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Will We Believe?

Eleida Feliciano


Eleida Feliciano

Principal for the Wildwood Adventist School



  • January 18, 2018
    8:15 AM


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Good morning I never dreamed I would ever be speaking at an agricultural conference in my mind years ago I love Florida so I attempted to grow flowers and I killed every plant I ever tried to grow whether it was an inside plant on I plant my grandmother told a story for me so one day she brings me this plant. And it was a wheat but it had a little blue flower which blue is my favorite color she gave it to me and she said this is the wheat nothing will kill it so you'll do well with the three AM I took this weed and I planted it and I managed to kill the weed. Yet I did so I don't buy it and it was enough I'm not torture implant anymore I'm never gardening again. And then I came across. The messages that have been given to us about our culture. All that evidence us were against me and I come to the point where I have to decide will I belittle believe in my experience or will I believe the Word of God. I share the word to you to give you hope if you like me. Think that you can grow anything. Just remember as we are told in Christ object lesson page one twenty six it is not the capabilities you now process or ever will. That will give you six hours it is that which the watch of the Lord can do for you so I just also believe praise the Lord and again though I am I began to pray in plans and today I can tell you that I have eaten to majors letters here on dialect I mean and. Potatoes green being or sorts of things of my garden I am still a beginner but God has blessed me as I have chosen for us and His word and so it is my career that my presentation this morning and nothing else will strengthen your faith that God does have something better and even if it doesn't make sense and even if it looks hopeless you can trust his word and he will make it better. And so my presentation or this presentation originally by the way was titled something better and when I was invited to present here to the. Outcome conference titled something very I gave it a different title will we believe will we believe truly that there is something better this is the question there is no question a god has something better what we need to come to grips with is believe it and to grab hold of that and so today this is what I hope to share with you I'm not talking to you about agriculture necessarily I am not at ramping up to do that I will be talking to you on the subject of true indication and I know some of you may think well I'm not a parent and I'm not a teacher this doesn't apply to me I have news feed. This topic of education apply to suit me and every one of us and I truly believe every seven they have this question should read the book of education because the reason why we are still in this world because we have not learned our lesson. God is the Great Teacher We are the students and this life is our school we can't leave until we graduate so if we don't understand I way of teaching we may not be learning the lessons he wants us to Munster the principles I'm going to share are going to be very sympathetic to what we're doing at the moment to score but they all imply to each of us whatever we're doing because every day we are being educated and we need to make sure we are being educated by God is so before I go on I are going to pray and invite the Lord to be with us if you can join me. Dear God. We come to you because we want to learn from. We come to your complete you always in. The promise that the Spirit will teach us all things whatsoever you have commanded and this morning as we look out what you have commanded we pray for your spirit to teach us to teachers or dirty teachers how to apply these principles in our lives. Give a humble heart teachable heart and even one from you take a bite a moment by moment in Jesus'. Name. Something better is the watchword of our answer cation the long haul to living in whatever go right after us to be announced he averaged in his stead something better whatever he asked us to so whether it's education with his agriculture whether it's family like whatever it is God have something better. The waiter truth of God's Word for those who are humble and willing to learn at the feet of that he find a teacher. So we need to learn to be a student if we are to learn the great truths of God There are those who are willing humble and really. Now as I mentioned the book of education is one we only need to read Aaron's are many of the quotes I'm going to share her today are from the Book of a case and this one is found in the very first paragraph on page thirteen and he says our ideas of education take too narrow and too low a range there is a need of a broader scope a higher aim through the kitchen means more than the pursuit of almost certain courses of study it means more than a preparation for the like the now it it has to do with the whole bean in with the whole period of existence and possible to me and it is the harmonious development of the physical and mental and the spiritual powers and people here the student for the joy of service in this world and for the higher joy of wider service in the world to come. Now let's start looking at Bounce how we can be educated from God and this way of education Q Speaking about Jesus that hit the cage and this is the education page seventy seven is that occasional is going to wreck leap from the heaven a point to sources and why were these sources from a useful word from the study of the pressures and the nature and from the heaven exists and experience of life God let the box full of instruction to all who will bring to them the willing to