla in the church voted to move that leadership and the reforms that were being implemented there to its flight ship institution. At the age of thirty two Edward along with Sally and Bessie joined Percy back at Battle Creek the next school year. He was about to find out that reform is not so easily implemented in an established program as it isn't a new one. Battle Creek was located on only seven acres in the middle of the city and Edward Percy desperately wanted to move the school into the country to comply with the principles that mother waited and sharing but the personal counsel for Mother boy at this particular point. With wait. So while they waited they did what they could Percy started a debt relief organization he began publishing a paper called The Advocate on educational reform Edward wrote a sizable book on educational history called Broken cisterns living fountains as a result of the teacher's came firmly behind the discontinuance of degrees creek. Edward and Percy plowed up the tennis court and the baseball field to create garden space. Not too long after that someone donated the money for an eighty acre farm of course the farm was a distance away from the college but at least some students could be there and work and to help earn their way through school in the food produced on the thirty acres of orchards in the fifty acres of gardens helps to. Further the operations of the school there was also a great deal of opposition among the students but a great deal of support revival swept through the school and there were some notables who stood firmly behind Edward Percy on the side of reform among them Dr John Harvey Kellog the director of the sanitarium and the new chairman of the Battle Creek College Board Alonzo T. Jones this would prove to be highly encouraging right now but would be problematic in the years to come as we will see Edward was also receiving strong support and counsel from Prescott. A mentor for over a decade in a former Battle Creek president turned General Conference educational secretary Prescott had organized the Harbor Springs meeting and he was firmly behind the educational reforms of mother white but there was yet another more reliable confidence that Mary Lampson who arrived at Battle Creek during Sutherland's leadership there and after whom the women's dorm was later names shared this particular account. On the second floor of West Hall was a little two room apartment which was vacant. Except for a few chairs with cushions in front of them. I knew what happened in that room I knew that those teachers went in there to pray. I knew the professor Sutherland Professor McGinn spent hours there agonizing with the Lord that the right thing might be done. More than once a student would come to me and say Miss Lampson. Somehow we go on tiptoe past that for we hear the voice of prayer you feel it's a sacred luminous take record. And we did feel that way all of us. We felt that decisions weighty decisions were being made we felt that the Lord had set apart that place for prayer. Victory and eight hundred ninety eight AD was getting letters from several churches requesting teachers for their children. Mother White had penned that a school should be established if there were no more than six children to attend. And that fall Battle Creek could begun a normal program a teacher training program but the requests couldn't wait Edward went to the chapel meeting with the students with three letters of request and asked if there might be anyone willing to interrupt their studies to go meet the needs of one of these churches. Nobody responded the second day he went back with the same inquiry. And first one and then two more young ladies stood. By Christmas seven schools were operating with students volunteering to interrupt their studies. By March there were thirteen. During the next year fifty seven schools were organized by the fall of one thousand nine hundred two years later almost one hundred and fifty church schools were in operation Edward Percy were also actively working on the college debt that they had inherited from prior administrations in the spring of one thousand nine hundred mother what dedicated the royalties of Christ's object lessons to the relief of the school's. Fifty seven thousand dollars worth were sold in the first year Merica. The Battle Creek students had raised almost six thousand dollars the year before for its debt retirement. Edward Percy began making secret trips into the country to locate a farm where they could move the school they found three farms adjacent to one another for sale for a total of about two hundred seventy four acres. Mother White was making plans to retire in Australia. But her messages were still coming back to America. And for the moment the council to the boys regarding a move was still. Way. So let's do another quick check on the progress of what we're learning here is learning to be patient because doing the right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing. The move will come. Be committed the battle may rage around you but we know who's in control so do the right thing and to grow things. It's good for character as well as for food consult experience it shortens the learning curve. Be persistent. Sometimes you have to ask more than once. And avoid death. Retire with a good attitude even if you didn't create it and prayed. And. Then mother wait announced unexpectedly that she was returning to America. She determined that she would attend the February one thousand one