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Tribulation's Song

Eric Walsh


Dr Walsh's unique testimony of being persecuted laid out in the structure of a song using various Psalms and SOP passages that helped him make sense of his trial and helped him thrive despite his tribulation.


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician


  • September 9, 2017
    3:00 PM
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This message was presented at the mission's twenty seventeen final conference. In Cape Town South Africa for resources like this this is a. Dash mission starts here in the city. And to every nation to be heard testimony this morning you heard it with out this side of it and this is the feeling side of it so I will go through each section at the end of each sex I make isn't I made my testimony into a song if I did the full testimony I do as if it's a song so this is the preload to the song and at the end in which at each stage I'll allow some questions all right so first the first one is this one is less what are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven bless it are you one mention of value and persecute you and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your reward in heaven for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you what happened as I was going through this is that people began to send me stuff and that was powerful in my e-mail. May have still had the I think I can already got rid of Facebook by them but in my Linked In Linked In it's the nerd one right out of you guys no link that he has a link to that I like it because then I don't need to see everybody's life I don't want to see a life Allie want to see wildlife both of them so so you know there were people who said I mean he's positive messages this is one of the first verses I got and I began to understand that I was being persecuted for the sake of the Cross and the Los Angeles Times I told him this morning the Los Angeles Times put out an article saying basically I was not fit to be in a scientific office in the United States of America because I believe that God created the world. That was crazy and of course they were they also thing and something else I didn't mention this morning they also ridiculed me because I. Us in some of my sermons on entertainment I talk about Disney and I said I want to serve as I said I don't want my children to wish upon a star you know you are been asked by a minute Disneyland but is the whole thing When You Wish Upon A Star. When he was about to start makes no difference who you are because when you wish upon a star your dreams come true well that's a prayer to a non god entity which is witchcraft as what it is you cut it up size it up any way you want it it's not something you want you should want your child to do so I said that in a sermon I said I want my children to pray to the living God and I put that in the Los Angeles Times the second largest newspaper the United States one of the probably top five largest newspapers on the planet and that was it I mean I was on the local news there are some clips of my sermons and song about how you know terrible I was ridiculing me more for being a Christian I was on a new nightly news in New York I mean think about New York City with twenty million people in the catchment zone. And it just travel around the world it was on A.O.L. News and Yahoo News so you know at a bottom when you check e-mail at the bottom is all those news oh dear my face and people are like call me like you know us just so you want to buy Yahoo News and it was crazy and it just exploded and of course once they start to beat me and people start and advocate tribute to do it because as the story came up and everybody a lot of people know me from preachin they are clicked on the stories how does the internet work the more you click on it like the more they want it more buzz that generates So guess what they did they were kept right more stories and out for like two three weeks straight hours has been beat up in the media and I am a man who doesn't hate anyone I've experienced prejudice racism dislike of all kinds I guess that's not who I am number one number two the job I was doing I brought millions of dollars into the city in order to help literally to fight. HIV and we started the first government run dental clinic for HIV infected individuals I hired tons of people from the very community told me I hated it was really a lie it was really wicked and evil but it is what it is because the Bible says it right here it says falsely. Then they're not going there accusing you of stuff you did by definition that's what happened that's exactly what they did to Christ right it made up stuff about cries of the water they couldn't find him with that image and it was one of the most difficult things I'd ever been through for saw many reasons. And I started to really study to read the Psalms was to question a second and of course God showed me the Laodiceans and he said and this was me I was Laodicean I was preaching and doing stuff but I was still a Laodicean Christian in many ways. And so it says on to the angel of the church related to write these things said the Amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God I know your works that you are neither cold nor hot I would die were cold or hot so then because you are lukewarm and neither cold or hot I will spew you spit you out of my mouth because you say I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing and noticed not a doubt wretched and miserable and poor and blind and make it. And then he says a counselor by me gold tried in a fire so the antidote to Laodicean ism is to be tried in fire. So we talked about that in a sermon about why God sends trials that's the antidote. What you have trial you may but that you can then become rich and and white room and almost be called in that shame of the nakedness doesn't appear and then God began to show me the shame of my nakedness he began to show me all the ways that my success in my career had caused me to begin to drift from God that wasn't major I was still a pastor at a church I was still preaching all over the place but deep inside in my. Own quiet devotional time and in my own walk with Christ I could feel the drifting and I knew it was happening but then on a thousand level God's blessing me I must be all right with him you know you look at me up I mean you can