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While We Wait

Steve Dickman


Steve Dickman

President of Harbert Hills Academy




  • February 11, 2018
    9:00 AM
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Father in heaven we invite your Holy Spirit now once again that is we open your word we might understand Jesus' name we pray. We live in a world today where we understand pretty much where we live so this is like review right let me ask you a question does the Bible say that many will come in Christ's name as that happened there is the Bible say there will be wars and rumors of wars as it happened there is the Bible say Nations shall rise against nation has that happen as the Bible say many should be offended Yeah. It has there been betrayal has there been hatred false prophets. Iniquity shall abound if you get her will be swimming in it instead of just waving it or thinking it's it's there will be actually swimming in it. Loves a wax. You know I heard a story recently in the news it was this thing where this family had how many thirty children and they had them all locked up and chained up and what is that if that's not love waxing cold I'm not sure what it is to match your question has our sun been darkened it that has more than one application you understand the Sun There was a dark day we know that not only that but the light of God has been nearly extinguished in our world in many many places on our planet the moon shall not give her life. The star show fall yes or no distress of nations yes or no the sea in the waves war here we had tidal waves and tsunamis Yes. And because sometimes the warnings are even fake or the warnings are accidental as happened in Hawaii not too many weeks ago when they sent out the text incoming nuclear this is not a drill and the whole island went into panic because everybody on the whole on the network and the whole entire Hawaiian Islands got this text incoming NOT A DRILL people are looking around the thinking This is my last few minutes of life what am I going to do. Hearts failing them for fear the powers of heaven shall be shaken OK so what have I just been reviewing Matthew twenty four yes. Luke what Luke twenty one mark what Mark thirteen Mark thirteen Luke twenty one Matthew twenty four these things this is the condition under which we exist today our theme for our conference this weekend was has been education for such a time as this so if we're talking about such a time as this then what time are we talking about right now just having seen this what are we talking about we're talking about the time of the end or the end of time and I'm going to say it this way on the on the prophetic clock we're talking about the moment before Jesus comes now so these three chapters if you study them what happens next Matthew twenty four verse thirty and they show me the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power great glory Mark thirteen verse twenty six and then shall they see the Son of Man coming in the clouds with great power and glory Luke twenty one verse twenty seven and then shall they see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory this is the context we've just reviewed the signs and this what it says and then and then follows what we just talked about and what we just talked about I didn't anyone hears it in hear anyone say none of those things that happened I didn't hear anyone say any of those that list we just went over all of those things in fact it happened right and I left out one which one did I leave out. I left out the one that says this gospel of the king of shall be preached in all the world and. I did that for a reason because I wanted to I wanted you to know it is that the list of things that's been done is long and the list of things that has been completed short I want you to know is that the next thing in the history of prophecy in the history Now let me just ask another question Who was it that was that if you have a Bible with red letters I want you to look at those chapters and tell me are most of the letters read or are most of the letters black they are mostly red because it was Jesus himself talking about what was going to be it wasn't somebody writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit even if Jesus himself these are Jesus' words and if there's anyone we can trust maybe we need to ask Dr simón to write another book the words of Jesus. Maybe not because it's already here we have it right we have the Word of God We understand the prophecies we know by virtue of just reading this where we live we were not ignorant of the situation. We are not ignorant of the situation in which we find ourselves and so today we ask ourselves the question why you know delayed really are we waiting still why are we waiting still what's going on Peter and Peter addresses this actually second Peter chapter three it's a whole chapter about this topic of why we wait and what's going on and Peter is addressing this and he says knowing this first that there shall come in the last days scoffers walking after their own lust is that condition we could identify with today. So that's going to happen and saying where is the promise of this coming for since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation who are scoffers today. Whole Bultitude of them if you stand up even in a classroom today in most public universities you say I believe in the second coming of Jesus I believe in creation I believe in you get laughed at your professors were probably scorn you and in fact that's not the only place it happens unfortunately I was talking with a young man of friend of mine who is from the country of Russia has his parents I met him in Russia when I was travelling there you're to go and get connected with him and and they came to the States to visit and they brought