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God is Looking

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • February 10, 2018
    10:00 AM
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Father in heaven I thank you so much to God for the undeserving on or of speaking for you the undeserved on a father nothing I can do. Can qualify me OK make me deserve this privilege and so I thank you for it father you know my heart you know what is in me it is my desire Dear God to speak thus saith the Lord and I ask you to God as I undertake this task and it is a task help me father by granting me liberally of your Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of truth let him speak through me to God let me simply be in his hands and unresisting instrument let every man boy or woman and girl in this building a double blessing on all our guests who've come to worship with his father bless not only us the God but wherever your people are worshipping now where ever they are Father draw close to them to God be with them and bless them save us when you come father and if there are those listening via the Internet whether to the live presentation of the recorded version bless them equally I pray in Jesus' name let God's people say Amen and Amen our subject God is looking John five reading from verse one and I read from the King James Version of the Bible John five reading from first one I cannot see that clock very clearly it looks suspiciously like eighteen minutes to eleven and I am supposed to stop when when eleven twenty five I will try what book did I say what chapter really thought first after this there was a feast of the Jews and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. Now there is a Jerusalem by the sheep market a pool which is called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda having five courses in these lay a great multitude of important folk of blind and hold withered waiting for the moving of the water for an Angel went down at a certain season into the pool and trouble of the water whosoever then first after the troubling of the water step in was made whole of what so ever the disease e hat and a certain man was there which had an infirmity thirty and it is when Jesus saw him lie and you he had been now a long time in that case he says and to him will be made was the word hold this pause Christ came to the temple the pull of it has the. Five courses a large group of people needing deliverance healing the blessings of God A man was there he had infirmities thirty in eighty years almost four decades this morning crisis come to chant auditorium having five porches and a great multitude has gathered and with all respect of the blind halt with Heard lame sick frustrated depressed or pressed. Waiting for the moving of the water and a certain man or woman in charge of a Tory with an infirmity certain in eighty years spousal abuse can't find a job suffering the ill effects of a catastrophic upbringing in deep debt for decades someone has come to this place with an infirmity thirty and it is cannot pay off school loans can't find a husband. Have tried can't have a child then Jesus says to that mile or to that woman as verily as he said to the man by the pool of Bethesda who is dead and so the words no longer apply to him with Val be made whole and. Every Sabbath. People come to church sick and leave finished my words sick and I'm not referring primarily to physical ailments him referring to spiritual diseases we come sick and we leave sick. And so I will God looks weak can't he not do something for its people will be made whole first seven of John's hive as we continue God is looking the impotent man answered him Sir I have nor mad when the water is troubled to put me into the pool but while I am coming another step is down before me I have no man sometimes you and I come to the place where there is no human help no father nor mother nor cousin no friend nor Clintons no Khali going to job no classmate can help us I have no man nor earthly help to put me into the pool but while I'm coming another step is down before me two of us applied for the job he got it same thing on the other nice job same thing on the next job everyone gets an edge ahead of me while I am coming someone stepping down before me Jesus said some to him What did Jesus say Rise Come on take up my bed how many things that Christ tell that man three lists the rise ten of the Dead was a question for you if he had done two of the three sixty six percent would have walked out of that place yes or no NO. Zacchaeus look nineteen no need to turn and he ran before and climbed up into a sycamore tree to see him for he was to pass that way in a stackable is a little man he wanted to see Christ everyone in the crowd was taller than he was climb to the tree when Jesus came to the place he looked up and saw him and said to him Zacchaeus make haste and come down for the day I must abide with my house Jesus said Make haste come down and come into your house the Bible says and he made haste and came down and received him to his verse and I says This day is salvation come to this house what are subject going to Snooki when Jesus said to that man rise take of the bed and walk Christ now look at him to see if you do what one word four letters or day the Bible says and immediately the man was with hold and took up his bed and walked he rose he took up his bed and he want what was Christ's question will be made Give me the word whole His Holiness was based upon what obedience Now I realize obedience is a word that is largely unpopular but removed obedience and no one can be saved let