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The Necessary Experience

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)


  • January 27, 2018
    10:45 AM
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Prepare yourself the way of the Lord. Make straight in the desert a highway for God This is the command of God. This is what God is saying to his people. That we are to say to the world prepare your hearts prepare your homes. For our Lord come in you know we have satellites. That are getting almost everywhere around the globe people are hearing the message I remember being in a church. Predominantly Indian in Maryland and when I was there I was giving the word and I was teaching about the first the second and the third angel's message. And as I was going step by step and point by point to those wonderful truths. I made an appeal to the congregation had a large turnout that night it was wonderful and many people gave their hearts to the Lord. And so when we were done the brothers came over to me and they said oh brother live and praise the Lord so many people gave their hearts to Jesus and I said amen you know and I'm thinking I'm saying amen because I saw what he saw So you know I saw the people respond to so I was rejoicing he said no you don't understand he said we because they had these unique looking cameras I never seen them before real high tech stuff and they said no we were providing a feed where individuals in certain Muslim highly intense Islamic areas in Indian where individuals are not able to openly publicly worship the Lord Jesus Christ individuals were meeting in a basement and twenty five Muslim men. Gave their hearts to Jesus and accepted the third angels message tonight and I thought to myself I said Praise God for technology. Though it be a tool for much evil thank God it can be a tool for good. As a result of the Internet as a result of satellites as a result of faithful missionaries who understand that sometimes their mission is a one way ticket to life there are many who have heard the everlasting gospel. And have accepted it and sometimes I know how it is you know when we don't see a lot you know some of us are You Tubers some of us of our audio verse folks and we go to networks and we feel like oh there's only a handful that are standing for the truth at this time but I think God for Volume five of the testimony to the church page eighty where tells us very clearly that there are stars that during the day time you cannot see them but they are there but it's only at night time. That's when the stars shine. My point is very simple. You watch out make sure you don't end up with the Elijah syndrome I'm the only one standard for the truth Lord there's nobody else. God says I have many lights. That have not about their knees to bail. And they will best be discerned when the night comes and my brothers and sisters midnight is on his way. That's why last night we were talking about prophecy again it's to the point that God is just constantly reminding us time is almost finished and God's going to have a whole lot of light beer is going to come out of the woodworks and a lot of the light bearers. Are not necessarily the ones you're seeing on youtube. They're not necessarily the ones that are hearing on audio verse. They're not necessarily the ones that are in all of the great public places of the world we're told. That the time is not far distant when the test will come to every soul the mark of the beast will be urged upon us and those who have step by step yielded to worldly demands and have conformed to worldly customs will not find it a hard matter to yield to the powers that be rather than suffered arising and. Danger threatened imprisonment insult and death. Is at that time the goal will be separated from the dross in the church true godliness will be distinguished from the appearance and tensile of it. And then it says those very startling words that I know makes me check my heart every day it says many star that we have admire for their brilliancy will go out in darkness. Some of us have fixed our minds so much on people I meet these young missionaries young missionaries the. Bless their hearts. Now I consider myself a young missionary as need to understand but this younger missionaries and some of these young missionaries you know I like them they demonstrate how pliable they are in other words so easily bent one way or the other I meet young men that look at talk walk and even dress like the ministers they listen to I am serious. They look they act they talk they walk they even dress. Like the ministers when they preach they preach with the same movements like their favorite evangelists it's very typical of young people especially when they don't have a foundation what I just said is very typical of young people who are kind of young people. Especially the ones that have no foundation they don't know their own individuality in Jesus and so they act and function and talk and dress and preach in Teach Like the people around them in the problem is what if that individual that is so incredibly impressing and molding your mind what if that's one of the bright stars that's going to go well that means we've got young people that are preparing to go out as well. Because they were not rooted and grounded in Christ the rightists. And so God wants us to understand that the message is going out the word is getting out but obviously this something still more that God wants. And I know what he wants. And how to measure it you do too or you least you should because we just read it in John fifteen Let's go back there. You see in just in fact before we go to John fifteen let's put a little bit more context go to Revelation eighteen Let's go to Revelation eighteen available to John fifty revelation eighteen first and then will go to John fifteen. It is true that we are called of God to prepare you the way the Lord peer you you and I are to prepare the way of the Lord make it past three. In doing that every proclamation as well as demonstration is to be given now the Bible shows us the last proclamation the last message by which we are preparing the way the Lord shows the last one that's going to be given in this earth's history it's right here in Revelation eighteen and the Bible says a revelation eighteen starting at verse one and after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power and the earth was lightened with His glory and he cried mightily with a strong voice saying Babylon the Great is fallen this fallen and is become the habitation of devils and the hold of every foul spirit and a case of every unclean and hateful bird for all nations have drunk of the one of the wrath of her fornication and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her and the merchants of the earth have what wax rich through the abundance of her delicacies and I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her my people that you know be not partakers of her sins and that you receive not of her plagues this is the last. Effort of preparing the way of the Lord. Is the loud cry it's what God should be impressing your heart in my heart to preparing to give. That should be tantamount that that should be the number one thing in our mind is Lord how can you best prepare my heart my home that we might be fit. To give the loud cry of the third angels message. That's what we should be preparing for this should be our focus this is the focus of our education this is the focus of the books that we read this is the focus of the schools that we set up everything is designed to impart and education that we know how to function in this world but more importantly that we know how to receive the truth for this time and let it have its practical sanctifying effect on us in my life so that whatever career or whatever it is that I do in life I understand that I'm never an employee and I'm never simply a business owner I'm a messenger of light wherever I'm going wherever I'm going I'm a messenger of like. You go to work you understand I'm going to work to be a messenger of life. You