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7. Doctrine and Personal Relationship with God

Ed Zinke


Ed Zinke

Adventist theologian and businessman




  • February 7, 2018
    3:00 PM
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So I want to talk we've been emphasizing the authority of scripture. But I want to and it's important for of an ascetic ation if we're going to teach our children to think Dublin Clee But there's another dimension that I don't want to leave out and that is what is the goal of Christianity what you know why did Christ come to live and to die on our behalf and how does that relate to what we've been talking about in terms of world you so something in style id's was. A monk in the second third century he was a pagan very wealthy pagan converted to Christianity when he was converted to Christianity he sold off all of his goods he set aside a portion for his sister so she could live for the rest of her life and then he gave the rest of the church and then he went out into the wilderness and found a cave out there and he meditated in that cave pretty soon the nearby villagers discovered that this pious Monk was out in this cave meditating so they wanted to be close to the pious monks so they came in crowded around him and pretty soon he felt like the world would crowd around him and that wasn't his reason for going to the cave so he moved further out into the wilderness built a platform so that he could separate himself from the world and meditate well pretty soon the world found out where he was and so when they came out later Bill platforms around him so that they could be close to the pious monk the that is an interesting story isn't it OK so finally according to tradition he lived out his life sixty feet high and the air in order to separate himself from from the world and meditate you know that Christianity OK See if you know now that doesn't mean that meditation isn't important to Christianity but. He. I took it to an extent and probably the kind of medication was probably an eastern medication meditation rather than a biblical meditation so many ways that some people say well if we keep the law then will be. Or if we go to church or pay tithes and offering out a couple extra cents to make sure we know the doctor and all twenty eight of them and if we out of twenty nine will know that one too. These are all things that we think that we can do ourselves for salvation and by the way if we can build our own foundation and salvation is no longer by grace my words. Which isn't point OK. So Christ tells us what Christianity is and this is life eternal that what I know you the only true God and Jesus Christ whom sound so if our students don't leave without knowing Jesus Christ as their personal savior and having a personal relationship with God The missed one of the main reasons that we have for our schools so this is life eternal that they might know you the only true God and Jesus Christ has sound and sometimes I think we we don't dwell on the aspects in Scripture about the love of God and scripture is God's love letter to us from cover to cover the Bible is His love letter not only in the New Testament but also in the Old Testament so just to look at a few of these passages sense you are precious in my sight you have been honored and I have loved you yes I have loved you with an everlasting love therefore with loving kindness I have drawn you to me. I drew them with gentle chords with bands of love the book of Hosea those of you who haven't had a chance to study carefully a very interesting book. Is asked to marry a woman of ill repute they have three children together and then she runs off for other lovers and of course it's it's a story about the way Israel has treated God and. Now in Hosea lose her back she says God who's back and she comes back and then she goes out again comes back and goes out again and so I will heal their backsliding I will love them freely in spite of what she's doing you will love them freely I will be trough you to me forever yes I will be trough you to me and righteousness and justice and loving kindness and mercy I will be trough you to me in faithfulness. And you shall know the Lord but God demonstrated his luck towards us and while we were yet sinners Christ died for us while we were even enemies he died for us behold what manner of Love The Father has bestowed on us that we should be called the Children of God therefore the world does not know us because it did not know. God is love. God loves each of us individually he would have he would have died for each of us individually it's not that God loves the world generically it's that he loves each of us individually obviously loves the world American but he loves each of us individually is a difference between talking about my grand kids and talking about our Kiersten even. You know personal relationship rather than just relating to grandkids or God relates to each of us unfortunately disrupts our relationship with God So is the transcription of the law what is the law is a description of who God is and so when we sell him we break the law we go against God's character and break our relationship with him but God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. If Christianity is the restoration of her lace and ship them why doctrine why not just concentrate on the relationship why worry about doctrine Well what are some of the key elements in intimate relationships and it would take us all day to discuss the I'd like to just suggest three one is knowledge of the other person one is understanding of yourself and another is understanding the proper relationship between yourself and another person how many relationships is faltered because a person doesn't understand themselves one time I was in a discussion with the person just illustrated and of course I'm talking about the other person but it can happen to me too and. Coming back again and again and again and I'm trying to understand what you have in mind what what do you want what can I do to satisfy you and finally I said So what is it that you want what what can I do to satisfy you and the answer was I don't know. It doesn't matter how hard I try if that person doesn't know I can't fulfill their needs so understanding ourselves is important and I'm going to illustrate. The last one also and that is understanding the other person or how to rather how to relate to the other person let's suppose that I was relating to the Queen of England or the King. Say the president of the United States or or my granddaughter or my wife or my secretary each of those would have a neat unique relationship that would