me say it again I'll say differently I'll say it by giving you a Bible verse because the carnal mind is enmity against God for it is not subject to the law of God neither indeed can be the Bible says it is impossible to obey God Now it is possible to comply with the words of the Ten Commandments compliance is one thing all prisoners in prisons they comply but the heart is not in it obedience is something else obedience has to do with your attitude and your relationship to the person who gives the command obedience without relationship is impossible all you have is compliance most Christians based on my unscientific survey comply they do not obey. Counsel Christ object lesson speech ninety seven paragraph three the man who attempts to keep the commandments of God from a sense of obligation merely because he is required to do so will never enter into the joy of the deeds he does not obey when the requirements of God are accounted a burden because they cut across human inclination we may know that the life is not a case like life's true obedience is the outworking of a principle within it springs from the love of righteousness the love of the law of God The essence of righteousness is loyalty to our Ridhima this will lead us to the right because it is right because right doing is pleasing to God Obedience my beloved friends is the very foundation of any man or any woman being made a hole in the sight of God The word whole occurs six times between John Chapter five down to for sixteen whole whole whole world Jesus Christ is us passionless. In making people whole you may say the christ to God Father I need to listen and God Listen I can do that but that's really not my thing Father I'm thirty seven and need a wife or husband Gauss' I can do that but that's really not my thing father and like a promotion a better job my son I can do that but that's not my thing Father I want to be delivered from the power of sin son that's my specialty. Exact same my speciality father had this habit that has ruined me OG is ruining me and is weakening me my spiritual life is declining it is the resting it is decomposing and called says that's my speciality I can make you whole. But you've got to rise take up your bed and walk or three And God is looking now let's. Look at Calvary as we continue God is looking Calvary is the basis on which God does anything for anyone. Do you understand that I heard what he meant and grateful for that isolated remember but do you understand that Calvary is the reason why God can do anything for you or for me to remove Calvary you can't blink an eye and not being extreme I said remove Calvary you and I could not blink an eye the desire of age is speed six hundred sixty paragraph three to the death of Christ we or even this earthly life the bread we eat is the purchase of his broken body the water we drink is bought by his spilled blood. Never one saint or sinner eats his daily food but is not a spike the blood and the body and the blood of Jesus Christ the cross of Calvary is stamped on every loss is reflected in every water spring you arrive safely because of the cross of Christ you're saying amen but I'm not convinced you understand that remove Christ and you and I would cease to exist Calvary. The sacrifice of Christ it is the only reason why God can forgive sins God will hear a prayer even though he loves us remove Christ sacrifice him called can do nothing for us but destroy us if this is the case and it certainly is no wonder Paul said I determined to doom to know nothing among you save Christ and Him crucified Now let's look at Calvary as symbolized by one of the seven and you'll see the Jews are required to celebrate you have one chance to tell me what was that ceased Passover name the seventh annual cease quickly cease one too slow to. Cease one two three one Passover cease to leaven bread cease three cease three. First Fruits cease for Pentecost sissified trumpets three six they were told month and see seven we finally get this patient man Tabernacles. The very first one is not first by accident you remove Passover and the rest have absolutely no meaning let me say it again remove the cross of Christ and life has no meaning it begins with Passover Passover represents the death of Christ now let's look at what God told the Israelites to do regarding Passover Exodus twelve we read from first what our subject God is looking five minutes to something eleven. Who has said Lord put your words in that man's mouth anyone has said I mean that from my heart God bless you God bless you is a prayer I offer with my eyes open God bless you what did I say it's this twelve is not a book The Book of Exodus the chapters to us were talking of being precise take up my bed rice ball for sex the Book of Exodus was the chapter we read from first one. When he found it's a man and a lot speak of the Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt saying this month into you the beginning of months it's how the the first month of the year two you speak until all the congregation of Israel saying in the tempted of this month they shall take to them every man a lamb according to the house of their fathers a lamb for in the house and if the household be too little for the lamb let him and his neighbor next and to his house take it according to the number of the souls every man according to his eating shall make your count for the lamb now what items of do we have in the items of information that God requires Can you identify them aloud. What else what else what day are you supposed to take the lamb look read microscopically the tense days on the tenth day you take a lamb