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Be Like Jesus: Godliness

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed




  • July 1, 2007
    9:15 AM
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him with a video that will be long and is in the forty you have is a you he is now a full day in an understanding of the figure otherwise it will be in the morning and is beautiful you're always welcome to her always clear to Islami we are going to discuss what God is our only do one in five sizes are as so as long as I remember we thank you for the awesome and you are in the fresh air and sunshine thank you for the manifestations of the and Grassley 's cellular law is mournfully at the presence of the Holy Spirit St. Louis in the ministry of your and you prayerfully asking the the same a few of you will live as they assume the first book of Timothy chapter three is as far as you have a son he stats outside is here and were going to discuss this more on this for godliness is there is the same word is used here is a novice in this verse is that you have a U-shaped software nobility as you are a you are is that and without controversy great is officially gone anywhere Grace is helpful I suggest that he is one of the phrases are you here refers to a particular aspect of his friends sexier God was manifested in the flesh as far as I justify his beleaguered is a reference to his resurrection to resurrect the SSC I this is referring to the ascension of Jesus he was on his face as long as Tony and France him and what is really necessary for the survey is a natural result we buy and believe I will in the last race is received will actually be translated in all his glory and this is referring to the return of Jesus is the victim of his people and so I'm glad in this verse is a huge day is here he comes now he is in his eyes brown rice yes I have gone very well for ladies that Jesus was taken up in glory of his people where a refers is basically long as the USS work for you this refers to the publisher so and as a result of this on the initial that you should he humbled himself will be a slow but I is on courtesy is called as long as and what is the notice is in my head and you and say hello to you you and I imagine that characterizes the history and the second Thessalonians chapter two verses three and four second Thessalonians chapter is for I know you read this passage the floor in the final manifestation you him and I know I saw you have learned mobility and downward mobility whereas it is presented as extremely and Yahoo you will second Thessalonians chapter two and versus three at four thousand and left it all life is an is will not come unless on the way counselor and constantly is really the son of British almost as slow will follow says and exalts himself above all that is all the reason we are in it exalts himself above all is going on is Saleh six slot all of the showing himself as there is of lawlessness is already at work a little hair on his staff 's phone is the right fit is in your you will a tradition he is probably what is so nonetheless significant inequities characterized by home half one was sad to the fire of God therefore it is just so he is going and maybe eventually I is on the other hand his wife is off here it is our and I want to and as a result is so efficient is there is usually seamlessly to also see my brother only to find Jesus was written this principle is also the antichrist is the indispensable and ministry of Jesus Jesus have to face the mystery of iniquity on the course of his job with his wife three versus one Verizon versus Syria is the first stage is twenty three versus love the class this is also what was a fun side is successor is in you Jesus will delete all loses and who is saying this life and Pharisees see in models is see by the way there is a physician already envision breast-feeding up to five hundred feet before the city there is a is no more fully say anything when I is Monday so they themselves will not move you are on the different resources there is it is not as flexible as they sat in Moses in a high position as slowly as I will work their works in seeing I is he that sells everything they do is you they are doing this for the little boxes are him as far as is therefore this is an legal use of this assignment is highly as I don't want to the place is going to live through this is slow and embarks on as I is using my data is raw and live the borders of their time they love the best places to the best seats is to be in the marketplace and to all my is not an this is the way everything is in life is all there I knew how to occupy the players as they see they do not believe in is the people you call my math is as Jesus but you are not people will want as your future price you are all in your home or wanted his father is talking to her as I say well the idea here is that your Rabbi who shall read as long as I thought Mercedes is because that characterizes the history and is certain for what he as great as long you don't need to work on mobility you have their e-mail is not the easily plenty software becomes a pacifist Paris is vested in a sablefish are all in this ten dollars G 's is the conclusion is actually a verse five Jesus is easy to use only one one hundred he says whenever a solstice will be home in a letter almost and so people is this is in their life as well he always also sound like the same you will be exalted as the earth itself humbly as you he will result in movie and will also result in your heart is someone else's letrozole so we has to message the Michigan Galapagos and Peter and education go to go in your views on the server is to have a again in her the FDA so patient with me illustrated by your business do you use nonstop relay saw this in all angles eventually people in the asleep and who is all anyone is forcing you this is obvious is that this is because our house is flat and I started like this idea he wants to focus off yourself of one of his high position in the case is therefore as well this is always the upward mobility is a fallen and told Lucifer so what is everyone that is what you will