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Waking Jesus

Eric Walsh


If you're facing problems have a tendency to try to eradicate the stress on our own and ifx our own problems while Jesus lays dormant in our lives. Waking Jesus tells us to bring our problems to Him first.


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician


  • September 9, 2017
    5:00 PM
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This message was presented at the mission's twenty seventeen final conference but not forsaken in Cape Town South Africa for more resources like this this is it down. Dashed mission starts here in the city. And businesses to every nation. Have a Bible the scripture reading will go to the book to a different book when we get into the sermon but it's different from someone else seven twenty nine to thirty and it says he makes the storm a calm so that the waves there of are still. There are they glad because they be quiet so he bring of them on to the UN to their desired haven. A message tonight is entitled. Waking Jesus let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity as the Sabbath hours now drugs will close. Father God Let us not at any time this week close the door on our communication with you Father God ask for more time today that you make me just a nail upon the wall. A rusty and sorry nail Lord but upon that nail I ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ let me not be seen or heard today. And stepfathers hear word from the throne of grace is our prayer in Jesus precious and holy name Amen so we start in the book of Mark the fourth chapter Jesus has just finished dealing with the multitude and he is exhausted. And if Jesus goes to deal with the multitude finishes dealing with the multitude he decides that he needs to take a retreat and move away. Mark for in verse thirty five says a lot it says and the same day when the even was come he saith unto them let us pass over on to the other side Jesus himself needed a retreat. You know sometimes we think that as Christians we have to constantly be going like the energizer bunny. Maybe I'll have a reference though to go. With that we have to constantly be going and we think we can't stop but Jesus gives us actually a whole different example Jesus takes time early in the morning to pull apart and to pray and at times when he's exhausted like in this story he makes it intentional that he gets into a position where he could be refresh. In this one it says that he says listen we got to get in a boat and we need to pass over to the other side of the sea Jesus needed some time to rest. Verse thirty six says and when they had sent away the multitude they took him even as he was in the ship and there were also with them with him other little ships just again reversed tells you a lot one Jesus was so exhausted that the Bible says they took him even as he was he was so tired as the cycles literally probably assisted him into the boat exhausted and just and wiped out and this is the tell you to remind you that Jesus was one hundred percent God and one hundred percent man it is the tell you that just like you get exhausted he got exhausted and the reason that that is relevant is because that makes Christ a better high priest for you it makes him a better judge for you when you get to glory and you meet Jesus one of the things you will understand is that Jesus was connected with you. We have not a High Priest that is not familiar with all of what we've been through in fact the Bible says he was he was tempted in all points like we are yet he never says. It is this familiarity with us this this human part of him that makes Christ who he is with us forever in fact we are told in a spirit of prophecy that he never will stop being in flesh. That is time on earth as the Christ as the Messiah his time in flesh makes it so that when all the whole plan of salvation is over and we are with God throughout eternity we will be closer to him because of what happened on Earth than we would have been if it had never happened Jesus was exhausted. By It was as they took him as he was and placed them in a ship and the Bible says the crowd wanted to be around him so much that folks started to get into smaller ships so they could follow Him People just wanted to be where Jesus was aware he was going. But like we've been talking about all day something often happens when it seems like we're about to get a time of respite right when it seems like where we're cold seeing in to a good situation right when it seems like the marriage might have hit a sweet spot and and now you can settle into a good marriage for the rest of your days are right when your children get to an age where you think you've raised them right and they're going to make good decisions right when it seems like your career is right where you want to be right when your business is right where you think it ought to be all of a sudden tragedy strikes right when it seems like all life was about to let you live and enjoy the Bible says in verse thirty seven. There arose a great storm of wind and the waves beat on to the ship so that the ship was now one. So a couple things one it's been Israel I was able to study Jewish history for a couple months there and and when I take you to the site where this happened there are mountains in the distance and the air there is cold the water over the air over the water is warm where the two different differences in temperature hit often times it causes a stir sudden storm