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What is Grace?

Adam Patel


  • July 31, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Father. I thank you Lord for the talent that we've heard for the youth gathered here for the many blessings you blessed them with we've only heard a taste of God We need more of your power here because we're going to open your word and there are certain things here Lord that some people may feel I used to feel that way too low or maybe too difficult to understand but Lord the Bible says that you will send your Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth and to teach us so we're asking that you will fulfill your word this evening because we ask it in Jesus' name and God's people say amen. All right so. I'm going to start of our read in this quote. Does everybody know who Ellen White is Ellen G. Why raise your hand if you know Ellen why it is. Praise God. Powerful prophet is for this church she wrote this in eight hundred ninety six a long time ago. There are only two classes in the whole universe how many classes. To. Those who believe in Christ and whose faith leads them to keep God's commandments and those who do not believe in Him and are disobedient there's only two classes those who believe in Christ and whose faith leads them to keep His commandments and then there's another class that don't believe in Christ and are disobedient there is no middle ground. As I study the scripture I've come to realize that these two classes those who are obedient to God's Commandments and those who are not have existed since the book of Genesis and it's even in the Book of Revelation and it's pretty amazing to me that the description of these two classes in Genesis is almost identical to the description of these two classes in the Book of Revelation. Let's go to Genesis chapter three verse fifteen. Now I hope you guys don't fall asleep in class because this may feel like a classroom setting now because I think I may use a chalkboard OK so. Genesis three fifteen are we there. OK thanks for waiting for me because I'm not Genesis three fifteen now look. This is a right after event the apple or the fruit and God is placing the curse on the serpent in verse cysteine right this is the first promise right here in verse fifteen given in the Bible verse fifteen says this and I will put enmity between he and the woman he's talking to the serpent. And between Vice and her see it shall Bruno's as I head and thou shalt bruise his you. So here you have the two classes that I'm talking about or I should say the Bible is talking about the quote said. So the two classes the first class are the is that too small. This will be area and then you have the obedient right that's what the quote said there's two classes now read it in Genesis three fifteen you read just now we just read this now and he says I'm going to put enmity between the sea and the woman so you have the serpent and you have the woman does anybody know what a woman represents in the Bible. And yet a lot of you know. Say aloud in the church praise God rather than. Thank you so much. Not watch it. Between her C. and C. Did you know that Satan has children. That's what it says here Satan has children the woman has children and this is the remnant which means the church. The line of the obedient this is God's people. And has children in John Chapter eight when Jesus was talking to the Pharisees and they weren't believing him. Jesus said to them there's. Your father the devil. The leaders of the church in Jesus days Jesus said their father was Satan that's powerful they were church leaders and Jesus says guess what you're the children of the devil. So you know has kids that's scary so you have the seed of Satan the seed of the woman now let's go to Revelation twelve seventeen. Revelation twelve seventeen. Genesis obviously is the beginning of the two classes in the last days guess what it's the same two classes Revelation twelve or seventeen. And would you say Amen when you get there and you've got the smart phone so you're probably there quicker than I am OK Ariel and the dragon guess who the dragon is. The serpent same same characters and the dragon was wrong with who. Who is angry with the woman right and he went to wage war with the remnant of her was see you see the same thing as in Genesis you've got the same two classes you've got the same old war you've got the same old seeds so from the beginning in Genesis you have the two classes and even in gods last a church there's still how many classes. To class. Now go with me back to Genesis I should have told you to put your finger there since it was only two classes. God gives us. A great word here it word that I had no idea what it means. But this word will help us identify which class you belong to or I should say who's your dad I was going to say who's your dad if you don't want same to be your daddy but there's a word in Genesis three fifteen that God put there on purpose to let you and I know which side we fall on right and guess what that word is. Say it again. I will put and Mitzi when I do that there are going to go see that all right he's going to put it and me to be between the two classes. This anybody know what enmity means separation and the Hebrews more than that said again brother. Hatred. It means hostility and hatred. Now when I read that word it took me back wait a minute God. This is what God is saying I'm going to put hatred between the two classes the seed of Satan will have a certain hatred for right to stand and the seed of the woman God's people will have hatred. Have you ever heard of God's people have been a tree it. Sounds kind of funny doesn't it hate God's people. And then I read Proverbs six and I found out there are seven things that the Lord hates the Lord actually hates things what's the one thing that God hates above