be proper and I step out of the bounds of that relationship I would destroy or at least harm the relationship so we have a special relationship with God still so God tells us about Himself through doctrine. He helps us to understand ourselves he describes the proper relationship for us to have with us so doctrine plays those at least those three roles on so you know that's all but it helps us to know who God is who we are and how to relate to God. So let's go back to some of the text there and who was there then she forgot me Oh that's knowledge right she forgot about him. And this is life eternal that they might know you the only one God I think that we create not the God of our imagination. But the only true God who is revealed Himself by the way coming back to the john one we've mentioned several times that Christ. To reveal the father to us was that me and he came to just reveal of his the idea of who the father is came to reveal the only true God to us OK Jesus Christ who now has said I will be trough you to me in faithfulness and you shall know the Lord there is no truth or mercy or knowledge of God in the land my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge let us pursue knowledge of the Lord. And we know that the Son of God His countenance given us understanding that we know may know Him Who is true and we are in Him Who is true in His Son Jesus Christ this is the true God and eternal life little children keep yourselves from idols why does He had the end of that keep yourself from idols That's right. And I will is a false cock and so he's saying. I want to have that relationship with you and I want you to wander off and have relationship with the false gods OK So doctrines influence relationship by their influence upon our character so love the mind and character that we will become like the person or thing that we admired most in our lives so if we admire a Hollywood star or. Whoever most in our lives our lives will become begin to become like that person or if we put a thing first in our lives will be to become like the person if we admired God most in our lives we will be drawn toward God and become like God. And so you know think think of. God's here and I think God's here. I'm going to become like this God the God of my imagination and be separated from the true God who is revealed Himself to me and wants me to enter a relationship with him. Now so it's important what we think of God But I want to point one other thing out and that is. We'll never know another person totally We're never going to know God but that's part of what salvation is about right throughout eternity we'll learn more and more about God So does that mean then that it matters if there's something I don't believe about God You know it's different not knowing something totally about a person and rejecting part of who a person is I have a close friend of scientists who in my opinion is one of the top scientists in the world and one thing and one thing I like about him is how carefully he takes care of his students I've seen it time and time again now he'll do something special for his students and they love him as a result of that now suppose I say. I think my friend is just trying to gain favor with the students he doesn't really care about the students He just cares about his reputation he wants to be teacher number one in the school now what would happen to our relationship. Now he would still he would still be friendly towards me because that's who he is but I would begin to withdraw from him and so it's one thing not to know some totally about another person it's another thing to reject aspects of the life of a person and certainly it's it's serious to reject things about God to say God I don't think you much you're my creator like I came by evolution or God I don't think you died on the cross it's pagan for somebody to die on the cross for another person or you know so many different ways in which we can reject God or just simply leave. Our Lives Well I want to let's take some time for some very quick illustrations and I think this has parallels to education as well so what is the Sabbath tell us about God illustration I heard somebody saying something hard it's a seal OK seal what we've committed ourselves to God Yes OK Very good so the Sabbath right upfront tells us that God is a personal God you know most of the other gods of the universe are impersonal God is a personal God and He wants to have a personal relationship with us as an office just that he is personal what he would like to have that relationship with us OK Is that meaningful in our relationship with him so important to our relationship with him OK Anything else about the Sabbath He's our Creator OK Does that change our relationship that he's our Creator OK We're the created and he is the creator so that you see all the Sabbath tells us about God tells us about ourselves and how to relate to him that we create sure relates to the creator Now what if one of five say I think I'm equal if you see what's what if I say to God I think I'm equal to you and it's not a creature creator relationship I'm equal with you but he would still love us but I would be the son of Satan what that's what Satan Don't you want to become like God OK So it tells us that he is our creator and also tells us that he's our redeemer there in Exodus thirty one is our saying to fire and also tells us that the future our future is in his hands. It also tells us that he is God. And that is not our role to manipulate him. We live within the context of who he is. And accept. The Sabbath tells us many things about God and of course we could have this discussion for another hour how about creation the Biblical doctrine of creation what does that tell us about God Some of them Course overlap. Yes but he's thoughtful and detail OK good and that can be a model for us he provides OK he provided the wonderful world and when we look at the world I mean if it was slightly larger if it was slightly further from the song where we slightly less water with a lot of ifs we couldn't live here so he created a world that was beautiful that we could live and there was an end here and then over here. OK so it was so careful no details but he created the way he created us. It would take right when whenever you hear of studies about the human body it's just amazing as you know. Now they're beginning to look inside the cell and inside the things that are inside the cell it's amazing how everything works together so beautiful yes master scientists. Good I take it you're a scientist. So let's go it's always a mentor Yes Yes OK OK very good so if I'm talking about being