go both ways at the same time and the trial here. And when that happens is as that and annoying than eyes with eyes of that you may see why because what happens is without trial sometimes you can't see your own condition and you can't actually see the power of God you get that so the trial comes along and it and I'm sorry if you go to trial and you don't do what I said in a sermon is more than if you do not ask God to show you what it is he's put you through this trial for what it is about YOU that needs to change your spouse walks out on you a lot of times either just hate the person who walked out and not stop and say Lord what am I lacking with you why are you allowing this to happen and if you ask that question God then is the great Potter and he will begin to mold and remake you out of the humility you have in that situation. And he says as many as I love I love this line as many as I love I rebuke and I chase and be zealous therefore and what what does it mean to be chastened to be disciplined to be disciplined now everyone's context of discipline goes back to what. Childhood my boy child to discipline men use catches of blows now my mother was quick to say should of been a box because she had a way could write a book like I mean if you lie about this book someday you can get it out your mouth full how she hit me before I was finished saying it right so my understanding of me and chase it was blows but God isn't it that's not the way God works it's he's far more sophisticated Not that you may not get blows but got my mother didn't have Jamaicans you know so she didn't understand time I'll put people in corners and all that foolishness it was it was it was violence I mean it was it was bloody because you know I'm telling you the last woman I got as far as I like third grade and I realize this woman is crazy I'm not I will behave she won't be so good as I think I'm cured I will never get a bad report card nothing this woman is nuts right so but God rebukes he will pass no do you do he knows what's valuable to you is this the way you really discipline a child you know what the child loves you know what they value and when you discipline them you take that thing from them write that kid I love that i Pad you say OK you act you touch i Pad for two weeks that makes them have to constantly a woman is the one good thing about a weapon is what is over is go back to do what you do and so a lot of my cousin Debbie like either you stay inside or you get a woman they were like do they do work right because you want to go outside to play Who Wants to be inside of there Miles I play and so it's the same principle God leaves you in the chastening process he leaves you there because it takes time for the dross of your character to be purged off and as they did to me I was in it a little bit still it three years this didn't just happen I was what got solved up in it and all my life every time I got a promise offered lots of us of it I'm a doctor so I was like fix it fix it it's not. The way God works he leaves he leaves Joseph in the prison two years after Joseph helps the public think about that for a second that's almost cruel and unusual punishment he helps the butler the butler goes back to Pharaoh and at any time to but they could tell him OK Joseph is cool you should let him out he's actually innocent he waits until Pharaoh needs Joseph to say something he sits there for two years. Some of you want your two year experience in the prison two years and that is a tough time but he says the guy which is why results therefore and do what. The purpose of trial of the bring you to repentance to recognize where you're wrong recognize where you need to go and if you can get that out of it every trial will actually be a blessing every trial would be like like a workout session in the gym right you think about it what I mean out of they go to gym like here like in America but in the states go the gym is the big thing I mean you see Kevin Hart a little self on it's own I'M ON HIS it all is like incredible little work out is that he's ripped Now he wasn't when he started threatening us a crew I got to give him props but who goes to the gym to get her to to you know be sore to all the things that you do why do you do why do people do it because you can have a better physical product after than you had before why does God send you to trial because you have a better spiritual product after than you had before and once you understand it you can repent and God can grow you. And it's and Luke twenty one thirty four says and take heed to yourselves less that any time your heart to be overcharged with surfacing and drunkenness and the cares of this life and so that day come upon you unawares have a great devotional by. Morris vend in a great pastor from the level in the area and in one of the days devotion that I have go through he talks about the fact that if the Devils will pull Christians away he if your if you are in Christ and He will pull you away it obviously isn't going to be would sinful. Things don't miss this he's going to pull you away with good things. And when you when I read that devotion that he actually of a sermon I did on it afterwards he's right the devil is he knows eat I Q wouldn't get me would cigars and cigarettes and marijuana and alcohol or women or there's a lot of stuff he just wasn't I'll get me with but he gave me would success. I think you get me with popularity he could get me would accolades and and people liking me you get my point he could pull me away with things that actually aren't bad at all like the cares of this life and once you understand that you understand how it is that good Christian people sometimes fall because they won't do a lot of stuff you think they'll do but they can get caught up in the cares of this life and the end looks as though don't do that the day doesn't come upon you unaware he's preparing you for a second coming so any questions on that part of it and have to be quick would have to get all the way through this but I don't see it hands I keep going you know the questions to sort of storm it you are actually two bit about a storm already and this is the Psalms and this is where the Psalms became powerful false witnesses did rise up they laid to my charge things that I knew not they rewarded me evil for good to the spoiling of my soul but as for me when they were when they were sick my clothing was sackcloth my home