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Judgment Justified

Peter Chung


Peter Chung

Gospel worker evangelist: Revelation of Hope Ministries.  History and Government teacher: San Gabriel Academy.


  • November 18, 2017
    11:00 AM
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Holy Father. Our Father John heaven. I am pleading with you that your Holy Spirit fill my mind and feel my heart and follow this church is invested much to gain a blessing from your word here today by bringing me here so Father I asked you on their sacrifice may be a blessing not a curse or people I ask that you fill us all with your Holy Spirit their hearts to be touched by your love and then we grow closer to you and through these messages and through our practical decisions we be ready for use and soon return and so follow we ask that you do something special here today use my broken self. For lyrical today through your power this we pray in Jesus' Name one of the most controversial doctrines that our church holds that is unique is that about the investigative judgment there are so many of our progressive brother around that are very very much against the investigated judgment there are some that are afraid of the investigative judgment in fact I remember a few years ago myself and. Our ministry director then just when he was presenting on the sanctuary and between the meetings I was having lunch with a doctor and he was sharing to me how the avenues message is fearful for to it that the Invest good judgment is something that is scary that is something that is fearful. And when I encounter these things about how prophecy is scary how this message is causes great fear it causes me to really think in the value way to start studying again how can the investigated judgment be connected to the Gospel because I believe it's not separate because the investigator judgement is given by Jesus so obviously it has to be good news in fact I believe many people may be isolating certain passages like this from great college page for you to paragraph for. Inspiration write every man's work pass and review before God and is registered for faithfulness or on faithfulness obviously the name in the books of heaven is entered with terrible exactness every wrong word every selfish act every unfulfilled duty and every sickness in EVERY are for dissembling heaven sent warnings and reproof neglected waste and moments unimproved opportunities the infinite exalted for good or for evil with far reaching results all are chronicled by the Recording Angel how many of you think this is pretty scared just by itself. It can be you can. It's like we're in a virtual reality show and all of heaven is watching not only our actions when every thought that we have every motive we have is passed through this judgment. But I'm here to tell you that the judgment is not scary that the judgment is good news but there is a mechanism why there is the judgement is so solemn God is trying to emphasize that through the judgement to realize that we are nothing without God He wants us to lay our pride to the dust now in the judgment. When we're being judged by something what do we need in order to be judged there needs to be a criteria or standard is that correct students are judged by the test that they are from the criteria of the right answer in a court we are judged by the quite serious of that law is that correct so what is the criteria of the judgement on the Bible says and please as the Chapter twelve or thirteen fourteen the Bible says let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter fear God and keep His commandments for this is the whole duty a man for God shall bring every work into judgment with everything with me whether it be good or whether it be evil so the criteria the judgment is what they come out with a guy. That take commands. Now what is the law do the ten commandments What is the function of the Ten Commandments the Bible says and Romans chapter three verse twenty the Bible says Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in this side for by the law is the knowledge of sin so the last function is to reveal to was our defects of character you know for Korean folk we want perfect skin. Milky white perfect smooth skin. And when I judge myself to the standards of Korean beauty I see wrinkles in everything and I see imperfections the Law the Ten Commandments show the defects of our character. That is the purpose of the law and what is in result of sin as the law reveals the knowledge it's in the Bible says James happened one hundred fifteen then when must have conceived the bringing forth sin and sin when it's finished bring it forth death. That's pretty bad news when we're judged by a standard of a law that reveals our imperfections that bring forth death. Now what is the result of the judgment also boughs of the Roman Chapter one Verse eighteen. The Bible says for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against on godliness and on right is the man who all the truth and the righteousness so all the end result of the judgment of this law that reveals the knowledge of sin that bring forth then brings forth wrath of God sounds that pretty bad news already. But wait on it there's a goodness. Before every condemnation there's an opportunity for redemption. For every flaw there was a ark. For any every Sodom and Gomorra there was a message for a lot in