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Prophecy Being Fufilled

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)


  • January 26, 2018
    6:45 PM
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It is a pleasure to be back here at Heartland college and to see many familiar faces as well as of course I'm brand new faces I've never had the privilege of meeting it's always good to see more and more extended family more brothers and more sisters Amen and the Lord wants to speak to our hearts because tonight we're going to talk a little bit about prophecy being fulfilled you think there's a lot happening in our world today. The question is What are you going to do about it I'm learning I'm learning so much God has put me through some fast courses of education through education and he's really helping me to see things more clearly I have an understanding of the Bible that's deeper than any time in my life I've ever had ever since I lay down on that table December one thousand two thousand and sixteen on that operating table truly God perform the work on my heart and I just want to thank him and praise him for the privilege to stand before you and to be his representative the Bible says something very beautiful in the Book of Exodus Chapter twenty five I would imagine you are more than likely familiar with it and if you're not you can certainly turn there it was when the children of Israel were still in their mystified confusion of understanding who God is and what God's words are about that God began to make himself very plain to them in Exodus twenty five and he said right there in verse eight let them make me a way he said let them make me a sanctuary that I may do what develop Mung them let them make me a saying to worry that I may dwell among them and the word among If you look it up in the Hebrew the word among actually means in let them make me a saint or Emma teach them how I'm going to make their hearts my home but the sanctuary does more than merely teach us about the wonderful grace of God working upon the heart of men the sanctuary and its services was also designed to show us prophesy. You see if you really go back to the sanctuary You'll remember that there were all the various services that would lead up to an ultimate point you had the Passover and that's pretty much where all things began and after the Passover you would have unleavened bread and then after that you'd have the first fruits and then after that you have Pentecost and then after that of course you would have the trumpets and the trumpets were preparing the way ten days preparing the way for that great grand day was that great granddad called The Day of at one ment the Day of Atonement and after the Day of Atonement It was only one more feast live what was that feast that was the Feast of Tabernacles Now when we study these types God says that when we understand the end always remember a type is a symbol and anti-type is a reality every time we go outside of that precious sunshine shines on your body it puts a type on the ground that type is called a shadow and that shadow is a reflection of a reality and so every type has an anti type so when we study these types what we need to understand is that these are actually seven prophetic signposts it lets us know the movements of the Master it helps us know where he is and what he's doing and most importantly what should we be doing as a result of knowing what he's doing this is why we have that wonderful statement it's amazing you know you in one stage of the book great controversy you could read about how an understanding of the sanctuary showed the position and work of our great high priest but then in the same book page four twenty three it says an understanding of the sanctuary can help us understand our position our work is amazing and so it is that the more that we study these things is the more that God wants to bring across to us in my heart where Jesus is now where is jesus on this chart where Jesus right now we are at that place of the Day of Atonement there is no other fees going on can groom and Lee with this feast. There is no other feast days for us to be giving our attention to except this one feast day which is none other than the Day of Atonement what is Christ doing on the Day of Atonement Oh you don't sound like you sure go to the Book of Leviticus one thousand now you should know this by now my family I would imagine that we would understand Leviticus the sixteenth chapter forgive me go to the village is the sixteenth chapter we do not have to guess we have a chart that points out every way mark on the heavenward journey in Leviticus sixteen you can look at verse nineteen let's just look at it very carefully Leviticus sixteen just so we can understand it Leviticus the sixteenth chapter and when you get there just let me know by simply saying amen the Bible says in the book of Leviticus we're looking at the sixteenth chapter starting at verse nineteen the Bible says in the Vatican sixteen in verse nineteen and he shall sprinkle of the blood upon it with his finger seven times and cleanse it and hollow it from the uncleanness of the children of Israel what is the it that's being cleanse. That's the sanctuary all right if you just go back a few verses verse sixteen you would see this is talking about the sanctuary the structure now understanding this go to verse thirty when we look at the video to sixteen and now we look at verse thirty what do we see in verse thirty the Bible says for on that day same day for on that day shall the priest make an atonement for you to cleanse you that you look may be clean from all your sins and so it is that the great focus of the work of Jesus in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary is to cleanse the sanctuary but he cannot clean that sanctuary until he first has a clean people it's the people that make the sanctuary dirty and so you cannot have a clean sanctuary until you first have a clean people because if you do it backwards it's like a mother and a father who has a child who loves to play outside parents if you have a child that loves to play outside and maybe struggles a little bit with that thing called forgetfulness. Then there are times that you could be slaving in the house and you're mopping floors and cleaning up and doing everything you can to make sure your house is spick and span I mean crystal clear clean and here it is that when you when you are just beginning to stick your chest out thankful for how hard you work to keep your house clean that child who loves to play outside will run inside of that house and go through forgetfulness to take off their shoes and they will walk across that clean floor with the dirt that they tracked up from outside now mother and father want to clean house what are they going to have to do you have to go ahead and start mopping that floor again and of course tell that child listen I need you to keep those shoes outside the children were making the house dirty God is doing a cleansing work but his children keep making the house dirty and so once God can get us to that precious place that we can overcome the thing that keeps causing the sanctuary to be functional which is sin then God can finally have a clean sanctuary because now he has a clean people. And this is the great work of Jesus in that most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary I love to put this picture up I was praying and saying Father what do you want me to put up and that's I put that one up that's the picture that should capture our attention every Christian I don't care what denomination you're from the Bible is the Bible and it doesn't matter if you're Baptist or whatever whatever it may be I was on the airplane flying over here and I had the privilege of you know flying that I was observing because I'm always going on an airplane and I'm like All right Lord Who can I talk to you give me a soul and when I got there saw this young then he was from an Asian country apparently but I didn't know which one so out you know I'm just observing him and as I sat down I noticed a lady came in and she was struggling and by the window she's struggling you know to get her back up he pops out of his seat goes ahead let me put that back up for you and I was like oh he's courteous he's very nice I was like that's good and then next thing you know somebody else drop something he goes and he picks it up for them