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The Making of "BetterTogether"

Ricky Seiler Vivian Seiler



  • January 19, 2018
    8:15 AM


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Who here or does anybody here like to actually put puzzles together if you like if you're a puzzle or you like to put puzzles together. So I want to share with you here we go so this is a puzzle right hope you can see that OK Do you like the puzzle I mean you're an agriculture group right you should like a puzzle like this this puzzle is actually is right above our bed in our bedroom and we put this together I have to admit. There's a few others in the family that. Enjoy puzzles a little more than I do I think if I counted I maybe put six pieces in this puzzle but you get Vivian going on puzzles and they you know they're really who they get go and so. There they are you know well I don't know but. But is it in the picture I can imagine that this puzzle even though it only took us a few hours if in reality that really existed that probably was two or three generations of work. There's Or that how it was a layer is like a puzzle it was built piece by piece and so today we're going to be sharing a little bit about kind of the puzzle of our experience and we're putting the pieces together and some pieces of been relatively easy to put in place and some have been quite difficult and some pieces are actually still missing so our puzzles not complete but I want to start off by just introducing who we are a little bit. We're actually the Seiler family here plus my wife's parents. So to the left is our son Allen daughter that's my father in law Elias Lopez Yeah they're here I think they just got in this morning my mother in law. And of course myself and my wife lovely wife Vivian We actually. Have. And the process of developing a farm over a number of years which was which is really what the story is going to be about is like how did we get here and where I start back a ways but our place is located in south central Oklahoma about a little over three hours from where we're sitting right here have you guys ever experienced I mean your life where you need to choose one or the other we as a family enjoy riveting those wives in our life and count the blasting. Where God has played us and so. Today we're going to start. When we first got married and before that we have a prayer just like you just by head please father you know we think about life. And a lot of ways it is very much like a puzzle of how we see you leading sometimes the places fall the pieces fall into place just so nicely and you find them and it just snapped right in and other times. Were bit more perplexed about how things are working and yet Lord we when we step back we see that you've been working all along and I just thank you for that in our lives and bless us now as we just share a little bit about how this is all come about and most importantly we feel like you've been leading us along the way with our prayer. All right so. We actually think I'm getting ahead of myself here I mean I were married about twenty eight years ago we went to school right here near by at a place called southwestern Adventist it was a college at that time I believe they call it a university now in Texas. Hand we both got degrees and we took off for our careers we moved to Florida we got married we moved to Florida and we worked at a hospital down there Vivian a nurse by training she worked in the I.C.U. area I actually was working in the marketing department at a hospital down in a place called Avon Park Florida I don't know if anybody has ever heard of Avon Park Florida but there used to be a hospital there called Walker Memorial Hospital so we were there we enjoyed Florida we made a lot of friends that was a nice time we just kind of felt like well we're kind of just on this little career track and this is just how things should be going. We were there for about three and a half years and then we started thinking you know what we'd like to start a family and so we kind of consciously thought about that and of course me being a native Texan I said Really there's probably no better place to have your children birth than in the state of Texas I mean I figured that would go over maybe pretty well here perhaps I don't know but. So we moved back to Texas and we moved to a place called Collene Texas Collene is predominately known for a large army base called Fort Hood we actually went to work there is a hospital there called Metroplex hospital and we moved to Metroplex we got there we had been there about six months when we got the news that we were going to have our first child. And during that process we actually had had a chance to we were renting a house we found the actually unbeknown stuff I think either of us at the time we were somehow drawn towards some property outside of town a few miles about three and a half acres actually in a small little community called. Texas. I'm not kidding and I tell you we ended up buying this property and we we got a builder we drew up our plans for any of you know who've ever built a house you know how much time you kind of sometimes put into that type of thing and I actually for those of you who know me you probably already recognize that I really was just enjoying the day that somebody would come up to me and say Where are you from. And I just would love to tell somebody I was a ding dong or I just was I was just looking forward to saying that but the Lord had other plans so we went to we went to the bank to close on this house and course we were young I mean we were young you know you know you know all the things you start thinking about things and so I was driving there you know I looked over at Livi I said you know Vivian I go you know you're