hand the seen eye and that on this time understanding heart and so on God and all the time teaching and through useful worked through the body of the scriptures through nature and through the experiences of life if we learned our way of teaching it his way of education we will be learning lessons every day has character his love and what he wants us to do. So I thought we. Would study the council and look at what we needed to do with the lemon tree to school I being in the to work there five it happened years ago and I come from a. Were leaves background of education I studied in public schools I went to university in public schools I taught in public schools for ten years and then I come to these school only have heard a little bit about your education and have nothing else but that and I began to pray study and praying and I was reading everything that was. In the council about education I was counseling with people who had knowledge about it and I was praying praying and studying praying and studying applying as I was learning so first thing that came to mind that came clearly to my mind is that the study of the Bible is one of the most important aspects of to education the end of last word game and liked it given understanding on to the core of the Psalms one hundred ninety one hundred thirty. And Christian councils of the church page two hundred two says the students are to be educated in practical Christianity and the Bible was made be guarded at the highest the molt important text book. Now that what I came to understand was that it's not just Bible time that the Bible should be used but in every one of our studies now that does not mean that I open the Bible instead and teach them only about things from the Bible we use the Bible as our main text spoke AMS We use other books as resource but. Right now we always teach the principles of the Bible whether we do in math with we do in science whether we do in social studies and anything that we're doing we are carrying in there the principles of the Bible so it is not enough to begin the day read the Bible and the rest of the day you go back to education as you show everything needs to be based on the Bible principles there is any part of the at the studies that is not. Complying with the open suppose it goes out so we have a curriculum we have certain things that are we're expected to cover every year and so we look at them on some of them a cross them out because they have nothing to do with the training our children need to be missionaries for Christ and. Some others we apply and we adopted we are moving around and so that we are teaching the the subjects but with the principles of the Bible and this is very important anything you do needs to be able to be in harmony with this principles if it is not waste not a moment teaching it to the children. And because of that we understood that there are some things that must be left out of art school there are many things and I'm going to share truth with you the how I've found to be a very big issue and schools are expected that people are expected to have their and do not have the Spirit of Christ and them and to not have the Bible principles and them one of them is the reading of affection. And and. Christians and councils are the church pinched one hundred seventy is says there also was imagination has not become perverted by the reading of fiction will find the Bible the most interesting of books the problem why are youth do not enjoy studying the Bible is because we raise them reading fiction books now when I ran I was teaching in public schools and I. Brought reading fairy tales I loved them and it was my favorite thing to share with the children I taught first rate you teach reading with fiction books you don't use anything else but direction books mainly in the brain and so it was a hard thing for me and but even in that in that situation I chose to follow God's counsels and the Lord help me to see when you choose to be faithful he will provide that way but I was determined if I am not able to do it and I need to find another occupation right so it is not always the case that you will be able to stay where you are and do God's will so you have to be willing to step out and go somewhere else and that is what it takes to follow God's principle the other thing we knew cannot be part of our program was competition that Libyans chapter two verse three says let nothing be done nothing through strive for being glory but in the holiness of mind let each and demon other better and. Now if you think about this principle there is absolutely no way of chook an excuse the games that are being played that are competitive and then me tell you something we usually only think about sports this way but any game where someone is winning is a competitive teams are more competitive than others but everyone that hat every game where someone is winning and someone has little thing is a competitive game where you are not trying to think of others better than yourself or you trying to roll them out so you can get there and this period we are creating to our children and then we wonder why they are the way they are right we are teaching them these principles to their kings they learn to be who they are going to be in their games you cannot escape so it's just a game we're just playing this is the door anything we do everything that we expose ourselves to it and to Kidding our minds everything we could have this mind that the education happens in a classroom or just the hours and you're doing home school education is all day long what you were watching what you were listening to what you participating in what you were thinking about is educating you and so we cannot allow these things to just be part of higher. Education of the children in the