he gives it to them and they say oh thank you so much and then he says no problems my pleasure and he's laughing like he's a nice guy. And sure enough I'm just waiting for my opportunity I wait and I come or load it is just just give it a go I'm in position but I'm just like father I got to get the green light so God finally opens up the door gives me a green light I see the young man he looks at me I look at him I said how you do. You know what we catch us is like right is on now. I'm doing fine and we start talking he says So where are you going what are you going for All right well this is going to be easy now so it's a mom I'm in a store I'm going to the school and such are oh yeah wow that sounds great start asking questions Are you Christian I am I said I could tell how did you know I said I watched how you were interacting with other people I'm not saying that a person who doesn't believe in God cannot be nice but there was something special about the way you were doing it I said I had a feeling that the Spirit of God was with you REALLY Yes So what do you believe this was. Just. You know I mean that just made it terribly easy. So we started having a nice little dialogue start of my life started talking of the principles of God's Word living according to the words only in his twenty's young men by the name of Stephen very kind young men very gentle young men and here it is he's gone he was coming here to get a new job and you know we talked about that wrote down his name and said I would be praying for you about a job gave me a book Truth for this time and I think God I said lord there's so many people that you want to prepare the way for I mean it's like all over the world men and women are looking wistfully to heaven longing for light and hope and love many are on the verge of the kingdom I don't know if you realize I'm quoting in that wonderful book of Acts of the Apostles She says many are on the verge of the kingdom waiting only to be gathered in can you imagine that when you go to put your gas in your car got to slow down the person across the pump might be somebody waiting to be gathered in. Talk to me so I could talk to you and I can tell you what to say you see the great work that Christ wants to accomplish that we might in truth be a people prepared to meet our God if he wants something very special to happen I want to show it to you from the Bible you see the Bible says something in first Peter chapter one let's just get down to it go to the book of first Peter chapter one and at the end of the day this is what God wants and he's not going to be satisfied until he gets what he wants the Bible says in the first Peter we're going to chapter one and the Bible says and first Peter we're looking at the first chapter when you get there to see them you know by saying amen All right we're going to first Peter we're looking at chapter one and just watch what the Texas Tech says a very simple what does God want from his people first Peter one fifteen and sixteen the Bible says but as he which hath called you is what holy so be holy in all manner of conversation notice that all manner of conversation that's not just talking about how you talk don't get fooled by the word conversation that word conversation better translated in the Greek is talking about the way you live not merely the way you talk in all manner of life style every phase of how you live the holy as I am holy verse sixteen for it is written the holy as I am holy you see in Luke one in verse thirty five there was a term that was used for Jesus this before he was even born the term that was used for Jesus is the angel came to Mary and said that holy thing that shall be and you shall be the Son of God that holy thing Jesus was holding in the womb he was holding out the womb he was holy as a child he was holy as a teenager and he was holy as an adult and he still holy in the most holy place. And Christ says that I expect you to be holy as I am holy I want you to be perfect as I am perfect because go to the book of First Corinthians Ratt Yes First Corinthians Chapter seven and notice what the Bible says First Corinthians is either first or second I think it's second let's go to Second Corinthians seven as my mind is getting the cobwebs out go to Second Corinthians seven and there it is notice what the Bible says Second Corinthians the seventh chapter look at what God wants this is what God wants from us this is the focus of Jesus in the most holy place of that heavenly sanctuary What is it that he wants to accomplish amongst his people the Bible says in a book of second Corinthians Chapter seven starting at verse one having therefore these promises Dearly Beloved let us do what cleanse ourselves from how much all filthy ness of the flesh and spirit and how does it close purrfect thing holiness perfecting holiness in the fear of God That's the great work of Christ the work of Jesus is that he doesn't want an aspect he doesn't want to mere demonstration of holiness he wants you and I to perfect holiness he wants such a deep co-operation between himself and us that literally in every area of our lives I'm talking about being a husband and gentleman I'm talking to be in a wive ladies talking about being a child children in every phase of our lives God says I want you to be holy like I'm holy the truth of the matter is that holiness is Christ likeness is that simple enough holiness is Christ likeness isn't it it's amazing how we understand the theory but when we get to the practical is pretty difficult isn't it I get it too but the problem is what happens when the challenges come in our life are you still holy like he's holy he's still perfecting Holiness the fear of God you know this is the great frustration of heaven. The reason Jesus has not come back it is very simple we're already told this point in inspiration very clearly Christ is waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself in his people when the character of Christ is perfectly reproduced in his people then he will come to claim them as his own it's not a mystery it's not difficult there's an aspect and demonstration of Christ's likeness that Christ has clearly not seen in his people for he has not come back yet this is something more that he's waiting for and the question is do you know what it is do I know what it is perfection is what Christ wants but what is it he wants perfected holiness for that second Corinthians seven one he wants holiness to be perfected in every single one of us and with God this is possible Amen and so it is that as we're understanding what Christ wants then we can better appreciate the verse because when the Bible says prepare the way of the Lord when He says Make straight in the desert a highway for God When the Bible says prepare this way he wants us to understand that we should make a demonstration a proclamation of that holy thing before a week in sinful world and when the people here has a message this supposed to see the message and you and I and God won't be satisfied no why am I saying this because the problem is this medical missionary work is fantastic I love it I mean you know I love our health message like nobody's business I cannot get enough right now I'm making up my own doctorate degree I said you know what I'm just going to study and just go and do it myself and so I'm just going step by step and study in all these principles of health right now I'm studying fats and I'm going through everything on fast because that's a point where a lot of people don't really understand very well is what is the point of essential fatty acids Why do we need a dozen or so you know I said I got all the material I went to all the the degree to people and said What do you think I should study that in the Help me out I've got all the books and I'm studying it right now and that's what I'm going through now studied a lot about the heart you can imagine why. I love a health message but I've met a lot of unholy medical missionaries are you hearing what I'm saying I have definitely study brother telling you that you young need to read thoughts on amount of blessings page twenty when you get a chance read that in that page in thoughts from the mount of blessings page twenty seven of the Lord says that the time will come that God's people will be so led by His Spirit that when they go back to familiar truths of the Bible it will appear before them with deeper and greater light familiar