of my soul with fasting and my prayer were turned into my own bosom. This is exactly what I experienced funny how the Psalms were perfect I was looking at it like these people are lying on me they went in front of City Hall when I came to tell you all of madness that happened right and they were coming at me coming at me coming at me and I'm like when other folk needed help I was always there to help them and David is like it's terrible I love my soul for them and fasting and prayer returned to my own bosom and I was always trying in my job to lead people to Christ subtly so I never spritz that he sermons on the job but by default the way that I lead the department the way I cared about people the kind of leader I was on the job I was trying really hard to bring people to know who Jesus is I behaved myself as though he had been my friend or brother I bow down heavily as one that mourning for his mother but in mine adversity they rejoiced I tell you about how when Georgia got when it when the state of Georgia fired me they kept the phone on and it I mean you little shit heard him haha I mean it was just like hyenas that I mean Africa laughing like hyenas and I was like I was really hurt I've met these people that sat at a table with them and been interviewed and been offered a job and here they are laughing at me. Really because I am a Christian who just out of luck who can't be helped. But in my own adversity rejoice and gather themselves again the yea the abject gather themselves together against me and I knew it not they did tear me and cease not with hypocritical markers in fees they master point with their teeth Lord how long will you look on rescue my so from their destructions my darling from the Lions that was my prayer what the Psalms did for me as I actually transition to a place where I began to use the Psalms as prayers and I'm telling you when you go to something the Psalms are amazing thing because this line I would just recite it how long how long you will leave me in this Lord how long must I was to suffer like this and rescue me I mean literally is of like Lord rescue me these people are destroying my good name and character when I didn't do anything did nothing wrong my darling from the Lions look at all some of these things put me out of the net that they leave privet privately for me for you are my strength into the one hand I commit my spirit as literally what Jesus said on the cross the hour has redeemed me O. Lord God of truth I have hated them that regard lying vanities but I trust in the Lord I'll be glad to rejoice and I mercy for that has considered my trouble has known my soul and adversities and that he has won some thirty it was an amazing one all or rebuke me not in Iraq but then what happens the Devils are saying you know it's your fault you in this mess and so is this this dichotomy that you go through on a want to and you realize you weren't right and you needed to grow and what the devil says though is it's all your fault anyway so the so he starts to bring your sin up in front of you and with us and God does not grow you or change you through guilt he grows you and changes you through conviction right guilt is the tool of the devil guilt makes you feel unworthy of what God wants to do for you and many other people have witnessed too many of my patients over the years I witnessed to when I say to them look at the cross Jesus of the Bible loves you the Jesus of the Bible except you know what I say I've done too much wrong. He can accept. That's guilt conviction says I've done a lot wrong how do I live right now. If that's where your arrows stick fast to me and I hand presently soar there's no soundness in my flesh because of the anger neither is there any rest in my bones because of my sin for my own iniquities are gone over my head as as a heavy burden they are too heavy for me my womb stink and they are corrupt because of my foolishness you start to realize how you play into Davis and OH LORD rebuke me not man anger even chasing me and I have pleasure have mercy upon me oh Lord for I am weak Oh Lord heal me from my bones are vexed my soul also so sore vexed without the Lord how long return Oh Lord deliver my soul save me from my mercy sick for in death there is no remembrance of you in the grave who shall give you things you know David starts to say if they kill me Lord I can praise you. If they destroy me they can prove now as these are one of the great text when you defend in the spirit the doctrine of the state of the Dead for their vices when you go to heaven and you rejoice in praising God David clearly says that's not what's happening you dead you just did that's it I mean yes it is nothing else right so you get to a point when you go to trial how many of you and how many of you honestly have really been in a trial so bad that you that death really wasn't even a bad option but you almost I was the last is I want to raise a hand but it's too late already did I. It's a terrible place to get to when you get to the point where you just like it's not that you want to commit suicide that's not what I'm saying you just get to the four years like a lord or whatever like if you don't take me take a brother I'm good I think I'm right with you. I'll see you in a second coming. Like you just like I guess I just like you I'm ready like I'm done like I can't I'm done fighting I'm weak I can't but dukes it down I can't fight no more right you can get to the point David got to that point. And has now not shut me up in the hand of the enemy that has set my feet on a large room have mercy. Upon me this is what David says a lot although if I am in trouble my eyes consumer of grief Yea my soul in my belly for my life is spent with grief and my years with sighing my strength fails because of my iniquity and my bones are consumed I was a reproach among all my enemies but especially among my neighbors and a fair to mine of Queens they did see me without fled from me and that's what happened to me. One of the tough things that happen and I think. I'll read some of this but one of those avenues went to the church came out and said look we don't notice dude he doesn't know I'm contracted pastor and is never going to church and maybe the guy we don't know him once this media thing exploded from D.C. They were like look we don't know him he's not ordained he doesn't speak for us now mind you they never said nothing about all the people