back them to have the principals of the Bible cemented in their hands. This quote and the fountain of our brain just page four hundred thirty five and paid through page four hundred thirty six and it says the Savior gathered his disciples about him and said to them if any man decide to be first the same shall be last of all and servant of all Lucifer has better have had said I will be like the most high and under the fire for self exile Taishan have brought strife into the heavenly court and have banished multitude of the host of heaven he thought for himself the highest of ways and every being who actuated by His Spirit will do the same the only me ation to this accord and strife will be an animal to me and becomes the prize of the strongest then him the most Laden in the kingdom of forests every individual regards every other as an obstacle in the way of his own up elements isn't this what kings are if you are my arms dividing to get you out or a big stone on which he himself may climb to a higher place. Very tenderly yet with golem an emphasis Jesus try to correct the evil he showed that it is in the principle he showed what is the principle that bears its way in the kingdom of heaven and in what should greatness consist as the media by the standard of the chords of all those who are actually weighted by the pride and love of this distinction for thinking of themselves and of the rewards they were to have rather than how they were to render back to God the gifts they had received they would have no place in the kingdom of heaven for they were identifying with the Rands of St So as we think about the games we let our children play let's think about that we're in that behind that are we to be in the spirit of Christ or the speed of state and I thought I was sharing yesterday in our. Workshop on tree indication how morn it is that even do during recess the teachers over here close enough to hear the conversations of the children to see what they are doing to guide them because sometimes they're playing games that will can be very friendly games but still have a competitive spirit about them and so you have to guide them in and lead them because it is I need church to to want to be better than others and we need to be constantly guarding our our karma only in the gym. Now next to the Bible the Book of Nature and it's one and very important indication of just virginal number for us. Next to the My only truth is to be our brain let the book Child Guidance page forty five the little children should come as specially close in age the great controversy page for you. And part of nature of the words in your culture. The Natural and the spiritual are to be combined in the studies of our schools the operation of Agriculture illustrates the bio lever the last of a by the the earth being beyond the black that it is under the masterly power of an infinite God the same principles grown through the spiritual and the natural world the border guard and his wisdom from the acquisitions of knowledge and you have a lame one sided education then to all saving qualities which give power to man this is fundamentals of Education Page three seventy four study and I recall July and should be there a B. and the end of the education given in our schools testimony is going sixty page one hundred seventy nine. And so of course as part of our. Curriculum at the school we have a little garden this is our garden our school and children here are picking K. out this is the kill the ME group here we have three grow boxes in our front yard we don't have a whole lot of pain but we do what we can sling and not based This is the deal that we're clearing out. To be able to expand our garden and we're not sure yet if it will work but we're trying to work on it and see what can come out out of it. We all look at agriculture and pasture I was how do children go there every other week and he is a very good gardener and teaches them all kinds of things and then children were. Picking the potato that day and they were excited about the different shapes as you can see. On this and we've all of onto them from people's gardens and in the camp and help them out to me but here are. Measuring two to a line that they're also they get to do math and science and all kinds of appeal and this and this is an important aspect of practical skills that they get to the. Practical way to use the knowledge to be are learning in the class and this is how children learn they do not learn by hearing they learn by doing and so when you are able to use these things it is that they are able to actually remember it and to understand their hands so that they can use that for the rest of their life. On the right we also work on the farm we go there once a week we have a farm at the while the last of the owners and the children go there every we can do different things here they are harvesting and I don't want to open outwards. You know getting things bundle up for the market. Now that one of the most important things about the cauldron is that they learned very little as a little bit every time we do something with this agriculture or practical any practical skills we always have children to look for lessons the guide is teaching them so here's a little video clip if we can get into playing one of the students to sharing a testimony of one of the lessons that she received this day we were working in that lot that we're clearing out and it's fuller off and so we were kind of pulling out the rocks first before we get the government set up and so this is the lesson that she received from down. And we want to play. No. I mean first lord I don't know if you're able to hear a lot of background noise or as there was a lot of wind but basically she she gather that the soil we know so hard and so taking