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A Transformed Mind

Taariq Patel


Taariq Patel has a incredible testimony. As a young child he spent time living in Saudi Arabia, India, and Great Britain. He was heavily trapped in the bondage of drug and alcohol addiction but found that redemptive power of Jesus Christ that restored both his body and mind, to overcome these addictions. Taariq is currently in college studying theology. 


  • July 29, 2015
    10:30 AM
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Heavenly Father we thank you Lord for waking us up this morning we thank you Lord that when we get near the cross in the Lord our eyes in our hearts. And we pray that this morning that our eyes in our hearts be open the Lord we pray that your spirit was. Opened our minds or did speak to us the word of truth this morning. These forgive us for our sins and help us Lord what we need. In Jesus and man you may be seated. How many of you can drive or have a license to drive back a lot of. Now let's say it's Sunday morning. And you get a new car or you're riding with your parents Sunday morning and you're on the way to the grocery store now either you or your parents has the list and you're going to get a few items. So as you get to the parking lot you're outside a Safeway or Winco wherever you shop you close the door in the parking lot is crowded field with people you go inside the store it's filled with people everybody's doing their thing there's a guy that walks right in front of you carrying a case of beer there's another woman grabbing her bottle of wine and some people got a whole big ole piece a hand you get in the line after you get your things in the car. The person behind starts making remarks on what she got and then you get into this lightweight conversation with this person right behind then you get to the register and you Swanson again you're in a lightweight conversation with the lady at the register you grab your receipt say goodbye go out to the parking lot oh I need gas so you go to the gas station you see a couple of homeless guys outside would signs you walk into the gas station pay the attendant go outside. Pump the car with gas. Turn the key of the ignition mission complete. Gotcha list completed and you're gone. Now let's revisit that same scene but like this. You wake up in the morning you pray to God and you have your devotion with the Lord and you say something to God like this please send somebody my way today who can I be of service to today who can I minister to today and you get up after that prayer and you say amen and you grab a couple of glow tracks anybody familiar with these glow tracks they're like little booklets if you will with great information about God or maybe a book cos that's the crisis small book written by Ellen White and you put it in your back pocket in your front pocket because now you're looking for an answer to that prayer and you get in the car either you're driving or with your parents you get out of that parking lot you see all these people and the first question that pops in your mind is how many of these people know about. The Lord Which person do you want me to give this culture to. You walk into a store and you see the guy carrying his case of beer the lady with the wine on with your Spiritual Mind your thinking are there evil name jewels hovering around these people the veil is pulled back to you can see the supernatural you're talking with the lady in the line with the light we conversation and the whole time you're thinking God how can I get this glow track out my pocket in turn how can I direct this conversation and get Jesus in this conversation same thing with the lady at the register she's making remarks on your fruits and vegetables can this be a way I could talk about maybe why I choose to eat this way for my mind to be clear for God The whole time you're trying to be a tactician and she. And again how can I kid Jesus into this conversation and when you leave. You go to the gas station you see the homeless guys asking for money and food Hey I just love the grocery store you open your trunk get a whole loaf of bread and on top of a loaf of bread you put a glow track or steps across and given the double care package. Put the key in your car turn on the ignition mission complete. And you go back. Now let's be realistic go home and in the world things like that when you guys go to school and sit in the classroom next to your classmates do you think how many of my classmates know Jesus Christ does my teacher really know Jesus Christ nor Who can I help today can I minister to my brother to my sister who when you send my way things like that you know what the Bible says it says Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind so for the Christian Our life is different what we think about is different how we do things is different but the question I want to ask you today. Is that even a reality that's hard for me I get up I'm hungry don't tell me go get my food I'm a college student near my home work I got you know I got to do this work I'm a father I'm going to take care of my son I mean the reality of that how does that happen. There's a scripture and Proverbs Chapter fifteen and verse twenty four believe proverbs visiting twenty four turnovers means look at the scripture. Proverbs fifty verse twenty four are we there amen amen amen primer fifteen and verse twenty four. The Bible says and I'm reading from the King James says the way of the line is a bug to the wind. That he may depart from hell and there was another pass of the winds the path of life leads up word for the prudent prudent is why then he may turn away from shady old beneath or the gray Bailey this versus saying this there is another pass for the why. There is another road for God's people and each day we must choose to walk on that path which is a brother to the wise not a light show he was in the town of dough for. He was surrounded by the enemy soldiers from serious man his servant woke up in the morning and he said when he looked at the soldiers he said why our master