this family this. For every destruction of Jerusalem Jesus gave Matthew twenty four for all righteous people. So were for every condemnation for every wrath there is also redemption and although the judgment reveals condemnation there is a three dimension in the judgement knows the Bible says in Romans Chapter five or six The Bible says this that when we were yet with our friends in due time Christ died for the hook. And who were the young godly who receive the wrath of God Why do we receive the wrath of God because we commit sin and why do we commit sin because the knowledge of the law. But Christ died for the I'm God. And what is cries die for them godly do what happens because Christ died for the ungodly knows about us as a Roman chapter five Verse eight the Bible says this for God commanded his love towards us in that while we were yet sinners deserving death. Deserving the wrath of God and God only Christ died for us. Much more then being now justified by his blood declared not guilty. We shall be saved from wrath through Him because He died for be ungodly so it frees us from the condemnation of the judgement when we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of us much more being reconciled we shall be saved by His life so. In other words the judgment reveals that without Jesus we are nothing the judgment reveals our true condition and so when we know our true condition we are in need of savior we need something above and beyond ourselves the reason why many of us fall is because of pride we like to figure these things out among ourselves when we reveal in the long run just as we know that because the law shows us that we are weak rich and poor when we realize this we can now come to Jesus. And receive. That coloration I'm not guilty now what is the significance of Jesus dying force what did Jesus actually do Isaiah fifty three refine the Bible says but he was wounded for whose transgressions are transgressions arse's he was bruised far in the good is the task that is not of our peace was upon him and with His stripes we are healed Jesus took the penalty of condemnation R.B.F. you know like I said yesterday one of the things I hate is to be blamed for something that I did not do. Teachers get that a lot. We get play for students performance. Ever school to not paying attention that the teachers fall is boring. I hate being blamed for something that I did not do well you know what the difference between myself and God is God is willing to take the blame for our sins even though it was not his fault. That the type of God that we serve. And so as Jesus receive the condemnation of guilty on our behalf we must conclude that Jesus himself was investigated and judged. Because if he was to take our condemnation in this investigative judgement so too. We must conclude that he was also in the judgment when was Jesus investigated in judgment of the Bible says in John Chapter eight hundred twenty eight The Bible says this then led they Jesus from kayakers into the Hall of Judgment and it was early and they themselves were not into the judgment lest they should be defiled by being that might be at the Passover So here Jesus was now being investigated and judged committing crimes both against the church at that time for blasphemy. For asserting is the vanity and also condemn or that investigated by the state the government. For insurrection that was the conclusion of this judgment as the Bible says the Matthew Chapter Points and verse twenty four The Bible says when pilots saw that he could prevail not me but that rather Tama was made he took water and washed his hands before the multitude saying I am innocent of the blood of this just person see to it so the judge himself pilot himself declared Jesus not guilty but yet Jesus was condemned who condemned Jesus that I know is a bible says the Matthew points and verse twenty the Bible says but the chief priests and elders persuaded the multitude that they should ask robbers and then destroy Jesus so the church condemned Jesus to die you see the Bible says that judgment begins with the House of God So the investigative judge will begins with us in the church those that prefer. And so the church condemn Jesus to die and who world is condemned those about was in John ninety seven the Jew answered him We have a long and Barrayar to die because he made himself the Son of God So Jesus was accuse of being a law breaker or a commandment breaker deserving Raphe in the judgement. So the church in the state combine to kill Jesus Jesus condemned to die in the judgement Jesus received condemnation from the church and from the government. In the last days in the will receive condemnation from a church and from the government we that are on the last day because church and state will merge the earths are in the last great while this. In this world today and because Jesus went through the persecution of church and state so too as we see all these things going right before our eyes in these last days rest assured because the way in Jesus came the victory we could also make it. There's nothing to fear because Jesus already paved the way he was condemn his judgment and he was the tortoise. Now who also took part in condemning G.'s in this judgement most of the Bible says the Matthew twenty nineteen. The Bible says and shall deliver him to the Gentiles the mop and the scourge of the crucified and the third day he