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Children of the Kingdom

Taariq Patel


Taariq Patel has a incredible testimony. As a young child he spent time living in Saudi Arabia, India, and Great Britain. He was heavily trapped in the bondage of drug and alcohol addiction but found that redemptive power of Jesus Christ that restored both his body and mind, to overcome these addictions. Taariq is currently in college studying theology. 


  • July 28, 2015
    10:30 AM
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Father thank you so much for waking us up this morning I thank you God that your spirit and your angels are there were people is gathered your spirit as. I pray Father that you would please forgive us for our stance cleanse our hearts our minds prepare us to receive word from on high this morning because we ask it in Jesus' name and that. You may be seated. Now if you have your Bibles I hope you do all your phone turn with me to eclipse the assays chapter eight and verse four please yes receptor eight and verse four and I'll be reading from the King James. Always there amen know him and. When you get there let me know by saying amen. What is there. I got one name and it was. A man there it is there it is OK Ecclesiastes is Chapter eight and verse four the Bible reads where the word of a King is there is power and who may say unto Him What do is that hour where the word of the King is there was power and who may say on to him What do is that now I want you to take your Bibles or your forms and go with me to Matthew Chapter eight Matthew Chapter eight and when you get there you can let me know by saying amen or praise the Lord all right I got a couple in medicine some fast. Finders here Matthew Chapter eight now look with me if you will you guys starting adverse number five and when Jesus was entered into Capernaum there came on to him as and surely and besieging him and saying Lord my servant who live at home sick of the palsy grevious Lee tormented and Jesus say it on to him I will come and heal him. This ensuring answered and said Lord I am not worthy that thou shouldst come under my roof but speak the word only and my servant shall be healed for I am a man under authority having soldiers under me I say to this man go when he go with and to another Come and he cometh to my servant do this and he do with it when Jesus heard it he marveled and said to them that followed verily I say unto you I have not found so great faith no not in Israel and I say unto you that many shall come from the east and the West and shall sit down with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven but the children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth and Jesus said unto the century and gold by way and as that hour has believed so be it done unto the The Book of Luke Chapter seven tells us the same exact story however and look it offers different information that Matthew does not contain when you compile the two accounts bring them together the story goes as follows The censuring has a set of servant who he loves sick at the point of death he then goes to the Jewish elders in leaders and says Hey can you put he speak to Jesus on my behalf for my servant and so the Jewish elders go to Jesus and they say this to Jesus Jesus can you please heal this man servant he is worthy of whom you should do this for he is worthy they say because he has built us a synagogue his brother built us a church he loves the truth he built us the church please. Help this man so Jesus as usual when someone calls to him with a needy cry he gets up and me to leave he's on his way to go help us and sure enough I will go and heal his servant. And as Jesus on the way this insurance servants report back to the Century and tell them hey Jesus is coming to your house this century and immediately tells the servants go and stop Jesus tell him that he is I'm not worthy that he should enter into my room so the servants rush they go and they tell Jesus my master says that he is not worthy that you should enter under his roof. Jesus here in this message apparently ignored it and just kept walking you see all the mob in the crowd was surrounding Jesus so they were slowing him up and he was reaching in teaching and talking to people along the way but he still kept going to this insurance house service came back said hey listen he's come back he's still coming century and says OK I'm going to put my boots on going to get my robe on and I've got to go out and finish the message and talk to jesus myself he then goes to Jesus and he says Lord neither thought I myself worry but just speak the word only and my servant will be here for I have a man under authority to you know I tell this man to go he goes or tell you come he comes I say to another hey you go and do this and he goes and he doesn't the Bible says that when Jesus heard that he marveled the word marveled means he was in the Spanish Mint amazement the Bible of Colossus chapter one Hebrews Chapter one John chapter one all testify and tell us that she is created the heavens and the earth he created the world can you think of the amazing things that are in the galaxies that are telescope that Hubble telescope cannot see that we cannot understand Jesus is the master astronomer the master mathematician master scientist how many amazing and wonderful things has he seen but yet God was amazed at the faith of the men. The only other time that word is used with Jesus marveled is that this situation he was astonished and amazed at a man at another time when he was amazed at their unbelief they didn't believe he was so amazed and so astonished that the Bible says that Jesus taught what he was doing turnarounds everybody also