out this rock star like taking all the things that I keeping us from understanding the word of God or receiving the Word of God and I might take a long time because we are that there it was taking us forever and but it seems that in the end it will be good so they know they are going to listen and they enjoy going to the garden yesterday I share with the class how at one time we has the farm manager had decided to give them a break for a few weeks with not much to do in that and the farm and he figured that would be nice for them to get a break and so I communicated that to the children they decided that's not what they want and they want to. Make a protest and they wanted to make up postering go to the farm and make a strike so that they would get far back and we did and we started to farm again so they say they love it they love going out to the farm and if you ask the children what are the favorite things that are so far always comes about one of them and so they do enjoy working in the in the soil and getting all these different physiologies none of the important aspect of to education. A practical knowledge of the lion the human life is necessary in order to glorify God in our body it is necessary in order to glorify God in our bodies it is there more of that higher than more and that among the thirty selected for childhood physiology should occupy the first place. Peach thirty eight why is that important because we know that the ark is the core How will it affect our spiritual health so we need to make sure that they know how to keep themselves healthy. On the nice people and yes help looking. So we teach them how cooking classes not just how to cook but how to cook healthy Those are the important and they want to have their bodies to be helping. Councils to teachers parents and students reach one hundred twenty seven of us do not neglect to teach your children how to prepare hold on food in giving them these left to live in the ology and in good cooking you are teaching them the first step and some of the most useful branches of education and income OK to principles which are needful elements in their religious life Now usually we don't think of cooking as an important thing for our religious life but God sees it that way so it is important that they learn how to cook in a way that they are able and do the better Christian experience. Medical missionary work as another aspect that the children need to get from our school Avonex home page four hundred eighty nine that here in our church school children are to be instructed in the special truth of this time and in practical missionary work they are to enlist in the end the army of workers to help the sick and the suffering children can take part in medical missionary work and by their charts and tables can help to carry forward by then God our message will be made known and his They've been helpful to all nations and so we took this very seriously and we make sure that children not only learn ways to minister to people but that they will hope have a lot to do it and we encourage them we do not ask their children what you want to be when you grow up we encourage them to ask God what does he want them to be when they grow up we are not. And you get in children to be successful in this world and our school we are constantly emphasizing we are training you to work for God one thing and we are giving them all killed they need to be essential workers and God and you and so we are required to teach them our careers this is something that they asked us to do and so what we have done is we have invited various people in our camper that do different things and with what I tell that different individual I am down to sheer they are general duties like they do in their work for example we have our MC We had our mechanic come we had one our doctors and we had a list of all the people that were invited different skills and Trade Center fashions and they just share what some of the tools they use some of the things they do and but most importantly I ask them to emphasize how they can sort of gone through this trade or profession because one thing I tell the children if there is a desire you have to do something you need to other guy parents are really doing this right and I have encouraged them that God has created them and he had a plan for them before they were formed therefore he will give them special abilities in the science for that it is important that they do you look at what they enjoy but they need to make sure that they will use these abilities and the thing they said enjoying to do for not their own desires and the own pleasures but to honor and glorify God So we are constantly directing them in this direction and we provide for them different training we have different people have come and talk of the time he was there for natural remedies and they really enjoy that we have one of the ladies our campers taught him how to use like ants and garlic and different waves and we taught them some hydrotherapy massage and charcoal sources they have made them and put them on themselves on the have enjoyed learning the different ways to be medical missionary. Everything is another aspect or that I never thought of as being part of education until I read this. The quote and publishing ministry preached three hundred sixty three and the God the liar got there they are private just lengthens shall be recognized by our or people as his men. Are relieving our schools from that now this is his method and many times to use our members to do it it is because of this plan had been neglected. That we now feel so picking leave our lack of means for the advantage in work and so this really had me and so we decided to start every program of the most simple and then what young adults would do. Continues