going to be going to still need to work part time in order for us to make financially to make this work. I mean we weren't thinking you know you just you just kind of follow the flow right you just go you go get a mortgage just the way it kind of works you're not really thinking you just do it because that's kind of what everybody else is doing so we get there and it means kind of look at me and we sit down at the Baker sitting right in front of his desk he has all the paper lined up right there and he's ready for us to sign our builders actually in the banker's office too he's sitting right there next to us and this is what David she turns to banker and she goes is it really true that I'm still going to need to work part time to be able to for us to afford this house and he looks at her and he says yes so this took to us this was like a puzzle big piece of puzzle we didn't see it at the time OK the women looks at me and she says then I don't want the house. The builders there I'm looking at the banker. And. I said OK. So we got up and we walked out of the banker's office and went back to our rental house I was like. Yeah that's right. So yeah so that really it was clear we didn't see any time you know it's just kind of foggy when you look back on it but we ended up walking out we went back to our rental house and we just kind of look at each other and we said well we'll just keep looking so Lord provided actually another home for us it was a it was actually a good home that we actually put a bid on I don't know if any of you have ever been bidding on had homes where you literally put a bid you put in you submit it and then if you get it you go Oh we probably offer too much have you ever thought about that so but we got this house we made a few little renovations and so we can afford it on one income and i mean i do we just like to say that because we felt like that was really we're looking back at it that was a big That was a big point because somehow you can get kind of sucked in and you just don't really see how it all maybe works. So are we ready for the next slide here. So. There's this nice little home was thirty minutes from work he had to leave early in the morning and he would come back later in the mean so he was gone all day and I was there with the kids by myself all day and you know they're very close they're only eighteen months apart so I had two babies in. There was that there was a lot of thinking time that I had but I felt blessed to be with them at the same time it's like no this is not working I mean he's gone all day I'm parenting by myself and I think the Lord started talking in his heart as well you know this is this is not this is not good and I made a neighbor in the neighborhood she had some kids she had a lot of kids and I was like wow how do they do this anyway. It was this neighbor that planted a seed by homeschooling I never heard of that and they went and you know that expressed that and I was like wow she's at home all day long with them teaching them anyway. The Lord was working in our hearts and we decided that this was not something that could be sustainable in our lives we wanted daddy home with our kids as much as possible so we started thinking we got a move and the lore opened the door for us to move to Oklahoma. The kids were more I can say that we went to work at the lifestyle center of America if you guys are familiar with it Ricky did marketing and I work nursing couple days a week did a lot of other things besides nursing but he could be home when I was working and the kids were four and two years old when we moved to Oklahoma who's our little family when we were there. And it looks like it's. Been you know even though we thought OK we have arrived in the country that against been a lot more time with us three times a day with you just three minutes away from us we could go see him he could come and be the Laura had a little or wanted more for us than just that. Yeah so during that time you know I felt pretty good just being there we decided to live thirty minutes away I mean to live by the lifestyles and our so I wouldn't have to. There's another town thirty minutes away and I didn't want to have to commute and I have the same deal commuting all the time so we want to stay close to dad but then the kids start growing up and it came time for school and I'm like oh what am I going to do I really don't want to be on the road two hours a day going down a and down picking them up been putting them in the car with somebody else to go to a big close is that in the school and there are so little there are only. Five six and or you know in that age some like I just buried just in the way there's a little you know my neighbor got provided my neighbor Kathy she had home school her kids she was actually the new school teacher there on the Avenue School and she encouraged me to keep my children home she set out teach you I'll teach you what you need to do so she worked with Aubrey and I for a long period of time just kind of showing me the ropes and what to do when we committed to go to go about this on a yearly basis and you know if I could do this or nod never intended to homeschool I'm not saying everybody needs to homeschool but for us that's what we did and the Lord actually took us with all the way through high school when I yearly basis so we just looked at one year time and got provide it one year at a time in. You know just those words from Kathy you can do that if you know what's going cursing from another actually from a teacher. I agree had no problem with traditional school because you know what I that I brought school traditional school home and I agree that's fine no problem just truth right through Alan and the other hand. In that Clyde through you know it's like