in the house is large you invite another family so we have these details these items that they were supposed to follow. All right your lamb shall be without blemish first five a male of the first year he shall take it up from the sheep or from the goats we have more details male first year without blemish a sheep or a goat first six and he shall keep it up until what the fourteenth day of the same month and the whole assembly of the congregation of its wild shall kill it when in evening now we have choose it on what day come on choose it on what day the tenth day but kill it on what day the fourteenth day in the morning or in the afternoon evening and now verse seven and they shall take of the blood and stretch it on the two side course and on the upper doorpost of the houses wherein things shall eat it where is the blood to be put on the two side posts and on the upper door course of the houses really they shall eat it first it and they shall eat the flesh in that night and Ross with I was eleven bread I was bitter herbs they shall eat it you gotta roast it don't boil it are you following me roast state with fire with eleven bread eat it with bitter herbs more details probably ten items so far lets go to first nine eat not of it rot nor sudden at all with water but worse with fire his head with its legs and with the president's there us and he shall let none of it remain until the morning and that which remain with it until the morning he shall burn with fire we have more details are you falling what are subject God is like verse eleven and that's shall eat it with your law and skirted your shoes on your feet and your staff in your hand and you shall eat it in haste it is the Lord's hassles Now reverse twelve with me if you have my version for I will pass through the land of Egypt this night and will smite all the firstborn in the land of Egypt both man and beast and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment I am them or now this is what he will do first thirty nine carefully and distinctly and the blood shall be to you come on for a token upon the houses where we are finished that verse when I see the blood. Stop. Also subject. When the destroying intell came through. God told him. Passover which houses the ones with the blood on the door the Bible says when I see the blood that's all I'll pass or. Not when I see how many offices you hold in the church or your dietary habits when I see the blood. Now many Adventists I suppose Christians read this verse when I see the blood and they say our salvation has nothing to do with me it has to do with God All I need to do is claim the blood of Jesus and I'm fine but if we read closely we are in for a life saving shock let's go further down in that chapter as we continue God is looking we pick up verse twenty two and first twenty three of Exodus twelve when you found this a man the Bible says and they shall take what and he's and you shall take a bunch of his SOP and dip it in the blood that is in the basin are when the animal was killed in the evening how was the blood to be caught in a base now we are told that it forces one to fourteen but we're told that verse twenty two the blood is caught in a basin we have one more item that is light needed to follow you shall dip it in the blood that is in the basin and strike the lintel and the suits side course with the blood that is in the basin and none of you shall go out at the door of his house for there is the first until the morning do not go out of your house even if the blood is where on the door now this ceremony symbolize Calvary the death of Christ first twenty three I want the men to read and read of me for the Lord will pass through to smite the Egyptians come on and when he see it what stop. That's what I read in first thirteen when he said the blood but men continue reading Wendy. Ha. Ha ha where must the blood be upon the lintel and upon the to cyclists. You just can't put the blood on the door knob that's not what Doc said now we're discussing Calvary. The blood must be on the lintel and on the two side post salvation has a condition give me one word for that condition obedience when I see the blood upon the lintel and on the two side course the Lord will pass over the door and will not suffer the destroyer to come in and your house is to smite you I need to see the blood where I said I want the blood but there is no such thing as negotiated obedience with got you either do what God says only leave God alone. When I see the blood. Upon the lintel. Now since the Bible calls us a reason let's reason all the way back if God wanted the blood upon the lintel and the two side course what did God also want and needed to see as he is looking he needed to see that the animal is source and when on the tenth day. He needed to see that it was killed on what day the forty day he needed to see it was killed what time of the fourteenth day in the evening he needed to see that it wasn't gold it was real stayed with what I love and bread and even with what bitter herbs you could lead it with a salad. Are you following me he needed to see that they added sitting in comfortable chairs they had to eat it standing and quickly he needed to see that he needed to see that the blood was caught in a base. He needed to see that the blood was not there splash it was taken by a bunch of his saw which is symbolizes cleansing and then apply God needed to see all of that in order for the destroying in general to pass over that house patriarchs and prophets page two seventy eight paragraph two and listen to what the server the Lord has to say how the Israelites neglected in any