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The Elijah Message

Norbert Restrepo


  • January 27, 2018
    4:30 PM
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I would like to invite you to open your Bible says the book of Malecon I. Malakai is a. You know perhaps for us the book of Malikai is is not one of those prominent books in the Bible but if you think of it from the following perspective for the Jews what was Malakai for the Jews Molokai was the last book of the Bible. In addition to that Malakai. Was the last book added to the Bible and then there was a period of silence there was a period of silence when there were no more prophets and these no more profits that were registered in the scriptures in the canon of scripture until John the Baptist's according to historians it was a period of about four hundred years of no more prophecy Malakai the name Malakai and has a special meaning what was what does name Alekhine mean the messenger of the Lord or messenger and if you take a close look at the book of Malikai you will find in every single chapter it has four chapters a reference to the fact that God as a messenger he's sending a messenger he has a special message that he will send through a messenger so the name of Malikai coincides with the main thrust of the book and the emphasis on the messenger is in the context of the messenger who would prepare the way for the Lord's coming. Now for the Jews the Lord's coming was it was a great expectation as a nation they had high hopes they were. It was the Messiah it was all of they were dreaming of it was the hope of their consummation as a nation their liberation from all of these foreign occupants so they could once again be the throne of David so there was a lot of expectation but what meaning does the Book of Malikai have have for us today in the time in which we are living now the books of the Old Testament when we refer to the prophets of the Old Testament classical prophecy classical prophecy has a characteristic I'm on others but one of them is that it had a local application referring to judgment to a geographical location to the Israelite nation but this prophecy also was a type of final judgment every classical prophecy was a type of the final judgment so in that sense the prophecies of Malikai have an application to the second coming of Christ now a careful reading of the book of Malikai you will see that not only do you find the types of Christ second coming in but you actually find language that is clearly referring to not only the second coming of Christ but also to his coming into the most holy place as you read in chapter three and we will take a look at that this afternoon I want to share briefly from the book of Malikai because just as the book of Molokai was to inspire God's people to motivate them to admonish them to be prepared for the first coming of Christ to be prepared to to fulfill that role as a people. As his messengers to be prepared so that when Christ came the fulfillment of all those prophecies could take place on monks them now think of it from this perspective if God was sent in his people the very last prophet the very last message before he would come as the Messiah he would send a very unique message to them wouldn't he given the fact that there would be no more prophets until John the Baptist the Elijah this was the last one is the last message to them in preparation for the actual literal coming of the Messiah the book of Molokai you must have a lot of it a lot packed into it because then there is silence for four hundred years very significant and taking into consideration then that as we look at the book of Malikai and we place ourselves in history and in prophecy we are according to prophecy on the verge of Christ's second coming so we should we just we should see ourselves as we look at the book of Malikai like Zechariah when Zechariah went into the temple and the angel Gabriel spoke to him he said I am come here to answer your prayer and to answer his prayer was more than just the prayer that they wanted to have a son in terms of they were bare and you know Elizabeth and sick or I and they wanted to have a son it was a deeper meaning that Zechariah and Elizabeth were praying for the birth of the Mist Saia they were burning with the expectation of the coming of the Messiah and Zechariah knew that the time was ripe for his coming. And when the angel spoke to him and used the language directly from the book Malakai I am sure there's a career I recognized it now we are living in the time of Zick Araya But in terms not of this first coming of Christ but of the Second Coming of Christ and each one of us should have the attitude of the corral and Alyssa both of asking the Lord Lord please fulfill that promise fulfill your prophecies in our days because we know it is possible so with that context in mind let's open the book of Malikai And let's read it as God special message to us today as he seeks to prepare us so that we can at the same time prepare the way for his coming you understand Malakai chapter four and we will start with the first versus. Malakai chapter four have verses of I will read first verse one for behold the day cometh that shall burn as an oven and all the proud. Yea and all that do wickedly shall be stubble and the day that cometh so burned them up see if the LORD of hosts that it still leaves them neither root nor branch but unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in his wings and ye shall go forth and grow up as calves of the stall movie now to verse five and six Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord and He shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children and the heart of the children to their fathers lest I come and smite the earth with a curse Now notice the language of verse one of chapter four the language is is pretty vivid is pretty descriptive behold the day cometh that