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Facing Fire

Eric Walsh


A great time of trouble is upon us. This message gives instruciton on how to face the fires of persecution and overcome.


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician


  • September 9, 2017
    11:00 AM
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This message was presented to him in missions twenty seventeen final conference but not for saken in Cape Town South Africa from movie sources like this this isn't it damn you don't need tell you don't mean dash missions don't see or consider a name and believe me sixty every nation. Today are. Our verse for this presentation is one of my favorite Bible verses second Timothy one and verse seven. We're going to go back to the Book of Daniel afterwards with second Timothy one seven says For God has not given us a spirit of fear. But of power. And of love and of a sound mind God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind our message the Sabbath is untitled facing the fire. Facing the fire the seven Peas of surviving persecution facing the fire let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to to study a word Lord I pray right now that you make me just a nail upon the wall a rusty sorry nail lowered but upon that mail order I ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ was NOT be seen or heard today instead Father God let us hear word from the throne room of grace is our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen. So we go to the Book of Daniel all of the. Prophetic books of the Bible one of my favorite books of the Bible the Book of Daniel happens at a time when the kingdom of Judah has been taken by now became as a king of Babylon the king of Juda is captive at his time and and Daniel and three of his friends have been marched along a long walk all the way to Sion are. About along the capital of the Chaldean empire. As you can imagine is a tough thing they're taken slaves as it were and shackled one to another as they're forced to walk a long way from one capital city that has fallen to one that has taken over the world the King at the time was a man named Ned You could measure that we can as a second as it were and his theme as he led this country that was now this empire that was not a greatest empire in the world his theme was to return Babylon to its greatness he wanted to make Babylon great again in fact in his efforts to do this he started a massive building campaign with many bricks used to do so any built incredible temples and he built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon built because his wife was a foreigner to Babylon. And so he built the gardens to try and reminder of where she was from up in the mountains. He used many bricks to do this said he walked them this long distance from five eighty six to five sixteen B.C.. Judah was held captive by him. In Daniel Chapter two he has a vision this that we can measure and he can figure it out Daniel after he and the three boys of have gone through this process of removing from them the king's meat and the king's wine. Then you'll is called and he is able to give interpretation for the dream. Babylon is represented as you know as the head of gold. And whenever you can as a hear this I don't know that he hears anything else about the dream he is so impressed that he represents the head the part of the thing that would think talked about Rumi in the legs in the crushing power last night he like me and I had any like me in gold. And so he really fell into this thing and what he did is he decided that it wasn't enough for him that this kingdom would end so he began to try and see if he could set up a way to make his kingdom last forever and one of the things that he did is he decided he was going to make an idol that was all gold to represent his kingdom. Then three in verse one says Nebuchadnezzar the king made an image of gold whose height was threescore cubits and the breath air of six cubits he set it up in the plane of dirt a province of Babylon it was about ninety feet tall and to this day in the plain of door there is a mound of found that might have made a perfect base for such a statue. He wanted everyone to be able to see it so what he does and then three in verse two he says never can as the king said to gather together all of the leaders princes governors captains from the military judges from the judicial system Treasurer's from the financial system counselors sharers from the from the law enforcement all the rulers of the provinces to come to the dedication of the image which never can as the king it set up in other words he wanted to set this up and he wanted every aspect of society to understand that he was the man. You got them all gathered together in verse three. And all of them stood before this idol verse four says that a herald cried aloud to you it is commanded O. people nations and languages that you fall down when you hear the sound of the music that you fall down and worship the golden image that never came is that the king is set up whoever does not fall down and worship shall the same hour be cast into the midst of a burning fiery furnace so he says listen you got a bottle or you want to burn. Is your choice so we will ask why a furnace not our weird way to kill people. Burn him in a furnace but you see Babylon was never can as it was such a narcissist that his for the furnace was the source of how he was building this new Babylon he stole the rear was the Egypt where they could go get big stones and build things so they had to bake brick and so he used the furnace and you see a hot these furnace is would get and he used them to make a brick to build what he was trying to get to a naked but actually lay a glaze over it so when you look at it it was a beautiful mosaics could be made and it was really pretty and on and on the inside he made sure to stamp every brick and these are actual bricks that were found stamped every brick with his name. So if you are on the right you have you