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Raising Entrepreneurial Evangelists

Pamela Dysinger Teriz Chuljian


The time is right to own your own business. Why? How? When do I start? Plus interviews with young entrepreneurs. 



  • January 19, 2018
    10:45 AM


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I'm Pam Di singer and I'm here to share with you a little bit about raising entrepreneurial in Vangelis is no point in raising entrepreneurs if they're not going to be evangelists with their business and I I would say this is a real growing passion that the largest place in my heart and maybe some of the reasons for that. Will come out and during this presentation but God needs. God needs entrepreneurs' today more than ever before and we need to be entrepreneurial today more than ever before so let's pray Heavenly Father thank you so much for the privilege to be here and to share Lord I pray that it would not be my words and my thoughts but that even the things that I've prepared you would set aside if you see best May we be encouraged to be entrepreneurs for the kingdom in Jesus name Amen. So we're going to start by the question what is an entrepreneur an entrepreneur is one who owns and manages and assumes the risks of a business or an enterprise so it doesn't mean that you're just a businessman all farmers who are farming for a living they are organizing managing in assuming the risks of their business or their enterprise so farming is entrepreneurial. Why entrepreneurs why should we have why is entrepreneurship important today. Here's Paul's counsel we urge you brother in that you increase more and more that you also aspire to lead a quiet life to mind your own business and to work with your own hands as we commanded you are you familiar with that verse the first time I read that verse was many years ago and it was like wow lead a quiet life mind your own business and work with your hands we were not doing that at that point we were serving overseas. But God's counsel is through Paul is that it's good to lead a quiet life Paul lead us not only. By his words but by his example he was truly a self-supporting missionary when to say Paul was a self-supporting missionary. A missionary is a person who undertakes a mission and especially a religious mission very enthusiastic and eager about doing a job or supporting a cause so Paul was a what what did he do to earn his livelihood it was a tent maker so we today use that tent making term sort of generically like supporting yourself if you are a self-supporting person we kind of think of self-supporting missionaries as tent makers we get that from Paul from his example so why you know why would you want to own your own business it's a big headache I can say that for certain from our experience but I believe that there are some very good reasons why you should own your own business and children I hope you're listening I mean I was wishing after that I hadn't called it raising but I would have called it becoming because this is really for children this is really for youth that are coming up and thinking what am I going to do with my life what does God want for me and God needs entrepreneurs who who's focus is going to be more evangelists stick than just business minded people so owners can evangelize through their businesses that is the reason why you should own your own business because when you're the owner you can do it your way you can do it how you like it. I know of a bank owner. Who leaves desire of ages and Spirit of Prophecy material on the tables in the banks that he owns Now if you're a teller at the bank can you do that. Not a chance not a chance but if you own the bank. You can you can do it you can do whatever you want if you own the bank I mean maybe that's a little bit a little stretching it but in this area you can do what you want. Another thing if you own the business you can have sacred music playing in your business. There's one store that I love to go to and probably I mean it's because of the things that they sell there that I love to and I enjoy but it's also because the music they play is sacred it's an outwardly openly owned by a Christian business. So when you own the business and you own the answering machine you can put on it whatever kind of music you lie I mean don't you. Find it hard when you call and you have to be left on hold and the music is horrific you know but when you are in the business you can put sacred music sacred C.D.'s I know a dentist he always in his office he plays the most soothing when you own the business you can hire the person at the front desk who's going to be the face of your business who's going to be the person who gives your business the right image. I know a business that sends out blow tracks in all their packages hundreds hundreds last year I think over a thousand glow tracks went out through just one person's business one effort simple if you don't own the business you can't do that. Here's another reason owners can invite God to be their partners. I know that's a terrible picture but I want to tell you about this man let me back up and tell you that at A.S.I. this last year we had there was a speaker who came from US trail you and he he had a talk called the infidel Christian he's a man who's come out of. His parents are serial entrepreneurs you know what that means multiple businesses multiple millions millions of dollars that have come through this family's hands and the Lord started him on a journey of recognizing that wealth was destroying him spiritually and taking him step by step further away from that wealth so I read his book and was very inspired It's called Help I've been blessed I highly recommend it now I have not been blessed financially in the world's eyes. But I've been so blessed in so many ways and I have I definitely am in total agreement and it gives me great courage to see well the people who are willing to be honest about the corrupting properties of wealth