are Baptists would you know they came into the church when I go all over the world and preach about I ever had a problem with that I mean another problem I think but once there was any fear they packed up and ran and that was that line that's this line right here as a person on my end is but especially among. My neighbors a fear of my acquaintance of the people who are supposed to know me and defend me they ran from me right. Now I'm forgotten is that out of mind I'm like a broken vessel that's literally how you feel for I have heard this land of many fear was on every side while they took counsel together against me they devised to take away my life and literally that's what was happening they were like literally does what they want to make an example out of a preacher a black American preacher who successful to say look we destroy him this is literally what happened. These people will be quiet about these issues it was a way to move America away I mean literally as the example and I exploded so much I like fourteen zero but I trusted in the oh Lord I said Thou art my God my times are and I had delivered me from the hand of my enemies and from that them that persecuted. Make my face to shine upon thy servant save me for the mercy sake look at the last line let me not be ashamed O. Lord for I've called upon the let the wicked be ashame and let them be silent in the grave do you know that's exactly how the whole thing finally turns out they become a shame when it really all comes out what happened the people who came at me are the ones who really become ashamed let the lying lips let the lying lives who put the silence would be grievous things probably and contemptuously against the righteous I see them. As radical from a different how many times we are placed in some trying situation we think this is a wonderful mistake how I wish I had stayed where I was before does Ellen White but why is it that you are not satisfied it is because your circumstances have served to bring new defects in your character to your notice but nothing is reveal but that which was already in you actually gave you the full quote was more than the water slide messed up but I want you to get that when you go to trial you know and you start saying you know what I will leave the church I will leave the I'm going to give up on God You start questioning God Your doubt was already there it took the trial for it to bubble up to the surface so you could actually have to deal with it. That's one reason God allows the go through the stuff it's not just simply so that you have to make a decision whether you will stay with God A goal is so that decision is still in you. You see the three Hebrew boys in a sermon is more than their mind was made up before you can has ever lit a fire you get what I'm saying their mind was made up all the way back in Jerusalem they were never going to defile themselves no matter what happened and the secret to being a Christian is your mind is the be made up in advance that I'm not the filing myself. And if they had to die and you know if you do that you do better. So this is one I don't talk about this much in the in the thing but this is where I went to. Yes or. Well my it my turn is actually wanted to sue but I was like there's no way I'm suing the church that doesn't make any sense in fact I'm glad you bring up that question it's probably the next stands after this one but. We'll get to that I think. But I will say let me say this though let me say this one of the things God did I tell you this morning one of things God did was he told me every time I want to defend myself like a lamb led to the slaughter is dumb so said he not a word that's how God told me Don't say anything and when this thing happened what the church what God said two things God told me number one he said touch not the Lord's anointed and do his prophet no harm do not speak ill of him because I don't want people to have NX against the church because of what I went through this is still God's church. And then he gave me another verse of scripture and out of the story of Joseph where Joseph when he finally meets his brother you know Joseph says it was rather you meant it for evil but God meant it for good and those two things I watch I said you know what I'm not going to trip I'm a keep telling people paid to be what I am a stop in time I will leave the church and don't do that support the church keep going on this it and I have a coat of mothers and this is the noble ship Zion and Alan White says it will reach its port to jump off the ship is foolish because you especially around here you have a lot of sharks you will jump off the ship right and start swimming think in a safer swimming and in a shark each you stay on the boat we've been promised the boat will get back to port even and what it will be crazy ride but I will get back to the port follow up question and I will go to yeah. Yeah well I know I'm a come I will come back I'm a come back and it does come full circle as is one of the standard Yes there were people I worked with who some were Catholic some worse more like you know Baptist Sunday People in work they listen to sermons and really began to get into the advent message I don't know what happened to them now because I'm an MIT around the town in a while but I did get that from people who were saying listen One lady was like she was the one of the senators and passengers like you need to come to the pastor for our church we want the truth that you're preaching to a Catholic ladies really said listen we listen all your sermons and we love your sermons so you're right I mean and I get I don't know what fruit that ultimately develops because I don't stick around to find out but there was definitely a benefit in that I know people who listen to all of my sermons every last one of them looking to destroy me and at the end or looking to see if there was anything that I could destroy me and in the end I did get a comment like look I really was blessed by a service I really benefited from listen to your sermons so they listen to like everything on audio verse and all of the stuff is on audio was all the sermons are on audio verse the most downloaded sermon at the time the most downloaded sermon ever on audio verse was my sermon that I did right after this all happened at Loma Linda at Advent hope and it was is your window open so if you have a list that has them and you go on audio