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Love and Hate

Adam Patel


  • July 31, 2015
    10:30 AM
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How many of you have your Bibles with you. If you have your Bibles put it up you know what there you go if you got a cell phone put it up. If you have a cell phone or a Bible then. Nowadays it's all good so this morning what I want to do is really just have a Bible study with you guys you know I want to encourage you to follow me through the Scriptures and I want the Word of God to speak for itself. So you can hear what God has to say. Sound cool all right awesome with you by your head as we are. Father. Lord I trust you at this moment Lord as I've trusted you in the past Lord you brought me out of drugs in all kindness and in evil things so I know you will be with me right now as I stand before your beautiful people I pray Lord that I wouldn't dishonor your name that I would do if you call me and I pray most importantly that this Spirit of truth would lead everyone here into all truth and that there is nothing too hard for you and you can make plain the Bible because you have the power to do so and most importantly Lord you promised so be with us in order to study in Jesus' name let everyone see a man. Who. Has anybody heard. The story of the fall of Jerusalem if you have Raise your hand the fall of Jerusalem to the Roman Empire it's one of the saddest stories that I've ever read now briefly get explained to him this is like the super fast version but it's really sad if you want to read it or find out about it it's really written well in the book great controversy chapter one first chapter the fall of Jerusalem also a kind of that some research on this historian named Joel Seafish he was alive during that time it was a crazy time I mean it was the saddest story the Jews were inside Jerusalem and outside the city was the Roman army. You see the Jews were rebellious they killed some Romans Romans got mad and they came to send like four legions thousands of soldiers to come put them in their place as all the Jews are trapped in the city and the Romans are attacking this city. What's going on inside the city is really crazy because the Jews are fighting amongst themselves. They somebody from one group burnt the food supply from this other group and so this other group got mad and burnt their food supply now guess what happens nobody has food there in the sea they can't run out because the Roman army is out there so everybody starving to death the Bible says and historians said that they started eating each other they were eating babies mothers or even their own babies people were chewing on their belts killing each other for little grains of rice some people got so desperate they said you know what I'm getting out of here they try to escape the city and guess what Roman soldiers call them do you think they just said OK we're going to go now they were crucified in. The historian say that if you looked outside of Jerusalem on that day there were so many crosses that were outside Jerusalem. It looked like a forest you know they did they actually mowed down a forest and made another forest across. They say it was almost a million thousands and thousands and thousands of crosses deafening outside death on the inside famine it was madness but you know what the saddest part of this story is. When the Roman army broke through the wall the people fought God was still with them do you know what was in Jerusalem that was really special at that time I heard that temple close to him I mean the temple over there it was cold on the outside it was like one of the most beautiful structures in the whole world at that time and they believed fully that God was in that temple and it was like on an elevated playing like a peer right so so they said you know what here they broke into the city let's everybody let's meet at the temple we're all going to gather their little rally at the temple and we're going to make our last stand kind of like the Alamo you guys know the Alamo is. And so they ran to the temple and they believe that you know what if we're at the temple God's right in the temple he's going to show up as we're fighting the Romans and we're going to win this mine victory for God. So they all went to the temple with this hole in their heart the Roman army if you read the story they were just far Barrick even the leader of the Roman army said my soldiers weren't normal soldiers it seem like they were processed they were killing women children they had no mercy the Roman army started closing gather around everybody around the temple it was like a noose around the neck getting tighter and tighter and the people kept fighting but the people can't die. For the first time here's something awful started to happen the line was being filled all the temples. From innocent children all young the grease. But the people still have hope God is with me God is going to come out and do his thing any moment. And then one of the Roman soldiers against orders took a firebrand at Heathrow it inside. You know that part in the temple had would incite that thing called a flame squeak. There's blood all over the place people are screaming and die and it's chaos it's madness and now the temple is burning. Finally. This sad realization hit the people and somebody cried out it go by. Name that means the glory is the parent the glory is the part. They finally realise that God was not in the temple that guard was not there and over a million people died that day and then one else that was left alive was taken. Or. Almost didn't want to share with us so say. But you know the thing that really caught me besides all the horror and the chaos was the fact that they really thought. That. There were. I don't know about you but I don't want to go through that I want to know that God is with me when ever I face trouble How about you. Now let me tell you something and I know my brothers are British or is. That story is just an example of what's going to happen very soon in these last days