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5. Principles for Biblical Thought

Ed Zinke


Ed Zinke

Adventist theologian and businessman




  • February 7, 2018
    12:15 PM
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Knowledge of God We've already done this when knowledge of God is dependent upon what. Is revelation of Himself so we can determine what God is like by looking at the natural world we can even for sure say that God exists by looking at the natural world and what we can predict but he listened when he exists the evidence is pretty strong but even if we can prove that He exists that doesn't tell us who he is just tells us that He exists because the so called your god is depends upon his self-revelation the nature of the Bible is divinely revealed and therefore the Foundation for Human thought. And can we're going to just assume some of these things as we go along because they would have been developed by others. All scriptures given by inspiration of God and scripture fame by the will of God and will of man. The nature of the Odyssey one. Might come back to that later that's a little bit complicated but the book that you have electronically has a chapter in there on the judgment in the last two thirds of that chapter on the Odyssey I don't think I call it the all that is basically bringing God into judgment we have theologies even within the in this church we think is our job to bring God into judgment and. So that chapter will point out that God is the one reveals himself we don't bring him into judgment. So hermeneutics viable provides the basis for its appropriate hermeneutic in its own world view within which to interpret it and discussing that harmony with His nature is the inspired word of God Scripture provides his own worldview and method of interpretation so I remember my professor that was discussing with me form critical method so that what the form critical method was not designed. And to study the kind of literature the Bible claims to be. But we want to use methods that are designed to study the kind of literature that the Bible claims to be and the way we do that is to go and see what the Bible says about itself. In order to understand how to study scripture. So the biblical concept of truth. All of these other methods had a concept of truth except for postmodernism Well the concept of truth was just that there isn't any of it. So what is the biblical concept of truth OK God is truth his word is true I am the Way the Truth and the life OK John one fourteen that he was full of grace and truth. Yes. But there is absolute truth OK because God exists. Right. That's a good point God exists whether I think he exists or not OK Very good so so our concept of truth is. The other concepts of truth are are our concepts are philosophies the Bible says truth as a person. And it's pretty pretty radical idea compared to all of the other philosophical systems that truth is a person. Of the nature of faith basically I'm going to take these together because they're tied together. So. In the beginning was the word the word was with God The Word was God he was in the beginning with one with God all things were made through Him and without him nothing was made that was made in Him was life and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness what happened by the way I just finished Sabbath school lesson on the Gospel of John for two thousand and twenty one turned it on Friday so. Well for my off it's all together the way it should be anyway one thing I notice as I went through the Gospel of John is that there is a lot of discussion between theology from the lone theology from above which is basically what we've been talking about here the ology from human principles versus the Elegy from God's principles for example and this is probably the strongest one in the Gospel in this chapter three. Where nicotine misses you trying to gain favor with Jesus nobody can do these miracles and you do unless he's from God knows he wasn't accepting music as the Messiah he was saying unless he's from God And what did Jesus do you have to be born again I mean he really sidestepped the question didn't hear in the common just got straight to the point he said you have to be born again and become human said well how can that be. Jesus said You must be born again and again he said How can that be you know Him And Jesus went on to to bring out the Old Testament scripture. Exactly you know you're a teacher in Israel and you don't know these things. And. In chapter four of the woman at the well. Jesus said I would give you springs of living water and she said. How the world you can do that you don't have a bucket. You know the ology from below theology is limited to her world view versus God's world view. Anyway this kind of thing and then there are some passages where it's really spelled out the ology from below on theology from above so. Hopefully you'll enjoy that when it comes to case so anyway darkness did not comprehend that. In the context of his role in the creation of the universe and the declaration that he is the Logos by the way logos the word in English translated word is Logos the Logos was the rational structure of the universe of Plato and here John is telling us the Logos is not the Russian structure of the universe it's Jesus Christ OK. So your word is a lamp to my feet a light to my path the entrance of yours gives white his understanding to the simple of course another theme in the Gospel John's Jesus is the light of the world so of human knowledge both the material and spiritual things as partial and perfect therefore many are unable to harmonize their views of science