go to school you understand I'm going to school to be a messenger of life. That is the foundation of true education and so it is that God says this is the last message now remember what are these people doing to the earth according to Revelation eighteen they're lighting the earth up with what. All come on to say like you study the Bible what is it that these people are doing on the earth according to Revelation eating the light of the earth up with what but the glory of God. The bless it wonderful beautiful character of God. That's what we're doing lighting up the earth with it now. In order for us to light up the earth with the group of God go back to John fifty now look at the Bible is very clear. In John the fifteenth chapter. Let us notice God's preparatory steps in a building us that we might glorify Him The Bible makes it very clear in John fifteen we're going to look at verses one to three again our scripture reading it said I and the true vine my father is the husbandman every branch in me that beareth not fruit he does what with it he takes it away question real quick what does that mean when he says he takes it away. Cuts it off what is it what does he do with what does he do when he cuts what he cuts it often does what with it. He discards it he gets rid of it is that right is that right is that right you're wrong. There's nobody. You can figure so when you're wrong notice this. You did there are two words saying I'm telling the Lord is teaching us how to study there are two words that we missed the two words let's look at it again in verse two it says every branch what's the next two words how can you be sent away if you are in Christ how could you be in Christ and be gotten rid of at the same time now let's do contrast verse six go down to verse six what does it say in verse six it says if a man does what. I What happens if a man abides not in mean what does it say it says if a man abide not in me he is cast forth as a branch and is with third and men gather them and cast them into the fire and they are burnt do you get that you see if I am a branch. And I'm in Christ but I'm not bearing fruit he does something different but when I'm a branch that's not abiding in Christ. Then I wither. And then I'm cut off and thrown into the fire you see if you ever look up the term taken away I understand English you know English messes up sometimes that's why it is imperative you going to be a good Bible student you have to sometimes reference the Hebrew Aramaic or the Greek sometimes you just got to do it now if you were to look up the term take it away in John fifteen to what it means is build up. Any branch in me that doesn't bear fruit I build him back up now you know there's a farmer in the room I would imagine their farm here all right so if your former a gardener when you set up vines great vines have you ever noticed that sometimes the branches get caught in the dirt sometimes if you don't take care of that vine properly if you don't take care of it can the branches end up falling into the dirt. And they can and you know when the branches are fall down into the dirt they get very dirty. And it can prohibit it from growing fruit. So what do we do farmers when we see the branch laying in the dirt covered with dirt and able to bear fruit what we do with it we we lift it up. We build it up we clean it up we put it in right position so that now it can their fruit do you understand. Any branch that thank God is still at least in Christ though not bearing fruit God does not get rid of it you see depending on how we study the Bible we might look at God as a gangster. We might look at him as a roughneck we might look at him as an reasonable tough guy that if you don't need to stand as he gets rid of you that's not the picture of our Savior when he doesn't see fruit in yours or my life though we are making efforts to abide in Him He does not say no fruit and gets rid of us. That's not the God of heaven on earth please don't paint that picture of your Heavenly Father. Especially mine God does not treat us like empty object toilet paper that you just use and get rid of it when he sees you down. He reaches over to build you up in the military when you see somebody go down when they get hit weeks a man down man down and everybody comes together to build that man back up when there's a cancer cell that's in the body. The rest of the cells say man down man down let's go that we might build him up even though some of us as cells may lose our lives trying to save the body lessons from physiology. Today there's a culture that says man down minister down evangelist down people getting caught up in apostasy and the message is get away leave them alone. Pray for the minister from Minister for them from a very very very very very large distance and tell them they need to get it right. While I'm busy building up the branches that are already up and I hope you get what I'm saying We're back in John fifteen. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he take it away and then wash it once he builds us up Genesis and every branch that bears fruit so he builds you up now you are bearing fruit now what do you do next. He purges you what does purge mean. What does purge me to cut cut trim Bruce is that right. That's not what it means. The word purge is the very word that you find in verse three What is the word in verse three now you are clean the word purge means to cleanse and so it is that he says and every branch that beareth food He cleanses it that it may do what. Bring forth more fruit Why does God want so much through verse eight what does the same verse say it says right there in verse eight it says here in is my father what are glorified that the only people who are going to light up the earth with God's glory are the people that are bearing much fruit you've got that. It's all about fruit bearing got to be of some fruit family. God wants us to understand that this means everything to him now when we think of fruit What do you think of you think of the fruit of the way through the Spirit was the fruit of the spirit the fruit of the Spirit is love what else Joy what else peace what else long suffering what else gentleness what else goodness what else faith what else meekness what else temperance and how does a verse finish again search. You have to think about that. Think about that do you know that everything in our world has law is eating a privilege. But isn't there a law you're only supposed to eat a certain amount lest you be full and vomit remember that Proverbs twenty five sixteen. Honey what promise twenty four thirty thousand because it's good but then Proverbs twenty five sixteen says has now found honey only eat it in sufficient amounts Let's now be filled there with and vomit. Honeys good be but there's a law that says you only got to eat a certain amount of. Money Making there's a law that you know that. I said money making when you get a chance go back a look at Proverbs thirty versus seventy nine. Actually verse ten to Solomon says two things that are required of the deny me of them not before I die now listen or Solomon says two things have are required of the deny me them not before I die then he says give me neither I want you to think about that. He says give me neither what poverty nor riches. There is the Bible says labor not to be rich so notice that he says two things are required of the deny me them not before I die give me neither poverty nor riches then he says feed me with food convenient for me lest Now watch the verse he says lest I be fall. And then he says and did ninety and say Who is the Lord now watch this when he says let's not in full he was just talking about the belly he was also talking about the context of being rich the danger of being rich is that we are think that we are increased with goods we are full and have need of nothing he says that's the danger of being rich but then he also says neither give me poverty in the next verses. If you want to have some of us we gloat Now poverty. Broke him in and it's like whoa hold up I don't know if God says