personal it was very personal and used his hands to show human kind. And I agree with you you know now what if we take theistic evolution instead of creationism what kind of a God do we have just some god OK not this personal God that we've been talking about. Not the. God that designed death to be in existence OK So death was part of his process of creation Right right yeah so what does that tell us about God he designed into the system OK yes anything else about God we mentioned one of them this morning if God is a personal God why did he wait millions of years to tell us and at what point did he tell us you know when we became an ape and would be in you know whatever whatever when when that he tell us that he was a personal God Christianity says that God is all loving all knowing all powerful can you say that with theistic evolution you can say is all loving and all powerful but not all knowing so just you know or you can say this is all loving and all knowing. But not all rather a loving and all powerful but not all knowing God for guys operating on four cylinders instead of eight but he wanted so badly to have humans that he was willing to go through the process of evolution. To have them or the worst of all worlds you can say is all knowing and all powerful but not all loving the worst of Paul possible but you can't hold all three of those together and hold theistic evolution. And then what does that say about us remember we said doctrine tells us about us to I watched a television program where they were studying penguins and some pink ones apparently are homosexuals. Therefore it's OK for us to be homosexuals because we came from the animal kingdom and so it's OK for us to behave the same as they do now from one evolutionary standpoint isn't that logical and certainly not from a biblical perspective so. OK So so the doctrine tells us about ourselves it tells us about God in. How to relate to God Of course we've just begun these discussions which shows us in part how serious it is if we lose one of our doctrines how it changes so many others in fact we've touched on many different doctrine just talking about the doctrine of creation here so it doesn't matter what we think of God. Doesn't matter what I think of myself when you see that I don't. Know. It's not healthy about that getting closer OK so which he wrote which God represents the God of the Bible first one second one can can you see it from the here. OK so who do we worship the act of revealing God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob or the gods of. Those charges about who do not respond speak or act the God of the Red Sea or the God of the READ see the general that some theologians think that God Cross the Red Sea instead of the Red Sea ridges of seriousness shall a little see in the wind blew really hard that kind of dried out material walked across that. OK well which god do we worship so God is a God of love creator judge personal God Our whole self revealing so dear God of truth fact the source of truth. And although this idea that God is judge. Not so sure about that idea but no problem well just we'll just take it out we still have Jesus there. Of the idea that God is truth self-revealing no problem we still have God the idea that is my savior still have Jesus a personal God Put plainly happens when we begin to play with who God is we end up with an idol some people say well we have a big God And that's true we have a big God or the big umbrella revise it now for a large enough to cover every group of people but some people are asking for an umbrella large enough to cover all the gods and that's not what we're here for that's not why we're teaching in our schools that's not why you folks have set up the special schools let you have. This one this morning compromise should we try compromise here there is no compromise you know so often we overlay philosophy over Scripture and make it difficult to understand scripture because we're looking through philosophical wounds instead of the local ones so. Can we just. Thank you. So for many years I saw myself as a doctor sitting in his office I would call the Word of God in to try to solve its problems. Encyclopedias and dictionaries. Commentaries song sitting all around me and I would check to see if I could diagnose the problems with the Word of God and then when I diagnosed that I would consult with my colleagues and see if they felt the same. Corroborated the discoveries that I made and then I would. Ask about you know how do we resolve the problems with the Word of God. And again check with my colleagues and then I would gently after all I was dealing with the Word of God I would gently lay it on the table incisive perform surgery on it try to solve its problems and then try to nurse of back to life and I discovered that it is not the Word of God that needs the diagnosis but I'm the one that needs the diagnosis that I have no one that needs to be examined. I must be willing to be placed upon the table and what it says we must be willing to be willing and it's not even something we can do ourselves only through God's power but I must be willing to be placed upon the table and I must be willing to have the Word of God operate in my life and bring healing and so on back to health so does anyone see me in that picture up there where I'm like OK in the corner right here what am I doing that I'm holding up something. I have a candle What am I doing with a candle I'm going to illumine the light of the world it's kind of a foolish thing to do isn't it but you know I thought that was my role to live in the light of the world. And so because of me now people can see Jesus Christ because I'm shining a light on his face crisis the light of the world but because of Christ we can see see I thought because of me others can see but because of Christ we can see Christ has shown his light on the world so that we can see and understand the world. Christ came to his own and his own did not receive a very sad section in John but those who did receive him going to become what children children of God is about a wonderful promise that we can become God's children. That we can be call of God to be brought into his family and you can be called to the particular positions that you have been called to in order that you might. The next generation and the Word of God They might love the Word of God They might recognize it as the guy to their lives the light to their so their path. And we might have the privilege of sitting together around with. No longer the lights. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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