particular direction disregarded any particular the directions given them they would not have been sick you'll listen again have the Israelites disregarded in any particular Give me a few particulars as you remember. OK You sound like a musical Tower of Babel Let's try again someone over here give me one particular. Had to because in the bass and give me one tense they chose and give me one was there his up yes to dip it now M.R. tells us if they had disregarded in one particular they were not to secure she goes on to say same paragraph that those who fail to heed the laws directions would have lost the first bomb by the hand of the strong in. Egypt them or Israel today God is looking we obey this he will be that we don't like this and so the church has a hell of a not especially the Christian church at large a defense against obedience you know what the census legalism. They accuse obedient Christians of legalism Now if that's the case you must accuse God of legalism because God says When I see the blood on the lintel and to cite posts. If all of that had been done but someone came out to take a selfie with a destroying engine. They would have been one person in that selfie destroying in July you follow me you have to obey God in F. I almost called this subject microscopic salvation my brother my sister this is serious business the Lord desires to save us absolutely that's his speciality but the condition is obedience and that obedience I don't mean compliance you don't need power from God to comply you need power from got to obey because obedience means the letter and the Spirit reveal Herald October thirty eight in it in paragraph eight those who take the position that Christ has done it all and that they need not obey the requirements of God will sale of everlasting life give it to you again for those of you who are writing. What was a reference revealed Harold October thirty eight in need not like an idiot he died long before that eight hundred eighty paragraphs. Those who take the position that position is widespread that Christ has done it all and that we need not obey his requirements will sailor of everlasting life there wake up in the judgement shocked to find out their lost the same reference but the paragraph for that man can be saved in indolence and in activity is an utter impossibility there is something you and I must do and God is looking to see if we will obey his requirements in the same paragraph for review and herald October thirty eight and eighty eight she write that man has only to believe he has only to believe it's a celibacy and the most dangerous doctrine. Let's look at believe as I come to the end of this presentation let's look at believe most Christians who just believe believe believe go with me to first John Chapter three let's look at Billy's and see if it has anything to do with obey God First John chapter three verse twenty three our subject God is looking. Please continue to say Lord put your words of that man smile Don't stop because I'm coming to the close the devil may have me said a wrong thing in the last ten seconds that causes problems so keep praying a lot put your words in that man's mouth what did I say. What did I say what chapter what verse. Twenty three if I said twenty four I was wrong twenty three are you there readers may read now Lauzon cloud lighted loud and clear what does it say and this is his what stop when God gives a commandment what does he want give me one word obedience this is his commandment keeping that we what should believe on home the name of His Son Jesus Christ and love one another as He gave us commandment what are we commanded to do in that verse believe. Unless your version differs materially from mine. This is my commandment I command you to believe now God commands us not to kill but people still kill you with me God can't force but belief is commanded So when a man or woman believes in Christ with a whole heart what has that person done all the. You know impressed Let's go to John six John six this is a verse twenty eight crisis five sites Hausen with fish and bread they wanted to make him king he skips the grass crosses the lake they crossed looking for him people know how to pursue a good thing and they come to him and they want most fish and bread Jesus said labor not for the meat which perishes but for that meat which enjoy death and everlasting life which the Son of Man sell given to you for him have God the Father sealed for twenty seven first twenty eight what do they say to him What shall we do that we might what were the works of God What does God want us to do. Reverse twenty one. Come on really nice allowed Jesus as it is said into them tell me this is the work of God Here's what God wants to do and what is that he should believe on Him whom he have said we are commanded to believe is. But since God's commands are the divine origin and no human being can of himself or herself obey a defined command Eve them believing is an act that is done with God's help because he's given every man a measure of. My brothers my sisters God is looking at us now have we chosen the animal on the tenth day Yes All right have we lit it up until the fourteenth day yes have we killed it in the evening yes have we said shared it with our neighbors who were say you were than we were yes did we take it a male yes without blemish Yes of the first year yes did we roast it yes with bitter herbs Yes we consume it with bitter herbs we had it with unleavened bread yes me at it standing on our feet yes we left nothing until the morning yes and what was left we burn with high our Yes we did not go either door because