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Wondering After the Beast

Taariq Patel


Taariq Patel has a incredible testimony. As a young child he spent time living in Saudi Arabia, India, and Great Britain. He was heavily trapped in the bondage of drug and alcohol addiction but found that redemptive power of Jesus Christ that restored both his body and mind, to overcome these addictions. Taariq is currently in college studying theology. 


  • July 28, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Heavenly Father. Thank you Lord. That your spirit is mine. I thank you Lord that your truth and your word stands for. And Lord we are in need of you tonight and so father and I am asking in Jesus' name that your spirit would be in this place mightily long and that your truth by your spirit will speak to our hearts. Not because we're worth it but because we need it Lord because we were wretched and we need your grace we need your mercy and we need your true flown please annoying to us this night our Father I thank you for being our. Who listens to the most feeble this prayer and we thank you in Jesus' name. Amen. If you have your Bibles or phone please turn with me to the Book of Revelation Chapter thirteen revelation the thirteenth chapter. And when you all have it please let me know by saying amen or praise the Lord or how little you know whatever when you get there let me know all right I got a few a man's won praise the Lord all right praise the Lord in the Revelation Chapter thirteen now I gotta get there let's look at verse one and I'm reading from the King James and I stood upon the sign of the sea and saw a beast rise up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns. And upon his horns ten crown. And upon his head the name of blasphemy. And The Beast which I saw was like unto a leopard and his feet were as the feet of a bear his mouth as the mouth of a lion and the dragon gave him his power and his seat and great authority and I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed and all the world wondered after the beast does anyone in this room know who this beast is talk to me brother the Roman Catholic Church this beast if you notice is a composite beast mouth of a lion feet like a bear body like a leopard has seven heads and ten horns now if you are familiar with the Book of Daniel Chapter seven you would see that this amalgamation of beast composite creature was separated in Daniel Chapter seven and Daniel Chapter seven you have a lion a bear a leopard and a terrible beast with ten horns now get this in Daniel Chapter seven the lion has one head the bear has one head the leopard has four hands. And a terrible B says one but with ten horns add all those heads up and Daniel Chapter seven seven heads and ten horns Revelation Chapter thirteen you got seven heads and ten horns are we following lion leopard bear this beast represents the papacy the Roman Catholic Church OK now I want you want to keep in mind that I was raised a Muslim my father is a Muslim. Now I believe that there are going to be many Muslims in the kingdom of heaven I'm praying for the other half of my family that are all in Islam and I know God has His people in every religion and everything so this is this is not about Catholics but this is about the system of belief and their doctrines and their teachings are not in line with scripture just like Islam is not in line with Scripture but the Bible says something interesting I want you guys to focus on this the Bible says In the end the verse three that after his deadly wound was healed he received the deadly wound in seventeen ninety eight according to the prophetic period after twelve hundred sixty years of domination the end of that domination was prophesied and seven hundred ninety eight Napoleon's general gave the papacy that deadly wound tonight I'll be sharing some things with you if this is new to you I'm going to say good if it's hard to follow I'm going to say good because it is my prayer that this website or appetite to study to show yourself to prove a man a man OK this is where I'm going with this after his deadly wound is healed right now it is in the process of being healed the Roman Catholic Church the papacy is in the process of the wound being healed but the Bible says that all the world wonder after the beast all the world was amazed and astonished and followed after the papacy How is this going to happen is this happening now is the process going on right now is prophecy being fulfilled right now if we look at Revelation Chapter thirteen and verse eleven go there with me the Bible says and I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth and he had two horns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon. Can anyone tell me who this beast represents anybody my sister the entry price anyone else said again this beast represents the United States of America the lamb like beef with two horns and speaks like a dragon now in the Bible who's the Lamb who's always been the lamb geezer's Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world now who's the dragon Satan Revelation twelve is Satan so this beast has Christian values Christian principles but inside it has the heart of a dragon because it speaks like a dragon Jesus said out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks so now this dragon has the heart of this country this this beast power you see abuse power always represents a kingdom from Daniel and even here in prophecy in the Book of Revelation so now you have the papacy and you have this second beast the United States but follow closely what the United States is going to do in verse twelve and he exercises all the power of the first beast talking about the papacy before him and calls it the earth and then would sit well there into worship the first beast whose Deadly Wound was healed the Bible