those little birds that you put and they. You know. And I will fall you know Lord you give me a child has no problem and what do I do you're I've never had this before and you know the problem wasn't Alan the problem was me trying to follow tradition. Alan learned a whole different way Alan was learning when he was playing Lego's on the carpet and I was doing history with Aubrey he could tell you everything that I had thought I've read that morning by listening you know he had to be busy with his hands but when it came to reading and writing it was another thing it was so hard and. At nine years old it's when we really started more of perform all schooling with Alan and he did schooling a little different you see his cat on his lap. And so. I tell you what if I had to do it again over again I would do it so differently I would be so different. My God His grace. Has given us grace the kids have given us grace and forgiven us for our mistakes and teaching them there was a book that I read and it was how to homeschool your children as you on school yourself so I was on school in ourselves you know getting out of that track and trying to do it differently and it was that book that gave me the courage to get out of the box with Alan. So as being principal of the home school I made sure I stepped in and helped with the curriculum we had a nice big Y. kind of area in front of this house that we had we ended up buying a house having it chopped and to move to this project that's a whole nother story won't go into but that but we ended up finding that a nice low spot on two acres where we thought it was nice it was nice at the time but you'll see later OK so. So I want to make sure I got all the manual training right I don't know the concept of manual training but I focused on the important key manual trainings so I made sure we kids would go out and we make sure I teach them how to throw a football and made sure they knew how to throw a frisbee to hit a baseball and we even played croquet and so that was their manual training and. Then of course Sunday was an extra special day because we enjoyed the art of watching football on television and of course golf. That was pretty much the extent of my manual training for the kids as they were growing up because that's what I did and that's what I know and. I felt like that I mean that was just pretty much it so you could see we were also at this time actually you know we're out here in the country we had at least put in a couple raised beds and have a little garden so we built a couple little boxes there sorta they were anyway but we put some dirt in and basically it was our our field our little patch for killing tomatoes. And. So we came quickly to the point where then really wanted to seasons that this just doesn't work and so we need just forget about growing stuff because we put all this time and energy which wasn't much to just kill a bunch of tomatoes you know the deer with the bugs would get more the disease would take over and of course even then Alan would come in and he would sometimes you know be frustrated by its like they had wire all these tomatoes just they're dying and course we were watering them but we didn't really know much beyond that so we actually took a transition. See here and make sure to coop up here. And when Alan Are we were thirteen or fourteen years old we had an opportunity we had some very good friends who were actually living in Mexico at a place called. Montgomery Ala So it's actually the avenues university down there and we had an opportunity to move to Mexico and I could work actually with what I was doing I was able to work remotely and Vivian actually worked a little remotely as well down there and we we took the kids come out of a whole traditional schooling thing and we went basically down there to focus on three things they want to learn Spanish. They also Alan did so we have a picture here I think somewhere yeah so there's a we had a two year she actually went to help with the local school they have a school there with the kindergarten kids and things of this nature but then there was a kind of a true that worked with her as well and then actually worked out they have a good art program there and so he worked on his art and then both of them did new Zick and that's pretty much what we did but for one months we just kind of it was a slow transition but it was kind of a key piece to just. Kind of help us to think differently but you know now they're thirteen and fourteen years old. So let's see what happens after that. So we get back to the United States. And we. We my mom my mother in law lives thinking Texas Jerry Seiler and she has this to Dish and that she likes to put a lot of stuff in her garage that she wants to get rid of and then she tells the kids you know just go and see what you can find kind of thing and I was exploring through the garage and he finds a Black and Decker best vegetable garden book and this really was I think as close as we can get this was really the turning point for our introduction or when when Agriculture came into our life in a serious started to come into a serious way our discover the book and he stars looking through the book at this point he does not like to read he has a hard time reading and sister reads everything to him and sister refuses to read the vegetable book to him. For alland guess what he has to learn and read and I hurry and he did it and he started going through that he's like you know I think there may be our way we can do this the gardening Bard was there and it had been in there from the get go he had been inspired early early early on from his beat though his grandpa my dad and he also from my uncle. And they were both avid gardeners but for some reason the gardens in the United States