on inside of the brick you can see is a made by Nebuchadnezzar made by never can as it made by and. So I put up a giant hotel which your name on it right. Somebody's got that something you got that so we all are following this thing but it's all right inside. So the Bible says that at that time when all the people heard the sound of the music they fell down in works of the golden image that now became as the king had set up so what was he trying to do so we can bring this back around to religious liberty what is he really trying to do one he's trying to circumvent prophecy he's trying to change the way prophecies supposed to go by bringing everyone together he's trying to use an ecumenical approach to change the outcome of what has been prophesied. Number two he mistook his. Power in government for moral authority. So he thought because he was in power he had the right to dictate other folks more ality and how they lived so one of the things that you'll see in the end times and of course the third is entertainment he tied music. To false worship because he understood that music bypasses the frontal lobe of your brain the thinking part of your brain it goes in through a different party your brain and into your head and it affects you and the words when they are being sung when words are being sung you don't challenge the mentally the same way you do when someone speaks words to you so if you want to move someone to do something one of the ways to do it is put a beat to it put a melody to it and sing it to someone when you go to the store I don't know about South Africa but when you go to a store in America. They play all the oldies all the hits and you know why because why are you in a shop and Michael Jackson come on you just the dance at all Michael Jackson and you just don't want stuff in your car you don't even need because you talk about some trailer so you know you you fill up your car with stuff you don't need because the music gets you in a mood where you're not thinking you play the music because the wrong kind of music will move you in the wrong direction verse A says where for the times certain John is came in and accuse the Jews a speaker said to the King Nebuchadnezzar okaying live forever you made it OK made a created every man and he had a sound of the cornet a flute a harp a sack but a soldier an adult somewhere and all kinds of music so far down the works of the golden image and whatever does not fall down and worship should be cast in the midst of a burning fiery furnace that's what you said never can as are but there are certain Jews that tells you a lot the Bible you know if you read a bible you got a kind of take it time with the thing it says certain Jews which means that there were some Jews that were uncertain. Missing this thing in other words they weren't the only Jews somebody in that crowd went to academy with these three boys somebody in that crowd was in Sabbath school with them three boys somebody in that crowd was a pass find with these three boys but the mother folk buy out that when the certain ones still. Number one they weren't the only ones but the second thing is they're certain because they are convinced not to Baal Son of these Jews are defying you on purpose in fact when you look at the thing this is what they say that you have said of the affairs of of the of the province of Babylon he names them Shadrach me second Abednego these men Oking have not regarded you they serve not your gods nor worship the golden image which you settle calls them out on the table. Because I'm I think that the reason these men part of the reason that they have the fortitude to stand is because and then you're one they don't eat what everybody else eats. I've been a spiritual power given them because they follow a health message in Daniel one but also you notice Daniel is not in the store and it's probably because then it was somewhere else I believe that because of really sent Daniel away some folks have argued so that Daniel would be around because he knew then you wouldn't bother a certain Jews. That have not regarded you look at the three things they charge them with. They don't serve your gods and they will not worship the golden image you have set up and nothing is the see they got there are jealous of shatter at the second Abednego because they don't like their sad me second Abednego have a better job than they do and you can read in the first part where you set them over the provinces of Babylon you look these dude's up and now they will. Then never can as in his rage and fury commanded to bring Shadrach me shack and Abednego then they brought these men before the king so it is rage and fury he's embarrassed is a shame that is not that these guys would actually go against him and so he says look I'm bringing them before me. So you heard the testimony this morning one of the things that you need to know as a Christian is that trial and problems are going to come. I think in some strange things when you are faced with fiery trials the apostle says and fact the first P. of this process of of surviving persecution the first Free be is pressure and you ought to expect pressure to come at you in fact Matthew five eleven was one of my favorite verses when I was going through the trial that I talked about this morning is as blessed as are you when men shall revile you and persecute you and say all means manner of evil against you falsely for my sake rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your reward in heaven for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you I am here to tell you that problems are going to come persecution will come so and so sometimes when I preaches after you know these times or is have to step back and say you may not go through the public stuff that I went through. But I will guarantee you trial is going to come tribulation is going to come the pressure is going to come and by God's grace when you're faced with a trial one of the things that will show is that you stand firm for what you believe in the