everything say louder. And in general pride is on that list though Amen she's talking about Proverbs six so God is saying I'm going to hatred. And this is what God's people hate you better believe we don't hate the people we don't hate the sin or we hate the sin can somebody say man. I want to make that clear. But this was powerful to me. Because you know what we should be identified by our love would you say men somebody should look at you and say you know you're a Christian because you're kind you feed the poor you go out and you don't lay you do charity you do all these things somebody should look at you and know that but guess what you know the Lord told me he said Adam. Don't you know that there are so many Hollywood stars that donate so much money that go to Africa and fund AIDS and build schools they do all these wonderful things that on the outside it is great but these people don't even honor me God says most of these people worship Satan so who knows these on the outside God is saying it is good that a Christian should do that don't get me wrong but according to Genesis that's not what identifies you that is not what identifies you as a child of God. God is saying in this verse my child demonstrates a patriot. Why would he put that word there. Hatred. Force. You understand the limit here there's plenty of people who outdo us with good works and they don't love the Lord that I read this quote I said Lord how can we hate sin. When songs fifty one says that were born in sin and Satan and iniquity. Right go away to Romans seven go to Romans seven. Romans seven let me ask you a question are you guys following me so far if you're confused please don't be afraid to raise your hand please Romans seven. This is a bible study that will hopefully challenge you a little bit. And it's from the Word of God Now Romans seven tells you that one we're born into this world we don't want to do or like to do good things Romans seven tells us that we have the flesh within us that wants to do what the world wants to do we would rather play video games listen to hip hop music be involved in sports talk to that girl or guy then be in church and read the Bible why because we were born in sin and shapen in iniquity we were born with this weakness and it's called the flesh this like a Roman seven and not going to the whole thing just verse. Eighteen. For I know that in me that is in my flesh as well as how many good things. No no good thing for to will is present within me but how to perform that which is good I find not for the good that I was I do not but the evil which I would not that I do hear Paul the same you know I know what's right or wrong and I try to do right by our body always and my mind always pulls me to do wrong what I try not to do wrong and do right it is just all messed up here you say and I'm out of control my flesh is pulling me this way I'm weak there's nothing good within me Jeremiah seventeen says the heart is desperately wicked your hearts are evil God says When you come into this world my baby is one years old so I can talk about her because she's not going to remember when she gets older. But this girl right there sleepin that looks so beautiful as she is she will manifest a temper. When her sister take something from her she gets mad. And bites her now let me tell you she did not get that from me. And she did not get that from my wife where in the world that that anger come from on my two year old I would ask her a question do you need to use the potty and no where does she learn to live. Born in sin shape in iniquity but God say in my children must. Must hate the world must hate lie and must hate fornication must hate all those things that same gets down with. What were naturally born to love. Then I read another beautiful quote now we're going to get into our study a little bit more and will stop at a. Time when she wrote this in one thousand nine hundred two. Here's the answer for us she says. When I say she I'm talking about and why it is the grace. That cries and plants in the soul it is that what everyone the great. That Christ implant in the soul that create the enmity against. You and I don't naturally want to hate Satan we want to join him and guess what from young we do. Until I united with Christ I was running with the devil for years but it was not until the grace of Christ was implanted in my soul then creation took place that you know God's grace is creation power when the Holy Spirit brings upon new creation occurred. So God's grace created hatred for the world. You know when I came off drugs are going to hear my testimony tomorrow. You know how I learned the Bible I did so much drugs I sniff my brains out for years ten years all kind of foolishness are going to hear tomorrow and when I gave my heart to the Lord I gave I cried out to him because I was I was about to die. And when he saved my life I didn't understand the Bible and I said Lord why did my parents go to church on Sabbath is the Sabbath true every question that I had do you know who I asked I asked the Lord every question on prophecy the commandments His love His grace and His Spirit according to John fourteen gave me the answer you know what if Jesus could know the Bible that the age of twelve he was talking to the Pharisees tell him NO NO NO NO NO. You know why because he was given the power of the Holy Spirit because He took God at His word I promise you if you take God into your word if you can teach a drug addict you can teach anybody. I asked the Lord to teach me about grace. You know I love to do a lot of things I still love him pop music I still love cigarettes I still love horror movies you know I mean I love those things I used to get high all night and play Call of Duty and beat all kind of game God of War all that in the zone you know I mean I loved it. But it was not until God gave me