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6. The Biblical Worldview and Adventist Education

Ed Zinke


Ed Zinke

Adventist theologian and businessman




  • February 7, 2018
    2:00 PM
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Also look at the Biblical world view. There will be a little bit of. Overlap with. The psychology discussion here but that's OK it'll reinforce it now and. What I want to do is show you how the bible looks at things as contrast it with the secular human humanistic viewpoint. As a model for kind of a template for when you are working on your particular discipline. Discipline is going to be different. But Scripture will still apply in one way or another so the biblical worldview and the message cation worldview is the lens the filter the template paradigm through which we understand our existence and see our world and so our concept of God. Our world other humans how we're going to relate to them what truth is freedom history origins role in life concept of the future and what we so often do is want to create a designer God the God that our culture will be happy with your God that fits our cultural world do we got that response to our greatness justified by the morals of our society but send our notion of truth play in our hands that we fashion to fit our mold which is a creation of our world view designer Bible for a designer god so we try to make all of these. Were out rather than allowing scripture to mold our lives so adding to them brings a uniquely biblical worldview and our purpose will be to construct this world through with and contrasts it rather with secularism humanism. Will not attempt to discuss other worldviews except for one little. Place so it acknowledges the Bible as foundational authority and lifestyle and thinking the basis as the basis of our world view so it impacts all of these different things so our goal here is to teach students to think the politically rather than humanistically so to teach the public think that likely rather than humanistically or critically or sexually Have you heard I'm sure you have of critical thinking critical thinking is just sweeping the nation create critical thinking let me hear your critique of pretty critical thinking first of all it has a lot of good things in that movie so there's a lot of good stuff critical thinking. About what is your critique OK why not OK so it has that same principle of criticism which of course is called critical thinking very lot of people that try to say non-obvious is different than historical criticism it's not it's really the same the human mind is the foundation for for all things so that's what's at the basis of critical thinking which of course is completely different from the political thinking anything else about critical thinking yes starts with this notion of doubt. Just. We don't we're quite a bit this morning right. But. When Scripture says test everything is talking about using scripture to test it it's it's not a Thomas scripture. You probably go through some of the materials to to get what we had this morning OK So that makes human reason the foundation instead of God's word. Again just for your sake that doesn't mean we put it next through reason but reason is within the context of gods were drowned over against God's word and it makes. For example morals it says that critical thinking is the foundation of morals as a kind of differ from a biblical worldview is the foundation of truth comes we talked about truth this morning so while there are many tools and critical thinking that are useful we really need to develop our own model you know why why should we follow their model where they're picking up some things that aren't necessarily beholden to critical thinking like how to read. And then they're putting it all together in a package and calling it critical thinking and adding these other elements to it so. Anyway And I'm glad we have somebody here that's going to get it started. This is about what you say. OK so to teach students to think like way rather than humanistically critically or sexually OK if our children do not leave out in a schools or the biblical world view in my opinion we might as well send them to secular institutions. I do think there is value in finding a spouse. There and finding friends there but if you're teaching all of the. Humanistic world view instead of biblical world view you know then what are we really accomplishing so. We did this this morning the Garden of Eden. Without God separate self-revelation what Adam and Eve known about themselves and they simply woken up one morning and there they were in existence but nobody there to tell them about themselves our world without a Bible to give meaning to life. The death of a loved one about the hope of the future you know how does the Bible impact our world view there contrast it with a world view with other contemporary world views as what will attempt to do here so the bible some plea assumes the existence of God God is an action when he is first introduced and so in the beginning God created God It is the God of history and I know it's crept into some of our schools where they leave God completely out of history. You know his positive action the fact that he said he's acted in history he was simply left out but yet. The biblical view is that God is the driver of history the Book of Daniel is good a good book for sin and how God acts in history and of course Jesus Christ also so God is the God of history God is the originator of causative factor in history created set up kingdoms delivered his people and Christ reconciling the world to himself he will come again whereas the humanistic view of God exists he is caught in the flow of history history is his master he is to be judged by history history is driven by cause and effect for if he does not exist everything happens as a result of the close continue. And in fact you see the difference. And so when our students leave our schools we would like them to have a Biblical view of history biblical few of things that are taking place around them historical events are random and purposeless in the humanistic you history has meaning because it was initiated by God and he is guiding it to its culmination and the restoration of our fellowship with Him and the new earth God interacts with US history we exist in the universe with nothing out there God was and is active and I will read through all of those things are these events never happened. Or they're explained by a close system of cause and effect with no divine intervention we were created for a fellowship God does not exist we don't know if God exists God is a distant being who does not interact with us or all possibilities from a secular perspective on interacts and some mystical way we know him because people have received record of their experiences with them so. The little revelation in the Bible is simply a human book which captures the genius and spirituality the human spirit vs the Bible's the Divinely Inspired Word of God communicated in history through God's chosen prophets under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Bible came by the will of God. The Bible came by the will of you find. The Bible as the target of any other book stores marriages etc We do not need God our father looking over our shoulder under the Holy Spirit the Bible is its own turf it or we can understand God our world and how to live because of the Bible. God's revelation and nature is partial and subject to the same standing can be understood only from the perspective of the revealed word nature is all that we. The