to stir up over the leg over the sea so the storms weren't uncommon but the Bible gives you a hint of the of the of the of the caliber of the storm when it says there was a great storm right now the United States is being threatened with its second hurricane in just the last couple weeks and this one is the strongest hurricane and that has been strongest and the strongest for the longest amount of time to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean storms come. One of the things you got to get in this life you have to accept the fact that this world is a treacherous world. It will never just be smooth sailing things are going to happen and things you can't predict and what I've learned is that storms come in all different flavors the Bible says that the storm came the wind came the waves beat into the ship the ship is now full now I am not a not a cool engineer but the little bit of training I have know when the ship gets full of water you interim. When I see it fills up with water you better be careful to that point their body to go to. The Bible says the storm came and the winds were the way the so big that the ship gets full of water the ship is now about to start to sink the disciples. Are fishermen most of them. So you have to imagine that they were familiar with the sun storms and they had the ability to deal with them I would imagine by this time Peter and somebody others are doing everything they can to feverish to get the water out of the ship however the means of transportation that ship was they were trying to Jimmy rig and used things to catch the wind to go in the right direction they were working as hard as they possibly could to get the ship to stay afloat and the ship still filled up with water for the Bible says that Jesus was in the high end a part of the ship asleep on a pillow. And they awake him and said unto him master. Kara's down not that we perish that is this verse is one of those ones as is pregnant with meaning first of all. If Jesus is in a back to the ship asleep on a pillow did we get wed you know you got peace on the inside when you can sleep with. First of all Jesus is sleeping in the middle of a storm and he's perfectly fine with it. He's so exhausted that he needs the rest so he sleeps even as the storm is coming on and the cycles come and they shake him and they say to him listen Jesus we're all about to die don't you care isn't it interesting that our assumption in the storm is always to question God's compassion. And interesting when we are in the midst of trial is often the response that what we do is we say well obviously God doesn't care. And they wake him up so the first problem they have is maybe should've woke him up before the ship filled up with water. And you know some of us do we work so hard to get the water out of the ships of our lives we work feverish Lee to try and clean up the mess that we are that we forget to wake Jesus up to do the fixing the folk who live their whole lives struggling in this Christian walk trying to work their way into salvation and don't realize the secret to keeping the ship of your salvation afloat is the wake Jesus up in your life some of us Jesus is just a convenience we keep him tucked away in the back of the ship. We live our lives and when tragedy comes we go running to look for Jesus wake up Lord I challenge you. If he's in the ship trust him to run the ship Don't you care that we perish we're starting nine says that Jesus wakes up. And I like what Jesus does heroes that we know Jesus alike are messing with me men. He wakes up the Bible says He rebukes the when he speaks to the sea and says three words Peace be still the Bible says and the wind ceased and there was a one. A great calm Here's what the that is what that Bible verse is saying is that that great Come statement says it was more come after Jesus dealt with the storm than it was before the storm. A misunderstanding you see if you out loud Jesus to wake up in your storm he makes your situation better after the storm that it was before the storm Jesus rebuked the wind because I believe that there was a spiritual supernatural component I believe the devil was trying to take them out and Jesus rebukes the wind. And he speaks to the sea. Peace be still I told you earlier today that Jesus has the power to control the laws of physics the ship this is what the die the sign was then realize the ship who would not sink if he was on it all the laws of physics don't you have to get this they don't apply if Jesus is present because he wrote the laws. The laws are subject to the wind isn't just was subject to him the way this is it just was subject to him he can speak to gravity and be like chill out man hold on. He can speak to the forces the sheer force of wind and say listen you are now incapacitated Jesus has the power to stand up in your life and it doesn't matter what storm you're facing he can speak to the storm and suspend the storm. That's who he is you've got to keep him awake in your life because as long as Christ is in your life as long as he's in control it doesn't matter what storm you face he will not allow the storm to take you under. Some seventy seven the scripture says that the waters were afraid of God asap is referring back to when the Red Sea opened for most is he says that the water itself was afraid of God and that the deep trembled. Watch this when the children of Israel were to pass over the Red Sea and God showed up in the presence of the children of Israel the molecules