you might be destroyed yes then we put it on the up of the two side posts Yes Did we put it on the upper door post no can reach it too high. Or you with me so instead we put it on the knob Now there are many believers let me down to us some evidence we have the right diet Yes you have the right clothes yes we have the right shoes Yes and we go to church and Sabbath Yes we don't work on the Sabbath Yes we sing hymns Yes we make smoothies Yes we all eat yes but I am dating. I. There's an error in my life we've got and I have to struggle have a struggle and that one area. I will not surrender to God that one area I will not surrender and the areas vary from person to person everything else is in place one area we didn't put the blood we got a substituted area and we put the blood there God says I want every item or bait and I am looking I ask with great respect as God looks at you and me now is every item according to His Will don't answer is this someone you need to forgive everything else is right you can explain the twenty three hundred a prophecy you can descend every teaching in the church you know how to demolish the twenty five twenty argument but there's one person you will not forgive the blood is not on that part of the life that is strong in there will have no choice but to deal with you or me we serve a God who concentrates on every detail that he has given. This is not legalism this is total trust in God talked to God because He knows what he's doing don't come to church diseased Allee's diseased will sow be made whole but God can't make me whole against my will and so he has to ask he asked blind Bartimaeus what will that I should be doing to the that him is here's a check you write how much you need. Don't leave this church my friend without surrendering that area of the life where you have practiced stubbornness for a long time surrender that to God You let that be the final item of obedience to God that will cause the destroying angel to be deflected from your house God is looking. When I see the blood. On the lintel and the two cyclists when I see the animal was chosen on the tenth day killed in the evening of the fourteenth a male of the first year without blemish but I see it was a roasted with fire when I see total obedience which I will enable you to get if I'll pass on there's a way the cement right into a man. But the end thereof and ways of death I was talking to someone so why do we get sick so much you have a vegetarian lifestyle if he can I mean blessings and all those who go that way don't stop and still get sick the must be something we're not doing because when we do our God says the result is blessing are you falling so I wonder about myself but health is more than what goes into your mouth health is what comes out of the heart you hold grudges against people all the v good food in the world will not solve that problem. Are you listening to me Do you receive forgive but return a double ties keep returning it but do something about that unforgiving spirit because physical health is inseparable from spiritual health you will understand what affects the other and so while we have done everything right says a Calais the most serious component has some deficits and some deficiencies there's something at the spiritual level we're not doing do we have a thankful heart even secular scientists are discovering thankfulness has health benefits. Everything God says not everything the Arista know everything you know. You must God doesn't ask you to do everything there is to do he ask is do everything you know. So if this is all you know the answers do that. That's what I'm looking for that if God knows you all you know this God does not look for that are you with me but most of us we know this and that and that and that's why we criticize people and we always judge and we always fixing the whole church because we know everything because as we give me all you know in one word give me that word obedience and so I ask you I'm finishing. The words of Christ to that man was in that state thirty eight years what was a question will. Be made. He's asking you and me listen to me carefully someone in this congregation needs a special deliverance I don't know from what and I don't need to know God knows but you need to re commit your life to God What percentage one hundred percent God needs to see the blood where on the up at all costs and it's a cyclist's don't keep it in the base there is someone who needs deliverance to be made whole this morning but you must make that total surrender to God so that no area of your life is under your control. Thou shall love the Law Thank God Come on tell me how with all thy heart and with all thy soul with all have in mind with all that with all of I might with all the understanding that is total surrender Ellen White said Christ was so so rendered to the Father that people only saw the father never saw Jesus someone needs to make that surrender in order to be made whole if you that person come let me pray for you if you that person you have you need to make a total surrender. Because you know there's a problem in your life that has gone on for a long time like the man thirty eight years you want it stopped you've begun to blame God for being weak and unable to help he isn't weak. If my appeal applies to you I need to make that total surrender I want you to come come right here God bless you sister God bless you I mean that genuinely got this total I need to be delivered from. God bless you God bless you come come quickly so I can pray let you go you can on of the time God bless you God bless you God bless you God bless