said I haven't found so great favor no now like this not in all Israel he turned around to the disciples and all the Jews and said that many will come from the east and the West will sit down with Abraham Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven but that Shilton of the kingdom shall be cast out there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth what got me about this situation was that this and sure enough I didn't go to Sabbath school he didn't grow up in church he didn't know the church songs that we song and we sing it in know about the three angels message didn't know about the health message you know the serve the Lord says he was a Gentile he wasn't even allowed to go to church because he was a defiled the place he grew up as a pagan out there in the world he was in the street somewhere he was a probably a totally different religion but yet he had great faith so great that Jesus says I haven't found faith like this in Israel and how could it be that Jesus was talking about faith in Israel since the inception of Israel since when he wrestled with Jake up and changed his name to Israel and then after he was in the pillar of cloud by day the pillar of fire by night and followed his children of Israel through the wilderness and what about the times of the kings and the prophets Jesus was always watching this people could be that he was saying since the inception of Israel I have not found so great like this no tag that can be what about Moses What about a lighter they had great faith. But Elijah Moses and the prophets of old grew up learning the truth they grew up going to church they grew up knowing the stories this man came from the east the west from the outside and yet his faith was great and I asked myself I said Lord how was it or how is it that this and Sherry had such a great day you know there's something about the truth you guys I don't know if you remember the story in The Book of Acts there was this Ethiopian eunuch God sent Philip to talk to him he was reading the book of Isaiah Chapter fifty three he didn't understand Philip came and explained that that was talking about Jesus do you know what the Ethiopian eunuch did right after that he said hey There go some water right there will stop me from getting baptized. The brother heard one piece of truth it was like Man I'm ready to get baptized right now do you remember the century and the cross after Jesus died and he said Surely this was some. Nobody told him no exude no is allowed said that but the more revealed that to him How come a century and a Gentile Ethiopian unic these people who don't go to church ready to get bad ties ready to see the truth do you know that there are millions of people in this world if you just shared with them Daniel Chapter two Do you remember the image of the gold head the silver the brass and iron and you break it down for the history of the kingdoms of the world do you know if you share that with people in the world and your neighbors they're going to like you. Of course I knew that what you mean Braun third generation that Pensacola. I've been going to have a school for years brought my parents and guess what family I grew up as a Muslim but I was raised in the church I want to share my testament with you I was raised in the church from about age ten on. I went to savage school I was in Pathfinders I was in the choir anybody join the choir a couple of singers and I was in the choir not only missing but I was in the choir I was in church my mom ascended venis my grandmother was a Seventh Day Adventist so that makes me a third generation Adventists guess what I went to church now hundreds of times and the first thing I can my mind is MAN WHAT TIME IS Sabbath over man because I'm going to go play this ball and not to go hang out with my friends or watch T.V. when I'm in church you know what I used to do we didn't have cell phones back in my day but I used to draw pictures I was always draw pictures of send notes to my brother and just laugh and giggle when I went to church so many times but it never hit me I never knew I didn't care about Christ and then after my teenage years I went out into the world I got addicted to heavy drugs alcohol I partied day and night darkness destroyed my body destroyed the lives of others I finally picked up this Bible cracked it open and it cracked my heart I started to weep in quiet because I realized all the destruction I did to myself seeking for happiness I ended up destroying myself and I realized that God's word was true all along and I realized that I did not have to go through all that and God was wanted to protect me from day one from the truth I learned and sad the school and church all became real to me then and then I thought to myself Lord does it take us for us to be in darkness to appreciate the light does it take for us to be like a Gentile from somewhere else who didn't grow up in a church for us to appreciate the truth my brother went to this cave super dark and had still lack tights and still I don't like He said Man Terek I put my head in front of my face it was so pitch black I couldn't see it and after a while of being in that dark cave What do you think happened to my brother when he finally got out. In the sunlight his eyes were like this he couldn't even see all so bright because he was in the darkness. You know when I came out of drugs and alcohol and all that stuff I hadn't been in the church for over ten years and I cracked open the Bible and I started to read the truth of the Word of God man when I went to church all the pastor had to say is and Jesus said I'm like this I got tears come into my eyes. Jesus said Do you know who is talking with you and he says Lord I don't know