they found us in our year and come in the kitchen and he was afraid Eliza looked at the young man and said Don't worry we are not. For they that be with us are more than they can be with them and a lie should prayed and he said God please open up this young man's eyes so he can see and the Lord opened up his eyes and the young man saw horses and Sherry and so fire surrounding the human are. There are more that be with you more that be with them even though you go to school you may feel like I'm the only one who believes in Jesus I'm the only one who is serious about God and I'm outnumbered I'm the only one in this grocery store or at the doctor's office there are more that be with you Can anybody tell me how many angels were kicked out of heaven would Lucifer's rebellion what percentage or what fraction. One third So that means that there's two thirds of heavenly angels up there there are more. That being with you then more then be with them. Everywhere you go don't forget you got two thirds of angels on your side. But now let's get practical terakhir how in the world am I going to have this mindset How's this going to become a reality for me in my daily one. Termers me to second Corinthians Chapter five. Second Corinthians. Chapter five and we're going to look at what Paul has to say Second Corinthians chapter five and look at me if you will at verse eleven with their I see a lot of hands down looks like you very man mystery Paul speaking since then we know all what it is to fear the Lord we try to persuade others it's all the same since I don't know what it means to fear God I have the fear of the Lord in my life I want to persuade everybody else around me now that's a study in another itself what does it mean to fear the Lord because Paul says I feel the Lord and now I want to persuade others let's move on what we are is plain to God and I hope it is also plain to your conscience. What we are is known to God and I hope it is known also to your conscience OK and we read on right here we are not trying to commend ourselves to you again but are given you an opportunity to take pride in what Paul is simply saying is this we are made manifest forgot each and every one of you sitting here right now God knows which is thinking right now he knows your heart right now you like an open book to God And Paula say and I hope that me pawn I hope I am an open book to you and here's why he says I'm not saying this so that you can say Whole Oh I say I hope you're thinking about me I hope that you're on my mind this has nothing to do with pride Paul says but he says even though he says to take pride in this it seems confusing but we'll see the answer he says that so that you can answer those who take pride in what is seen rather than in what is in the heart. Here's what he's explaining right here all the same I hope that when you think about me. That I am a good example that you can tell others what it is to be a Christian I hope that when you think about me I left that impression on your mind so you can tell others it's not about the outward appearance about them in a person is about the humility it's about the heart it's about adorning the heart basically Paul says when you think about me what kind of impression have I left on your mind. When you guys walk in the school into class you may not know everybody but what kind of an impression are you leaving on people's minds are you the type of person that people come up to and they feel comfortable about talking about dirty things they feel comfortable talking to about drugs alcohol and sex and violence do to feel comfortable talking to you and Carson in front of your face or do they say hey tag I'm not a going to go but approach that brother because I. No he doesn't believe in this. I'm not even going to go next to that brother because he seems like you know he's now with this whole behavior what kind of an impression are you leaving on people's minds and second Caribbean Chapter four verse one Paul says Therefore seeing that we have this ministry as we have received mercy we faint not but we have renounced the hidden things of this honesty not handling the Word of God to see the need but by the manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man's conscience in the side of God Here's what policy I'm not going to handle God's Word to see fully but everywhere I wall I'm of the commend myself to every man's crunch it's in the sight of God That means that when I'm walking on campus people are looking at me What are they thinking about me and their courage I'm not handling the Word of God to see what kind of a question and my make you know. Now Paula saying this. I have the fear of the Lord I want to persuade others I hope I left a good impression on your mind of what it means to be a Christian and we read on. And verse thirteen the Bible says here if we are out of our mind as some say it is for God If we are in our right mind it is. Also as if we are out of our mind if I appear crazy it's for God sake now if I don't hear the sober in my mind if I'm talking intelligently eloquent educated it's for you you notice that course as this nothing is for me it's the the for God or for you in other words he's saying this I am all things for the Gospel sick if I looked. Crazy sound crazy if it's maybe be embarrassing to stand alone for Christ I'm going to be crazy for Christ. If I sound intelligent it's not for my own pride it's because I'm communicating the gospel it's for you and I think of this now this sounds crazy because Which one of us would like to be humiliated or look crazy to our friends which one of us are will be ready to receive in Paris for God's sake it's not an easy thing we're going somewhere with this. Cries to us. This mentality mindset and behavior of a Christian. He has a desire to persuade others he doesn't care how he looks as long as doing the work. He's all about and leave in a good impression on your heart and undermine once again the question remains how in the world do you have this mindset and behavior the beautiful thing about it is that Paul explains