you see the Roman army surrounded your books now in the Bible the armies of Rome again will surround Jerusalem here's how. In Revelation Chapter thirteen The Bible talks about the papacy the Roman Catholic Church they're going to come together with the United States you know the pope coming in September so there are twenty five they're going to come together and then the pope and the papacy is going to have an army when they passed the Sunday law that you know Larry and guess what Army they're going to hand they're going to have the best army in the world the United States the United States Army is a worldwide army that you know that we have soldiers in every country even in career by their certain career where you are everywhere. And so when this happens and it's right around the corner I'm telling you it's right around the corner the papacy is going to have an army and you know where they're going to do Revelation thirteen says they're going to make a large Sabbath keepers and say you know what you got to keep Sunday or else I don't want that time to come. Only to find out when it's too late that. Is not with me and I know you don't want to say you want to know God is with you before the time of trouble curves Amen there's an example of this now let's study let's go to Matthew seven. Matthew seven and I promise you this is a message of whole you're going to feel soul sure and secured by God's grace by the time this message is done you're going to know you know what I'm going to be sure I'm not going to be deceived like those people thinking God is with me when he's not Matthew seven. Could you guys do me a favor and say Amen when you get there. OK thank you OK Matthew seven Jesus is speaking I don't know if you're looking at it but badly seventy pretty much already right now Jesus is talking about these ten times right and notice what he says in verse twenty two many will say to me in that day. The Lord Lord have we not prophesied in the mining and in the name have cast out devils and in the name done many wonderful works these people are preaching their cancer now and devils they're doing miracles Now notice what God says Jesus says and then I profess unto them I never knew you. To part for me. That were in the quality of men. You need to tell me Lord when I read that scripture I said God do you mean to tell me that I can go to Sabbath school every Sabbath I can go to a Korean can't be wrong every time I go to church I can I can turn off the T.V. when the sun sets. But when I get to the time of trouble that I can be one of these people that say Lord Lord and then you tell me guess what yeah you did all those things but I never. When I first came on hard to the Lord I read the scripture and I said no no this we've got to get this straight right now I don't want to be clueless I don't want to go around preaching these people were doing miracles I don't want to preach I don't want to do go to satisfy I don't want to do all these things if I don't have it SURE SURE confidence that you know me. I need to know what does it take for me to not be clueless you know what these people are clueless what happened at the temple they were clueless that is my biggest concern and I know it's probably yours too you want God to know you amen. So says the first one this is Bible study. First twenty one there is so much hope in Jesus first twenty one not everyone that same front of me law shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but he that what everyone. What does say he that do with the will of My Father which is in heaven Wow there's a contrast here God is saying what you need to do is become a do or of the word that will get you in a safe place to make sure that I know you and you know me and I know my brothers covered is Gold me to James the book of James the book of James. There were music while good that James Chapter one. And we're going to look at verse twenty two James chapter one and verse twenty two. Are we there amen OK cool so the Bible says but be doers of the word and not hearers watched is when you just hear the word and don't become a do or watch what happens and not hear is only deceiving your own selves. If you just come to church. Korean templating sadness and you hear some cool sermons that make you laugh than cry. Or they may bother you a little bit. But you hear the truth. And then you go home and nothing changes whereby you're not walking according to what you heard you know the Bible says here it says you end up deceiving yourself that means you end up becoming deluded thinking that everything's OK but really everything is not. I got a question was asked about I said wait a minute or OK those people who come to church and you know what I was I used to I did the same thing you know when the sun was about the said. Oh. Yes. That. Or when you know sunsets at seven fifteen are you doing a countdown to. Yes since it's over that's how funds go party. Technically guess what you're you're technically doing the word right you're you're turning off the T.V. before Sabbath you're not turning on until seven fifty nine you know so you're technically doing the work is that what God wants you think that's what he means because guess what the other people are magic seven they were preaching they were casting out devils they were doing miracles and God said I never need. Do you know what the difference is what we need to do where we need to get it since second us alone. Second that's a lot. And this. And this is what I'm really happy to have a cell phone to look look at these scriptures because sometimes these little books are hard to find you know what on second does on the end. And we're going to look at verse ten Now let me give you the background of this second Thessalonians first ten is speaking of the last day this and I know you know by now we're living in the last days now talking about what Satan wants to do he wants to deceive you he wants you to think like those Jews there everything's OK everything's all right God is with me but notice verse ten. Second first along in chapter