his power and understanding of what grace is so I said God tell me what is this grace that comes into our lives that makes us hate because guess what when there's Grace comes into our lives we hate the world and we're automatically a child of God When somebody say amen. So here's what the Lord showed me what grosses Let's go to Second Corinthians twelve second Corinthians twelve and verse nine and before we really let me ask you guys a question. What is Grace Don't be afraid no wrong answers what I said take them back there may be a wrong answer but no one's going to ridicule you so you can. Thank you Sister undeserved mercy. That is grace but that's not all the graces. The grace of God before God showed me this I was always under the impression that the grace of God was God's. Unmerited favor or undeserved mercy that shed upon his His love His mercy and His forgiveness that's what grace is but that's only half of the equation that's not all what grace is and what the Lord showed me in His Word I was blown away because it's not just his mercy His love and His forgiveness and thank God for them because if it wasn't for that I wouldn't be here talking to you today I would still be on drugs but this is a Bible definition of grace and I love Bible definitions here it is second Corinthians twelve verse nine notice what the word of the Lord says and it's no mistake that it's been read our Lord is saying this. And he said unto me this is Paul talking now let me give you the background Paul had a weakness he was going through he had a he called it a thorn in the side many people think he was suffering blindness and he asked the Lord to take it away from me and take it away from me and this was God's answer Jesus answered and he said unto me my what's that word grades is sufficient for you. For my what's that word. Is may perfect and weakness stop right there when I've done so far what is grace compared to I can hear you. What is Grace compared to in that verse look at it take your time you're there brother you said it but in the read only and that's exactly what it is he says My grace is sufficient for the for my oh your version of us a power my sister a sorry about that yeah you're right I got the King James that's why that's exactly what it is. This do you see that though I want you to see that in God's word Jesus Himself says My grace is sufficient for the for my power is made was perfect in your work. Now let's read the rest of it and this is my version it says King James Version most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities that means weaknesses that. Was that word. Power of who. May do was. Wow So what's grace the power of who now raise your hand if that's clear. Can you see what the Word of God is saying. Grace is the power of Christ have mercy I don't know about you guys but when the Lord showed me that blew my mind you know why I never thought of grace as power of Christ because you know when I started thinking I said wait a minute Lord we've got electricity that's power but electricity which is power always has to serve a purpose you don't just have electricity just going through the wires not producing anything right we have power and the evidence of that power is the lights that we see the microphone that you hear you know I mean power has to be. There's a make sense. Strength Look Paul must suffer he was weak God says I got strength that's to be you. And that just changed my whole thinking because I think Grace which is God's forgiveness mercy and that means I don't have nothing to do with it which I don't on that part praise God but right here you say my grace is also power. So I asked a lot another question you know when I asked them. This anybody have a question in our mind after this verse I can hear you thank you how do I get it and I ask them that how do I get it and I ask them also powerful What was the power for that was my question and how do I get it both questions are answered in Hebrews four let's go for Hebrews four now here's why it's important that we actually those questions what's the power for and how do I get it because we want grace but Grace create hatred for sin. And that's what God says identifies you as a child of God Those who hate sin who hate monger righteousness who hate what the devil does are my children that's Genesis three fifteen but we can only get this hatred because it's not natural for us by God's grace God's grace is his power that he gives us so we can hate sin now we're going to find out what the powers for what I just can't tell you but even more so here are new rules for and how do you get. So actually two ways to get it and you should do so called gather and I probably don't have time to talk about it oh but anyhow he moves forward just look at verse fifteen and sixty the Bible says For we have not and high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities timeout let me explain. Who is our High Priest. Said again Jesus we have a high priest who cannot be touch with the feeling of our infirmities you know that means. Can somebody tell me. Let me keep reading but wasn't all point tempted like as we are yet without sin Here's what it means we have a High Priest in heaven. And he knows exactly what it feels like to suffer a weakness and to go through temptation there is nothing that he can't relate to that's what that versus a. Crisis experience every pain that you have or might or might not experience and there's nothing you can't relate to that's why he's our High Priest does that make sense if it makes sense raise your hand he's been through it all so you can talk to him but here's the key when he went through his trials get seventy and the cross What's the last three words of verse fifteen yet without that means he walked this earth. And he never sinned which means that he had this great power flowing through him