verse and listen to it and you'll get there where I was right when it first happened in a couple weeks what God told me to say and how he told me to say it as a hand in the for the back. That I get angry with God Oh yeah well I was sad mostly I mean the most sensitive type to do so so I was more sad and I was bad but there were times when I was like This doesn't make sense God I never wanted to preach in the first place when my pastor in high school told me I was going be a preacher I was like You're crazy there's no I'm a preacher because preachers lose cool points and I am far too cool to be a preacher number one number two I want to be a doctor I don't want to be a preacher you know I don't want anything to do it and God led me into this field and and and I believe leads me into it I do it and God blesses me and my chosen career path and then it all explodes the two worlds collide from Seinfeld that's what icons are right the two worlds collide and Ben. It's all a mess and I'm like God Why so we'll come back around to that but I definitely at times was not happy with God I was never disrespectful to God but I was really just like I don't get this lord it's more than I can handle and that's really this phase where I get into the press and my God my God why has now forsaken me why does so far from helping me and from the world and from the words of my roaring Oh my God I cry in the daytime of the hour here is not and in the night season and I'm not silent but you are holy all you with our holy all the other inhabitants the praises of Israel and you know what I found in my depression I got to a point where there was only one thing that make me feel better one of them was the reading of the Psalms of a given you that it was singing praises to God. I got them all I would just play Christian music and sing and praise God and I would just be lifted and it makes sense when you read the psalm. David feels for sake and he says I cry the day time but I hear is not and in the ninety's and I am as a but I try but guess what you listen you hear you and I have bit when I start praising you I challenge you. You go into something to be intentional about praising God challenge you to really make time every day to praise God and to go to the churches where they praise God go and sit down among the other believers and have them sing and praise God whatever extended praise and worship service and they praise God powerful things happen when you do that. This is a crowd the crowd on to the end or deliver they trusted him they were not going for a look at what he says though this is a dark and good for David I am a worm and not a man a reproach of men and despise of the people all they that see me last me to scorn they shoot out the lip They shake their head saying he trusted in the Lord that he would deliver him let him deliver him seeing he delighted in him and that's how I felt like people are laughing at me like he thought he believed in his God and this guy did not come to his rescue. And I had to keep believing that God would. Some fifty five was not an enemy this goes back to what happened to me with the church for it was not an enemy that reproached me then I could have borne it neither was it he that hated me that did magnify himself against me then what I have hid myself from him but it was you a man my equal my guide and my acquaintance that's I'm comforted because David went through the same thing folk that was supposed to have his back in church didn't and they've had to deal with that Ellen White says it like this she says troublous times are before us in many instances friends will become alienated without cause men will become our enemies the motives of the people of God will be misinterpreted not only by the world but by their own brethren the Lord servants will be put in hard places a mountain will be made of a molehill to justify men in pursuing a selfish unrighteous course the work that men have done faithfully will be disparaged and underrated because apparent prosperity does not attend their efforts the Spirit of Prophecy told us what. It To Me was going to happen. So when somebody said this to me because again this I got a lot of this stuff people are sending me stuff this really encouraged me. Because I realized like my like the first verse I read out of Mark this was this is what's supposed to happen and you know people would say to me you they would say in America we have a phrase or says you're the canary in the coal mine don't they say that down here whatever means is if you want to know if in the coal mines in Pennsylvania if you wanted to know if you could if the coal miner could survive they would send the canary down there and because the canary is smaller if the canary could stay down there for a while and come back alive then the air was safe to breathe so it's a test to send a canary into the coal mine so what they did what I love is as you were the canary in a coal mine you were the one that was tested to go in and receive tribulation and the rest of us will understand what kind of air we're actually breathing who will really come to your defense when the time of trouble comes. My story begins to tell you you got to know Jesus for yourself. But by misrepresentation these men will be clothed in dark vestments of this honesty because circumstances became beyond their control made their work perplexing they will be pointed to as men that cannot be trusted that's what happened to me and this will be done by members of the church God's servants must arm themselves with the mind of Christ they must not expect to escape insult and misjudgment they will be called enthusiastic and fanatics but let them not become discouraged God's hands are on the wheel of his providence guiding his work to the glory of his name. And at some point you realize God is going to work this thing out for your benefit she says when the religion of Christ as most held in contempt what is law is most despised then should our zeal be the warmest and our courage and firmness the most unflinching you see that to stand in defense of truth and righteousness when the majority forsake us to fight the battles of the Lord when champions are few this will be our test look at this line this line really encouraged me at this time we must gather warmth from the coldness of others courage from their cowardice and loyalty from their treason. In other words the negative energy you get in