he says who is the Son of God It is He that is talking with you and he that you're looking at right now Lord I believe and I'm like why. Did you just sit with the pastor said I got tears come out of my hour I said Jesus is the Son of God I'm so excited and shirt and I turn around to my right and I see Brother So and so with are on the sleeve I turn around to my left and I see sister so also she's like looking mad and like well maybe she's having a bad day I turn around behind me I'm like nobody's listening to the pastor I turn around everybody's on their cell phone people are laughing and sleeping and I said wow I said Lord what happens when you're in the light for such a long time your eyes get it just I said Could it be that we've been in the light for such a long time that our eyes get adjusted and there are people all around the world why is it that the church is booming in Africa and Asia and other parts of the world seventeen million Adventists outside the United States but the United States I said could be that we're sitting on a goldmine and we don't even know I asked God about the story I said What is it how is it I need answers Lord how did this guy have faith because I want to have it and I started to. Let him because he was a century and I did some research on the century you know in order to be a century and you had to be a leader in there in the Roman army for at least five years you had to prove your worth by merit you had to be valiant in battle had to be a man that can police yourself police others discipline know how to handle yourself and then after five years of good service you receive a recommendation. And if you are worthy you get nominated to be a century now a century and leads the soldiers in the front rank of the formation so far in the century and I'm in the front I got a different helmet different armor I look different my soldiers are next to me if you guys are the enemy and your face in US My army who would you come and kill first Me I'm standing out like a sore thumb I look different the mortality rate for some surety was high and I said lord is this the answer could it be because a century and he didn't talk the talk but he walked the walk he was a man of action he led from the front and Jesus was a man of action he led from the front but then I said you know what I'm pretty sure the Pharisees there were some of them who were workers and leaders too I said what could be the answer Lord why is it that he had so much pain it's interesting to know that the servant of God says this about this injury he was in the House did not. But he was able to discern from afar the glory of the Son of God hold on a second hold on a second he was in the House did not see Jesus physically did not hear or give a parable but he knew he was the Son of God He knew he was the Savior and friend of mankind while the Jews were walking right next to Jesus the disciples were right next to Jesus and they were saying hey can you show us a sign this guy's in the house and I know who use not only that the Jew said he is worthy of whom you should come and heal his servant you know this insurance at the Jesus Master I am and I said this is confusing me even more how was he in the house knowing that you're the See this is the Son of God He's not next to him it see Jesus this is confusing me even more the servant of God says that when he's in the house all you heard was the teachings of Jesus to someone else and everything that was spiritual in him responded to Jesus' words oh that's Jesus He's the son of God I know that he's and he's in the house how did he have that vision how did he have this thing if you have you by this time with me this second Thessalonians second testimony and. We're going to get some answers. Second guess a loneliness and we're going to look at verse ten we're going to take a trip through the Bible and get our answers second person only in chapter two in verse ten the Bible reads and with all the civil ness of an right to snare us invent that perish because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved and for this cause God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie the Bible here is saying that because they received not a love of the truth they were sent a delusion a love of the truth gives you vision but having not the love of the truth you will be deluded Now listen to this John Chapter eighteen go with me to John Chapter eighteen we're going to be looking at the Bible here John Chapter eighteen John Chapter eighteen and look at verse thirty seven love of the truth you received this isn't John Chapter eighteen verse thirty seven pilot therefore said unto him are valid king then Jesus answered Our say is that I am a king to this and was I born and for this cause came I into the world that I should bear witness unto the truth everyone that is all of the truth here is my voice if you are of the truth you will hear Christ voice if you have a love of the truth you will see and not be deluded Now let's go to John Chapter eight John Chapter eight flip back a few pages John Chapter eight and this look at verse thirty one. John eight verse thirty one Then said Jesus on to those Jews which believed on Him If you continue in my word then are you my disciples indeed and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free if you continue in my word if you keep my word then you will be my disciples indeed and you will know the truth and the truth will make you free keep his word become a disciple you will know the truth keep his word you will have knowledge you will know something keep his word you will know truth are we seeing that you keep God's Word you will know something look at John Chapter seven in verse seventeen