a man with you inspiration this was not Solomon saying inspiration stay over here and let humanity kick in give me the power that was inspired. The Holy Spirit was saying that to say to Solomon to say to you and say to me my goal is not to be rich My goal is not to be poor My goal is to be right there in the middle and is that interesting that according to prophecy that's the very group that's being wiped out is the middle class that's top news on C.N.N. That's top news on Newsweek that's news on money market that's the thing is right now the middle class is getting wiped out and we've got one of two choices you want to survive you better get rich and then when you get rich and then the beast power comes and says surrender your riches you're going to be like Lot's wife. Or you want to survive. Well if you're not going to be rest then we're going to have to make you poor. And then you won't be tempted to lie and steal and go into all sorts of sins just to live and try to sanctify your lies. And that's why God says I've got a plan. Get out of the city get into the country get a little piece of land he says I want you to grow some food. Learn to simplify your life. God's plan God has a plan to deal with the elimination of the middle class and the pressure to put us in one of the two classes that's preparing us to be pressured by the beast power God has a plan for everything God wants you and I don't understand balance. The balance of his work he says I want you to be a much fruit. And a reason why is because he said that's how you're going to grow or if I me and what is that wonderful fruit love joy peace longsuffering etc In other words there's a lot for everything even though eating is a privilege there's a lot even though drinking is a privilege there's a lot even though making money is a privilege there's a lot but again if this God says no law God says indulge. God says over eat and love. God says you can indulge in Joy God says you can have over do it abundant peace. There's no law there's no such thing as you are just too peaceful. There's no such thing. You have to see that it was not only what this I mean I'm looking at the verse that against such there is no law. God says there's no limit to love you can love as much as you or. You can have joy as much as you want you can have peace you can be as a long suffering with people as much as you want. No limit. God says I want much of that. And if you really think about it what is the much of the fruit at the end of the day check this out this was very powerful Did you know Jesus was filled with a holy spirit there at Luke one thirty five that holy thing and the angel answered and said unto her the holy ghost shall come upon the end the power the highest ever was shadowed be therefore also that holy being which shall be one of these shall be called the Son of God So I started looking at Jesus right do you know Jesus is love. Jesus had joy. Jesus had peace Jesus was long suffering Jesus was gentle Jesus was good Jesus is our source of Jesus was me and Jesus was temperate when you think of the fruit of the Spirit you thinking nothing short of Christ likeness keeping it simple when God says there's no law against being like Jesus. There's no law God says I want you to flourish with this character. I want you to just manifest his character in such a marked way because that's what the world needs to be lit up with that's what the world needs to see in unadulterated form no fogginess take the glasses off and see a crystal clear and plain Christ says I want a reflection of my character this is why we're told an inspiration the object of the Christian life in this fruit bearing That's the object of our lives is fruit bearing the reproduction of Christ's character in the believer that it may be reproduced in others Christ object lessons paid sixty seven that's the great focus. Fruit God has no problem letting people in his house that are just like his son it's when we're not like his son that he has concerns because God is not trying to have a lucifer part two. He's not trying to have it and the only way he can be secure from having that is to make sure that you and I got characters like Jesus you understand that So this is the great thing this is the great focus this is what God wants and this is the experience is the essential experience that you and I must have and the question is very very simple. God wants us to bear fruit is the fruit of Christ like character it's the only way that we can glorify him on the earth and eventually light up the earth with his glory so the only way is going to happen now the question is very simple why does God want to bear fruit. Why does he want to manifest this Christ like character why does he want to be a fruit. Why do you think. We like him there might be like him anything else true that. Glorify him. He wants to be in US OK good answers. All right and bring others to him let's go to Isaiah fifty five and let's look at from the Bible why God wants us to bear fruit let's look at Isaiah the fifty fifth chapter. In Isaiah fifty five taught this at the graduation at Wildwood a couple of weeks a few weeks ago and I think that this is worthy to repeat in the book of Isaiah let's look at the fifty fifth chapter and watch watch how God you know he helps us understand why he wants us to bear fruit I like this gun uses these examples. So when you look at Isaiah fifty five notice what it says in verse nine Well look at verses nine and ten the Bible says for as the heavens are higher than the Earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts and your thoughts and watch verse ten for as the rain cometh down and snow from heaven and return if not this other but does what to the earth and what is the earth and makes it bring forth what you think is making it bring forth fruit make for fruit and bud that it may do two things One is to do. Seed to the SO or and what else. Bread to the eater that's why God wants you to be a fruit I'm just giving you a Bible and says I want to make it more specific more plain Why does God want us to bear fruit that I might give seed to the solar and bread to the eater. That's why he wants you to bear fruit. We are getting practical on how do we prepare the way of the Lord how do we help people see and prepare to meet their god how do I make sure me my family are prepared to meet our God God says I want you to bear fruit Why Lord do you want me to bear fruit he says because I want you to give seed to the sower and I want you to give bread to the eater. Now scholars in the room what does that mean. What does that mean we just found out biblically why God gives or has fruit production the purpose of fruit and then type in the end the natural world is to do two things to give seed to the sower and bread to the eater now is that hard to understand when we think about farming and gardening now that makes all the sense in the world because if it doesn't give seed to the so we're going to get stuck in what's called the hybrid world. All these manmade scenes and all these manipulated seeds Monsanto and all these guys and we don't want that stuff right we want the heirloom products is that right OK so if we want to heirloom products then the so it needs more seeds. Does that make sense that makes sense if we want good healthy heirloom foods that product has to give me the solar more seeds so I can plant more. Who is the solar in the in the natural world who's the solar. The farmer the gardener What did you just read in John fifteen who's the vine. Who's the husbandman. Was another way of saying the husbandman the farmer the garden so again who's the solar god is you understand that God's the so are all right so what God says is he says I want you to bear much fruit so you can give me more see that I can produce more fruit Yes Santa How do we do that Revelation two verse ten look at Revelation two and look at the principle in verse ten. This is one of many ways. And I have some deeper things that I want to share some I going to spend too much time at this point but I just want to get the point