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From Best to Worst

John Dysinger


John Dysinger

Bountiful Blessings Farm



  • January 18, 2018
    6:45 PM


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Dear Heavenly Father. I come before you come before these people realizing that. If I speak my own words I'm wasting a lot of time here tonight so I just pray Lord that you'll use me and that you will gain all the glory and that you will convict that you will cut where it needs to be cut. And heal where he needs to be healed Thank you Lord in Jesus' name and. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. After six days. And I believe those were liberal days of creating god look back at everything you had made and behold it was very good the Bible says so here we have God's perfect masterpiece fresh from the hands of the Creator this was his ideal plan the culmination of we don't know how long I've probably years and maybe tens of thousands of years of planning. Unadulterated by sin and death so I want to just quickly review this plan with you from the Bible and I have identified seven components of this plan now I'm not going to argue with somebody who comes up with more but I think there's at least seven unique components to the garden plan first of all location where was it Genesis to wait and the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden and there he put the man whom he had formed what was the location. OK Well wrong answer. What the garden the garden was the location rights. Second occupation Genesis two fifteen and the Lord God took the man and put him into the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. What was the occupation. Dress and keep the garden. Third component family like Genesis two eighteen and the Lord God said it is not good that the man should be alone I will make him help me for him. Also Genesis two twenty four Therefore shall man leave his father and mother shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flash. So family life well let me read one more Genesis one twenty eight And God blessed them and God said unto them Be fruitful and multiply. So God's plan for families was a husband and a wife and children. That's a pretty straightforward. Fourth component education. This is been talked about. The sharing this morning. And so we're not going to talk a lot about this not that it's not important but I don't have time to cover all these We're going to focus on those first three The garden was the school room nature was the lesson book The Creator was the instructor. From Education Page twenty the diet what was the diet it's Genesis one twenty nine and God said Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth and every tree in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed to you it shall be for meat. Dominion Genesis one twenty six and twenty eight And God said Let Us make man in our image after our likeness and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over the cattle and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creep of the pond the earth. And the last component number seven is what. The Sabbath I think I heard somebody say the Sabbath. Weakly rest Genesis to chew in three and on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made any rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made and God bless the seventh day and sanctified it because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made. So there we have the seven and again you may think of some others but the seven components that made up this original ideal plan. Now I want you to look at this. The more it nearly we come into harmony with God's original plan the more favorable for recovery and preservation of health at seventy eighty seven. Or an alternate wording the more nearly we come into harmony with God's original plan the more favorable will be our position to see a cure health of body and mind and soul ministry of healing three sixty five does that sound good you want that so what do we need to do. Follow God's original plan so I want to spend a little time studying this and I don't want to get bogged down in this because. I I personally don't like to put a lot of quotes up. But I feel like. Inspired words are much better than my own so we're going to go through a number of quotes here pretty quickly because I want to make sure we understand you know I realize all of you understand this in theory but are we living. As close to God's original plan as we can. Are you. OK Let's talk about location the creator chose for our first parents the surroundings best adapted for their health and happiness. I don't need to explain anything with the I mean it's pretty straightforward that's ministry of healing to sixty one. The whole of our first parents was to be a pattern for other homes as their children should go forth to occupy the earth that home beautified by the hand of God himself was not a gorgeous palace why wasn't it a gorgeous palace you know God could create anything create you know build a house out of goal now of course I think in heaven that's we're going to have one of those right but why did God choose a garden. And not of a gorgeous palace man in their pride delight in magnificent and costly edifices and glory in the works of their own hands but God placed Adam in a garden this was his dwelling and I've shortened some of these but you know she goes on to talk about how you know God hung the walls with ornate paintings you know I mean you know just the things of nature and the trees where the roof in the grass was the was the floor. In the surroundings of the holy pear was a lesson for all time. That true happiness is found not in the indulgence of pride in luxury but in communion with God through His created works. There's the location. Occupation. The creator of man knew that this workmanship of his hands could not be happy without