trial. There's a blessing in learning to praise God inside the storm. The problem for a lot of us is the storm hits and we start complaining in fact what the devil did to me and what it probably does done to many of you is the trial comes and he's telling you to jump ship tells you to jump out of the church leave God alone the spirit of prophecy says it like this he says one when we look for joy behold there is sorrow when we expect peace we freak We frequently have distrust and doubt because we find ourselves plunged into trials we cannot avoid in these trials we are having the answers to our prayers missin this thing you see God sends the storm he says without war but is in a second but he sends the storm because you prayed you wanted a closer walk with him or you are misunderstanding you prayed that you wanted to be a better Christian you pray that you want to be ready for when Jesus comes so guess what he does he sends the stall on to help prepare you she says the Lord places us in different positions to develop us if we have defects of character of which we are not aware he gives us discipline that will bring those defects to our knowledge that we may overcome them. Did you know that the trial came so that God was like a Holy Ghost Cat Scan machine like an M.R.I. the trial just shows you the the the faults in your character the matter static cancer like problems in who you are the trial really only surfaced what was already flawed that was there and let me say that when I was going through I think that was one of the hardest things I had to face that as I was going through the trial I had to come to the reality that there were parts of me that had not been fully surrendered to God. And it took the trial for me like Job the story of Job such a job does of the same job as perfect but N. God is like Job where were you when I've put the world into existence because even perfect job had to grow. She says What should you do when you are tried by the providence of the Lord you should rise to the emergency of the case and overcome your defects of character. In other words the trial came to give you an opportunity to allow the hand of God as a surgical scalpel that is divinely inspired to cut from you the mess of cancer of sin in your life he allowed the trial. So that you would be willing to undergo a procedure to remove from you those things that are inhibiting your relationship with him so when the trial comes the first prayer you need to learn to ask pressure comes Lord what am I supposed to learn from this what is it that is a what is it I need to let go of Lord what is it that I'm holding on to that this trial has been sent to me to agitate away from me in verse fourteen never seen as a spoken to these boys and said Is it true. Abednego you don't serve my God you don't worship the golden image which I have set up. Is that true then you give them a second chance of the devil and give you a second chance now if you be ready that it would at what time you hear the sound of the music you fall down or worse of the image which I have made well but if you worship not you will be cast the same hour into the midst of a burning fiery furnace and I like this statement from from from that we can NEVER it speaks volumes he says Who is that God That shall deliver you out of my hands. As a Buddhist statement or never can as a says here is a challenge he said America is trash talk the talk and joke right and what does he mean by it he says Who is that God Why because you see according to the rules that Nebuchadnezzar is working under you see he is God has already walked the Hebrew god misunderstanding you see to Nebuchadnezzar there is no more fight left in just over. Job or already has his king in captivity the priceless vessels from the temple are engine are there in Babylon the brightest best best looking smart as young men in the kingdom who are of royal blood are now bowing in front of his idol and he said listen your God has already been whooped he's lost Who is he that he should stop me now. Sometimes in our lives sometimes the stars that look like God lost. Then. Sometimes you get a diagnosis a cancer diagnosis of of diabetes or dying some terrible diagnosis or some horrible financial thing comes your marriage falls apart in several I've been praying for this thing and God didn't answer the prayer that thing beat God. And you start to doubt God around that thing and shout Rock Me second Abednego understood that you don't worship God in your circumstance. It's not because of what's going right that you worship God it's because God simply is right Shadrach the second Abednego answered the king. I like how they say this they say all Medicaid Nazir we are not careful we're not careful to answer you on this matter What does that mean they're saying listen we're not even goes sugarcoat this thing we're not no water down our response we're going to tell you straight out what we think we are going to come at you like we're supposed to we're not going to play around with this thing we're not even going to try and be politically correct. We don't speak truth to this in the situation so the second Peter second B. is our. When you're going to a trial remember that the second plea is power and that you need to claim power in your prayer and your persecution in your problem in your difficulty and goes back to our verse God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind and I like to say about this verse that fear is a horrible G.P.S. system fare more you will make the dumbest the season when you chicken when you're scared you won't step out in faith and go back to school and seven years later you still trying to figure out what you can do but do you know that when they had across the Jordan River to present a put his foot in the water before a river opened if you let the same lead you you keep your feet dry when all you had to do is touch what it is your fraid of and the war would open fair makes a horrible G.P.S. system. Has not given us a spirit of fear power love and a