very inspiring in this book he shares one man who was his one of his mentors and that is this man here R.G.B. Leto. And this is what it says about. He is perhaps the most inspiring Christian inventor businessman and entrepreneur the world has ever seen a sixth grade dropout Robert Gilmore argy went on to become the leading earthmoving machinery manufacturer of his day with plants on four continents more than three hundred patents to his name and major contributions to road construction and heavy equipment that forever changed the world. Most importantly his contributions to the advancement of the Gospel rank him among the greatest of Christian business man of all time. Famous for living on ten percent of his income and giving ninety percent to the spread of the Gospel return you know exemplified what a Christian businessman should be I highly recommend his book it's called movers of men and mountains amazing and we have we have just finished it and it is so inspiring you know he they lived on less than ten percent not only did his business give away millions and millions of dollars he just handled his business in the most Christ like way. OK owners can use their businesses as a channel of blessing when we were in New Zealand recently we went to Subway very early in the morning and we got talking with a lady who worked there and she told us that. She told us that the business was owned by a man who was from the Church of the brother and have you heard of that church I don't know that much about it but she was very she clearly thought we would come with a bias and so she she kind of. Was quick to defend them like like we would have some negative thing and people say they're a cult but they're not really a cult they're really good people and they own so many businesses in this town and they've changed this town I just thought. What if it were Adventists Adventist businessmen administration to bring nurse who owned their own business she went on to share with me the blessing of this these people who own the business in this town and how they had blessed the town how they had blessed her personally amazing I was so inspired and so encourage So how to raise entrepreneurial evangelist now I'll be the first to say that I don't believe that I did it all right you know you come at things you know I had certain ideas one of the first ideas that I had was I wanted all of my children to have a business that would be for totally for investment so. I have five children. We started off I mean I don't even remember Jonathan might remember if he had a business that was for investment but Kiersten had a business where she made bookmarks and we wrote on the back that all of the proceeds were going to two missions and she sold dozens and dozens of those bookmarks so you want to start young and I started by the idea of investments. And starting a little business and that money would be channeled into the investment fund. Then we got into doing businesses for achieving goals. Kiersten was our first and maybe she just had the things that she wanted that required more money than we had so she wanted a little dog and we didn't have any money we are hardly feeding our children to add dogs we were just not going to do so we said OK well we can help you we can she was nine she started a granola business. And she sold granola and it took her. Actually she might have started when she was seven and then when she was nine she was able to purchase her little dog. And it was a huge blessing huge blessing to our family a huge blessing to her personally for the things that she we wanted to do music lessons now I'm not sure that my children wanted to do music lessons but I wanted them to do music lessons so I had them all lined up in a little business is that they would do to earn money and a portion of that money went to help pay their bills their music lessons they were happy to do it you know when children are a little they it's not like they're not born with a greedy spirit they're born with the spirit of giving and so that's the time when you want to get them giving. Taylor the business to fit their age. Encourage businesses for blessing so teach them to use their business to bless and to give product away and to donate for worthy causes. We're here to bless our businesses are not just to bless us so if you have the business while for us OK we have the business of farming we give a lot of produce away every season sometimes that market sometimes to our neighbors. But we want our businesses to be a blessing I overheard a conversation somebody was saying that they I know it was Michelle lush or she was saying she grew flowers this year and last year at one of the flower seminars there was the encouragement I always give a bulk A I always give a book a Each week and so Michelle took that to heart and she was just sharing what a blessing that was every week at market they had one both K. that was designated to give what what a blessing it can be so you know you have to take what your business is and I'm going to hurry on because we have some young entrepreneurs that we're going to interview and one of the questions we're going to ask them is how have you used your business to bless OK encourage a generous giving I have a strong feeling that our money belongs to the Lord it's not enough just to give tides it's not enough to give offerings it's not even an effort to give a second tie we need to teach our children that everything it all belongs to the Lord it all belongs to him so after the tie than the offering and we have we have tried to encourage We have not forced but we have strongly encouraged the giving of a second tie. And helped to channel that I would say did better with that in later ones maybe than earlier ones because our experience and our knowledge grows. So we we just really believe that. If you don't have the focus of generosity and you just have the focused of entrepreneurship your business is never going to be successful in