employment you know. Why did Adam and Eve have to work they didn't have to earn money they didn't. It's not like. You know all day they needed to pay the electric bill right. Why did why did they need to work. Paradise delighted their souls but this was not enough they must have the labor to call in to exercise the organs of the body. Health reform or July one eight hundred seventy two now. We talk about laboring. Or working but for most of us that working has very little to do with really laboring right I mean we go to work and it's usually pretty sedentary we're going to talk more about that but this is talking about exercising the organs of the body. The creator of man never designed that he should be idle. It was the law of nature therefore the law of God that brain nerve and muscle should be an active motion. Exercise in useful labor will be carrying out the original plan of God when he bade Adam and Eve to dress the gardener health reform or May one eight hundred seventy three. Exercise in useful labor. And as has already been pointed out dress and keep the garden. The most popular use of the word the Hebrew word for dress is to serve. To serve the garden God put man in the garden to serve it and the kid and keep is to guard and protect it. OK let's keep going family life. God is very clear that this family life started with a deep companionship between male and female within the bands of marriage. Without companionship the beautiful scenes and delightful employment of Eden would have failed to yield perfect happiness even communion with angels could not have satisfied Adam's desire for sympathy and companionship Eve was created from a rib taken from the side of Adam signifying that she was not to control him as the head nor to be trampled under his feet as an inferior but to stand by his side as an equal to be loved and protected by him patriarchs and prophets page forty six you get the picture of God's design for family now I just want to say you know most of us when we think of family you know you've see a husband and wife and you say do you have a family or do you have children. Husband and wife are a family. You don't need to have children to be a family again. OK let's go on to education quickly and again we're going to kind of skim through this because it's been talked about. The system of education instituted at the beginning of the world was to be a model for man throughout all after time what was that system Well let's look at this one the Book of Nature which spread its living lessons before them afford it and exhaustless source of instruction and delight on every leaf of the forest and stone of the mountains in every shining star in earth and sea and sky God's name was written. With both the animate and the in animate creation would leave and flower in the tree and with every living creature from the leviathan of the waters to the mode of the sunbeam the dwellers in Eden held converse what is held converse I mean. Do you. Comprehend what we just read can you imagine I mean I can I can I can imagine but I can't comprehend what it was like for Adam and Eve to be able to hold converse with both animate and inanimate creation. Soul rock. How did you get so beautiful. I don't know what you know what did they did. You know old from the love via thought of the waters can you imagine them swimming out there to the Leviathan soul what do you do all day. To the moat in the sun being the dwellers in Eden held converse gathering from each the secrets of his life do you hold converse in the garden with your plants God wants us to I'll confess I feel like. I don't really know how to do that yet. I try to hold converse with God But this is amazing. A portion of their time was to be occupied in the happy employment of dressing the garden and a portion in receiving the visits of angels listening to their instruction and in happy meditation so it was a balanced education they didn't work all day in the garden that would have gotten old Probably but they took time a portion of their time to converse with angels and learn you know well this is Gabriel he's going to teach you about biology. And this is. Whoever. And then of course we know that the happy pair greeted with joy the visits of their creator. As in the cool of the day he walked and talked with them daily God taught them his lessons. Would you like to walk and talk with God in the garden. Do you think he still wants to do that. Again these education diet is a minyan and the sabbath rest we're only going to touch on here and then we're going to leave them not because they're not important but I but because I feel like. They get more emphasis already and so we're going to leave it at this but diet in order to know what are the best foods this is a quote we must study God's original plan for man's diet grains fruits nuts and vegetables constitute the diet chosen for us by our creator these foods prepared in as simple and natural a manner as possible are the most healthful and nourishing. Any questions on that where do you find those foods in a simple and natural manner as possible. Straight from the garden. Dominion. While they remain true to God Adam and his companion were to bear rule over the earth unlimited control was given them over every living thing. And then finally Sabbath rest. And again I'm not going to say more on that because I feel like our church is doing a fairly good job of talking about Sabbath rest. So there you have the ideal plan as set out by the creative. Could we call it the maker's manual. But sadly as we all too are we are all too well aware of sin entered the world and marred this idyllic plan. But I want to ask you this evening what part of God's ideal plan actually changed when sin entered the world. Or maybe more accurately I should ask what didn't change. Did the location change. Yeah they they had to leave the garden. And forfeit access to the tree