trial you must take that energy and convert it to positive energy you've got to take their wickedness their hatred and you've got to turn it into fuel to be better but he says when I was a kid one reason I was a hard worker and I made sure I had it because I was when you were poor you were teased and I know it see if you could tease in some countries you know there's a lot of poor people America is a weird place so there's a lot of poor people but they scattered out so you got to prop up the school and I went to school and I was in a class with all the smartest kids and these kids had a pull Izod all the fall the name brand gear my mother put me in my brother's clothes from the one nine hundred seventy S. you know say you walking around. The bell bottoms a whole generation later it's not a pretty sight and you know what I did though I learned I don't get angry I don't get mad I made up my mind I'll go have stuff and I'm up poor mamma couldn't get it out go out and use these two hands and I will get it and I'll be out there I put a shovel over my every time a snowstorm it shovel over my shoulder hoop man would you like me to shove your yard I'll charge you less than anybody else charges you. Only of. I'm a give me some shoes boy summertime push their lawn mower up and down to say you need your grass cut I'd cut your grass. You understand what I'm saying when I was fifteen I got a job a Baskin Robbins seven ice cream and I was it I just started work and work and work and because I understood. I could and race was another round I mean all the racist of us don't you know what I did when it I said I will be better than them you got me all these names I will be smarter faster stronger better period. And I look back at the moment some of the people that would have called me the names that I have broke an educated don't have anything you want that I'm saying and I just said listen I'll take your hatred and make it few. And from a spiritual perspective you got to do the same thing with the devil starts throwing stuff at you he Stone stuff at you cause you're a threat sometimes and you've got to say let Lord develop me let me be a better weapon for you let me better be a better soldier in your army take the negative energy take all of the stuff that's going on and say Lord home to me that I might do you will I like that line at this time we must gather warmth from there the coldness of others courage from their cowardice and loyalty from their treason. I've my story is the example I watch this this is Howard this is how it is played out in me. When you go into these terrible trials and everybody is against you in a religion of crisis most held in contempt when you go into that at this time look at what you have to gather warmth from the coldness of others so when people when they were cold and turned their back on me I found warmth in Christ Jesus I realize that to draw closer to God and those individuals who are overwhelmingly the majority who wanted to give me love who wanted to give me help want to give me support I really drew from that that that warms even though certain folk are being cold but it gets even better when you look here when I saw how to check and they were that they wouldn't face conflict they wouldn't stand up they would even say what the church believes the newspaper want to get barraged with all of our believes and actually published one of I believe the next day because the bit the way that the newspaper took it the church didn't believe some of the stuff I was preaching anymore so all of these are going to all over the United States are right the newspaper like Are you crazy of course we believe this and here's where you find it on our website of our church. So I grew courage I got stronger in the storm because I saw your cowardice and I said I've got to make up for your weakness I need to be strong but the other one is this one as they cut me off you know I became more loyal to the church. That's the example I realized it would be easy for me to bash the church and walk away from it but watch this it takes character to stand in the church and say you know what this is still God's remnant church and maybe some folks don't get what's going on or maybe some folk who just weren't smart enough to actually ask what was going on but guess what it doesn't change who the church is because the leadership the people who made this is they will all change what is not going to change is that our doctrines are the doctrines of the last A Roman church so he said I was and so as they were as they were treasonous. Came more loyal. Than answers that. So this became a for favorite verse but he himself on a day's journey into the wilderness speaking of a larger came and sat on a juniper tree and he requested for himself that he might die and said it is anough now all or take away my life for I'm not better than my father's. And you know what the devil want you to do compare yourself to other people so what happens is I started really getting depressed about our camp as I thought I could I'm just I'm just sorry I'm worthless this is pointless you start to really think down on yourself and he requested I hear the irony of a larger He's the old me prophet. Maybe the only person on the Bible who prayed to die and never died. He asked the guy and God and a chariot came and picked him up like from glory you know he said. He got picked up and taken away. But listen as powerful as a lie Joe did in front of bible stories I got a lot of strength and I like to just said call fire from heaven he just called five or seven one chapter earlier just a few days earlier the next day that the wilderness I wasn't killed me Lord take me it showed me that even these great men of the scripture and women of the Scripture they are slated as well it's not it's not abnormal to oscillate what you have to do is come back to God a just man fall seven times rises every single time and you've got to remember that so the next one is the cleft in Iraq that is what I want to go on to the old lord I do I lift up my soul oh my God I trust in the let me not be ashamed let not my enemies triumph over me ye let none that wait on the BE ASHAMED let them be ashamed which transgress without cause remember not the sins of my youth nor my transgressions according to the I Mercy remember the ME for thy goodness sake oh lord this became my song and to. Learn to deal or I will sing any more muscle and