sound mind when trial comes your way this is one of those verses you need to recite because what trial does it scares you spirit of prophecy says it like this and why it says in Testimony Volume three page four ninety five she says it is obstacles that make men strong it is not helps but difficulties conflicts rebuffs that make men of moral sinew too much ease and avoiding responsibility have made weaklings and the wards of those who ought to be responsible men of moral power and sport strong spiritual muscle let me just when I was growing up the kids I got everything were soft as kids. Me I had to shovel snow and cut grass to bike to those I could buy school clothes when I was twelve years old I was out cutting yards I can even see the end of the grass sometimes. I mean would have a lawn mower just chugging along about was my shoes the other folks at home getting everything they wanted and when we got to high school in college they did not have the fortitude to stand the test let me tell you some of you come from poverty and difficulty it has given you a strength that your wealthy counterparts might never know and let me tell you some you better use it to your advantage that you got the grit you don't mind the floor the better if you got to hang from a ceiling long as you find somewhere to sleep you'll make it happen. Obstacles make men strong you see that's why you go and lift weights for those of us who live ways I like to live with when you lift weights what you're actually doing is damaging your body. What you're doing is causing microscopic tears in the muscles you're just you push the muscle your picture out as much that there's little microscopic rips in the muscle the Bible says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made each of those little microscopic tears so if this is the tear the distance from here to here God made it so he doesn't take a muscle and put the muscle back together what God does is when the muscle tears this microscopic here he fills in the space with new muscle so every time you challenge the muscle through resistance training the muscle becomes bigger and stronger why so that the next time you can lift more weight than you could the time before you are misunderstanding in other words that's how you get bigger and stronger is to challenge your muscle. Your faith works the same way you go to trial your faith it's ripped it gets shredded it gets cut up but if you stay there with God and you supply the right nutrients and you give your body enough rest what happens is God feels in the tears in your face with new face so I trials come. So that you learn power you have the faith to trust the power of God. This young man to listen we're not careful to answer you know because as he says verse seventeen if it be so. Our God who we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and he will deliver us out of your hand okaying the secrets of his whole story is verse eighteen verse eighteen says but if not be it known the okaying that we will not serve your god nor worship the golden image which you have set up. The three Hebrew boys made their decision to serve God not because he when he would deliver of them but because he could deliver them he they trusted him not because they expected to be delivered from the fire but because they knew he could deliver them from the fire when you're going through a trial I want you to learn to trust God trust his promise remember that no matter what you're going through he can deliver you. So if he's choosing not to he has a reason. You have that kind of trust in God that even when everything's go wrong you trust him even though nothing's going right the third P.. Is promise you know apply the promises of the Bible to your life as a forty three verse two is a verse that I believe shall write me second Abednego knew and remembered when they're going to the trial it says when you pass through the waters I will be with you and through the rivers they shall not overflow you when you walk through the fire. You will not be burned neither shall the flame Kindle upon the I believe that those young men knew the promise and they claim the promise so they could stand it never can as face and say we don't care if you push is in the fire we're going to five or get burned up it's fine because we serve a God who can deliver us if he chooses not to it's OK we say when you take that attitude with your problems I'm going to hit you know what the devil does he did it to me you start focusing on yourself when you go to problems whoa is me whoa is me like how terrible God is with what is allow me to go through and start focusing on yourself how unfair this is how unfair this is how unfair this is and you start focusing on yourself and you know you stop focusing on by default when you focus on yourself Jesus you stop focusing on him and when you start to do that the problem mushrooms because you can never solve the problem when you go on to something the next time I challenge you to lift Jesus up higher. To not complain to not worry about what you're going to actual and you to make Jesus you're our spirit of prophecy says it like this he says we do not value the power and efficacy of prayer as we should. Prayer and faith will do what no power on earth can accomplish pray with power pray the promises will talk about prayer more tomorrow when I pray one of things I like to interject into the prayer is actual Bible promises in the prayer. Verse nineteen said then when was never seen as a full of fury in the form of his Vice it was changed again shall write me second Abednego therefore he spake it commanded that they should heat the furnace seven times more than it was want to be heeded he got mad he was embarrassed now that they challenged him and he commanded that the most mighty men that were in his army bind shall write me second Abednego to cast them into the burning fire furnace and these men were bound in their coats their hosen and their hats and other garments and were cast into the midst of a burning fire