is clearly saying this that the United States of America will cause will force everyone in this country and in the entire world to worship and follow after the papacy this is an amazing prophecy this prophecy point to Sunday law legislation being enforced throughout all of the world now how many of you have heard about the Sunday law crisis that's to come raise your hand anybody couple hands. Seventh Day Adventists eschatology we have always taught since the inception of our church that the mark of the beast crisis is going to come United States is going to go against this constitution and enforce Sunday observance and it's going to follow after the papacy just like back in the days of old and I'm going back to the question because tonight's message isn't titled The voice of the dragon Part one Part two is tomorrow and I'm here to ask you is the dragon speaking now now when this verse says that the lamb like Beast speaks like a dragon the United States the dragon represents Satan and I want you to follow me the dragon also represents Kings rulers and government. You see in Revelation Chapter twelve The Bible says that the dragon persecuted the woman who's the woman can anybody tell me who the woman is it's the church and so of Satan persecuted the church now did Satan come as an angel and started killing people in the church how did he persecute the church he used the Roman empire he uses Kings rulers and governments as his puppet so when the dragon persecuted the woman the dragon also represents Kings rulers and governments now I'm going to say something because I'm going to refer to the servant of the Lord quite frequently I believe that Ellen G. White is a prophet of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and I call her the servant of the Lord so if I say the servant of the Lord that's one talking about and the servant of the Lord confirms this and she says that the dragon has those dual symbology if you will and I want you to get this because it is the dragon speaking now now obviously Sunday law legislation is not going on right now but is Satan speaking especially through this country right now if so how. And more importantly how in the world is satan going to get everybody in the whole world to follow after the papacy and receive the mark of the beast you see at the end of times it's going to be two different mindsets in direct opposition like we talked about yesterday and I want to understand something and I mean you saw the story back in the one nine hundred twenty S. there was a cigarette company right back in one thousand twenties women female smokers wasn't a thing if you were a woman you couldn't smoke in public it's not the ladylike thing to do the tobacco company had an issue they said hey we need more female smokers so they talked to the psychologist man named Eddie Bernice I believe he's like the nephew of Sigmund Freud or something and they talked to him and I said we've got a situation how can we get more female smokers you know what he did the women's rights movement he had their marching down the street in New York or something and the newspapers were taking pictures and all these women had cigarettes in their hands he called it torches of freedom famous actresses actors singers women were pictures were taken of them with cigarettes in their hands so women's rights power kind of rebellion and cigarettes were all associated together when everybody started seeing these images and reading this guess what happened to cigarette cells with women through the roof here's a situation hey we have no female smokers How do I get them how do I engineer their consent How do I manufacture their consent so not only will they be OK I'll do it but they're going to want to smoke and Eddie Bernice came up with this propaganda tactic and now a bunch of female smokers Satan is like this I have a mark of the beast that I want to stamp on handsome heads this is my situation how my going to manufacture consent engineer consent so that everybody in this room will not only to say OK I'll take it but hey give me the market these to see if you speak and we're going to look at how these. Now for the sake of time this is a familiar story I'm assuming we're going to go to Genesis Chapter three but I will be quoting the story aloud in your hearing now what I'm about to share with you is taken from the Book of Genesis Chapter three as well as patriarchs and prophets the first three chapters what I'm about to share with you Eve was in the garden with her husband she was wandering away from her husband Adam God put restrictions on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil so actually is one of the way from Adam she's thinking in our mind as she's having one of these moments where she's thinking aloud and unknown to her she's actually speaking aloud what she thinks is in her mind have you ever had one those moments maybe you're in the shower washing dishes and you're actually thinking but it's audible and you haven't you're not really conscious of it while she's having one of these moments and as Eva's specifically thinking about the prohibition on the tree then she hears a voice that says yeah I have God said yes and I eat Of every tree that's in the garden on the second can you imagine think in a particular thought hey I'm going to come over here to the band room and I'm going to hear Patel speak and soon as you think that in your mind you hear a voice there are you going to the band room to hear Tara tells you what would you think what would you feel in that moment I don't know about you but I'll be kind of freaked out like whoa who just read my mind before I even saw the serpent there's a feeling I'm I believe a subservience who just read my mind this entity is superior so now she focuses our attention on the serpent on the tree a beautiful creature with a brazen golden wings