of life but were they given a different plan did God say now you need to go live somewhere else besides the garden. Well. Speaking of the time of the patriarchs. Mrs White says the people who were under his direction still pursued the plan of life that he had appointed in the beginning if they were still pursuing it in the time of the patriarchs How long was that after creation. Couple thousand years at least. It doesn't look like the plan was changing was it. The man who held fast God's principles of life dwell among the fields and hills are we wanting to hold fast God's principles of life. Where do we need to dwell. Occupation. Did that change well their work was made more difficult we know that the ground was cursed they now had weeds right thorns and thistles but. Did God give them a different occupation what does the Bible say. He set them forth from the garden should do what. Till the ground from which they came. When he added I'm was driven from his beautiful home as the result of his disobedience and was forced to struggle with the stubborn soil to gain his daily bread that very labor although far different from his pleasant occupation in the garden was what. A safeguard against temptation and what else. A source of happiness even though the ground was cursed even though it had thorns and thistles guide gave man that work as a source of happiness and as a safeguard against temptation that we need safeguards against him Taishan in this world. The garden is a safeguard against him Tavish. Referring to the children of Israel again we read by the distribution of the land among the people God provided for them as for the dwellers in even the occupation most favorable to development. What's the occupation most favorable to development. The care of plants and animals now. I told you I'm a farmer right. I mean I hope you don't feel like I'm biased of all in sharing these I'm just trying to be honest to the Scriptures and the Spirit of Prophecy OK What about family life. Did that change after the fall. Well in the creation God had made God had made her this is Eve the equal of Adam right we read that by Hirst by his side had they remained obedient to God in harmony with his great law of love they would ever have been in harmony with each other but then had brought discord and now their union could be maintained in harmony preserved only by submission on the part of the one or the other even been the first in transgression and she had fallen into temptation by separating from her companion she was now placed in subjection to her husband now if we had time to go on and read the rest of the context. She says that you know man has abused that right we know that. But did God want man to have won men under his heel after the fall where did God want man to stay. I mean a woman to stay. By the side. Yes she's in subject but it should be like our subject to Christ is that hard. Well. I guess it is but it shouldn't be. So what changed when Adam and Eve ate the fruit. Well you could say everything change but yet God's plan and ideal remain the same Did that change so does this still apply today. The more nearly we come into harmony with God's original plan the more favorable for recovery and preservation of health does that does that still work in twenty first century America. In spite of six thousand years of degradation and sin we are still being called to come as close to the original plan as possible do you believe it. I hope you do because you're here so that's the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy lesson now we're going to have a little history lesson. For the next approximately five thousand eight hundred years those who were under God's direction and followed quite closely God's plan of life that he had appointed in the beginning. They were largely tellers of the soil and keepers of flocks and herds living in a gray area in life yes there were a few revolutionary changes that took place through the centuries the invention of the wheel made the world go around a little faster. People got more efficient at killing each other with the advent of gunpowder. And the printing press made the dissemination of information much easier but over all. Life remain much as it had been for centuries and millennia for those who were following God's plan of life then something happened toward the end of the seventeen hundreds that change civilization dramatically are you all history students. What are your good prophecies students write good administers students of prophecy what happened at the end of the seventeen hundreds the the time of the end began writes Is that right Daniel twelve now do you think it is a coincidence. That the Industrial Revolution also began in the late seventeen hundreds was that chance now I'm not going to say that the industrial revolution was evil but I would like to suggest tonight that the devil and used it in powerfully destructive ways could it be that this was his a counterattack to the increased interest in Bible study and prophecy do you think he knew the prophecy about the time of the end. Do you think he had a plan to counter act it in the industrial revolution. Wave after wave of innovation crashed against the vestiges of God's Dennet model with staggering and sobering results. And I just want to briefly review this with you the agricultural revolution actually first made producing food more efficient freeing or forcing depending on your viewpoint. Many people to leave the land and migrate to the cities. In England for example the proportion of the population living in cities jumped from seventeen percent in eighteen zero one seventeen percent of the English population lived in cities to seventy two percent in eight hundred ninety one in ninety years the population of the cities of England went from seventeen percent to seventy two percent. This urbanization movement provided much of the manpower