a furnace so notice he uses the strongest men he binds them and to make them Human Torches he puts them in a layer close to throw them in the fire but the Bible says because it is command urge it and the furnace was so hot that these great men that took them up were killed but they said What happened your trial some time the very people who came after you to destroy you are burned by the fire they started to kill you I saw it when I went to my thing some of those people by my old job that were jumping up and down to get me didn't realize that the whole reason the money was coming at the Department of first place was the very guy they were trying to get rid of and when I went so did the money and within a year almost everybody else trying to get rid of me lost their own job. Fire was so hot. You guys slain trying to slay me and these three men Shadrach Meshach and Abednego fell down down into the midst of the fire burning fire for them where they are bound they're never going to the king was astonished and rose up in haste and spake and said unto his councillors wait a minute didn't we cast three men but on into the midst of the fire they said Yeah King that's exactly what we did. And he answered and said hello I see four men loose walking in the midst of the fire and I like this and they have no hand and the form of the fourth looks like the Son of God. Can you imagine now taken as a shock to you looking down into this furnace and you look in and first of all these bottles These president to be rolling around toasted like hot dogs but when he looks around I stand up walking around and I'm not just walking around there's not three of them there's four of them somebody has one how do you know you look like the Son of God Remember that because as I had some dreams he recognized divinity. Related to the fourth grade a fourth P. is present. When you're going to your tribe I want you to acknowledge that God's presence is always who with you. He was thirty five I would never leave the nor forsake the guess what that promise doesn't stop when the trial starts you don't start going to suffering. Pack up and go. Now your family may do that your friends may do that everyone you expected to stick around may do that but guess what the power of the Living God will stay with you. And one of things you got to keep reminding yourself of as you go through difficulty is that God does not forget his own in. Fact most of the Spirit of Prophecy says on this one but the Lord did not forget his own as his witnesses were cast into the furnace the Savior revealed Himself to them in person and together they walked in the midst of the fire in the presence of the Lord of heat and cold that the Flames lost their power to consume you are misunderstanding you see the fact that Jesus was in the fire mean that the laws of physics were suspended of all of a sudden fire stop being fire. If he has the power he has the power to suspend the laws of physics so when he needs to get to a boat and his disciples are out there he can walk on water and gravity at nine point eight meters per second squared have no power over him. That's why when Lazarus was sick he delayed on purpose because of Jesus had just been in the vicinity if you'd been in the house best couldn't occupy our house where Jesus was so he could not die in the miracle couldn't happen so do it I'm a sinner away from a guy. Who has taken off a long time with his brother croak he had to stay away to watch this if Jesus is in the equation I want you to understand the power that you are afraid of actually has no power the fact that Jesus was in the furnace meant the fire couldn't burn which means these as they dropped into the fire he showed up in fact I sometimes wonder if he wasn't in there waiting for. She says never feel that Christ is far away he is always near his loving presence around you see him as one who desires to be found of you he desires you not only to touch his garments but to walk with him and constant communion Now let me let me say it was the if they had decided. To pretend like they sure were untied and when the music played they just kind of bit down a star turn and shoes so that it looked like they were bowing and they could try to or they had a similar listen when I'm used up and not me over so I can fall a little longer. Than some other which I figure maybe or caught a cut of charlie horse. Going to find a way to go if they had a compromised Don't miss this had they compromised they would never have met Jesus ha some time the fire comes because it's in the fire that's the only place you'll meet him sometimes it's in your trial the tribulation in your struggle in your difficulty it's in your darkest hour that you get to experience Christ in such a way. And sometimes and I attempt to avoid the fire we avoid a meeting a meaningful experience with Jesus the Christ sometimes it's the fire. Where Jesus is waiting for you but this fifty is purification first Peter one of our services that the trial of your faith being much more precious than of gold the parishes. Though it be tried with fire might be found to praise and honor and glory at the pairing of Jesus Christ your this is to purify you you need to embrace the fact that you're being purified. Otherwise as the plans of God are always the best. Although we may not always the Cerne them perfection of Christian character can be obtained only through labor conflict and self-denial labor conflict and self-denial in between the a lot of us are willing to put in a labor. Will Work work work work work but we don't want to conflict in order to be purified She says the fire of affliction must Kindle upon us and our will must be brought into conformity to the will of God in order to be conformed to the image of our Savior we pass through a most painful process of refining. She said it is in coming in contact with difficulties that we that will give you spiritual muscle and sinew or talked about it already you become strong in Christ if you endure the testing process and approving of