Charles but now God to them or take it to the next level of death in it or in walking in that right now I'm serious that I don't look at the Scriptures the same anymore it's like his deep peel back some layers and Goddess and now look at this I understand prophecy better than I ever understood it before I understand a work of Christ in a most holy place but it's amazing how a man and a woman can present the work of Christ in a most holy place and still be such on holy people it's almost amazing I mean they can literally confound the wicked wise of the world and the church but at the end of the day we're not holy in our heads you know it's possible to have a ministry to talk all about your wise and your husbands and your children and we can teach all the right principles about how a home should be governed how the husband is to love his wife as Christ loved the church in the wife is to reference the husband as the church is to reference Christ and we can teach the theology very clearly but a man can still act unholy towards his bride and a woman can still act on holy towards her house fire and crisis I can not let this in my house because a profession is nothing and so as clear as it is from scripture that Christ is doing a cleansing work and he wants us to be cleansed from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit that we might perfect holiness in the fear of God as clear as the verses are it's not that easy to walk in the light of it's experience here God is saying prepare you the way prepare the way. Make the pastor a get get these folks ready but God doesn't want to preach to others while we ourselves end up castaways and so it is that as we begin going through prophecy we begin to understand that this things that the Lord wants to bring to our attention as a means of helping us to realize John fourteen go to the Book of John the fourteenth chapter remember what Christ said when he was teaching the disciples and walking through the principles of prophecy he said a very beautifully in John the fourteenth chapter of the Bible makes it clear and he wants us to remember John fourteen and I want you to watch what the Bible says in verse twenty nine The Bible says in John fourteen in verse twenty nine and now I have told you before it comes to pass so that when it comes to pass what will happen you might believe now we know until we believe everything else we do in the name of religion means nothing you do understand it until we believe everything we do in the name of religion means nothing to God How do I know that we remember the text Hebrews eleven six without faith it is impossible to please God for He who comes to him must believe that he is and that he is a reward of them that diligently seek Him in the question is do you really believe because can I show you the clearest through who knows what the clearest proof is that you believe God Say that again obedience is I'm here to obedience is that right obedience what Bible verses there now you can prepare the way and you can answer this A.B.C. want to one question go to John fourteen the Bible says in John the fourteenth chapter just stay right there look at John fourteen Look at verse twelve I'll show you what it looks like when somebody believes the Bible says in John fourteen in verse twelve verily verily Charlie Charlie Veron me that believe this on me what is the Bible say. The works that I do shout he do also Well that's a believer if you want to meet a believer in Jesus don't worry about what they say watch what they do and then pray about why they do what they do because sometimes we can even do the right thing for the wrong reason Christ wants us to understand do you really believe me do you really trust my words do you really ARE YOU AND I REALLY someone he can trust these are the questions that all of us have to ask ourselves and so because we saw are so incredibly prone to forgetfulness I mean just prone to it God gives us little reminders God gives us harbinger. He gives us a little signpost that lets us know prophecies being fulfilled prophecies being fulfilled I meant what I said so because I said it and you see it coming to pass now I'm calling you back to believing my words this is why when I review you know we're right here in a brand new month with a brand new year when I look back and I watch all of the things that happened last year was not twenty seventeen and eventful year twenty seven was a very eventful year it was of it was a very eventful year even in Adventism like very directly even in our church because it was like a lot of things were happening some of them very sad you know of course you know we saw some warriors go down you know people who you know stood for the truth believe God's words to the best of their abilities we may not have agreed with them on everything but I would at least say that I believe they were genuine in their approach to the proclamation of the truth and for people in one here and none of them were like just simply members of the church even though members of the church are also very special in the eyes of God But these are all people that have traveled literally all over the country some of them all over the world sharing the various truths of this time I think of a woman by the name of Durandal Wilson moment Wilson's wife I look personally here is that she passed away last year. I think of a man who whose book that I read along with his wife that changed my whole view on a subject called dress for the Rick shorter he fell last year and then God John Moses Mason. Plea unexpected and hit a lot of us pretty hard warrior and then right at the very last day of the year Danny dear he's all people that had large influence and so even in Adventism it was just kind of like wow OK this is interesting like these are these a prominent speakers and teachers and so on and here it is these things are happening to them but it's not only that there were things happening in the church there were things happening in the world nobody can review twenty seventeen and not remember the fact that that was truly the year of financial crisis and natural disasters if any of you were paying any close attention to it that was like Matthew twenty four just coming dead live in our face and you remember right there Mega Disasters devastated America in twenty seventeen it says end they're only going to get worse storms fires floods and he caused at least three hundred six billion dollars in destruction last year that's a record that is a record and then they started to label it down it's official twenty seventeen was the costliest year on record for the net for natural disasters in the United States with a price tag of at least three hundred six billion dollars and then they broke it down look at this they broke it down to size and watch this notice they said California was drenched in the wettest winter on record ending years of drought then came California's most destructive and largest wildfire season ever the tub's fire in the northern California killed twenty two people and damaged more than five thousand six hundred structures hurricane Harvey broke a rainfall record for a single tropical storm with more than four feet of rain. I mean there this is all these different things because these are things that scoffers love to scoff at but at the same time Jesus put it on the map the same lesson keep paying attention to it and watch it rather pity and watch its intensity he taught us these things look at this again Puerto Rico is still mired in the longest blackout in U.S. history after Hurricane Rita struck three months ago and more than one thousand are estimated to have died in the storm and its aftermath two thousand and seventeen was the third hottest year on record San Francisco reported its highest temperature ever one hundred six degrees Fahrenheit while other parts of the country set records for high temperature streaks for states like Arizona and South Carolina two thousand and seventeen was the warmest year ever it just seems like everything's kind of getting out of control and Christ told us these things yes many of us become numb to it but he's trying to shake us up he's trying to say don't fall asleep right now this is the worst time to go to sleep and so he allows these things to keep coming to pass they remember I told you before these things come to pass so when it comes to pass I want you to believe that you can help others to believe it