his family by to visit and we were having a good visit there and he's attending one of our Seventh Day Adventist universities here in the United States of America and this is what he told me he said I feel a little out of step with the rest of the with the rest of the people in my classes. Because I have certain convictions and when I talk about those convictions it's like I'm on another planet and I feel like I'm kind of condemned for holding some of these convictions so it's kind of like I'm the old school you know and I go like oh you know it's unfortunate So our world today is scoffing and there are even some people in our church a Seventh Day Adventist Church were scoffing really still waiting for Jesus to come. You know so Jesus went on after he talked about what was going to happen and he gave these warnings he went on to give some counsel So here's what he did he said this is these are the signs of my coming and then you're going to see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven and now I want to help you understand what to do while you wait Matthew chapter twenty four verse forty two Watch therefore for you know not what our your word does come verse forty four Therefore the he also ready for in such an hour as you think not the Son of man cometh Matthew twenty five verse thirteen watch there for for you know neither THE DAY nor THE HOUR were in the sight of em coming. Mark Chapter thirteen verse thirty three take the watch and pray for you know not when the time is Matthew Mark Chapter thirteen thirty four Jesus tells a little sentence parable there and he says I have given to every man his work and commanded the quarter to watch and in verse thirty five he said watch you therefore for you know not when the master of the house cometh at even at midnight or at the cop crowing or in the morning lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping and what I say unto you I say unto all. Watch you getting the you getting a hint here of what we should be doing Luke Chapter twenty one verse twenty eight then look up and lift up your heads for your redemption drop by verse thirty four and take heed to yourselves and first thirty six Watch therefore and pray always that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things so come to pass and to stand before the son of right what if you got so far well OK when it reached revelation but we summarize Revelation chapter three verse three If therefore thou shalt not what watch I will come on the as a thief and thou shalt not know what hour I will become upon me pretty important we need to be watching so why is why is why is Jesus delaying Why is there this time happening and why would he not come by now because if you want to face the reality of it if you and I had to choose Jesus would have come yesterday or last week or last month or last year or ten years ago if it was my choice. Because I don't see the same picture that Jesus sees from the heavenly kingdom but this is what it says in second Peter chapter three verse nine but Lord is not slackens earning is promised we already know what that promise is the promise was a coming is not slack as some men cow slackness but is what long suffering to us word not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance so there is a delay for a reason and maybe that delay is for me. Maybe that delay is for you maybe that delay is for your children how many of you would say this if I could delay Jesus coming by one day and my children would be saved I would vote to delay his coming by a day would you join me and that I would vote for that actually I would pray for that we have this. We want Jesus to then we speak with you he say yeah I now I can shake my head and I said OK Lord I know you want to come to I know you want to come to and your delay is in mercy that maybe that maybe this person that I've been praying for maybe it's a child maybe it's a brother maybe it's a sister maybe it's a friend you've been praying interceding with God for their salvation and you know that it has not yet been that the invitation is not yet been accepted and you continue to pray and you continue to plead with God and mercy. And I just want to review with you what we talked about during this conference to see if this resonates over Bradshaw talked about the lion his experience with walking with the Lions walking with the Lions and he said he was walking with his child in the zoo and the Lions were talking shows never so have. We have a responsibility while we wait to protect our children. Jim Ingersoll shared with us now that we are war kind of reviewed the context of the great controversy is that we're really at war how do we respond when we're at war we better put our boots on we better put our battle here on we better be ready to fight fight for what we better be ready to fight for our young people in the context of education we have a battle that we're involved in and we need to be ready to fight to be watching over some on you know I just love this morning Creigh is in Christ work using Christ method alone. You know what an inspiration to just hear those thoughts ringing in my ears that as I go home and I join back to the my work there at the school and I see students walking down the sidewalk I see them walking by my office. I'll be inspired to do more than I've done before buying gaging with them in a very personal way to reach out to them to pray with them to encourage them and to help them know how to how to know Jesus and how to have a relationship with Him This is what I took away from jesters presentation we have a physical mental and emotional spiritual nature. Watch and an education at the scene if we're interested in doing a banjo There's a go home and get started because you have a audience or you that needs the advantage of this week very. Good