God But if you find fault with your situation don't miss this if you find fault with your situation and with everybody around you you will only grow weaker or the trials that come upon us come to prove us the enemy of our souls is working against us continually but our defects of character will be made manifest to us and when they are made plain instead of finding fault with others let us say I will arise and go to my father some of us get the trial you know we do we start figured out it was their body else four but ours that boss that was a wicked and evil boss and you may not have done anything wrong the secret to growing in your trial is not to try to figure out what was wrong with everybody else in the trial is to figure out what is God trying to change in me in the trial when we begin to realize that we are sinners and fall on the rock to be broken the everlasting arms are placed about us and we are brought close to the heart of Jesus then shall we be charmed with his loveliness and disgusted with our own righteousness. Some of us go to trial because we're self righteous and it takes trial for you to realize even your righteousness is as filthy rags we need to come close to the foot of the cross the more we humble ourselves there the more exalted will God's love to hear. The six speak the six one. Is protection except it understand it no matter how bad the trial gets you're safe in the wings and under the arms of God Some ninety one six and seven says nor for the purpose the words that walketh in darkness nor for the destruction that waste is that new day a thousand shall fall at the side and ten thousand that I write in but it shall not come nigh the you are protected and the whites as I did she says by the deliverance of his faithful servants the Lord declared that he takes his stand with the oppressed did you get that and rebukes all earthly powers that rebel against the authority of heaven it took their stand to make that statement verse twenty seven the princes to govern the cap of the Kings Council being gathered together saw these men upon whose bodies the fire had no power nor was it here of their heads singed nor their cocoa change not even the smell of Fiat passed on them they didn't even smell like cigarette smoke. And notice what God does he enemy wants to bring you out in public and destroy you he wants the whole world to see that's what they did to me they want a whole world to see you know and they're happening for what and listen to my sermons who wouldn't never listen to him who didn't know God who didn't know Jesus and are listening to all those sermons and I don't know what the effect was on all those folks but I know one thing when they get to the judgement they are not going to be without an excuse. Your trial ha your trial sometimes is your your being beaten down your been beaten up your difficulties and your challenges exist so that when you rise in Christ Jesus when God works the thing out for you you are a walking living breathing thing testimony of the power of God somebody on your job now knows that God exists because they saw where you were. The Nebuchadnezzar speaking for Blessed be the God of shad red meat and Abednego who were sent as Angel of the liver to service their trust in him and have changed the king's word. And yielded their bodies that they might not serve nor worship any god except their own God I like that. You see because he was the one bragging in the beginning. He was the one bragging will come back to that in a second but yesterday one of the things that we were able to do I wanted to go out to Robben Island in and see some things but it didn't work out the weather was bad and I was on Thursday actually it's funny weather been perfect ever since and I because God wanted me to go somewhere else. He wanted me to go out to I don't know where actually the place is what is where the Huguenot. Memorial is and there's a museum and I went out there and if you have the living and you haven't been to you to go look at it. There's a video they showed that showed how these French people were tortured. Killed in France until finally they had a skate some of them wound up in North America. But the peace of the great controversy that was missing in my historical knowledge is that so many of them came here that in fact that South Africa like America shares a heritage that it was in part founded by folk who were fleeing religious persecution and when you watch the video the stuff that was being done to them in France was next level torture. Could it be. God established this nation. Brought those individuals here so that there was a Protestant presence in the southern part of Africa now like America your history isn't perfect but guess what the God that helped establish the place is perfect and may be the work that is in front of us as Advent is here is to finish the work that they started and couldn't complete. Maybe the persecution that they had to the difficulty that they went to the blood that they shed so that this nation could be founded maybe there is a spiritual heritage that if we recognize that we can all watch on to about a blood of Jesus Christ like the three Hebrew boys stand up. And make great things happen. I challenge you. Bibles as they gave their bodies they yielded their bodies. So never can as is therefore I make a decree that every that every people nation and language will speak anything amiss against the God of sad me second Abednego shall be cut in pieces and their houses shall be made a done deal and he is our good God is he allows never Knesset to answer his own question Mary asked Who is this god there's a deliver you out of my hand so I'll begin bad now listen to him because there is no other god that can deliver after this sort. Who is that God Jehovah is that God. Than the seventh he is found in the verse thirty. The seventh piece as in the King promoted Shadrach me second Abednego in the province of Babylon the seventh three is promotion you heard in some of the testimonies today and traces testimony