goes on fourteen places across Oklahoma Missouri and Arkansas reported record high water levels during floods in April and May and requests for federal disaster aid jumped ten fold compared to twenty sixteen with four point seven million people registering with the Federal Emergency Management Agency now this is just on the natural disaster side then you also got a lot of people that's just totally giving up on religion totally giving up on God over the past decade pollsters charted something remarkable Americans long known for their piety were fleeing organized religion in increasing numbers people are turning their backs on God like never before because now we're living in a presidential era where whatever you feel go ahead and do it and go ahead and say it and that is the mantra that's going around throughout the United States of America so we've got people right now they're saying you know what I never did like black people let me tell them now I never did like white people let me start telling them that I'm not going to be politically correct anymore and all of a sudden rise dropping all these masks and people are showing their real faces in those faces and not very pretty. Jesus warned us that in these very last moments of verse history the love of many is going to wax cold people are not going love God and the not gonna love each other and are going to begin to do all sorts of horrific crimes to hurt to kill and to destroy they're walking away from God Now it's interesting because as they're walking away from God Notice what's going up there fears I thought that this is amazing they walk away from God their only true security and therefore what's going on in the heart of Americans today the top ten fears of twenty seventeen literally above are the ten fears for which the highest percentage of Americans reported being afraid or very afraid of number one corruption of government officials Number two American Health Care Act the American Health Care Act and Trump care pollution of oceans rivers and lakes pollution of drinking water not having enough money for the future hive medical bills the U.S. will be involved in another world war then global warming and climate change North Korea using weapons and air pollution these are the things that's on all these people's minds right across the gas pump when you see them now the question is the God give us a solution to these problems you see I firmly believe with all my heart the reason why many of us are not preparing the way to help others know about Christ Our Righteousness his near coming and his ability to save is because we don't believe it at the end of day we don't really believe what we got I did a test at my church I was preaching a message and I said let me ask you something it was interesting a few weeks ago America has now recognize its youngest self-made billionaire young guys only twenty seven years old self-made mill self-made billionaire and here it is that you know he's making all this money and so on and now Mr Bill Gates Warren Buffett they've all been kicked to the curb and now there's a new guy who's the richest man in the world and I know who he is Jeff Bezos Amazon. Ninety nine point eight billion OK now I ask this so I asked my church I said let me ask you a question I said it just basal showed up and said listen. I don't know who you are but I was praying and I asked God to tell me who to help and so you came in my mind I found you so here I am I'm writing you a check for one point five million dollars I just want to help you please go go to your bank and please cash in you take the check I mean you would take the check OK I'm just checking. I think the check the wealth of the wicked is laid out for the Just now I'm not saying that he's working I'm not saying that he's working I'm just saying even if he was the wealth of the work it is later for the just that's Bible so anyhow what this into this so you go to the bank you deposit the check tomorrow the check clears and you are one point five million dollars richer so it's real I then asked the church I said now now that you know it's real I said my next question just based on comes back to you says listen congratulations you now have your money now I need you to do me a favor I'm going to be waiting at this house over here I need you to find ten people friends strangers even enemies and I want you to tell them to meet me at the house and I need you to do it by Thursday and it's Monday whoever comes to my house and says you sent me I will write them a one point five million dollar check I then asked the members of the church I said how many of you would struggle finding somebody nobody raise their hands no one I said how many of you would easily come up with people everybody's opinions then I said how many of you would be timid going to the people none of them raised their hand they said they would be bold they were like brother listen you need to follow me at don't ask any questions follow me I mean we would have boldness because we understand we tasted it we saw it it's real. I said how many of you would be even more bold if your friend said I don't want to go I don't need one point five million dollars How many of you would be bold to correct them to show them how crazy they are what they're saying and help them see the urgency that you need to listen to me and you need to follow and do what I'm telling you to do sever them raises their hands they didn't even realize where I was taking them they got caught up in dreaming is not the everlasting Gospel worth more than one point five million is it not more real than one point five million have you not tasted of the Gospel power from God So why are you so timid arguing Bice's family the proof is in the putting We don't believe religion for many of us has become convenient it's become the thing that we do because we grew up with it or we heard it and been practicing it for such a long time and we have no idea what we do with our lives if we didn't do it it's like we're following God for every reason except the right one because I guarantee you this the more that we start believing is the more the spirit of the Philadelphian church will come back and live in in stereo the days of those precious pioneers and so what God is doing is God is saying I'm just trying to send the reminders to help my own people believe let alone the world at large you saw going through it last year you know and you remember that you know this was a very interesting one because. The Papacy comes as a solution to the problems of life people are filled with fear the economy is messed up the government is untrustworthy in the list just goes on and on and on I didn't get into the mass murder in Nevada which marked the number one highest single killer a mass murder done by one single killer in U.S. history I mean we're breaking all sorts of records in twenty seventeen and here it is that these things are happening papacies comes in and says we can help you solve some of these problems and so it is what are they doing the first thing they said is Well first it's a myth is a real counterfeit because before the beast power can launch the beast power first has to do a message of unity he has to unite is to bring everybody together. And so it is Catholics and Lutheran signed joint declaration accepting common path the leaders of the world's Catholics and Lutherans have signed a joint declaration at an ecumenical prayer service commemorating the greatest schism in Western Christianity stating that what unites the two traditions is greater than that which divides them the service heralded twelve months of events leading up to the five hundredth anniversary next year so this is twenty sixteen because the five hundred anniversary took place last year October thirty first what was the fruit that came from that notice Pope Francis meets new president of the Lutheran World Federation and what does a say Pope Francis met on Thursday with the new president of the Lutheran World Federation Nigerian Archbishop Mussa plentiful of us focusing on common prayer as the key to Christian unity that is always the spirit of ecumenism find out ways that you can set aside a difference and focus on a common path the Bible does not teach setting aside differences the Bible teach put away differences you read that in the fees and for put away all malice all bitterness all anger all Wrath God says put it the way I want to blot it