it in the very next verse. He says For the love for Christ's love compels us. And the King James says for the love of Christ constraining US and other versions it says Christ love couldn't. That it. And then I think about it that word constrains control's compels in the Greek the word assume that because I looked it up and it said I had to forment to see to arrest and prison. And I said wow how does that work if you're sitting next to that pretty girl and you two are just by yourself heart starts pumping. And one thing is leading to another and before you go to for business Christ love to strike you like a bowl of lightning and control you. When you're on the Internet and you're surfing and you're cooking and you're looking at things that she should not be looking at. Before you go there does Christ love just come down on season in prison how does it work house. Pollock's planes in the very next words. He says Chrysler controls and. Because. We are in that one dies. And therefore. And he died for all that those who live should no longer live to themselves but for him who will die for them and was raised again so from now on we regard no one from a worldly point of view though we once regarded Christ in this way we do so no longer I says that it. Paul says what controls me what dictates my mental state my behavior is because Christ died for me and because he died I should no longer live to myself but I live for the one who die for me I said that's it how come it doesn't work that way for me. That strong upon. Even said of the next verse that you know what I used to regard hard on Christ through a worldly view in verse sixteen basically saying this is the way I look to God I don't even look at God the same no more because of this because he died for me the way I look at human beings I want to persuade them the way I look at clouds is different I want to be all things for the Gospel sake I want to leave an impression on people's mind all because Christ love compels me and that love in particular is because he died on the cross and he rose again now I mean to you we have heard that Jesus died on the cross he died for our sins time and time and time again. And when we hear it saw many times it loses its value. You know why because it gets in one ear and out the other. You know what I've broken bones before. I burned myself with fire boiling water and it hurt. But I've never been crucified. I've never hung there would spit in the blood dripping down my face with all the weight of the sins of the whole world on my shoulders naked and shamed in front of all the people with the weight of my body causing gaping holes in my hands and I'm like. You know when Jesus was at the High Priest place and they started spitting in his face that's the most disrespectful thing you can do to somebody who's been there for years Ellen why the servant of God said this then when they spat in his face army did is look at them with a look of the love and forgiveness and wipe the spit on. And they began to punch him in the face and mock him meanwhile as they were punching him in the face guess what was taking place in heaven the lesser rank in angels a start up they were ready to come down and take care of business but the higher ranking angels held them back and did not give them permission to go because the command had not gone for. And as Jesus was getting mocked and spat on and beat He then took up his cross and was stumbling to Calvary Now think of what the angels were thinking about the presence of God burns so hot within their chaps that their skin is glowing their eyes are flame everything that they see they understand the amount of power and intellect they have and to see their creator stumbling God's stumbling but they couldn't do nothing. They couldn't even look at the seen this through their crowns on the ground couldn't. And as Jesus was stumbling to Calvary you know. When they drove the nails in his hands that's when he said Father forgive them for they know not what they eat. And they raise them up to the heavens and shrug to the nearest me experience the worst pain. For everyone to see and make fun of and you know that this is the part that gets me the most about the crucifixion. That when they were driving the males in his hands would one thought he could have turned that male into shrapnel like a grenade and just killed everybody with one thought twelve thousand legions of angels when it came down and one angel angels that shot the lion's mouth that killed all the people in Egypt one angel would have took care of them in a single second. But instead of calling on support he prayed for his murderers and he hung their first six. You know I don't know if any of you been to funerals before. And seen the lifeless body of your loved one death has a way of affecting us profoundly. Like nothing else can on this. It has a profound pain and a cold reality but yet Jesus volunteered to go to the place where we feared gold mines. And he did that for us and he wrote. You know what happens when you take time to contemplate and meditate on what Christ did. By the time you come out of that contemplation you're ready to persuade others by the time you come out of that meditation man you don't care how you look you're going to be all things for the Gospel sake by the time you come out of that meditation you want to leave a good impression on others mind it doesn't matter if your brother or sister did something wrong to you you're going to find out that you're going to be apologizing even though you didn't do anything wrong because Christ forgave you because Christ's love soften your heart we're talking about the living cross this week how can the cross be alive in your life how could Jesus be alive in your life if you're not beholding Jesus in order for you to make a change in your life or anybody else's life God first has to change your heart. I want to read something to you it's a very powerful. And it's taken from the book desire of the. And Ellen White says it is. It is the gospel of the grace of God alone that can up this the soul the contemplation