they not flourish like the garden in the mission field where there's no weather like here and so he's like you know I think we can do this and so when I noticed this little fart thing the Holy Spirit said tell it take it this is at but still it tell you this when your child. And so I'm thinking OK who do I know that is a gardener and we have someone in town that that was I had heard that I had a garden and he was so glad to come and start working with Alan and this little guy he was a single man older gentlemen and he will come he was as wired as he was tall and he would come he couldn't walk very well and he stood in the back of the pickup and he started Ally thought do that now OK how do you know and he just ordered him around and drove around in his pickup in the you know he couldn't walk very well but he worked with Alan and there's a synergy when a child is working with an adult and he gives and you get back and this older man was like revived he had a reason to live. And so Mr Cash we call him Dr Cash was. And it's very inspiring for Alan but we needed to move on Dr Cash and somebody told him that there was a couple of farmers that came to family retreat restoration family retreat and we met John and Edwin diving or and I said My child has questions he would like to ask you he's interested well he bombarded them was questions I mean he sat them down and as far as I can remember he just asked as asked questions and they're like I tell you what Alan I'll give you this was the books to read when you're done with that you can come and ask me questions. So. Yeah so we went home and order all those books a lot of them are over here and the I would cultural and the AG table for you guys to take home later tonight at this afternoon and. The trial that they not read was all of the sun I mean he was just the Vireo in the books like never before I would never have thought to give him those books to learn to read with you know this is not what you do in school all right you start with Sue and Tommy way into town kind of thing not all this agricultural information is going to stop but he wrote them and he was he carry a backpack and they were all in there and everywhere we went I went with a little backpack reading books so I started connecting him as much as I could with people that I knew that we have a novel foundation Al and I said this guy there's agricultural here he calls them become best friends till this day he has mentors that he keeps up with that are more than glad about that but. I usually very happy to get here for a long long long call questions that he has for them but I stick seen in our stars his garden and this garden as you see this was more with Dr cash so it's all. A little different looking. But we have another supply the second years fly and this is after he had read all the books that I think he's had told three so there's a marked difference the beds are out and the plastic is out and he has all those little ideas on how he needs to do like Coleman says to do and. You know we watch we I watch. Basically I watched a lot you know I was I was good with this I was really good with this I was a God that he was in the garden. Involved with this and I and he was reading and. He seemed to be progressing over so I mean he's making huge progress but it's also at this time that I bring Alan started seriously reading. The book education and the rest of the books that we've been talking around here country living and so forth yeah I don't I don't think I mean I've heard of the book education but as far as actually reading it these are books that we had they were on a bookshelf and they collected a lot of dust that's about how we used and so they started asking us questions and like Dad why and dad and I'm thinking like well so they got us and gauged in reading the books kind of went the other way around. But it was actually this at this point in time that the this was actually our great awakening and it started just prompting a lot of questions right now because times are good and so you're trying to start dialing on OK Well so what what are the answers so. We felt like we were convicted by our kids and then we were convicted by the Holy Spirit and we started reading these books and it started opening up a window that we had never really looked through before and we had a variety of questions and I just want to go through I want to just share with you a couple couple all slides this one I know you've seen maybe you've seen both of these but this one is actually actually even present at the conference but it is this quote here I won't go through the whole thing but it starts to make you think. And then the next one was actually whenever possible parents should be connected to the land right the home and children cultivate the soil preparing the ground sowing the seed tending the growing plants will be benefited and blessed. So that even after all this it brings up even more questions we're just going to go through this just real quick so is God's Will encouraging us to live on the land in the twenty first century. What does it mean when it says agriculture is the A.B.C.'s of education of true education if we are to be rightly trained What is the best environment for us is there something about land and farming that connects and promotes multigenerational families you know why why is it we raise kids they go get careers and then they live on the other side of the country for the rest of their lives and we see each other for a week during the holidays I mean farm what we've come to discover it's a beautiful environment for a person almost at any age. And it doesn't mean everybody's doing exactly the same work but it brings it brings people together it's remarkable it's remarkable I just I feel so blessed with