across revelation to. Look at verse ten this this is a spiritual way if you will that we can give seed to the sower God does not need us for anything in the context of he cannot function without us he needs our companionship and he wants our companionship because he is love and love always communes one with another so God needs us in that context but he doesn't need us for the purpose of survival we understand that now. When God therefore get seed from us the purpose is to produce more fruit get more seeds produce more fruit get more seeds produce more fruit you understand that that's the purpose of the seed going to the store so let's study it study that in that context Revelation two and verse ten the Bible says of Revelation two in verse ten it says fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer beholder the devil shall cast some of you into prison that you may be tried and ye shall have tribulation ten days Be thou what. Be thou faithful on to death and what will happen you receive the crown of life now notice this when we are faithful on to God till the end that we get then but in addition to that when we are faithful unto death is it is as it were seed given to God that he encourages the next generation to be faithful and to death. Are you following. Have you ever thought why does God that Christians get killed in truth it doesn't make any sense except for one point God says I am allowing things to happen even to my people. That as they were faithful and to death the next generation that comes will also be faithful and to death you know I know this to be true one day I was reading a little book great controversy and as I was going through it I was studying at the chapter on God's people delivered and went when it got to a point that Jesus says those wonderful words of Revelation twenty two eleven when he says that him whose holy the holy still and let him who is filthy be filthy still when Christ says that probation closes the reason we know that is because Revelation fifteen eight verse eight is the last verse in the Book of Revelation fifteen and the last verse in Revelation fifteen verse eight it says the sanctuary was filled with smoke and no man could enter into it. Who is the only man that could enter into the sanctuary. That's only the priest right and if it's the most holy place it's only the high priest now if the sanctuary is filled with smoke and no man can enter in the net means that the only man that will go in is none other than our High Priest who is a High Priest Jesus so Hebrew seven twenty five says that he ever liveth to intercessors for us but he does that in the sanctuary so if the sanctuary is filled with smoke and no man can enter into it then that means that intercession at that point has ceased. Do you understand that's why God says Let him who Holy be holy still let him who silly people are going to live in the sight of a holy God without an intercessor without a mediator but it be one thing if after Revelation fifteen eight It then shows Jesus comes but is that what happens no then this revelation sixteen one and Revelation sixteen one that's when the angels come down with the vials of wrath and they begin to pour out the seven last plagues. So there will be a people on earth who are going to go through a time of Jacob's trouble. Without a mediator in the sanctuary that's why I think God they're going to not only be holy but they're going to be holy still. God is already way their characters and he knows they will never turn their back on me. That's when we come to the months that number. And so. In that little chapter God people delivered it says at that time when God's people are still alive probation has closed people are getting hit with plagues and there's a worldwide death decree that says kill all these faithful people question do they get killed no you know why because there is no other generation that needs to be evangelized all of humanity has been assessed from faithful Adam. To the last judgment of the living and judgement of the dead. And so that means the only reason that God allowed his people to be slaughtered was as it were that it might be seeded to produce more people who will be faithful and to death then they get cut down then it's like see that produces more people that are faithful and to death until we get to the close of probation. And God says nobody touches my people anymore because there's no need. The mission has been accomplished. Our faithfulness unto God. Is as it were giving him seed that he can encourage others do as you have song seen your brothers do. But it also says bread to the eater didn't it. So you give seed to the so a but then bread to the eater so I thought about the bread to the eater part in this when I said it was some text on the screen so look at this. Galatians six one and two brethren if a man be overtaken in a fall ye which are spiritual restore such and one in the spirit of meekness considering that I self lest also be tempted then what does he say there you want another's burdens and so fulfill the Law of Christ you know I thought Jesus was a burden there but what God tells us to do. You have to run away from people because like all of that burden I can deal with and you know let me point you to Jesus for there. Now my saying that holistically wrong but what I am saying is that did you know that it was not a suggestion it was a command of God that we are to bear one another's burdens. You know the reason why a lot of us cannot bear other people's burdens. According to the text we're not spiritual You see God put that there on purpose when you see another brother that's overtaken in the fall you are supposed to be spiritual. What is spiritual John four twenty four God says God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth if I am spiritual then that means that I should be like God. I should have a mind character personality. Like God Himself He was our spiritual restore such a one one of the reasons why we cannot help other people with their burdens is many a time because we are not a very spiritual people because some of us are sometimes very self-centered some other got enough problems of my own guts and I knew that when I called you. The problem is you're not allowing me to make your burdens light and that's why you can't bear anybody else's burdens. It's so simple. There are other people literally dying around a sick around us and hurting around us that need real help and God is saying I appointed you to help them and with a lot I care in the Bible says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me oh ye of little fee. God says I expect you to bear one another's burdens in the strength of Jesus I was counseling a family the other day earlier in the week you know his ministers we go home and do visitations with various families and I said we're family and I started to tell me some challenges they're going through and the brother said where the women I need help would be want to help me I said I will be willing to help you. I said you just have to understand the context of my help. He said What do you mean I said listen if you are falling and if you are being overwhelmed by the devil and you feel that you are about to pass out. I'm going to hold you and I'm going to carry you. I said but I need you to understand that what I'm going to do is when I hold you and when I carry you I'm going to carry you and I'm going to walk you to Jesus and honestly Lord carry him and I literally did this example in front of him I said in other words every time you come to me I'm going to bring you into my arms and I'm going to put you in Jesus's arms. Because I want to teach you how to learn to rely on him and I don't want you to develop a habit of relying on me number one because I'm flesh and I can fail Number two I can die I can not be here anymore and I don't want you to be to feel stranded. So we bear each other's burdens carrying them to the great burden bear you understand that that's how you don't get overwhelmed. I will help you to be helped by Jesus you understand that that's the