today you heard it you go through the doldrums and in God when you come to the other side he will lift you up if you learn not to complain too much you know if you are learning to sometime like Joseph when you're in your prison experience serve somebody else. Do the work be diligent in the little work that is given you be faithful in the work that you think is beneath you. And you'll be shocked at how God when he can trust you to show to sweep us a street to file a file when you've got a degree one when you are willing to go and work in a small missionary clinic when you see me you thought you were going to be leading a nation in public health when your friends call in little things God will elevate you to big things promotion who so despise the word shall be destroyed but who he that fears the commandments shall be rewarded. She says as in a days of shall write me second Abednego So in the closing period of its history the Lord will work mightily in behalf of those who stand steadfastly for the right he who walked with the Hebrew worthies in the fiery furnace will be with his followers wherever they are his abiding presence will comfort and sustain in the midst of the time of trouble trouble as has as such has not been since there was a nation his chosen ones will stand unmoved same with all the hosts of evil cannot destroy the way guest of God Saints angels that excel in strength to protect them and in their we have Joe whole reveal himself as a god of gods able to save to the uttermost those who have put their trust in Him It is the triumph of the Christian faith that it enables its followers to suffer and be strong to submit and thus to conquer that is the strength of the Christian faith. One of my favorite stories is the story that happened in three twenty eight A.B. high in the icy mountains of Armenia. The Roman Empire per the time was still a pagan Roman emperor. And he made a created every subject every man woman and boy and girl in his empire must bow and worship him as a god. All throughout the Empire I love this of this of the Emperor was taken and lifted up and people would by now. Finally got to a legion of one hundred great soldiers and they lifted it up and the and the entourage that was representing the Emperor came and said You have to buy now and worship the Emperor. When this thing when I'm sixty of the forty men bowed forty men refused to bow you see forty of them had been converted to Christianity and refused to Baal they said we will bow to no god but the one true god. True story when I went back to Rome that they refused to bow. The Emperor sent another entourage out and this time with more firepower more ability to make them buy when they went back and in order to make them bad I took them up high into the mountains of Armenia to an icy lake in the middle of the winter when there was a storm. And when I got them to the top they said listen you can buy out now or you are going to suffer they refused to bottle. They stripped them of their clothes and and had a march all to the icy lake. Near the lake where some hot springs the other soldiers bathed in the hot springs the other soldiers started fires and warm themselves and cooked food the other sixty began to laugh at them and mock them they they began to tease them and and to make fun of them finally the commander who did not want to lose them yells across the icy lake are you ready to come and by hour and eat food and get warm. The forty of them shout back in unison here die forty men for Christ. As time went on and I'd ask them they'd shout back here stand forty men for Christ. As the night got darker and the winds got colder and the icy lake began to to freeze parts of their body one of the staff already decided it wasn't worth it any stumbles off of the ice. Through the snow and falls near a fire is wrapped in a warm blanket and food in and warm drink is given him. The commander turned the other thirty nine look this guy made the right decision he's bowing just just come off of the ice. But just in the strangest thing happened. One of the sixty. Turns to the commander says listen. I want what they have their god is a God I want to serve and that one begins to strip him self takes off all of his clothes walks out onto the ice and joins the other thirty nine and forty of them together begin to shout Here I forty men for Christ the tradition holds that as the winds whip that night as the wind howled and the snow fell even in the faintness over all of that they could still hear them shouting as they died a most cruel death here die for the men for Christ. Is a chapel represented representing that story that you can visit today in Eastern Europe what will it take for you to stay what is it that the world is offering you they will make you buy our forty idols of the world. What is it that they have given you that makes it so that you don't want to fully commit your life to Jesus Christ as their head is about in every eyes close and something is played softly maybe somebody wants to be like that fortieth man who walks out onto the ice and give their life fully to Jesus Christ maybe you've never been baptized. Maybe you have no church family maybe this advent message is new to you I don't know your story but you want to give your life to Jesus Christ today. That is raising. This message was presented at the Aimin missions twenty seventeen by the Conference shaken but not forsaken in Cape Town in South Africa a main mission a supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church is a youth ministry seeking to inspire young people to be a Bible based mission for this and pricing is just our aim is to assist in taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world in this generation starting in South Africa for more resources like this or you finally how to support this work visit us at W W W In Dutch missions to hear that it came in and then message to every nation this recording was produced by the preparation ministry.


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