General Conference and in part because of things that had been revealed to her about problems that needed to be firmly met here. She addressed that conference on several subjects among them the relocation of the school and after her comments on the subject the General Conference Committee met and voted to purchase rural property to which they could move the college. Mother white approved of the description of the farms that had been found and the next year classes began in a new location in Berrien Springs Michigan with a new name manual missionary college since there were only a few small buildings on the new campus classes were held here in the recently vacated court house and jail. Through the winter they built several small cottages on the new property which were occupied right away they looked something like this. They became very student housing and they were essentially one room efficiencies very efficient for they had no electricity and no heat after all those are the conditions that you're going to find when you go into mission service. Percy's wife I did gave her entire inheritance to help start the construction on campus. Buildings were only built as they were funds available progress on the new campus was obvious and rapid but opposition to the educational reforms continued to run strong. In Rome and had dropped and even though predicted. It was a problem. It's friendship with Dr Kellogg N E T Jones had been helpful for a time but they were falling out of favor with the church leadership over other issues and they were no longer assets. With mother white support and narrowly avoided being fired by the board. Percy's wife Ida who had always been somewhat delicate took ill in part from her stress over the criticism that her husband was experiencing. She died during the union conference meetings in May one thousand were. Leaving Percy with two small children Percy an Edward. That had enough they tendered their resignations before school was out Ed had indeed gone south he met with mother white near Nashville and at some White's paddlewheel floating evangelistic center called The Morning Star. They started up river to pick up Percy but they had mechanical problems along the way Ed recognized the place as nearly as been near Larkin Springs. Other white wished to see a farm that was nearby it had already looked at it and he wasn't interested in seeing it again but he agreed to accompany me on the way. The place looked worse than he had remembered. The mother boy seemed an advert with it why it looks like a place I've seen. It did start saying No sooner had they picked up Percy than mother white called and Percy to her cabin Oh brother again I saw your farm today and I walked all around it I'm convinced God wants you and as Sutherland to have that place is the kind of place that's been shown to me and vision what do you think of it I think of it as little as I can it's too big and it's all run down and we don't have the money. Well I'm sorry because it seems to me the Lord intends you shall have them place. Few days later Percy returned to the farm. And then shared with Percy Oh I wish we had some honorable and Christian way to get out of this thing without showing a lack of faith in the testimony from the Lord. They wrestled with their decision for the rest of the day. But toward sunset Percy summed it up. We're in it. And we're in it voluntarily. This is why it is with us God is needing us he will show us the way. They shared their decision with mother white and she showed great pleasure I'll do anything I can to help you tell your story to the people they will help you I will recommend your work. And I will come on your board if you wish. And this last statement holds great significance for it's the only board. And she served on it until the year prior to her death and went north to consult with his aunt mil his mother sister and a fiery red head known by most as Mother D. but most importantly she was a business woman. She thought the idea was here Barry but noting Ed's determination to follow Mother White's Council. She agreed to accompany ed by train back down to Nashville a welcoming party met them at the train station that included mother white. When they heard that the place had the price had been raised another thousand dollars Mother D. said Well I'm glad we're not going to take it. And mother white replied glad glad do you think I'd let the devil beat me off of the place for a thousand dollars pay the thousand dollars it's cheap enough. And she turned to mother to. Nail. You think you're almost old enough to retire. But if you'll cast in your lot with this work if you'll look after these boys and guide them and support them in what the Lord wants them to do the Lord will renew your youth and you'll be able to do more in the future than you have done in the. Immediately began Sutherland and mother deed drove nine miles out to the Ferguson Place. To meet with mother Sally one of the owners. The documents needed to be signed in front of a notary and so they took Miss Sally and her husband the nine miles back into Nashville. Where Miss Sally waffled on the decision whether or not to to agree to sell to the Yankees she finally grabbed a pen and signed me again handed her the downpayment check the boys took their papers and quickly left before to danger my. Mother white leader said You will never know how many. It took to help you get the Fergusons did not immediately vacate the property. People had to stay wherever they could find the servants' quarters