from scripture many except mere theories and speculations as scientific facts and they think that God's word is to be tested by the teachings of science falsely so-called pilot asked the question what is truth and some people say it's too bad that he didn't wait for Christ to answer that question in the dialogue there he moved on very quickly he was actually trying to save Christ so it's not like he was malicious moving on to. Anyway Jesus as we've already pointed out that already answered the question the one who was the way the truth and the life was standing right before Him God wants us to know him the only true God not the God who we think he is OK let's take some examples let's take Adam and Eve How could they have known how to relate to the tree in the center of the garden. God told them OK God gave them the perspective from which to know how to behave relative to that tree and how to think about the tree OK what did they do instead OK for their own plan on why it says that she argued a God of love would not destroy the creatures whom he's created a philosophical argument. And then what else actually there are a number of things involved in that but she is the scientific method right sort of the tree you know speaking. Badge and if I eat of the tree you know I'm not much greater than the serpent if I eat of the tree why I may be just like the serpent sirs I'll become as God so I'm going to try the scientific experiment and that will be the basis of my decision on how to relate to. The into the living rooms for the flood how do they relate to the coming of the flood never happened before science tells us it can't happen the thing else same argument is a God of love would not destroy the creatures music created OK so scientific argument philosophical argument was the basis of their decision Kadish Barnea. Going into the holy land what was the argument Asian there and spies came back with the report giants of the land wild sort of. Yes what our eyes see we have to believe. Hard. Now and succeed at this OK. You know men trained in war here we've been slaves for hundreds of years and these guys train in wars those giants in the land there are passes that we have to pass through that are fortified with stones that can be rolled down on us. No God in his right mind would send his people into such a slaughter but there were two other. Spies. What did they say. God not only not only can he do it in these promises he's told us to go up OK now do they do you disagree with the facts OK they agreed with the facts. But they disagreed with a course of action based upon God's word rather than upon their human reason Christ in the wilderness. Had it is written into very good now he had the other possibilities to me he could have said. Ellen White says that Satan came down as an angel of light and said look at you. You can't be the Son of God you know here you are in these tattered clothes out here in the wilderness for all this period Tom why don't you prove that you're the son of God. Turning these stones into bread scientific argument philosophical argument a God of love would not of left his son out in the wilderness for forty days without without food and without companionship OK but he it is written alone. So. No I heeded the commands of God The wisemen of this world talked of science to fix laws of nature's or that there could be no relation to the scorned of the messenger in the messenger verse I'm sure the message when they could not change him from his implicit trust of the Word of God They pointed to him as a fanatic as a ranting old man. Thus they condemned him because he would not return from his purpose by reasonings and theories of men and I notice this it was true that Noah could not live. OK he couldn't controvert their philosophy that's important for what we're operating on different worldviews. They don't necessarily intersect they could not controvert their philosophies are a fruit refute the claims of science so-called But what could he do. For acquiring the Good Word of God and at last none of that's what. Force in reality there is within Scripture We'll get to those whose power in the Word of God We say that often but do we really understand it and mean it and have we allowed it to impact our lives lost none of its force reality over here by faith obeyed and went to hell not knowing where he was going. To Him Faith was the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. But see he could not even explain his course of action so as to be understood by his friends again two different playing fields two different world views. Spiritual things are spiritually discerned and his motives and actions were not comprehended by his idolatrous contard. So Christ said it was written. Already done to. Him to go back and check that out anyway humanistic faith begins with Adelle and attempts to prove the Bible worthy of our faith. Relies on the capabilities of mankind relies on the five senses looks for patterns formed by pop assists testable predictions results and more observations. Result as a probability statement as to how things entering the system will for what's already there. So pollution is in the hands of mankind it is under human control it is a human achievement faith is not a human creation it is the gift of God So when I was a school asked a theologian I thought that faith was my creation. And here I find out it's a gift from God. In order that faith might not rest on the wisdom of man but in the power of God the. Rest of the poem was faith is itself the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not say we walk by faith not by sight and I had seen it the other way around