sing I actually hear. This song became my song and I would sing when I really was discouraged I would sing this this is what we sang in childrens cry when a choir when I was a kid and the Bible songs are really powerful he says a mind Psalm twenty five fifty my eyes are ever toward the Lord for you to pluck my feet out of the net and I started to believe read the Psalms and understand he was going to deliver me at some point Deliverance was going to come turned the UN to me and have mercy upon me for I am desolate and afflicted the troubles of my heart are enlarged so bring down me out of my distresses look upon my affliction and my pain and forgive all my sins consider my enemies for they are many and they hate me with cruel hatred all keep my soul and deliver me let me not be ashamed for PUT MY TRUST IN THE let integrity and uprightness preserve me for I wait on the I like this one re D. Israel oh god out of all his troubles Somebody some of them tell you I've read them over and over were tears streaming down my face agonizing with God because I said Lord if you David was a man after your own heart and he got there by trial. He did become a man of the gotta argue they killed the giant. He became the man after God or because he he took trial in stride even when he sinned were bad Sheba and killed her husband when made in a prophet calls him on a table about it you know I dated a man after God's own arc spread a prophecy says his response to being rebuked. Is the way he responded he instantly said look I send into I mean Dave and some of us were like well you know that's a pretty good looking sister Lord I mean she was right I was you know or you know we just been sort of came back here most we want to try to come up with I'm sorry most people try to come up with an excuse David immediately says it was me Lord. That's great that's it says a lot about who God is he didn't it does not expect you to be perfect but he does I mean I mean in the final analysis he does expect us to get our characters right don't get me wrong but he also understands when we fall he simply wants us to be honest with him. You know what honestly what God says you do with God It says you trust Him and trust is the underlying principle of faith and without faith it is impossible to please God The reason some folk who are very conservative admin is can't get that faith relationship with God is they don't trust them enough to be honest about their faults. Is a works based religion so they try so hard to put up a facade for all of us that they're perfect they never trust God enough to actually give him where they're imperfect. And you have to give that to God David did that and that's why David was rewarded so the battle came plead my cause oh lord with them that strive with me fight against them that fight against me take hold of the shield them but instead of for my mind help job also the spear and stop the the way against them that persecute me say into my soul I am die salvation let them be confounded and put to shame that seek after Meisel let them be turned back and brought into confusion that devised my hurt the legal process was crazy. I had an army of a toy an army of a team of attorneys and I have to go to battle for religious freedom so all the stuff we read about religious liberty and religious freedom in the United States the First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees your right to freedom of religion freedom of speech and freedom to exercise your religion all of that was violated in my case these attorneys are constitutional attorneys who fight to defend the Constitution the United States' first Liberty you can go on your website you have a whole interview with me and I think that I am a whole section up on meet up with him soon and in an East Coast and United States for four conference but somebody had to fight for me and what God showed me is that somebody else is going fight I was in a fight my own battle. And this was the first I loved it even before the final outcome and that's what happened was all over in forty thousand people signed a petition of support when the politicians in Georgia came to my began to come to my defense want to state senators came and spoke on my behalf in the state capital when some of the U.S. congressmen from the state of Georgia actually came to my defense all of a sudden the tables turn I was the guy you wanted to be far from in the beginning by the end folks are drawn up close to me. Because they're seeing that the tide is turning and that we've got this massive amount of support coming for me. And at that point if you can see the tide turning and this is exactly what happened they were confounded and put to shame. That's what God did for me let them be as chaff before the wind and let the angel of the Lord chase them let their way be dark and slippery let the angel of the Lord persecute them for without cause have they hid for for me their net in a pit which without cause they have dig for my sold let them not say in their hearts so so when we have it let them not say we we have swallowed him up let them be ashamed and brought to confusion together that rejoice at my hurt let them be clothed with shame and dishonor that magnify themselves against me let them shout for joy and be glad that favor my righteous cause yea let them say continually let the Lord be magnified which have pleasure in the prosperity of his servant the Psalms you see what it is how the Psalms work now when you go in through it and you can't see the end he said a psalm gave me the end. And that's what I held on to hold on to all of the songs because I was because I saw it was coming less of me the Lord because he had heard the voice of my supplications the Lord is my strength and my shield my heart trusted in him and I am help therefore my heart grat greatly rejoicing and with my song I will praise him and that's the final stanza the victory. Bless the Lord he heard the voice of most all the prayers I prayed when it seemed like he wasn't listening he had already heard him. I tell you I was all laid on my face crying out to God One morning early in the morning before I went to work all alone begging God Father I need to live I need this to end I need deliverance agonizing with God while I'm doing it the phone is vibrating like I said this morning. When I get up and I check the phone is the attorney I call the attorney and literally my prayer that