and woman power and child power for the industrial revolution. I want you to look at this the percentage of world's population living in the cities in eighteen hundred. Three percent. Of the world's population lived in urban areas by nineteen hundred and this is World population now almost fourteen percent were urbanites but it speeds up in one thousand nine hundred fifty thirty percent of the world's population resided in urban centers in two thousand and eight. The population of the cities of the world passed the population of the rural areas and now they're expecting that by two thousand and fifty over seventy percent said of the world's population will be urban in two thousand and ten a total of eighty point seven percent of Americans lived in urban areas that's. Four out of five. Americans lives in an urban area. Here's another interesting statistic percentage of Americans involved in farm occupations in eight hundred fifty No sorry eight hundred twenty. It was seventy two percent of Americans were involved in agriculture. In eight hundred fifty that number was down at sixty four percent. Nineteen twenty it was down to thirty percent. One thousand nine hundred eighty seven it was down to two percent. And now less than two percent of Americans are involved in agriculture less than two percent of Americans are tillers of the soil and keepers of flocks and herds. Many of the rest think that food comes from grocery stores. We have become so disconnected from the land and nature that professionals have now coined the term nature deficit disorder we're out of touch so but the question is Why should this urbanization movement be disturbing to us. While. We've been looking at the original plan ever since Paradise was lost the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy chronicled the fact that those who followed God's plan of life remained where in the garden in rural locations. While those who turned from God's plans what did they do they built and occupied cities Kane. Was the first city build there we know. So this is the problem cities concentrate evil and they surround their residence with the things that man has made. Wise out of problem because by beholding we become changed if all you see is what man has made what are you going to be changed into what man is and in the cities man is not. Not. That something we should be following. OK I just looked at the time. To those who think they can live in the city and not being affected negatively. I just plead with you. To study closely the story of life. You know a lot was a good Seventh Day Adventist who wanted to be a positive witness in the city. Of course it didn't hurt that the city was good for his business too but you know he really did want to witness rights who had the greater impact on Saddam lot or Abraham. I would just challenge any of you who are still in the cities. You know if the events of the last few years the natural disasters have not woken you up then I just pray that an angel will pull you out. While there's still time. OK we got to move on after the initial waves of the agricultural revolution the industrial revolution came crashing in on its heels like a giant tidal wave factories in industries first took man then women and finally children out of the home income find them in dangerous dingy surroundings for ten twelve or fourteen hours a day effectively unraveling the ties that had bound families together on the land for thousands of years no longer were they working side by side in the fields and gardens or working together in cottage industries spinning weaving all of that instead they were also separately occupied in a grim struggle for survival. Labor began to involve into more sedentary occupations and the need for physical exercise. Was met more through sports than other forms of nonproductive recreation and amusement you know even as late as one thousand nine hundred sixty fifty percent of Americans were involved in an occupation that was. Physical. Now less than twenty percent of jobs have any significant level of physical activity. After sitting all day at work we come home and sit on the couch and watch someone else being paid millions of dollars to run around on T.V. Now this change of occupations from largely physical to mostly sedentary has had drastic effects on physical health and well being as any doctor can tell you. With obesity just being the most visible. But my bigger concern. Is how the social and moral foundation of families has been impacted. Farm families work together agrarian families work together city families work apart. Your Genesis to tells us that it's not good for a man to be alone. Genesis three. Tells the sad story of what happened when the woman was alone but get this the angels had cautioned e to be aware of separating herself from her husband. While occupied in their daily labor in the garden. With him she would be in less danger from temptation than if she were alone husbands wives. Are you separated from your spouse while occupied in your daily labor. If so you are more up to bold to temptation than if you were together do you believe that. It is not good for man. Or woman to be alone. And when I believe what the Bible is saying is not alone as in nobody else around but alone as in your companion is not a realm is that of fear. Fair interpretation. Men if you spend more of your day with other women than you do with your wife you are asking for trouble of course it works the same way for women in the workplace too. Way too often I hear stories of divorce and affairs in good administration families and it's almost always becomes the couples were too much apart it's not good for man to be alone genesis for tells the story of children being alone now we don't know how old Cain and Abel word they probably weren't children. They are probably pretty much adults but what happened when they were alone. They got into trouble