context of how we bear each other's burden God is not asking you to take on the load of other people's lives because some of us are so messed up we are real burden. And therefore we're like you and I do my own issues and now I got this person to Lord it's overwhelming crisis just understand you're going to bring them into your arms but you going to put them in my arms. So I need to start teaching you how to learn of my strength and this is what our studies about so watch this so look at this point right here. Jew twenty two and twenty three and of some have compassion making a difference and others do what save with fear doing what pulling them out of the fire who do you know got pulled out the fire. All Come on by a student who you know they got pulled out the fire. Lot. If I was coming down. You remember that dangerous word that caused last wife to die by obsessing Genesis one thousand it says a lot Lingard husbands writers take second. Husbands our wives look to us for string and they are supposed to we are called to be three things in our home and. The law maker the head and the priest. Those are the three things God called us to be. When we are the head the law maker and the priest of our home those are all positions of leadership the wife is supposed to look to the husband for leadership. The children are to look to father for leadership. And so when the leader is called to do something that God tells them to do they are to yes serve. Immediately obey and follow what God says Lot did not do that the Bible says that when God called the leader and said Lot let's go it says Lot Lingard his wife saw it and his wife was like It's my husband's lingering the maybe there's a reason we shouldn't go forward. And so even though lots snapped out of it and started making his move his wife was like but my husband did make that move or he was going up and when she looked back that was the end of her life. It was not just because she was a covetous woman even though that was true but it was the example of her husband that laid the foundation for the loss of her eternal salvation. And so it is that when those angel said we got to go we got to go and lot lingered in all of the stuff what the angels do they grabbed their hand and pulled them out of the fire. They said we've got to get you out of here let's go. Because says I expect you to do that. With your people you see. Bread to the eater. What do we do with food we eat it and it gets a simulator in our system. And it gives the strength to go forward is that right. Look at this in tender pitying love laying hold of the discouraged and helpless ones give them your your. Your. Wait a minute God says give them your courage give them your hope give them your strength. This is what we do with the discouraged and helpless ones it says by kindness compel them to come of some have compassion making a difference in other save with fear pulling them out of the fire you see sometimes the only way people will go forward is when they can partake of some of your bread they're going to have to see something in your life that testified parents this is the secret some of us got to why my children over Bell Yes. Why my children won't listen. They're so happy when a pretense of holiness but I know that they have not the love of God in their hearts God says parents mother and father listen to me. Search your heart and find out every area you are frustrating me. Search your heart and find out every area where you are constantly not letting me have been completely in your life. And God says and once you surrender to me Your children will be partakers of your bread. They see cheating in the home and we've got to understand this isn't he who is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much when we cheat on small things in front of our children our children are like fiber optic network glass speed high speed Internet download I mean our children are like when it when they see us she when they see as compliment when they see as gossip when they see us live when they see us overindulging appetite when they see us do anything that is contrary to the councils we give them it's like a download. And then I jump and it is high speed down low they get a quick in the moment told me are actually the same. And what they'll do is simply say what you do undercover I'll do in the open. And that's why sometimes we as parents we get floored when we start seeing things happening with our children and I get involved all these public social networks etc and it gets really bad my brother and says What I'm saying to you is that God is like I can change all of that. But you must learn how to give your children you must learn how to give your brothers and sisters you must learn how to give the people in society we must learn to give them our courage our hope our strength true story and I hope you don't mind you know the reason why I don't I am always challenges because these certain events because like where the Mason used to say yeah I pray for that clock you know come trying to give you meat I'm really trying to give you mean I don't want the pressure of a clock around I know when the Spirit of God is leading so I just work with the family listen. In November of two thousand and sixteen I go and I get checked out for my heart why in two thousand and fifteen I'm by a friend's house my wife and I go to see a friend and she happens to work in the cardiology department and she works in the cardiology department and she has a portable echo cardiogram in her house she says to my wife she says you know Alex I'm going to check you out of this that he other and then she says Hey doing since you're here want to let me take a look at what's going on with your heart and I'm like sure I know I'm fine so I get all my whatever so they're going to check my heart she checks my heart and I'm waiting for the report like I'm you know how my doing I'm doing great. She says well your heart looks really big on the left side like you didn't even fit on my screen. And I was like really am I dying she says no no no you're fine you know you got. All these terms. She says just you know in a year go see your cardiologist So fast forward a year that's how I saw my cardiologist I would have never gone to see my cardiologist were not for that encounter that my friend Linda selves I got to see the cardiologist I said Listen my friend told me to check it out because my heart a little began to listen to me was going on keep in mind I feel fantastic they said any man that's over forty years old and can do a brisk walk in less than twenty eight minutes and cover over two miles has excellent fitness I was doing it in twenty six point three seconds. So you understand that I'm walking in the office like I am good check me out he checks me out puts me on the screen Mr Lemon you see that thing there that looks like a broken hockey stick. I sit here he said that's your mitral valve he says I'm used to seeing that an eighty year olds he said what happened to you I said I had rheumatic fever when I was a child Ah. Lo and behold he says Mr Lemon it's not that your left heart the left side of your heart is big he said it's your left atrium he said your left atrium is says verily dilated you can go nature for a relation any time. I have to refer you to a heart surgeon Fast forward to a whole lot of events. I saw my heart surgeon my wife and I prayed the night before and my son Jared. My son said Father you sent us to California my son said this you know my son gave me an I told him this I said son you know if you gave me that night he said what I said you gave me your courage. You gave me your hope. You gave me your strength. Because I was getting weak and my son said Father you said that you brought us here for repair not for replacement of Daddy's valve tomorrow when they meet with the doctor. Show yourself mighty on behalf of my parents. I went in there my wife and I went in and Dr Wang says Mr Lemon not only is your mitral valve severely regurgitating he says you're a audit valve is regurgitating he said Mr Lemon. I cannot do