Faith comes by wife. Carrying the Word of God the Word of God is powerful the Word of God can make its way into the human soul and so Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. The spirit in the word work together no man can create faith in a spirit operating upon and enlightening the human mind creates faith in God. Let's give you just a second to take that one in spirit. Working upon lightning creates faith in God again I thought faith was my creation I was the one that pulled all the I'm sorry. It's right need more of the Holy Spirit obviously the Holy Spirit in conjunction with Scripture and we need to rely on on the gift that God has given to us. So to attempt to use the data of reasons criteria for determining whether Scripture is the Word of God is to doubt that which God has already declared to be true similar to the temptation of Christ and willingness to doubt that he was the Son of God after it had already been declared. Firmed by the Word of God genuine faith has its foundation in the principles and provisions of scripture. So where does faith have its foundation. In scripture again I thought it was in all the scientific and philosophical evidence historical evidence that I could bring together since Scripture. Faith in the Word of God is not based upon humanistically derived knowledge faith itself is the foundation of knowledge by faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God. Only in the light of revelation and nature of the read or write faith notice this faith is what. So I used to think that knowledge was the key to faith. And it's the other way around Faith is the key to knowledge is faith the key for knowledge for your students in the classroom. Fiefdoms one hearing. Surance the evidence for faith is God's word. Sense. And it was about God the world through wisdom did not know God it please God through the foolishness of the message proofs so those who believe. Like you to pick out three a pistol knowledge is in this passage. For the Jews requests a sign the Greeks are safe after it was I'm right. You're right we preach Christ crucified to the Jews a stumbling block to the Greeks foolishness but to those who are being called both. Jews and Greeks Christ. The power of God was in c I use a think of power and science and history and sociology and psychology and all the human disciplines That's where power was never thought even though people talked about power over the Word of God. I didn't really think of it as you know power and that can change my life in and change the way I think. But indeed the Word of God is powerful the Word of God brought worlds into existence of sight to the blind hearing to the deaf and it's capable Hebrews four think a lot of making its own way into the human heart Oh yes I prefer some ologies the signs Lee the empirical you need something you can see you put your hands on. Saw the signs the wisdom would be the philosophical systems of the Greeks. Paul had just come from the Athens when he wrote this. Then the power of the Word of God Scripture. And so on why as an interesting statement. She says when Paul was in Athens you know a lot a lot of people use the experience that Athens to justify philosophical approaches to invention of them. On why tells us that after Athens realize that he had not brought the gospel to. And that was why he didn't have many converts and that's when he wrote First Corinthians that it's in the power of the Word of God written in the power of argumentation in a speech in my preaching we're not in the persuasive words of human wisdom Button's demonstration in the spirit of power but your faith should not rest on the wisdom of. God in the power of God. It's in all these other systems we have been revealing faith rests in the wisdom of. Not and now. I want you to notice the similarities between soul about the console of either by faith alone by scripture alone if we lose one we're going to lose the other. There is nothing I can do on my own to obtain righteousness. There is nothing I can do on my own to obtain special revelation. I can't go out and create a special room illusions very special revelation is a gift it's not a human relation. Righteousness is not to be manipulated by humans Revelation is not to be manipulated by humans. Righteousness rests upon the gift of God alone. Revelation rests upon the gift of God alone. Works follow naturally from the receipt of the gifts of God Salvation. And first I'm a logical works follow naturally from receipt of notes one works never form the basis of our salvation. So. That and you made us to personalities are not the foundation of our knowledge OK So God has given us our minds our feelings are interpersonal relationships all of these are important to who we are and God desires us to use them to their fullest so there's nothing we're saying here that says we shouldn't use our mind to its fullest or or you know are our emotions or your personal relationships everything that makes us who we are to the fullest including our reason and our ability to observe these talents are given to be used in harmony with God's Word rather than over against God's word and I guess I should there also not only in harmony with not based upon. God's word subject to. So. The nature of freedom and one more thing. Knowledge and faith a couple of years ago. I liked into a cave about one kilometer into the cave and I turned out the lights. And I couldn't see anything because. I mean it was I couldn't even see my hand right in front of my face. And then they turned on the lights and I could see I could see the beauty of the Lion tights and still on nights in the water running trickling. In