shall rise again so the Gentiles those who were nonbelievers also condemned Jesus in the judgment so you have the church you have a government and you have nonbelievers. Believers nonbelievers and the government all condemn G.'s that die in this judgement but what other current the nation the Jesus will see in the judgement those allows them. The Bible says all we like sheep have gone astray we have turned everyone to his own way and the Lord have laid on Him the iniquity of all. So know this Jesus receive the wrath of the church Jesus receive the wrath of the government Jesus receive the wrath of Satan. And Jesus receive the wrath of God That's pretty extraordinary. Four times quadruple rather. He did this because he loved me more than he loves you and I So what happened when Jesus took responsibility for our sins you know I'm more convinced you know we have an argument right now in the church about ordination about headship. Men should be the head and women should be submissive and everything like that I think this whole debate could be solved by one thing but one verse. Inefficient five twenty five when I have to turn there the Bible says husband loves or wise as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it you see in order for a man to be qualified to be head of the household or heaven church. Men have to declare that no matter what the woman does in the winter what everyone else does it's the man's fault. It's my fault it's not the woman's fault not the why's fault it's not the children or it's my fault you know why because Jesus said it's my fault even though it was not my fault and when we model the spirit of Jesus and Jesus took responsibility for our imperfections and for our sins and said it's my fault even though it's not my fault and then do the same this whole division in the church would be swept away. Just a theory that I have. Because Jesus put the responsibility for says not about his eyes if you can even say the Bible says He was taken from prison and from judgment and who shall declare generation for he was cut off out of the land the living for the trans question of my people he was stricken So Jesus said I will make the sins of humanity past present future my fault remember Adam in the garden if you look at just the chapter three you know we popularly think that Adam blamed easy for causing him to eat the fruit but if you look at the text carefully the Bible says it was you God They gave me the woman that caused me this it. Adam blamed God was a god all know. But God said I will make it my fault I will take responsibility for your actions even though it's not my fault why do you do that. The Bible says surprise also have one suffer for us the just and the unjust that he might bring us to God being put to death in the flesh but quickened by the Spirit. He died for the sinner you and I the just and the unjust and when he was nine his dying prayer as he received the sentence for our sins was his dying prayer and also the Bible says and move twenty three recently for the Bible says then said to you Father forgive them for they do not know what they do and they parted as Raymond and cast lots and so you even when Jesus dying breath he said Father forgive them you know that person powerful. Because can you imagine as Jesus died on the cross you have pagan Romans crucifying him you had the entire church against him saying crucify him crucify him you had the priests and the Farriss so bitterly against them and that person hopeless. But Jesus prayed hope against hope in the miss the hope of the prayer of hope this prayer of faith because faith is the sort of the think hope for the evidence of things not seen and notice how this prayer was answered not the Bible says an actual pursuit through some of the Bible says and the Word of God increase and the number of the disciples multitude in Jerusalem greatly and a great company of. Priests were obedient to the. So the people that condemn Jesus some of the people that condemn this guy you can convert. Jesus. You feel hopeless that they brothers and sisters you feel like you're bearing a cross where everything is dark. No this just like it's you appeared hopeless when Jesus died God answers prayers we must believe the Word of God because the Word of God comes true. Now who else will see the benefits of this judgment also Bible says and accept the thirteen versus forty seven forty eight we are stabs at the Gentiles also condemned use the dot by crucified Jesus on the cross but knows what happened to the Gentiles after Jesus died and was resurrected the balance of the acts thirty forty seven for Saul had the LORD commanded us saying I have set the TO BE ALIVE of the Gentiles that thou shouldst before salvation to the ends of the earth and when the Gentiles heard this they were glad and glorified the word of the Lord and as many as were did to turn alive believe so the same people that killed Jesus physically were the same people who are now being saved you see when the Gentiles so how could five Jesus own willingly took part in the process of killing Jesus they were also without knowing it taking part in the process of their salvation and when the Gospel message will reach them many will be saved what Satan meant for evil God turned it for good and although Jesus the busa Martin unjustly killed for our sins what Satan meant for evil God meant for their salvation thus we have the