start it's the same work we had a panel discussion on character development essential to that how important that is we had a panel discussion about the importance of industry in our schools Dr Beardsley talked about how learning from work is so important needs to be a vital part of what we do about a part of our program a vital part of our engagement with our students it really blasts. Dr Headley. Last night the crisis. In education while we wait we must watch as one. Must give an account. That little word watch became a little bit intriguing to me as I was thinking about what that meant because I just saw reoccurring reoccurring reoccurring reoccurring Jesus himself saying Watch watch watch what is watching. What is watch me what does that word mean anyway watch means what Be aware be on guard. Expectation observe what's happening all around you. But this watch means to actually. Watching. Now we don't have time to do this but it's a very interesting study if you want to go back now in one take these three chapters and look at all the parables Jesus told after he said all the stories he told after he said and then you are going to look up and see the Son of Man coming you will find some very interesting and challenging ideas there about what Jesus was really sick. But he had something else associated with that he didn't just say watch he said Pray he said watch and pray pray as if. Your life depends on it now pray as if the life of your children depend on it pray as if the life of your students depend on praise if the life of your loved ones and your family depend on it and yes your life depends on it too and work this concept that God is given to every man his work is a very prevalent concept of scripture if you're the sentry on duty and you hear a noise what you going to do who goes there if you're the sentry on duty and you see a shadow passing by what you've got to do. It can involve all of your senses not just your sight it's all of your senses are on high alert had this experience one time when this struck just this moment my brother and I were driving down the road it was two am in the morning or maybe a little past we were out on the lark we've been working all day and we were coming home that night it was late both of us were tired we were weary and we were on a lonely country road in Tennessee we were coming home and we said oh how in a world are going to stay awake we just want to get home you know. And kind of like. The Persian here in the morning no problem we slammed on the brakes we brought the car to a stop it was we're driving a bit and we brought it to a stop which had Ha ha it's not just a snake it's a copperhead. It's a poisonous snake Yes and we were both energising we said who what we could do it best I've never seen one quite that big. Let's let's kill it take him home as a souvenir. Then we can really show him off all right. So we looked around in our van driving and we found a cooler now you know what coolers are like some of them today they're nice they have lives they open they closed locks you have on them just couldn't have that it was a styrofoam cooler and we said no problem we can put a snake in that and so we got the cooler on the road and we lined it up the front of the snake behind the eventually let the snake in the cooler with it up on the top and we put the top on it we said now what are we going to do how. You can leave in the road put it in the bay and so we put the snake in the back of the van in the cooler and we said I don't like us very much because what if it gets out so we said wow. Something around the cooler on top of the cooler lid comes off so by this time we're pretty awake and we weren't too worried about staying awake the rest of the way home but we got a chain we had a chain you pull things we've been working so we had tools with us so we had a chain wrapped chain around. Chained in there and we got in the front seat of the van we began to drive now you think. What if we hit a bump and the chain breaks that little styrofoam cooler side out and that's they comes to find us. We didn't sleep at all and we finally got home. Now but we got to do it. In the cooler. Weather he. Knew that I knew we should not bring the snake in the house because that would be a bad move. And so the school had a. Snake an ice box we should put it in the freezer so the point of the story is that once I knew there was danger I had I was on high alert I was listening for any sound I was watching for any movement it was dark in the Bay It was a lights in there but I was on high alert if something touched my leg I was worried a jump out the window you know it was no problem I've got to. Open the door fifty miles an hour I don't care I'm getting out of here you know if that but why is it so we need to be on watch all the time as if we really were in fact facing a devil who is on the loose as a roaring lion that old serpent the Bevo right is that what he's called we need to be on alert is if we're dealing with a real foe if that if the walls of our understanding could be opened and we could see the battle around us Helen White says we would be much more. Concerned there is a real battle between good and evil that's happening the angels are in this battle and if we could see what was happening we'd be on alert OK we would really be on alert now we're not. Two minutes to finish. Work the night is when know man. That bible says that's what Jesus said. Not just me saying that it's not just you looking around the world and saying I think we're in some pretty tough times Jesus himself said work for the night is coming when no man can work while we wait watch the on alert beyond guard pray the story so I was listening recently to a something about the reformation in the story of. Methodist Church who's the founder of the Methodist Church