to have the school avail themselves of the provision not made for them there would be more money in the school treasuries and more money in the hands of God servants with which to relieve them of that reserve of the needy Department of the car so that we have all that not only would we have the money we need but we had enough to help other departments and best of all teachers and students would have received the very lessons that they needed to learn in the master service and then is what really had me. God provides wings for our financial needs but in the end the more important thing is ours of Asian and the better the more teachers and students we have received the very little that they need everything we do is not just to give God Money is not to give God our work is not to God really does not need us or our money. He's trying to save when we need to do what he is asking us to do it isn't helping us to be prepared to be with him for eternity so in everything he is reaching out to save our own souls and imprison the painting of that and let him that we receive the children and the teachers and not just spiritual but let me tell you a lot of times a part of me how do you do all these things and teach the academics. We have not neglected the academics and elementary school why didn't show you these things because we always do I'm showing you the things we need to make sure they are but when the children are approaching the people we what we do is we lead on the front of our country store and the gas the Kamen many of them are not out on and are coming into our store they approach them they introduce themselves they get their little canvas which is a little simpler they want to you feel canvasser again. They sell their books. And many times I've had people approach me and say I've never seen children this young express themselves so well so now I am so sorry. I was not counting on doing that this. How do I am I able to have to put it all and it's all in there. They're getting language right there why make the children memorize the beach in Santa Barbara class and just play something that has no purpose when they can just be learning language and using and a purposeful way. And and I mean if you don't be there at the public schools where children are getting man with more hours than we are and telling all these children cannot be because freely and as well as my children to. Because they are doing their own kind of completion you don't need to do so much academics and they don't have the ability their opportunity to actually practice what they're learning is no use and that's true with everything in my right and we're not practicing what we're learning from the bad was saying you know you can be OK sure the aspect of our school where I talk about which three beat is the God that lives go to parent in teachers to train children in the practical duties of everyday life so we each of the children to do chores in our school they retreat to school at their most and they have to clean the toilets or the things we do different various things around the school practical field of all kinds. Then. I call those then the part page sixty two and then if you do the four there is a Y. deal of service for women as well as for men that mission cooks and how keeper them stressed the nurse to help of all as needed that the members of the court hospitals be taught how to cook how to make them and their own clothing how to nurse the thing how to care properly for the home lead boy and girls be thoroughly taught some useful trade or occupation so we teach them all the useful things that we can think of that will be good for them especially as we think of them in their home and in the work of art and so they learn sewing they learn some practical skills or past the hour they've worked in some building projects and here they are helping out to behold a shed on the farm there. They're making another sign that is now and for an artist they were going to the country store their Shard the laundry. Been in different parts of the Department of the Opera greater scope in the afternoon they spend an hour one of the departments they learn a lot of skills from their. Character development and. I can having skills as well and these different things we had the opportunity to to build a tree house which are many. Many of them are going to help us do in the children help to be part of this they're very excited about it they love building projects so we also work with building this little stool which does something I taught them I don't know anything about building and I learned how to use a drill and the circular saw and hammer and a fog by teaching at the school because I there was the need and here I am I need to do it I always I might now do those things for me and know how to use the things I knew how to cook cleaning saw I need to do I woman's job and now I've had to learn how to do a man's domicile so I can teach the children and so it was not the best looking thing but they're so excited about it that when they've been a distant day they beg me to see if they can walk into the other classroom and show the on the children where they have done and so we walked in and they show and they told me you know the students get up on the thing and it's and I passed them and they use that to be able to reach the part of the bore that they can't reach because they are still. Let me make sure I have mine on the right. Serving others and you know forget the small children should be indicated of being able to empathize with the aging of the electorate will think to at least be a bit of Bring on the poor and distress there should be time to be diligent in missionary work and from their earliest years Elton are on the back of ice for the good of others and their answer