a repair on this valve I can only do mechanical and you don't have to be on coumadin for the rest of your life I said Dr Wong can I tell you a story yes I said Dr Wang there was a man who went to London he went to go preach he went to bed Friday night getting ready to wake up Saturday morning to preach and when he went to bed Friday night he didn't wake up. His heart completely stopped and he didn't get oxygen to his brain for over thirty minutes. I said what's the prognosis of that man. Or he's dead he's dead he's going to he's dead if not dead he's definitely a vegetable I said I would agree but that did vegetable man is going to be here Monday for my surgery. In sound mind and body his name is Thomas Jackson I said God did a miracle for him and then I looked him in the eyes with his wife standing right there said Dr Wong do you believe that God can do a miracle with your hands and repair the valve that has been known to be irrepairable. And you know what he said to me. He said. I'll do it. And I sit and then. We went to have the follow up meeting he said when are you sure you want to do this I said I'm sure he said I don't have your faith I said lean on mine so I said don't. I pull the picture out nothing green Jesus in the surgery room. I said this is going to happen on December nineteenth two thousand and sixteen. He said All right let's go forward. I stand before you eleven months later. Feeling fantastic with a repaired valve what I'm saying to you is we must understand that God tells us to bear fruit. So we can give bread to those who eat there are times that people are not going to have courage they need yours going to times people do not have hope they need yours they're going to times people do not have strength they need yours do you understand how devastating it is when we get up every morning and neglect worship. Not only are we hurting ourselves we cannot give to those whom we love our hope strength and courage. Because we don't have any you can't live off of yesterday's blessings your blessings you got yesterday was for yesterday I don't care how powerful it was you are not supposed to live off our yesterdays blessings Jesus says continue in my words you understand. So this is why God wants us to bear fruit to give seed to the solar and bread to the E.U.. Now how are we going to do this here is the secret. To save his life on earth was a life of one. Communion with nature and with God in this communion he reveals for us what the secret of a life of power. If we can learn how to have communion like Jesus did. We will have the power Jesus had. And will be able to live as he lived and minister as he Minister are you aware that this is what Christ was asked to do and so what I want to understand is that when we begin delving into the word I want to look at some principles about Jesus and as we look at the principles about Jesus and how he lived in his communion like Christ says I gave that to you as my example and it was not optional. The Bible says in Hebrews eleven in verse six but without faith. It is impossible to please him for he that comes to God must believe that he is and that he is a reward of that diligently seek Him Now if you are a student the Bible I imagine you have theology taught here right you have a theology class Harlan All right good so in theology class I would imagine you had to learn about parallelism is that right now parallelism parallelism is very simple it is making one point being stated in two or more ways making one singular point but your expressing it into a more ways Hebrews eleven six is an example of parallelism because notice the two words that are parallel it says but without what faith it is impossible to please him for he that cometh to God must believe that he is so literally believe and faith means the same thing in this verse you understand that now to make it more simple the word believe if you look it up even in the Greek it means to have faith but there is at the bottom where the say at the bottom and able to trust. Many people believe God but very few trust Him The Bible says even the devils believe. But they don't trust do you know that there are some of us who believe we don't trust God we believe but we don't necessarily trust. Let me give you something here a powerful parallel about believing God what does it really mean to believe or trust God watch this John five in verse thirty eight and he have not his word abiding you for whom he has sent him he believe not what is it that they did not believe. His word very good they did not believe his word so therefore because they didn't believe the word they didn't believe Christ you follow that and do it again second example John five forty six for had he believed to Moses you would have believed me for he you see when we reject the written Word of God It's hard to accept the living Word of God true trust in God is in its simplicity faith is fully trusting God's word to come to pass because he said it and depending only on the word to do what God said it will do this is faith Matthew Chapter eight notice what the Bible says Matthew the eighth chapter watch the text Jesus lived by the word Jesus prayed in harmony with the word Jesus's whole life was based on the word and therefore he says you and I should live according to the word now again Matthew Chapter five The Bible says in Matthew five right there and starting at verse five. And let's notice what it says if you there just let me know by saying amen OK Matthew chapter five. No I'm sorry Matthew eight forgive me Matthew eight. And then we're looking at verse five Matthew eight and verse five. It says and when Jesus was entered into Capernaum they came on to him a century and beseeching him and saying Lord my servant live at home sick of the palsy grievously tormented And Jesus saith unto him I will come and heal him gee I understand Jesus said I will come to his house I'll come to the house I hear them how many of you would love that Jesus walk to your home. But but watch how this brother rejects the offer. Jesus says I will come and heal and let's go through the rest of the story now he says I will come in here in verse eight the century and answered and said Lord I'm not worthy that thou shouldst come under my roof but speak the word was that next word only speak the word only and my servant might be healed. My servant shall be healed now watch this my servant shall be healed for I am a man under authority having soldiers under me I wish I could spend time in verse nine. That's a serious verse you need and there are the same but nevertheless he says if I am a man under thirty having soldiers under me and I say to this man go to go with it to another man company come in and to my servant do this and you do with it and when Jesus heard it he marveled and said to them that follow verily I say unto you I have not found so great faith no not in Israel. Literally Jesus just told us what faith is what did he do as an open book test because on the screen what do you do. He trusted fully in the Word of God only and depended fully on the Word of God only for the Word of God to do what it said it was going to do. As faith Jesus says I need my people to start living like this and you know one of the great reasons why we can't live like this you know the great reason why many of us cannot live like this because some of us know more than white and we know the Bible and we take a drink on that one now if ever Why was resurrected out of the gray she slapped me a high five you know why. Great controversy five ninety eight she says but God will have a people that will use the Bible and the Bible ONLY as the basis of all doctrines and the foundation of all reforms do you know how many of us do not know how to go to the Bible to spell address before we run to L. and why don't we. Some of us we don't know how to show country living from the Bible. We only know how to procreate quote country live in page nine. Some of listen and I'm not saying this to insult what I'm saying is that we've got to do things in proper perspective some of us are absolutely