not our father and son will come back and is in a good laugh you deleted a alive as I will know it is there is a way you set your fire I know I said and by the way both available now I is or is the idea very serious I is a flow is is nearsighted and usually only see his son is in error I was sad I will a song my own home while there is no I will also send them out as an aside you and I must say about the facts will him will be likable but I believe that is I reviewed it will say this is the cell here in this file lists five seventy five is also a writer in the following verse he said zero will yes as a result is an a a a is not a pacifist cease this is his way and therefore is an automobile is valuable do you know that is more education you have this rate is as far as self-sacrifice of that is all about is if you are satisfied at yesterday 's place only by actually sounds as always this is the way you voice is when you are working I was in a heartless as you as for the second display a popular movement there is excess I ask you to the ground and will exalt himself on him were later they give you quality is good if I is as long as an FYI I have your next you are is is will you and you say is you is all saw them all to you all of the people are signs that give you a holler sheltie normal or someone is here this is a thirty day stop yourself if there is a thought about it on the first is just the reverse is as a lot was manifested in as I thought it was unclear what all the glory was all right sounds I is all the sacrifices you are not as refined as an is is is is is Isaiah is as fine as Islam is was was also as will be a visit here is not as long as people I is you did not consider this philosophy with the Asahi glass or something before the Louisiana say I is father and therefore because I say the problem is that hangs myself and his executive only was it a form of the good not as little as his people will something you are the numbers you did not claim his rights we have a lot of people these days and you need to plan your rights need to defend your rights now Melissa Lynch though he could've claimed his rights as God in verse seven says but made himself within the humbling he did but man himself no reputation actually better translation is the empty himself of self is not the path that's awaiting the volumes on this so I speak the father gave what I do is a father stop in myself I can do nothing Jesus said because even though you have all the powers and rights of God began down in self-sacrifice to live for us in the back but made himself of no reputation as he emptied himself taking the form of a bondservant he led the form of God takes the form of a bondservant and coming in the likeness of men can you imagine what sacrifice that is for God to become an young people not only becoming man himself he resurrected and went back to heaven Jesus according to the desire of ages has adopted humanity forever he's one of your elder brother forever in other words we are closer to God than if we had never sent because implants if we had never said Jesus would be governing when the man but because of sin God is my is an awesome privilege isn't it can you imagine what a privilege it's going to be at the capital of the University committee versus a pretty large place in the Bible tells us in Revelation chapter twenty one twenty two that heaven is going about the new Jerusalem the capital of the universe is going to be placed on planet Earth in the tabernacle of God is limited with man he's got to be with us it's amazing but he didn't only descend to the level of men monstrous eight and being found in appearance as a man he humbled himself and had to do with the mistreatment absolutely he humbled himself to the humbling is something that we have to do and the exalting is something that God 's but when we saw ourselves and God takes care of all the being found in the appearance as a man he humbled himself most this and became obedient to the point of death even the death of the cross will never be able to understand in its moments that sacrifice he will ever bear the scars on his hands on his brow in his sign his feet to remind us about the principle of the mystery 's team knowest verse nine that's the first part of the human novel itself died the death of the cross was a result of that able humbles himself will be exalted knowledge nine there for what is therefore indicate because of what he did there for because he humbled himself because he claims his rights as God notice it says here God also has highly salted nuts of Jesus and come back to Santa Anna and say okay father I get it I rescued a human rights I want my phone back I want my rights back I want to be gone again I only did that for a little while no knowledge here that Jesus does not exalt himself it says that God has highly exalted him somebody else does the exulting because he jumbled himself therefore it says God also has highly exalted him and notice what God does also and given him the name given the name you realize that Jesus has subjected himself to his father forever the trouble is we have a skewed brain we think that subjection is inferiority subjection is a divine principle doesn't mean that will be subject to the wrong persons that is correct when Saint is subjecting to God 's will Jesus even before the creation of this world have subjected himself to his father to perform the father 's will in the creation of you all things were created through him in other words Jesus was God 's speech any implemented the thought of his father elbows outwards and what uses see the father was and what was left click the master architect in Jesus was the master build for Jesus implemented the thoughts of the when Lucifer rebelled in heaven theologies and say it don't you know who I am you think I look just like an angel like you present Michael the Archangel listen I'm not only Michael the Archangel I'm gone and don't you forget somebody said elements as patriots and prophets that God the father called on the Angels into his presence and God the father had to explain the position of Jesus Becca White says that Jesus would not defend