and he is speaking to ease as he says God has said we can eat of every tree that is in the garden but the tree that is in the middle of the car the tree that you're on the tree that you're eating God says if we eat of it and if we touch it we shall die. She's watching him and touches not only is he not dead but he's reading her mind and he's speaking now keep in mind you guys Adam named all the animals Adam and Eve were the king and the queen of the whole world they knew what a serpent looked like they knew what a serpent could do now all the animals were their subjects Now here's one of the subjects telling queen bee some new stuff she don't know here's one of her subjects reading her mind and has some secret power for knowledge he's eating something she thought if she would eat she would die he's touching something she thought if she would touch she would die but get this God never said that the day you touch it you will die he said that the day you eat the rock you will die Eve was not familiar with the Word of God and so Satan use that to his advantage he said God says that we can't touch it or we're going to die you know what he did next he took the fruit from off the tree and put it in her hand I can imagine maybe in her mind she's ticket or five if that touches me I'm dead but she touched and this in her hand then he says to her son that surely that. God does know that in the day rather than your eyes will be open and you will be as God's knowing both good and evil now everything that he's saying seems to be true she's touching it he's talking he's reading her mind he's eating and the whole time the devil is capturing her in this illusion now she's the queen she always had the ability to talk now if it can make my subject a snake talk what can it do for me what can it do for me and the whole time guess what's happening to God's word and what God said she left behind and she's wondering after this in that moment folks what did the serpent have and what did Eve have right there in that moment with that food man the serpent that that will He didn't have anything you know what he had he had misery he had suffering he had pain broken hearted and now no sympathy for the devil here but none of us will ever truly understand the level and the depth of grief and pain that Lucifer or formerly Lucifer experienced the Bible says any clues Yes these were much wisdom is there was much grief and he that increases the knowledge increases sorrow. He had the best job in the universe attending God's throne God's presence flooding him day and night and he lost the best job in the universe and felt the furthest his misery and pain was indescribable undescribable whatever the word is but right there on that tree he was acting like that who was the best thing he ever had in this life the first actor he had nothing what didn't have in that moment she had a perfect mind perfect body perfect existence perfect husband communion with the angels just walking with Jesus every Sabbath talked about Jesus Johnny had eternal bliss that's it but Satan sold her nothing at the cost of everything and he did it through her senses she's touching something she thought she would never touch she's looking at something that seems he thought she'd never see she's hearing something she thought you'd never hear I'm sure it smelled good with those perfect senses all she had to do is NOT take a bite now imagine God told you today do not come to this bad room Terek Patel will not be here God told you that you start walking down this doorway and you hear voices sounds a psych me and you see somebody looks just like me bomb now you take a seat you're all looking at me right now your can hear me right now and on top of that did you just feel that yes now I'm touching somebody but God just said that I would not be here but what are your senses telling you right now the deception was that real folks the Bible says that fire will come down from heaven they'll be those next to you coming into church on crutches and all of a sudden the preacher is going to preach and say hello yes he's going to jump up and be healed your senses are going to tell you one thing but if it's not in accordance to the Word of God The Bible says there is no light in them but would you be able to stand with such a powerful deception he spoke to his senses but this is the point I want to bring across before we move forward. I'm going to say a lot tonight but it's going to get really simple in the end very simple very simple God said something the devil said something attracted or through a sense of this looks good all and this is this is God's work. And working. Towards that. How has Satan revealed Himself since then has he ever saw enough as is true for on earth he's never did that he never does that he came into the serpent as a medium and then Eve came to Adam and she said oh I feel so great and invigorated she believed she felt good and Adam knew automatically all that the serpent that's who the angels warned us about but I wonder if Adam knew that the tempter the enemy was no longer at the tree he was right in front of him you see when Eve fell she became the first medium of the enemy he was not permitted to use man but one man kind of woman fell he used her and from then he's been using human beings ever since he uses or love ones he uses actors he uses musicians he uses all these means to get to you to accomplish the same goal. What is have you know this sounds good now we're going to go switch gears we're going to the same place can anybody in this room tell me who built the first city in the bible kind of tough but I don't think so first cities in Genesis talk to me Matthew said again you're very close there's before Nimrod very good I'm going there don't anybody you've got it it was came. It was came. Cain built the first city after it was Nimrod built the