easy. We don't like to stretch our brains we don't like to think through a text because there's nothing to make you think like that in the Bible there's nothing that will stretch old brain like the Bible. And the prophet knew that and that's why she wrote it in the book education and she said there is nothing that will expand the mind like the study of scripture. And so what we do not understand this verse is took two and we just immediately run to the other what and what I'm saying you miss the blessing God wanted to give you God wanted you to study. If you look back in the days of our pioneers they did not get together at night and study the Bible and say we don't know what the king of the north the king of the self we don't understand the glorious would not go in meditation and I said to stand back I mean this is how some of us think history when. These brethren would study for the worse. With some of us are like oh properest time then those guys are like study time. And they will study and I have not proper rest of course but sometimes it's all right to stay up all night studying and praying. And so it is that literally then they would study study study and when everybody has stretched their brains to the max God in compassion would say all right and then he'd give a vision to the prophet. As you say this is the Lord the Lord has shown me the let's go and then and the Lord has shown me not just so I'm the authority the Lord has shown me that we missed this verse even in her visions she was bringing us back to the Bible. What I'm saying is a lot of us are absolutely lazy we cannot exercise trust in God. Because the only true faith in God is a whole trust in His Word but a lot of us are not exposing ourselves to the way. Yet we want to live like Jesus and prepare to finish the word brothers and sisters it's not going to happen. God wants us to understand it can't work like this and so number one in our communion with God every day when we get up when we're studying those words when God presents his word we are to be like that since Jerry and and say Lord I believe this and I accept this because your words said it and I am depending on this word only to be fulfilled and I'm not going to look for outward manifestations. We must colp to vait this thing you understand that this is why. In Romans four five you remember we read it last night. We saw in Romans four and verse five the only people that God justifies is the on godly. We must accept that word naked as it is we must remember when men see their own nothingness they are prepared to be clothed with the righteousness of Christ. I must accept the word that no matter how great I think I am God says. I am miserable I'm poor and I'm blind and I'm naked my only greatness is that God love sinners of whom I am chief. He was willing to use me. That's our claim to fame and claim to greatness my greatness is him in him. In addition to that is something about Jesus and why did down here. I want you to go to Matthew twenty six take just a couple more verses here I want to disrupt the program. Matthew twenty six and verse thirty you can write down the others. In Matthew twenty six in verse thirty I'm going to show you something that was actually a habit of Jesus needs to become our habit. In Matthew twenty six and verse thirty. When you get there say men. The Bible says. After the garden gets seventy it says or right after the dinner the last supper and when they had sung and him they went out into the Mount of Olives You can also read in Hebrews two nine to twelve that Jesus spent time in praise and thanksgiving. That is something that we sometimes especially seventy AD when as we don't necessarily spend a lot of time of it because we have Babylonian fears. We feel like if we start praising God and things of that nature it seems like it's you know we're getting too close to the edge and we stand to represent the fallen churches but you know if you've fallen down in farming at the mouth that's one thing but the mere fact that we sing hallelujah them effectively saying thank you Jesus the mere fact that sometimes the hand might go up and we say thank you lord some of us are like thank you this present truth can't do that you know we allow these cliches in terms these perversions of understanding to mess our heads up into our own worship and God says that foolishness needs to go away trying to please a bunch of people that are not worthy to be pleased. And so it is that I think about it the first angels message saying with a loud voice Fear God and do what give glory to Him Is that right why is this fear God to give glory to Him who so off with what praise glorified me who so Office prays for five for me notice that the Bible also says where indeed we greatly where in the greatly rejoice though now for season if need be you are in heaven is through manifold temptations that the trial of your faith being much more precious than of gold that perishes though it be tried with fire might be found unto praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ whom having not seen the love in whom though now you see him not yet believing you Joyce with joy unspeakable and full of glory receiving the end of your faith even the salvation of your souls grace. Praise is something that is foreign to many of us many of us a very sad event ists with very sad people because we feel the world is going down and therefore we don't have any joys anymore and I don't understand how we can expect to be filled with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit without measure. And one of the through the Spirit is joy but yet we're going to be a bunch of joyless Christians we should not be giddy and silly and foolish. But it does not mean that we cannot have a true joy that even in the midst of darkness I know that light is coming. We don't weep as others weep we understand that so. Why does God want to praise Him It demonstrates the highest level of trust you know that. The more we learn to praise God It helps us demonstrate what I trust even in my five years also it's a living testimony to the world and angels that we are convinced God is good all the time I know people say that God is good all the time all the time God is good we say it as this very cheap cliche but a lot of times we don't believe those words. But when we can learn to praise them even in darkness in the midst of the worst fires that's literally testifying that I actually do believe God is good all. All the time also it helps us bear our trials better and makes us more cheerful. When we can learn to Praise God even in the midst of the storms it helps us bear the trial better it reminds us that all is well between ourselves and our Savior it protects us from charging God with folly. Lord what are you doing Lord it looks like you don't have control what are you doing. Also it's an encouragement to the younger generation to be faithful. Let a son or daughter see a mother and father praising God in the midst of some of their worst storms. That is an excellent witness that we can give to our children that they can see nothing is shaking my mother or my father nothing is shaking my brother my sister Also please remember and get past that. I will most live in the will stop these words which I commanded this day shall be undone hard guys not asking you to be an actor. He's not asking you to be an actor he doesn't want you to praise God when you hate him. If you hate God you need to talk to him about that. You need to say Lord I hate you. And I'm asking you to please help me love you. Help my unbelief please give me strength. You've got to not come clean with God with your mouth because he already knows you know what you see confession has never been about making God aware it's making us aware. I did one of the most incredible things in the world one day I took a book out and I wrote out my frustrations and when I wrote out my frustrations and actually read it I was shocked I was like Man this is in my heart. This is in my heart. And it made me come to God in very deep repentance because I was looking