that that our conventional schooling helped promote an agricultural lifestyle or did it hinder. Its college or just what you do as a default when you get out of high school I mean it was for me I'm not saying you don't go to college I'm just saying is it automatically. Can you actually make a living farming that's a big question and what kind of living is actually important to make boy that just opens up all kinds of things does the world determine how we live our life or does God I mean I could tell you how I would answer that question twenty years ago I would like to think God determined it but I don't really think he did is God just an add on to our life choices or is he the main influence I mean I know a lot of you are here and you probably ARE you ask yourself some of these questions right and you're still thinking about maybe and you maybe taken actions but these are big important questions and I'm not saying we have all the answers I'm just saying these questions should be answered. To be asking the right. So it came to a point where through this whole process you know it was it was always Alan's guard it was Allan's guard that's what it was called the first couple of years Alan's guard and through this process we kind of all kind of got to we were kind of by an end of this process right so shortly after this after this whole awakening Alan there's a one right here in the middle I want you just notice Allen is the one that Uncle John actually has his hand on. So I'm just I'm just I don't know what to do with that other than I don't think John knew where to put his hand perhaps but this is what Alan went to the deicing or farm and worked with John and Edward deicing and their families all their families are involved there and then a couple other interns that were with him some kid in the middle called Nick I don't know what he does what's he doing now days but. And DAVID No No good good spirits not. So so one from Alan's garden to then we all kind of started getting engaged and so Allan came back from his internship there and became something that we all started to get involved in and we did still didn't even actually know you know there's a lot of pieces of the puzzle missing still right we don't know exactly what this is going to do but. We just all start to get involved and I know we're running short on time so we're going to we're going to be OK and I'm still doing this are you. Oh OK I got this so this is just a few pictures of how things developed over the years and this was I'm talking this is we're talking like two thousand and what is this two thousand and thirteen two thousand and fourteen ish two thousand and fifteen there's Abra now on there with the kind of the Washi area we started like a little little C.S.A. program which we won't go into that this is like a washout you can see mommy and poppy or there are a million Eliason kind of were all involved and we do market like this twice a week and this was our first place this was another picture of like I probably our last year there really you can see here and then back in the background over there on the left we have a couple agreed houses but this is on two acres and this this soil was terrible this here all that rock you see we dug out by hand to make those beds so when I asked when I share with people start where you are now I really mean start where you are because you're going to make a ton of mistakes and you're not going really have an idea what you're doing I mean just honestly and so you are stuck with it so we had we had dump trucks come in and haul. For fourteen ton dump truck loads of rock off of our property and we so but this was over several year process we didn't do it all that one time but I don't want to say if we bought this land with no intention of ever growing really anything on it it would be not ideal soil it was just it was just terrible but we made it do you know I mean this is this is from that land right OK And then this was I think the last year so you see a couple houses and some different things there and as we during this time the last couple years we've started looking for land looking for land and then we have this picture where this is after the end of one of our seasons and kind of just so we're all smiling because the season's over. We would like to own it but you know we need now OK This Well we're going to show on this one of the kids this one's for you we put this in here. One of the neat things about being in the country and nature part and we're being privileged to have a little bird called Thing or by the kids grew up to be a blue jay and blue I call him blue they call him staying there how do you get that going. What do you do. It means is it. OK. Blue love to everyone that came through he loved landing on the U.P.S. guy's head for anybody that came around we enjoyed him for several months and he was actually really into that while. Basically around this time. Experience next. Next we have. To let all Canada give a gift from got from God for our brief she wanted kind of the game and they floated into our place basically George and Charlotte. One year and they came to our neighbor's house and they came around the corner and here's these two little baby goslings by themselves no parents nothing so this is the first time we put them into their little pool and this is like you've heard ducks to water Well let me tell you it doesn't get better than geese to water go ahead watch so first time this is the first time. First. And that's not on high speed that's regular speed. Where they go. But they grew up and you control the next or maybe. OK And this was. That was Charlotte but you know the sad thing is we live in a we live in a world that doesn't work all the time about we had tried to look relocate these geese