God's eyes because he wants to bless us so that we can be a channel of blessing what's the point if we're not going to be a channel of blessing. So in summary entrepreneurs have more independence do you think that it's going to be important as we come to the end of time to have more independence. I believe that as never before we need to be independent we need to be able to. To run our own lives not have someone else telling us what to do and how to do it. Entrepreneurs can literally have God as their partner entrepreneurs can use their business as a channel of blessing and they can use their business to evangelize So that was kind of a whirlwind of the foundation of how or why and we want to interview some children hoping to not only inspire other children but to inspire parents with some of the things that. That children can do so we're going to do a little bit of interviewing and then we'll we'll wrap it up at the end terrace is going to do the interviewing and. Do you have an order that you'll bring them in let's start with. The language girl we should have had everybody's name written down. Maybe what we can do is is those who you know you're going to share if you could come up and there's thirty three chairs up here. And just come forward so that we don't have a lot of time in which you. I appreciate you know what I had to kind of twist some of the our arms of these young entrepreneurs because they're a little shy but I bet if you if you go by their booth they won't be quite so shy. And the other thing I just want to say is that you know there's such a challenge we don't want to put them on a pedestal we don't want them to share the great things that they're doing to puff themselves up but how do you instead how do you get inspired if someone is not willing to share what they're doing so I would just say this we want to keep it always in the right perspective we want to we don't want to put people on a pedestal and we don't want to say oh wow you're doing such a great thing but what we want to say at the end is we want to encourage you to keep using your business to bless others. So go ahead daily you can come. Out. OK this is day early Langridge and I heard a little bit about her business sounds really interesting. Can you tell us what your business that's what do you make I make love when. Her body butter and skirts. And I crochet low animal hats and that's pretty much it sounds really nice OK When did you start doing this like how old are you and you started. Do you remember now like several years ago or is this something recent. Two years ago maybe. Why did you decide to do that kind of thing. What interested you in it was just me and I like to do it yourself type of things. OK. How much time do you spend with this business. I mean a lot of time or maybe one day and we kind of change. It's just depending on what I'm going to be doing if somebody wants and I just make them some and then like this I spent a lot of time getting ready for this maybe a week to OK. OK I'm sorry. Hard to keep both microphone maybe I'm. Trying to do two recordings so it's important to. Know Do you have something you can tell us about how you like gave it to somebody and it was a blessing something like that my friend back there he likes and I give her heart Afia and one day we made some and there was we had made her one because I ran out and a lady came up so we gave her that one and then we made more. Special So it is more blessed to to give than receive Yes OK This is Canton Adams. OK So tell us about your. What I do is a lot of custom blacksmithing a knife making and metal working and some woodworking but that too OK. OK How old are you when you started doing that I was a love in or twelve when I first started doing it remember for leverage Well some of out there OK. How old are you now seventeen OK So you've been doing a few years. Why did you decide to do Laxman thing in metal work what first caught my interest in it is when my dad told me he was giving me a pocket knife and I was just thrilled I started matching all the things I could little with and everything but then I had the thought Why I can tie make this so that's where it first started I cut out my first knife played out of an old bean can and tried to put together my first one of course it was nowhere near what I do now but that was the start and that's where it started once I had the forge for heat treating knife blades then I thought why can't I do other things with hot metal and then I branched into the blacksmithing from there yeah laksa thing I remember going to a blacksmith and we are really little it is pretty neat he made a. Horse Head for me out of a railroad spike. OK how do you sell do you go to like markets there because I'm still doing school I'm not doing it full time or anything like that I just do it in my spare time so I do very few events like the savannahs one that I do but otherwise mainly it's just custom orders between events because I just do it in my spare time OK if if you haven't seen his things you should check it out it looks really nice. Now how can you tell us something about how you've. Had an opportunity to bless other people in this yes I have found that fur people one of the biggest blessings for them in this is not just sharing what I've done but sharing the knowledge so they can start doing it themselves I love teaching it and there are several other young men not that young ladies can't do it just that I have a lot of young men who I teach who are sometimes over the internet I keep in contact with them and help them work through doing it themselves and that's what I've gained a big blessing out of to is teaching it so they can do it themselves Oh thank you so much has very interesting. Next To Me Hi. Oh I'm afraid I don't remember his name will have to introduce himself. My name smell like a Clifton OK What is your business step out of the way right I do custom cabinets and furniture I also make long boards working and