shall burn as an oven Now this is not some metaphorical language we know that for Christ's second coming and we read the scripture one of those instances being second Peter chapter three that just as the world was preserved to be destroyed by a flood and by water the world is now being reserved to be destroyed through what the fire with all the elements will be consumed it so we know this is not metaphorical language it is literal. And all day that do work at least will be stubble and the day that come it's all burned up so if the LORD of hosts that it's all leave them neither root nor branch then in verse five using this type of language she Behold I will send you Eliza the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord so as you take that language as it is you know that it is referring you know the Jews could easily confuse this and in fact they did the first coming with the second coming but now here where when we are living in two thousand year after years after the first coming of Christ we can see that the language clearly is referring to his final judgment final judgment before that day he would send his messenger he would send his messenger and the messenger had a special mission the messenger had a special mission how cool we understand that special mission that that messenger would have would have all the best ways to look at that when God sent that message of the first time right and when God send that messenger the first time was with John the Baptist. John the Baptist had a great responsibility he had a great privilege because he was to prepare the way for the coming of Christ but when Christ came the first time he came in fulfillment of Isaiah fifty three he came as the root out of dry ground he came in in a way that people were not expecting him he did not come in in glory as the world would expected he did not come with fire and brimstone he came like the Lamb of God and very few recognized Him Nonetheless John the Baptist ministry was so crucial to prepare the way for their coming now do a come comparison in your minds for Christ's Second Coming How will it be will it be as His first coming was you know the contrast is so great that no one no one will have a doubt that he is the king of Keene and Lord of Lords he's not going to come in he in the guise of as the son of Joseph and Mary is going to come as the king of the universe and he's going to come in final judgment if his first coming requires a special messenger to prepare the way don't you think that his second coming. That messenger that will prayer prepare the way will have greater solemnity greater responsibility upon his shoulders so if Zechariah took the book of Malikai to heart in such a special way that Gabriel himself came to him and spoke to him I am here in answer to your prayer wouldn't you like to be the moderns a Caracas. That God could send his angel Gabriel and say I am calling you and I'm calling your children because God has selected you to prepare the way for the coming of His Son The second time you know that added to the sick or I had as you read prophecy was was was real was intense and I believe that we need to have that same attitude Otherwise God will select someone else and we will be like the sleeping virgins we will not be able to participate in that great event of fulfilling that prophecy of being that messenger that messenger so let's open the Bible now in Luke chapter one and we will read a few verses from verse eleven from seventeen just to see and have a clearer picture of the implications of being the forerunner of Christ first coming and draw lessons so that we can see the parallel with the privilege and opportunity we have today Luke chapter one and let's start with verse eleven it's referring to Zechariah and who was serving at the temple at this time of the year and we read a verse eleven and there appeared to him an angel of the Lord standing on the right side of the altar of incense and when Zechariah saw him he was troubled and fear fell upon him but the angel said unto him fear not Caracas for thy prayer is heard. And by wife Elizabeth so bear the a son and though she told call his name John now is now frequents that God would send an angel named Gabriel to tell some parents you know your Per has been answered and you will have a son in fact when we read in the Old Testament the story of Samuel his mother was praying in the temple and asking God to answer her life was very difficult because she was barren and she felt it was like a curse and she was crime in asking God please give me a child and went the way God answered and his prayer was not sending the Angel Gabriel or was it Eli I. Actually thought she was drunk and then when he clarified his miscalculation and his judgement he apologizes and well May the Lord grant you you know the your wish your prayer and Hannah went home and lo and behold those words of Eli became prophetic from someone who had actually judged her to be a drunken woman but with Zechariah the circumstance is he is in the temple he is a by the altar of incense and the angel Gabriel appears now in the scripture when was the last time Angel Gabriel had appeared to a human being when well Mary probably was a little bit later because John was born first. Daniel was dead it was Daniel Gable wasn't sent just on any errand. It was very special occasions that he was sent So here is the angel sent to him fear not back to verse thirteen for thy prayers heard so when I bring this out the point I want to highlight is that Zechariah had to know hate He's not just here because we've been praying for a son it's a Gabriel this is something more solemn than the fact that we are barren parents you get the point and he was fearful he was fearful in fact he was so afraid that he forgot to interpret that the fact that the angel was on the right side meant favor he forgot all about that he was afraid. But the angel set up under