of hydrogen and oxygen H two O. that make water began to panic wait a minute the Creator has showed up and he does not want us blocking the path of his children oh we better panic because he can send us to Mars if he wants to. He has control even over the in adamant. The fire in the furnace can't burn if Christ is in the furnace the water in the ship can't sink the ship if Christ is in the ship what's this your trials can't sink you they can't stop you as long as Christ is in your life. It's an impossibility. While this crisis in a little we sing us our kids with Jesus in the vessel you can smile at the storm if you're not smiling at the store maybe it's because Jesus Amen your vessel verse forty says and he said unto them why are you so fearful. How is it that you have no world. Have you been around me you know that the disciples they were kind of deads a make of see in miracle after miracle and you know if you really follow the gospels the miracles go like this they get more and more complex more and more difficult they just keep going up and up and up and up the Last Great Miracle is that he raises Lazarus from the dead after he had been in the grave so long that the Jews believe his spirit would not be able to come back to him and his body started to stink so he keeps having a ratchet up ratcheted up ratchet up and as he ratchets up the miracles they still don't get it. He has to come back from the dead himself and sit them down and continue to teach. And some if they were all disciples were dumb guess what we had all that different from the messiah please. We've got all the proof in the Word of God of the power of the Living God of the of the faithful this of His Son Jesus Christ and yet at the first sign of trouble we had flaky we get shaky We want to run and we want to get away as fast as we can and what I'm here to tell you tonight is if Jesus is in the vessel of your life you can smile at the storm took a while for the disciples to get it. But eventually get it. Because even here you see him he's like well why don't you have any faith do you really think after all I've told you about my mission on Earth we're going out in a storm. Of all of told you you really think we will sink in drowned in the middle of the ocean when he says that the Bible says and first forty one that they feared exceedingly and said one to another what manner of man is this says that even the wind and sea obey him we were talking at that they were talking to I want to bring it over here on the side we're talking about speaking life into your situation this is that I gave a testimony this morning and we were talking and were talking about you know the verse in the scripture that says that life and death is in the power of the tongue the word tongue there is in the Hebrew is like a hand it means that when you speak something is literally like a hand goes out and forms it so that's why you can't don't tell your child a stupid no call your child a dummy be careful what you speak to your child it's like a hand and you're forming the child. And your job on your job in your career in ability for you to be successful every time you say you know what I could never do that I'm not smart enough to be into for nothing. I'm challenging you when you read the story what you understand is that what you need to learn to do when you are dealing with a challenge and you look at dealing with obstacles is you've got to stand on the side of Jesus Christ and speak faith into the situation what kind of man can speak to the wind and the sea and obey. The kind of man. That left glory. To save us from sin. There's nothing he's not willing to do for you. He wants to save you you see the way that the world tells you it's like God is this tyrant in the sky and he's waiting for you to mess up so he can sap you some of us treat our own selves like that you make some mistakes and you beaches of God That's not what God's purpose for you is God is more concerned with a relationship with you knowing you intimately getting to know you and being on your side encouraging you and building you up so that you let go control of the wheel in your life and he takes control so that you live a right and righteous life if you try and live a right life without him. You can fail be miserable or turn out a legal istic fanatic you need Jesus and live in your life. Where the prophecy says the light is off and the disciples experience is hour when the tempest of temptation gather and the fierce lightning flash and the waves sweep over us we battle with the storm alone forgetting that there is one who can help us we trust to our own strength till our hope is lost lost and we are ready to perish then we remember Jesus and if we call upon Him to save us we shall not cry in vain though he sourly sorrowfully reproves our unbelief and self-confidence he never fails to give us the help we need whether on the land or on the sea if we have the Savior in our hearts there is no need of fear living faith in the Redeemer will smooth the sea of life and will deliver us from danger in the way that he knows to be best can you trust him. Because there's a greater storm coming revelation seven onces and after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth holding the four winds of the earth that the wind should not blow on the earth nor on the sea nor on any tree what a proverb says John be held for angels standing on the corners of the earth holding the four winds of the earth that the wind should not blow on the earth