starting a business and doing that OK. When how long ago did you start like how old are you I started apprenticing cabinetmaker about let's see I think I was fifteen I think is when I started and I've been doing it a little bit and now I've gone to working for him full time and learning from him how many years ago is that now let's see I've been working full time for him for a year now OK What interested you in that. I've always loved building things I've always loved you know putting things together and so this was a way that I could build stuff and build something useful and it's fun. OK Do you have a place you sell it where you meet a lot of people I go to farmer's markets up in my area which is in Minnesota. And you know stuff like this like I have a booth and I came last year as well with another. Young cabinet maker. And so that's mostly where I sell and then word of mouth very good I think that's really nice because a lot of cabinets are just manufactured and it's really makes a big difference to have them actually made by a cabinet maker. Now can you tell us just an example of how it's been a blessing to other people. Well when I do business I do try to hold up standards because I know there's lots of. Greedy businessmen out there and so I try to hold up to standards of always being honest always being fair you know being on time. And just being Christian about how I do business you know and just being a person OK thank you so much. Which means. OK now we have Caleb deicing there. Now what is your business. I do so woodworking scroll sign mainly making little words and different phrases and stuff. You know I looks really nice. What how did you get interested in that. Well my papa gave me a scroll saw when I was ten I believe and I've done some woodworking before that nine joy and so he gave me that and a whole bunch of magazines as well as the can do those and he started making some stuff. So that's a clue sometimes if you see somebody with interest to give him a little start. Now how well you know I think you tell us how do you work how do you sell it. I take it to farmers markets and places like this so I have my parents this. And like how much time do you put into it isn't something you do a lot yeah I do it quite a bit I enjoy it so I do it in my free time. OK Now tell us something about how it's blessed other people with your business. Have just given stuff away for like guests. Just different phrases like Bible verses and stuff and appreciate that OK I'm sure that made an impression on them. OK thank you so much Caleb. And you should check out his his things that he's made the now we have Lindsay high OK what is what do you make Lindsay I make soap and natural products. OK I looked at your dress it's really it looks some of the things look pretty elaborate. OK. So how did you get started like what interested you in making I've always liked like natural things and my dad's a doctor and so he like he does like natural remedies and stuff so it's always interested me and then I'd like seen different booth like I could try this out so I did it this year and I've always like made different things like this that's nice OK. How old are you and he started doing it maybe thirteen when I started doing more like this so but then I've done like the other stuff for a couple years OK. How do you know what fourteen. You have been doing it that. Looks like you've been doing a while so many nice things OK Do you spend a lot of time on this yeah couple days a week OK so it's kind of like a good business to do a long time along with school. OK. Do you like to give away something sometimes. Like how do you plus other people yeah I like to give away things because like if they seem like they're having a hard day or something only give it give it away because like it just might cheer them up or something I notice that the farmer's market and when I see somebody that's kind of sad and I give them a book of flowers it makes a big difference OK. So thank you so much Lindsay. OK. Now we have somebody all the way from the southern hemisphere Brazil. This is the earliest soda and. What is your business ileus that you do some time. I have been involved doing there Sherry and I have been doing for a few years and that OK well what kind of nursery plants is it I have been doing I mean from tropical country and my blood truck. And our truck and. I like to the brazil nuts and. I don't know if you heard about that and cow and languished team and around. To me the secretary is here and. And yes OK. So how old were you when you started to grow some of those trees I don't remember. Probably nineteen years old. OK When we were there we saw some plants and I think he's getting excited about doing it more than he was doing. OK How old are you I'm fourteen now. Then how do you sell how do you sell these things. Myself OK I like to so or housing or or farm we have. We have your workshops and courses and almost every month and many people go there hundreds of people in a year and I have a big opportunity to just say all there and. OK. Do you have any thing like how do you. Do something in a way that blesses other people like your business to help people well already Joe or sorry about my English and. This is. A rule rather ozone and the people like to learn new things saying how I have the opportunity to learn its many things in the way I go I can Lehrer things about grafting stuff in and how to make more productive and they like to learn and sometimes they come in I help them make better plants and sometimes they take the best plants. It's fine. And I like to do so so they can can grow the. Beaten is that on their farms too because I play safe Maine a small farms and it's like we need to make lift up the they stand there John our Asian and I like you that OK So like it sounds like the opportunity to help other people to get started with the business thank you so much. OK well. I just going to ask do we have any other have I didn't get