cities of the cities of are and Babylon the beginning of Babylon the next mention of cities in the Bible is Sodom and Gomorrah Why am I saying this because God placed Adam and Eve in what everyone. The garden What do you think is the significance of us being in a garden versus a city you know what happens when we live in cities I was a San Francisco just not to long ago couple weeks or last week or something I'm in a city tall skyscrapers buildings billboards cars people shopping everything everything that I'm seeing is man made everything that I see I think about it does not point to God Romans chapter one says that invisible things are seen through the visible creation creation testifies of God So the Garden of Eden was Adam and Eve first schoolhouse to learn constantly about the Creator Evan White says that nature second to the Bible nature is our text book it is actually the illustrations to God's written word so when you ever read the bible go out in nature you can have a rich experience but here's the point I'm getting that Nimrod in cities building an artificial society now your minds aren't shrapnell on man made things now you have kingship economic slaves man made systems going on God never designed under there but I'm spring in this point out to say this. That the objective is the same but the plans are getting deeper for the devil you see nowadays we have artificial digital societies now we're trapped on the web now we're trapped in the game world now we're trapped in the television and the object of the still the same we have these emoji is we have these facades on Facebook's an instagram what our hearts are broken on the inside but we have these manmade artificial societies to think of man made things because what you think about you feel about we're going to go somewhere with this and the objective is the same. Here man I Guy who are Netflix of the Playstation on that X. Box I've got cable I've got apps I've got i Pad I've got Facebook I've got instagram I've got too much stuff to do Not enough time and you've got time to sleep and the objective is the same. Now. Term of me to Proverbs Chapter twenty three Proverbs Chapter twenty three and when you get there you guys know what to do man all right Proverbs Chapter twenty three right after songs Proverbs twenty three I want to says focus on verse seven just the first part of this verse Check this out the Bible says for as he thinketh in his heart so is he you know I used to listen to hip hop music a lot my rap music like gangsta music and I'll be played in my car and you know hip hop music boiled down is all about pride it's this pride so the song the guys talk about how tough the years are cool invincible untouchable so I'm in my broke me song all to Mum going to the store to get some milk because a gallon of milk but guess who still an untouchable invincible and super strong on the way to the store yen window rolled down I got two workers in the back and I'm feelin good go to the store turn off the car the ignition take the key out and I shut the door but when I shut the doors like slow motion because I'm untouchable I'm invincible and when I'm walking into the store I'm the coolest guy you would ever see get in the gallon of milk I'm walking down the aisle because I have that same spirit from the farm still in my heart to get that gallon of milk you better not but me because I'm untouchable and I get that down the milk and that spirit continues when the key goes back on for as he think it in his heart so is he what she listen to you think about what you read you think about what she watch you think about check this out if we were all to watch on the big screen right now together in this room right now a movie and they're just. Going to town kissing and all that stuff on the movie each of us are going to think something and each of us are going to feel a certain way. Now do you know that your thoughts and your feelings combined you know what they make the makes up the moral character can everyone say moral character or your faults and your feelings make up your moral character so what you look at what you listen to affects your thoughts and your feelings and essentially shapes your character for as he think if in his heart so is he the Bible has the principle by beholding you become change whatever you behold whatever you contemplate whatever you imagine two thousand and seven I was in Saudi Arabia I'm going to share more of my testimony throughout the week in one thousand nine hundred ninety ninety one I was there strict Muslim country far from westernized I'm going to share more about the place from one thousand nine hundred to two thousand and seven complete change vast difference I went back in two thousand and seven I was not a Christian at this time I had my jersey on my cornrows might say my ring and my first doubt swag walking into the mall in Saudi Arabia as I was walking to the more outside something caught my attention and I was stunned and my step mom was there my dad was there and I was watching a group of Saudi Arabian thugs and I was blown away because I said wow not only were they dress like me that's not what caught me but the way they were laughing and talking and Hi-Fi being given each other that I said if I wasn't in Saudi Arabia I would think that these guys were from any street corner in the United States of America and my step mom came to my ears she said oh yeah Terry we got M.T.V. on here too and they love me kind of dumbfounded when I walked in that mom because I said wow these guys are Arabian speaking Arabian but they had the thug out spirit just like me and I said Wow All they do is watch him music videos and listen in the music for as he think if in his heart so is he by beholding you become change mine never forget this I was in class here P.C. my sociology teacher put these slides on the screen these