two verse ten. And with all this evil Nance Oh I'm right to snus this is the power of Satan in them that perish those who get this see they perish and here's why because they received not the love of the truth that they might say they didn't love the truth therefore they were perceived watch what happens in verse eleven and for this cause garment shall send them strong delusion Now when it says God shall send them that means he allowed Satan to the loo them in this case because Satan that deceives them God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe in. These people don't love the truth. Then all of a sudden because they don't love the truth a strong delusion comes upon them and they will leave a man do you know the liars. God is with us his going to be with us he's going to fight for us in a time of trouble God is going to protect me he's going to bless me now that Mr. And if you go back to Matthew seven which we're not going to the Bible says many. Many moving this way so now let's study a little more. I told the Lord I said Lord I don't want to be fooled I don't want to waste my time I don't want to be our puppet on the strings like Satan got me like a puppet to hear what I'm thinking everything's OK when it's not Lord I want to know you and God is saying right here only those who love the truth it's not enough this is. Definitely a turn off to you know what God is saying is deeper than that you have to actually love all the truth. Now here's a tough question I asked the Lord you know you know how I learned the Bible when I came on drugs I can barely read the King James you know what I did after the Lord save me of drugs I just started asking him questions and I kept saying You told me that the Holy Spirit is going to lead me into all truth so please give me an answer and you know what. So I asked him I said OK. We got to love the truth and that's our protection from being blind that's our protection from being clueless that's our protection from let him sit in the seat was so my question was Lord I have two questions. Number one what is truth what is truth I want to know what it is so I can love it. And number two Lord I'm going to keep it and I keep it real the Lord is the Lord how can I love something that I don't even like. Let me answer the first question first what is true that I asked about because we got of no way because we got to love it so we could be saved Amen. Alija you back there you could put the circle of birds that is the circle of truth now check this out. Everything that is in that circle is what the Bible says is truth now remember Thessalonians I want you to stay there just stay in this alone it's right that's a lonely and says we gotta love this truth and that's our protection from not be in the sea like the Jews. I mean three volunteers just to read scripture for me and I get any brave souls if not I'll just leave them on thank you John thank you sister OK John seventeen seventeen. And then when you're done go back to the second person on Ian's songs one nineteen one fifty one and I'll go to the last one because I think I kind of forgot world was but when you get it John would you stand really loud and clear John seventeen seventeen Remember we're trying to find out what truth is because we got to love all right go ahead but amen sanctify them through vide truth value word is truth God's Word is Truth right that's truth Thank You got it Sister Song one thousand one fifty one WOW yet you are near our Lord and all that I come and Man's are true. Psalms one nineteen one fifty one that's for Commandments John seventeen seventeen is God's word this is what we got to love so we won't be deluded Now the last one you guys have heard as I know. John fourteen versus And if you know it's a little bit Jesus saying from to him I am the Way the Truth and. Now I put Jesus go ahead a lie to put it up there. And the Spirit because guess what the Holy Spirit is called The Spirit of Truth. You know I would Jesus and the spared because when you ask Jesus to come into your heart and by the way all three of these have to be in your heart. Songs one nineteen I think it's eleven says by word have I hear in my heart that I might not sin against. The commandments Jeremiah thirty one thirty three says God says I want to write my law all in your heart and guess where Jesus wants to reside. In your heart. And I put the spirit of there because Jesus is in heaven right now he's waiting to hear your prayers of confession and he's waiting to send the Holy Spirit his representative into your heart that's why I put it there as I make sense so that says Question number one what is the truth this is the truth now you can't just say ah Jesus is the truth and that's it no because all we can spend all day on this the commandments are the reflection of Jesus' character as you know that it's his character. Jesus said He is the word so you can say I'm going to focus on Jesus and pray to him and I read the Bible but he says I am the word John one verse one. This is. What we Muslims then I ask the Lord this OK Lord. We're in the end times the mark of the beast the Sunday laws come in. I don't want to be deceived or deluded to think that I'm going to be OK when I'm not you just told me that what I need to do is love the truth and then I will be OK and it makes sense because if you love Jesus if you love His commandments if you love his words you're going to be all right that circle you it's like this safe zone. That's the safe zone I ask. How do I love something then I don't even like Canty to religion it was hard for me to wake up in the morning and read the Bible. Anybody read the book of Ezekiel before. Yet I don't want to read the Bible you know what I wanted I want to play Call of Duty. That's what I want to do. You think I want to turn off the T.V. on sunset when the playoffs is on. You can be in church and if a playoff game is on are you listen to the preacher or is your Marlon thinking I want to scream. And back in my day thank God I don't have cell phones when I can sneak in church and check