around to all the booze and Tara's didn't either but I know there are some other boots here that had young entrepreneurs and are there any of them here who you're pointing at. My son Jonathan. OK Jonathan. You've been pointed out by someone other than your mother. Are you willing to come on. Thank you do you want to share did you like me to interview you. Ask me questions. OK. This is unpretty hared. We're both on the spot so. Tell When when did you start your first business oh that's a hard question you probably better so my parents bought me. Like rabbits for my birthday one year I don't know how old I was but the idea was I was supposed to breed them and make money with it but it didn't work very. Well one thing I have to say about the deicing ours is that we were not entrepreneurial we didn't we're not business people. We were Ministry people John and I are much better at giving things than charging things for charging for things but OK So that was our first effort we bought him these rabbits and can you imagine that we could never. Get rabbits to breed. So I can tell about your next business was a little more successful I want to hold I'm going to suggest it's complicated it is complicated. I don't honestly remember I probably started making cookies Yeah we had this idea that I was supposed to be taking piano lessons and I knew I needed to earn some of the money myself so I was story idea Yeah right yeah right when she did that with your kids someday Yeah definitely so I started making cookies. And selling them and that I actually made money we had a lot of customers coming out to the farm to buy produce and strawberries and and they fell in love with the cookies in fact we had one customer who said I love those cookies so much and would Jonathan consider selling the recipe. And he was very generous see that's an opportunity then to say Will you be generous or will you be stingy with what God has done and you know we talked about it and you know I let him set the price I think he sold it for twenty dollars. Or so but you know it just puts in them this is not just about you and we try to model that you know our strawberry jam we would give away the recipes so that's an opportunity to be teaching to bless and to be generous so what about your next business. Pradhan No I did a lot of different things through the years but I started doing small engine repair I was really into shouldn't mechanics and so yeah about when I was fifteen I guess I did some training and put out a little sign by the road and started fixing people's lawn mowers and we did hers and so it went well for I did it for about four years I think and it was a blessing because I got to know a lot of the community and interact with a lot of people so that was my first real business I would say yeah definitely and so what do you I mean that interaction with the community how do you think that that has is continuing to blossom because we would go around to our neighbors but we really didn't know them like by name but your business I feel like kind of. Started that right yeah it was really neat I enjoyed it because I got to know a lot of the community by name and then you know even now I'm in town and I'll run into somebody in you know hey so and so and they would chat for a minute and so it was a good opportunity and they you know they knew I was closed on. You know it just got us a little more well known in the community I think which which was a bossing so mighty power small engine repair does not sound like a good mighty power that only comes from the Lord even the wisdom to do those repairs and now that actually is a blessing. Our third boy Zach is actually resurrecting mighty power small engine repair this spring so that's exciting you know so that business that Jonathan did is now blessing someone else in the family. And again it's an opportunity to be in in contact with a lot of people that you might not otherwise so. And then from what caused you to not do mighty power small engine repair Well I started. When I was a teen business called farmer's friend making initially the Greens Harvester for harvesting baby lot us and then that kind of grew and as it grew I saw more potential there and enjoyed it more so I eventually discontinued doing small engine repair just because I didn't have enough time to do it all and so how many years have you been doing famished friend now five and a half five in the house and has the large part out a blessing definitely yeah the business has grown more his boss tremendously and it's been a blessing to you know hundreds of people and most small farming community that's been need to to see the influence that you could have we've had you know we send out glow tracks in all of our packages and we get a lot of questions about it we've had people call and want to talk more about things or say Hey I looked up glows website but I have some more questions and so we talked to them and we've had people ask why their websites close on so you know it just gives us a role. Great opportunity for a broader influence God is good what he can do is above and beyond what we can imagine that the point is being in the center of his will. We didn't first see that Jonathan would be doing tools tool design we always knew he was always the one on the farm that was trying to help us to do things faster and quicker so thank you son. What time is it oh we have still plenty of time OK we have another young entrepreneur. And tell me your name Mary Ann Maria and maybe you should stand over here so people can see you more can you come up close here this is going to work with us trying to hold to. Tell me what you do I bake a lot of bread and different foods. Yeah well I work in the garden. But you you bake bread and food that you sell is that correct yes and how old are you nine year nine and how long have you been doing this. Since I was five. Now that's so young start. Very good so. You do how and how much time do you spend at that. And