right would that have happened if they'd been with Adam and Eve. I don't think so. In Deuteronomy Chapter six verses six and seven we see a beautiful picture of families being together and these words which I command the this day shall be and nine hearts and thou shalt teach them diligently and to the IDE children and shall talk of them when they all sit as the one house when thou walk as by the way when the lie is down and when they are rises up. What a beautiful picture of families. Being together how novel is that living a life together led by God in the demands of Boston is are jobs that can't wait. You know. I'm going to share a little more of our testimony tomorrow but I can remember always feeling so frustrated when my wife needed help with the kids and I had to say Honey I'm sorry I gotta go I can't help you. And now. You know just a couple weeks ago we had the coldest stretch of weather we've had in a very long time in Tennessee and our pond froze so thick that we could walk out on it and I ski and so I was actually working on these talks. And the kids wanted to go up to the pond kids they're pretty much grown now but my young people wanted to go skating on the Pine so I said let's go. I don't have to tell my boss that I you know I don't have to call in sick or you know take vacation days I can just go up to the pond and go ice skating well first back to the Industrial Revolution it was steam power then came the internal combustion engines and then electricity all of which dramatically altered life and labor and I'm sure that there are many who would argue that it increased the quality of life but I'm suggesting tonight that all these advances have a darker side taking us farther and farther from God's original plan and speaking of the dark side what about the electric light bulb as an example with the advent of electric lights man could more easily burn the midnight oil without having to use oil at all right just. Click the switch. But I want to ask you how late can you stay up at night and still come to the garden alone while the DO is still on the roses for me walking and talking with God in the garden in the morning is directly related to how early I get to bed at night. Which is harder when the lights are whispering Come on. Just a little longer it's not going to hurt anything. I know many of you are probably thinking this is going too far. Is he saying the electric lights are evil. No I'm not saying that but I am suggesting that progress comes at a price. And we need to count the cost through God's eyes. So let me hurry on here. Another simple example before the advent of electricity. Families huddled around the wood stove in the winter time to keep warm right. But they didn't just huddle around the still they didn't just share warmth they also shared valuable family time reading or telling stories. And then of course there was the cutting of the wood and the hauling and the splitting in the stacking. It was all or often done as a family project building memories together in the summer the covered porch was the coolest part of the house and families often spent afternoon and evenings shelling peas shucking corn and knitting or mending together they were together but with progress progress came central heat and air and now everyone can be comfortable in their own rooms doing whatever they want to do. Then we could talk about climate control you know Windows used to be open wide at night to let the cool areas so well as the songs of crickets and tree frogs and whippoorwill. Now people live in these hermetically sealed environments many times never even getting outside in the day. Spending eight or ten hours in their little cubicle at work and going to the elevator and getting into their climate controlled car and going into their girl rides that's climate controlled. And repeating it again the next day and we call this progress. Well I could rail on about this progress but time doesn't permit. The Christian the revolutionary waves mercilessly eroded society as we entered the twentieth century there was the revolution of the automobile and the airplane which took families farther and farther apart. And the electrical revolution continued almost at the speed. Well the speed of electricity. There was the telephone then the radio and the television. Now it could be argued that radio and television brought families back together in the living room again. Right for a while. But the reading and storytelling were gone it was all passive. And then the family togetherness only lasted as long as. The sets were big enough that they had to be in the living room as soon as portable radios and televisions came in families went their different ways with their different programs so they could do what they wanted to do. You know light it later this morning talked about the dangers of reading fiction I would like to suggest that the dangers of watching fiction or even greater than reading fiction. Personal Computer entered in the eighty's. And the World Wide Web. World Wide Web was woven in the ninety's. We all know how sticky that web is we. Then moving on in two thousand and seven Apple sparked the smartphone revolution now I realize there were some other smart phones out there before that but it was Apple and the i Phone that revolutionize the worlds two thousand and seven ten years ago. Can you imagine do you remember life without smartphones. It seems a long time ago doesn't it. Perhaps no other device in history this is a quote from an industry expert has embedded itself in the lives of everyday consumers more than the smart phone. The only other technology that even comes close is television in the one nine hundred fifty S. that took over the country pretty fast but not as fast as smart phones have taken over the world's P.C. Magazine projects that by twenty twenty seven the percent of the world's population will own smartphones. Seventy