to some other geese and a big pond few miles away from our house and they wouldn't guess when Except when they accept them we went over a couple times we brought them back and unfortunately this here this was Charlotte got killed by our neighbor's dog. Without another spot where there's a lot more geese here acclimated and so anytime we see Canada geese flying now we always say George we don't know if it's true or do you think we can all look alike if you told. US so. These are baby guineas. Always watch. Out for two years or so they'll tell you there's one in here training the other one to give the farm so here we go. Here we go so you just keep your eye and we'll take a little tour of the farm where you go there you go there there is I have. And they're OK so they show you that side there and then they come on back he's the one on the back as a trainee so you can see where they'll go here though then I went back over here to the next and then back over here and then you can see there's another little section of the farm back over there and you can just see how it works and then they just did it and they'll do that for like ten minutes and then you know they're the geese right there in the water say I'm. OK. So big learning curve you know this was a huge learning curve for me a huge learning curve and I want to show you this picture because the guy in the middle with the big gray beard that's my great great grandfather this is on my mother's side his name was Benjamin white you anybody want to know Benjamin was for an occupation is a farmer the guy on the horse to the left of him his name's Miller white that was their son what do you think he did for a living farmer Miller had two boys what do you think they did for a living yeah somehow they had farming in their blood but guess what that blood that that never got into me I was not only it was intentional it was just kind of how culture was going and so through this whole process I just. Have found that it's been a big change it's been a big change and I'm continuing to learn and it just brought on a lot of questions and I find that you know I know that there are some families out there who have had a farm and it's been in their family for a number of years and. They just kind of like know what to do you know but I wasn't able to help my kids like that because I didn't know what to do so we're trying to help facilitate get to people and then we're trying to learn as well but what I'm what we're trying to do is help them financially and help on the motion. And help and encourage and I think that's a role as parents at least for us it's important if you see your kids are interested in something like that feed it feed it right and don't try to get so much in the way like you know I'm not sure if that's possible I don't know anybody who can make a living doing this I'm not sure you know it encourage your kids to do it I mean there's a lots and lots of benefits that go go along with this and I just brought up a lot of questions and you know it's not like just starting a farm is going to you know all your issues and all your problems are going to go away right I like to say you know what the devil's in the garden to. OK Right but no but here's the thing a lot of people think oh if we just get out and get in the farm start the farm is going to take care of our issues and our problems. I think it can help you in a lot of ways yes I believe that's true and I think it can help you learn things and as much as important that it can help you on learning things if you know what I mean and so for me that's that's kind of how it's been making a difference in my life but there's not been lots of a challenge it's like why why are all these black bugs in our kale and why are these cucumbers look so terrible and why won't the beach grow and what do you mean we just bought two dump truck loads of compost and it's this terrible for soil right I mean as you learn these things and and so we just to you know it's a lot of things to learn OK well I had my own personal struggles as well when I was as I adapted to the idea of being and the farm not just Allonby in the farm but me being a part of the farm I remember talking to Pam and Jennifer and I was just like I don't know if I can do this you know I have I have a different life and that's good for Alan you know it was find it VERY VERY was Alan but you know but the idea of me getting in the dart and getting my fingernails dirty it's just didn't you know what I now yeah I now get on the farm I wear gloves but. I'm there supporting my kids and. And also I get to enjoy. Things that I like I love flowers and I'm learning to do flowers and so you know I found my own niche it's not full of the Velo but I found an area that I can actually do something that I find a lot of pleasure in besides helping the kids but I wanted to I wanted to talk about something that was it was who has struggled for me this last year. It was last year after Agra I bought this book are Ebeneezer. And I tell you just made a huge impact on me at the time I had to the site you know where I move we have bought the land but I told myself and Ricky I am not moving to that land until you have a house built for me because I just have this feeling that I will never have a house if I moved to the land and I just got my heels down and I did not want to give this up and after I read the book I saw how much God had asked Pam. Through And John as they went through and I was like it was like I was topping tapping out my shoulder and saying I'm asking you to to give things up and just trust me just just trust me on this one and just listen to your husband and go for it I'll be with you and it gave me the courage to tell Ricky OK let's move I mean on this one and I know by God's grace