himself he would not explain his position he would need any explaining to his father gets injected himself to his father and throughout eternity he will subject himself to the will of his father as a divine principle subject to God 's will and so assess therefore God has highly exalted him and get it Monday which is above every name that the name of Jesus every knee should bow of those in heaven and of those on earth animals under the earth and that John should confess that Jesus Christ is large to the glory of God the father to listen a little bit works on godliness is all about godliness simply means self-sacrifice described in one word it means humility I never thought of God as a humble Google has one of the greatest characteristics of God is his humility he not only asked for it he gives seed Jesus not only says the humble but he actually revealed humility in his life by the way all nature except man reveals this principle of self-sacrifice and giving as a central principle of life if I live and not Fresno on any of her present how many of you are from the San Joaquin Valley the massive that we raise your hands and set your limits on working out well we have several I think there are several others that didn't raise their hands that's all right it is kind of embarrassing development of the well known as a hundred ten degrees in July and the air quality is terrible it are the really honest about it obviously it's a very agriculturally rich place but you know I've often thought about that breakdown your on the eastern side of the valley is the Sierra Nevada and in the winter snows fall feel the Sierra Nevada to become beautiful white what happens in the springtime in the springtime the days get longer and now the snow melts and the snow becomes water trickles down the sides of the well and was into the valley and provides water to irrigate all of those trees and almost plants in the and then the water some of the most of the ocean by the way then the water evaporates much of it was back up to heaven into the clouds and then the clouds once again dropped her water in the process begins all over again what would happen if the cycle of water ember became interrupted while I do it if the clouds that always looks so nice and white and fluffy when I got to get our water to anybody because then we would look so pretty all life would cease to exist where the mountains that all of how people admire its snowcapped peaks of a point in our water we would like all marketing ugly obvious national demonstrable personifying them to make a point the mountains Gibbon 's the little trickle down the mountain it's a wonder that the streams get their waters the rivers get their waters that the Austin gets its water is once again lifted the clouds and the cost of their water in other words if the whole cycle of giving giving giving giving it the cycle of life the reason why there are so many problems in this world is because people are not givers people are takers the law taking the Zoloft a lot self giving is a lot lot lot humility a lot serving this interested benevolence serving without any mercenary motives that's difficult for us isn't why don't the devil says you really think Joan serves you for nothing that's the key verse in the whole book you think I gossip event jobs are different I think I is just able to allow limitations but at the end of the story is proven that Joe serves God for not he says will be slightly yet will I trust in him in the story of three young men of the furnace become a part of eleven hundred as I do know what was waiting for you you see that that furnace there heated seven times greater than ever before I think the number seven means totality another was a could be any hotter I'll began from thermometer that's what lighting for you the three young men sending in on the monkey with our minds made up the God whom we serve is able to deliver us from that by reference but if not we are still his servants we service enough without any mercenary motives unfortunately these days many preachers say commit your life to God and you get rich off not because anything that we have riches talents education whatever placed on the altar of sacrifice to benefit other people 's words in fact become stuck the world is totally messed up in his priorities that's why the world is in such bad shape by the way if you've ever been too long to Israel anybody ever been to Israel ceased a few hands here tonight interesting experiences it's awesome it are the privilege of going to Israel and then several years later I went to Jordan and thus I been on both sides it's interesting you know when you go to the Sea of Galilee beautiful little sparkling water it surrounded by beautiful greenery specially the amount of the Beatitudes on the north side of the sea of Tiberius is beautiful unfortunately that kind of ruined it by building always cathedrals over these sites but anyway is still beautiful the Sea of Galilee is full of full of fish you can hear the songs of birds so I than the Jordan River that originate in Mount Herman with the snowcapped mountain they're not permit in the northern sector actually it's not it's beyond the borders of Israel the name Jordan means it means that the sender is it descends very quickly that it forms the Jordan River was at the sea of Galilee that involves our Alessio Galligan the south end and the Jordan River continues flowing into exile ends up in the density of the destiny is very appropriately named everything around it is there it has no living thing within it not even microorganisms infect them all content of the density is some great that would be very difficult for you to drop because you float and don't shave in the morning before you go to swim because your skin will burn like crazy one of the difference why is a Sea of Galilee teaming with life and beauty and the Dead Sea is dead you see the Sea of Galilee receives and gives researchers in the North and South receives in-depth receives and get up and then see is a stagnant like water and send the Jordan River as their and the water goes nowhere it's nicely and becomes once again the principle is the