now I get two hours every day wow so that's a real part of your education yes is that the best part of your education here. Isn't that encourage. But you know how much she is learning from that let me ask you something so weird Where do you sell your bread flour rice market and individuals that are at daycare. Neighbors OK So when you're a farmer's market who who takes the money in my sister and how old is your sister twelve she's twelve so she's sort of like the cashier at the market yes OK Do you see yourself doing that by the time you're twelve. Yes. Twelve taking money and giving change do you just work on a cash basis or do you take credit cards. Not yet but we want to get to that point OK So you talk to me afterwards and I'll help you get set up with. So how have you used your business you know God gives us a business so that we can be a blessing it's not just so that we can earn money and put it in savings and we can get rich right. But how have you used your business to be a blessing. I can help people. Whatever they want hell was anything. But best they can OK So let me ask you at farmer's markets do you always sell everything that you bring. Yeah you do wow we need to learn from her we haven't mastered that yet but. We don't sell everything we bring to Farmer's Market OK So you sell everything you bring that's really exciting so could I encourage you with something then here so why don't you you mainly make bread yet so why don't you make one loaf that is meant to give to somebody and each time you come to market you have that loaf of bread and you're looking you're looking around to see is there somebody who's maybe doesn't look happy or maybe there's somebody who is older or maybe there's somebody who you know that's something you can pray about and then you can say God help me to give this loaf of bread to someone that is going to be really blessed by it what do you think of that idea I think it's a good idea good well you come to the next agro in France and you tell me all the people you'd have so many people that you would bless by that thank you so much. OK Anybody else impromptu. Can't you have to come oh well if it's a question OK a question and a comment. On Well so why don't you come which is did you come. Yeah so it's it's not you can bring her with you if she'll come is it. No but it's OK she's seven and and it's I think I can understand because all of my children were shot by my fourteen year old did not want to come up here today but you know you just say he's a good boy. All right so I have Deidre dealy is the mother of how many we have four and what are their ages they are ten seven my daughter turns four today oh yeah and two very good so which one is it who has the little business just lying who's a ten year old and then had the seven year old and they work together and so what they do is they have their own garden plot on the farm and so when we harvest to go to market they keep track of everything that they've harvested and they kind of you know so they know what they're bringing in the value of that sniff at all of that so they know if it sells how much they and they make sure that they keep track of how much they're getting they also this year started making just little magnets and so they will sell magnets at farmer's market and then what's what's on those magnets so we're in the Black Hills and so there's it's kind of like a map and so it'll have different locations in the Black Hills you know say like Mount Rushmore and just you know something little or a town or things like that for Americans the local people so question on the produce so they have their own little plots where they're growing things are they growing different crops than you. They have been growing a so what they've been doing is they've been taking all of our kind of leftovers from when we transplant into the garden and then taking them and planting them in their garden OK And so this year what we're doing is we're encouraging them to take over like one aspect of the farm so we also were telling them you know if you guys want to grow cherry tomatoes and specialize and cherry tomatoes and we want grow those and you can have the market do you see the perks I mean that's a pretty big. Our farmers I don't know about your farm but we make a lot of money on cherry tomatoes we sell them four dollars a pint and they fly off of the table we sell but a lot of farmers don't want to fool with them because they're very labor intensive to pick so so one less and one big lesson that they learned this year was we had a hail storm and a major hell storm that came through in August and they lost everything in their garden and my ten year old was very distraught about it and he was saying this is not fair he was mad because they had put in all that work and I said well honey this is farming and so they learn a lot of life lessons that way too yeah and I just want to encourage thank you so much D.J. Oh OK Well we'll get that I just want to encourage you you know so much of. Our children space depends on us you know we wept with them over that hail did you send me pictures and I just heard you know I've been there it's bad to be there but it's almost worse to see other people go through it I know how their family has been laboring to get things going there and my heart just felt the pain that empathizing pain I've been there you know but when they when you can handle it with Christ's grace when you can see the bigger picture and by faith you believe God is offering us something better in this trial. Our children's faith will grow it just because it makes them strong in the Lord so thank you so much any did you has a question I know so we'll start with teacher and if there's any others. You are. Here now. Thank you for reminding me as much as I've told people to do that I'm about ready to forget so the question is when when our children started businesses we were in very tight straits ourselves how did they get the capital to