the Christ card should be in incorporated that they may be laborers together with God Here they are actually cleaning them are going to one of our elderly members and so we have done several things to help some of the day and age around our campus and even off of our campus as well. OK myself in my notes sorry about that and now the question is will believe. You know for our I have heard many stories very successful soaring oil is that going the way that we suspect is where people say I'm God to do this we didn't look our numbers increase our children the burger people were calling on the we were wanting to do what we're doing but there are other times when you can follow God's plan and you numbers will go down then what some time you will bowl about plans and people will not be happy about it then want it and we are depending on the success that we as human beings us back to have to follow God's plans we will become discouraged so the question is do we believe God's word what ever that we saw with our schools will increase in numbers when there we will have our financial difficulties or whether bony will be overflowing whatever we do whether you are doing like a culture when they're using medical missionary work when or whether you're doing vandalism and education in any aspect of God's work we need to be willing to follow his counsels whatever the resource. Guarding those not be as we see in first family with teens that was that of the Lord of the family look not on his countenance or in the height of his stature because I have refused him for the Lord as He is not a panacea for man look at on the outward appearance but the Lord look and on the heart for my thoughts are not your fault neither are your ways my ways says the Lord for the heavens are higher than the Earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my part and your thoughts of fifty five. It is not. OK it is now the largest number of students for the spiritual hour of the year that will prove that the school time money is valued by page three one first if you are lower the standard in order to secure popularity and increase the numbers and then make them think read a cost of rejoicing you show great blindness and number were never that of the class they tend my claim that preeminent for Ed in this world who are in this world his followers are largely in the majority it is the degree of moral power preventing the college that is a test of this prosperity it is the virtue of intelligence than piety of the people composing our churches not their numbers that should be source of joy and thankfulness. What is the truth look that here is how we find truth and obedience to every word of God is another condition of this not numbers obedience in every word big here in the not only by their what is on this place but by them more obedience to the higher general the Lord God of Heaven he who cannot invent leader will never know the lead he didn't come in the pending on human measure and human invention and placed in the divine secondary obedience was the lesson that the captain of the lords of thought to teach the vast armies of Israel obedient in things in which they can know. When they're in the median or to the voice of our leader price will come to out his battles in waiting that will surprise the greatest powers of the world volumes are things of interest and money is one way obedience to the Word of God The problem is we cannot eat all the things we need to remember for God success is also want to the kingdom and you know sometimes I think about these two large evangelists here is where two thousand people or about titles and we'll be anywhere like one hundred two thousand and we may have another one where twenty people are about ties or just twenty people but when God sees that he see this in two thousand and maybe even five make it into the kingdom of heaven and maybe of this twenty twenty make it into the kingdom of heaven which was more successful we cannot see. We cannot think only God can see and so we need to trust them we need to follow his word diligently. Completely. And we need to leave the results for him if you have one. You continue to do the work of the moment. And I end with this five testimonies volumes one thirty seven page three we have wandered away from their own lamb or let our return if the Lord be gone serve him if they also know him which side will be will you be on the enemy. The beginning have been there and as I share with my students as we I think the saddest story in this. World the story of Adam and. The story of the history of this man filled answers and because they believe in the lies of the devil he came with an idea that we that she could have something better than what God had to offer so it is up to us I want but we got to believe that we got our first or something better are we want to believe that what the world or the Devil has to offer something better and my anger to men to you is that we will believe God even when we do not see the success that we will believe him and follow Him in all our ways Let us pray. Deal not unhappily father we are thankful for your great love and mercy towards We're thankful because you have not left us in darkness but given us all the light that we need to give us the Lord that we've neglected in so many areas and I'm culture and education and evangelism and so many years we've neglected their very clear counsel that you have given us and we have taken ideas from the world how to do these for give us the Lord we pray to they strengthen our faith in your Word Help us to have true faith that will believe when we cannot. Help us to even be obedient to you word what ever that we say I pray Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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