assurance that Jesus took the wrath and penalty of the judgment in our behalf if we accept pardon from so Jesus was investigated he was judged and he was condemn now in the judgment we have to face a judge. I remember. I had to go to a judge for a. Traffic Ticket five hundred dollar tickets. The police officer thought that I'd pass a school bus or there was another car. So I went to the judge and pleaded my case and told my story and I got community service else we have to determine who the judge is in this judgement who is the judge that is investigate the since eight hundred forty four over the bows as a moment chapter two verse sixteen the Bible says in the day when God soldiers a sequence of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel so the Bible says Who's the judge. Jesus. And because Jesus judge it is their golf ball and what is the Gospel good news so this investigate the judgement must be good news so bear this all in the judgement is one of condemnation judgement is also one the redemption because if we know who the judge is that gives us hope. Because the judge is Jesus and Jesus judging is the good news even though God is judging the secrets of men so because Jesus is the judge what is Jesus doing right now those above was of the Hebrews Chapter seven twenty five The Bible says wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come to God by him See here ever lever to make intercession for them Jesus is sitting in the saved all of us and declare as not guilty and to intercede and advocate on our behalf this judgement doesn't appear so scary anymore you see today in today's political climate judges are being elected of how much tough they are in crime to give them the supreme most terrible sentence of long life in prison. But Jesus designed to declare the guilty not guilty. Does the judge that we have and what is does this judge say to do the Bible says as they are thirty three pursuant to the Lord is our judge for the Lord is our large ever the Lord is our king he will save us so one has investigated justice eight hundred forty four Jesus seeking to save us from condemnation not to declare as guilty. We talk about in focus about the son in law and the seven last class and we're so fearful of that but if Jesus is trying to declare is not guilty we should not be afraid of the wrath of God. Because Jesus is given as a way out of condemnation and so being offered to was drawing his judgment what is the message knows what the Bible says and Luke twenty four forty seven What is the good news what is the gospel of this judgement knows what the Bible says In Luke twenty four verse forty six and forty seven this is from the US the the Bible says and said unto them thus it is written and those that be who have Christ to suffer and to rise from the dead the third day and that rock tendency and forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in his name to all nations beginning from Jerusalem oftentimes we focus on the law in our church we focus on the Sabbath which is necessary. We can't downplay the Law Well one thing that I believe that we as a church have a problem with since one thousand nine hundred eighty when this mess with first presented is that we do not blend the law with mercy when we see that Jesus seeking to forgive us in this judgment the law doesn't seem so scary anymore. The judgment doesn't appear to be so apprehensive anymore. And so the message is that Jesus seeking to forgive us and this message will be declared to all the nations this is part of the three angels messages we like to focus on in the three of those messages were said not the beast in this image for you will receive the wrath of God but the missing component is. That God is seeking to forgive and forget our sins so the question is how are we forgiven notice the Bible says and Isaiah fifty five or six in summary we have to see the war where he will be found then where is God right now years in the same where. Interceding are be our call upon him while he is near Jesus seeking been your to our hearts the Bible says and relish chapter three he's knocking on the doors of our hearts Behold I stand at the door and now so Jesus is near and Jesus in the sanctuary so we can call upon. As we lead Jesus then the Bible says I'm probably twenty thirty that is if it is five or seven confess. And foresee ourselves when we realize that we don't want to do this and then the more. We let go and we ask God to take it away and we confess then that three point probably twenty thirteen I say fifty five or seventy first our top one percent of the night the Bible says that we receive mercy and receive pardon In other words to be Jesus declares us not guilty as though that we have never sinned. That's hard to believe because it's so counterintuitive to our culture so counterintuitive to our society is so counterintuitive to our government and then for. They that Jesus justify forgiven covers the sins of them golly and receive this righteous is not only does he forgives us but he imputes upon that or he gives us the declaration of the perfect life of Jesus upon our lives so the record is no longer Peter Kate center it's Jesus Christ the right. Judgment but there is something that happens when we see forgiveness there is a demonstration that we exhibit there is a fruit when we accept forgiveness from God knows the bible says a moment Chapter six hundred fifteen the