the score you guys got that now hello. How can I love something because guess what if I don't love it truly I'm just those guys that in Matthew seven that prediction do miracles and say Lord Lord and God says I never knew you never really loved it. I said God you got to do some major work on me because I. Love the things and I don't love the truth. Look at this alone. Just look at verse ten you see the word love there and verse ten they receive not the love of the truth that word love in verse ten Do you guys hear. Do you know that word means actually. That word in the Greek is the word of a garbage raiser Have you heard of a God I know you guys heard of a guy. That word this garbage. That means a god is the highest form of love I know you guys know that right garbage means self sacrificing love of God bit means you love so hard you sacrifice all here's an example of a godly John three sixteen For God so of God PAY THE WORLD same word God so loved the world that he did what every one. He gave Now did he give some any given little or did God give all he said fight on for God so loved the world that he. Everything for you and I that's what a guardian is you know marched out of the tribes of women alone are you telling me that I need to love the truth with the God they love that means I got to love this so much I'm willing to give all. Sacrifice. Just like you sacrificed Well I know that's impossible for me it's hard for me to sacrifice the little You're telling me I need to sacrifice all. That's how you love the sacrifice the games sacrifice even maybe your friend sacrifice your music sacrifice all these things that I love. That little the scars of the Lord encourage me he says you know what. You want your home you will never have this type. Of campaign Love is not within us and that's what's given to us from God oh God Baby Love is supernatural nor human possesses a gap a love we don't want to sacrifice we want to take gimme gimme gimme gimme sell sell sell we don't want to give It's not natural for the heart to do that and so glad just wants you to realize that that you are helpless without his love but guess what you need this type of love in order to love His commandments in order to love his world in order to truly love Jesus. So here's an easy part. How do you get this a copy of love so when God gives you this it got a love Guess what it makes you want to do. A Godly Love makes you want to sacrifice. That regard that's what his logos gobbling love make sure you want to sacrifice and they give you soon may take a desire for right yes. There's only sense. So how do you get it this way. All you have to do is. Ask shall be given. Now and then or she will. Go with me to Romans mine. Romans five five I just say there's two steps to get in this love Number one is asking but there is a second thing that you got to do after asking it's so important that you fulfill both of you just ask God for this gap in love I'll be there in Romans five five and home make it not a shame because the love and guess what that word is this is a God the love of self sacrificing love the love of God is shut up broad in our hearts by your pastor is that what it says. By your Mom and Dad Is that what it says you know the love of God the a god by law Michelle abroad in your hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us. First thing we need to realize is that we don't we can generate a true love for His Word we can generate a true love for his commandments or Jesus until we say Lord give me your of God they love into my heart so I do love the things you love that's the first step you know the second step is. You got to be willing and committed to make the sacrifice. That God has given you the power let me give you an example January two thousand and eleven. January first two thousand and eleven it was New Year's Day God just saved me from drugs and stuff in December and I was still smoking my cigarettes January first you know I got up in the morning as a cigarette smoker will do and I white smoke one cigarette. And I was kind of set with the Lord you know because I spent like four years on and on drugs a straight gone and so what I'm going to Lord deliver me and I I felt like I just wasted four years of my life even more than I actually was like ten I got mad with God as I just wanted things to happen or what I do would go to school do what you need job I need this and I'll try to make up for everything that I messed up but I kind of sat with God and I smoked my cigarette and I went to the Lord in prayer smelling like nicotine. And I said lowered I'm upset but let me back up a little bit. When I got off drugs. I kept smoking and you know my mom told me she said Adam what you need to do son. Is pray to the Lord before you light up pray to the Lord while you're smoking. And pray to the Lord after you're smoking for him to give you the power of. The God they love that makes you want to sacrifice. To give that thing up. I said Are you serious. She said Yes you know what I was Father help to taste. Or help. And I would pray that prayer or each time it was like a less than fifty pound weight you know skin heavier and heavier the Lord take this case up here. January first I did smoke a cigarette but I'm telling you it was a sabbath day Sabbath morning I smoked a cigarette I did feel a little guilty but I was more upset all my life and I prayed and I said God you need to help me and get me a job or tell me what to do in all this and that and then I said you know what I'm going to do I'm going to open this word and I'm going to get an answer from because I'm a direction. And you know what I said to the Lord I said I'm going to open my Bible to the Book of Ezekiel because I never read a secure before and I want to hear a new word and I did I was using to Chapter twenty The God we serve he's really real He's really whole and he's and he. He made us. So I'm upset I said Take me is equal twenty. I want to secure twenty. And like a magnet my eyes were drawn to the middle of verse three and I'm going to speed up a little bit for