upstairs above the carriage house were called probation and all if you could endure its rigors you could handle anything else Madison was going to throw at you. And until Ferguson's left the downstairs housed servants and mules and horses and smoked hams and rats and mice and flies the kinds of Burman. The place was cleaned up over time and all of the pioneers took their turn in the upstairs bedroom apartment. As did incoming students later on. The faculty voted themselves a stipend of thirteen dollars a month ten years later they would go on record as saying that they were richly blessed to still be getting their thirteen dollars and. That in spite of the fact that the effective buying power it shrunk by almost twenty percent during. The first year of Madison they had corn and cows. And they brought some canned fruit with them from E.M.C. In addition to the staple corn bread and butter milk they had milk toast. MOTOS that's chunks of toasted bread in a bath of skim milk. For variety someone introduced a new dish called brewing to the diet. BREWIS was a delicacy that consisted of smaller pieces of toast in a bath of skin. And when the diet seemed monotonous Ed would remind everyone that the children of his really manna for forty years. Part of every day was spent in study and a part of the day in practical activities the goal was to bring self-governing students that were literate who could grow their own food who could build their own buildings who could deal with the daily challenges of farm and school and church. And then they could go and start their own schools and many of them did within the first few years of operation. Following the pattern of what had been done in Michigan. By nineteen zero nine Madison had sent scores of students into the American south to propagate the education and health outreach that had been begun on the campus. It was decided to invite those representatives back from what were called the units. To come to Madison and to share what was going on in their corner of God's work it was such a success that they resolved to continue the practice every year. By nine hundred ten things it started to settle down a little bit the worst of the growth pains were were subsiding and Ed decided that it was time for him to go back to school and get that medical degree quite by surprise at the last minutes Percy decided to join him and no sooner had they graduated from the fledgling College of medical leave had they graduated then the fledgling College of medical evangelists in California that's now known as Little in the university was calling for Percy support. First he didn't want to leave. But he felt that the call of the brother could not be ignored. He left the school that he loved dearly never to return for more than a short visit. And in grief Ed said of Percy's decision this is like tearing asunder bone. But putting the best face on it that they could Madison family felt that they had established an outpost in California by sending them again family. They had invested very deeply in the College of medical evangelists about this same time. Lyda funks got joined the Madison family she was a wealthy heiress and she adopted the simple lifestyle of the workers there and she dedicated her efforts and resources to visiting in encouraging those units but will spend a little more time talking about her later for now let's do another quick review. Was we've been learning we've been learning to follow the counsel of the Lord. To trust in Mother White's testimonies and to enlist the support of experience. We've learned to persevered with strict economy and we've learned to propagate the work to other places there's a multitude of other stories that I would love to share about faith building that like in one thousand nine hundred eight when smallpox came to Madison. Dr Lilian Percy's new companion reported the situation in the campus was promptly quarantines the death rate from smallpox was typically hovering around thirty percent this hardly seems encouraging but wait. There were eight cases that were being treated on campus mother Dee and her nurse helpers treated those eight individuals without the loss of one the Nashville medical community took note of the quality of care they've been given and its effectiveness and the sanitarium work as a result began to grow rapidly. In one thousand nine hundred thirty eight an article about the college was printed in Reader's Digest. Later that year Eleanor Roosevelt the first lady of the United States interviewed Dr Brawley air from Madison when she stopped over in Nashville and she wrote about the college in her own syndicated column. That year they received over five thousand applications inquiries then there's the drought of one nine hundred forty three in response to sincere unified persistent prayer God saw fit to send rain. That fell only on the least then it was another two weeks. Before the surrounding area received any precipitation and we've been following the path. Of it Sutherland. I've heard it recently stated that a reformer doesn't ever start out trying to be a reformer. They simply start out trying to be true to Revelation into duty being true to duty may well lead to reform for that individual and for others whom that individual influences and and so there was no distance difference he didn't strike out to change the face of education or of Adventism although by pursuing through ministry he accomplished both. He was a visionary and. Grasping the potential of the true Council