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Seeing What You Look At

Whitmar McConnell


Whitmar McConnell

Owns and operates Golden Moment Farm in Means, KY



  • January 20, 2018
    9:30 AM


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The title of this presentation is seeing what you look at. Now that seems like a strange thing that was the admonition that Dr Carey reams gave to all of his listeners when he was trying to instruct them and proper soil practices and. The disciples. Came to Jesus in a parable of the Sower innate ask him why. He taught in parables and in essence Jesus said be seeing because they don't see and hear and they don't hear so seeing as a problem here. I forgot to bring my Bible up with me but the Bible also says that where there is no vision. What happens if people perish. And we can see that that's. A serious issue you've been here learning about agriculture and several different facets. One of the the object lesson that I want to share is trying to help us. To see clearly. What's in front of us. Proverbs twenty nine eighteen forgive me for a verse they just shared with you. There's another verse and I'm not that and it's not my intention to really go into detail on these I really want to just bring a point across just for us to think about here and lamentations tonight says the law is no more. And what happens here prophets find no vision from the Lord. No site. I want to ask a question to to work as through this. May seem like a strange question but what is organic growth somebody might think it was what an organic grower does but organic growth is that the the growth that will take place in nature in life without intervention there were understand. So as to the level of life that will take place in nature in life without intervention. Is that organic growth. Yes it is that's again a growth. Is that. No. That's not organic growth. And just see you can see what it is that's what that is. An entire field now I didn't tell you where that was that's actually in the Western Cape of South Africa. Just out away from the the Orange River it's the call of Hari. And. I can't share a lot of illustrations on this pick because of the time limitation so I'm trying to I'm kind of taking a couple of extremes here. Was that what was lacking what was missing from that first light water kind of obvious isn't it. These two places are not very far from each other you know. Water was needed. With that have happened on its own. You know this is in what some people would call the promise land there in. New Zealand. Is that organic growth. It's not if you took the sheep away. Now I didn't this is from a long time ago so I didn't have a picture like that illustrate this with. Those sheep would not be there if this was organic growth why this one is not so obvious. The island is Elan and a lot of Australia is entirely deficient in COBOL. Which means without Cobalt you cannot produce B. twelve. When. People first settled in New Zealand they saw this beautiful grassland I mean most you've have I've seen pictures of New Zealand and in most cases it's pictures these beautiful pastures and sheep and cattle and. Well when they first came they had the same impression while this would be a great place to raise livestock so they brought livestock in and they ate the drop dead because there was no Cobalt therefore there was no B twelve can you see that now picture. Here So this is not this is not organic growth either. Is that organic growth you know. Is that again a growth you know what about that. What about that. Nature is functioning at the highest level that it can without intervention. There's a lot of ideas out there that the natural world has this inherent ability to increase life. And I'm telling you it does not. Without intervention we do not have the inherent capacity to increase life. Without intervention. The question here is what kind of intervention is going to be all of Agriculture's intervention the question is what kind. And this is really important because you know when at the. The conference here you've many of you've been to different classes you've heard different people sharing their experiences and their perspective and everything and I would suspect that maybe you possibly heard something that seemed to be conflict thing. Or my mistaken. I want to get us to the point where we understand what it is that we should be all focused on. You can take any aspect of a growing system and emphasize it and impose growth. What I mean by imposing growth. You'll get your yield. You'll get your increase but you will leave life. In a lot less replace you will have degraded life in the process of doing that and I'm not here to give US soil science class so but just suffice it to say you could you could emphasize selective chemistry you could emphasize or Gammick matter you could emphasize biology you could even emphasize area. By a tillage any of these things can be imposed upon that system to extract life from it but life will be left in a worse condition. What is imparted growth. And part of growth is where something is given to that system the intervention increases the capacity for life now as Christians I'm saying this because how do we decide what it is that it's Or as Bob pointed out on Wednesday night our paradigm our priority. Is it to impose life. Or is it to impart life. To important life. God planted a garden. In a nation of Israel Dinny wasn't Israel a plant a garden of God's planting would I be it would it be fair for me to say that by and large that garden was an insect infested disease riddled we package. Do you think God failed what else the god plant not garden the tree a life he planted the tree of life in that garden and it grew and worked strong in spirit and strength who went talking what did they do to that tree they cut it down how just think of the contrast between the beginning and the garden and what took place in the beginning. And then what happened the second time they cut the tree down that was giving that bringing them light. Our mission. As a people is the increased life. This is the verse that Joyce shared the beginning. John ten ten I just put the last half up there. Our mission Jesus mission is our mission. And that is Jesus said I am come that they might have life. And they might have it more abundantly I know this verse some of you may think that this verse is talking about eternity. Well for sure it is but is talking about right now did you watch that presentation it just happened that you I'm thrilled to see the number of people in this room but it's not near enough. It's not near enough. So the goal here was to have us go out get some exercise. After And between a break before the main presentation. What I want to ask you to do. Is see if you can determine. What the reality is all around you here. What would you call that an ally and I use that one on purpose because if you are most people in those that. If you saw that growing What would you think. Now I realize I'm in a crowd here that would probably say that would make a great salad. But. In the very reason you said that would say that is that is related to what I'm about to say a lot of people will look at that. As a weed as an annoyance is something that's interrupting. What you want. But you know what the dandelion is saying there where that dandelion is testifying to there that dandelion. Is desperately trying to hold on and increase life. Life is degrading in this situation here life is being lost and because Daniela the same reason you would enjoy it in a salad at dandelion is a people going deep. And going after calcium and bringing it back up to try to restore some stability in that in that system I want you to think about that when you go out for your walk and I don't want you to get some fresh air I don't want you to just. Look around and just walk in you not really know something we'll look at what you see around you what is the level of life that you're seeing around you and how are you relating to the things that you see. If we consider that we. Then we might cut the tree of life down. Because we're imposing up I guess I should ask the question how. How could that happen first two things. How is it the tree of life managed to grow in that same garden and solaced all the bugs in the diseases in the weeds when I'm not going to answer that question for you but I suggest you go and you read some of these experiences. And consider because that's part of what we've been teaching here this week it's part of what you need to know to increase life to impart life how could you have two conditions in the same place one terrible and one good. And. What I want you to think about his Here we don't want to end up cutting that tree a life down. We want to increase increase and that's our mission. So I didn't want to take a long time here because I knew we had a very limited amount of time and and we wanted to encourage you to be able to get out and enjoy the warm weather we finally have. So. I'm going to end with that I want to encourage you to go out but as you're walking not only ask the question observe what's around you and what the real condition is and what that condition needs to be. But also consider what the landscape of your heart and mind are like what's the honest condition that you have. And is there some life that needs to be imparted there. That's pretty Father in heaven it is a blessing to be in his place. And enjoy your rest. And I just pray as. We've been here at this conference in those we're enjoying the blessings of of celebrating your life the you would help us to know how to impart life we just asked that you would impart that. To us not only and reveal it to us. But give us the courage and the desire to receive it to embrace it. I pray that you would continue in this place with your presence your spirit. And that this room would be filled ten fold. As a result. Jesus. 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