John Wesley he had a special place built for prayer he had a prayer place built and he said that's where Methodism was born and where if you listen to Charles presentation I wasn't here. Because I've heard it several times that Sutherland and again had a special. And as people would say. They would walk. Where they knew those men were on their knees wearing out the carpet as it were saying demanding great things from a god who would do great things because I thought about all the reasons we thought of this I've not seen the movie where the book about DOS is experienced as miss DOS experience there's a line though in the movie and I got on You Tube and I watched it and if you want to google this and just watch this little clip out of the movie Das is on top of the it's garbage and he is bloody and wounded and weary but he keeps saying this over and over again as he is reaching out to drag one more wounded soul to the escarpment and let him down he keeps saying something larger one. Let me save just want more let me save just one more and he would it shows have caught a line of banks just please just get up and go back into the battle and he would find another wounded soldier and he would say he could. Scar that he would tie him in his is rope and he would let him down over the edge to safety it's real We're in a battle Satan is attacking our young people and yes it is it is not a battle for the faint of heart it is not a battle that is easily fought is not a battle we don't go away it is not some injured people it's REAL our young people are getting shot as it were by Satan in reality it just you know it's crazy that is doing in our world today challenge you to think about going home and pray this prayer just once. Every day and when you get hired and when your hands are bleeding from the work and when you cannot even stand to look at yourself in the mirror I want you to get down on your knees and say Lord please just one more I want you to think about that what would that mean of all of us went home for institutions and we got down on our knees every day these folks here come from Waynesboro Tennessee they say just when we want to start a school praise God right praise God These folks from up in Virginia we want to start a school. Mania. Over the world lay people are being convicted to go out and do something for God and the education work I travel significantly was on my other responsibilities and as I go to these places and I see people and they hear that I have anything to do with the education worker with Madison they say please help us we want to start something. Then Brazil with the O.C.I. meetings and just sharing their testimony and Charles and I were there and he was talking about the Madison model and all those things and people are just coming to us we want to start something can you help us can you tell us what to do we just don't know how could our prayer be bored just. More so and maybe it's just something as simple as eating in the cafeteria just. And saying. In the student today that needs. It's been a wonderful time together hasn't it talking together fellowship the other pray gather it's time to go time to go back to where it's real the rubber meets the road there are students coming into your class and some of them are late some of don't have their homework done in your work supervisor on the farm and nobody wants to pull weeds today or whatever you're doing that's the reality let's go home with this attitude or just one word you're waiting. To give us just when asked Dr simón if you become intimate. All of us just to just get up out of your chair join us here we're going to pray together for a prayer dedication that God would help us as we move forward from here just come forward we're going to get in a circle up here actually if we can manage to do that somehow loving Father we. By the conviction of. Understanding that. Simply because you're here just like Moses. Standing. How. Does. The convictions you've given the. Last few days linger produce. The show. About folks. That. Said There are times in the past. People. Focus. On this just so and the other story here there in our series of influence saying Lord you must help me. But then she said such moments where. We had. The Lord because. Of the Enlightenment the conviction given us the last few days maybe such moments you never read but common in every life here because you know Jesus passing by our Nasserist in our offices homes places of work committees as we travel all our streets saying I have wonderful things in mind to. Help us right now and he had to change to be faithful to the believing thing so that the floodgates might open for each one of us and we can see miracles materialize before our eyes the last night. Consecration a loving human Jesus might a prayer warrior is each one of us close to his heart and maybe thousands prayer which from my heart. I believe we believe help and believe we're doing our best and that's all you want our best not good enough. To come to compensate for any deficiency you have and we know the issue was that while we saw your feet like. The part for me I don't deserve to be in your presence yet you hold on to your feet saying. Go and you have eternal life and she said if we do that. I think this question of what happens you will never perish while you do this never Oh dear Lord May we vision of ourselves that a vision of you and with that we can be commissioned to be fishers of men made. You. He. As with the circle of the people the fishers of men we give the other glory for Ned This is where by the use of a few devices do. It with sex. Everyone. Chooses like getting ripe for it and for his name in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more sermon leading Visit W W W audio verse or.


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