the cave and so on so forth and so without the light of the world we are in darkness as drawn. But because of Christ we can see you know the world is there. It's because of crisis that we're able to see the world understand the world you know how the world operates you know how to interact with the world. To the nature of freedom could you miss the concept of freedom is autonomy and independence free from every human institution free from the authority of the Bible the acquisition of truth is independent of God and His Word. By the way is to turn scribes I mean that would tend spies were making their decision based on this concept of freedom or thought they were free to make their decision completely independent of God's word possibility of truth in the Bible must be determined on a human basis rather than by divine revelation absolute dependence from God as so the public whole concept your original sin of Lucifer to ascend into heaven and to become like God we're either slaves of certain or sleighs of God. Humanistic concept we are free to determine our own truth to decide how to relate to Christ. But like a concept we are free when we come to Christ and we shall know the truth and the truth will set us free so I thought I was free to determine the truth. And again it's the other way around. The truth will set us free the power of God's word under the Holy Spirit. So again you know I put my faith in the power of science philosophy history psychology exciter versus the power of the Word of God under the Holy Spirit. So conversion is not just conversion of the heart. Conversion is also a conversion of the mind. So and you wired on the role of the Bible in obtaining knowledge and this you're going to have in your materials. And you want to take the time to read to read through all of it it would take a long time and really it's something you need to read through several times and then kind of meditate on it it's an appendix to an article I wrote and if you read the article that's fine but read on white and and really study her. Like I say we quote over and over again you know that God's ideals inspire us and Sumant thought and so on and so forth. But we don't put in the entire context of the role of the viable in education and it should all go together we can pick statements out of Ellen White that can sound like my statements but when you take or is a whole she by no means. Oscar so inviting the role of a violent obtaining knowledge the Bible is God's voice speaking to us just as surely as though we could hear him with our ears. Christ pointed to the Scriptures as a unquestionable authority and we should do the same the Bible is to be presented as the word of the infinite God as the end of all controversy and the foundation of all faith. Leave the impression upon the mind that the Bible and the Bible longs are rule of faith and that sayings and doings of men are not to be a criterion for our doctrines and actions. The Bible in the Bible alone is to be our creed in our soul bond of unity all who belted this holy word will be in harmony Man is fallible but cards word is infallible. The Bible is in an area. And now when you go through the documents this is hurting those that has many Knology white quotations underneath it. So just to give you an idea so is the basis of religion you know our study of the flowers is not the basis of religion just like our study of the statue is not our basis of the understanding of the artist's use the basis of faith is the test of inspiration Ellen White herself asked that her own inspiration be tested by Scripture Some people ask doesn't Helen why destroy the little foundations and no it doesn't show yourself strongly affirms biblical foundations you know I think I owe a lot to her for that OK test for the operation of the Holy Spirit as the guide to life rule of conscience standard character you know only basis of happiness. Authority over the senses are the people of God so firmly established upon his word the faith would not yield to the evidence of their senses but they and such a crisis cling to the Bible in the Bible only. The Bible was to be made the basis of flight. Education So I would hope and I'm sure that you're already doing this in your schools but I would hope that you would go back and sit down and ask yourselves how can we make the Bible the basis of all of our education in our specific school and how can we make it the foundation of each of our disciplines the Bible no speed mate the study and foundation for all study searching the scriptures along will bring knowledge of the true God Jesus Christ apart from Christ science is misleading and philosophy is foolishness now she affirms the value of science and of the value of philosophy in fact later there will be a text where. She suggests a biblical philosophy. Greatest minds of not guided by the Word of God. Become the world in their attempt to investigate the relations of science and revelation. The Creator and His works are beyond comprehension and because these things cannot be spun explained by natural laws Bible History is pronounced unreliable in true science there can be nothing contrary to the teachings of the Word of God for both of the same offer so notice all she does that different than Thomas Aquinas it's almost the same but there can be no teaching that are contrary to the Word of God. He who has a knowledge of God and His Word through personal experience has a subtle faith in the divinity of the whole these scriptures is proof that God's Word is true and he knows the truth can never contradict itself he does not test the Bible by men's ideas of science he brings these ideas to the