Bible says What then shall we send because we are not under the law but under grace God forbid no we not that to whom we fuel their self-service obey his service you are to whom he you wonder of sand on today or of obedience unto righteousness or on the words the fruit of forgiveness is obedience. Remember Abraham. Wasn't Abraham a liar then Abraham had weak faith with the Hagar situation. The Bible says that Abraham was righteous appoint a Roman chapter four and that. It was imputed to men righteousness and that he was righteous. What changed. I believe a corner Romish up before that Abraham confessed to sin he also demonstrated a scene forgiveness how Remember demonstrated with the test remember when God told Abraham to take Isaac to that mountain the Mariah to sacrifice him what is Abram do. Your bit. So that obedience was a demonstration of him receiving And so when we accept Jesus justification when we accept forgiveness of sins that love awaken with love and because we're so grateful that Jesus is the coroner's not guilty we see the commands of God not as a yoke we don't see the commands of God as a waiter on our way to salvation we see the commands of God as God giving us life and life more abundantly. And therefore we love the following and so knows what inspirations says faith and works page one of the paragraph one. While God can be just and yet justify the sinner through the America cries no man could cover his soul with a garment of Christ righteousness while practicing known since or the great unknown to this. Requires the entire surrender of the heart before justification can take place in order for man to retain justification there must be continue obedience through active living faith by the works of love and purifies the saw the Bible says in collation chapter five or six that faith work at by love in the Bible says in John fourteen fifteen if you love me keep my commandments less and when you love something you do some crazy things you can imagine that the forty nine ers are the Super Bowl you know how many people wait in line in the cold burial weather for those tickets Yes That's love for your team you know those Green Bay Packer fans you know in ten below zero as weather and with their shirts off I call that persecution. They really love their team that's human love mind you but when we have Divine Love how much more can God do for us. So what is God seeking to do right now in this judgement the Bible says the second Peter Temple to reverse nine for the Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some in council of the world is long suffering to us who are now only that how much should perish. And should perish how much is any. Everybody the Muslim. The Buddhists The All right Republican. The ultra liberal Democrat the Buddhist the Mormon they all G.B.T. God is going not that any should perish but that how much you come to repentance. Come to reap. What brings forth repent is not a bible says a woman chapter two verse for the Bible says or despise the riches that is goodness and forbearance and long suffering not knowing that the one of God brings us to repentance goodness of God What is the goodness of God. There is a Bible says in Psalms innocence forty five about us and something six point five four of our Lord are are good and ready to forgive and point to us then mercy and all them that call upon be so the goodness of God is God seeking to forgive and to be merciful towards us and that brings us into you know what Jesus has not come yet it's because. Jesus way or the crisis son in law and the seven last plagues if there is one person point that changes mind for Jesus doesn't matter different than us bear with me now you see here in the realm of the parable of the lost sheep remember Jesus went and ran for that one sheep that was lost and that correct that leads me to conclude if there is one person willing to change his mind before the sun and before the sun the last place before the wrath of God God is willing to hold the winds just for that one person. So he has an opportunity to fool the changes mind you see when the sun a lot happens and when the crisis happens and when persecution happens that is when people have now solidified their final decision and nothing will change their mind we know this because when the seven last plagues happen which is the wrath of God and revolution sixteen those that will see the seven last place those are they that will repent not of their says they don't repent because they made their final decision we also see this in Revelation chapter twenty one the City of God has come down after the millennium and you see the unrighteous resurrect in the second resurrection what do they do there on repentance they seek to storm the city you see Jesus will come when everyone has May on this earth a demonstration of a final decision either be sealed by the seal of God or given the mark of the mark of the anyone most a mark of the beast the mark of the beast is not Sunday worship per se. If you read Revelation thirteen carefully. The mark of the beast is those that are forced to worship the beast by the threat of death what makes the market to be the market of bees is the Frampton or the forced worship of the beast it's not Sunday worship it's for Sunday worship. It's more like ISIS ISIS forces against the will to convert to Islam and we think it's terrible and it is terrible it is the