sake of time. Right in the middle of verse three uses the word God whenever I see that I believe God is talking to me and you should feel the same the saint the Lord God are you come to enquire of me. As I live saith the Lord God I will not be inquired of by you. You know how small that means I was complaining to God and God is like wait a minute are you talking to me. As I live I'm not going to be talked to like that by you. I've never got a rebuke from the Lord like that before but you know what he did it got my attention I said wow God seems like he's pretty upset with me. And I begin to read some more and I'm not going to read it all but he told me in verse five says I took you out of Egypt he was saying Adam I took you from the drugs I took you from the world but when you left Egypt notice which is what I told you to do first seven then said I am to them cast away every man The Obama Nation of his eyes and the file not yourselves with the idols of agent i the world and him my contemporaries you know God told me that day he said I saved you from drugs are singing to you from our home I saved you from them and when I saved you I told you to leave all the idols of Egypt and I knew exactly what he was talking about you talk about that pack and Newport cigarettes in my pocket that from the world. And he said I told you the castle way. And in my spirit you know what he was tainted says Adam don't come to me with no requests and to do what I told you this I got I was pumped up now I said OK all right all right I'm very again for his power completely take away this thing from my life give me that self-sacrifice and love to you now. You ask first. Secondly you make it up in your mind and you follow through in things remember I kept asking him before he was already giving me Power building me up to this moment to make the sacrifice because God says you have sacrificed all to love the truth he gave me the truth in His word and you know what I can do this Sabbath day took my cigarettes out crushed them up when I was side I mean you know a cigarette smoker you can just crush them you gotta tear it to pieces because when the cravings come you're going to want to go in the trash can and kind of put it back together you get a little here's something I'm just telling you the truth you have to tear it out of the pieces told a lie or a way and say when God gives you the power he expects you to move because guess what he's not going to force you to cut out whatever you told you do whether it's a music whether it's for certain friends a boyfriend girlfriend whatever whatever it is rated R. always whatever he will give you the power but then he expects to them all in favor. Brothers and Sisters I'm telling you I had to fold the mattress away at the throw the secret stash away I have to stop hanging around people who smoke and have them buy me a pack of gum. Whenever I have the urges I just. Went to church that day. I was kind of jittery you know because you know smoking does go kind of crazy your nerves go crazy I smoked for twelve years. A pack a day. First day back up. After I eat you really want to smoke you know what I did I picked up the word and I started to really secure twenty out of mind I said God you told me to go ahead and throw this away today so by your power that you've given to me I'm thrown it away. And I prayed that prayer for three days. And on the third day a miracle I have. The power of the Lord was upon me and the taste of cigarettes was told me. Never looked at it again never tasted a cigarette again to this day are discussed it by Watch this. I pray for his example a love because guess what I love. I love I really love this world too much. But you know what I've been through that experience he says I'm going to give you my word. To give you the power to get Office ignorance is a gambling love. Filled me with power so much so that I was able to sacrifice that which I love. And that same power that allowed me to sacrifice what I love all inspire me to love which I used. To get it. Do you get it. If there's something in your life. That's you know conflicts with the Word of God His Commandments or the character of Jesus which is his command you know the something which you love it asks. For his faith God they love so that you can make that sacrifice and don't be discouraged it took a little couple of weeks right to finally get to that point and I use the scripture and I can't say it enough you need to get a scripture you have to God will give you the scripture because guess what as he gives you his a Godly love you make that sacrifice in this same existence you have now a desire for his word is just what. This thing really. Was really able to overcome. Because I. And I guess. So my people today said. If you know there's something in your life I know I'm not the only one struggles with things. You guys have a lot more struggles. Because I know what it used to be to be. You know to some things that don't agree with the Word of God you know if Jesus was sitting in the pew with years he would be too happy with certainty. And you love it and it's OK because we're born in sin but if you're willing to ask out today. That's my you're willing to say Lord help me to love the things that you know. And the things that you do raising your will to me that. That's. Right. Thank you so much for your patience with us. We thank you so much God that you're willing and able to give us the power to overcome are. All we have to do number one. And then number two all we have to do is step out in faith according to your. Trusting and believing in. It is my earnest prayer Lord that everyone under the sound of my. Will gather the experience of what it is to take and. Father for Easter and even for those who continue to labor for them that they would love your word they would love your commandments in Jesus name with all their hearts Jesus let everyone say. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. Sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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