test will be on their own standard. Whatever the so-called scientific teaching contradicts the testimony of God's word is mere human. Apart from Bible history geology can prove nothing. In the annals of human history the growth of nations the rise and fall of them Pires appears as depended upon a will and prowess of man. But of the Word of God the curtains drawn aside and we behold behind about through the play encountered ploy of human interest and power and passion the agents of an all wise merciful one silently patiently working out his own counsel of his will here we find the authentic talents of nations Bible reveals the truth loss of the history. It's the basis of the principles of true psychology and I'd like you to be thinking during lunch. About how the Bible impacts the psychology and I know that not all of you are psychologists but most of us think we know something about psychology so be thinking and I want to have a discussion on that so we can illustrate a belittle film nation the Bible help since the Earth is a guide to psychology so we thinking about that during our lunch period mother says that's the basis of national prosperity. I mean we could spend half a day just on that how is the Bible the basis national prosperity and what happens when you depart from the principles of the Bible. Warnings about placing other things above the word of God the Word of God is not to be judged by human standard and consider themselves wiser than the Word of God or his or even God and instead of planting their feet on the movable foundation and bringing everything to the test of God's Word they tell us that word by their own ideas of science and nature and inventions are unreliable and dangerous place man were God should be. Then set up their own judgment disappear or to the Word of God and the Scriptures which they do teach rest upon what So just because we are reading Scripture doesn't mean we're scriptural and almost all philosophy theologians use scripture. And all of a mere few that are more philosophical but most of them use scripture but that doesn't mean they are scriptural they place their own construct plans for a future and it rests upon their own authority instead of. Upon the authority of scripture and his divine often to cities destroyed go through very quickly some of the possible relationships between faith and reason. You have far left human studies alone. Are the absolute foundation for knowledge. Second one of those essential service of nature in the Bible similar to Thomas Aquinas another one. Of the surfaces all truth is God's truth integration of nature in the Bible truth is truth wherever it may be found. Science you have separation between them science deals with nature alone Bible deals with religion alone and there's a big trap separate well understood completely on their own apart from interaction between them and by the way I heard also all of them and you need to be separate There are two separate worlds and then nature and the Bible with the Bible as the foundation so indeed they go together if we go together based upon the sole foundation of scripture rather than. An integration of the two and then again illustrating the difference here. Critical studies will start with psychology history religion science sociology literary methods develop a natural worldview and the Bible isn't Kompas with any. Interpret it with and whatever valid bullet it has as tested by these worldviews as contrast to the method which arises out of the local worldview. Has gotten. So a little bit of humor here. These guys want to know the size of the rocks and a pile one on the left so they range in size from one so meter to twenty centimeters. And the other one on the rise says no we can determine the size of the rocks only after the pass through once and they are wire mesh. Didn't I tell you there are no rocks on that pile larger than once on a meter but why are you discarding the rest. Because they didn't fit the standard of rock piles as defined by my wire mesh. And so we create our own wire motions and we go and search for God and. Will bit of a nugget got through here I'm going to hang on to that as precious for the little nugget here a little nugget here with a little nugget here now I'm going to gather my nuggets together and I'm going to create a golden image of my making instead of gods making. One who is my criterion of my life but in the criteria. Here's a feel lodging in dialogue with God. God says I have a message for my people I'd like to speak feel Arjun who is that God's Who is that speaking Could it be God if it is he must surely recognize the insurmountable problems this would present to secular society God Again I have a message to give to my people. There is that voice again could it possibly be God if it is it will take several years of work to discover whether it is scientifically or historically for experience really possible for God to speak. I let him know if I discover a way I have a message which must be given out. Theological silence the theological could not hear because he had not yet found a way to solve you know it's something to compromise what is the compromise between these two games who's going to fire the game what are you going to use for a ball how are you going to propel the ball what field are you going to play on there's there's no compromise. The soccer player can invite the golf golfer to come and play with him or vice versa. But you're here come so often. Christian theology. Some are going to become. Scripture. This media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave the Visit W W. Or.


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