out I don't want you to hide it under your coat and start acting like you like me when you know you hate me that's what happens in ecumenism nobody's putting away anything everybody is holding on to their idols they're just saying for now let's focus on the common path until people supremacy of course comes back and then some decisions will be me and so it is that it says very clearly through prayer the pope continued we are able to see the painful divisions of past centuries in a new light abandoning our prejudices purifying our memories and looking to the future with confidence through prayer he said we are called to recognize the gifts of different traditions and receive them as our shared Christian heritage it's like we have prosthetic events happening all around us in the world of the economy in the world of the atmospheric educations in the world of government in the world of religion in moral society everything around us is God saying Behold I tell you before it comes to pass so that when it comes to pass you might believe but you know it's scary you're finding more and more of God's people in the room and not believing. And enemy have done this you see while all of this is happening and now the papacy is coming in as a means of support and a solution to the problem the question is yet what are God's people doing right now while these things are happening in the world what's going on with God's people go to the book of First Corinthians Chapter Ten see the Bible says in the book of First Corinthians the tenth chapter in the eleventh verse very important principle that we do well to pay attention to we are people not only of prophecy but we are a people of type ology and a Bible says in the book of First Corinthians were looking at Chapter ten and I want you to see what it says as we consider verse eleven First Corinthians ten and verse eleven very important verse Paul is rehearsing the events of the children of Israel as they left Egypt and were making their way to Canaan land and as they were doing this he gets to a place in the presentation of prophecy where Paul says in verse eleven now all these things happen unto them for what and samples in that word and samples is a Greek word to pose it means types all these things happen for types and we learned earlier today that every type has a has an anti type so this is now all these things happen on to them for types and they are written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the world are come the hour is the believers but it's the believers living in the time of the end and so Paul is literally saying all these things happen to them for types and they're written for our admonition God's people in the very last moments of Earth's history living right at the end of time the written for us that we were supposed to pay attention to it you see right now there's a lot happening not merely in the church at large I'm not in a million the world at large but also the church in fact if you really want to pay attention to what's happening in prophecy you don't just look outside. You also are to pay attention to what's happening inside you see if we are truly living in the very last moment of Earth's history than we have to understand what numbers twenty five was telling us go to numbers the twenty fifth chapter in numbers the twenty fifth chapter God laid out through type ology prosthetic vision and God showed what would happen right when his people got to the bank of the Jordan the Bible says in numbers a twenty fifth chapter and Israel abode in shit and and the people began to commit whoredom with the daughters of more well they called the people into the sacrifices of their gods and the people did eat and bow down to their gods and Israel joined himself under Bell Peor and the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel and the Lord said unto Moses take all the heads of the people and hang them up before the Lord against the sun that the fierce anger of the Lord may be turned away from Israel and most is said unto the judges of Israel slay ye every one his men that were joined and to bow to your gods people literally right at the bank of the Jordan across the Jordan was Canaan land at a time when they should have had their highest focus was the time that they was in a deep dark sleep and the devil began to take advantage of their minds and they found themselves getting caught up in various forms of whoredom also when you read his E.Q. the eighth chapter that's another picture of what was happening among even God's people as we getting ready to see probation closed and it kept saying that more and more abominations would happen among God's people at a time when we're supposed to have our highest focus is the time that we're finding ourselves falling in says some of the most deep and dark gross. And he sins are not just happening in the church you see there's no such thing as sins happening in the church before the sin happened in the church it was happening in our hearts in our homes there was apostasy in the home and that's how apostasy came into the church. And God wanted us to understand that if we're going to fix the problems in the church we've got to fix the problem where in that home the Lord wants us to understand that it's time for real religion it's time for real walk with God It's time for us to take a brutal look at ourselves and say Father show me every plague spot of my character what is it about me where I am constantly frustrating the power of your spirit from having dominion in my heart that I might become like you that I could be holy as your holy You see if you were to look back at this quest as the counter here I thought this was powerful Ellen White called a conversation with saying that he was having with his demons is under a chapter called snares of Satan in the book testimony to ministers and gossip workers and when Satan was having converse with his demons this is what he said that's where you see the quotations he says we must cause distraction and division how did God's people get to such a place that we have fallen so far away from the Lord the devil said we must cause destruction and division go to the book of Titus chapter three Do you know that Paul saw this when you go to Titus the third chapter you literally see that Paul actually saw this he saw this coming Titus the third chapter and I want you to watch what the Bible says Titus chapter three and look what it says right there in verse nineteen oh that Paul want us a long time ago about these things Paul said but of void foolish questions and genealogies and contentions and strivings about the law why for they are unprofitable and the thing the empty Do you know that that's literally what's happening right now I mean I sit down with people all the time rather limited you believe in a twenty five twenty year prophecy is that look what house is going to help me be one step closer to Jesus if I don't accept it how does it impact my walk with God. People always have you heard about the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is this whole story is that he's not a person so or anybody who believes that is paganism so my brother's a hold on honestly sit down think about it what is the danger what happens to me when I believe that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the God What how do I fall into paganism I don't say I'm praying to the Holy Spirit I say I'm doing a that I believe he is the third person of the Godhead he is the representative of Jesus Christ on this earth and I believe that he is not merely the person of Christ I believe he's his own person as Christ is his own person how does that belief make me a pagan honestly has made me a pagan and I found that these folks don't have as I'm like bro you're distracted you're allowing yourself to be caught up in distracted distractions and things that are causing divisions that are unprofitable and they're vain it doesn't bring us any step closer to Christ or right just miss This is what's happening among Scott's people so literally his work is being fulfilled we must cause distraction we must cause division but then he doesn't stop there he also says we must destroy their anxiety for their own souls and this is how I study when I read a quote I look at the quote and every point I like are I stop right there we are in the world do I find that boy do you know the number one way that the devil kills our anxiety