coming from other whites. And he was an inspirational leader. Who inspired others to pursue that same vision without hesitation and without compromise Percy came into as life relatively early. And he proved to be a balancing moderating partner tempering enthusiasm and channeling energy he he committed to service of the Savior who was so committed to him and he was a persuasive speaker and effective fundraiser a capable leader in his own right essentially saving the college of medical evangelists from an early demise and becoming a significant part of the leadership of that institution which is now in. His move was consistent with his commitment to mother wife counsels she said the church should have a school where youth could be trained for medical service without being subjected to worldly philosophies along the way and PERCY Now an M.D. was qualified to step in and to fill that need at the fledgling college while not compromising the viability of the program back in Tennessee even Ed admitted that the move was needed even if devastatingly painful mother Dee was committed to truth and to Revelation as were the boys her financial skills were rolled back well recognized as is evidenced by her assignments as the treasurer of the new brassica conference and the South African conference before returning home to take up responsibilities and Emmanuel missionary college. Strongly opposed to the purchase of the national property at first she'd never turned back after hearing mother White's admonition to look after the boys. While her resources made possible the acquisition of the property and her business AQIM and kept the program afloat through its early development she wasn't above manning a fly swatter as the need arose which apparently it did often she worked with the Madison Program until her death in one thousand thirty seven. And when the team began to assemble. On the old Ferguson Place the place was far from a well oiled machine there were only a few dedicated faces one of which I can't even show you his name was Elmer brink. But Elmer was probably one of the most critically important individuals Elmer you understand had his duty like all the rest mother do you ran the skillet in the broom Percy ran the farm ed ran the buddy Carter churn Elmer took care of the cows and you see without cows there would be no milk and without the milk there would be no cream and without the cream there would be no butter and without the butter there would be no cash. Madison may never have survived its first years were it not for Elmer taking care of the cows and had Madison not survived our history of supporting ministry would be drastically different Elmer Afy represents a multitude of dedicated skilled workers each sacrificially plying the gifts and talents that God is given whatever place of ministry God put them. Undeterred by challenges that may arise they faithfully do day to day the things that bring success to the ministry allowing others to step into the spotlight. Content to know that they've been faithful this likely describes the majority of workers. Whether an individual or institutional ministry Elizabeth Bessie to draw. Interrupted her studies at Balloch creek to go to Wall and help out Bessie proved to be a dynamo and would wind up working with Ed for the rest of her life moving with him to Battle Creek E.M.C. and then to Tennessee. She completed her college education as a part time student in addition to holding down a number of positions at the school she effectively assumed administration of the college while Sutherland in them again were in medical school a capable administrative assistant much of what Edward accomplished in research and in publishing would not have ever made it to print were it not for her editorial in transcription skills. After Sally died she and Ed did get married just before he passed his arrest. She continued to live at Madison for the rest of her life. Josephine gutsy and you might remember put up Ed when he was canvassing that first year. Josephine and her husband were on a train X. in the few years before she met Edward her husband was killed she broke her back and went to Battle Creek to heal and that's where she learned of the Advent message on her return she began hosting canvassers she corresponded with Mother Whitehall she was in Australia and roughly around the time Ellen White returned from Australia she sold her valuable state Minneapolis and she headed to the west coast. Josephine got Sian. Made sizable donations to the Portland sanitarium and to the White Memorial Hospital in East Los Angeles. She split the purchase price of the Paradise Valley sanitarium property with another white. Providing half of the funds until the conference could provide the could return the funds and buy the property back from and while I have no extant document to support this. It's my personal belief that mother white was true to her word. That she would recommend the work of the boys to the people Josephine got Sian moved from California to Madison Tenn she made her home there at Madison and her house how's the first patients for what was to become the sanitarium she provided the means for the construction of some of the early campus buildings and including the first assembly house. And she lived there at Madison until her death like the funk Scott was heiress to the funk in waggles encyclopedia fortune. After spending some time at Battle Creek she thought she'd go visit the Madison Program that she had heard about and she liked what she