of the love of God manifested in his son will serve the heart and arouse the powers of the soul as nothing else can. Nothing else can what is called say next. Where. Any man is and cries using. Old things are passed away. For behold. I think. You know some time ago I was watching I was trying to find a videotape of my friend's wedding. And I stumbled across some old footage and it was footage of my niece's four year old birthday party and as I was watching the footage I was the one video taping this is like four years ago. And I was I was disgusted because on the videotape I was commenting and this is before I gave my life to God and the things I was saying though the train of thought I even had a street accident as I was commenting on this video and I felt discussed because my wife was watching and I realized that the man I didn't even know who I was I was talking about some crazy things. But I was comforted when I watched that video because I said just four months down the line at the time that video was recorded four months down the line I would meet someone that would change my life forever. You know I'm not where I need to be with God right now but I can tell you this I'm not were you. I don't talk the same I don't think the same I don't do the same things that men did and then you guys know you can come to church week after week hear a sermon go home and you can be the same you can even pray get off your knees and be the same you can open your Bible read it from cover to cover and be the same but you cannot meet Christ and be the same. If any man is in Christ he is a new creature if you say you have met Christ and there has not been any change in your life I'm telling you you have not met. Because when you meet cries it changes your mind it changes your thoughts it dictates your behavior. This and I can live off my past experience my relationship with Christ has to be day I have to visit the cross daily I have to contemplate the love and the scenes of cries last scenes of his life daily because this is the core of the Christian and if we don't be whole Christ's Are we really Christians you know what happens in the next part of Second Corinthians chapter far Paul then transitions to the life of an ambassador anyone know what a little bastard. Is someone who represents their nation in a foreign land he says he is an ambassador for Christ in order to be an ambassador an ambassador must be activated and Ambassador must have a relationship with Christ in order to speak for Christ's now Christ is in you and you have the fear of the Lord and you want to persuade others. But the core of this change and transformation is the Lord Jesus Christ and I'm environ you this morning guys if you have none men. Look into it. I courage you to pick up the Bible Matthew Mark Luke and John. Read the last chapters of any one of those books Isaiah Chapter fifty three songs twenty two all reflect on what Jesus did read those chapters Gore and take a walk in the worse in a nation meditate about it think about it ask God questions about it and I guarantee you when you come back to reality your mindset which change us sets the tone for the entire day and now you're ready to be in the bason for Christ has my making sense of my clear in men and men and. I want to cause of this. You know the Apostle Paul. World. He went from Damascus on the way to kill Christians. And he met Jesus Christ and his life did a complete one me. After he met the Lord Jesus Christ you know at the end of his ministry he was heading to Jerusalem. Before he got to Jerusalem the holy spirit told me three times three separate occasions Paul when you go to Jerusalem bonds and I'll flick sions are waiting for you there that possibly is waiting for you there matter of fact Luke and all the rest of the followers of Christ gathered around Paul and they said Paul don't go to church and they started crying you know Paul said to them Why are you crying making all this ruckus and crying for you're breaking my heart I'm not only ready to go to Jerusalem but I'm ready to die for the Lord Jesus Christ. And Paul knew what was was going to be there and yet you still way how many of you this morning knowing that actually dorm room whatever you're saying that there's like a battalion of cops or people there would but Tang's and sticks and if you go back to your room they're ready to be with end of your life and possibly kill you how many of you would go back to your room knowing that. All knew that and still. You know when you say I'm going so that I can finish my ministry with joy joy. Just. The way of life is above to the wise speech transformed by the renewing of your mind it's a different mentality different mindset for the question you know why Paul went to Jerusalem my family because there was someone else before Paul who also knew that if he wanted to. Jerusalem bonds are the fictions were waiting for him there he also knew that if you want to Jerusalem they're going to whip him split his back open put a crown of thorns on his head bent on him and crucify him he knew all that was going to happen and yet he still went to Jerusalem. You know one. Bible says that Jesus went. In the garden of get seventy when he asked God is this. The angel Gabriel came down and sent in Jesus. And he put his arm around Jesus and he pointed. And up in the sky Jesus looked up you know he saw it there you saw the joy. He saw your face the mind. Shining and smiling happy in heaven for all eternity and he said in his mind the joy that is sent before me I'm going to take this pain and suffering I'm going to get crucified because I'm not willing to go back to heaven without much of. And so Guard. Paid the price. And the cross. By Jesus the first. You can do and. Then. I say. That. And then we. Just like. Life. Help us to contemplate the scene. Of the crucifixion the resurrection the last scenes of your life help us to meditate on this day. And then I. Become a new creature. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W W W audio verse or.


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