something was happened somewhere and so I'll just want to mention I appreciate them writing the book too because any time I feel like she's not listening to me I just go grab the book. And. Thank you. I'm carrying I'm telling that. I I strongly advise the mothers don't leave here without taking a copy with you. It's MY LITTLE him but I mean I have my Bible but the book is highlight it where it hit me the most and I encouraged it to do so. It was the testimony meant for us that this time and so at this point I feel honored to be part of this adventure with my kids and. We're growing spiritually together we didn't do it right from the beginning. But I have faith that they'll do it better than I have that we have in God's creation. If you will work with you where you are right now it doesn't matter what how you've done it so far and I'm not saying you have to homeschool I'm just saying that work for us and it's been a huge was to do what. I want to share my hope first in it and I say I put it to sixteen and I will bring the blind by a way that they know not I would lead them in the past that they have not known I will make darkness light before them and crooked things straight those things will I do unto them not so we're just going to give you a real quick update on where things are at right now and finish up. So just about a year and a half ago we were able to purchase it was really we took this picture last week this was a morning shot it's hard to see it's kind of bright up here but there's a little fog there and just but we've got twenty acres it's its own story and its own self of how that all worked and how it happened and we went through a lot of challenges just trying to make that happen but this is actually what our farm looks like right now we haven't actually grown anything on there yet we hope to this year Lord willing those two white structures over there those were actually greenhouses that were used on another property and we covered them with the silence there so white outside and black underneath and then the little silver one in the middle that's a little shop and pump and then there's a little container you see that little maroon container basically everything that we own is in that container were stored there and then there's a guinea house a little white thing as well there a little going to house our seed house there and then inside the little there is. We have two trailers we put a fifth well and then behind me kind of where I took that picture of him took it back to the left is another trailer where our brain Alan's rooms are in this one we just have a bedroom up top and then kitchen and stuff like that it's cozy and it works and we just felt like the Lord was convicting us move to the land get the farm started and the House will work itself out so that's kind of where we're at you know to tell you the truth. That would have never ever happened I mean to say oh that'll never happen and I remember when we lived in Vivian when we lived in Mexico we were in a very little tiny small apartment very small much bigger than this very small and I said oh man they just think if we could move back to the States I mean think about how much money we could say if we could live in something like this and she goes she tells me this she goes I can live like this in Mexico but never asked me to live like this back in the states OK and she said never I never asked her OK but we started we sat down one night one evening and we all just we had kind of a like a Come to Jesus meeting type thing we said OK what are we going to do with the housing situation we looked at all the different options because if we put all the money into the house we have nothing to farm right so. It would all work it would all work and someone just. This is one of my favorite techs that I know it's probably many of yours as well but the idea is we need to trust in the Lord and submit to His ways submit to His ways. So here's our puzzle there's a lot of pieces missing but I want to just share with you six little tips that work to help us a lot and help us I'm not saying this is a formula for everybody in the room but it helped us OK One obviously is pray for patients and Guy just pray for patients and be patient with your family don't push don't drag Don't you know they want let the Lord do the work read inspiration read inspiration you know think about inspiration just think of the word inspiration it's there to inspire us yes start where you are even if you pull out a bunch of rocks or you're on a postage stamp yard or you've got a plan in buckets just start where you are you know you don't have to wait till I get in the country and everything's like everything to start with where you are and make your mistakes small you're going to make a promise you you'll make a lot and that's not a bad thing it's part of the learning process and tap into resources coming to places like this getting books like that the Ebenezer you know if it would have been in the book I probably wouldn't ever convince a live in to do this they want to happen but you know what the Lord can work through somebody else to help you see right OK. And then get out of debt when you get out of debt it just frees up all kinds of possibilities when you have that whole debt thing hanging on you right you're trapped so let's pray and finish OK thank you so much for your time value has Lord we are grateful for your the way you lead and all of our lives sometimes we don't even see it and tell several years later maybe many years later but you're there you're working you're patient. Just Help us Lord to submit to your point thank you for your blessings each day is our prayer. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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