him verse thirteen fear not Zacharias by wife so bear the a son and those shall call his name John and Thou shall have joined gladness and many shall rejoice for at his birth for he shall be great in the sight of the Lord and still drink neither wine nor strong drink and he shall be filled with the Holy Ghost even from his mother's womb and many of the children of Israel shall turn to the Lord their God and He shall go before then in the spirit and power of the Lions to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just to make ready a prepared the people prepared for the Lord wonderful promise is in its wonderful promise now we go and in the very same chapter we turn to verse seventy six if you will turn with me there in your Bibles now. Fill with the Holy Ghost after he recovered his speech prophesies in fact the prophecy starts in verse sixty seven and Zechariah is speaking filled of the Holy Ghost as it says there but dropping down diverse seventy six we read and vowed child shall be called the prophet of the highest for that was told go before the face of the Lord to prepare his ways to give knowledge of salvation and to his people by the remission of their sins to the tender mercy of our God. Whereby the Dayspring from on high have visited us and I like that expression the day spring to give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death to guide our feet into the way of peace definitely wonderful fulfillment that God had now it's John the Baptist was the forerunner and he was called to prepare the way for Christ for His coming and if we take a look which we're not going to do this afternoon at the instructions that the angel gave to Elizabeth and to Zechariah for the upbringing of John there were special instructions and there were special circumstances because in order for him to prepare to fulfill this high Colleen he had to undergo through a special education not just an ordinary education and as they bring this point up I want to highlight that every garden is of the fact is that Korea was a priest and that John the Baptist had access to good formal education God saw that that was not enough that he had to give a type of preparation that would enable him to fulfil that specific role out if God saw the John the Baptist needed a special preparation to become the messenger would do you think of those of us who would like to be his messengers to prepare the way for his second coming at minimum we would say that bottom line there are certain principles that would have to be the same it can't be different it can't be with shortcuts the size that now it's interesting it go with the backs Malakai and we will turn to chapter three of Malikai in chapter three we also read of a messenger you know in court in Malakai chapter four it refers to the messenger as you like. And Chapter three it just refers to the messenger as the messenger so we read in chapter three. Verse one Behold I will send my messenger and he shall prepare the way before me and the Lord whom you seek solace suddenly come where to his temple even the messenger of the covenant it's interesting in the Spirit of Prophecy referring to this time and you know Daniel refers to this time as well we read in great controversy page four twenty four cries had come not to be Earth as they expected but as for shadowed in the type to the most holy place of the temple of God in heaven He is represented by the prophet Daniel as coming at this time to the Ancient of Days and I saw in the night visions and behold one like the Son of Man came with the clouds of heaven and came that not to the earth but to the Ancient of Days and they brought him near before him Daniel seven thirteen then the great controversy goes on and says this coming is foretold also by the prophet Malecon by the Lord whom you seek shall certainly come to his temple even the messenger of the Covenant whom you deal light in behold he shall come see it the LORD of hosts so. If the Lord came to his temple suddenly when he entered the most holy place which was when eight hundred forty four then we would expect that there was a messenger or a messenger people who fulfilled this prophecy at that time wouldn't we so not only would we see the full food with John the Baptist but we would see another fulfillment with the group of people who had these characteristics and who are preparing the way for the Lord here on Earth for his coming to the Most Holy Place in Heaven. Let me read from early writings. What it has to say about this event early writings and I read from page A to twenty nine says Page two twenty nine. Speaking about William aether as he followed down the prophecies he saw that the inhabitants of the earth were living in the closing scenes of this world's history yet they knew not. I want to draw a parallel here a semblance you know when Zechariah was praying he was expecting the fulfillment of prophecies in regard to the Messiah in his time and if you read further the Spirit of Prophecy will see that even clearer when William Mellor looks at the situation around him and as he followed the prophecies he saw that the inhabitants of the earth were living in the closing scenes of this world history yet they knew it not he looked at the churches and saw that they were corrupt all the different denominations of his time that they had taken their affections from Jesus and placed them on the world and they were seeking for worldly honor instead of that honor which cometh from above grasping for worldly riches instead of laying up their treasure in heaven he goes on his spirit was stirred within him his spirit was stirred within him God called him to leave his farm as he called. To leave his oxen and the field of his labor to follow Elijah with trembling William Miller began to unfold to the people the mysteries of the Kingdom of God carrying his hearers down through the prophecies to the second advent of Christ with