percent of every man woman and child in the world will own a smartphone. Already seventy seven percent of Americans own smartphones. South Korea leads the world with eighty eight percent of its population having smartphones now. I'm not a prophet. But my personal prediction is that smartphones are going to be the weapon of choice for the Devils last desperate as Saul on Christians think about. You have all the world's accumulated knowledge of good and evil. At your fingertips to be viewed from the privacy of your bedroom a pocket version. Of the Tree of Knowledge of Good in the evil. Eve had to go looking for the for Bin fruit. Now it comes to you with super retina display and two hundred fifty six gigabytes of storage. No longer is Country Living the safe haven it used to be before internet and smart phones the city is now in your pocket. Now for the sake of full disclosure. I must admit that I have a smart phone. But I will also tell you that my wife and I have fairly regular discussions have we allowed the worlds. Too much into our lives they are incredibly powerful tools for good or evil I got to share this quickly here share what happened on our way to this conference series navigating us down the highway. And series says get off. In two miles. So we got off. And we're going this was in Texas I think about eighty miles or so north of Dallas you know they have these frontage roads in Texas that's kind of a Texas thing I guess. So we're driving a lot of the along the freeways right there that's why are we over here. And finally Siri seemed a little confused but finally we came to a stop light Siri said turn left we went under the freeway and Siri said continue on straight ahead. And my wife and I kind of look at each other it's this little country lane. And. You know sometimes Siri seems to know shortcuts so. Maybe there's an accident or something I don't know so we started down that little country lane and we don't we got a few hundred feet. When I realized that our tire was flat. We got out change the tire we were just praising God you know one vehicle passed the whole time we were changing the tire it was the perfect if you have to I should have known the name of the road perfect place to change a tire. Got the tire changed I said Honey where's the nearest tires store it was literally just across the freeway. And there was a Wal-Mart right there as well my wife needed to buy some groceries so she bought the groceries I got a new tire we got back on the freeway and put in our destination again and Siri said continue on Interstate thirty for eighty miles. Did Siri take us off the freeway I am not going to give Siri credit for that series down. God used Siri isn't that amazing. So. I got to bring balance here but incredible. The only reason we got off there was because God knew our tire was going to go flat that's a God who loves us so back to the smartphone I believe the key words are self control and accountability how much time are you spending on it and are you accountable to someone else. Everyone should have someone else with access to all your accounts and devices. Wives do you have the passwords and access to your husband's devices. That's not being untrusting that's being a help me there should be NO secrets. On our phones or devices parents if you have children or youth with smartphones and you are not holding them accountable you better put pull your head out of the sand quickly. Before your children are so far down the road. To hell. That there's no turning back. You know it's hard to know what statistics to believe on the internet I'm almost done I promise. But some say that thirty percent of all Internet searches thirty five percent of all downloads are banal graffiti. Ninety percent of eight to sixteen year olds have viewed Pernod Griffey online. In just ten years our society has changed dramatically and permanently and it's not for the better yeah there are there are a powerful tool but gone are the days when you talk to people in the airport right it's hard to even help somebody by the side of the road anymore because they've already called for roadside assistance and they don't even want to roll down their window. So before I close I want to make sure I'm not being misunderstood I'm not saying that everyone needs to be a farmer I'm not saying that technology is evil. But I am trying to reason from cause to effect and I am trying to say that I believe progress. Is a relative term that we need to prayerfully analyze. So to just try to summarize God created the divine blueprints he knew what was best for man and he laid it all out in the garden. Those who tried to follow him after send those who sought to follow him after sin continued that plan quite. Successfully. For almost five thousand eight hundred years. In the last two hundred years that plan has almost been totally forgot. We've got an urban location. We've got sedentary occupation we've got families being pulled apart in every direction. Diet you know the industrial revolution took all the good stuff out of our food right and concentrated the bad stuff. It's not a pretty picture we've gone from best to worst. And just when we think it can't get any worse it does but I want to leave you. With this last quote. Our past life. With its mistakes is not a pleasant picture to look upon. But it must be held up to our view. That we may desire something better. May we desire something better tonight. Let's pray. Oh Lord. Thank you. That you have offered something better than what this world has to offer. Thank you that. You have a better plan. Thank you that it's not too late. To come closer to your original ideal or give us resistance give us strength give us courage. To move towards that idea we pray to Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service leave a Visit W W W dot audio dot org.


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