which stopped him from sin and not only stopped him from sin and created a hatred for C.. So much so that he gave his life. Rather than. This I make sense now we can reverse sixty this is how we. Let out therefore that means because he did it because he was a conqueror because he was victorious let up therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace or the throne of power. To do work that we. Mercy That's the first half sister the grace of God as mercy that we may obtain mercy and find grace or power to do what everyone finish it all for me said again You see electricity has to have a purpose God says I sit on the throne of power and when you come to Him in prayer come to him and what everyone. You come to Him in prayer he says I sit on the front you know what I read this for so many times and it just now dawned on me after reading when I got Show me second Corinthians and he told me his grace is power then it dawned on me wait a minute it says that when we go to God in prayer we find grace to help in time of me is an ass of them now let me ask you this. What might Paul be talking about our time of need. What's your time of need when you suffer weakness and have to go to God in prayer. Say it again Sister. That's why the the verse about Jesus is there first fifteen. He knows what you've been through been through it he was tempted and get seventy he was tempted on the cross but he didn't do you know why you know what John chapter one says Jesus was great. And true for power. And because he was full of power he says I sit on a throne of power and when you go temptation when Satan isn't I'm sure door without in the moment of your temptation you know if lust is knocking on your door guidance. God doesn't want you to wait His grace is not there just to cover you while you meditate on things you're not supposed to soon as the lustful thought gets in your mind God says I sit on the throne of power so when you feel weak I want to give you power in your time of me so you can be without. This power that God wants to give you some of throne of power. To give to you and I in that moment so not only can we overcome that thought. But we can eventually hate that very thought this in my testimony tomorrow I'm telling you mean this guy was some hip hop emcee for you. We were good on them I can just bust flows about what you got on right now maybe some of y'all fall asleep to get on. But God could take the taste of the world out of our mouths only by grace I'm going to close with a little bit because times are pray four years ago. Like I said I was actually not standing kneeling on his floor you're going to hear a little bit of this tomorrow you know I was on drugs for so long. My body was addicted to it I was addicted to him I was addicted to cussing man every other word you can ask my wife was a cuss word. I was disrespectful I was a child. But when I went to the throne of grace and I cried out power. In his. Shaken I was shaken because my body was crying out for the drugs I was. Cried out for power not only to help me in my time of need but to create a hatred for. And let me tell you my peace God not only gave me his power in that moment when I cried out to. This power to change my mind I don't think the way I used to I don't like the same music man army bump into him. I loved him. Asked my wife he gets tired of me saying this I can't say. But you know God will change everything about you I wish I had more time to talk. By God's grace maybe I can cover some of this tomorrow but I just want to encourage Listen listen I had a. If you're gone to something you want to talk please talk to me you know what God has sent me here for reasons to let you know that he still has creation power don't you know that our God spoke his word all you did was speak and the world was created Don't you think he can speak his word to you today and change your thoughts and create a new person and make you brand new he could do it do you know what the evidence is me I'm not bragging I'm just tell you there is a god with creation power this brother was so shy it is nobody's business he was the meanest person in the world and this guy out then me with drugs more than anybody he should have been dead ten times over for him to quote God's Word like he does and to pray that it does nothing but a miracle working God's power he's a testament to creation power. And I'm here to plead with you guys. That there is a God who can change your life head to toe no matter if you were born in a certain way. Jesus says you must be born again and you better believe he can make you that new creature I'm telling you Lord we need to close I only talked about prayer I mean we get to talk on the Word of God. I didn't get to talk about his for those two go together they go together let's pray let's pray Father our prayer God. That the little that was. Would grow would grow would grow that I would see my brothers and sisters right here. When the time of trouble comes I can look to my left and see one of them right there preaching the word a different person I can look to my right and see another creature a different person. I'm praying right now that you would increase our faith in this room that she would take away our disbelief and replace it with faith. In heaven there's people in here right now that are wrestling with. The wrestling with diction and wrestling with all kind of things I'm pleading with the. Father as I knelt before you. And I was helpless to. On their behalf that you would give them hope. That you would give this power. To transform their life. And to be perseverant. That if I don't see them again they would tell me there's. Love you and I know they love. Thank you for yours. That every once in. This media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W.W.W.. Or.


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