same concept and because of that what God it's the most is causing people to be forced against their will so Jesus. In this time in these last days is waiting for us to make a final decision and if there is one person willing to change their mind he will hold the winds of judgment even for that one person. Because our God is a singular God every soul in this universe has a piece in God's heart that no one else can fill and therefore he waits and one is forgiveness connected to and also the Bible says in song one thirty verse three and four the Bible says if our Lord Sugar's and Mark iniquities all who shall stare but there is forgiveness with the that that. Fear So the fear of God is connected to you forgiveness. Why is that significant. Revelation fourteen over six and seven the Bible says and I saw a man an angel fly I am the most I have been having their life in God's will the pre-term of them that dwell in the earth and every nation and candor in tongues and people saying with a loud voice Fear God. And what is connected to forgiveness. And give glory to enforce. Our version is come and what is that judgement why the judgement good news because Jesus our judge. And Jesus he can declare us not guilty and worship Him that made the heavens and earth and the sea and the fount of waters listen brothers or sisters the investigative judge in eight hundred forty four is their last and gospel that we should preach to all the world because Jesus trying to tell the world oh my child I want to see to declare that you are not guilty I'm seeking to for yeah now only to forget but to forget as the records are recent I mean the stage where. Now who is condemned in this judgment of the Bible says in Matthew twenty seven verse twenty four twenty five these are those are condemned in the judgment these are those that receive the condemnation of the wrath of God The Bible says this pilot saw you could prevail nothing but that runner Thomas was made he took water and washed his hands before them all to say I am innocent of the blood of the of this just person see to it then answer all the people that his blood be on us and on our children in other words those that say I want to take responsibility for my own since. I take responsibility for my actions. I'll take what's coming to me those that receive the wrath of God they didn't come to God for a plea agreement. Here to the conditions of probation and therefore they are declared guilty because they willingly accepted the punishment by declaring that we don't need Jesus except the publisher myself and so what is being judged in this judgment great constipate for you too as the books I reckon are opened in the judgment the lives of all who are believed on Jesus comes in review before God all who have truly repented of sin and by faith claim the blood of Christ at their atoning sacrifice have had part and entered against their names in the books of heaven as they have become partakers of the writers the cries and their characters are found to be in harmony with the law got their sins will be blotted out and they themselves will be accounted worthy of eternal life so this investigative judgment right now you know we're being judged by whether we ask God for forgiveness whether we repented you see all the thoughts these in actions all of that it does not matter if we repented because all of bad things that we did are now blotted out because we got repentance. Our record is clear so the judgment is whether or not we confessed. Whether or not we're truly repentant That's the essence of the judgment whether we accept Jesus in our heart is that simple brothers and sisters it's not that complicated. The gospel and I add this message is one of the same so those who refuse to confess and repent their sins will take responsibility for their sins and those condemned in the judgment but what is Jesus seeking to do while I was there forty three or twenty five this is what Jesus seeking to do. I even I am he blotted out by transgression for my own sake and will not remember. We hold grudges. We remember all of that things that happened in our lives but the God knows everything. The Forget the bad things this is the God we serve. This is the God that loves us this is the God that raised up the remnant church to declared a special message in the last. Message of what's called justification by faith and so because of Jesus' love for us what can we do for our judgment those are the Bible says the first on chapter four verse seventeen it's not on the screen I want to read you from the pulpit. The Bible says here in is our love made perfect that we may have all this in the day of judgment because as he is so are we in this world. With possibility to be condemned horses so why are we because we could stand. That day of judgment. There is no fear in love but perfect love casts doubt fear because fear have torment he that Europe is not made perfect in law. For we love him because he. Was the last the purpose of the judgment is the revealed to us how hopeless we are in of ourselves but then lead us to the brother Jesus so we can be justified forgiven of us. If we believe God at His word. Thus the judgment determines whether or not we accepted the justifying blood of Jesus and repented or turned away from our sins because the goodness of God draws us to accept. The judgment is going on. And the question is have you gone to the judge. I