adverse of this world came into existence by chance the universe and our world were created by God with a purpose God created life on this earth on this planet a short time ago life was formulated by accident billions of years ago life gradually evolved under the guidance of God If you accept the theistic evolution theory perspective we were created in God's image we were created by tooth and claw my random purposeless mutations God is our Father we are His children where are beholden to no one beside ourselves. God saw that creation was good there is no intrinsic moral significance to nature other than what we give it. Where there is a result of evolutionary forces our creation took place over millions of years we descended from the animal kingdom. Sorry I don't know one of these things going slow our minds are absolutely a Thomas we do not meet God our Father God we were created in God's image our God given minds are used in harmony with God's word survival of the fittest determines our lives we were created to follow for fellowship with God and each other we are not our own marriages between male and female part of God's plan we are our own we can use our bodies as we like our goal is to Reese restoration to the image of God We can feed our minds and our lives on what it whatever however we desired to fulfill our own purposes and aspirations we were created in a unity mind body and soul we cease to exist at death we are not a unity there is a soul that can be treated separately from the body and is in theistic evolution and exists independently of the body so. Centers a moral choice and action of what is contrary to who God is sin has separated us from God and from one another so it is a result of a brain disorder biological malfunction not a transformation of God's law or character after one of those mass shootings I saw a television program where they brought a psychologist on to explain what had happened and the first thing he said is this is not the result of sin Now why would he say that. Different world view right and what is that world view. OK God doesn't exist some doesn't exist so if God exists if Senate exists then God must exist and so he didn't want to imply that God exists therefore this is not so in this the result of some chemical process and I'm not denying that chemical processes can take place but still sin is the true false. Sentence disobedience to the Word of God or the desire to establish oneself as equal to or Thomas from God humanistic lack of knowledge is the root of all is the root of all evil it is ignorance irrationality or misinformation there is no such thing as them in the biblical sense celebration is possible only through varies by faith in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ humanity will solve the problems of evil in the world follow cortical structures management of the process of evolution science technology economics education and so on and so forth that what one point. The World Council of Churches actually gave money to rebels in South America so that they could bring about a more just society in their region well they discovered that when the rebels gotten power in society was no more just. The thought was not a solution to the the human problem but yet the World Council of Churches you know not taking scripture seriously but that was the solution to the problem all human disciplines are useful when used within the context of God's word humanity count for oneself by its bootstraps salvation is in and through God not genius human effort or human will individual human salvation results from the right use of science psychology sociology medicine politics etc so. Human progress and achievement will bring about the Kingdom of God on Earth the kingdom of God heaven on earth will be established by God Himself God as the agent of history will bring about heaven on earth humankind as the agent of history will bring about heaven on earth Christ sets us free our freedom is not independent of God but enables us by God's grace to live in freedom from sound the truth Jesus Christ and His word will set us free humanistic we are absolutely a Thomas from any restraints from God or the universe we are free to determine the truth the Bible the ability to understand the nature as he would. Truth is an independent principle in the universe by which everything including God is measured for as with postmodernism there is no certain truth truth is truth for me so faith faith is itself the evidence faith comes by hearing the Word of God under the transforming power of the Holy Spirit the humanistic faith is based upon rational or empirical evidence that is integrated and interpreted so as to make a projection about the nature of things in the beginning was the word of the Word was WITH God and Word was God he was in the beginning with God all things were made through Him and without him nothing was made faith is based upon rational or empirical evidence that is integrated and interpreted so as to make a projection about the nature of things. Christ is the light of the world price is the Way the Truth and the life human reason experience or existence is the light of the world the great controversy themes our relation to the world. Oh god is central to the scripture to the work to that and to the book of the great controversy and so not between two principles some people talk about the great controversy between being between two principles good and evil it's between two persons Jesus Christ and Satan Obviously there are principles that come from each of them that are also warring with one another but it's between two individuals it's not simply too impersonal principles the issue our relationship to the Word of God. And we've already gone through all these decisions were made so God has operated in each of these in the captive in the Babylonian captivity you know there was going on between. Christ and Satan Christ in the wilderness the rejection of the Messiah heavenly sanctuary the second coming the millennium the results of this problem by the establishment of the New Earth or send will do all no more the great very kind of verses not just cosmic includes each one of us individually but we listen to God's word or we substitute our own word for that out of the world around us fully teach our students to love the Word of God and to accept that as the guide to all of their lives including their intellectual culture faculties or well we teach them to think in harmony with the contemporary world views rather than the world view of scripture there will be a people upon the earth who will accept the Bible and the Bible ONLY as the standard evolved doctrine the basis of all reform the opinions of learned men the Creeds and deductions of science. The decisions of ecclesiastical councils the voice of the majority not all of these should be regarded as evidence for or against any point of religious faith so Ellen White sees us and in the line of the Reformation returned to Scripture to Sola Scriptura the Bible alone. And sees us as the culmination the fulfillment of that return to Scripture. So what do we do you know with each of these disciplines do we study them from a secular humanist point of view do we teach them from a secular humanist point of view or do we use Scripture as the context the world view within which each of these are studied we allow the Bible and the Holy Spirit to guide and study and so the question that we have today is where do you stand each of us need to make a decision. To stand with God and His Word or you know idols these. Are. 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