every effort he gained strength and now notice what it says as John the Baptist Herald it the first advent of Jesus am prepared the way for his coming so William Miller and those who joined him proclaimed the second advent of the Son of God. So we see the clear. Similitude between the two between the two events we see it there now it's interesting in that as we look at at these facts in in Revelation as God has revealed them there was a special experience that accompanied William Miller and those who were also being used by God to proclaim the message of his coming and I read from early writings page two thirty three it says I saw that God was in the proclamation of the time in eight hundred forty three it was his design to arouse the people and to bring them to a testing point where they should decide for or against the truth wherever the message was given it moved the people sinners repented wept and prayed for forgiveness and those whose lives had been marked with dishonesty were anxious to make restitution parents felt the deepest solicitude for their children. And I thought this was remarkable parents felt the deepest solicitude for their children because if you look at Melaka chapter four verses five and six very clearly it says that as a result of the message of the ministry of the Elijah what would happen he would turn the hearts of the parents to are the children and the hearts of the children towards the parents and in this second fulfillment we see this parents felt the deepest solicitude for their children those who received the message labored with their unconverted friends and relatives and with their souls bad with the weight of the solving message warned and entreated them to prepare for the coming of the Son of Man thousands were led to embrace the truth preached by William Miller and servants of God were raised up in the spirit M. power of Elijah to proclaim the message like John the forerunner of Jesus those who preach this solemn message felt compelled to they to lay the axe at the root of the tree so yes it is very clear isn't it that the Lord raised a people a group of messengers who together with William Mellor fulfilled this role in the spirit and in the power of Elijah and when we read the characteristics of the of the Miller writes When we read the characteristics of these men like Josiah Lynch and Hiram Edson and others there fervor there their sacrifice their dedication was so deep they believed and God was able to use them as his messengers to prepare his way to go into the most holy place now to think about this we have the example we have the witness of Don the Baptist and we have the witness of the Miller Right Movement and now here we are in twenty seventeen and we believe that we are at the brink of eternity and we believe that the saying in coming of Christ is at the door do we have a burden Do we have a burden to be together with our children the forerunner of Christ today do we have that burden and if we don't have that burden I believe that should still be our first prayer because God only answer and will only unknowing to us and gave us that call as he did to Zechariah and as his spirit stirred the heart of William Miller it were actually praying for that if we're not praying for that then we're falling under the category of the foolish virgins who are waiting but in their wait when the event happened what did it reveal that their weight was a passive one because they were found unprepared. You know friends brothers and sisters the Bible says that we are not prepared for the event that are coming upon this worth or not and the Lord in His mercy doesn't portray them more vividly to our mind because maybe would be too much for us to take but let me just draw a little pale illustration or parallel or comparison for sixteen years of my life I lived in Venezuela South America and shortly after I left Venezuela and started ministry in Colombia there was a change of government in Venezuela now for the last. One thousand years this is the crisis in Venezuela has been escalating to a point that is is is very saddening what's happening there today and I was in South America in December and even though I did not visit Venezuela because I went to Venezuela only to eat it was two years ago the last time I went there but just being in the neighboring country I was able to see so much of the crisis that's going on in that country wherever every single city I visited every single public transportation or that I that I took. OK OK here is back I was walking on the streets of met a gene and there were Venezuelan people there trying to sell things on the street I went to the bus station in medicine and at the this is the bus station on the windows where they were selling tickets they had signs and I was surprised to see these signs private bus companies were saying if we will not accept Venezuelan I.D.'s to sell you bus tickets and when I read that I said the crisis with Venezuelan refugees is so great that even bus companies don't want to sell them tickets people walk in from to Qatar Mungo which in bus is a six hour long drive walking because they don't have money they can't buy bus tickets to be able to go to Qatar Monga and I mean some of these things so you can get an idea of of the proportion the magnitude of the crisis now when that started slowly escalating in people and friends that I have that are from Cuba they would tell me it's not going to get any better it's going to get worse and most people in Venezuela do not believe it now it's really bad really bad it's sad it makes tears comes to your eyes as you see the situation there and and of course it's more personal for me because I grew up in that country and I have relatives there and so forth but the point I want to drive home is that your imagination cannot compass until you actually see what's happening and you're there and you see the pain the suffering the hunger