asked for mercy and pardon. He's free way to get. We don't have to be so afraid of this and oftentimes the reason why we are afraid of God unfortunately is because how we relate to one another perhaps you had a parent. That portray themselves a very stern and very angry and very all unknown grace and perhaps that has affected your view of God we have to learn that brothers and sisters because God is free to forgive and when he freely forgives us that love awaken that love and therefore we now obey here. How did we get ready for Jesus to come. We truly believe that Jesus forgives arse that's when we're ready for Jesus. We believe and accept that Jesus forgives us at the conference of all right to the Caesar's righteousness and his righteousness not only declares in our perfection but works in us and in the word change of heart that we obey Him. Faith and works page ninety nine paragraph three as a synonym of the law his guilt is made point to him and pressed home to his conscience and his can then his only comfort and hope is found looking at the cross of Calvary as he ventures upon the promises taken gone at his word we take God at His word relief and peace come to his soul he cries more now as promised to save all who are coming to the IN THE NAME OF I say I am a lost helpless hopeless soul Lord save or I perish his fate plays upon one cries and he is justified or declared not guilty before God. This is the message brother's assistance this is the meshes the missing ingredient to declare that the message of the Rangers of our what we have to believe that promise first you believe. That Jesus forgives you. And when we believe and we accept that this church will be revived. Will be a change in this world where people are so conformed to standards beauty standards political standards social standards there's so it held them bonded to all these standards of the world when we show that there is a God that's really to forgive and to forget and to give mercy this church will be filled with new people trying to be free from the abuse of the world. We have a special message brothers sisters but we must accept that our. Our Father and God in heaven. Are we thank you that this judgment justifies. By that we thank you that the judge is Jesus that seeking the Clara's not guilty. And father as I make this appeal I ask you courage the minds and hearts of the people. And brothers is that they heard about an article Is there someone here today say father today Lord help me to believe you forgive my sin or I am weak I'm held in the bondage of guilt. I have things in my past them ashamed of but today I have learned that your seeking the forget and forgive my sins Lord I want to be free from this condemnation I want to be free from this. Abuse of mentality that I am not good enough today Father are ONE accept your love our next step to Grace and I want to accept your pardon here today and healing. If that's your desire I simply ask that you raise your hand that you desire and roses that those that raise your hands I want to do something special here today I want to have a special prayer for you and for those original hands I want I would like to ask you to come forward here to the altar so we could have a special prayer that you desire today could be a new day today we could be free from the bondage of condemnation of guilt of being not good enough or being ashamed of the past today we could be a new beginning today we can have a greater understanding of God's love to have be secure in the judgement hour that although we're defective feeble naked wretched poor blind and naked Jesus seeks to cover us from our imperfections Jesus sixty heal us from our will because by His stripes we are healed Holy Father. Are falling down. Father I stand with these precious brothers and sisters in this appeal or this message is for me as much as for the congregation. As a father today we are we can feeble. We have been by the enemy. This world is difficult to live in but today we have the assurance of freedom that Jesus judges righteously for the pardon for the Mercy and so father of those that have come forward here today I ask the special blessing be upon them you hear in their hearts and hear in their minds may they realize that they are among them in the midst of their defects in the midst of their indiscretions in the midst of all the shame that they have that they could be secure by your love because your love covers a multitude of sins. And so today we receive today the clothing of your righteousness here today we receive forgiveness and pardon pardon they free we offer Thank you Father for sending Jesus to be condemned in our behalf in this judgment. And so Father today I ask that these people that have come forward to be freed from the bondage of guilt to be freed from the hurt and the pain of the past that they have a new beginning today that they take the first step to the assurance that you love them. And you will see. That we thank you for your love and we thank you for your grace and we ask that we experience a greater degree of your love so we could share it to a broken and dying world. This we pray in Jesus' name amen. This media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through research in audio and much more if you would like to know more about. If you would like to listen to your sermon leave this.


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