saw she stayed adopted the simple life style and poor her inheritance into the development of multiple small units and larger ministries like Madison and Loma Linda. Her personal ministry was encouraging the units that were springing up from Madison with her presence and with her advice and with her means in one nine hundred twenty seven she established a layman foundation to carry on that mission. The purpose of medicine was to train young people in their relationship to God in their intellectual potential and in practical skills for service to others so that they could in turn go and start similar schools clinics and institutions spreading the gospel wherever God planted them several of those units still exist today many of them operating within the organized church. Others continue to operate in those under the self-supporting model. Relieving the organized work of the financial responsibility while moving forward the mission of the church. Training workers to spread the gospel many of these units are now members of the E.A. seven digit cation Association which continues to grow both domestically and internationally the layman foundation continues to be a Holding Corporation for the properties of several of the sporting ministries and in two thousand and two it launched the E.A. social and Education Association to continue much of the work of encouragement and support to the educational units Ysaye currently provide support services to fifteen member schools located in three countries. On three continents. In one thousand and nine Now listen had sent scores of students into the American south to propound propagate the education and health outreach that had begun. It was decided to invite them back. To share what was going on in their corner of the work and over one hundred fifty individuals came to that meeting it was such a success that they decided to keep on meeting every year. By nine hundred forty seven what was then known as the self-supporting work and groans of the place where a more formal communication channel between Lay ministries and the church were needed and with the help of Ed Sutherland in his retirement as I was. And the units are still getting together. They get together every year to report how God has been leading and how we've been blessing the layman foundation's focus moved over time towards its role in holding properties and in one thousand nine hundred eighty three outpost centers International was created to facilitate the growth of self-supporting work especially really based urban focused ministries. Networking existing projects and to helping train and strengthen leaders in supporting ministry much as light as Scott did for so many years. And ministry rarely happens in isolation. And so will and anchored a team. Which the Lord had assembled to pioneer a different mindset of ministry. Which continues to this day. Lively stones. Build it up. Into a spiritual house. We would do well to remember. That except the Lord build the house. We labor in the building I'd like to close my remarks with these words from why the Scots she was reporting to the representatives assembled to the units. In one nine hundred thirty four I'm now forty. Recently some graduates of Madison college have had a real experience in helping establish a unit in Alabama. Working in cooperation with the Mississippi Alabama conference. None of them are promised salaries these they must earn for themselves. To others of our graduates have gone to two little church schools in needy Mississippi areas as an encouragement to those who are considering the self. Supporting co-operative plan of units I would like to say this. There are units needing reinforcements. There are places still available to Ernest groups of people capable of working together effectively in cooperation and able to support themselves. The Lord has faithful men with money per being prepared in hidden places who will respond to his call in the fullness of time and to illustrate. I came across one of these hidden ones. She said to me. If some with vision and a will in the muscle will respond I will furnish the money she could not get young folks with the will to work and the determination to stick it out through thick and thin. This woman. Had been waiting. Prayed. For more than twenty years it is easier. To raise means is to raise men the night is coming. When no man can work before the shadows deepen into Darkest midnight the world has ever seen Psalm must answer the call saying here are mine and father. We thank you so much for the privilege. Of being in your service. And we too keenly feel the need to be connected to you that you might direct the work that will bring honor to your name regardless of our place we ask you to make us lively stones each of us fitted for our particular will your work true some may be keystones. Easily visible there at the top of the doorway yet others foundation stones that may never again see the light of day let's get everyone critical to the success of bringing the gospel to the world so anxiously desired I pray that you will help those of us who have to be a one way. If you will bring the workers. That are needed so desperately. And that have developed the character. That will bring success into your life that it might move forward more rapid above all we wish you might be. If you might look good before the world and for that if. For asking once again. For the few years. Thank you for your. Piece or. Worse. 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