for our own souls one of the number one ways that he does it go to the book of second Corinthians Chapter Ten watch this and second Corinthians Chapter ten this is one of the number one ways that he will kill our anxiety for our souls salvation second Corinthians that is what the Bible says as we look at Chapter ten second Corinthians Chapter ten really thinking through these quotes and I said Lord what is it that how is the devil accomplishing the thing doesn't said all these things was already written my word got it I just had to give them double lenses to help them see what my word already said. In second Corinthians Chapter ten verse twelve notice what it says it says but we did for we dare not make ourselves of the number or do what compare ourselves among ourselves compare ourselves with those some of those that condemn themselves but they measuring themselves by themselves and comparing themselves among themselves are not wise do you know one of the easiest ways to kill the anxiety for your own soul salvation is when you're busy comparing yourself to a whole bunch of other people one of the number one way is the devil causes us to exalt ourselves if we are always busy I'm not as bad as him I'm not as bad as her well look at what they're doing and we worry about other people rather than just allowing ourselves to be held accountable before God compare yourself to Christ and that's the only person we should be comparing ourselves to and I guarantee you all of our rights in this will pale in comparison to his God wants us to understand family that this is the plan of the enemy at a time when the world is distracted people are overwhelmed with fear folks are getting broke and losing money and getting locked up and going into shelters and all these things and we as God's people some of us don't even have enough country land let alone a farm on it to even help a single soul God laid a whole blueprint plan out of how we could prepare the way but there's so many of us that's not on the blueprint because we distracted or because we don't even have a things id for now remember if you don't have an anxiety for your own soul you certainly won't have it for others but it's not only that he says and lead them to criticize to judge and to accuse and condemn one another and to cherish selfishness by the way you know selfishness is always self exaltation because you cannot have selfishness without exulting self you understand that. So notice that they cherish self exaltation selfishness and hatred for these sins God banished us the devil talking to demons for these sins God banished us from his presence and all who follow our example will meet a similar fate go to the book of Luke the twenty second chapter but do you know that right at the time when probation was about to close there was seven years left of the Prophet time Jesus lived out three and a half of those years Jesus getting ready to go to the cross and it was only three and a half more years left before probation close right around the time just a few short years before the close of probation what was the attitude of God's children and I wonder if we see these things happening today not as with the Bible says Luke twenty two Luke the twenty second chapter I'm going to consider verse twenty one Luke twenty two and verse twenty one when you get there to say men are right notice this look twenty two starting at verse twenty one The Bible says but behold Now keep in mind Last Supper Jesus is going to go to the cross look at what he says and then look at what's going on with God's people it says but behold the hand of him that betray of me is with me on the table and surely the Son of Man go it as it was determined but wool unto that men by whom he is betrayed now watch verse twenty three and they began to inquire among themselves which of them it was that should do this thing but what is this a verse twenty four and there was also a strife among them which of them should be accounted the greatest right at the time when Jesus was just moments from dying the greatest disappointment that the disciples were ever going to go through just a few short years before the actual close of probation on the nation of Israel on the Church of that day these brothers are busy comparing themselves among themselves and striving and fighting and fussing and arguing of who's going to be the greatest right at such a sensitive time in prophecy do we not see a lot of these things happening today we see these same things happening today one ministry against another ministry one ministry tries to lock in all the resources. And doesn't want to free it up for the other ministries to partake as well because they are afraid that their resources are going to get tapped into and they're going to suffer so therefore they'll soon let that other ministry go down to say oh well it must have been the Lord's will we are an amazing people brothers and sisters it's amazing the things that will say you know I mean people that do that all the time they'll say things like you know well if God wants it to come to pass he'll he'll provide for it and it's like what do you mean it's why don't you provide for it why don't you help me teach you a lesson go to Philippians four and show you something very quickly and it's funny I believe this and I taught this for years and I just recently read the ministry healing I said Well prison let me look at Philippines for very very familiar text Philippians for Look at verse nineteen in Philippians four and verse nineteen the I just want you to watch this promise you know this promise I know you know this promise in Philippians four Verse one thousand what does it say oh my gosh else apply what all your needs according to what his riches in glory by whom by Christ Jesus now watch this did God promise in his word I will supply all your needs the God promises OK what a lot of us do is we read this verse and we get very mystical when people and ministries have very real needs who say the Bible promises God shall supply all of your needs according to recent words and they will say things like trust. To let them trust God while sometimes we relinquish ourselves from support some people do this not all now watch this it is true that God supplies all of our needs let me show you the number one way that he does it go to X. four in X. the fourth chapter to show you the number one way that God supplies for all of our needs which shows he is right there in the Bible God put these things there on purpose in Acts the fourth chapter knows what the Bible says we're going to go ahead and start right there at verse thirty one to thirty five. In Acts four starting a verse thirty one will take a diverse thirty five notice what the Bible says the Bible says in Acts one I'm sorry Acts four thirty one and when they had prayed the place was shaken where they were assemble together and they were how many all filled with wood the Holy Ghost and I spake the Word of God with boldness I notice that everybody is filled with the Holy Spirit Now watch this verse thirty two and the multitude of them that believed were of what one heart and one so neither said any of them that aught of the things which he possessed was his own but they had how many things all things in come this what happens when the Holy Spirit has possession of our hearts this is what happens when we become one and we unify Now watch this it says next verse thirty three and with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus and great grace was upon them all verse thirty four neither was there any man among them that what that lacked for as many as were possessors of lands and or houses sold them and brought the prices of the things that were sold first thirty five and laid them down at the Apostles feet and distribution was made unto how many men every man according as he had and it was that last word now what did God say will supply all of our How did God do it he did it through his people who were filled with the spirit that's got Do you know that this is the practical way that God supplies all our needs he doesn't tell everybody go to the nearest lake go find a fish and pull out some cash those are very special miracles that God does but that's not his trend his trend is it touches people's hearts if they're filled with the spirit and brothers and sisters we have to ask ourselves and I feel we've got spirit you see God wants to get us to a precious place