we're going to wrap this up John Chapter seven verse seventeen The Bible says this If any man will do His Will whose will is that that's God's will he shall know of the doctrine whether it be of God or whether I speak of my self so if there's someone teaching a certain doctrine Jesus says if you would do God's Will you're going to know if that doctrine is just from Terek or it's from God and only if you do God's Will you're going to have that knowledge of the teaching if you do God's Word you will know the truth if you have a love for the truth you will not be deluded so this is what I'm saying family this and sharing and didn't go to satisfy He didn't go to church like everybody else he did all the messes that we know but the little bit of shrew that he did know he obeyed and executed the will of God in his life James says Blessed is the man that not only hears the word of God but is a doer of the Word of God because the doer of the word will be blessed in his the the do work experience is the blessing the do work experience is the knowledge the doer experiences the perception and discernment sums nine hundred says the commandment of the Lord is pure and lightening the. So we can know Genesis to Revelation you can know the spirit of prophecy from front to back but if you do not do the will of God you will be right but that's all fine and dandy tear what about the children of the kingdom he was still a Gentile he still came in from the outside but what about us what can we do to keep that vision to have that faith so we want to get adjusted to the light so we can appreciate what we have what can we do as the children of the kingdom because Jesus says many are going to come from the outside and sit with Abraham Isaac and Jacob but the people of his own church are going to be cast out into outer darkness those are old men he decided older men he decided to take a walk out in the woods it was snowing and as he was walking early morning for a stroll all of a sudden he didn't check the weather the snow started to drop heavier and heavier and next thing you know he was caught in this blizzard and he started to get a little fearful but he said you know what I can make it home you know his pride was kicking in and he kept walking in the woods deeper and deeper and before you know it his visibility was very low and he was lost and he was stranded in the woods in the blizzard hours went by he couldn't feel as. His fingers and tolls were known and his bones were aching and as he's trudging through the snow his heart is sinking because he started to lose hope I don't know if I can make more hours go by next thing you know he's starting to give up now I can be apologizing to his loved ones that is mine asking for God for guidance but it's not working finally he sees a tree and he says I'm just going to camp out under that tree and I'm going to die and so he walks to that Sheree but as he's making it to that Sheree. And in the corner of his eye you see something like he turns around a C.E. sees a hen twitching in the snow and he can't believe his eyes is that human. He digs the snow around from Hanna Manison there's a guy in there and he's still alive and he pulls the guy out just as a mob pixels arm up puts it around his neck and the two of them start walking through this. Matter of fact early the next morning as he sat by the fireplace he thought about the days and then he said you know what I was ready to die I was about to give up on life if it hadn't been for that hand twitching in the flown you see when I found that other guy about to die and all of a sudden I got zeal I got fire got energy and I picked him up we made it together because of him because I saved his life and ended up saving my. That's why I'm here children of the kingdom there are millions of hands twitching in this known around here and you will find that when you seek to save them you will save yourself do you know where Jesus and Isaiah forty three he says they you are my witnesses yes they're from the east and they're from the West but you are my special witnesses I have drawn you close to my bosom you guys are my ambassadors representing the kingdom of heaven not the Gentiles it is your mission to spread my love and March truth to that you know what it says and I set up the forty three he says you are my witnesses say if the Lord that I am he why did he say that not just so you can save people this is what it says in verse ten you are my witness to save the Lord that I am He that you may know you may understand and you may believe that I am me. God says you are my witnesses so you can know so you can understand so you can believe who I am Proverbs Chapter eleven says this you guy. He that water. Shall himself also be. With you find yourself dry. If you're in church and things are getting boring and dry you can wait till seven so ask yourself are you helping in ministering to others because that fire will return to your heart this is the. Week. We can understand. And weak. I am not found. Not in the rest of the department meeting only here I have not found so great say that I have found in this room in all the world. Let Jesus. Say. Amen. Thank you God for the word. I thank you Lord for the exam. I thank you Lord that she will call the children of the kingdom for. The most important and highest mission and profession that any human being can ever. Help us Lord to appreciate and to understand the gravity of this mission that you have given. Give us the seal Lord and a hunger for those around us and for other souls let us be do is of the word and let our light shine to those. Gathered. To your wonder Thank you. For your Spirit of truth in. 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