nor on the scene or on any tree these symbols are illustrated of the troubles that will come upon the earth but the angels of God have been mercifully holding back until the servants of God should be sealed in their foreheads she says we are amid the perils of the last days and trying times are before us everything that can be shaken will be shaken that those things that cannot be shaken may remain drought famine pestilence earthquakes casualties by sea and land will multiply life will be unsafe anywhere only as the life is here with Christ in GOD NIALL while the angels are holding the four wins is our opportunity to seek the Lord most earnestly now is the time. To wake Jesus up in your life. Because I'm telling you the time is coming when it's going to be too late to start getting ready and you don't have to just be ready. That time is fast the coming upon us. And if you are right now procrastinating thinking you've got all the time in the world hoping that later on you can get it right you're being like the cycles in the ship trying to get the water out of a ship that can't sink as long as Jesus is in it. What Jesus up in your life. Right now let him take control of your life. Force everlasting too late I think I told a story last week in P. E. but one of one of the most difficult things I went through in my life was when my mother was diagnosed with cancer it was tough as a doctor it was tough. The sun It was tough as a Christian it was tough she called me in tears she'd been having pains all over her body and and nobody could figure out what it was now she worked at one of the premier medical institutions in the United States at the University of Miami but even as an administrator at the hospital the doctors blew off her symptoms pain in her feet pain and other parts of a body and nobody took it too seriously Finally she got so sick she was hospitalized and was one of our admin is Dr that worked there finally ran a proper test and diagnosed my mother with multiple myeloma. Now multiple myeloma is a terrible disease multiple myeloma is a bone marrow cancer meaning that the bone marrow begins to metastasize to grow and it actually breaks into the bone causing what we call living lesions so your bone begins to crack all over the bones are what we call well innervated meaning there's a lot of nerves in the balls so any time you hurt your bones it hurts. So can you imagine now this woman having pain literally from the crown of her head at times to the soles of her feet to the point where it was debilitating and she was bent over in pain she called me to tell me the bad news and she pleaded that I take care of it as my stepfather I got off the phone and I was like Lord what is this over the next three years she fought this disease fought the disease fought the disease and finally I got the call that I needed to come to Miami. And Los Angeles from out of Southern California flew to Miami and my brother who's a tough guy picked me up at the airport and when I saw the tears in his eyes I knew this wasn't good. When I got to the hospital my mother was. Sick skinny. Chemotherapy had taken her here off she so happy to see me but I was taken aback when I saw this woman who was always so full of life now seeming as if the life had just been sucked out of her we sang hymns we prayed with her folk from church came we were in trying to encourage one another and when everybody was gone it was just she and I I slipped into the bathroom and I and I began to get angry with God. And I said Lord how could you do this to this woman who single handedly raised three of us in your fear and admonition How could you do this to this woman who who led Pathfinders almost always hosting and supporting young people in and supporting the church how could you do this to this woman who was kept the books for the church to make sure that the books were always right always at the best books in the conference. How the Lord after all she's given you and the life she's live for you how could you allow her to died as painful miserable death I was on my knees in the bathroom of a hospital room Ironically the very she was in the hospital that she was an administrator of one of the best cancer hospitals in the country as I was agonizing with God and I was saying God This makes no sense how could you allow this I heard a voice. A quiet voice whispered in my ear and said she has been perfect as clear as day I heard a voice. And instantaneously I understood what God was trying to tell me you see she'd been through the store she been through the difficulty but Jesus was in the ship so maybe she dies the first death but he was saying waltz she can't die the second death she's been perfected she's all right with me and I know you want to stay with you in a selfish way but understand that the next place your mother is going to see is when I face. This message was presented at the Emin missions twenty seventeen by the convent shaken but not mistaken in Cape Town South Africa a mission supporting ministry in the Seventh Day Adventist Church is it you need ministry to spy young people to be bible based mission for crimes. Against his sins to take the kinds of Jesus Christ to. This generation starting in South Africa who knowing something like this is going to find a county support display this is a new thing. That's missing here that it is a man and many things to every nation this recording was produced by the preparation ministry.


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