start you know I think part of it is that we start small and I. I can't. You know I don't really remember all the details of how we started but like with the granola business Kiersten definitely had her ingredients they were not in my Because she had ingredients that she put in her granola that never went in my vanilla like pecans or walnuts or you know so. Yeah I I think that I think that we probably helped them get started and but but here's the other thing we started very small we start and I will say that when they started their first business. We did give them some seed capital it wasn't a lot but it was enough for each of them that they that they got started and it was different like Kiersten was going to do she did a dental training and we thought OK she's not really going to start a a business but we did a mission and overseas mission thing and so we helped her with that she also did so and we helped her with her first oils and that kind of thing with the boys with Jonathan we just gave him a nest egg of money that gave him enough to start. You know with his tools for his small engine shop we didn't help him at all with farmers friend except We've housed him we have not I mean I know everybody has a different thing are you know I know people who when there are boys are all in their twenty's except Caleb and they all live at home they don't pay rent they don't pay for food they really feel like this is how we can help them get started and so as long as they're willing to live at home and happy to live under our roof and under our desires they're welcome and they don't pay us they help us in the home like you know but I feel like that's one of the biggest ways that we've helped them you know Jonathan for years didn't pay him self a penny you know if you're starting a business you don't pay yourself and so if you don't have someone to help you you know so when they were little yes we helped them with the capital to start when they were older we just help them. Live and other questions. I'll just repeat I mean unless you want to come up here I'd be happy for you to make the comment right in the mike if anybody else has questions you can be thinking about that I think we still have a few more minutes so I guess this is a little bit of an entrepreneurial For those of you who may have like she was talking about your kids have to pay for their own music lessons one thing for me was I had always always always wanted to take violin lessons thanks to the novel it's in the lone camps in the for people we knew but my parents were never able to afford that for me so I think when I was ten. I was able to work at my grandparents' farm a little bit during strawberry season make money there and then I paid for all of my violin lessons well those are chief as you know but the benefits of me sticking with that are really paying back now because I'm able to teach lessons charging eight hundred dollars for a half hour and I have twelve students and I'm in college so it's something I can do for a few hours every night but still bring in quite a bit of income so if you have kids who are in Lawson's maybe they're still not paying for their own if they are that's great that's a much better motivation for you to actually work for less than if you have to pay for it every week. But that really can pay off when you get to be seventeen eighteen nineteen and are able to turn around and. You know if you think about how many lessons I can teach in one week versus how many times I paid for that lesson you know that's that's quite a bit self-serving thank you so much for that testimony I only had one I required them all to take music but I only had one that really loved it and that was Kiersten and she decided that she wanted to play the harp of all instruments if we had been smarter parents we would have said Choose another instrument because they are so expensive but you know she worked and she earned an. She and the Lord provided and that heart took us to many places many doors that opened up for us through that that never would have otherwise and so God is just faithful and I just want to encourage you keep the right mindset there's a reason that we need to we need to be promoting entrepreneurship it's because God needs channels of blessing and we can be greater blessings when we own our own business we can do with the business funds what we like we can hire the people that we want we can surround our business with the influence you know Jonathan has all some of the admin assistant ploys up until last week maybe the week before they hired their first non administers He's a neighbor of ours lives right across the road his comment was I think this is going to be good for me he said do you mean all these people are something I've been asked Johnson said. Well there's about twelve Yes about twelve not all full time some part time but there's about twelve people that are interfacing in and out of the business all week and they are all Adventists from our area and that is a huge blessing it's a huge blessing. In many ways but you know just God wants to bless us and that blessing does not always equate to monetary blessing but the blessings that aren't monetary can be as impactful as the blessings that are in our pocketbooks let's just end with a prayer. Heavenly father we are humbled at your amazing power. Your desire to use us we are such simple tools in your handbag and Lord each one of us want to be used by you Lord entrepreneurship is something that has been raised and elevated as a means to glorify self and as a means to be enrich to in this world but Lord may we be starting a new trend may we be starting a new rev Reformation. Of entrepreneurship for the kingdom entrepreneurship for the purpose of evangelizing entrepreneurship for the purpose of blessing help us to this and in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more servants leave to visit W W W audio verse or.


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