now the lore says that the crisis that is coming upon this world is going to be worse than that isn't it it's going to be worse and that crisis is going to come upon the world as the climax of the great controversy between good and evil and we've heard these messages throughout this weekend you know twenty seven thousand was a remarkable year of signs and events and as we see those things my question is what is the effect of those signs of prophetic fulfillment in your life and in my life what is the fact. It is the effect at least for us to start seriously praying and asking Lord I want you to prepare me so that I can be part of that four Runner people that will prepare them for your second coming will repair your weight because I believe Reverend that if that is our sincere prayer the Angel Gabriel is about to visit you and me and it might not be in a literal way but he will visit us through His Word He will visit us through the stirring of his spirit of our hearts as it did with William Miller with the clear conviction of what he would have us do today with our time with our talents with everything we have with our means because we do believe that he is at the doors and that he has a special mission for each one of us centrist seen that in this crisis in Venezuela the people who are faring the best are the people who live in the country the fact of the ministry back there in Venezuela they are not starving they're eating it's a simple diet main goes or in this. Some of the less commercial type of beans and you understand that the beans that when there is abundance no one wants to buy them but now those are the beans that everyone and in a miniature scale we are seen the Violet Tea of God's counsel to his people soon will come a time where buying and selling will be very difficult it would be wise of God's people could settle in the country in preparation and we read those things and many times he might kind of just shrug or mock you know hundred years have gone by since the Lord has been given those instructions to us but not because of fear but because of trust and faith in our Lord and even for educational experience it's worth following that counsel isn't it it is worth following that counsel now moving on to another aspect that I want to share from the book of Malikai. That deep experience that the Lord gave John the Baptist and that he gave William Miller and his collaborators as they fulfilled the role that God had for them as foreigners to prepare the coming for Christ entrance into the most holy place you want to do it with us but Malakai chapter three right after the prophet speaks about the messenger that will come to prepare the way before the Lord comes to lead to his temple he has some thing else to say or something else to say Verse two of Molokai chapter three but who may abide the day of His coming and who shall stand when he appearance for he is like a refinery fire and like Fuller's soap and he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver and he shall purify the sons of Levi and purge them as gold and silver that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in rites n'est ce it speaks in a very clear language he shall do what purify the sons of Levi and then in verse four it says then shall the offering of Judah and Jerusalem be pleasant unto the Lord as in the days of old as in the former years and I take this as a promise because prophecies are what promises were promises are conditional and their only fulfilled in those who really love is appearing and in this promise it is saying that he shall purify the sons of Levi now whom do the Levites represent and over looking at the book of Malikai as a type and if we are looking at the book of Malikai as classical prophecy who do the Levites represents. A live look at Levitical system you know the Levites who were entrusted as the tribe to who were to be the special messengers of the Lord and in fact if you go and read the previous verses and previous chapters in Molokai you will see that there is a clear reference to the priests as the messengers it is there in the book of Malikai just take for example verse seven of chapter two for the priest's lips lips should keep knowledge and they should seek the law at his mouth for he is the messenger of the LORD of hosts and a mile high there is a prophecy and there is a promise that the sons of Levi shall be purified so we purified and the process of purification if you look throughout history God has ways of purifying his people he will provide the sons of Levi and he will also purify whom all Judah and Jerusalem because then shall the offering of Judah and Jerusalem be pleasant and to the Lord as in the days of old as in the former years somehow God will fulfill that promise before his coming in and we can be among those Levites and we can be among those Israelites of Judah and of Jerusalem I will come near to you in two judgment and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers and against the adulterers and against the false wearers and against those that oppress the hireling of his wages the widow and the fatherless and that turn aside the stranger from his right and fear not me say it the LORD of hosts but the book of Malecon only speaks of that aspect of purification but also says that and to them that fear the LORD any event would happen with them what would be that event that would happen with them. The Sun of Righteousness as Malikai for verse two the Sun of Righteousness all arise with healing in his wings. And as they move into this next section that I want to highlight in the prophecy of Malikai I want to bring to your attention the fact that in order to be God's messengers there is we spoke about the preparation. And there is a prerequisite that in fact elder Lemond referred to yesterday evening in his message and we find that prerequisite in Christ object lessons page one fifty two we also find