you sister you see you can fool me that's easy to do you can fool yourselves you cannot fool God Let God see the blood on the two side posts and the open door course it must be as God said I am calling for someone you know in your own mind there is a deliverance you need but Jesus says Rise take up my bed and walk he says three things you've been giving him two and a half's it will not work. We don't need to experience frustrated Christianity we need a freedom that is in Christ the sense of dross development the sense of victory come the spring I mean let's pray I need a difference from something God knows what it is come but there's a condition the condition is a big difference not partial total and so far as you and I know someone told me a few weeks ago in many ways the church is just like the world they do the same thing the world goes to the club on weekends we go to the church on weekends we go to the same purpose mingle socialize you know express ourselves then go back home and live the same life so the church is a club for many people so we go clubbing in church the others go clubbing and whatever they want to be a difference this must be a life changing event changing towards God as much as that secular club changes you in this direction sixty seconds and I pray I need to be delivered from something it could be a sense of overpowering I have no scum students no self-esteem at all. You stand on Calvary's and watch your self-esteem change I need to be delivered from that I grew up in a home that was abused abused abused it is a sect in my relationship with my friends and I need your friends there is not a malady nor element of the spirit that Christ can cure forty five seconds and abusive husband I beat my wife I need to stop coming abusive like I did my husband come thirty seconds deliverance just like Jesus died cause didn't die so we can start choir's blood vessel quite as the myth of said he died to deliver people from and coughs and shock us twenty seconds someone needs deliverance believe that Christ can do it either cometh unto Him must believe that he is believe Christ can do it believe that. The step one and if that belief is genuine the obedience will follow ten seconds I need to be delivered from something Christ's question to me is will be made whole and I wanted come you're going to pray while I'm praying you may come heads bowed the rest of us standing and you stand to recommit your life to God completely let me change my mind wherever you are if you can kneel near with me wherever you are if you cannot I understand God lets in the heart not the knees we leave quietly and reference only. Father in heaven we but when your presence there God sank in you for your word some one zero three verse eight. The Lord is mostly full and gracious slow to anger and plenteous in mercy he will not always chide neither will keep his anger forever he has not dealt with us after I was sins nor rewarded us according to our iniquities father if you were to give us what we deserve none of us would exist we kneel to say thank you to God for your stubborn love your persistent mercy we thank you lord you have such a high threshold for pain the pain that comes from our sins father. As we need to before you forgive us where we ascended today God Cilla hearts with he treats the sin say of us has you said of your son the house and loves righteousness and he did iniquity father some of us will come to say I need to be made whole and I need to be delivered from a form of slavery bondage and kept it and father if you are who you see you are head you are if you meant it when you said to Abraham in Genesis eight hundred fourteen he is anything too hard for the Lord E.C.U. can give a child to a man who is reproductively Sennacherib and a woman whose womb was dead is you can produce a life out of deadlines and a dead woman Sharlie father you can deliver us from the circumstances that we've come to place before you. Please God you know we can not change ourselves that's why there's the cross him so we ask you Father to let the universe see remind them how you are Cyril Christ they got touch every person and as we hear the question will be made whole we answer yes we're tired the God of carrying this backpack of spiritual oppression lifted faster through Jesus Christ HE years the one who bears a carries the sins of the world Father we lay our burdens down at your feet we placed him before you you've said to us come unto me all the that labor and heavy laden I will give you rest God give us rests. Now some other touch as individual the god according to the person's needs touched that person now let that person believe that something is happening he or she need not seal it because the word has nothing to do with feeling we are required to respond in C.S. please God do that work of Deliverance now pray let us leave this place different from the way we were when we come in it make us whole day God make us whole let us wrong way is from death to life let us arise from death toll B.D.'s father do it dig hard for your glory for your glory alone I also this prayer that God is this something else feel to us granted because your so generous father those who are guests may be so blessed that they will come back to see us again as you continue the work of Deliverance they God let us be quick to testify of what you have done in our lives. I also this thread from my heart to God In Jesus' name and for his sake let God's deliver people say a man this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen more sermons they visit. Our universe or.


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