that we break out of this because that's not deaf that's different I'm going to prepare the way God is calling all of us to a higher state of self lessness higher concern greater burden that only Christ can produce in the heart I have to be honest with you. I have been called to work at a church I have been doing traveling evangelism for many years and it's clearly borne fruit that I'm grateful for what I have to say that I have never been so happy as of November of last year when I took my assignment to now work with this local church we're still getting calls from Africa and Asia and Europe and Australia I mean it is crazy how many people are saying come to Macedonia and helpless. And I have to tell them I will have to help you twenty one thousand maybe twenty twenty is the last because my life because my focus is here right here we are turning that little church into a training school we started our classes all the members on this is an area. Where being trained and we're learning how to go out in the field I'm already taking some of them and we go out and we're doing Bible studies with people and all these things and I'm loving it I'm loving it and so when I get invited to come speak I'm just like you know Lord what do you want to say to a whole bunch of present truth people present to schools present through this that you know that I mean they've heard so many messages there's nothing deeper that we need to hear when you just going to literally cooperate with God and just get to that place to say Lord that's it I surrender all and one thing I refuse it I promise GUYS I'M NEVER DO IT NEVER do and I haven't done it my whole Minister I've never done it I don't go stretching Scripture to try to present something new to people keep the message simple and keep it straight because if there's one thing I know you're getting is you're getting the message tonight God wants us to prepare the way what we prepare the way for we're preparing the way brothers and sisters to help people understand where is jesus he's in a most holy place what what's he doing there he wants to cleanse the Saints were but he can't close the center until he does what cleanses people how much how much filthiness that he want to cleanse us from and as he cleanse us from all filthiness he wants us to do what else to perfect something what does he want to perfect holiness this is what he wants every message that we give everything that we give must be designed to bring about what Christ wants you know one of the things that I'm studying I'm putting it together right now it's not done yet I am so excited got a brand new series coming out and we get more to finally start a You Tube channel very happy about that and I'm getting ready to do a study on a chapter we were counts of the study every day. You know God told us to study every day first Corinthians thirteen and live that took every single one from verses four to seven Love is love is love is love is in every single one is going to have its whole message just in that one love is kind of a whole message on what is kindness and what is its counterfeit and have never shared so much tears right nothing down because I'm like Lord truly you are all together lovely and I am all together ugly like there's a time I would say that in my mind I was like No I'm not. Like a lot of us that's for real for real a lot of us I'm very serious about this we say a lot of stuff that we do not believe that is Christ object lessons page one fifty nine you read it she says the heart says all sorts of things that it does not acknowledge she says while we're talking about humility and all these things she says our own hearts are swelling with conceit and How We Could we are do you know the number one prerequisite to receive the righteousness of God you don't do you know the number one let me show it to you let's do a little Bible test go to Romans for you're an astute group here so I would imagine you'll give me my answer quickly Romans four Notice what it says in verse five in Romans four in verse five but to him that work is none but believe it on him that justifies the ungodly his faith is counted for righteousness how do we get right is this according to the verse how do you write this according to the verse by fate anymore because that's not the answer by not working that's not the answer he that believe it that's not the answer Let listen what I'm saying to you if you don't get what this verse is saying I guarantee you don't have right in this I'm very serious if you and I don't get what this verse is saying. Maybe that's the reason why we got the problems we had because we've yet to understand righteousness it's a very simple thing is just read carefully the verse L.-Y. says something often she says re prayerfully carefully you got to do it c'mon family it's right there in the verse the answer is literally sticking right your face thank you he got it could you say one more time. You must admit you're on godly did you do the verse again it says but to him that work is not but believe it on him that justify a who the who's the only people that God justifies the young godly so if you and I don't see that we're on godly we can't be justified as long as we got something in us that says I'm not that bad because again you know we're going to do we're going to fall right back into second Corinthians ten twelve we're going to compare I'm not that bad I mean after I didn't do like him this is what keeps us from experiencing Christ Our Righteousness we are always so quick to give ourselves some level of accolade to say something and that's the last thing the Bible talks about is the greatness of men you can study from Genesis to Revelation God wants us to understand are you convinced that's a message I did I meant on church that was one of the it in my opinion one of the most powerful messages I ever did because I said Father I see it and I literally and that was the title of the sermon I said Are you convinced because until we're convinced I am one godly person you can never receive righteousness because you already think you're all right we understand that this thing is serious I'm really trying to to get us past the half the Puffin in all the the stuff I want us to really think about it how do you really see yourself. This what was stuck on this planet is why people keep dying and more people going to get done more people get sick until God can help us see how wretched and miserable a problem that we really are literally when you read him is right there in testimony to ministers and gospel workers comes from a little book special testimonies a book nine page sixty two otherwise when we see our own nothingness we are then prepared to receive the righteousness of Christ that's the third message that's not what's being preached enough point out everybody and how messed up they are and all the organizations are messed up they are to my church how messed up we are and it's like we're OK with Christ that right is that God wants us to understand this is how men shall know you actually my followers I don't read anything in Scripture where he says that because you could you preach the right message I've never heard Jesus limited to that limit it to that that message must have a corresponding effect upon your heart and mind can I show you in closing the great demonstration that Christ needs to be made if we're ever going to go home with Him God wants us to perfect what let me show you perfection on a whole different level go to Matthew five Matthew five in Matthew five I want you to see what the Bible says and for your notes I'll go ahead and put this up here I want you to see that year you can go ahead and just jot those down yes Mr Special testimonies a special testimonies a book nine page sixty two all right special testimonies a book nine page sixty two when we see our own nothingness we are prepared to receive the writer's news of Christ as long as I don't see my own nothingness I'm not prepared to receive the righteousness of Christ and that's why I'm living on Grace Matthew five the Bible says and Matthew the fifth chapter. Let's go ahead and let's take a look right here Matthew five. And verse forty three you have heard that it has been said that I shall love thy neighbor and hate the enemy but I say unto you love your enemies bless them that curse you do good to them that hate you and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you that you