it in scripture Daniel who was a messenger of the Lord or Isaiah who was also a messenger of the Lord or if we look at any other prophet one of the very consistent characteristics of these prophets was that they consider themselves unworthy they consider themselves sinners in need of Christ consider Isaiah when we read in chapter six and the first verse as I say at Tepper six when he saw that men of a station of God's glory what did I say whoa is unto me for I am and then what else that's a set does it say. I am undone because I am a man of unclean lips didn't say whoa is and to these people because they are led to see ends he says wall is unto me for I am a man of unclean lips and I do well in the midst of a people of unclean lips for mine eyes have seen the keen of the Lord the keen The Lord of Hosts when Daniel is looking at the prophecies what is the attitude of Daniel when we read in verse nine isn't it the same attitude when Peter saw the manifestation of God's glory as we read in Luke chapter one. Not me not Luke tempter one. But as we read the testimony of Peter when God made this you know Jesus had the special miracle for him and the nets were just so full of fish that it just touched Peter's heart what was his reaction that's the Luke Chapter five Verse eight I am a sinful man was Peter's reaction so now having said that I do want to read from Christ object lessons page one fifty two after giving you those Biblical examples page one fifty two says the sense of need the recognition of our poverty and sin is the very first condition of acceptance with got the sense of need Blessed are the poor in spirit. For theirs is the kingdom of heaven and he goes on to say the following words the fairest seat and the public can represent two great classes into which those who come to worship God are divided I think about them the fairest sea and the publican represent two great classes into which those come to worship God are divided and where do you place yourself do you place yourself as the publican Now what does it mean to be a publican publicans are compared with harlots and all the rest do you really consider yourself to be that type of a sinner who is into those open sins No I don't think so right usually publicans are the ones who are you know struggling with alcohol you know struggling with no those type of things so then where do I to place ourselves are we the Farriss then oh no we're not them either so that where are we there's only two there's only two fact I continue reading this as. If you think that there might be a third category No I am not a public and I'm not a you know a harlot I'm not that but I'm not a fair a see either I'm not that either then let me just read the there first two representatives are found in the first two children that were born into the world Cain and Abel Cain thought himself righteous and he came to God with a thank offering only he made no confession of sin and acknowledged no need of mercy but able came with the blood that pointed to the Lamb of God and I think that one of our first challenges in being able to be transformed into God's messengers is that we don't recognize ourselves either as Ferris sees neither as publicans therefore we don't have a sense of need in that light which is a recognition of our poverty and sin and this is the very first condition of acceptance with God So what did Cain do Cain brought in offering into the Lord and what was the offering that he brought the first fruits of all what he was doing rites is not by works he brought that offering but that offering was not a recognition I am an done I am a man of unclean lips. Through Christ I mean counsels on stewardship the very first pages I think is around page twenty twenty eight it says there's a strongest impulse in human nature is selfishness Christ object lesson says that there is no outward ceremony that can replace or that can serve mount the issue which is pride and selfishness so if the greatest in pulls in humanity is selfishness and in fact selfishness is an inherent inherent impulse in our nature. We can cloak ourselves with all of the external religion and that doesn't mean that our human nature is no longer selfish because not being selfish requires a supernatural work that only the Holy Spirit can do so we can be selfish ferrous these Or we can be selfish publicans but we are still with the essence of the problem and what is the essence selfishness and that's the work of transformation that only God can do and he doesn't do it today for the rest of your lives it has to be like the Apostle Paul said I die daily I die daily therefore under that perspective we read in Malakar chapter four Evers two and the son of righteousness will arise upon as with healing in his wings upon those who fear the Lord and other translations do not for trade as they the meaning of a rise of presented under the following terms. Which is a very interesting in the Spanish translation is says will it will not stand out it will be birthed the Sun of Righteousness will be birthed in you and I really like that that expression because it coincides with John chapter three in Jesus' dialogue with Nikodim is unless you are born again you shall not see the kingdom of heaven and who was naked Demas he was a fair a sea and naked demons was a good man he was so the good that he wanted to see Jesus therefore once again we come to that definition where do we want to place ourselves this transformational message of being born again over receiving or being born into the Sun of Righteousness So when these two elements become a reality in our lives. Then God can begin to use us in a mighty way as he says in Isaiah Chapter sixty verse one arise and shine for the glory of God is risen upon you risen upon you it's interesting that that very same passage of Isaiah Chapter sixty is used. Or is illustrated by Jesus in Matthew chapter twenty five but he uses the parable