kids they were found like in the woods they call them feral children. And his kids when they found him like seven eight or twelve or something and they were barking my dogs acting like wolves running on all fours using the bathroom like a wolf and when they finally got these kids they try to domesticate them and they could barely do anything they died young and it was amazing to me because these kids became wolves why because all they saw and heard all the environment they were surrounded by. What am I saying were copycat imitative learning our environment raises. So if I was the devil I will in fact and aspect that environment because I know all the environment will in fact and affect the product everything you see here touch taste smell I'm going up poison it because I know you're going to be raised by wolves is the Dragon Speak then. You can think of him I got great. Turn we improv and still all you have to do is go to verse twenty six and listen to the words of Jesus Jesus says my son and my don't give me sign hearts and let your eyes observe my way take my yoke upon you he sends learn of me how I am meek and lowly and heart Give me your heart all the serving my ways Jesus serve when you behold the glory of the Son of God you will be changed from glory to glory to glory go to Proverbs Chapter eight it gets better it gets better Proverbs Chapter eight Proverbs Chapter eight and verse thirty four Look look at this you guys Blessed is the man that here is me. Watching daily at my gate waiting at the post of my doors for who so find this me find this life and shall up tame favor of the law. God says Blessed are you that hears me that watches me daily waiting at the post of my doors because if you find me my children you find life you know what song forty nine verse twenty says Man that is an honor and understand if not is as the beasts that perish you can have all the honor you could be strong as you want fast as you want pretty as you want intelligent as you want successful as you want you can have the honor but if you do not have the understanding you are as the piece that perish do you know Satan is trying to shape your mind not only is he trying to pour your way like Eve through your senses he's trying to encase you in an environment that will raise you by his walls so as distraction deformity and this is his plan why because he wants to make you into a beast do you know you have to be a beast in your character if you will in order to receive the mark of the beast in order to receive the seal of God you must be beholding the image of Jesus Christ watching him daily hearing him daily letting him raise you because of the world can form you and change your mind Christ is powerful he says I have overcome the world his power is greater than the world now few years ago this country was like no on homosexual marriage matter fact I remember President Bush Jr He said marriage is between a man and a woman and everybody clapped and said A and all the states was right unanimous and just a few short years later not only is everybody OK with their like love when. Why this is a testament of how powerful engineering consent really is you see this when I give my life to the Lord two thousand and eleven I disagree sort of two thousand and twelve and I was looking up all the major shows every single show I don't have as a comedy six com whatever H.B.O. has homosexuality in homosexuality on every single show even if it's a kid's teenage show it's so much homosexuality you would think that fifty percent of the people at least twenty or something were homosexuals but the percentage is a lot lower but as a man think it's in his heart by beholding you become changed and what is Satan's endgame objectives. I've got the market obese over here I need everybody time to get ready for. What is God's agenda the here my people are my sheep hear My voice. The dragon is speaking but is Jesus speaking to you better yet are you listening to Jesus can someone tell me what's the number one published book of all time say it again Paul the Bible I've done research says like seven billion plus copies man you can get the Bible in any language you can even have somebody read the Bible in a different accent to you on your phone it is excessive What amazes me I did some research online and I believe the statistics research at the research it's said that most Christians do not read their Bibles some statistic said like seventy or eighty percent of Christians do not read their Bibles and I thought of it I said wow you know all there were people back in the day before the beast received this deadly wont when the papacy was on top there were people back in a day that only had one page of the Bible and they died for their mother separated from their children there were people burnt to the stake they did have the Bible with maybe they just had the book of John and there are people still today who don't have the Bible and so many people have died and I said This book was printed in blood but nobody is reading it why because the Walking Dead is on because we have Facebook Instagram and all these distractions in the world the word of God is being placed behind where the devil is dangling that through raising us by his. God is calling us into a relationship with him my son my daughter give me your heart on. Give me your attention give me your ears give me your eyes and be raised by the Son of God so you can be the Son and Daughter of God that I had created you to be and I'm wrapping up here folks you know I was raised a Muslim then I started going to church with my mother and then I went off for over ten years in extreme darkness. I was addicted to heavily to drink and I'm going to share my story with you and actually actually be here I should be there there were those I was doing drugs with the now they're there they're not living and I'm