may be the children of your Father which is in heaven now wait a second hold up because I don't know if you make the connections I'm making John thirteen thirty five this is how all men shall know that you are my father when you have love one toward another right we here are looking at Matthew five and verse forty three where God is not only telling us to love our brothers but now he's taking it deeper and he's saying love your enemies right and then he just said and when you do this verse forty five that you may be what the children of your Father which is in heaven for he make of his son to rise on the evil and on the good and send his reign on the just and on the unjust for if you love them which love you what reward Have ye do not even the publicans the same and if you salute your brother and only what do ye more then others do not even the publican so verse forty eight be therefore perfect as your Father which is in heaven is perfect now I made it I made a vicious mistake with this verse I read Matthew five forty eight be therefore perfect Hey doing you want some bad food no be there for perfect a doing what you want to put on this bad dress no be there for perfect a D. you want to listen to some of that old school music we used to listen to music jam in the clubs not be there for perfect. In Luke the sixth chapter I want you to notice what the Bible says and watch it from verse twenty seven to verse thirty six same exact story the Bible says in verse twenty seven but I say unto you which here love your enemies do good to them which hate you bless them that curse you pray for them which despitefully use you and on to him that smite at the on the one cheek offer also the other and him that taketh away by cloak for bid not to take the coat also give to every man that ask it of the and of him that taketh away that goods ask them not again and as you would that men should do to you do ye also to them likewise for if you love them which love you what think have he for sinners also love those that love them notice the people that love those that love them how did God to find them sinners then he says in verse where we got here verse verse thirty three and if you do good to them which do good to you what think have ye for sinners also do even the same and if you lend to them of whom he hope to receive what Thank have ye for sinners also lend to centers to receive as much again but love your enemies and do good and lend hoping for nothing again and your reward shall be great and he shall be the children of the highest for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil and now watch verse thirty six which is in perfect parallel to Matthew five forty eight he says be there for our merciful as your Father which is in heaven is merciful my brothers and sisters I eat a whole food plant based diet that's what I eat I Whole Foods. OK whole foods fruits grains not just vegetables and seeds but I've shaken the hands of many vegans who do that and then some and in the eyes of heaven this sinners I have met people with skirts that along all the way down you don't even know what the knob on their ankle looks like. Long sleeves cover all the way up to the collar bone their bodies are a complete mystery and they have the spirit of a harlot. I'm talking so this real I'm not talking anything in them tell you once you start doing counseling with people it's amazing you say really OK and this is a man who believes in is an advocate of dress reform there are people who are incredible preachers and teachers on pulpits but some of them I mean very nasty The only kind to those who believe like them they only network with those who believe like them if you merely believe a doctrine different from them they are people who stand for all sorts of high teachings but they still speak disrespectfully to this process they still provoke their children to anger they still neglect their wives or sometimes they indulged their wives which also means you don't love them the same way Eli when he indulged his children you know that testified he didn't love them there's some men that think it's virtuous that everything the wives cry for they're like OK honey here you go in they think I'm just being like God No you're not so it was a hurting I was there some was hurting their husbands emboldening them in things that they clearly see if my husband keeps doing that and if Jesus were to come I know my husband would be lost and the wives see it they see it but in the name of love they keep quiet and they don't see anything what I'm telling you my brothers and sisters Jesus wants us to understand. You can have a one to convocation you can have another one next year you can have another one the year after that more people will die more people will get sick more people will suffer more people will go through pain and eventually and you know how it is sometimes we don't care until it finally hits our own homes and then we say Come Lord Jesus comes I was talking my bride today I say honey I said I'll tell you the truth as I marvel at the fact that I have power to Hari up the second coming of Jesus every single one of you God says I have given you power through my Holy Spirit that if you cooperate with me you can hasten the coming of the Lord and in my mind I'm like What do we want still on this earth and I'm serious is just a place where God got me and yes I admit he had to lay me down for it I admit it I admit it as your brother I'm telling you I admit it it was when I discovered I had a problem with my heart it is when I discovered that I was almost going to die it is when I came up out of it and he said Mr Lemon we repaired your heart but it is possible it could go down again it is possible statistically you have ten to twenty years before we have to put you back on a surgical table and one day after going through this battle of healing I told my wife is it honey I said I must admit I said I've lost my ambitions I said I want to go I said Now I understand what people go through couldn't understand for just can relate just couldn't really God has allowed me to go through something that I can relate I say this is what they're going through this is not good you need to come back there's a lot of us there suffering a lot of people hurting and these are coming to an end and so my hope my Prius simple We're told many take it for granted that they are Christians simply because they subscribe to certain theological tenets but they have not brought the truth into practical life they have not believed and loved it therefore they have not received the power and grace that comes through sanctification of the truth men may profess faith in the truth but if it does not make them sincere kind. Patient forbearing heavenly minded it is a curse to its possessor and through their influence it is a curse to the world God says parents. Have you noticed we're losing our children you know we think our children the truth because they sit properly they don't talk back you know when you meet somebody you love Jesus don't you sometimes you look at your children sometimes you say I don't see that sometimes you see things words they say and things they do and maybe sometimes they get a little access to that to the social media pictures come up that you're like what have mercy and the devil's like while you're not getting it together and while you're taking your time to let the law straighten you out. I'm working with we have an energy we have many things to motivate us to understand what true surrender is and so for me for the rest of this week and that's what I'm going to be doing for this weekend we're going to talk about how we really live this life of Jesus how do we like do it for real in a very practical real way that is so simple that a child can understand it but it's so powerful it can actually finish the work and I believe that as we go over these things for the remainder of this weekend there are some people in this room that's really going to get it and your hearts and your homes are going to change forever. And I'm asking God every day help me to be counted among that number my heart and mind pray for your brother as I continue to pray for you this media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon and much more if you would like to know more about your first point if you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit. Or.


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