this thing come to an end had been answered the day before. He heard my supplication before ever prayed the supplication. That's the kind of God you serve he hears you before him out of that he don't need you to say you know what he needs he needs you to pray it so you realize you need him I waited patiently for the Lord and he inclined to me and heard my cry he brought me up also out of a horrible pit out of the my Rickly and set my feet upon a rock and establish my goings and have put a new song in my mouth even present to our God when He shall see it and fear and shall trust in the Lord He says I love the Lord because he has heard my voice and my supplications because he is inclined as Aaron to me therefore will call upon him as long as I live the softly say that as long as I live I'm a call on him the solace of death can pass me the pains of hell got hold of me upon me I found trouble in sorrow then cause I upon the name of the Lord Oh I beseech thee to deliver my soul gracious is the Lord right as ye are God is merciful the Lord preserves the simple I was brought low and he helped me return to the I rest O. my soul for the Lord have dealt but and to fully with the. And I can tell you he did he gave me back everything I lost I got a better job than I ever had God restored me all kinds of people came to my defense before long I got people calling me looking for me to come work in their Christian organizations and to put in different parts of the US as a physician because they said we want someone like you in our organization someone who stand up for right in our organization but I got it already given me the job I have and I just stayed there but I'm telling you he did not for sake me I felt forsaken I got angry at times were actually I question but in the process I understood and had to wait on God and some of you you're going through stuff and it's easy in the process of going through it to give up on God I'm challenging you to understand that he will leave you in the fire long enough to get the purpose done don't jump out the fire don't jump off the ship stay there with God and He will work things out for your behalf for probably a province of gangs she says God has a purpose in sending trial to his children he never leads them otherwise than they would choose to be led if they could see the end from the beginning and discern the glory of the purpose that they are fulfilling. God want there was something for me to do. And I'll be honest I don't want to do it I would rather have a car I would have rather he had called someone else I said choose the way eleven Sebastian Brack as that I got all kind of people for Lord I don't. Want all of cats but they are good men better men than I lord any one of them could do this. No this is yours you get that some stuff is just as yours is for you to carry and a purpose out of it when I want to have I did realize it but the ability for me to go around now and speak about this testimony and tell folks listen god is real and is a time of trouble coming when it comes he still going to be real. When it gets its worse when it gets as hard as he will still be real. It is the triumph of the Christian faith that enables its followers to suffer and be strong to submit and thus to conquer. The civil rights movement based They literally follow this suffer and be strong and submit and conquer sometimes that's the way you move things. You get that sometimes you are the one who has to suffer for things to change. We are too quickly discouraged and earnestly cry for the trial to be removed from us when we should plead for patients to endure and grace to overcome. Because you know I was nothing old of the Lord all right yet that's about enough Lord. You know basketball Time out time out. You want to over don't you just want to be done but if God did that they would you would not gain the patience of the saints if that statement in Revelation mean so much more to me now here is the patience of the saints I get it now the Saints are patient because they allow God to Chando him in trial and difficulty and perfect their character the saints of patient do not dishonor God by words of repining but praise him with heart and soul and voice Look on the bright side of everything. This is for somebody in here do not bring a cloud or shadow into your home praise Him who is the light of your countenance and your God do this and see how smoothly everything will go did you know if in your trial you praise God and you stay positive God will make it go smoothly partly because you will be last. Less sensitive to the affliction you know the pain you will feel it as much because you are believing for god to do good in the situation. Psalms eighteen as a last line he says the Lord lives and bless it be my rock and let the God of my salvation be exalted it is God that of vengeance me and subdue with the people under me he delivers me from my enemies Yea doubt lift me up above those that rise up against me that has delivered me from the violence therefore will I give thanks under the old lord among the heathen and sing praises on to the I mean. How the story. In the final analysis. I got to a point tell you I was done I was done preaching man this is preaching gig a word which is a word whatever comes back on you if you lift up the name of Jesus get beat up like this I asked Ayo I'll go teach I was cool when I heard about the beat of that yet. But watch this when you lift when you go through it you know what happens is like Jeremiah says because your mind is the same way Jeremiah very good when you go through drought as well I like to hold water as on Jeremiah eleventh Asians but Jeremiah says I quit a lot but what I do it to me he says I give up and then adverse He said Any days I wait a minute. I can't stop preaching this thing he says because it feels like fire shut up in my bones when the Gospel gets a new right it can even help it. This message was presented to him in missions twenty seventeen by the content they can not sink into to South Africa any mission supporting the seven day thing you think you need to do to spy on people to be based. Right. Now against a system take place for Jesus Christ to. This generation starting in South Africa who needs to go to find the support display this is the new thing. That's missing. In. Every nation this recording was produced by the nation ministry.


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