of the ten virgins to teach that very same lesson and in the parable of the ten virgins you know Isaiah sixty speaks of grows dark Michelle covered the earth and the purple of the ten virgins is says at midnight and at midnight How is it is dark and then the light which we see in A Z I Chapter sixty verse one to rise and shine for the glory of the Lord is risen upon you that light is represented by the lamps that when the voice was heard behold the bridegroom cometh five versions they try to turn their labs on and there was no oil there for they could not have any light there was no glory to shine the way and the path for the bridegroom and referring to that very scenario in Christ object lessons page four fourteen just listen to these a wonderful words of encouragement to each one of us page four fourteen run time OK Page four fourteen killer read. In the parable of the wise virgins in the parable the wise virgins had oil in their vessels with their lamps their light burned with undimmed flame through the night of watching it helped to swell the elimination for the bridegroom's honor shining out in the darkness it helped to eliminate the way to the home of the bridegroom to the marriage feasts. So the followers of Christ are to shed light into the darkness of the world through the Holy Spirit and God's Word is a light as it becomes a transforming power in the life of the receiver by implanted in their hearts the principles of His Word the Holy Spirit develops in men the attributes of God the light of His glory His character is to shine forth in his followers now we know these texts right we're familiar with these passages but you know reflecting the light of God's character is something that we cannot do we cannot reflect God's character on our own it's whose character is it is God's character and just pause for a moment and think when was the last time when the Holy Spirit impressed clearly upon your heart that you were not representing his character and if you can't recall that then think about this the very first work of the Holy Spirit is convincing you of sin and if you can't recall a recent occasion in which you felt I did not represent God's character then we are even so far away as have lost our sense of need and then let's say that you are representing Christ character how much more can we represent his character because God's character is infinite in beauty and there is no end to how much we can come to reflect his character there is no end and therefore God has this invitation for each one of us at such a time as this. Feeling our helplessness if we keep our mind state upon Christ he will come unto us as the rain as the latter and former rain unto the earth how will he come unto us if we keep our mind state upon Christ as the Sun of Righteousness He will all rise upon as with healing in his wings we shall revive as the corn and grow as the vine who is a fourteen five and seven by constantly relying upon Christ as our personal Savior we shall grow up into him and all things who is far ahead that is my personal need I know and I feel no just last week I had to tell my little girl and my wife I'm sorry I did not represent Christ character you know the more often we do this the softer will our hearts become so that God can continue the good work in us because there is we are so distant from representing Christ just look at Christ on the cross being the creator of the universe being insulted by this people and sincerely saying Father forgive them they know not what they do is that the way you and I treat our spouses when they treat is the way we think we do not deserve no that's not the way we do it maybe we don't say anything but inside in our hearts we are so far from reflecting his character that God wants to do that miracle in our lives today not when the crisis hits today he wants to do that I was in Panama last week and I was there for five or six days and as I was at the airport I ran into this gentleman and we had a conversation in fact then we flew together for the next flight the connecting flight from Panama City to David the City of David and in the course of our conversation he asked me what are you coming to do here in Panama and I explained that I was coming to help of a small. Outpost center I explained in words that he could understand and he was impressed and he said you know I am not a religious man and I don't believe in religious organizations but tell me what. Type of Christian are you are you know what denomination do you belong to and I said I'm Seventh Day Adventists they said Oh interesting that's won the nomination that I'm that I like because at least they talk about health those are his words at least they talk about health most religions don't talk about that they pray and they as God Peace heal us and they're feeding themselves all this junk so as are you a medical doctor I'm a chiropractor I'm I work in the medical field and I like that about Seven Day Adventists and then he told me he had a friend who was a seven the Eminence lady who had a health food store in the City of David and he started immediately said you know what's up message to her and saying I have a Mr Restrepo who's the president of Heartland coming here to the city and he was trying to put us in contact he gave me his contact information and he said when you have this outpost center run in here if it's successful let me know I want to come and volunteer you know there's a world out there who's looking at us and maybe would have a love of Christ's in our hearts they would respond because from a distance they admire our theory but they're waiting to see is a rise and shine for the glory of the Lord has risen above. God grant us that experience this media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about your purse or if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W dot. Org.


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