here and the only reason I'm here is to do what I'm doing and when I finally picked up the Bible after years of destruction to my body my and everybody around me I cracked open its pages and it broke my heart because I realized I didn't have to go through what I went through Satan was just calling me away raising me to be this person that I was not and when I started to look into the Word of God Jesus was telling me Terek you're my son I have called you in righteousness I have called you by your name and you are royalty and it's time to start acting like and I realized then my mom gave me a Bible when I was eighteen and collected dust on the back of my shelf and never read them but when I finally opened it up. My heart I want to share these two quotes with you and I'm going to skin to say it off the top of my head and White says Satan and then. Numbered. So he can take your occupy your mind from the very work which you ought to be best acquainted she says this everything now depends on him diverting your minds from the truth as it is and Jesus she says that Satan employees every device that he may prevent men from obtaining and knowledge of the scriptures because it's plain utterances reveal his deceptions not told you're going to get real simple this is the whole point of the whole sermon this is Satan's whole attack plan I'm going to make you put your bible down that's my whole plan has he been successful in your life that's it because when you pick up that Bible you see him slithering in the grass when you pick up that Bible you know what time it is when you pick up that Bible you will be changed and your family will be enrich your loved ones will be enriched you would have true success happiness and peace the Bible says that by the word of the Lord with the heavens made and the host of them by the breath of his mouth anybody saw fireworks to life or raise your hand if the source of fireworks couple people were fireworks on July fourth and got nothing on the fourth day of creation fireworks you know what I'm saying when God spoke and the stars were created elements were smashed together that it heated up millions of the greenies and it compact and so much so that it changed into another element and a nuclear explosion went off for the formation of one star but yet there were billions of stars when Jesus spoke Wow I know the Angels of Our that's so Jesus spoken said Let there be light and there was light God would speak who do you think was behind Jesus shoulder I. Seen on that. It was Lucifer. Why do you think satan is trying so hard to make you put your bible down it's because he knows the power of the Word of God He's seen it he has experienced it and he knows that everything the pans on you put in your bible down that's the only way he's going away my family the message is simple this is not a little less not let him where and we're going to get into the message of part two we're going on with this let's not let him win and I'm just going to wrap this up with this final form Lord help me help me Lord help me Lord you know Jesus says this. My word is like a fire and like a hammer that break is the rock in pieces. On all seven says he sent his word and healed them and delivered them from their destructions one nine hundred says that the commandment of the Lord is pure and lightning in the eyes the testimonies of the Lord are sure making wise the simple the statutes of the Lord are right rejoicing the heart who so find of him find of life his word is health all your flesh and talk all your bones the Bible says the Word of God is life it is Spirit it is truth it is a sword it is a shield it is a buckler it is a power it is often it is your defense and David says and by keeping them and by looking into your work as your servant warns there is the surname and there is perception there is wisdom there is knowledge there is power there is victory but it's only in the world. Jesus says Give me your heart. Learn of me for I am me my son my don't behold me how can you behold Jesus. You just look at a picture of him. Or do you go into the word and read by. Close with this last thing. Conscious pilot had one thing right when he said these three words. When Jesus walked on that edge and took in the front of all the people with that purple robe of mockery with the crown of thorns on his head pilot said these three words he said Behold the man and when you behold a man with that spirit and blood dripping down his face with that purple robe of mockery sticking to his open wounds on his back but standing like a king through it all when you behold Him knowing that he had that crown of thorns so you can have a crown of writers knowing that he had that purple robe of mockery so you can have a white robe of righteousness knowing that his body was all broken and torn so that your body could be more to. Turn your heads about in the eyes of the Father we thank you for the word. We thank you Lord that everything the devil can Paul is not enough because Lord Your word is power Paul said that the Kingdom of God is not just in the word it's in power and your word is power and it's so evident because he's doing all this work to keep us from the power Lord we thank you for showing us this tonight that the dragon is speaking but Sue are speaking now. And we had settled. Before I say man I'm going to say how many of you this they will say Lord I'm going to do my best and commit to you to pick up my Bible and read if that is your desire raise your hand and say Lord I am going to do my best to spend more time with you to look at you and to hear you follow your lord you see the hands of your people and they are willing and waiting for you to see all the months of that great day thank you God keep us faithful give us a hunger and thirst for righteousness this name a man. 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