law of receiving and giving receiving and giving giving and never ending to give unlike and by reading Philippians two verse five in the couple of statements from eloquent on what godliness means I understand what godliness means light about starting to remember you nothing inverted U the regular you you start out here down when you serve God will exalt in fact you know I just read James overspent only look it up it says humble yourselves in the sight of God and he will lift you up I found yourselves in the sight of the Lord and he will lift you get another this passage of Philippians chapter two has created more theological debate almost than any other passage in the New Testament among scholars they argue about whether Jesus made in heaven he emptied himself well what did you did he leave his divine attributes you know how do you become a format you have all these debates but the purpose of this passage is to teach the law of the Mister Gandhi 's notes on the passage begins in Philippians two and verse five even before speaking about Jesus humbling himself and be highly exalted by his father the apostle Paul says that this my be in you which was also in Christ he noticed the Michigan godliness was not only in him but God wants the mystery of godliness to be where being us all purpose of the passage the apostle Paul is saying is what the mind of Jesus humbled himself even to the death of the cross and is exalted let that mind be in you also read a couple of statements from our white enclosing first is from lift them up page seventy four the doctrine of the incarnation of Christ in human flesh is a mystery even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations it is the great and profound mystery I can't reach incarnations want mystery of godliness to continue saying the word was made flesh and dwelt among us Christ took upon himself human nature I'm nature inferior to his heavenly nature nothing saw shelves the wonderful condescension of God as this condescension is that the second statement the one reading is from volume two of selected messages page one hundred and eighty five annoyed you know that Ellen White says that would've been an almost infinite sacrifice of Jesus debate the nature made of the data before you fill at one another not humiliation for Jesus to think that senseless nature anatomy for all but Jesus took this from you after five thousand years of thought did if that doesn't humble our pride nothing this is the same the incarnation of Christ was an act of self sacrifice as abundant as his life most thinking terms is life was one of continual self denying the highest glory of the love of God to man was manifested in the sacrifice of his only begotten son who was the express image of his person this is the great mystery of God 's it is the privilege and the duty of every professed follower of Christ to have the mind of Christ without self-denial and cross bearing we cannot be is the science and perhaps I can read one more in closing volume five of the Bible commentary page one thousand one hundred and thirty one points as the doctrine of the incarnation of Christ in human flesh is a mystery I think Audi read this one even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and for generations is a great profound mystery of godliness the word was made flesh and dwelt among us Christ took upon himself human nature a nature inferior to his heavenly nature nothing sells socials wonderful condescension of God as this so what we need to do this morning is pray that the Lord will give us the spirit of the mystery of God God will implant Jesus the Holy Spirit in our lives one objective of our lives will be self-sacrifice and service twice that life is all about Microsoft endeavors that we invest in God 's kingdom in reaching other people for Christ no matter how long we have to dissent the truth everlasting diffidence because those souls will shine throughout eternity everything else we happens when the parish houses are cars and toys of money everything is good about the only thing it is good to survive is the money that we've invested the time we've invested the effort reinvested in winning souls for the kingdom because I will be an eternal lettuce pray father in heaven we thank you for revealing to lots what true godliness is all about not only because you said it but because you showed thank you by but for providing leadership by example father we ask that through the influence of your spirit you will come to us and you will mystery of godliness in our hearts and we might humble ourselves as our beloved Jesus the world might see that there is power in self-sacrifice thank you Lord for having been with us thank you for overfilling your promise that you will do this when we believe in fate thank you for hearing us but we ask in Jesus name amen thank you master born for sharing with us about the ministry of godliness are next meeting will be at ten fifteen and before that I do have a few announcements are we want to let you know that Raphael Fuller E will be selling some of his CDs at the table that is right by the cafeteria also at the table we do have some post WIC postcards which you cannot share with your friends then you might want to also put the website of audio burst out or gone there so that they know where to listen what do you see this as well so even though they were not here they can still experience of WIC we need to see Rachel Nelson needs to see all raw score Mister Roscoe and also country of Eric Nelson needs to see federal skull and also Carina L Briski so if you could please come forward actually Eric is good to meet you in the fountain so if you could please meet him there right after this meeting is not in the fountain but next to the fountain in the back over there when I would also like to let you know that if you are parked on campus you do need to have an orange label on your dashboard which indicates that you are part of this conference because they are and streamlining things right now and I understand there may be some told trucks around so if you don't have an orange label


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