at my thoughts for the first time. Sometimes it's a blessing to be able to say what's my issue and you write down your issue and you really understand because sometime we got so much drama going on in our heads we don't have time to really think about it but I began to write it down and as I saw it. I was able to know how to direct my prayers even more effectively and pleading for God's help you see everything I just showed you right here is all here ministry healing two fifty three let us educate our hearts and lips to speak the praise of God If you have to educate your lips to speak the praise of God That means that it's not natural for your lips to do it it requires education so that means that just because you take a moment to say Lord I want to thank you for my trial because I know that your word says All things work to get it may not feel totally natural or whatever at first what we're doing is we're going through an education process this is one teach my children I learned it was like children sometimes you're not going to feel to do it you're not going to be like look I don't I don't feel like praising God right now this seems a little weird because I'm used to just saying Dear Lord thank you for this day and please be Obama you know and it just thank you for this day I mean something that's the most praise God gets from the average young person's prayer thank you for this day Lord thank you for the opportunity to pray and we just go into the request. But which reigning our minds you are educating your mind but I want to thank you that today is a brand new sunny day I want to thank you because that sunlight provides me with things that I need for my body that I can function to the best level that I can serve you what I want to thank him for this trial because such as such and such and you repeating back the words of God and the more that you do that your mind starts falling in agreement. And your mind starts seeing why this this is true these are the words of God This is true you're doing what Judith verse twenty says you are building up your most holy faith. You are educating yourself let praise and thanksgiving be expressed in song. The like to sing I like to sing I am not a singer. But I like to sing you know one of my favorite songs. We praise the. For the Son. Of for Jesus who died and is now. Of. The glory. And. In the glory revival. When you're down sing that song you know I am encouraging to do that that's the very song that's written in mind cure in ministry healing the prophet of God says that if we sing that song I think we cheer you up boy you up in fact song is a weapon that we can always use against discouragement. I am simply here to tell you well go ahead we'll finish it later this afternoon. My brothers and sisters. As I started studying the life of Christ now this afternoon I'm going to show your real powerful secret of Jesus that gave him so much strength to endure his battles I didn't get to it today but nevertheless we'll get to this afternoon I want to encourage you. God is preparing you and he's preparing me to bear much fruit to give seed to the sower to give bread to the eater. And through this chaining God says I need to start learning how to exercise faith like my son depend on the word only because I'm telling you we're all going to go through what Jesus went through do you know Jesus went to a dark period where he did not feel the Father's presence or do you understand we're going to go through that every step of Jesus we're going to go through it we have our own cross to bear they're going to be moments that we're not going to sense God's presence is going to trials where God is going to allow us to go through it and we're going to say Lord if only I could just sense your presence and God is going to make it known through his word. Lo I'm with you always did NOT say that so it doesn't matter what you feel I'm with you in Volume nine environ two of the testimonies page two fifteen seven the Lord says that Jesus when he was getting ready to go to the cross. He was crying out My God my God why is there for seeking me he had to lean and remember. What the father said we're going to have to do the same thing this is why I'm telling you you've got to get back to the world and I'm not here to knock the prophet I quote the prophets statements all the time but I understand them in the balance of the Word of God as I study with some of us we don't know where to go if I take Ellen White statements out of your head and say or I tell this Baptists what you just believe and say from the Bible we don't know what to say and that is not good I'm tell you straight up that is not good because preparing the way is not John did not say and I saw another angel fly in the midst of the seven eleven his church it goes to every nation to tell the people. We've got to get back to the Bible. And so the Lord is saying to each of us get back to the word exercise faith in the word. Spend time and educate your mind how to praise me even when things don't go right. Because we're going to see a lot more things go wrong than right in our very near future and we cannot lose our Hold on guys. Question. Did you understand the study today you understood the study. Jesus wants us to walk in His steps it's how we're going to get power. And then maybe some of us in this room this is look I I have not taken my walk with God serious enough I've taken for granted growing up in Adventism I took it for granted that I show up at a lot of meetings you know I go to G. Y.C. every year I go to airside groups I go to amen I go to various can't meetings I go everywhere and we some of us have allowed all of that activity to define our walk with God I watch You Tube all the time I listen to audio verse and three A.B.N. and dare to dream that we're going to set ourselves or. Some of us have been deceiving our own hearts. Thinking that we're having a walk with God because we're living in the footsteps of other people's preaching and teaching. And some of us all have our own walk with him some of us don't know him we don't trust him. And if you can say preacher you know what I appreciate that you're acknowledging that I remember going through that I remember young people reflecting the preachers that I thought was so incredibly great and all of that other stuff I've gone through that too I'm just glad to be delivered. And so all I'm saying is that I really can relate to these things that I'm highlighting That's why I'm speaking with so much passion about it so please understand where the boat together win the fight together but part of it is being brutally honest and real with ourselves and recognizing man up and walking in the footsteps of other food People's Light I've been frustrating God I've been blocking I know that I got my points of rebellion that I've still yet surrendered to God. And if you know that you've been going through these various struggles and maybe are still in these struggles right now and you saying preacher please do me a favor Can you please pray for me. If that's you I don't want you to worry about the other sinners who need Jesus just as much as you to your left and right. I'm asking you if you recognize that that you please stand to your feet because I want to pray for you. And as you stand I just want you to know Jesus loves you with an ever lasting love. And he is determined and he has pledged himself with blood. To make sure that you will know him as it is your privilege to know him and he will give you strength to literally live as he lived to walk as he walked forth any man abideth in Christ he himself also so to walk as he walked first John two in verse six And God can do it let us pray our loving Father we thank you so much for your wonderful words of life thank you Lord for the power of your Holy Spirit. Teaches continually how to walk as Jesus was for this is our prayer we ask Jesus this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about your verse or if you would like to listen to more service leave a visit. Or.


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